Bushy penetrating on the armchair

Bushy penetrating on the armchair
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Well, my girlfriend Monique and I had been going out for about a month and things were looking good. She was pleased with how I spit my game and kept her laughing.

To everybody else we were a really cute "couple". I was 16 and besides a little innocent touching and kissing in the back of the skating rink when I was younger, I was still a virgin. Not to say I didn't get any female attention though. I had lots of female friends, what we called "homegirls".

Those were the girls you went to the movies or the mall with in big groups and didn't really try anything with.

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I was a average bodied boy then, but I was an inch away from being 6 feet, regular caesar haircut with the deep waves, hazel eyes, firm pink lips…and what the girls loved most was that I was lighter skinned than any other black guy at my school.

The only thing unusual was that I was 6 feet tall with a size 14 ½ shoe. The girls always teased that I was big and I wasn't afraid to admit it.

I was nearly 7 inches by the time I started freshman year of high school. I know what you're thinking…why wasn't I getting any then? Well, the answer was plain as day. I was what most girls called a "church boy". The never get in trouble type, always does what he's told, and does the right thing.


Girls in my hood loved that type of guy…but only as a friend, which meant no play. It wasn't exactly true, but whenever I did do something beyond my parents permission, I usually kept it under wraps. But like I was saying Monique and I was a pretty okay couple.

She was the same age as me and had a skinny figure, which made her small breasts look abnormally big, almost the same way my feet looked big on me.

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She was around 5 feet tall, had a dark chocolate complexion with a small, round booty to match. The day after I got off the phone with her, she had called me right after I had got home from church.

I was still in my church clothes while I was watching TV. Our conversation started normally. "Hey baby boy, how ya day been?" She asked joyfully. "I'm good sweet pea, how bout you?" I replied. That was my nickname for her every since the day we met. Our conversation got deep as we talked about how much we were attracted to each other. I don't know what came over me, but just imagining her body was getting my partially hard dick to peek through my thin church slacks. Her voice was something else.

It was a profound, mellow voice that sounded erotic in every way imaginable. She could be mad and just the way her tone carried, made me think about how much I wanted to hear her moan. "Baby, when I'ma see you again?" I asked. "Oh yeah, bout that…well, I know you just got your driver's license right?" She invited.

"Yeah, why?" I asked. "Well, I need you to do a favor for me, but never mind. You'd be too scared to do it." She implied.


I tried my best to put my guard up. "Baby, you know ya boy is up for anything, now tell me what my sweet pea want." I pleaded. "Let's prove it then." She said. My eyes shuttered&hellip. "Be at my window at midnight. No questions honey. Just be there and IF you do come…" She started to whisper. "My goodies are your goodies." CLICK. I was left stunned on the phone and just as suddenly excited.

Monique was no regular girl, she was the pastor's daughter! She was the absolute last chick I would've expected to give "it" up. So I rushed off and planned on what I should do. So I waited til bout 11, took a shower, and put on a DEF JAM hoody and a pair of blue jeans and I snuck out without a trace.

I arrived at 11:58 exactly. I had to be home by at least 2:30, because my mom always went to work at 3 and usually woke up early. I started shaking as I got out the car. My nerves couldn't settle even if they had rested in a hot tub. I was as nervous as I've ever been. I walked up the grass and peeked in her window. She opened it and let me in her dark and silent room. Once we were inside I kinda calmed down, although, I waited and was plotting in my head when I should make the move.

We sat down and cuddled on the bed and we started watching "I Know What You Did Last Summer", which was almost at the end.

The scary parts made her jump, but she noticed my jumping before hers, not because of the movie though I'm sure. She put her hand on my chest and smiled.

My heart was beating so fast and hard that my nipple could've served as a vibrator. The movie started getting more intense suddenly the creepy killer sprung on one of the girls, which made Monique jump, and simultaneously, my hand that was on top of Monique's upper thigh slipped and hit the opposite inner thigh hard.

We both looked at each other at the same time. Her eyes just as wide as mine and then it happened… I took my off-hand and crest her cheek while I leaned forward and embraced her lips against mine. My lips were slightly bigger than hers and she made every attempt to kiss every bit of my mouth, while I stroked the inseam of her cotton pajamas, which were already soaking.

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We were steadily engaged, when she started to probe her tongue in my mouth. It was warm and soft and seemed to creep slowly around my tongue. My head was about to explode. My dick was already rock hard and my jeans were no match for it, because it seemed to be busting through the seams.

She took her hand pushed on my chest, so I leaned back and our lips make a big smack as they unlaced each others hold. She looked me in the eyes and started to take my shirt off. As she took my shirt from above my head, I was taking off her tight tank top just as well. It only took a moment before we were almost naked when I took control of her shapely body and gently pushed her smooth arms and nearly pinned her to her back.

I took my hot tongue and softly rolled it down her chocolate neck, until I reached the very peaks of her breasts. Then, I looked up at her. Her eyes closed shut and lips sealed tight trying to repress a moan.

I circled the tiny Hershey kisses on her small breast with a few kisses of my own, showing each nipple a perfect amount of attention. As I rolled my tongue downward, it discovered a plethora of pubic hair. Monique's pussy was more hairy than I expected, but it made no difference to me, because I kinda liked it in a way.

First, I did probably the smartest thing I thought of all night. Why give her all the pleasure right away? So, I started for her clit. Millimeter by millimeter and suddenly…I swerved my tongue to the side and went all the way down her thigh to her upper calf, back up, not even touching a fragment of hair and the same to the other side.

I licked her moist, humid body slowly, but surely. By this time, she was literally squirming all over the bed, I grabbed her thick legs with force and separated them once more. This time, my tongue headed for the bottom of her dripping outer lips and I circled them sluggishly and just as my damp tongue enwrapped her throbbing clit, she let out a long, but hushed moan. I loved hearing her voice cry out as if she could do nothing about it.

As I licked faster I looked up to see her grab a pillow and literally strangle her head with it. I kept on for a moment, and then I rose up to kiss her again.

Suddenly, somebody knocked at the door. My heart almost jumped out of my chest.

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If her dad, the pastor, caught me naked with her teenage daughter, I'm sure I wouldn't be telling this story right now and he would be praying to god to forgive him for shooting me.

"Hey 'Nique, you got my CD player?" Said a small, kid like voice. It was Monique's litter sister Neci. Monique obviously pissed, opened the door, threw the CD player and walked back to the bed were I was now sitting and waiting on her body to be back in my grasp. She pushed me gently back down on the bed and started to kiss me again. While her lips entangled my tongue, she jacked my hard, thick dick off slow at first, and then she went faster as her breath deepened.

I couldn't take it anymore and suddenly, I bear hugged her and laid her on her back. I reached for the condom out of her nightstand.


I hurriedly slipped it on and got positioned to penetrate my sweet pea's incredibly wet pussy. The room was so hot we both started to sweat and soon as I started to penetrate her, our bodies were sliding around, but I kept focus and held my large prick and gently teased her petite pussy.

We were both virgins, but I knew what I was doing. Her face was scrunched as if she was just about to get a shot at the doctor's office and she was biting her lip as if it were a steak. I hadn't even stuck it in yet and she was shivering, but I assured her it would be fine. Finally, I slid my throbbing dick on top of her soggy slit and forced it in without mercy. She jumped higher than when she was watching the movie.

My head was swimming in a pool of bliss.

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Her pussy fit like a glove against my rock solid dick. Her walls were as wet as could be and the way she rotated her hips made my enlarged head, hit every little part of her lukewarm vagina.

She was letting out little whimpers every time I thrusted my dick inside her. I started going faster and faster until we both started moaning in each others ear.

"Ooooooooo shhhhhhit, I'm finna come baby." I moaned. "Yes…Yes…" She squealed. Abruptly, my body tightened and my arms buckled, and my body couldn't take it anymore. My dick suddenly shot load after load of semen out until I ran on empty.

It felt like I had just been right in the middle of an earthquake and some hard object had hit me in the head. I was just out of reality, but my motion steadied as I realized she was cumming also.

"Ooooo damn niggaaaa!" She tightened. As she whaled I could feel her creamy pussy throbbing and pulsing against my head. Her entire body tensed and with one last sigh her body relaxed. It was quiet and I withdrew my dick from her pussy and gave her a kiss on the cheek. We laid together motionless and out of breath. She smiled at me and returned the favor. "Scared huh?" I asked jokingly. "Haha…hell no baby." She laughed We put our clothes on and as I left she gave me a final kiss goodnight.

I started to my car with a bounce in my step. Proud of myself with a million dollar smile…which the clock on my car stole as soon as I turned the ignition. 3:39 p.m.