Pinay filipina wife tight pussy drilled by big veiny white cock

Pinay filipina wife tight pussy drilled by big veiny white cock
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The Bet Ralph, Tyrell and Jerome were in Ralph's garage drinking beer and in general just hanging out. "I've got to piss" said Jerome. "Jerome go in the house and piss already" Ralph replied. Tyrell looked as Jerome went inside and laughed. "What's so funny", asked Ralph? Tyrell started to explain both he and Jerome had been blessed or cursed with very big cocks, 11 and 12 inches respectively.

The problem was neither of the mens new girl friends would or could take more the half before they were bitching. "I should have that problem", was Ralph's answer. Jerome came back into the garage he opens three more beers. "I was telling Ralph about our new girl friends and there inability to handle our cocks". "Yeah it really sucks", "Since my wife and I broke up I haven't found a woman who could take it all". "You guys are serious aren't you"?

"Damn right brother, going deep is where it is". Jerome explained that most women take maybe half if their luck. "The most aggravating problem to it is just before you blow a nut their pushing you away". "You usually end up cumming on her stomach, or pussy lips or the bed. Tell me if you don't think that gets annoying or what"! The three laughed they kept drinking beer and discussing the problem and a possible solution.

At about four thirty Tina got home from shopping. Tina was 4'11" a hundred and forty pounds which at least ten pounds were on her chest. At her size the 38d's were her most pronounced feature. She had a tight ass and breeder hips as they guys use to say.

For forty year old women she looked great. She walked into the garage she looked at the garbage can half full of beer cans she shook her head. "Don't you guys have anything better to do"?

Was the comment she made as she passed by them she entered the house. Looking back she yelled "Ralph get the bags out of the car please". Tyrell looked at Ralph, "You think Tina could handle our cocks"? "I'm sure she could", "She loves cock she has a 9" vibrator which is in constant use as our battery bill is out of sight". Ralph headed for the car as the two men sat discussing the proposition they had just mentioned.

They needed a plan as Ralph was full of shit most of the time but putting their cocks in Tina would be fantastic. If she could handle their cocks she'd never want Ralph's again, the three of them could fuck every weekend. They really didn't care about Ralph he was their supervisor at the job. Every time he spoke to them it was either "Tyrell get you black ass up", or "Jerome you spicks are slow and lazy as hell".

"You think this is do able Jerome asked"? "I'm not sure", was Tyrell's reply. We'll have to talk about it when he gets back in here. Ralph got back into the garage in about ten minutes he opened another round of beer he sat facing the two men. Jerome asked "Does she really have a 9"vibrator"? "She sure does, it get used regularly". Tyrell asked "Why don't you fuck her"? Ralph leaned back in his chair, "I'm just not that interested". Now Tyrell figured was the perfect time for a plan.

"Ralph how about a friendly wager"? Since Ralph was getting quite drunk he was very receptive to a new adventure. "Sure like what"? "A $100 bet she can't take my 12 inch cock all the way". Ralph's mind was clouded by the beer so without hesitation he said "For $200 she'll take both cocks".

Now the guys had a plan which they explained. They were going to get some more pot a couple of X pills they would be back in about two hours. They had a friend who had video recording equipment which they would set up quietly in the bedroom before the action started. Ralph would get the disk to watch any time he wanted or mybe not if he or her broke their balls it could be used as blackmail. Ralph slurred his next sentence, "For another $100 your friend gets a piece of her too".

Since Ralph had already told them they both could have her they just laughed at him. The only thing Ralph had to do was give her a couple glasses of wine to loosen her up before they got back. They shook and both men headed for the car. Ralph went in the house to talk to Tina. "The guys had to make a beer run they'll will be back, want a glass of wine'?

Tina looked annoyed the kids were in Florida with her parents she had wanted to do something tonight. "Sure why not". "Ralph, are they staying long" asked Tina? "No I think by nine they'll be gone". Tina smiled she told Ralph she'd be out in a few minutes. She went to there bedroom she changed into a stapless bra and yellow cheek huger panties, this is for later she though. Ralph went back to the garage Tina followed a few minutes later. Even though Ralph was more then half way to drunk he kept the conversation directed towards the big cock problem.


He told her about both guys complaining about not being able to get it all the way in their girl friends. He neglected to mention the size of the cocks. For the most part Tina seemed baffled that this was a problem. "Ralph they are going to have to find women who are more accommodating". This was his first opportunity "Tina how about you"? She smiled, "I have never had a black or Latino cock it would be fun to try, I'm sure I could accommodate them if I wanted to".

Then a car pulled up three men got out, as they walked up Jerome said "Ralph this is Ed, Ed this is Ralph". The men nodded they introduced Tina. Ed asked for a bathroom, which they told him was in the door first left. Ed disappeared in the house as the other guys sat looking at Tina. Within a moment they handed out joint everyone lit up. Tina at first did take a big drag as she didn't like being stoned but as the garage filled with smoke from the joints she gradually took deeper hits.

It took about five minutes before all the joints were finished. They all sat their stoned out, Ralph asked "Anyone want a drink"? In unison they said yes so he went in to make drinks. Tina sat staring at Tyrell's crotch while both guys had there eyes fixed on her tits.


Ralph came out with drinks for all, Tina took a large gulp of her wine which was laced with the x drug. Ed came out of the house he was smiling "Ed have a joint and relax man, I guess so I'm finished". Tina assumed he meant peeing actaully he had set up recording equipment in the bedroom.


Ralph started the conversation about the cock issue Jerome finally spoke "Tina we need a woman who will be happy to take the whole cock". Tina smiled "What about your girl friends"? "They just don't seem interested". "Wow that's too bad, a full nut sack from what I heard is rather uncomfortable".

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She was giggling as she spoke. "It is I haven't cum in almost a week", Tyrell chimed in "I'm on my second week".

Ed piped up "I'm about 2 or 3 week as well". "my god if you were to find a woman to fuck you could drown her in cum", they all laughed. Ed took out another joint, he offered her another one which she took. They new the camera's were in place in the bedroom, so Jerome nudged Ralph.

Jerome looked at Tina, "Tina do you think you could accommodate us"? Tina's eyes widen "I would love to black cock has alway been a fanticy of mine but I'm married". "So what, it's just to help empty a nut sack".

Ed at that point had finished his joint he looked at her "Tina those are great tits can we see them"? She thought about it for a moment she was giggling the pot, wine and pills had totally changed her attitude she ooled at her husband, "Ralph is it ok with you if the guys see my tits"?

"Sure is honey". Tina stood up, she was a little woozy, "Let's go in the house to my bedroom". They all stood up she walked in the house she headed for the bedroom.


Once their Ed moved her to the chair in the room stood back, he wanted to be sure the camera's got all the action. She took a deep breath, "Ok her they are". She removed her blouse revealing a white lace bra, unhooking the clap, she let it fall to the floor without trying to conceal her hard nipples for their inspection. The guys all smiled they clapped there hands. "Tina those are great tits it seems apparent they enjoy being looked at your nipples are hard as rocks", "Thanks Tyrell yes they gave me away I like having them appreciated".

She then realized all three men had pulled their shorts down there were three large bulging cocks standing up two were leaking pre cum.She licked her lips as she loved sucking cock and per cum. Tyrell and Jerome came up on either side of her they started sucking her already hard nipples. Tyrell looked at her do you like having your nipples sucked"?

She didn't answer right away she started moaning she pulled their heads deeper on her breasts. "I love having my nipples sucked".

Her hips were rocking slightly as she felt Ed unbutton her jeans, he pull them down. She stood their in yellow cheek hugger panties while both her nipples were getting a really great sucking. Tyrell asked "Tina do you think you'd like to clean our nut sacks"? She looked for Ralph; he was asleep in the corner of the room in his recliner. "OK Tyrell a full nut sack is probably very uncomfortable besides I'd really like to try these big cocks".

"Tyrell laid her on the bed all the while Jerome kept sucking her nipple. He removed her panties, her clit was in his mouth he was licking it gently her juices started flowing. Ed was now sucking on the other nipple. All she could think of was this feels wonderful I should do this more often. Their was a fire building between her legs she grabbed his head she pushed it hard down on her pussy as she had a great orgasm.

Pussy juice was flowing she was ready. Tyrell pulled his shorts off, he got between her legs, both Ed and Jerome grabbed her ankles they spread her legs to the max. She felt pressure as the large head pushed pass her wet puffy pussy lips it started down her canal.

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It was a very large cock so he took his time getting it in deep. She felt him get to her cervix. "My god honey, I've never had a cock that deep in me it feels great". Without warning she felt him give a big push at least four inches of cock went into her cervix. Her eyes shot open, she moaned with both pain and pleasure. He removed it about half way then plunges all the way in again.

At that moment all she could do was moan and cry the pleasure was fantastic, he was building a rhythm of deep pounding her. She just moaned and cried with feelings of pain and pleasure. Her pussy had completely adjusted to his size her pussy was milking his cock in a vise like grip. Oh god she thought her I go. Grabbing hold of his shoulder she screamed "I'm cumming fuck me, fuck meeeeeee", which was followed by a moan of pleasure.

She was still in the throws of her orgasm when she felt an explosion deep in her cervix. Cum was shooting into her at a gigantic rate the feeling was electrifying. It cause her to orgasm again, she screamed "Oh god fuck meeeeeee"! Tina was still breathing heavily when the giant dick slipped out it was immediately replaced Jerome's large cock. Cum had started to leak out of her which help this second large cock push right in.

He went deep, the pain and pleasure was their but more pleasure then pain, as she was getting sore because these cocks were very big the fact she hadden't been fucked in almost a month was also a part. When the tip of his cock touched her cervix she flinched this cock was almost as deep it was past her cervix. Not as deep as the first but their was a lot more pleasure then pain. Since she was very wet as Tyrells cum continued to leak out of her, even as the second cock pumped in and out easily.

The burning between her legs was comming back she knew sore or not she was going to have at least one or two more orgasms. She was almost their he grabbed her ass and sunk his cock as deep as he could she moaned as the cock deep in her pussy was bringing her extreme pleasure. His cock twitched it started pumping more hot cum in her cervix she was totally flooded in hot cum. The cum flowing in her made her scream she had another orgasm.

Cum continued to flow from his cock for what seemed to be thirty seconds until she felt the large cock withdrawing. Tina realized their was one more cock to go as Ed got between her legs. This cock felt like seven or eight inches. From the first two cocks she was stretched out to the point where cum was flowing out of her as Ed's cock worked a rhythm.

She was sore but pushed her hips to meet his downward thrusts so he would enjoy the fucking and cum. He lasted quite while as she was very wet and sloppy, her pussy was unable to grip the cock working her for two reasons first it was no where's near as large as the first two secondly she was totally full of cum.

She finally felt the burning in her pussy as another orgasm overtook her, screaming and moaning she thrashed wildly under him causing him to grab her ass cheek push down and unload another large load of cum in her well fucked sloppy pussy. Tina looked down at her pussy, her lips were swollen, and she was leaking cum like a faucet.

She was sore as she knew two very large cocks had fucked her. Looking over at the guys she saw that their cocks were rock hard again. "Please guys she whispered no more cock", but Tyrell had other ideas. He pushed her down he stuffed the monster cock in her pussy to the hilt. She was crying she was sore but the pleasure was comming back she moaning and cried as the assault on her pussy continued for ten minutes before he blasted yet another load.

His orgasm caused her to climax again, but she kept crying. Jerome replace him between her legs as another monster cock entered her pussy she had the first cock placed in her mouth, "Suck it clean Tina" was Tyrell's words. Sucking the monster cock while another giant pounded her sore stretched pussy was making her cry and choke. The giant cock was deep in her throat, you could see the cocks shape in her throat. Her body twitched she felt another wave of passion, another orgasm as yet another large blast of cum went in her.

At that moment the cock in her mouth started flowing cum down her throat it was going directly into her belly she kept swallowing until it stopped. As she sat up on one arm she saw Ed's cock stiff, "Please Ed no more cock in my pussy". "Ok Tina you have another hole".

Before she knew it she was on her stomach, as a well lubricated cock was pushing at her rear entrance. She started crying again "please guys I'm a anal virgin" Jerome's shoved his cock in her mouth. "Suck me dry, Tina".

Ed pumped her ass for ten minutes, the cock in her mouth started to twitch cum shot down her throat; it took several swallows to keep from chocking, she felt Ed stiffen he pull her as close as possible then he blew a load of cum in her bowls. She had never felt cum being pumped into her bowels she felt a twitch between her legs. He rolled off the four of them laid their. She got up, looked at the three men who had just fucked her senseless.

"I asked you guys to stop a while ago, why didn't you"? "I'm sore as hell, leaking cum all over". "I've given two blow jobs swallowed a gallon of cum for the first time in my life had my ass fucked. I'm leaking cum from both holes". "Look Tina", said Tyrell "You are one hot momma, you've cleaned our nut sacks dry you've proven you can handle a big cock". "You're our go to girl once a week from now on". "Besides how do you feel"?

"Well I'll be walking funny for a couple of day, I''ll need some mouth wash I hope I can have a normal bowel movement". Other then that I'll be OK" Jerome chuckled, "Tina put you panties on your leaking all over the carpet". She giggled. "Tina think you ass would like to try my cock" Tina shook her head no but Ed was pulling down the soaking wet panties.

"My god aren't your nut sacks empty yet"? Tyrell pulled her on top of him, her sore pussy strecthed open to accomadate the laarge cock going deep in her again, Jerome had lubbed his cock without warning he stuffed his large cock deep in her ass.

Her eyes shot open she was howeling, crying and moaning. "Oh your killing me please stop", the guys kept pushing until the cocks touched deep in her canal which is seperated by a thin membrane. Tina stopped crying, she was rocking her body wiggleing her ass as this was a sensation unlike anything she had ever experienced in her life.

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It took at least 10 minutes but finall she realized she was going to have the most fantastic orgasm of her like. Bang it hit her, she felt both cock start pumping cum into her.

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It took several minutes for them to seperate. She stood up grabbed her wet panties and put them back on, she cock her hip to the side got a coy smile on her face "ok are all the nus sacks in the room empty"?

Three thumbs up. After they had left Ralph it was a while before Ralph woke up, Hey Tina "did I miss anything babe"? She thought about the comments from Tyrell before they left.

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"Not really I cleaned their nut sacks they were completely enpty when they left and that was that". "Were you able to take the whole cock"? "Of course, it wasn't that large". "Oh Ralph the guys will be back Saturday to pick me up were going to a party is that OK with you"?

Ralph saw the three hundred dollars in his shirt pocket. "Good with me Tina".