Lee als Manga Babe Sex Kissen Reiten

Lee als Manga Babe Sex Kissen Reiten
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My Buddies Mom yields serendipity. You need to read "My Buddies Mom is now an obsession" to understand the beginning of this segment. This part of the story is more of one of perception and expectation, with a few parts that really did happen. Whether reality is better than the fantasy, I soon hope to find out.

The journey to my bedroom seemed to drag as my sense of urgency was accelerated by my fear that my Mom's alcohol suppressed inhibitions and morality would diminish. To be honest, the thought of her being my Mom was only adding to the heightened expectation.

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This woman had one kick ass body…my right hand just fortified the tautness of her ass cheek by a squeeze as I guided her every so slightly quicker.

In fact her whole body was taut…not a square centimeter of loose skin from my vantage point. Her tits did not sag…and as she turned towards me, her abdominal muscles formed a tight six-pack. We embraced as I backed her towards my bed, my rock hard member pressed against her rock hard stomach. My one hand deftly sliding up her body from her ass to her tit, cupping it while rocking her nipple with my thumb. We never broke our embrace as she lay backwards on to the bed, her left leg rising effortlessly allowing my cock unimpeded access to her pussy.

The head of my cock splitting the folds of her cunt as our weight settled on to the bed. It was only an inch or so, but the feeling, the expectation, drew open my eyes and had me break our locked mouths for me to yield a gasp. Her eyes were clenched shut as she pushed her head back. I think she was oblivious to who was going to be plunging into her.

Maybe another half inch or so, and my cock head was now enveloped. She now gave out a little gasp. I withdrew just slightly, allowing our natural lubricants to mix, then pushed in a couple of inches. Her pelvis rose as if trying to meet my push, but I withheld just slightly as I relished the tightness…as if I was putting on a warm stretchable glove.

It was too much…just a couple of times holding back, and she raised her pubic mound up even more, and my cock was now embedded deep within.

Her hips gyrated, thrust with force. Again I opened my eyes, my mouth trying to suck in as much oxygen as possible. Her eyes were wide open, looking directly at me, but registering a lust I had never knew she had.

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She too gasped for oxygen. Every stroke was a feeling of bliss, the walls of her cunt forming around every ridge and ripple of my cock. This was a different sensation than what I had felt before…or was it that I now had gained enough experience to separate the details…or was it that this cunt I was buried in was a matching form to my cock?

It did not matter…the ecstasy of the moment was supplanting any control. My body was acting on its own instinct; I was driving hard into her with forceful thrusts.

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And she was meeting mine with pelvic thrusts of her own. I lost all consciousness of time, of reserve…just kept driving to the pinnacle of necessity. Her back started to arch, her thrusts became stiff…she threw her head back and made a loud gurgling sound before emitting an involuntary squeal.

The next thrust I exploded deep with in her…hard ejaculations as if they started in the back of my neck and pulsed down my spine, building momentum until blasting through my cock…forcing cannon balls of spunk into the caverns of her womb. Her body was meeting my explosions with ones of her own, stiffening hard against me with each one. Our cycles slowly subsided…our breathing heavy, but somewhat irregular, sweat poured from my back.

I did it…I had fucked my Mom! We looked into each other's eyes, I expected some kind of realization of the taboo we had just created…but her glazed eyes had a hint of satisfaction.

My mouth found hers and she responded with reciprocity. My hands made their way to her chest…I wanted to explore. There wasn't any resistance. My dick was still embedded between her legs. But I wanted more…so I broke our embrace and worked my mouth down her body.

I reached her tits, sucking each nipple into my mouth, sucking the flesh of each tit, the soft yet firm flesh feeling exquisite.

Her hands acted as if she was guiding me while I tasted the skin of her breast, but as I moved down to her stomach I felt a slight resistance from her hands.

But I was not to be denied.


My mouth cascaded to that slick, bare mound, then my tongue flicked her small knob projecting at the top of her two folds. She jumped, her hands going to her sides, grasping the sheet in clenched fists. I used my tongue to reach the inner folds of each side, and then penetrated into her cunt.


She stiffened while raising her crotch into my jaw. Our mixed juices only made my ministrations that much more driven, and soon my tongue was stretched as far into her as humanly possible.

She was now humping upward into my face. Her hands were now on the back of my head, pushing…as if she was trying to force my entire head into her.

At the same time…I too had fully recovered. But…she was closing in on the edge…I sucked her clit between my teeth. She violently writhed…slamming her pelvis hard upward, her fingers digging into my head. She screamed…"HOLY SHIT!" and then settled down, a smile formed on her face with her eyes softly closed. I pulled my self up, lying next to her.

She turned slightly and put the palm of her hand on my cheek. A moment later, she rolled on top of me, my cock effortlessly finding the mark. One plunge down and again I was deep within her.

My hands supporting her by her tits, Her hands on mine as she rhythmically moved her body up and down my shaft. It took quite some time, as she was savoring the moment and so was I. But it was inevitable…not as forceful as the first time, but each string of cum again spurted with authority.


She let me completely settle down, my cock going semi-soft before pulling herself off. A minute later…she was sound asleep. The alcohol apparently helping to sedate her. I fell asleep too, for maybe an hour. Then got up and took a shower…it was still not even six o'clock in the afternoon. We had spent at least three hours fucking. When I came back into my room, the only hint that we had been naughty was the smell of sex in the air and the messed up bed.

Mom was gone. Her bedroom door was half open, so I looked inside. Mom was laying spread eagle on her stomach, her firm ass barely on the bed, legs spread, cum still seeping from her exposed cunt. Her ass looked so tantalizing…it would have to be tight…but, the realization that she was in a drunken coma…well, a guy has to have limits.

Decided to go downtown for the evening…let Mom rest, wondering if she would remember anything. As I got to the corner, there was Lori and my sister…they saw me and on queue both gave me the one finger salute. So naturally I saw this as an invitation, I pulled the car next to them. "Hey, fuck face…where are you going…old folks home in hopes of getting a date?" Lori was being sarcastic.

My sister started to laugh. "What the fuck you laughing at sis?" Turning my attention away from the bitch. "Jesus, Carl, everybody knows that you fucked Lori's mom…you fucking pig". My sister spit back. Did not see how I could deny it…and did not want to get her dander up which would culminate in her running to Mom.

"One of the best pieces of ass I ever had…probably could teach you a thing or two".

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Wondered if I had a tone of accomplishment in my voice. "Yeah…that is because it is the only piece of ass you ever had". Sis spat back. Lori was laughing…taking this all in, then whispered something in sis's ear. Sis started to laugh too, "you really are a fuck face…my brother is a fuck face…gotta love it!" "How the fuck would you know…shit, you are probably still a virg,," I tried to finish but they turned and walked away.

Did not get home until late that night, sis was still up, but Mom had gone to bed. Without me even inquiring my sis offered, "You and Lori's mom fucking around must really have upset Mom…she has a really bad hangover and is sick…hope you are proud." I was thinking, damn right I am proud…wonder if Mom remembers anything. "Is it true you like to eat pussy…in all flavors?" sis stared at me with an amused look.

"For Christ's sake, what the fuck is it to you…you're my sister". I shot back. She laughed, "Never know when I might need it…since you have no morals anyway…fuck face". Her and Lori aught to be sisters…they are both classless bitches.

I went to bed. Next morning I got up late, so instead of having breakfast first, took a shower first. In my warped mind, planned on possibly sparking Mom's memory by accidentally shocking her. Did not even think of the possibility she might not be too receptive. So instead of putting a robe on and going down to breakfast, I just wrapped a towel around me. I was going to be a voyeur…accidentally on purpose.

Mom was ladling some eggs on a plate, and even though she had gone for a jog this morning her repercussions from drinking too much yesterday were very obvious. She looked at me and then just said, "For crying out loud Carl, get some clothes on".

Completely unemotional…either she compartmentalized what we did yesterday…or maybe she did not remember. So just as she turned around towards me, I made believe I dropped something on the floor and bent over. I let my towel drop as I stood up…Mom's eyes went directly to my dick. Before Mom could react, a loud laugh emitted from my left.

My head spun in that direction…my sister. "Holy Shit Carl…you are actually hung!" a look of surprise came to her face. Mom spun towards my sister, "Chloe…how would you…DAMN IT CARL…COVER UP!" I quickly picked up the towel and sort of covered up as I made a beeline out of the kitchen.

I heard Chloe in the background, "Well…he is". And then Mom, "Yeah…guess he is", as if she did not want the conversation to go any further.

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So much for enticing Mom, her response so mundane that it was deflating. The rest of the day was uneventful. When Mom leaves for work, she wakes Chloe and I up…who ever gets up quicker gets the shower first.

Usually that is Chloe…but not the next day.

I got the hot water by being first. Nice steamy shower, gloating over how I managed to beat Chloe. But all good things must come to an end. As I swung open the shower door to reach for my towel…there was Chloe…sitting on the toilet. Obviously checking me out…down there. I thought about closing the door…but fuck it. "Jeez Carl…you really are hung…who would have thought that you would have a cock like that".

Chloe was just so matter of fact. "What the hell do you care? Not like you will ever have it". I responded with a little bit of an edge. "You never know…how does Mom know about it?" "What do you mean?" now I was curious.

"Yesterday…when she said she knew you were hung…I asked her how she knew." Chloe actually explained with a relatively nice tone. I was still just standing there, my legs slightly spread, my dick hanging down, and my sister sitting towards me with her legs crossed. One foot not more than twelve inches from the end of my cock. She was watching my cock make small undulations from me breathing.

"Mom said…that she saw it", Chloe continued. "Have you done a stupid prank like that before?" "No…not really, not that I can think of. Now get out of here so I can get ready for school" I did not want her going any further…time to stop. From my vantage point, I was looking down at my sister and the front of her robe was starting to open as she swung her leg. I could feel the blood moving towards my cock as the globes of my sister's tits peaked out.

Apparently, Chloe realized what was happening…a snide snicker came across her face. "How big does it get?" She said with a raised eyebrow, and then opened the front of her robe, just enough to see half of each tit and part of each areola.

Shit…my cock started to come to attention. "Damn Carl, no control…do you?" Chloe was almost giggling. With that said, Chloe threw the front of her robe open. Two firm, small cereal bowl size tits thrust into view. Her half dollar size areolas, with hard erasers poking straight out of them were drawing immediate attention. My cock jumped to its full rigidity. Chloe laughed, then stood up giving my cock a hard slap, "Oh boy…you are a cowboy…interesting, but need to get ready for school", turned and walked away.

Fucking bitch, I thought, now I am horny. Had trouble all day, my sisters tits kept visualizing in my mind.

Even planned an attack on them when I would drive her home this afternoon. But, that was not going to happen. Chloe left a text on my phone saying she was going with Lori after school. What the heck? Where they starting to get close? Not more than an hour after getting home, Mom got home. She asked where my sister was and I told her that she was with Lori and would not be home for at least a few more hours. "Good…we need to talk, and I do not think it would be right to talk in front of your sister", Mom was all business…even dressed the part, mid thigh black skirt, silver color silk blouse.

I sat down on the couch, purposely as it would be straight across from Mom on the chaise. She has really; really nice legs…and I know the sweetness where they meet…my one-track mind was on track! "Carl…can not ignore it, tried to make believe what happened Saturday afternoon was just a bad dream" Mom started.

"But it really did happen…against all morals…I let you down…" "No, Mom…" I tried to stop her, but her hand came up.

"Listen…you are going to have emotional issues with what happened, and if necessary, even though it is embarrassing, as it is, I will go to therapy with you." Mom, as always was trying to be clinical. "It is all my fault…I am the adult…and…supposedly the parent" Her voice trailed off slightly. My ears might have heard…but they were not really listening.

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Instead my mind just raced to find a way to get her back in bed as my eyes fed on her tight, sinewy body. My hand had unconsciously had moved between my slightly spread legs, rubbing my hard cock as Mom's voice had trailed completely off.

And then…"CARL! CARL…GET A HOLD OF YOUR…Self." Mom began to yell…and then realized the pun. I looked down at my unconsciously groping hand…took a few seconds to grasp the pun…and then I too realized the pun and burst out laughing. I laughingly said, "Ok…but I think I have that covered…" And in a complete one hundred and eighty degree change in attitude…Mom started to laugh too!