Ebony with big natural boobs Ms Panther is ready to seduce with her sexy lingerie this white man

Ebony with big natural boobs Ms Panther is ready to seduce with her sexy lingerie this white man
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The party It should have been nice little party, just a housewarming party for some friends and colleagues. She was 25 years old and she had finally moved out of her parent's house. It had been nice to live with her slightly protective parents, but she really desired to have her own place.

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Now she was ready to start her own life, maybe meet some new people. Although she looked nice, having a cute face and a pretty hot body and being a natural redhead, she wasn't too popular because she was also quiet and she didn't go out much. Anyway, this night she decided to have a great time. But to her shame, it didn't go as planned. Of course she had been drinking before, but this time she knew her mother wouldn't check the time she would go to bed and she knew she wouldn't have to cover up the hangover that she would likely have the next day.

Her boyfriend left the party at 11pm. He still lived with his parents and had to be back home in time. At this moment, she still can't recall everything that happened after he left, but she does know that her friends started a drinking game and she remembers having several shots while her friends were cheering because she was loosing big time.

Everything that happened after that is just a black hole, except for her best friend Alys telling her to get some sleep for like a thousand times and her sister Laura laughing and hugging her while dragging her to her bedroom. The chaos When she woke up the next day at 1pm, she needed a few moments to realize where she was. As she slowly started to realize she was lying on her couch in the living room, she suddenly realized she was feeling really cold.

She grabbed her chest and figured out she was totally naked. Her back, ass and legs felt wet and cold and she smelled the stink of urine. Her couch and the blanket that had covered her were sodden.

While lifting the blanket, she noticed that every part of her body was sticky and that it had been written all over. Staring aghast at her naked body, she found out that even her labia was colored with a permanent marker and that at least 30 pieces of gum where sticking between her toes and on her tits. Still lying on her wet couch, she looked around the living room and she saw empty bottles and cups lying on the floor and on the table.

She felt sick while she got up. When she hobbled to the bathroom for a hot shower, she noticed that her vagina hurt as if it was stretched from the inside. When she opened the bathroom door, Alys was applying make-up.

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Alys looked fine, except for a single stripe from a marker on her cheek. While looking at her best friend's face and body, Alys' face turned red. All she said was 'OMG' and then she grabbed her purse and ran out of the bathroom. Alys immediately went home without saying anything else. After a 30 min shower, she charged her phone and noticed two of her friends sent her a message, jokingly wishing her a good night and promising not to speak to her boyfriend. In the next days, her friends and colleagues must have been sending the nude pictures to about everyone who wanted to see them because suddenly half of the people she knew complimented her with her nicely shaped tits and asked her if the marker already came off.

She found out that the 2-minute video in which she was performing oral sex on her colleague and a male friend while she was being penetrated with a bottle by Alys was sent to 4 other people that same night. The other video in which she was fighting with Laura, after Laura tried to stop her masturbating, was posted online that same day.


4 weeks later, all of the pictures and the 2 videos of the whore redhead girl were going viral on Motherless, 4chan and many other amateur and voyeur porn sites. Her employer had threatened to fire her, but she was desperate for money because she had just bought the apartment.

She agreed on stripping naked in front of her employer and 3 of her colleagues, so that she could keep her job. Everyone around the world had seen the pictures anyway by now.

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She told everybody that humiliation of the private parts of her body being publicly exposed disgusted her. But after a while, she couldn't help but getting aroused by looking at her nude body on websites and talking about it with others, knowing thousands of people had been enjoying looking at her nude body and watching her acting as a total whore by now. Just as she secretly loved it when she found out her friends were masturbating while watching her naked on the pictures that were made in her bedroom.

That's also why she added this picture of her bare breasts to this story. The relationship with her friends would never be the same again. All of them were drunk during the party and had a lot of fun by what happened, but after they had seen her totally degrading herself they just didn't know how to react.

Laura simply couldn't look at her sister anymore. The first few days, she didn't really understand what exactly happened that night and she asked Alys to give her a more detailed explanation.

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At first, Alys told her it wasn't that bad and that there was nothing to worry about. But when she found out about the pictures and videos, Alys had no choice but to come by and tell her what happened. The details After having over 15 shots in less than two hours, all she could do was shriek and scream, so Laura and Alys brought her to her bedroom.

Laura then tried to brush her teeth and to put on her pajamas for a few minutes, but she was simply too drunk to make that work, so they decided to put her in bed while she was only wearing her panties. Alys chuckled while pointing at her pink panties that had an obvious wet spot on it. Laura just sighed and walked out of the room. About 30 minutes after she went to bed, a few people (Alys, another female friend and two male friends, who were all drunk by then) went to check with her if everything was ok.

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But when they entered the bedroom, they found her lying almost naked under a sheet, and her C-cup tits being totally uncovered. Being drunk themselves, they thought it would be funny to check how far they could go.

At first, they took some pictures of her tits. Here's the first one they actually took that night. http://imgur.com/a/hEdpd After that, they removed the sheet and her panties and they took a number of full frontal nude pictures.

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She was still asleep, so they started touching her private parts, smearing her with saliva. Then they found a marker on her desk and they had a lot of fun with it while continuously fingering her.

Alys paused her story for a short moment, smiled a little and told her she was eventually moaning in her sleep while riding her own hand.

When she finally woke up, they immediately gave her three or four more shots. Horny and drunk she suddenly ran into the living room, shocking her sister, another female friend and her male colleague who hadn't joined the others to check on her.

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One of the guys started slapping her ass and while everyone else was staring at her while being speechless, she started masturbating again. Now being completely shocked by seeing her naked sister squirming on her feet, Laura started yelling at her and she pushed her to the ground to make her stop. Screaming inaudible herself, she started a fight with Laura who left the party right after that.


The others just encouraged her to continue being a whore. Two of the guys had put their penises out and she performed oral while Alys pounded a nearly empty bottle of Bacardi in her vagina so deep that she cried out loud until the bottle was totally empty.

The remaining girls were cheering and laughing and her colleague was filming it all. All of a sudden, she noticed the filming guy. He hadn't said a word since it all started, but due to his bulging pants, he was enjoying the look of the slender redhead girl with perky tits behaving like an animal.

At that moment, the two guys on who she was performing oral cummed on her face and in her hair. Wanting to know how big his dick would be, she crawled to the filming guy and started unzipping his pants. The guy was incredibly huge and the moment when she saw his dick she totally lost it. She forcefully ripped down his pants and started sucking his giant dick like her life depended on it. Then she turned around and stuck her ass up in the air, desperately begging him to fuck her as hard as he could.

Once he started penetrating her, she moaned like a whore, begging him to cover her with his cum. Once he was done, she crawled back on the coach and immediately fell asleep. Wanting to take part in the fun as well, the girls (Alys and 2 friends) spread her legs, making pictures of cum leaking out of her and dripping down her face.

Then they had some more fun with the markers and by smearing mint gum in her asshole, on her tits and between her toes. Alys stopped talking, took a deep breath and told her the last part. Alys had removed her own tampon and put it in her mouth. Then she put it back in her vagina. After that, everyone went home. Although she was too drunk to say another word, Alys managed to cover her with a blanket and went to bed.