The scandal of Mr Brian Andersen

The scandal of Mr Brian Andersen
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Jade sat in her room, contemplating whether to ask her brother or not.


She wanted to go on another horse ride, but for a very different reason. She had talked it over with her sister, and she was excited by the idea.


She decided what the hell, she had done much more with him, why the should this matter? She got her brother to call up his buddy, and he allowed them to come down to the ranch.

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Dylan dropped his sisters off, and told them to call when they were ready to be picked up. Jade led her sister to the stables, and picked put her favorite horse. They got on, and rode out into the woods, following the same path she had taken with her brother.

They stopped in a nice open grassy area, quite far from the sight of any passerby's. They got off the beautiful stallion, and stripped off their clothes. They smiled at each other, nervous and excited at the same time. Bailey set to work petting the horse, stroking his face and mane, making him comfortable. Jade walked around the back of him, patting his behind, letting him know she was back there. After a couple of minutes, she knelt down and looked at what he was packing.

He was sheathed at the moment, so she took her hand and slowly touched it. He whinnied and stamped his feet, unsure of what was going on. They stepped back, letting him calm down. She tried again, but no matter what she did, nothing seemed to happen.


Then Bailey had an idea. She stuck her finger into her pussy, and scooped out a bit of the wetness inside her. She held her finger up to his nose, and he smelled it, instinctively recognizing the smell of a female in heat. Jade watched in amazement as his monster grew, long and hard, to a full 10 inches, about 6 inches around. Jesus this horse was huge. She had expected big, but "Holy shit" she thought as she bit her lip, excited, "This is going to be interesting".

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Jade Bailey stepped back, giving her sister the first go around, and sat back to watch. Jade slowly wrapped her hand as far as she could around his bulging cock, and her hand didn't reach all the way around.

She stroked him, and he huffed as she pleasure him. She placed her lips around the tip of it, and tasted his precum, which had began to drip from him.

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She kissed his cock a few times, and began to lick up and down his shaft. His dick twitched as she wet it down like a lollipop. She proceeded to take as much as she could into her mouth. She only made it 5 inches down, and used her hands to stroke the back 5 inches. She sucked the stallion off until she could feel his cock growing extremely hot.

He was getting close. She stood up, and rubbed the tip against her pussy, mixing her juice with her saliva. She masturbated herself with his cock, rubbing it on her clit. She started to cry out, softly at first, "fuck, fuck, fuck. Oh god yes fuck me baby, FUCK ME" she grew louder, until she could no longer stand it, and moved to the front of the horse as she came. She enjoyed the feeling of the horse's rough tongue as he lapped her up.

The taste and smell of this female drove the animal over the edge, and just as she was about to continue her inter-species blowjob, he came. It was like a hose that never stopped.

She took it in her mouth, and tried to keep up by swallowing, but she couldn't as he shot rope after rope of hot cum into her. It spilled over her lip, dripping down her front. When he finally stopped and went limp, she turned to Bailey, and gave a final swallow.

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He didn't taste very good, it was a little sour, but she loved it, and couldn't blame him, as a horse's diet is mostly hay and grass. She collapsed next to Bailey, panting, and said "your turn, you got it all, right?" Bailey finished the video on her phone, and set it next to her.

"Mhmm!" Bailey said with a smile.

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That would be useful later. She walked over to the stallion, and Jade stared at her cute little ass. She repeated what she had done the first time, letting the horny animal inhale her pungent aroma, and his cock jumped to attention, ready for yet another go.

She copied what she had seen her sister do, and stroked the massive member in front of her, lolling her tongue around the tip. She pulled back with a "pop" of her lips, and was determined to a little more than her sister was willing. She stood up, turned around, and bent over, rubbing his black veiny cock against her puffy lips, moaning.

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When she was sure she was ready, she took a deep breath, and backed up. He entered her, and his size stretched her lips apart, and filled her almost instantly. She humped him, only about 2 inches in, and slid farther. She got all the way to 6 inches, and could feel the animal almost tearing her apart. She started to pant like a dog, and pumped her ass back and forth, fucking the brown beast.

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The horse was getting close, and started to return the favor, jerking himself forward into her. They came in unison. Bailey's flow of juices was no match for what followed. Bailey shrieked bloody murder as the stallion took control and pressed his entire self into her, and exploded. She could feel his warm cum fill her, and Jade watched as horse spunk over filled her, and began spurting out of her demolished pussy, and dripped onto the ground. She couldn't even pull herself away until he went limp, and she staggered over to her sister.

"Jesus sis that was the most amazing feeling I've ever had" her older sister said. Jade's jaw was locked open in a gape of amazement, and she stopped the recording.

They rode back at a slow trot, and called Dylan. She helped Bailey into the car, and she sat down with a whimper of pain. "Wha.what happened?" Dylan said, concerned. "Just drive" she said, "you'll learn soon enough" and a grin escaped her. Dylan shook it off, and they returned home. Later that night, Bailey was fast asleep, recovering, and Jade slipped into Dylan's room, handed him Bailey's phone with the video ready, and all she said was "watch" and left.

Dylan came three times that night to the sight of his little sisters being taken by an animal, and an animal that size for that matter. He laid in his bed, asleep, holding his limp cock, covered in his cum. Jade came in, cleaned him up, licking her lips as she did, took the phone out of his hand, and went to bed to enjoy it herself this time, watching the scene with her beautiful sister.