Extreme teen gag and first anal bdsm punish my nineteen yearold butt and mouth

Extreme teen gag and first anal bdsm punish my nineteen yearold butt and mouth
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Peters House I had myself prepared and ready for john to pick me up with 5 mins to spare. I chose a slightly shorter black lycra skirt., 4 inches above the knee, but respectable enough for the neighbours. .My quarter cup bra was lifting my boobs enough for my nipples to push through my black net top, so I had to put a jacket on for the short walk to the car.

I was just beginning to feel the effects of the cider I had been drinking. My pussy was nice and moist, just wet enough to lube my butt plug as I slipped it in and out of me. I pushed it up my arse just as john's car pulled up outside. I wiped my hand over my cunt and arse to make sure nothing was leaking too much, checked myself in the mirror and went out to the car.

John was full of very flattering and very rude comments as we drove to peters. I had to tell him to keep his eyes on the road as I took my jacket off and rolled over the waistband of my skirt. It was now at a decent length, about an inch below my labia. We saw john's (another one) car carrying clare, pull into peters driveway just ahead of us. I went straight over to her when we got out, threw my arms around her, "glad you got the clothes babe".

She was wearing exactly the same as me but in white. We kissed and felt under each others skirts, we were both naked shaved and getting wetter. I felt her arse and poked at her empty hole with my finger. She felt my ass and bit my bottom lip as she tapped on the butt plug. The two johns came round on either side of us, gave our butts a playful spank and ushered us into the house.

Peter was waiting in the kitchen with glasses of champagne, he gave us a glass each, then parted my (and clares) cunt lips with his cold fingers. He told us to go through to the living room, but Clare and I needed to check out the bathroom first.

We took our skirts off in the bathroom. Peter has a hose connected to the bath taps, Clare leant over the bath and turned the taps on, getting the water nice and warm, I was sitting on the toilet, removing my butt plug.

I got up and put it in the sink to wash it. Clare was tempting me bent over the bath with her asshole and her moist, slightly parted cunt lips exposed in front of me. I bent down and kissed them both. She turned around and sat on the edge of the bath, feeding the hose into her dirt hole, I knelt in front of her, sucking at her wet slit, getting really turned on by the sound of the water gushing from her ass. I reached around to feel her hole, the pipe was in there, the warm water trickling out I pulled the pipe out and let the water gush over my hand before putting my finger into her tight wet hole.

I looked up at her, "are you ready" she whispered yessssssss. I took her place on the side of the bath, giving my shitter a final precautionary rinse. I orgasmed as she sucked on my nipples through my top and rubbed her hand against my throbbing clit. I was so excited, I was ready for anything. We dried each other with towels and went to go to the lounge. The two john's were standing at the door naked, holding their stiff dicks. They had enjoyed the first part of the show. We grabbed a cock each and walked with them thru to the lounge.

Peter was waiting for us at the door, the other john, yes there were 3 of them, was sitting in an armchair, and two new faces, Richard and Alan were sitting at either end of the sofa. Peter introduced us, we were all naked, I made a beeline for the center of the sofa, shaking hands with their upright cocks.

Straight away their hands were all over the place. I closed my eyes and stroked their dicks as I was being poked squeezed and sucked and licked in my ears my mouth my neck my tits and best of all my cunt and ass.

John 3 had come to join us, taking his place on his knees between my legs. I was so wet and horny, I wanted fucking so bad, and I wanted Richards cock in my mouth. I let go of Alans cock and turned towards Richard, lowering my head and taking his rockhard manhood between my lips.

John3 got the picture, and holding my hips, let me turn over to kneel at Richards feet. He was an easy cock to suck, quite fat, but I could take him all the way without any trouble.

He also tasted nice and had a lovely manly smell.


Peter always makes it clear that nobody should wear perfume or deodorant, as a precaution to protect those guys who are married. It is very easy for a discerning wife to detect the perfume of another woman.

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They even bring their own soap to use in the after sex shower. I had only had Richard in my mouth for a short while when I got exactly what I wanted. John3, the owner of the biggest penis in the room, around 8 and a half inches I am told, was slowly feeding his length into my pussy. He really fills me to perfection, reaching and pushing into my cervix, ( my god, you cannot believe how good that feels).

The champagne was having a great effect on me and I was getting to feel really slutty, Filling my mouth with spit, dribbling, greedily sucking and slurping on his cock.

I wanted more. I needed to be used fully.

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I pulled myself away from Richards cock and asked john3 to lay on the floor, turning round to straddle him and let his cock sink back into my soaking cunt. " Take my ass, Richard. Fuck my ass……&hellip.please" That was the first time I saw what Clare was up too. She had taken john3's place on the armchair.

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Peter had his knees on the arms of the chair and was fucking her face and john1 was on his knees, between her legs, fucking her ass.

I only got a brief glimpse before Alan stuffed his cock into my mouth as Richard stretched my asshole around his helmet. I still cannot describe exactly how fucking horny it feels to take 3 dicks at once, it feels almost as if my cunt and ass are the same hole.

It is a little painful, but it is the sort of pain that I can easily put up with and all I had to do was stay there, on all fours, and take it. Peter has an attic, we can use it in the summer, too cold in winter It has bare floorboards.

He had laid out a plastic sheet on the floor especially for the piss lovers. We were about two or three hours into the afternoon, still fucking in the lounge, Clare said she needed to piss. I said I would come with her so we sneaked up to the attic.

I was really bursting too.

Clare laid out on her back on the sheet and I kept standing at first and let out several long hot gushes over her. Then she started to go. I got on top of her and went straight down on her little fountain, filling my mouth, then letting it spray on my face as I closed my lips to swallow. It tasted so fucking good, really clear with a bitter sweet taste. We were both soaked.

I lifted myself up, held my pussy lips open and peed from her tits to her cunt, my piss glistening in the sunlight coming through the attic window, looking so tasty that licked it all up, sucking my pee from her soft tanned skin. Then I dived into her soaking cunt, lowering myself down onto her eagerly waiting tongue.

Our noses pushing into our pouting assholes as we both tried to push out more piss. It was then that I felt a splash on my back. Two john's and peter were starting to piss on us. I rolled over and lay on my back beside Clare, top to tail. When hot piss hits my clit with force it feels so so good, makes me cum in seconds.

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I lifted my head up, to take some piss in my mouth and I could see the other three guys standing behind. Peters attic is very narrow they were watching and wanking, Richard and Alan were wanking each other.

My mind was racing with ideas, I have always wanted to see two guys fucking I turned over on the sheet, it was now a pool of piss. it was getting colder too I raised my ass in the air and just kept saying "fuck me, fuck me, somebody fuck me" I put my hand between Clares legs and pushed my fingers into her cunt she wriggled then turned around, in the same position as me.

we kissed, I asked if she was ok, she smiled. And then her face lit up, just as I felt a cock enter me, they were in perfect rhythm, fucking us together, our tits splashing in the pee.

We were kissing, our tongues enmeshed, Clare sucked my bottom lip into her mouth, gently biting on it. Her eyes closed, her hip bumping into mine.


She almost screamed, "Oh FUCK". she was cumming. Alan came to kneel in front of us, offering his cock to our mouths. We licked and sucked at him.

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The guys behind us were changing places, sometimes choosing our cunts and sometimes our asses. Don't know who it was, but one of them fucked my wet slit and shoved a butt plug in my ass at the same time.

I had Alans cock in my mouth when Clare sucked some piss up off the sheet and spurted it over his cock and balls. She often amazes me, just how wonderfully fucking dirty she can be.

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Must have impressed John3 too. He came and took his place next to Alan so that Clare could do the same to him. We both sucked up the cold mixed piss and spurted it over them while they wanked, then Alan announced he was going to cum.

It was a few seconds later that John said, "me too". The first blob hit me in my eye. Clare licked it off me before John hit her nose with his first shot, that drop was for me .I could feel that my ass had been pumped with cum, the cock in there was sliding in so easily.

When Alan and John had finished, they stood up to admire their work, while Clare and I cum swapped. The other guys had all cum too. There was no cock in my cunt or ass as Peter finally shot his load into Clare. When he pulled out of her, I grabbed her, hugging her, starting to feel cold in the pool of piss.

"We better clean ourselves up now" I whispered, We stood up while the guys threw towels over us, then stepped off the wet plastic sheet and went to lay on the mattress. I put my hand between my legs, I was dripping from both holes. I gave my ass a poke, I always like to feel the warm cream in my ass, on my finger. It was time for a 69. It is only just recently, and with Clare, that I discovered the absolute joy of sucking cum out of a girls ass, it is just so wickedly exciting.

Clares ass tastes good as it is, but when it is oozing cum, it is like the icing on the cake. I could feel her tongue in my ass as I sucked her out. We were both making disgusting, slurping, farting noises as we gathered up and swallowed every drop, draining our asses, then tonguing our warm, smelly, sticky, cum and piss flavoured, cunts.

When Clare cums, she gets extremely wet and dribbles, when I cum, sometimes, I get so wet it actually spurts out. It seemed to last forever, my head was spinning, I was in seventh heaven.

Clares cum and man milk dribbling into my mouth as I was squirting into her. We both collapsed and lay there panting until Peter said, hey you guys, I have more drinks and food downstairs if anyone's hungry