Maggie is fun to fuck

Maggie is fun to fuck
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"Should we wait for Marshall to start or just start now?" "He's already a half hour late, we can probably at least get some of this done," replied Gainer. Joey and Gainer had been waiting for their other partner for their biology project, Marshall.

By then, they had presumed that he probably just wasn't coming on account of he hadn't told them that he would be late or anything. The two were at Joey's house in his bedroom sitting on his bed.

Gainer was reaching over the side of the bed to grab his biology binder when he felt something sliding underneath his shirt and up his back. "Really, Joey, right now?

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What if someone shows up?" Gainer said, sitting back up. "It's fine, Tyler, don't worry about it. My parents are out of town and it doesn't seem like Marshall is coming over," Joey responded. "Besides, you still have to let me fuck your ass, remember?" "But this is due tomorrow, and we barely have any of it done.

Come on, we need to fini—" Gainer was cut off by Joey pressing their lips together. Joey probed with his tongue, and Gainer reluctantly opened his mouth to let his friend explore inside of it.

Joey broke away to start removing his clothes, starting with his shirt. Even though Gainer had seen him shirtless many times, he still couldn't get over the beauty that was Joey.

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Gainer quickly took of his own shirt and then extended his arm so that he could touch Joey's flat stomach. Joey took Gainer's distracted state as an opportunity to tackle him to his back. He straddled his friend's hips and kissed his way down Gainer's torso.

By the time he got to his waistline, Gainer was practically begging for Joey to put his dick in his mouth. Gainer lifted his hips so that Joey could pull his pants and underwear down in one motion. Joey immediately swallowed Gainer's dick, causing the taller boy to groan in pleasure. Joey bobbed his head, increasingly getting more cock in his mouth. Gainer placed his hand on the back of Joey's head and wrapped his fingers in the boy's brown locks, slowly pushing him further on to his dick.

Before long, Gainer felt that familiar clenching in his abdomen telling him his orgasm was on its way. He barely had time to moan out to warn Joey before his cum was shooting down his friend's throat. Luckily, this wasn't the first time that Gainer had surprised Joey with his orgasm, so Joey was able to swallow the taller boy's full load.

Joey then backed off of Gainer and gradually removed his pants and underwear, making sure to maintain complete eye contact the whole time. "Want me to prep you, or are you fine with doing this completely bareback?" Joey asked.

"If you could do it without any prepping, so can I," Gainer replied eagerly. Joey nodded and pushed Gainer back down on to his back.


He grabbed his hips and pulled the taller boy to the edge of the bed so that he could easily enter his ass and fuck him. Joey placed Gainer's legs on his shoulders and lined up with Gainer's hole, looking down at his friend with a look that asked are you ready? Gainer nodded, and Joey slid forward.


The taller boy gasped and let out a small yelp of pain at the intrusion. Joey moaned, relishing the tightness and warmth of his friend's ass. As he bottomed out, Joey stopped for a moment, thinking that he had heard a noise. "Tyler, did you hear something?" "No, why? Did you?" Gainer was having trouble formulating a sentence with a cock stuffed in his ass.

"Oh shit! Oh shit, shit, shit!" Joey pulled out of Gainer so fast that the taller boy whimpered at the sudden loss. "Dude, what's going on?" Gainer asked, sitting up, worry beginning to work its way onto his face.

"I think that's fucking Marshall; I told him to come in once he got here." Joey answered, pure fear plastered on his young face. "Oh shit! What do we do?!" Instead of responding, Joey shoved Gainer off the side of the bed and threw his comforter down to cover him.

Joey then rushed to retrieve his fallen underwear and yank it back up to try and cover his still obvious erection. As Joey was straightening back up, Marshall walked into the room, immediately turning and covering his eyes. "Whoa, dude, what's going on?!" "Um… Well… We didn't think you were going to show up, so…" Joey responded embarrassedly.

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Marshall didn't say anything for a moment, before answering "And you didn't think to wait for me?" "I-I'm sorry, what?" Joey said, shocked. At the same moment, Gainer sprang up from the floor, similarly astounded, and strikingly naked. Marshall turned to look at him and let out a soft whistle.

"I've always wondered what you two looked like without clothes on." "Mind explaining what the hell you are talking about?" Gainer demanded. "Oh, I thought I was being pretty obvious.

If you haven't figured it out yet, I think you are both hot and would love for you both to fuck me," Marshall responded with a smile. Joey and Gainer shared identical looks of astonishment, before both walking over to Marshall and beginning to take off his clothes.

Gainer went for his upper body while Joey undressed the shortest of the trio from the waist down. Marshall, who had never dreamed that this would be happening to him, gladly allowed the two taller boys to strip him of his clothing. When they had finished, both Joey and Gainer dropped to their knees and began quarreling over who should have first rights at sucking Marshall off.

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Marshall instead offered the solution of them both sucking at the same time. The two agreed, and began to lick up and down the smaller boy's shaft. Occasionally their tongues made contact, and both experienced a rush of hormones straight to their dicks.

After a few minutes of intense pleasure, Marshall placed a hand on each of the boys' heads and had them stop. "Please, guys, just fuck me.

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I just want you inside me. Both of you." Joey and Gainer stood up, and Joey removed his underwear for the second time that afternoon. "How should we do this, Tyler?" Joey asked? "Here, I'll lay down and he can ride me, and then you come up behind him and fuck him from there. Sound good?" Both Joey and Marshall nodded, and Gainer laid down on his back on the bed. Marshall walked over and got up on the bed, straddling the tallest boy. Marshall grabbed Gainer's dick and, positioning himself over it, lowered himself onto the waiting cock.

Joey, standing behind, became instantly hard watching the shorter youth fuck himself on his best friend's dick. Once Gainer had bottomed out in Marshall, he motioned for Joey to come over and get ready to push into the already tight hole.

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Joey maneuvered himself behind Marshall and began pushing his own dick inside of the boy next to Gainer's cock. Fucking Gainer earlier had been awesome, but feeling Gainer's dick next to his own while inside Marshall was unlike anything he had ever felt. Gainer was in the same boat as Joey: complete and utter bliss.

He couldn't fathom what was happening at the moment, but he sure as hell wasn't complaining.

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Marshall, on the other hand, was emotionally waffling between intense pleasure and writhing agony. The feeling of two thick cocks fucking him simultaneously was incredible, but it was also stretching him far beyond anything that he had expected. Gainer and Joey soon achieved a rhythm of pushing in while the other pulled out, both hitting Marshall's prostate each time.


This caused Marshall to scream in delight every time it happened, and drove him insanely close to his orgasm. The other two weren't far behind, but it was obvious that they were competing to see who would last longer. Marshall, determined to reach his climax, reached down and began stroking his cock. Before long, he was ejaculating all over Gainer's torso. As he was slowly riding his high down, he was clenching his ass around the two teenage cocks inside him.

Despite their "competition", both Joey and Gainer somehow managed to cum at the same time, their combined semen mixing within Marshall's ass. The three boys all collapsed on top of one another, sweaty and coated with cum.

"That… That was awesome, guys," Marshall breathed out.

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"Damn, Marshall, this whole double fucking thing was a great idea. Good thing you're such a horny kid haha," Joey quipped. Gainer was utterly speechless, dumbfounded that he had just had his first threeway. He just lay there silent and content. Joey suggested that they clean themselves up, so the three made their way into the bathroom.

Joey turned on the shower, silently plotting the shower sex that he so desperately craved and fantasized about. To be continued…