Jessie Rogers and Natasha Eat Some Pussy In The Dark

Jessie Rogers and Natasha Eat Some Pussy In The Dark
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This is my first story. As english is not my first language, please excuse any mistake I made. So please enjoy my first story with a strong fetish theme: ALICIA HOLLIES DISAPPEARS THE TRAP Alicia was sitting in the reclining chair of her office, holding a copy of the "ELLE" magazine against her nylon clad thighs, looking at the high gloss pictures of models on the catwalk, presenting the sexy new winter collections of world famous designers.

Short skirts, mainly in silk or chiffon, tight tops, mostly black or shimmering gray, matching dark pantyhose and a revival of classic high heels either court pumps or knee-high boots made a stunning contrast to the model's burlesque make up, their pale faces with dark red lipstick and long black eyelashes.

A fashion to the very liking of Alicia, who herself preferred that kind of sexy outfit; it really did something for her feminine side. Now at the age of 32 she was manager of the fashion department of "COUTURE" the leading women's magazine for lifestyle and always found her stylish and feminine appearance helpful when it came to promotion.

She has had a rocked-like career and even just now felt like a goddess. Who else had an income like hers, living a life of luxury and even now at work she could afford to sit in her reclining chair, sipping at the bone china cup of first class Darjeeling tea.

Looking at the cup she could see, that her lipstick has made a red impression on her cup and letting her eyes wander to the shiny silver plate on the table next to her there was a reflexion of herself, a tall women, long black hair, high cheekbones, a timeless beauty that would survive the years still to come. Putting the cup back to the table she adjusted the fit of her knee high black patent boots before she rose out of the chair and stepped to her desk, pressed a button of her intercom and, after seconds said: "Could I have another tea, Miss Nicolette?" Even though she was a powerful woman, she still tried to be polite and ladylike, something, that a lot of people forgot, once they had a privileged position, socially or money-wise.

Putting the "ELLE" on the desk she turned around to the giant mirror on the wall opposite to the window that during the day gave her a good view over downtown, but now only showed the black night, the rain extincting the lights and just a few sparkles of neon lights could be seen below her. Rearranging the sit of her black silk skirt, nestling at her dark blue satin blouse, she finally admired her long black hair formed to a cascade with a simple solitaire long curl on her right side. A short knock on her door and Nicolette, her secretary entered a cup of tea in her hand.

Nicolette Davis, at 30 years of age had been with the "Couture" before Alicia joined the company, but the blond good looking woman somehow never managed to bring herself into a good position for promotion, even more there were rumors about a boyfriend of hers, a guy called Jack who was said to have connections to the criminal world, but these were rumors of course, Alicia thought.

Watching the slim figure of Nicolette bending over the small table changing the cups it was once again obvious to Alicia that her secretary had one more time proved a strange taste in dressing. Black over knee boots with high heels, a suntan pantyhose and a black leather skirt, that barely covered her panty surely weren't the right outfit for the office, come to think about it, weren't the right outfit for anything, maybe except you were earning your money on the streets. "Thank you Nicolette, if you want to leave, I'll be fine, it is already 8 o'clock and I still have to consider about the photos for the article about lingerie, but you may very well enjoy the rest of your day.

I'll see you on Monday morning; we'll meet at the entrance of Harley Hall at 10 o'clock for the Prada fashion show. " "Thank you Miss Alicia, good night and a nice weekend" Nicolette replied, turned around, and left Alicia alone behind her desk. Little did she know that she would meet Nicolette much earlier and under circumstances she wouldn't have been able to imagine, otherwise she would have panicked, but sometimes it's better not to know your fate.

Once alone in her office she started to look through the photos of the lingerie photo session, that Martin, the magazines first photographer had provided and picked one or the other photo, that she intended to use for her article when she decided to take a time out and walked over to her own little restroom, next to her office.

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Raising her silken skirt, she let her panty glide down below the end of her nylon stockings and sat down on the toilet. When the first drops of urine appeared, forming to a steady stream of yellowish fluid she reminded herself, how convenient it was, that she had decided to wear a silk corset with garters and nylon stockings. Not only provided the corset a perfect figure, the old fashioned nylon stockings were the perfect shimmering highlight on otherwise perfect legs.

As she wiped her pee hole and the neatly trimmed pubic hair, she thought, she heard a noise from her office, but faint as the noise was, it probably was just the rain and the wind on her window.

Pulling back her white satin panty, she forgot about the noise quickly and stepped to the restroom's mirror to reapply some lipstick. "Perfect!" she whispered pressing her full lips together before opening the door to her office.

Three steps into the room, and the world for Alicia changed forever. Her heart nearly stopped, when from behind her something was thrown around her neck, pulled tightly together and took her breath away, at the same time fixing her in an upright standing position with one strange hand holding the loop of her garrote around her neck, another hand pressing her body against the wall next to the restroom's door.

Her hands came up to her throat in a reflex to relieve her neck but she couldn't get a finger under that loop, which seemed to be a nylon stocking. When her assailant pushed his whole weight into her she was even more pressed against the wall, her breasts being squashed under the enormous pressure. With no possibility to move, no chance to cry, her neck in the tight grip of a nylon garrote, no air passing through her lungs, Alicia saw stars shooting, the world in front of her became pale and paler until ……&hellip.

nothing. SHOCK "Oh my God. Oh my god. what a headache!" She thought, opening her eyes slightly, shutting them again immediately due to the even increasing pain in her head. "And what's that numb feeling in my hands, why can't I move them, what has happened? " was her second thought. After a few second she regained control over her headache and dared to open her eyes again.

Opposite her, in her reclining chair sat a calm looking man, maybe 40 years old, cleanly shaven, white shirt, no tie and black expensive looking trousers, obviously a wealthy self-confident man, whose short blond hair made a stunning contrast to his sunburnt skin. "Clearly a very attractive man" Alicia thought, "but what's he doing here? And why am I sitting in this visitor chair, why can't I move my hands or legs?" as she just had realized. Just as if a stone had hit her, her memory came back, those few moments before she passed out, this nightmare after leaving the restroom, but was it really true or just imagination?

Nothing in her life had prepared her for such a violent act, which surely was something that happened to other people but did not belong to her world. But then again, there was this strange man and a look down to her legs provided her with another detail, that shocked her even more: her booted legs were bound to the chair with what appeared to be nylon stockings and feeling with her fingers around her wrists she found them tied together behind her back with the same silky but strong material.

Cold sweat showed on her forehead, her thoughts became increasingly confused and all she could stammer was: "What… I don't understand…Why am I…what happened…who are you?" the last words escaping very low from her lips as she was staring into the blue eyes of this mysterious man who was still watching her very calm.

When after a while of speechless staring he spoke, Alicia could hear the voice of a man, who was used to give orders, something she recognized easily, as she herself had used that tone on various occasions, just to show others that she was in charge of the situation.

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But something in this voice troubled her and that was the ice cold undertone, bare of any feelings. A shiver ran down her spine when she heard his first sentence: "Welcome to the first day of your new life. I know you'll have a lot of questions, but lets do it like they prefer in the internet and I'll give you the FAQ´s.

You're not the first woman, and certainly won't be the last one that crosses my path, so I have a good clue, what's going on in your mind, Alicia Hollies. Well, your first question is obviously, what has happened to you, and I may assure you, that you have been carefully picked and you're right in the middle of your kidnapping, with the first act of choking you until you were unconscious, then binding your wrists and ankles with your own spare nylon stockings that you kindly kept in your desk drawer.

Now, the second act, which will start in a few moments, will include you being bondaged until completely unable to move or give the faintest of noise from you and will end in your transport to my estate, where you will be properly trained for your new profession." Alicia's jaw dropped, her chest worked heavily to supply her with more oxygen but she was still too confused to say anything and so the man continued: "I myself work in the business of purchasing high class women for the sex industry, as there are enough simple minded, low class girls around but what the market needs, are women with education, stylish, not whorish.

And that's where you enter the game. A little hint of someone you know made ends meet, and since you are the ideal candidate for my purpose, it even has the side effect of pleasing one of my old friends. A favor that might be returned to me, when time comes. Now, to make things easier for both of us I'll inject you this little syringe, don't be afraid, it will just take you the ability of moving around, otherwise it will have no other effects, you'll still be conscious, and will have some time to consider your future." With these words he rose from the reclining chair and approached Alicia, a tiny syringe in his left hand when Alicia suddenly found back to reality, mobilizing all her strength, trying to get rid of her bindings and crying out loudly: "NEVER, YOU BASTARD, GET OUT!

PLEEEASE NOOOooo&hellip.!" her cries turning into a sobbing noise as the man injected the syringe into her neck and her shaking became more gentle, until she finally hung motionless in the chair, her hands and feet still tied.


All she could move now were her eyes and strangely enough her tongue but her arms, her feet and her torso seemed to belong to someone else, although she could still feel the touch of her abductor gripping her wrists and beginning to untie the knot in the stocking, doing the same to her ankles, freeing her feet and laying her body front side down on the floor.

All she could see now was a bit of carpet right below her when she heard the man rustling around in the room, opening the door to Nicolette's room and returning a little later with a bag, that he put down next to her head. He knelt down to her and she realized, that he turned her sideways to start unbuttoning her satin blouse. Finally the blouse came off and once again she was laying on her stomach when her captor opened the zip of her skirt and slid the silky garment down her legs.

With a sober voice he continued explaining. "Now that we have you down to your, may I say, extremely sexy looking corset and your nylons I just decided to leave your boots on, it looks much nicer that way.

But I'm afraid, the panty has to come off, I wouldn't like to waste such an excellent gag, and you will have the opportunity to get used smelling your cunt." Alicia felt the man's hand between her legs, rubbing the crotch of her panty deep into her vaginal lips, getting the silky thing moist with her fluids.

She could have died of shame, but the worst was still to come, when she felt the panty being slipped down her legs and, after the stranger opened her jaw he stuffed the smelly panty into her mouth. The sheer material of one of the nylons, used to tie her before was buried deep in her mouth and knotted behind her head to keep the panty sealed between her red lips.

A black leather choker came into her sight, attached to a long metal pole with handcuffs and cuffs for her ankles. Applying the choker to her neck took only seconds the metal pole was positioned along her back and her booted ankles were fixed to the cuffs.

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Her hands finally bound behind her in the handcuffs would have prevented any movement, even if she had the ability to do so. Her humiliation was so complete, that Alicia started sobbing, tears running down her cheeks. She knew, she wouldn't give in, and fight with all the strength that remained, no matter the odds. Meanwhile her Abductor returned with the "ELLE" magazine, opened it in the middle, and pressed the magazine against her face.

Taking a, what she later discovered, pantyhose from his bag he pulled one nylon leg over her head, pressing the magazine even tighter into her face, thus taking her any sight and having her to concentrate on getting some fresh air, rather then thinking about resistance.

"Now, I think some ropes above and beyond your tits will fix you to the pole even better." Alicia could feel the nylon cords being strung around her body, both of them pressing her body to the metal and forming loops around her breasts. "I still have a surprise for you, Alicia. From my information you're known to me as someone who never gives in easily so it might not have caught your attention, but there are three little holes in the pole next to your crotch area, which, surprise!, can hold a wonderful piece of equipment.

To prevent any idea of wiggling around on the pole, while someone might watch you, I may present this metal dildo to you. Once stuffed into you and fixed to the pole does it not only keep your cunt in a perfect grip, but some barbs on the dildo will punish you for any movement immediately.

Believe me, many of my recruited women have tested this device once, and I may proudly say, not one of them has done it twice. With the drug in her body slowly loosing its effect it was even more painful for Alicia feeling these strange fingers between her labia, spreading it and "NOOO!" she tried to cry in-vain when a cold metal object was shoved into her dry vagina until she felt impaled and once fixed to the pole she realized, how little sharp hooks held her vaginal orifice in a sadistic embracement.

She didn't dare to move her crotch, or she would have crippled herself, or even worse, would be bleeding to death.

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When the door to her office opened she heard the sound of high heels on the floor, approaching her and suddenly, although damped by the head harness of the "Elle" magazine and the pantyhose she recognized the voice of Nicolette.

All hopes of liberation vanished, when Nicolette, her Nicolette, her secretary that she had trusted said to her tormentor: "Jack, that's been brilliant, how you handled that snobby bitch, I bet she's not all too happy with her future destiny, have you told her anything already?" "No, Nick, just enough to keep her uneasy, but I can't wait till we have her in our basement, the full truth about her fate might turn out to be an important factor in her drill.

You could help me with the plastic bag now, we'd better get moving, before the security guard recovers from the blow job you just gave him." Alicia could feel the cold surface of a heavy plastic sheet that she was rolled into leaving hardly enough air to breathe. Four straps were bound around the roll, and here she laid like a parcel, ready to be delivered to an unknown future. The rattle of small wheels indicated to Alicia that a transport device of some kind was pushed into her office and once again proved, how well her kidnapping was organized.

With a short yank she was heaved on to a hard platform and the cart started to move her out of her office, maybe for the last time in her life. Along the corridors she was pushed, always afraid of the slightest movement of her body as the spiked dildo in her vagina reminded her well enough what the punishment for even the slightest resistance against her restraints was.


Down to the garage the elevator brought Alicia closer to the nightmare she already started to imagine. Would she be raped? Was there something worse, as the few words of her captors indicated, and what could that be?

A sharp tug on the plastic bundle she was rolled into not only shot hot pain through her impaled vagina but also sealed her fate as she was lying now on the floor of a spacious van with the doors closing immediately behind her. Tears running down her face not only ruined her mascara, but even damped the paper of the high gloss magazine firmly pressed to her face.

First Training The lack of oxygen provided Alicia with a welcome faint, cutting off all thoughts what might happen to her in the future and when she awoke it took quite some time until she remembered where she would be, probably in that basement that Nicolette and Jack had mentioned. To her relief she could move her legs and arms and that devilish pole with the metal dildo seemed to have gone, but she could see nothing, it was dark, as dark as a basement without windows or electric light can be.

There was still a collar around her neck, but this collar, as she realized was simply linked to a bolt in the wall with a metal chain, not too heavy, but still restricting her to walk around. Alicia sat down again on the cold stone floor and clasped her nylon encased legs with her arms, the heels of her black patent boots pressing strongly into the ground.

Someone must have taken her moist panty out of her mouth and put it back on as she could feel the familiar satin slip around her crotch the slightly wet material bringing comfort to her still aching vagina. Time went by and Alicia had long ago lost any feeling, how long she had already waited, when suddenly a door opposite her wall opened, a beam of light joined the footsteps of two people, one of them wearing heels, and then two rows of neon lights nearly blinded Alicia.

A few seconds later when she opened her eyes again she wished she wouldn't have done it, because the sight of the basement took her breath away. It was a huge single room, just two doors, one of them obviously the only way in or out, the second door, open, showing a bathroom with a toilet.

But it was not that, what frightened Alicia, it was the equipment, consisting of chains and ropes, hanging from the ceiling or the wall, arrangements of whips and canes next to them and even a gynecological chair in one corner. A wooden horse, benches with restraints attached to them and some constructions she didn't even recognize brought her eyes to the gallows on her right side.

Before she could react Jack stood before her closely followed by Nicolette. Both of them towered over Alicia, looking down at her with a grin on their faces. "Welcome to your home for the next couple of weeks" Jack said, "This is, where your training will take place. I'm sure you have a lot of questions, so now for the last time in your life you are free to ask me whatever you like, but keep in mind, that after that you're only allowed to speak to me when ordered." He paused for a few seconds before speaking again: "So what would you like to know?" Alicia was frightened but tried to sound more confident as she felt when she looked up into Jacks face and tried to get eye contact.

Once more she was surprised by the ice cold eyes when she asked "Why did you do this to me, I didn't do anything to you and what exactly did you mean when you said you purchased me for the sex industry. I'm not that kind of woman who&hellip.I mean I don't do that sort of things&hellip.PLEASE!!" Sobbing, Alicia's nerves gave way and she had to put her head down, not longer being able to respond to the look of Jacks cold eyes.

"Well, basically I think I understood your question, you seem to wonder what future has in store for you. Now let me put it that way: You will be trained by me personally to become a high class whore, trained I said, not broken. The difference is that you will have all the technique needed to please your customers, but as your personality won't be broken, it will always be a cruel rape for you each time a customer takes you.

After the training you will be sold to Madame Sylvie's brothel to work there as long as she is pleased with you. After that you will become my property again, and who knows what will happen then.

You might be sold to someone else, or end up in a snuff movie being fucked for one last time with a plastic bag over your head." "NOO!

NOOOOOOO!" Alicia cried out, "NOOO, you can't do that to me, no, you can't, noooo, nooo……" her voice once again betraying her will to fight the terrible situation, but what she just heard was still too weird for her, she was a publisher of a fashion magazine, not a …&hellip. She didn't even want to think the name of the profession Jack was mentioning. Meanwhile Jack seemed to ignore Alicia's outburst and said as if nothing had happened: "Nicolette was kind enough to inform me about your availability and helped me with your abduction.

Therefore she will take part in your training and with the knowledge she has afterwards, will become my partner in this business. She already has some nice ideas, what to do to you and considering that you have stolen her promotion, I dare say, these ideas are very cruel, even by my standards, but I think, Nicolette has earned a little fun for herself.

From now on Alicia, you will remain silent unless asked but feel free to cry when the pain we will inflict on you is too strong. If you disobey or behave in an improper manner be sure you will be punished. And from my experience with other women I know that this will be the case, so there is a last warning: If you completely fail to be trained there will be no use for you and what's more there will be no profit from you, so if that's happening, you will be the star of the snuff movie, I mentioned earlier." Alicia, her hands still hugged around her nylon clad legs looked up to Jack again, disbelieve in her face.

"But I…" She didn't come further as that, when Nicolette suddenly stepped forward and smacked her violently into the face. Speechless, her red lips forming a whispered O, Alicia felt humiliated as maybe never before and slowly her fate seemed to become a reality in her mind.


Meanwhile Jack took a chair from one of the corners and placed it in front her. "Nicolette, would you be so kind and take a pair of nylon stockings from one of the drawers on you left side and bind the wrists and elbows of our new fuck toy, she won't be needing her arms for her first rape." While she could hear the heels of Nicolette, Alicia watched in horror, as Jack opened his trousers, stepped out of them and neatly arranged them over the back of another chair.

Getting rid of his shirt, he turned to Alicia, looked in her eyes and slowly brought down his underpants. Still watching Alicia's face he saw her eyes grow big as she saw his cock and balls, all shaven. When she felt Nicolette's hands in her back it was too late to offer resistance, the nylon stocking was wound around her wrists, knotted and next her elbows were bound behind her, thus forcing her chest forward.

With a strong grip into Alicia's hair Nicolette forced her to her feet and pushed the stumbling woman right in front of Jack. There she stood breathing heavily with her big eyes still focused on the penis, which was soon to be pushed into her body. When Jack addressed her, Alicia seemed to awake from her nightmare and desperately looked around for a way out of her situation.

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"Now we will need something to keep you cooperative, dear Alicia, don't you think so? Otherwise you might not obey my orders when I teach you how to suck my cock.

Nicolette, could you bring me the nylon cord and two needles from that table behind you?" While Nicolette turned around to get the items, Jack reached for Alicia's nipples and before she could react, the cups of her corset were pushed down, and her tormentor held both of her nipples in a tight grip. Alicia screamed and tried to get away, but Jack wouldn't let her nipples go, and soon Nicolette returned and held her from behind. Without another word Jack took the thin cord that already had two loops at the end of the Y shaped line and pulling her right nipple forcefully towards him wound one loop around the base of it and pulled it tight.

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If Alicia had thought that she was in pain before that was nothing compared to what she felt now. While she was wailing hysterically she didn't even realize that Jack had bound her left nipple in the same cruel way, but when he pulled on both of the loops to give them a final grip, she lost her voice and glazed in disbelieve at her breasts, her body shaking from the shock and the pain, as well as the humiliation. Here she stood, Alicia, the successful manager, in her lingerie, her breasts exposed and her nipples bound with a cord that Jack used, to force his will upon her.

When Jack pulled on the line she followed him as if in trance.

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Sitting himself down on a chair, Jack nodded to Nicolette and in a calm voice ordered: "These needles, Nicolette, could you stick them in our new whore's nipples, to secure the loops, and give her that extra motivation for the following rape?" "Of course Jack, it will be a pleasure for me." Nicolette stepped in front of Alicia and took her victim's left breast into her hand.

"Hold still, whore, or I'll have to pierce you a second time, if anything goes wrong." Alicia still couldn't believe what was going on and just watched, as Nicolette's long red fingernails holding the needle came closer and closer to her nipple.

No, she wouldn't do that, Alicia thought, this wasn't reality, this couldn't happen to her. When finally the needle's point reached her nipple, touched it and started sliding into her already hurting flesh she seemed to find back to here and now, threw back her head and screamed in agony. With the pain exploding in her nipple it must have been survival instinct that told her, not to move or things would have gone even worse. Giving the needle a last pinch, Nicolette took Alicia's right breast into her hand, but instead of starting her work with the second needle, just looked into her former boss face and enjoyed the expression of pure pain, the yelling becoming more gentle and turning into a sobbing.

All of the hope that might still have been in Alicia's eyes vanished as if this degrading and painful last act had broken her resistance and sealed her fate. Now Nicolette knew that the abrupt change in her life, the turn from a fashion magazine manager to a whore had become reality to Alicia.

Not that the new whore wouldn't need more encouragement from time to time, when the training would intensify, but it was a good start, and she already looked forward to see this bitch on her knees, servicing her customers in the brothel she would soon work in. "And now I'll slowly stick this needle into your other nipple, enjoy it Alicia darling, and think of all the times you ordered me to bring you tea.

Well, that must be something new for you, that your former secretary is helping to transform you into a prostitute- hang on! You won't be a prostitute, as prostitutes get money for being fucked, but you'll only receive the cum of your customers, too bad for you" Once again Nicolette rolled the needle in her beautifully manicured hands, brought its point to Alicia's right nipple and slowly, very slowly pushed it in.

"IIIIIAAAAAHHHH…&hellip." Alicia cried, not as loud as the first time, maybe because she already experienced the pain before, but again her whole body was shaking and she couldn't help but lift her booted legs left and right.

Tears rolled down her cheeks and she breathed heavily when the pain was washed away by the now well-known feeling of humiliation. All the time Jack had watched the scene with a cold expression on his face, just sitting in his chair, his left hand holding the line to Alicia's Nipples. When Alicia finally calmed down he waited a few more seconds before he spoke.

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"Alicia, you whore, you will now learn how to suck a man's cock, to make his cock stiff enough for him to rape you. You will now get down on your knees in front of me and take my cock into your mouth, to be exact: I want to see a ring of your lipstick around the base of my meat.

And let me tell you, if you don't cooperate, Nicolette would be most delighted to hold a lighter to the needles that stick in you, and believe me, you won't find that amusing." "NOW GET DOWN ON YOUR KNEES!" he shouted, pulling at the line when Alicia hesitated for a moment. With her nipples stretched obscenely there was no other opportunity for Alicia but to fall down in front of Jack, and get back up on her knees, of course with some difficulty as her hand were still bound behind her.

Now her face was just inches away from the penis of her rapist and she could smell the odor of his manhood. Not sure what she should do next she rose her eyes to Jack who watched her carefully. "Open your mouth; get out your tongue and lift my cock with it. Then swallow it and start sucking gently. As soon as you feel my erection building up, you'll push your head further towards me until you feel the tip at the entrance of your throat." Alicia, whose mind was in turmoil, moved her head closer to Jack´s penis and knowing that her fate was sealed opened her mouth.

A short hesitation was immediately followed by another tug on her nipple lines. With a short sigh she stretched her tongue and touched the head of Jack´s penis for the first time.

Disgusted she withdrew when suddenly her head seemed to explode and was pushed to her left. Nicolette had observed her from behind and used the opportunity to smack her former boss. "Well, that wasn´t a good start was it?" she said to Alicia who turned red of anger, shame and humiliation. One of Nicolette's thigh high boots appeared in front of Alicia's face. "Now, I think it´s time to thank me for helping you to convince yourself that your rape is inevitable.

Kiss my boots" Nicolette yelled the last sentence and hinted with a riding crop at her boot. " Say thank you Mistress Nicolette for punishing me when I failed to start my rape!" Her mind racing Alicia could not find a way out of her misery and slowly moved her head towards the boot. " Thank you Miss…Mistress Nico……" she whispered, not able to finish the sentence she was supposed to repeat and gently touched the boot with her lips.

Inhaling the smell of leather she kissed the boot at the tip and looked up at Nicolette's face to see, if she had pleased her abductor. The smiling face she saw told her, how much her former secretary enjoyed her degradation.

"Now you better get on and take Jack´s cock between your lips or you´ll get a nasty surprise with that crop!" Alicia turned her head back to Jack´s penis and forced herself to open her mouth once again.

Slowly her tongue touched the underside of the glans and raised it enough to push her lipsticked lips around the knob. A strange smell filled her mouth as she impaled her mouth further on Jack´s cock. Not knowing what to do now she raised her eyes at Jack´s face and looked askingly at him. " I see, you´ll have a lot to learn to become a high quality prostitute. You´ll start sucking now and keep a rhythm of one second for a suck.

Once my member gets stiff, you´ll take it deeper into your mouth, until you reach the back of your throat. From there on we´ll begin the deep throat training, but I´m afraid we´ll have to learn the basics first. Today you´ll take me into your mouth as far as you can and train your tongue to deliver me pleasure.

I´m sure you´ll realize when that´s the case and don´t forget to keep suction on my rod. Just in case you don´t put enough enthusiasm into your training lesson I´m sure, Nicolette will be most happy to cheer you up with her crop and if I ´m not pleased with your efforts, there´s still your nipple lines to let you know.

One last thing before we start: When I splatter my semen into your mouth, you´ll collect it on your tongue and show it to me and your Mistress Nicolette before you get the order to swallow it. So now that should be clear and you can go on with your rape." Alicia had listened stiff as a mummy to Jack´s explanation, the penis of her tormentor still between her red lips her eyes focused at the cold face of this bastard.

"Bastard, Bastard,Bastard!" she thought when only a second later the hissing sound of Nicolette's crop resulted in burning pain on her bottom.

Alicia sighed as good as she could with that strange object in her mouth and swallowed Jacks penis (she just couldn´t bring herself to call it cock ) deeper. At the same time she sucked as she was told and let her tongue wander around the knob of her intruder. Slowly she got the rhythm and didn´t need to concentrate on the different movements of tongue, lips and mouth any longer. Her mind wandered back to her cruel fate, only hours ago she had been a fashionable and beautiful woman, independent and strong.

Life had meant it good for her. But now she was the victim of what seemed to be a slaver organization and her future would rather be spreading her legs for customers then visiting fashion shows and shop around for beautiful dresses, skirts and lingerie. Two drops appeared under her eyes as her situation became clearer to her. Suddenly the thing in her mouth started to pulse and Jack pulled on the nipple lines, not too hard but enough to make her look into his face.

" Now, don´t forget to collect my sperm on your tongue, I´m about to come!" Quickly Alicia withdrew a little bit and rested the tip of Jack´s penis on the centre of her tongue. Only seconds later a shot of hot, salty liquid escaped from the slit at the end of her tormentors rod and Alicia needed a lot of tongue work to keep most of the fluid in her mouth.

Her stomach wanted to throw up but she knew better, she didn´t want to give Nicolette any chance to use her riding crop and Jack´s expression hadn´t even slightly changed when he had his orgasm. She knew that both her abductors watched her carefully and her chances for disobedience without punishment were zero. "You will open your mouth now and present us your first cum of your training lesson." Jack demanded and reluctantly Alicia parted her still red lips and showed the slimy liquid on her tongue to Jack and turning her head around to Nicolette as well.

Her eyes were directed to Nicolette's boots, she was too ashamed to look into her former secretary´s face. "Well done, you can swallow now and get used to the taste of men´s cum, I´m sure you´ll get tons of that in the future." Nicolette laughed out loud and felt wonderful seeing that snobby bitch on her knees, a humiliation she had waited long for.

Cold sweat appeared on Alicia´s forehead as she put together all her willpower and swallowed the ugly fluid. to be continued