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Horny lesbians Sarah Shevon  Lily Labeau share double sided black dildo the anal way
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I opened the second bottle of wine and returned to the living room, where Karen was opening up as well. I could tell she was feeling a bit tipsy, and she was acting much more comfortable with Dave.

He was flirting with her more than usual, and I noticed by the twinkle in my wife's eyes that she enjoyed the extra attention. "Honey, Dave was just telling me you guys had threesomes in college? You never told me about that…" "I'm not sure watching Dave rail half of our graduating class counts as a threesome." Dave had been quite the womanizer in college, and while I had no shortage of female companionship, it was rare for me to spend an evening in our shared apartment without listening to the rhythmic knocking of his headboard against his bedroom wall.

I knew the story he was referring to though. There was one girl in particular, Vanessa, who was a regular at our place. While she and I never dated seriously, we developed a sort of friends with benefits relationship, and would usually end up naked together once or twice a month. On a lazy Sunday morning after one such hookup, Vanessa and I were on the couch absorbing some television while nursing our hangovers.

Dave returned in the early afternoon and plopped down next to us on the couch with a big grin on his face. "So you won't believe where I ended up last night. You remember those twins Becky and Sara from the Tri-Delts party last week? I ran into them up at Fatsos, and couldn't decide which one to hit on more. I ended up back at their place and stayed up 'til 3am making them both happy.

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Those two were freaky!" "You pulled both the Swanson sisters on the same night?" Vanessa asked incredulously. "I don't believe it!" "They were inseparable! I swear those girls must share pretty often. They were into each other as much as me." I had no reason to doubt the sincerity of his claim.

Dave's prowess with the ladies of our university was legendary, and rumors had spread of his over-sized endowments. His sordid tale did get my mind racing back to my drunken coupling with Vanessa the night before, and I wondered if I'd get another shot at her before she went home.

The bedroom talk seemed to have an effect on her as well. She was absently rubbing my thigh while watching Dave recount the details of his conquest.

She was dressed only in one of my old T-shirts and her pair of panties, and Dave's presence suddenly made me aware of just how nearly naked she was. "Anyways, check out what I just scored from Johnny. Really primo shit." Dave pulled a bag of high grade marijuana from his backpack and handed it to Vanessa for inspection. "You guys wanna get down?" Neither of us were regular stoners but certainly no strangers to herbal recreation. "Sounds good to me" Vanessa said eagerly. "Anything to help this hangover." Dave rolled a fat joint and the three of us passed it around.

The effect took hold quickly, and I could tell that it was much stronger than anything I'd had before.

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We fell into a stoned stupor, and our focus turned back to the TV. "What are you watching anyways?" Dave asked while picking up the remote. He flipped through the channels aimlessly until stopping on one of the premium adult channels he and I had decided to spring for. "You ever watch porn Vanessa?" "Not really, I prefer the real thing to just watching other people." "Of course, I just watch it to get ideas of new things to try" I cut in.

An electric tension hung in the room. We all watched the scene playing out before us, where two curvaceous bimbos were on their knees slobbering on a man's enormous cock.

"Just like last night!" Dave chuckled. Between the grass and the pornography, I could feel myself becoming very aroused. I felt Vanessa's hand caressing my thickening member through my shorts and realized I was not the only one feeling the amorous effects. I moved my hand from her shoulder down to her breast and began copping a feel through her t-shirt. She had elected not to put on a bra this morning, and I felt her nipple harden from my attentions. I wanted to drag her off to my room and strip her down, but the combination of my hangover and the weed convinced me to stay on the couch for the moment.


The three of us watched silently as the porno continued. The two girls were in a "sixty-nine" position now, and the man was driving his cock into one of the girls while she performed cunnilingus.

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I was fully erect now, and Vanessa had gripped the shaft of my penis through my shorts, lightly jacking me while not looking away from the action in front of us. I decided to escalate as well, and removed my hand from her breast so I could sneak it down to rub her pussy.

Just as I snuck my fingertips under her elastic waistband I met an unexpected obstruction. I looked down and saw Dave had his hand in her panties and was rubbing away at her clit. The three of us froze. I saw Vanessa was mirroring her actions in my lap, and had a tight grip on Dave's tented shorts as well. After several seconds of questioning eye-contact, Vanessa leaned into me and planted a huge kiss on my lips. I grabbed the hem of her shirt and pulled it up over her head, baring her torso to Dave's wide eyes for the first time.

Vanessa moved to a kneeling position on the couch with her ass towards Dave, and grabbed the waistband of my shorts. She pulled down until my cock sprung into view. I leaned back on the couch, giving her access to wrap her lips around my prick and begin slurping away. I closed my eyes and enjoyed the ecstasy of getting head while incredibly high.


The world seemed to fall away and all that existed was my throbbing cock and Vanessa's warm, sucking mouth. "Oooh, go slowly please" Vanessa groaned. I was pulled out of my reverie by her sudden pause in oral service. I sat up and saw Dave had pulled her thong panties down to her knees and was kneeling behind her now, rubbing his engorged cock on her pussy lips.

Dave gripped her hips and squeezed the fat head of his nine-inch babymaker into her tight pussy. "Oww hold on!" She cried. Dave sat still, giving her time to adjust to his sudden invasion. "Don't worry, you'll like it in a minute." he stated cockily. "They always do." After a few seconds, Dave began slowly sliding in and out, feeding Vanessa just a few inches at a time.

She returned to slobbering on my cock while Dave stretched her out. As he picked up speed, I could feel the force from his thrusts rocking through Vanessa's body. He had worked the entire swollen shaft of his cock into her now, and his pending balls were making a dull smacking sound as they slapped against her clit.

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Vanessa's moaning around my cock grew louder, and after a minute she threw her head back and announced her pleasure in earnest. "Oh my god!! Don't stop fucking me with that fat cock. I'M GONNA CUM!!" Dave and I paused our ministrations to allow Vanessa to ride down from her orgasmic peak.

Dave started slowly sawing his tool in and out of her soaking snatch. "Oh wow. I've never felt anything like that in my life." Vanessa exclaimed. "I can't believe I took your whole cock. Don't cum inside me." Dave withdrew his member with an audible sucking sound. Our attentions returned to the TV, where the sex scene was reaching its finale.

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The two well-fucked bimbos were kneeling on the floor in front of their male co-star as he jacked his cock to completion all over their up-turned faces. "I've always wanted to try that." Vanessa surprised us with her sudden admission. "Except I'm lucky, there's one of me and two pairs of balls." "You're gonna get covered." I warned her, moving to a standing position next to the couch. Vanessa knelt on the floor between us and grabbed a cock in each hand.

"So who wants to cum first?" she teased us. She quickly got her answer. With a groan I sprayed a long string of cum across her forehead and down the bridge of her nose.

The following salvos shrank in size, splashing against her cheek then dribbling onto her tits. Vanessa giggled and closed her eyes while still stroking both of our cocks. My orgasm was just waning as Dave's arrived. With a roar, he aimed his weapon at Vanessa's mouth and unloaded. I watched as he laid nine fat ropes of cum from her forehead to her chin.

We fell back on the couch and admired our handiwork. Vanessa was coated beyond recognition. She crawled to me and began rubbing my cock on her face, using it as an improvised spoon to scoop the cum into her hungry mouth.


She grabbed my t-shirt off the floor and used it to clear the majority of her face and eyes, then took her place back on the couch between us. "Wow, I can't believe we just did that. Have you guys ever done that before?" She asked. "First time for me," I answered. "Same." Said Dave. "Well, that was easily the best fuck of my life. Let's do this again sometime," Vanessa told us, while carrying her scattered clothes off towards the bathroom. She left shortly afterwards, but from that day onward, the three of us developed a triangle of taboo "sexploration" that lasted until our graduation a few months later.

I would come home several times a week to find Vanessa screaming out in orgasm while riding Dave's cock in our living room. After a month, we gave her a key to the place, and she took a special joy in waking either of us up with a world class blowjob. Some nights she would come over for dinner and suck us both off under the kitchen table, or curl up between us on the couch and stroke our swollen pricks until we showered her in cum. The three of us never took the time to really define what our arrangement was, but as a trio of friends with benefits we had a period of sexual open-ness and exploration that left all of us incredibly satisfied.

Perhaps it was the forbidden and taboo nature of it, but I had more fun in threesomes with Vanessa and Dave than in any other sexual adventure. The three of us all continued to casually date other people on the side, so when graduation came and we went our separate ways, there were only happy memories to look back on.

I had lost touch with Vanessa, last I heard she had gotten married and was three kids deep into family life already. "Oh come on man, you know exactly what I'm talking about!" Dave egged me on with a grin, pulling me from my short walk down memory lane.

"Okay, well there was that thing we had with Vanessa." "I don't remember hearing about a Vanessa." Karen and I had swapped a lot of stories from our wild college days, but we never put names on the people from our past. I had elected not to tell her about the months-long three-way between Dave, Vanessa and I; partly because I wasn't sure if she could accept such an arrangement as even plausible, and partly because I wasn't sure how to describe the feeling of being in such a situation. I certainly never pictured being forced to tell the story with Dave present, but as they say, "the cat was out of the bag." "Well, Dave and I had a mutual friend with benefits that we shared for a while." "You two were banging the same girl?

That's kinda naughty…" "It was more than that," Dave cut it. "It was more like all three of us, together…" "Wow, I never expected you guys were so freaky." "Neither did I," I explained, "it just happened." "Well, I think I've heard enough of your sordid tales for one night; we better get some sleep if we want to be of any use tomorrow." Karen stood and began collecting the empty wineglasses. Dave and I jumped up to help her straighten then room.

"Goodnight boys, try not to have too much fun without me," Karen gave us a smirk then climbed the stairs towards our master bedroom, leaving Dave and I in an awkward silence. "What the fuck man?!" I asked incredulously. "I'm happy to host you for a few days, but can you please try to keep our past debaucheries to yourself?" "I'm sorry, she asked about our apartment together, and I figured you would have told her about us by now.

Most people don't have that kind of experience." "Exactly why I would like to reveal such things to my wife on my own terms. The guest room is up here on the left. I better go check on Karen and try to repair the damage." I slipped into the dark bedroom and began disrobing. In the moonlight streaming through the window I could see Karen, lying on her back stark naked on top of the covers.

She watched me with glassy eyes as I crossed to the bed and lay down beside her. "Is it true?" She rolled onto her side to look into my eyes, her face looking perplexed. "The story of me and Dave?

Yeah, that really happed baby." "Why wouldn't you tell me? I thought we shared everything." "I'm sorry honey, I didn't know how you would react. I didn't want to scare you." Karen watched me for a few seconds, looking deep into my eyes as if she was contemplating the veracity of my statements. She slowly reached over and grabbed my hand, leading it back towards her body. She rolled onto her back, and brought my fingers down to her pussy.

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She was soaking wet.