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Tranny hot chick Neth spreads her legs for pleasure
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If there is one moment that stands out in my mind, where I realized how different my life was, it was during an operation I was running, just two weeks later. That was the night when I realized what I was capable of. Carter had told me that taking the warehouse was a bad idea, but between the hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of cocaine, two dozen workers trained on exactly how to cut and package it, the fully stocked armory and the chance to make the Japanese mob look like chumps, how could I pass it up?

Without warning, gas canisters tore through the windows, making the workers scatter and the guards run circles in confusion. Several of them even mistakenly shot each other, in the midst of the chaos. However, there was one worker who managed to keep his wits, grabbing his friends and as many guns as he could, before heading to the basement. It was a damn shame, because he missed the spectacle of six armored thugs silently slipping through the fog and putting a bullet between the eyes of every mobster and private guard they could find.

In total, the whole operation took six minutes, tops. As the smoke started to clear, all the weapons were quickly rounded up and secured. The workers quietly submitted to being cuffed and lined up, terrified at the sight of the men in blue and black armor, with mirrored, faceless helmets covering their human features.

The last step was to clear out the holdouts in the basement. We hadn't expected anyone to react quickly enough to bunker down there, but, luckily, the floor plans for the building were on public record, so we had planned for it, just in case.


The scared workers trained their weapons from behind their makeshift barricade, as my men slowly approached. "Please, we don't want to fight," said one of them, the same one who had rounded them up in the first place.

"We just want to know that we won't be harmed." It was obvious that the men and women gathered in that cellar were scared out of their minds, but that fear turned to confusion and shock when the wall of armed men opened up and a single figure approached them, wearing a gas mask and a new black cocktail dress.


"Who are you people?" he asked me. I pulled off the gas mask, sucking in a lungful of fresh air. "I'm your new employer." They threw down their weapons as soon as they saw my face. "Shit, you work for Carter." "I'm glad to see my reputation precedes me." Their weapons were quickly rounded up, and the workers were brought back upstairs.

"Not him," I said, pointing to their leader. "Bring him up to my new office." Carter's men gladly did as I said. There really are no words to describe the satisfaction I got from overlooking my team of jackbooted stormtroopers, and being able to peer into the eyes of the shocked and terrified workers, as I told them, "Yeah, those guys are mine." "Ma'am, we have a problem," said one of the men, pulling a creep wearing a bad tuxedo and a gold chain across the floor, before throwing him at my feet.

"We found this guy, hiding under a table." "Do you know who you're messing with? My bosses will slice open your necks, ear to ear!" "Those words seem a little hollow, coming from a man who was just hiding like a little bitch," I told him. "We can't leave him alive, to go running back to his boss." "Then take the workers away and give me your gun," I ordered the nearest of my men.

He did as I said, although I was a little surprised when he handed me his 20 gauge shotgun, rather than his sidearm. "I have no regrets," the mobster told me, as I held the gun right between his eyes. I needed to show that I was in control. Giving orders was easy, but this was my moment to show that I was committed.

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It was time that I proved my dedication, to myself and to my men. But it was so much harder than I thought it would be. "My name is Takeshi," the man told me.

"I have two kids and a wife. Every week I send money back home to support my grandmother and grandfather. I want you to remember that, when you pull the trigger." One of my men leaned over to me. "Just let me take care of him. He's probably lying, anyway." "Back off!" I yelled at him. Meanwhile, Takeshi pressed his forehead right against the barrel, with a smile on his face. "Have you even fired a gun before?" The shotgun ripped into my shoulder, as the contents of Takeshi's head painted the floor of the warehouse.

Luckily, I had a strong enough grip to keep the weapon from falling to the ground or flying across the room. "I have now," I said, stopping only to spit on his corpse, before turning and walking away. "You have your orders. Lock this place down." The men got straight to work, while I made my way to the manager's office.

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It overlooked the entire production line, and would be the perfect place to plan my business. I would have been excited, if my stomach hadn't been twisting itself in knots. However, I did feel a little better a moment later, when Carter called. "So you're ok? You didn't get hurt?" he asked. "Yes, I'm fine. We took over so fast that they didn't have time to react.

The Japanese never knew what hit them." "Good riddance." I stopped just before reaching the door. "I miss you." "I miss you, too." "You'd better not have any girls with you down in… where are you again?" "I'm taking care of some business in Arizona, and I thought you were the one who wanted us to be open." "Well. yeah," I said. A large part of me was regretting having done that.

"But that doesn't mean I can't kill a bitch for trying to steal you." "You would actually kill for me?" "Only if she's prettier than I am," I told him. "In fact, let's make that a rule. You're only allowed to sleep with girls that are a six or under." He laughed. "Goodnight, BJ. I'll call you tomorrow." "Goodnight, babe." I opened the door just as I hung up the phone, walking into the most gaudy office I had ever seen. There was leopard print everywhere, and everything from the king sized bed to the couch cover and even the throne-like office chair was clad in red silk.

"This whole room looks like a hooker's thong." "Uh, ma'am?" With everything that had happened in the last few minutes, I had totally forgotten about the men waiting in my office. "You can go," I told the guard, shooing him to the door. "Are you sure?" "I can handle myself." "Ok, but I'll be right outside," he told me.

Though having an army at my back was always comforting, I didn't think I was going to need him. "So, you seem to have a bit of sway over the other workers," I said to the man before me. It was hard to imagine that he had been aiming a gun at me only ten minutes prior. He seemed so timid, sitting in an uncomfortable office chair with his head down and hands in his lap.

"I was just trying to look out for my friends." I sat on the desk, directly in front of him. "I'm going to need good lieutenants, in the future." I put a hand under his chin, pulling his head up to face me.

"You see, Carter is letting me borrow a few of his resources, in exchange for taking care of a problem for him. The Japanese mafia, your former bosses, have set up warehouses just like this all along the west coast, in an attempt to get under Carter's skin. Apparently, they don't like that he's been shutting down their human trafficking operations, so they want to cut into his profits by selling drugs, right in his backyard.

I'm taking it upon myself to take these warehouses under my personal control, which takes care of Carter's problem and gives me a nice little slice of the business to call my own." "From what I hear, the wives of criminals prefer staying at home, rather than getting involved." I leaned back on the desk.

"I tried being a housewife once. It wasn't for me." "And where do I fit into your plan?" "Well, like I said… wait, what's your name?" "I usually go by Johnny, when I'm in the states." That took me by surprise. "You used to travel, before you ended up here?" He once again looked down at the ground. "Yeah, my family spent a lot of time in New York, Los Angeles and Hong Kong." "That's perfect. I need people with connections, and being able to speak Japanese helps, plus whatever they speak in Hong Kong." "English?" "Whatever.

Look, like I said before, you seem to have some pull with the other workers here, and I need solid people to run the place while I'm away. How would you like to help me do that?" It took him a while to answer, but eventually he built up the courage to ask, "If I do, can you make sure all the other workers are treated fairly?" "Yeah, sure. Whatever." I smacked him on the back, wincing as I did. "Welcome to the family." "I can bandage that for you." I looked back at him.

"Are you a doctor?" He shrugged.


"I was in still in school, but I think I can handle a minor laceration. You got it because you were holding the shotgun incorrectly, right?" "You saw that?" He motioned to the window, which overlooked the entire main floor.

"I watched the whole thing." "But you're not going to tell any of the other workers, right?" I asked him, though my tone made it painfully clear that this was an order, not a question. "I'll do whatever you say," he told me, bowing down in an instant. "Good." I went to the bathroom, and pulled a small first aid kit off the wall, before sitting down on the couch and handing it to him.

"Patch me up." "Sure." Johnny sat down next to me, pulling out the supplies he needed. "So," I started, after pulling down the sleeve on my dress. "Normally, I make a guy buy me dinner before he gets my clothes off." "Oh, I can't see anything. I'd never-" "Just start bandaging," I said, not interested in hearing him stutter, again.

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However, there was one thing about him that still intrigued me. "What did you do, before you ended up here?" "I was in school, just like I said." "Yeah, but your family must have been pretty well off to travel all over the world. How did you end up here?" Johnny frowned. "My mom is on the board of one of the largest hospitals in Kyoto. That place is like a second home to her." I could see tears well up in his eyes. "Anyway, one day a bunch of assholes showed up, demanding cash for protection.

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My mother was the first one to speak out, and told them to fuck off, even when she was getting threats against her and her family." "What happened, then?" He sighed, his sadness replaced by weary resignation. "Well, I went to bed one night and woke up in a shipping container.

I got put to work here and, a month later, you showed up." "Jesus. That's fucked up." He finished wrapping the bandage and taped it together. "Shit happens." "Do you know if they got to your mom?" "I have no idea." "Then why the hell would you agree to keep working here?

You should be trying to get home!" I was sincere when I asked that question, wanting to know why he said yes to me, but as he looked away, scared to death of even holding my gaze, the answer became obvious. "I'm sorry," I told him, out loud. The apology hung in the air for a long long time. Honestly, I'm not sure that Johnny really understood how to react to it, because he just sat there, like a wounded puppy. I placed a hand on his cheek and told him, "You don't have to be scared," hoping that it would put him at ease.

Unfortunately, it worked a little too well, because a moment later, he leaned over and tried to plant his lips on mine. "What the hell are you doing?" I demanded, grabbing him by the throat. "Shit, I'm so sorry! I was just…" He started stuttering again. "You're just so powerful. You came in here like a force of nature and… I'm sorry.

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I'm so sorry." I finally released him, angry, but also a little bit flattered. "A force of nature, huh?" I stood up and let the words rattle around in my mind, liking how they sounded. "Are you going to kill me?" Johnny asked. "No, but I do think you should leave." He hurried to the exit, only stopping once to apologize one final time before he headed out the door. "A force of nature." It was such an appealing phrase. After all, nature is uncontrollable and wild. It's something you can't blame or be angry with, when it takes or devastates.

Nature just is. I climbed on the bed, ignoring the smell of cheap cologne and the ugly patterned sheets, as my mind filled with thoughts of Carter and my new business.

I could almost hear him asking, "Are you ready for me?" as I laid back. Of course, he knew I always was, but he loved keeping me in suspense. No other man on earth had ever been so able to turn me on, without laying a finger on me. Two of my fingers hovered over my entrance, as he once again leaned into my ear.

"I can't hear you." "I need it." "One more time." "I need it," I whispered breathlessly. "I need you, inside of me." I wanted to plunge both fingers in, but stopped myself.

I knew full well that it was too soon. Carter would never give in that quickly. He'd keep me waiting and waiting, begging to have my womanhood forced open. As hot as he was, getting Carter to give up his cock was like squeezing water out of a stone. Now don't get me wrong, he'd get me gushing like a waterfall every time, but sometimes I wanted something more immediately gratifying.

"I am a force of nature." Once again, that phrase echoed inside my head, and I found myself shoving Carter down onto the bed with no hesitation. "What are you doing?" I didn't answer him, not because I didn't have an answer, but because I simply didn't want to. I didn't feel like it. Suddenly, as my fingers found their way inside of my lonely little pussy and a soft moan escaped my lips, a new urge to be in control boiled over inside of me, as I vividly pictured Carter chained down and helpless.

His cock finally entered me, as I pushed myself down onto him. He couldn't move from the bed, and could only lie on his back and receive what I gave him. There was no more struggle for control. He was in my hands. "I need it," Carter whimpered. I smiled a wicked smile and said only one thing in return. "I know you do." I rode him with a fervor I had never felt, relishing both the fierce control and the raw sexual bliss. I kissed my way up his strong chest.

I loved watching his perfectly sculpted arms and chest, with rippling muscles that struggled against the chains I had wrapped him in.

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"Are you going to fight me?" I asked him. "You know I can't." "Do you want me?" "You know I do." Carter came inside of me, but I paid almost no attention to it.

It was just extra lubrication, as I continued to fuck him, forcing him up inside of me. I moaned as my fingers continued to work their magic, and I twisted one of my nipples with my free hand. As I did so, I imagined Carter taking my breast into his mouth, and using his teeth to roughly tease it. "BJ, I've never met a woman like you," Carter told me, as I came closer and closer.

"I've never seen anything as strong as you." "Oh, fuck!" I screamed, suddenly falling to earth like a ton of bricks.

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My eyes shot open and the fantasy faded away, as I soaked the bedspread beneath me. The wet sheets and distinct smell of womanly arousal were the only evidence of what I had just imagined. I walked over to the window, my lips feeling just a bit sore as they rubbed together. My personal guards hustled about, like tiny ants, and, as I watched them I, suddenly realized something. Carter had asked me to do this one specific job, but if I was capable of doing more, then I needed to. I had the right to.

After all, apex predators don't ask for forgiveness, when they devour their prey. "I am a force of nature."