Masturbating Simple Domino Presley II

Masturbating Simple Domino Presley II
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Author's note. I tried a more in depth version of writing with this one. This is more of a story and not just sex. My inspirations were of how me and my partner interact with each other, though she's the dominant female. ;) Please be gentle as I'm a nooby and only write when I'm drunk and horny. Enjoy. -Kira. ^_^ Tanya woke up extra groggy late Monday morning. She really didn't want to open her eyes, but she had a nagging feeling she needed to do something.

Turning over in her queen bed she nearly fell off and jolted awake. She noticed through half closed eyes, that her room was trashed with clothes thrown everywhere. While looking around she noticed Trish was poking out of the sheets rather sensually.


Even though they started as best friends, it had grown into something more. They were almost always together, and Tanya wouldn't have it any other way. Tanya leaned over and nibbled on Trish's soft nipple causing Trish to let out a grouchy groan. "Let me sleep, you horny slut." Tanya chuckled and got out of bed noticing she was sticky from lube and sex. "Come on sexy, we need a shower." Trish refused to acknowledge anyone was speaking.

Tanya knew how to get her attention though. " I know how you like seeing me covered in soap." This caused Trish to open one eye, clearly thinking it over.

After a few seconds she moved to get up and tossed a pillow at Tanya. "Ugh, you know me too well." They both giggled moving towards the bathroom. Tanya being the first out of the shower moved towards the makeup desk while drying her hair. She sat down and winced a little.


"Trish you spanked me too hard again. And pull a little softer on my hair please." Trish poking her head out of the bathroom door with an evil smile. " I didn't hear any complaints during." Tanya threw a towel at her, smiling. Tanya started putting black eyeliner on while Trish walked up behind her.

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Trish leaned in and kissed her neck. "I love those bright green eyes." Tanya blushed and leaned back to kiss Trish. "And I love your beautiful blue eyes, sexy." Trish smiled and caught a glimpse of the clock. "Shit I'm gonna be late for class" Tanya rolled her eyes and went back to her makeup.

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It was hard for her to concentrate because Trish was getting dressed behind her. She loved seeing Trish stuff those heavy supple breast into a tight shirt. She was going to comment on Trish going without a bra, but decided she enjoyed the scenery enough to ignore it. Next Trish slid a tight pair of pants over her juicy ass. Tanya licked her lips, then annoyingly realized she had to put lip gloss on again. Tanya and Trish left the dorm together in a slow leisurely pace.

Trish had already decided she was going to miss the class. So they decided to lay on the grass by their favorite tree and do some studying. On the way they passed a fellow student they used to be close to, Kira. Tanya waved but Kira didn't seem to notice. Trish frowned slightly " I wonder what happened to her, she just has this weird look in her eyes nowadays.

And have you noticed that over sized dog collar she's wearing now, pretty kinky" they both giggled and brushed the strange encounter off. They'd been under the tree for nearly thirty minutes when an acquaintance named Brock walked up and greeted Trish. "Hey Trish, noticed you weren't in Kingsley's class today. You missed some pretty important stuff, you wanna grab a beer or something and I can give you some notes?" Trish glanced over at Tanya who shrugged. Trish turned back to Brock.

"Sure, as long as it's not too long, I have plans later with Tanya." Brock smiled and nodded. Trish got up waved to Tanya and walk down the side walk with Brock. Once they were a ways off, Tanya sighed roughly mumbling something about jocks.

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She gathered her things and headed back to the room for a nap. Tanya woke up with a jolt, staring at her clock. It read 11:30. "That can't be right" she checked her phone and had a text. It was from Trish. (**I had to go back home to G.A. Sorry my papa died.**) What? She couldn't be reading that right, Trish's grandfather died when they were in elementary school.

Something was very wrong. Deciding against calling to arouse suspicion, She hurried out of bed and got dressed deciding to find that douche Brock and see what had happened. She headed to the local pub right off campus, a small but popular Irish establishment.

She walked through the door and glanced around. No luck. She walked up to Caitlin, a sexy little Irish number her and Trish had played with on numerous occasions. "Hey Caitlin, have you seen Trish today? She left with this Brock guy and other than a text that makes no sense I haven't hear from her." Caitlin looked uneasy but nodded and pointed towards the door.

"She left with that fellow about ten minutes ago, headed up the side alley towards that club Doc's" Tanya hugged her and hurried out of the pub headed towards Doc's, had she been a little more aware she would have noticed the black van idling off to the side. Tanya was at a brisk stride down the thick of the dark alley.

She almost had second thoughts when a vehicle squealed and roared to life down the street behind her, gliding down the alley shrouded in black.

Tanya spun on her heel slightly off guard, when the headlights flared on. She was completely blinded, still hearing the vehicle coming she tried to get to the wall stumbling and falling. She landed square on her knee breaking the skin.

She cried out, hardly aware of the vehicle coming to a halt beside her. However when a sliding door opened she turned toward the noise just in time to receive a painful slap that left her dizzy. A hood was quickly placed over her head and pulled tight against her soft throat. Four powerful hands picked her up, under her arms and by her ankles. It happened so fast she had no time to react. She was tossed on a mat in the vehicle and bound quickly by her powerful assailants. She started to cry out only to receive another painful slap that made the world spin.

Before she recovered, there was a sharp prick in her neck. She instantly felt weak and tired. As hard as she tried to fight it, she was out in seconds. Tanya woke up feeling like she'd been kicked in the head by a mule. She opened her eyes to see the world dancing all around, not sure what had happened or where she was. It was well lit, scarcely furnished with a curtained section on the far side.

Tanya went to get up when she noticed the awkward position she was in, however she wasn't able to budge. She realized she was bound with her arms crossed ,knees together and bent leaving her face down and ass up.

Panicking she cried out only now noticing she was ball gagged. What was going on? Who was doing this? Tanya attempted to struggle trying to shift her weight or anything to get loose, she couldn't move at all. Her captors were extremely skilled and thorough.

She let out a frustrated angry grunt, did someone grunt a reply? Before she could find out a door behind her opened and a pair of foot steps walked up behind her and stopped.

A large hand was placed on her right ass cheek.

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Feeling unappreciative of the unwanted attention Tanya voiced an angry grunt, this received a searing slap that made her whimper. A gruff voice chuckled and rubbed her ass to sooth the pain. "We'll help you with that attitude, sweetie. Don't you worry." The foot steps walked back through the door leaving Tanya to dwell on her throbbing hand print.

Moments later another pair of foot steps walked in quickly setting things on the table behind her. She squeaked from a finger covered in lube suddenly entering her ass. "Quiet slut, or you'll regret it" the foreign fingers quickly removed, and with no warning a massive dildo was shoved in to what felt like her stomach. Tanya let out a muffled shriek jerking and wriggling desperate to get it out, she was sure it was going to rip her tight little asshole. The man annoyed by this stuffed an equally large dildo up her pussy with very little lube.

Tanya jerked back her head which was spinning from the pain and pleasure.

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Fighting to keep her eyes from rolling back. The stranger clipped both dildos in place chuckling. "You'll thank me later, bitch." Tanya didn't notice the door open and close she was stuck in a place between hell and heaven.

Unsure if she liked it or hated it. She couldn't blink, couldn't cry out, couldn't even stop pulling against her restrains. She didn't even notice the beep, but she certainly noticed the surge of vibrations throughout her entire body.

This pushed her over.

Her eyes rolled back, she let out a muffled moan and blacked out, either from pain or pleasure, she didn't really care.

Trish woke up staring at the ceiling. Where was that douche Brock? She went to move and couldn't. She instantly noticed her wrist were bound to her ankles, leaving her legs spread open. Was Tanya playing games? No, this was nowhere she'd ever been. It had a cold unfriendly air to it. Out of nowhere a hood was placed over her head and a heavy voice filled her ears.

"Finally awake? He didn't even hit you that hard, though it was hard enough I guess. You'll learn to appreciate it." Foot steps moved around in front of Trish, she heard a squishing sound and received a shock of cold lube being spread over her pussy and ass. She refused to satisfy them with a single sound. he coughed "Tough one, eh?" this pissed trish off enough to mutter angrily "fuck you" it only came out as a series of grunts but the guy understood them enough to reward her with a backhand to the cheek.

"You'll learn to hold your fucking tongue, slut" Trish let out a muffled laugh. This angered the man greatly, he readied two big dildos, turned them on high and shoved them simultaneously up her ass and pussy.

Trish bucked and shrieked fighting to get free, sure she couldn't handle this. The man thoroughly enjoyed this. "Let's see how you feel after a few hours" he left her arched and whimpering. After an eternity and far too many orgasms to count, Trish was barely conscious. She was almost begging for death, it was past the point of pleasure.

Every second that passed was a second too long. She didn't hear them bring something in. She didn't hear them messing with shackles or ropes or even them talking about the lucky snatch.

But she snapped to when she heard her baby girl's muffle cry, she knew instantly that it wasTanya. Trish cried out only able to manage a hoarse muffled groan. She waited for a reply, she heard another door open in the distance.

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And shortly there was another grunt, Trish strained to hear. There was a loud slap followed by a whimper. She felt a rush of anger knowing they where mistreating Tanya. Just as she was about to yell as loud as she could manage, the vibrations tripled, paralyzing her in anguish.

A door squeaked open beside her, she didn't notice. A pair of hands grabbed each of her supple nipples and released a powerful clamp, making her let out a weak whimper.

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Tanya came too still feeling the powerful vibrations throughout her body. She fought to focus her eyes and noticed the curtain had been moved. Trish! She noticed her almost immediately. Her wrist and ankle were bound together leaving her legs spread wide. Tied to the table on her back with the strangers tools invading her. Trish had a look of defeat about her.

Then Tanya noticed a bruise on Trish's cheek. This made Tanya panic all over again. She struggled to get free, causing the vibrators to shift hitting her clit and g spots perfectly. She'd almost forgotten about the vibrators but was quickly reminded. Tanya moaned loudly losing herself in the overwhelming pleasure. Trish heard Tanya's moan and struggled to see Tanya out of the corner of her eye. They had Tanya bound to a table like herself.

Why were they doing this to them? Tanya and Trish locked glances crying out to each with their eyes right as they both climaxed and lost conciseness.

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Like the story? Want me to continue? Please let me know. ;) Thanks for the read -Kira