Big Boobed Latina Drilled By Long Cock

Big Boobed Latina Drilled By Long Cock
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Building up to be a really sort of interesting story. Back at Dana's apartment, Abigail lifted her head up from between Dana's legs, wiping away much of the fluid that had gotten on her face as Dana breathed heavily on her bed.

After talking, the both of them had embraced and one thing led to another and they were soon as they were before Dana met Josh; not that he disapproved. "We should probably tell Mike we made up," Abigail said, lying down next to Dana.

"Yeah, we should" was all Dana could reply in a breath before having to breathe heavily again after the intense moment she had just experienced.

The both of them stared up at the ceiling and just breathed, reeling from the intense love-making that they had just experienced. "We should really do this again," Abigail said, after a long pause. "And this time, Josh can watch, I'm sure he'll like it," Dana offered, making the both of them laugh.

Chloe was sitting on her bed, thinking about what had been happening the last few weeks. She had noticed her boyfriend, Joseph, was spending less time with her and that she couldn't hold his attention anymore. He was growing distant and his touch didn't have love anymore. She hated the feeling inside her.

A part of her wanted to just tell him and embrace him but another part told her that the relationship was dead. After only 2 years, the relationship was dead. Then, she remembered Michael. She remembered how his soft and gentle touch on her reminded her of how Joseph used to hold her when they had just met.

Michael was firm yet kind, making sure that Chloe was never uncomfortable and that his touch brought her comfort and relieve. Chloe began to weep again at the impending conversation she knew she would have to start.

When Michael reached his apartment, he immediately dropped his bags and heaved a sigh of relieve. His phone then vibrated with a message from Abigail. It read 'We made up! Yay!'. Michael smiled before 4 other messages came in.

They were all from Abigail and they were all photos of Dana and herself standing nude in the mirror in an embrace, squishing their breasts together. The last picture was of them gently kissing one another while Dana groped Abigail's breasts.

Michael replied with a 'Nice!' as he cursed beneath his breath for taking the high road, but he knew that he would get his chance with Abigail soon enough. Abigail replied him quickly with 'Don't tell Dana, she doesn't know'. Michael laughed slightly at the text which he had just read. Michael had undoubtedly spent the morning and a good part of early afternoon very aroused with what was happening all around him.

His scrotum harboured a sharp pain in his lower right testicle; a pain Michael knew could only be relieved through him beating his stick. Michael headed to his workstation and removed his clothes, dumping them on the floor somewhere.

He opened his favourite adult site, which he had bookmarked and found the most newly-uploaded video. Clicking on it, he pulled out a few Kleenexes and began to rub his growing member.

It took some time and another video for his pain to finally be relieved but Michael just sunk back in his chair afterwards, relaxed and calm. After a few minutes, Michael cleaned up and decided he would go down to the grocery store to get some supplies for his apartment. He looked around his kitchen to see what he needed and he made a list of everything he needed. He got this wallet and phone and was soon walking down the street to the store which was just a few blocks away.

It was already early evening by then and there were many people out and about. Quite notably, Michael noticed many young women who were out just going about their business.

Some were walking dogs, some were jogging, while many others were just dressed for a night of fun in town. When Michael got to the store, he quickly picked up his things and was soon standing in line at the cashier. In front of Michael was a young woman who must have had just finished her jog. She was wearing a sports bra and a pair of running shorts. She was obviously fit and had a perfectly shaped bottom. Michael couldn't help but stare at her.

When Michael was done paying, he headed to the exit. "Hey," came a sound from next to Michael as he left the store.

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"Hey," he replied. It was the young woman who he had been in front of him in the queue. "I felt you staring at my ass just now," she said.

"Oh, sorry about that, it's just that you have such a nice one," Michael replied, embarrassed. "That's ok," she replied casually, "I'm Melissa by the way, but most people call me Mel." "I'm Mike, nice to meet you." "I live just down the road, want to come over?" "Come over? Come over for what?" "Do I have to spell it out for you?

Come over to fuck!" Melissa explained as if tired of Michael already. Michael couldn't believe his ears. Here was a girl that just wanted him to come over to her house and have sex with her. "So, what do you say?" Melissa asked. "Sure," was all Michael could master. "Ok then, come with me," Melissa began walking.

"Are you being serious?" Michael caught up with her. "Yeah, why wouldn't I be?" "Is this a prank?" "Nope." "Do you have a boyfriend?" "Nope," the answer was short and quick, though Michael sensed there was more to it than Melissa was letting on. "Do you have a girlfriend?" Melissa asked. "No, I do not." "Ok, here we are." They entered the building and walked up a flight of stairs.

Melissa's apartment was at the end of the hallway. She pulled a key from the side of her armband and slipped it into the keyhole. She pushed open the door and headed inside. Michael followed her into the apartment which was neatly kept. Melissa headed into the kitchen to drop her groceries. Michael gently laid his groceries down next to the door and crept up behind her.

He reached out in front of her and grabbed both her breasts, squeezing them gently as pressed his crotch against her perfect buttocks. "Your boobs are so soft," he whispered into her ear. "Yeah, you're not one to beat around the bush, are you?" Melissa asked, bending down and pressing her behind harder on him, "want to let me take off my bra first?" "It's ok, I'll do it," Michael replied, reaching down and pulling her bra off her head.

Her breasts were even larger than they were before, having been compressed beneath her sports bra. Michael threw the bra off to the side, wrapping his fingers around her hardening nipples.

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"I want you, Melissa, I want you now," Michael said aloud, squeezing both of Melissa's nipples. "I love your hands on my tits, yeah, play with them a little," Melissa ordered.

Michael was more than happy to do as he had been told. Michael squeezed and twisted her nipples, pulling them apart, causing her breasts to be spread apart. When he released them, they came crashing back down on each other, causing them to clap. Michael grabbed her tits again, this time squeezing and twisting them. He then used his middle finger and placed them on the corresponding nipple, pushing the coloured areolas into Melissa's soft breasts.

His other fingers danced on the soft skin around Melissa's soft nipples. Michael then grabbed her breasts again, this time from a more angled position such that he could stretch and pull them as if milking them.

"You're going to make them sag," Melissa complained. "Ok then," Michael replied, releasing her breasts and almost immediately grabbing them again, only this time his hands went completely around her and he had his palms covering up her areolas. He pushed her breasts in, squeezing them roughly as he did so, compressing them and releasing them again. This made Melissa moan slightly, prompting Michael to squeeze her breasts tighter, till he had almost squished them against her ribs.

Michael continued to massage them, squeezing them tighter every few minutes. Soon, Melissa's breasts were red at the strength of Michael's affections. "Fuck yeah, this is so amazing," Melissa moaned as Michael squeezed her breasts even tighter.

"Want to do a little more?" Michael asked, pushing his groin up against her ass as he asked. "Yeah, let's go to my bedroom," Melissa replied. Michael let go of her and followed her into her bedroom. When Melissa closed the door, she got on her knees and slowly crab-walked over to Michael, who had already taken off his bottoms.

"Woah, looks like I chose the right guy," Melissa said upon seeing Michael's member, "that's a big cock! A big cock!" "Damn right it is," Michael replied, putting his hands on his waist. Melissa took his rod in her hand and began to slowly rub it, making it harder.

Her hands ran smoothly along the shaft and after some time, it was large enough for her to use both of her hands. She then released on of her hands and pulled her hair back, bending down to lick the head of Michael's member, making it drip with her saliva.

She then felt Michael's hand on her head, pushing it down slightly. She ran her tongue on the along the entire shaft, rotating her mouth such that she had access to every part of his large stick. "Take it in honey," Michael said, putting his hand on her shoulder. Melissa pulled back and wrapped her lips around Michael's second head. She rotated her head and used her tongue to make sure Michael's was gaining as much pleasure as he could.

She then went slightly deeper and faster, taking in part of Michael's shaft into her mouth, massaging it at the same time with her tongue. Michael had reached her breasts by now and was squeezing them tightly, just as he had down before. "Come, on, faster," Michael said, giving one of her nipples a violent twist. Upon feeling that, Melissa took even more of him into her mouth and was now going ferociously, as a boat would rock on choppy seas.

Her eyes were closed and she was in full concentration, ensuring that Michael was experiencing as much pleasure as he could. "I want to fuck your tits," Michael said, releasing his hand from her breasts and her head. Melissa got up and climbed onto her bed, lying down on it. Michael walked over to the bed and climbed on in, positioning himself above Melissa; his legs on either side of her large chest.

Melissa pressed her breasts together and Michael lowered himself in onto her chest. He pinched both of her nipples and began to rub his rod on the surface of her breasts, not yet plunging into the valley between them. Melissa then clamped her breasts together, wrapping Michael's shaft around them, allowing it to glide on her soft skin.

After some time, Michael pulled back and readjusted himself such that he was now directly above Melissa and should easily snug his rod between her two breasts, near her chest. He continued to twist, pinch and pull her nipples as she pressed her breasts together. As Michael went faster, Melissa stuck out her tongue and licked the head of the shaft with every incoming stroke. Soon, Michael released her nipples and was moving very quickly on her, allowing her to take in the head into her mouth with every forwards stroke.

"Fuck you, fuck me already!" Melissa nearly screamed as she pushed Michael off her and onto her bed. Michael lied down, with his back to the mattress, as Melissa stood above him, ripping off all her clothes.

She stood above him and slowly lowered herself, allowing all of him into her. When he was all inside her, she bent down, allowing Michael to put one of her nipples into his mouth while massaging her other breasts.

Michael pulled down on her nipple as she offered him her other breast to suck and lick. After some readjustment, she began to move her hips slowly, causing her to moan loudly. "It's so fucking big!" she screamed as she began to increase her pace. Upon hearing this, Michael began to move his own hips, as much as the mattress would allow that was. However, he was still able to more ferociously massage and suck on her nipples, causing her to moan even louder.

As her pace increased, so did her moaning, encouraging Michael put in more effort into her treatment. When she finally went exceptionally fast, Michael felt the walls of her cave clamp down on his explorer, signalling she was about to orgasm. "Fuck yeah, I'm fucking CUMMING!" she screamed as she stopped moving quickly pulled back from her bent position to ride Michael straight up. Michael held onto the sheets on the bed as his member was squeezed almost too tightly.

When Melissa had done, her entire face had turned red and she rested on Michael's member, which was still inside her. As she was calming down, Michael grabbed her nipples again and began to twist them as he moved his hips, as limited as it was. Once she had fully recovered from the orgasm, he wrapped his fingers around her entire breasts began massaging and squeezing them. "Ride me," Michael said softly, almost romantically as he released her and held onto her thighs.

Melissa began to bounce on top of him, going slowly especially after her orgasm. When she was going fast enough, Michael released her thighs and grabbed her breasts again, squeezing them to signify that he wanted her to go faster; and faster she did go. Her moaning had begun again and she had a smile of pure joy plastered on her face. She moved faster and faster until soon Michael felt his testicles filling with hot spunk. "I'm going to cum!" Michael said, pushing her off him.

Melissa was pushed off onto the bed where she lay waiting. Michael got on his knees on the bed and began to ferociously rub his enflamed little brother.

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It was not too long later that Michael let out a loud moan and streams of his hot white seed shot out of him and landed on Melissa. There was so much that there was enough to spray the liquid on her groin, her breasts and Michael's favourite, her face.

When Michael was done, he let his member go and collapsed onto the bed, next to Melissa. "That was fucking hot," Melissa said, wiping the white liquid off her face with her fingers and licking them. "We should do it sometime again," Michael replied, almost panting. "Yeah, I'd love to do this again," Melissa replied.

When they were both ready to get up, Melissa saved Michael's number in her phone and sent him a text. Michael grabbed his things and left leaving the beautiful Melissa in her apartment. It took Michael some time but he finally managed to reach home. He had received two text messages, one from Melissa and one from Abigail. Both texts were of the ladies standing naked in the mirror.

Abigail asked Michael to come over the next day while Melissa was a thank you. Michael could still see drops of his seed on her beautiful breasts. Michael felt his manhood twitch but wrote it off, reminding himself that he had had enough for the day. He spent the rest of the day relaxing and just getting on with his life, ignoring any distractions that came by.

He told Abigail that he would be resting at home that weekend but promised to see her the next weekend. On Monday, Michael met Dana in the carpark on the way up to their office. "So, what did you guys do after I left?" Michael asked, already knowing the answer. "Oh, we just talked and we made up, nothing much," Dana lied, "what did you do with the rest of your Saturday?" "I went grocery shopping then I just stayed home the rest of the weekend, you know just chilling." "Yeah, I get that, I stayed home as well, didn't feel like going out." When they got into the office, Michelle was about to start her daily briefing.

Michael still had the restaurant menu assignment while everyone else had other work to do. Michael could not help but notice that there was someone constantly watching him, though he did not know who. Michael had until Friday to finish off the restaurant menu, but he knew he would be done with it way before the deadline. Things might have gone slowly in Springfield, but Michael knew he could not slow down if he wanted to progress in his career.

He wasn't going to let his top-quality education go to waste. As soon as Michelle had finished her briefing, Michael headed down to the carpark and went over to the restaurant. The owner was supposed to meet him there at 10 but when Michael got there, he was already there, even though Michael was very early. "Hey there, I'm Michael, but you can call me Mike," Michael said as he shook the hand of the owner, "you must be Mr Lee." "Hey there Mike, Michelle assured me you were one of the best in the state, I hope you can live up to your reputation," Mr Lee replied, firmly taking the hand.

"So, I'm supposed to be designing a menu?" Michael quizzed. "Ah yes, my restaurant opens in 2 months. As you can see, it's still a mess in here. The only parts which are ready are my office in the back, the kitchen and the toilets in the back. There's still lots of work to do out front so we don't have much time." "Ok, do you have any idea what's going to go on your menu?" Michael asked. "Yeah, I worked it out already with my head chef and restaurant manager. My head chef is out of the country but my manager should be here any minute.

I just wanted to make sure everything would be ready by next week Friday." "You already have a chef and manager?" "Yeah, the chef and I have been buddies since college and the manager makes sure everything, including construction and all the permits are going well here. I'm based in Chicago so I can't keep running up and down. I actually have to get to Chicago for a meeting, so I'm going to leave.

I would say that I'll be leaving you with my manager but she isn't here yet. Well, I'm sure she'll turn up. I've got to run!

Sorry!" Mr Lee rushed to the door. The middle-aged, slightly obese man was a sight to see indeed. Michael headed into the kitchen where there were some stools. The AC wasn't working so it quickly became very stuffy. He took off his tie and waited, surfing through his phone as he cursed at the late manager.

When the door finally opened, Michael was almost shocked to see Melissa walk in. "What are you doing here?" Melissa asked as she entered the kitchen.

"I'm designing the menu for this place? You?" "I'm the restaurant manager. What are the odds?" Melissa replied. "And to think that we just crossed paths on Saturday." "We did a whole lot more than cross paths," she replied, putting her bag down, "ok, let's get down to business. Mr Lee gave me a copy of the contents of the menu. It should also be in the folder we forwarded your company." "Is there any way to turn on the AC?" Michael asked.

"Yeah, I know it's really hot in here. The guys don't work on Mondays and Wednesdays so Mr Lee doesn't pay for the AC on those days." "What a miser." "Tell me about it. He wouldn't even allow me to redesign the waitress' uniform," Melissa complained. "Ok yeah, let's get down to work," Michael said, pulling up a stool for Melissa. They worked for nearly 2 hours, with Melissa making sure that Michael understood completely what Mr Lee wanted.

"Did we have to do all that in here?" Michael asked as he kept his computer into his bag. "Yeah, it's so bloody warm in here, but Mr Lee insisted that we do it in here remember. In case you needed inspiration from the layout of the place." "I think I got everything I need. I'm going to head over to the office and finish up." "Before you go," Melissa stopped. Michael waited for a long time but she remained quiet. "What is it, Mel?" "Want me to blow you?" "What? Why?

What the fuck? What did you say?" "I said, do you want me to blow you?" "What right here? Right now?" "Yeah, right here right now, come on man," Melissa said, pulling off the t-shirt she was wearing. She was now standing in front of Michael wearing only jeans and a pink bra. "Where have you been my entire life Mel? First, you give me an awesome fuck, now you're going to blow me?" "You better do a good job on those menus, Mike, I'm counting on you," she replied as she unbuckled her bra and let it fall to the floor.

Michael was again faced with her beautiful mounts, though this time they glistened with sweat, reflecting the light coming from the bright fluorescent ceiling lighting. "Fuck you're hot!" Michael said, undoing his belt buckle and allowing his trousers to fall to the floor as well.

"Wouldn't want to make a mess, so I thought I'd better get topless," Melissa replied, kneeling down before Michael. She reached into his boxers and grabbed the sticky member, pulling it out of the little slit in his boxers, "Fuck! I knew we fucked two days ago but I forgot how big you were." Melissa got down straight to it, taking in as much of the hardening wood she could take into her mouth.

She violently began bobbing her head as her hands rubbed what she could not take into her mouth. Michael was taken back two days when Melissa had her lips wrapped around his member. It wasn't long before he grabbed her head and pumped his juice into her. "That was fast," Melissa said, swallowing his load.

"Sorry babe, but I got to get back to the office," Michael justified, pulling up his pants. "I seriously need a good fuck! No, a great fuck! Better yet; an awesome fuck," Melissa complained. "I got to run Mel, catch up with you next time?" Michael said as he began to walk out. "Yeah, I'm going cock hunting, then I think I'll head home." "Should I be concerned about this? About STIs?

We didn't use protection the last time." "Don't worry about it Mike, I never fuck a guy I don't know personally." "You certainly fucked me," Michael rebutted. "That's true, but I guess I trusted you. Pretty rare, but I usually use a condom, well, most of the time." "Ok, ok, I'll see you next time," Michael said the final word and was off. Once he got back to the office, he took a quick shower and began work on the menu immediately. He stopped for lunch, which he had alone in the office.

By the time he got home, Michael was too tired to do anything.


His hard work paid off though. By Wednesday he had completed his assignment and had submitted his work for crosschecking my Michelle. When Thursday morning came to, Michael decided to head into the office early. He hadn't gone to the gym the previous day so he thought that he might go on Thursday instead when his work was done.

When he arrived at the garage, he realised that Chloe's car was already there. He heaved a sigh and headed to the office. Once he entered the staff lounge, he was sure Chloe was using the machines. They barely spoke during their workout, minimising any eye contact, but when they were done, Chloe began speaking to Michael. "Hey Mike" "Yeah?" "Remember the other day when you groped me?" "I'm really sorry about that Chloe, please, please don't report me." "Don't worry, I won't.

I was just wondering why you did it." "Well, you're a very attractive woman, with rather attractive assets.

I was just trying to sample them I guess," Michael laughed. "But your touch was so soft and gentle…" "Where is this coming from Chloe?" "I just feel that my boyfriend, Jo, has lost that touch of love you know?" "Oh, I see, so, you're having relationship problems." "Yeah, and I really hate it." "Well Chloe, when I was in college, I found that guys who lost their touch with their girlfriends usually had another girl to touch lovingly." "Are you saying Jo is cheating on me?" "I mean I wouldn't rule it out… right?" "No, you're right?

He has been growing more distant from me recently." "Well, you can either ask him directly or find out yourself." "Yeah, I'm getting ready to break up with him so, we've just lost it." Chloe looked defeated and destroyed.

Michael came up to her and gave her a big hug. She began to cry which made Michael squeeze her tighter. Michael was so tempted to glide his hands downwards and give her ass a tight squeeze but he knew if he did, he would have further soured the friendship. Once she let go, she thanked Michael and left the lounge. Michael took a shower and was ready for Michelle's briefing.

She thanked and commended him for his swift work, saying that she didn't have anything for him until next week.


Michael offered to help the other designers, at which Dana accepted his offer for help. Apparently, she desperately needed the help. "I'm in deep trouble, Michael. I've been working on this since Monday but I can't seem to figure it out," Dana emailed Michael the files. She was designing the cover a local magazine which they were in charge of publishing.

Michael saw the issue immediately as well but himself did not know how to fix it to the consumer specifications. Michael worked on it all day while Dana finished off the design of the back page. "We need to get this to Ms Woods before tomorrow morning. I'm counting on you, Michael." "I'm doing my best Dana, but I don't do miracle work. I'm no Moses or Jesus." It wasn't long before they were the only ones left in the office.

By the time it was time to close the building, they were still at work after Michael received a revelation as people were streaming out the door. "We've got to go, Mike, they're shitting the building down." "I can't, I'm almost done, it won't take another hour." "Tell you what, why don't we go over to your place and finish it up there. You live close by, right?" "Yeah, ok, we'll go back to my place, just give me five more minutes," Michael continued to stare at the screen and move his mouse aggressively.

Dana went over to the security guard and pleaded with him to give them another few minutes. He agreed and went on to check other parts of the building. Michael was soon happy with the work that he had done so far. He quickly packed up and they were soon on their way out. "I drove today so we're going to have to take the car." "Don't you live like 3 blocks away?" Dana quizzed.

"Yeah, I do, but I had some errands to run in the morning," Michael lied, not wanting to seem unfriendly to the environment. "Oh, I see, that makes sense." "So, is Josh back from NYC yet?" Michael asked, starting up the car. "Yeah, he is, but I hardly get to see him. He's usually at home when I'm at work and at night he has night school." "Oh, he goes to night school?" "Yeah, he's getting his masters in aero-engineering, whatever that means, I think it's called that anyway." "So, it's related to his job?" "Not really, he just likes to do it.

Plus, with a master's degree, he'll jump up two entire pay grades." "But you guys still have time on the weekends, right?" "Yeah, we usually swim together remember?" "Oh yeah, I remember," Michael turned off the engine with his car parked right next to his building, "Oh yeah, you didn't drive to work, did you?" "Nope, I took a cab, so when we're done, I'll probably take a cab home." They got out of the car and headed upstairs.

"You live alone, right? You don't have roommates?" "Yeah, I live alone," Michael replied. "How do you afford the rent?" "I bought this apartment with the money my grandfather gave me," Michael explained, "he died when I was in high school and left me with some money. I had a full scholarship to college so I used that money and invested with it.

It grew and I managed to set aside quite a bit. I used some of it to buy this apartment." "You bought this place? With some of it? How loaded are you?" "I'm not loaded." Michael laughed, "The money is still being invested, so I can't really touch it. Plus, I'm looking at this place as an investment as well. Once I move away or decided to get married and have kids, I'll probably rent this place out." "Wow! You must be really great with your money." "My dad taught me everything I know, so I can't really take the credit." "I'm thinking of buying the apartment opposite too," Michael said, pointing at it as he turned the key in the hole, "you know, rent it out, earn some cash on the side." "How rich are you?" Dana quizzed.

"Not very…" Michael replied, pushing the door open. "Nice place you've got here," Dana said, entering the house. "Not as nice as your place." "That's true." "We should get to work." The both of them worked for nearly another hour, perfecting the cover. Once it was done, they were both really happy with it.

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Dana heaved a sigh of relief and slumped into her chair as Michael uploaded the completed files in the company shared folder. "I'm so glad that that's over. I should probably head home. It's nearly two in the morning." "Let me send you home," Michael said, picking up his keys.

"There's no need really, I can just grab a cab.

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You've done so much already. If it hadn't been for you, I'd probably still be working on it." "I insist. It's late already and I just to make sure you get home safe." "Ok then, I'll let you play the part of the gentleman. Let me just grab my things," Dana began collecting her things but realised that something was missing, "Have you seen my purse?" "No, I haven't, did you lose it?" "FUCK!" Dana screamed, "I think I left it back at the office!

FUCK!" "That's ok, we can go and get it before swinging over to your place." "No, that won't work. They lock the building from 12 to 5." "What's inside?" "The keys to my apartment." "That's inconvenient" "Yeah, and Abi is probably sleeping like a baby already." "That's ok then, you can stay at my place and we can head over early tomorrow.

Plus, tomorrow is gym day for the both of us. You have spare clothes at the office, right?" "Wait, you'd let me stay here?" "Yeah, you saved my ass last Friday, so just take it that I'm returning the favour." "Wow! That's so nice of you, and even after I made you stay up so late just to do this stupid project," Dana stood up excitedly, "Thanks, Mike!" "No problem Dana!" Mike imitated her tone of voice.

"I could use a real hot shower right now," Dana said. "Yeah, me too, but you go first. I'm going to heat some food up in the microwave, I'm pretty hungry," Mike replied. "Oh? What food do you have?

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I could use some grub right now." "I'm just going to pop some leftover Chinese food I had last night, but if you want something too, I could make some instant soup." "That sounds amazing at this time of night," Dana said, "you sure you don't want to shower first?" "Yeah, you go ahead, the spare towels are under the sink," Michael pointed to one of two doors in his apartment.

Dana guessed that the other one was probably his bedroom. Michael got started on the soup and left it on a low heat while waiting for Dana to finish. He even had time to heat up the Chinese food and finish it before Dana came out of the shower. When she finally came out of the shower, she wore a towel around her chest and another one which wrapped her hair.

"Thanks, that was an amazing shower. Your shower head has so many settings. I really had fun in there… if you know what I mean." "That's a little too much detail, Dana," Michael responded, putting some soup into a bowl, "Do you want a t-shirt or something, I can lend you one of mine." "That would be great, thank you," Dana responded, "but we should eat first." The both of them ate and when they were done, Michael cleared the counter.

"Let me get you that t-shirt," Michael said, putting the last of the dirty bowls into the dishwasher. He headed into his room and grabbed an old t-shirt that was too big for him anyway. He passed it to Dana who checked it out for a while. Then, right there in front of Michael, Dana undid the knot at the top of her breasts and allowed her towel to fall. "Umm, Dana, don't you want me to hop into the shower first, I mean, before you change," Michael said, turning away. "Come on Mike, you've seen me naked already," "Yeah, but that was different, we were in a changing room." "It's just tits and pussy, nothing new here." "Ok, I'm just going to head into the shower," Michael said, walking away from Dana, not looking at her.

He got undressed and climbed into the shower, turning the water on and letting it run down his body. As he was rinsing off the soap on his body, the shower curtains were drawn and it was Dana. "What the fuck?" Michael asked, trying to cover up his privates.

"Sorry Mike, I'm just getting your clothes. I'm doing the laundry and I thought I'd wash them for you," Dana said, stretching out and grabbing his clothes. "Thanks," Mike said softly. "Nice schlong by the way," Dana said, pushing back the curtain.

Michael could feel the blood rushing to his face, turning him a weird shade of red. He quickly finished off and was soon ready for bed. "I'll sleep on the couch and you can have the bed," Michael said, rubbing his wet hair with a towel. "No, no, I wouldn't imagine doing that. You should sleep on your bed, I'm imposed enough," Dana replied, turning on the laundry machine.

"We're going to have to get up in about 3 hours anyway, so just take the bed." "Come on, tell you what, we'll both sleep in your bed, that way there's less cleaning up tomorrow." "Don't worry about that.

A cleaning service comes by every day so it'll be fine." "No, no, I insist," Dana said, pulling Michael into the room. "Ok, ok, it's just a little weird don't you think?" "What do you mean?" "We're colleagues and don't you have a boyfriend." "It's against company policy to be dating, but we're not dating. Plus, don't worry about Josh, I'm sure he won't mind." "What do you mean?" "He's an airline pilot for goodness sake.

No doubt he wouldn't mind, he's fucking the stewardesses and of course, he sleeps with some of his passengers." "That must be rough on you." "I try not to think about it." "Does he know that you know?" "Nope, when we began to go steady, he promised me he would stay faithful to me, but I've found so much evidence to prove him wrong.

Panties in his suitcase, lipstick on his underwear, pictures on his phone, you know, the likes." "Why don't you break up with him?" "I mean he's faithful when he's with me, it's just when he flies he gets a little bored I guess, so I take it that it's a part of his job." "Oh wow… I think you deserve better," Michael said, putting some pillows in the centre of the bed to separate the two sides.

"Yeah, maybe I do," Dana said, taking off the t-shirt. "I'm not even surprised anymore," Michael laughed, "let me guess, you sleep naked." "Yup, you should try it, it's very liberating," she said, climbing into the bed. "I think I'll stick to sleeping in my boxers thank you," Michael said, turning off the lights. He climbed into bed and wished Dana a good night. Soon, they were both asleep. It's going to be along time before I post the next chapter.

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