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Spyfam Overwatch halloween disguise fuck with step sister Jade Kush
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Maybe I'm Gay Chapter 4 

I got the videos from Tony and he sent me txt msgs but he never told me about when he wanted to meet up. The whole week he never, and then he said he wasn't free on Sunday like we normally met up so I got no real sex at all. He never said until the Wednesday of my half term week; and then he said to be outside McDonald's at 10 on Friday morning.

He said I should clean myself in my bum before I left home and also not to wank off the night before either. That last bit I never liked cos I wanked a lot and always before I went to sleep, in bed. Suddenly on the Thursday Tony sent a txt to meet him near where I lived at lunchtime, and I got all excited thinking we could have sex.

I met him and went to get in his car but he said no he had just come to give me a package .

"I want you to wear these tomorrow boy, ok?"

 I looked into the package, they were pants and I usually wore boxers. 

"Why you want me to wear these I got my own boxers?" 

"I reckon these gonna look much more sexy boy, much more sexy, and you want to make sure the other guy likes you don't you, likes you as much as I do?


"Well yeah, I guess"

 "Ok then, see you 10 tomorrow. No wanking off, be clean and wear these, bye son"

 Then he was gone.

When I got home I looked at the pants.

They were like silky and red, and they were GIRLS PANTS! 

I sent Tony a test saying I couldn't wear girls pants and he replied not to bother going then. I decided not to bother, but my dick was thinking different so I never wanked that night and I cleaned myself like he said, and I put the girly pants on. They felt quite sexy being silky and that. I got the bus and went into town and waited outside McDonald's and kept wondering if people walking by could guess I was wearing girls' pants.

I guess it was stupid, but I just felt some might know and I got quite stiff thinking about it and what might be gonna happen later in the day.

 Just after 10 Tony turned up and we went to his car in the car park.

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He drove away and I realised we were not going to his but somewhere else. 

"Hey where we going this aint the way to yours?" 

"No we are going to see a good friend of mine, remember I said I would find somebody for your little arse"

 "Oh, is he ok?" 

"Oh yes he is just what you need, and he will adore you I'm sure" 

I never said anymore I just sat quiet, not like sure what I'd gotten myself into.

We went into Gosport like to Tony's; but went to another area quite near the sea to a bigger house. At least it looked better and cleaner than Tony's from the outside and it was a house not a flat.

Tony pulled into the drive and stopped.

 "You got those little knickers on boy?" 

"Yeah "

"Good, but if you're lying then it's all off and you can get home on your own" 

"I'm not lying honest, I got them on" 

"Well we'll soon find out won't we?

Any nonsense and I'll spank you little arse for you"

 "No you won't!' "

"I will if you need it, you are here to have fun and do what you are told boy. Now get out the car and let's get inside so you can meet Bob" 

I got out and Tony walked up to the door and rang the bell. In a bit a guy opened the door. He looked older than Tony, quite a bit older.

He looked ancient to me but I later found out he was 58.

 "Oh Tone, is this the little sweetie then? He is cute isn't he? Are you really a little cock slut like Tone has said? I loved the video and you certainly looked a slut on those. I can't wait to get at your smooth body and that tight little arse. What a boy pussy that looks" 

I was bright red hearing all this and they both laughed when they saw me blushing.

"Ah the little whore is embarrassed.

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He certainly didn't look embarrassed on that video with your cock in his throat as he fucked his own arse" 

That sounded even worse. Tony pushed me indoors and Bob grabbed me and kissed me. I was grossed and now my hard cock had gone soft. 

"Where we going"

 "I got everything set up in the bedroom"

"Is it safe?


"Of course it is, you know me I never take any chances" 

"Ok Carl, follow Bob up those stairs" 

I followed Bob like I was told and we went up the stairs and into a bedroom. The curtains were closed. There were wardrobes on each side with the doors a bit open and in the middle was a big bed. It was tidy and clean but the was no duvet or anything on it, just some pillows.

There was a table by the side of the bed with some bottles of water, and two brown glass bottles that were very small. There was a clear plastic bottle too, like the one Tony used for lube. Bob picked up a couple of small telly remotes, played with them and the put them down. 

"Ok Carl we want you to stand by the bed and slowly strip for us.

Do a sexy strip tease, but stop at your girlie knickers, ok? Start with your socks and trainers, then your top, and then your jeans. Give yourself a good feel when you down to your knickers boy"

I did what Tony told me. I wasn't hard like I usually was. It was really embarrassing doing it in front of a man I never knew. I sat on the bed and took my trainers and socks off. I went to stand up 

"Grope yourself boy, grope yourself" 

I did that and then I stood up and took off my white top.

I turned round and folded it up and put it on the bed behind me. 

"Tidy little fucker aint he Tone. Pull and pinch your little titties boy, play with your nipples for us" 

I turned round and did what Bob had told me.

It felt weird but it did the electric bit into my dick and I felt I was starting to get hard at last. 

"Look at him getting a stiffy! He likes his nips worked over. I'll have to remember that" 

"Oh yes Bob he does, and he makes some beautiful noises too" 

I went red again and they both laughed as I undid my belt and dropped my jeans.

I went to bend over. 

"NOI! Just step out of them, then turn round and bend over to pick them up"

 I did what I was told. I knew what they were doing.

They wanted to see my bum in the girly pants. It was like totally embarrassing but I could feel I was getting hard and it showed real bad in the tiny pants. I picked my jeans up and I heard one of them make a sort of sigh and whistle sound. I folded the jeans up and put them on the bed and slowly turned back to face them with my dick, sticking out in the pants and I was leaking and I just knew that I gotta have made a wet patch on the pants.

"Look the little slut is as hard as a nail! His pants are all wet with his pre-cum. Go on boy; play with yourself, grope your lump for us" 

I did it and it actually felt very dirty and exciting at the same time. I could feel the pants were quite wet.


"Turn round and then slip the back of your pants down to show that cute little arse" 

I did what Tony said and I felt really rude and naughty, but sexy, doing it. I was sort of getting into this showing myself off, and like teasing them. I not only showed them my bum but I bent over a bit away from them and felt my own bum hole.

"You were right Tone; he really is a little slut. Look at him fingering his arse; he can't wait to get it filled up can he? "

"I told you Bob, he loves it. He just loves a nice cock in his mouth and that dildo showed him what it feels like and he almost begged me to fuck him.

That's why I came to you. I know how much you love little boys and their arses, and I'm much too fat for his till it has been opened up some.

I'm sure you'll have him begging for a cock in his arse in no time" 

This sounded so disgusting, but I was really horny and I slipped my pants up again, turned round and then slipped the front down.

I didn't go low enough to let my dick pop right out, just enough so they could see it. They were sitting on chairs not quite straight on to me, and they were both groping their dicks in their trousers. I felt good that I had made them do this and I wriggled my hips as I showed most of my dick to them. Then I left my pants down a bit and played with my tits. Then I pushed the tiny pants down and let my dick free and it slapped up and hit my belly.

"Oh fuck, what a show I gotta get me some of that body" 

"Let's get him on the bed Bob and start the real show then"

 They both got up and came towards me and they stood each side of me and lifted me onto the bed. I went on head first but they turned me round so my head was over the end, and I knew why right off. I let my head drop and looked for a cock to suck.

I thought it would be Tony's, but it was Bob that moved towards my mouth. His cock was a bit longer than Tony's but much thinner and it didn't have the skin over the knob end. The knob end was not fat like Tony's either but it was more pointed. He moved towards my face and I opened my mouth. 

"The little slut can't wait for it can he?

Ok my little cock whore you can have a feed" 

Bob slid his dick into my mouth and it went into my throat. I gagged a bit but I was like ready cos I knew what was going to happen and I was able to let it slide down. 

"Fucking hell he's taken it right into his throat. Look you can see the bulge from the outside" 

Bob felt my throat and his hand was on the outside but where it felt like his knob end was inside me.

He started to rock backwards and forwards.

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Tony came over the bed and started to play with my tits. He rubbed and the pinched them. It hurt but it was like great. Then he started to bite them. I felt awesome and I could feel my dick jerking and dripping. I could feel pre-cum round the bottom of my dick and running down onto my bollocks.

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Then Tony moved down and started to suck my dick. Then he sucked and licked my bollocks. He kept changing from my cock to my bollocks and I kept getting close and then he would stop.

I was getting desperate and I reached for my own dick. I got a slap round my face suddenly. My dick went soft with the shock and pain. 

"I said no wanking. We will make you cum when we are ready. You are our boy and we are in total control. Now just go with what is happening" 

I was shocked that Tony had hit me like that and I had tears in my eyes.

"Oh how sweet the little boy is crying. I love it when that happens" 

I thought Bob was a bit odd when I heard that, but now Tony was back on my dick and bollocks so it didn't matter so much, and I started to get hard again in his mouth. All the time Bob was pounding my throat and it was starting to get a little bit painful. 

"Time to change Bob"

 Bob pulled out of my mouth and went round the other of the bed.

Tony came round and stood by my head.

 "Carl my boy we are going to put some clamps on your nipples. They are nipple clamps and they will hurt for a bit. So it won't hurt so much I have something for you to sniff first" 

"No, I don't do drugs, never, no way"

 "It isn't drugs it is just a solution like smelling salts but it makes you feel very sexy and helps a bit with any pain.

Please it isn't drugs and it isn't dangerous. All you have to do is to sniff it up your nostril. It is a liquid so you only get the smell anyway. I will hold the bottle and close one side of your nose. You sniff deep twice and then we will do the other nostril and then Bob will put the clamps on your nips" 

I felt Tony lift my head to a normal position and he put a little brown bottle under my nose and pinched off one side of my nose.

I could see that Bob had some weird clamp things in his hand. There were two, one on each end of a chain. I took a sniff like Tony had said and nothing seemed to happen. Then I took another sniff and Tony moved the bottle to my other nostril. As I went to sniff then my head started to spin and I sort of lost a lot of feeling in my body. All I could sort of feel was my tits, my dick and my bum. It was weird but wonderful.

I sniffed two more times, and as I did I felt a really sharp pain in my tits. I gasped and so I ended up sniffing even harder than I had meant to. Tony put the top on the bottle. I was in a sort of funny out of it feeling and he lowered my head and then shoved his fat dick into my mouth.

It actually felt wonderful. He fucked my throat hard and then I felt another feeling at my bum. It was wet and warm. I couldn't see what was going on but then I heard Tony say. 

"That's it Bob, tongue that arse, get it ready for what it was made for. He is going to love it, eventually."

 The feeling was just amazing and I felt I was like writhing around the bed with a dick in my throat and a tongue in my bum.

I was loving every minute of it even when Tony pulled the chain and pulled my tits really hard. I just moaned as the pain felt so fucking horny. I was trying to push down onto the tongue in my bum but trying to keep Tony in my mouth at the same time. 

"He's as ready as he is ever gonna be Bob, go for it" 

I felt Bob move his tongue away and I sort of guessed what was going to happen.

"Give him another sniff Tone "

Tony took his dick out, as I tried to keep it in, and lifted my head again and got me to sniff the little bottle again. I went off into space again and realised I was groping to get Tony's dick back into my mouth!!

"Look at the slut, he can't wait. Do it Bob do it now!"

 I moved to get Tony's dick into my mouth when I felt a sharp pain, then a burning ripping pain, in my bum. I screamed and my dick went soft as hell, but I was still flying on the stuff I had sniffed.

 "Oh sweet, I LOVE that sound, when a boy loses his cherry to a man. There is no sound like it.

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Fuck I am randy"

 With that Tony shoved his fat dick into my throat. My bum was on fire but every now and then Bob hit that spot in me. I was sucking Tony, and trying to almost suck him right inside me. Bob was now pounding my bum. Slowly my dick started to get hard again. I heard myself moaning and whining even though I had tears in my eyes.

"You ready Tone, shall I take them off?"

 "Yeah let's hear him squeal again. If your close then I am"

 Tony was pounding my throat and Bob was deep in my bum fucking as hard as he could. It all felt like overloading my feelings.

I felt Bob remove the clamps on my tits. I could feel the pain start as the feeling started to come back. Both Bob and Tony were now moaning and I guessed they were close. My dick had softened a bit cos of the pain but it started to harden up again with the idea that they were both gonna cum in me.

Then Bob rubbed one of my tits and Tony rubbed the other.

The pain was like nothing I could think of. The stuff I had sniffed had worn off now and I felt all of it, and I screamed and cried out and screamed again. Tears were running down my face. 

"Oh fuck that's wonderful!!" 

I don't know which one said it, I hurt too much, but then my throat was full of cum and I felt Bob ram in hard, sort of shout and freeze and I felt my bum filling up with cum too.

They both flooded me at each end as I screamed and cried as the feeling came back into my tits. Then they fell forward and sot of collapsed over me, and slowly the feeling of pain in my tits eased and went away. I was soft and I hadn't cum. 

After what seemed like ages but probably wasn't' they moved up and off me. 

"Oh jesus Carl you are totally awesome, totally wonderful.

What a boy. I have fucked a few in my time but you have to be number one. You even enjoy the pain a bit, and when you screamed, well I couldn't stop shooting my load" 

"I know Bob, I told you he is made for it, he just loves it, can't get enough, but I reckon we better let him rest a bit before round two, don't you?

Maybe time to get some lunch, its 12 now. We been screwing this kid for over an hour you know" 

My head was clearing but it hurt a bit, like I had a headache. 

"You bastards, you really hurt me, and I got a headache now. I never agreed to this" 

"You loved it; you were leaking pre-cum all the time even if you didn't cum.


You will later, I promise and you will find that a little bit of pain feels good. The headache will soon go I promise, or I will give you a couple of paracetamol.

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Maybe I should have let you have a sniff before we rubbed your tits, sorry, but fuck Carl when you screamed it was so fucking wonderful. I cum like I not done for ages boy.

Come on let's get dressed and then get something to eat. Put your little panties back on whore and cover that boy pussy, but we got some shorts for you to wear, you won't need your jeans and socks" 

I put the pants on and my top and Bob gave me a pair of pale blue shorts. I put them on and then realised they were very small, very baggy and had wide legs.

"I can't wear these" 

"Well your clothes are not here so it is either those or no lunch boy, your choice." 

I reluctantly put the shorts on, and then my trainers.

"Right into the car and let's get lunch"

Christ they were taking me OUT for lunch, dressed like this.

They were totally embarrassing me, but it also felt so fucking sexy and naughty that I started to get hard in those tiny shorts. Good job I had the pants on!!! [email protected]