Exceptional czech chick gets teased in the shopping centre and poked in pov

Exceptional czech chick gets teased in the shopping centre and poked in pov
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THE ADVENTURES of PINKIE Introduction A beautiful teenager with naturally huge tits, young Pinkie becomes a prisoner of her new found lust when she joins a biker gang and volunteers her bountiful breasts to become subjected to their bizarre bondage and perverted torture games. Once exposed to the exciting and glamorous world of nude dancing, Pinkie repels her inhibitions and thrusts herself into a non-stop quest for extreme sexual experiences including gang-banging, cat-fighting and severe bondage rituals.

As new-born patron of the primitive arts, Pinkie submits her beautiful body to genital piercing and erotic tattooing, leaving indelible proof of her commitment her rebellious biker gang and a lifestyle of hard bondage and pornography.

To prove her resolve, Pinkie sacrifices herself in a series of bizarre and erotic competitions where large-breasted biker babes are pitted against one another to see who can endure the most pain and punishment to their big tits and young bodies. Beyond brutal and cruel, the bikers stop at nothing to torture the girls, bruising and branding their young flesh and mutilating their breasts - all for their perverted entertainment.

BACKGROUND Originally from Indiana, nineteen year old Cindy Strobe comes to study Modern Dance at a college in Los Angeles. There, she meets Larry, a rich young playboy jock who is infatuated with Cindy's enormous young breasts. He encourages Cindy to dress like a prick teaser, encouraging her wear highly revealing outfits that show off her incredible young body.

With a gorgeous young face, high cheek bones, deep blue eyes and baby soft skin, Cindy has an angelic quality. At 5' X 7" she has a slender 24" waist and stands tall - wearing high heels wherever she goes.

At 120 lbs, with narrow hips and shoulders, Cindy has the figure of a model except for two things. On top, her breasts are nothing short of phenominal - bulging over in a size 34 FF cup brassiere. Hung naturally from her chest, her spectacular young breasts are the shape of large, super-soft liquid-filled footballs with silky pink aureole and thick, pointy nipples.

As cheerleader and homecoming princess during her sophomore year in high school in Indiana, Cindy is disqualified from the squad when her bitch of a coach convinces the vice principal that her huge breast size is a distraction to the team and fans. She encounters similar bias at dance class as the other girls tease and mock her huge breasts. Rebelling against a society that discriminates against girls with large breasts, Cindy revolts, daring herself to go braless in public - wearing halters, crop tops and oversized tank tops - turning heads and dropping jaws wherever she goes.

The stimulating sensation of letting her boobs bounce and bop without restraint or support turns her on and Cindy finds that she craves exposing herself having men and boys constantly ogling her as she struts her stuff in public.

Her new boyfriend Larry begins to feel out-of-control as Cindy exploits her sexy body with shorter skirts and sexy tops that openly reveal her ample bosom.

Then, a whole new world opens up when Cindy's younger sister Annie drops out of high school in Indiana and comes to Los Angeles with a band of bikers. On a mission to find her younger sister, Cindy discovers the dark side of a biker bar where she gets into a slug-fest with a nasty biker babe named Karen. After brutally fighting the bitch in public and getting her tank top ripped off in front of a few dozen bikers, Cindy discovers her pent up lust for savage cat-fighting and raw exhibitionism.

Cindy's prize for beating the biker bitch, is Karen's boyfriend Crowbar. He's a handsome, rugged biker who loves the wild life and takes Cindy home for her first anal experience. Open to new sex thrills, Cindy vows to satisfy Crowbar with whatever perverted sex and bondage games he and biker club want. Crowbar submits Cindy to mind-bending drugs and the bizarre world of hard core porno where she sees things she'd never dreamed of before - awakening new dimensions of her inner sexuality.

Overwhelmed new with an uncontrollable lust for bondage and perverted sex, Cindy is compelled to experience these sexual extremities for herself. At nineteen, Cindy takes a job as a stripper and transforms herself into "Kinky Pinkie" - pushing herself deep into the world of erotica and extreme breast abuse.

Committed to her new image, Pinkie submits herself to every conceivable form of sexual and physical punishment that Crowbar and the Outlaws can dream up. The Adventures of Pinkie explores the deepest canyons of Cindy's erotic mind and turns her most jaded fantasies into a web of raw sexual experiences. CHAPTER 1 THE ADVENTURES of PINKIE CHAPTER 1 - SHOW YOUR TITS!!!!!!

Standing under the hot shower, Cindy fingered her clit as she thought of the hot anal sex she'd enjoyed with Crowbar. The whole kinky idea really turned her on just dreaming about all the lusty fun she could have with a guy like him.

Suddenly, she got a wild hair up her ass and decided to shave off her pussy hair. The idea of a smooth, hairless pussy would surely turn on Crowbar and feel great when he stuffs his big dick in her tight young cunt.

Out of the shower, Cindy wasted no time gettin' ready for the big ride. Crowbar had promised a "shit kickin'" good time at the biker meet in North Hollywood and Cindy was ready for anything. With a dash of make-up, Cindy squeezed her buns back into her tight jeans and stepped into her sexiest high heels - these were red open toe sandals with five inch spike heels. She loved the way the shoes accentuated her pretty feet and matched her red painted toenails. She felt "exposed" in these sexy shoes and she loved that feeling.

On top, she wanted to make a statement. One that no one would miss. She was a biker chick now and that meant super "sexy" outfits all the time. Bras were for sissies and prudes so she had to go braless. She slipped into the black leather vest and liked what she saw in the mirror. Her young breasts were so large and bountiful that they filled out the large open armholes and created a deep cleavage where she fastened a single gold button. It felt so daring!!!!

It was obvious that she was braless - but then that was the whole idea! After all - real biker chicks never wear bras. Or much else it seemed. After a final touch of lipstick - stepped out into her living room hoping Crowbar would approve of her daring new look.

"WHAT DO YOU THINK?" she teased. "NO SHIT! YOU LOOK HOT!!!!" exclaimed Crowbar - his eyes wandering from her tight crotch, to her fantastic tits, to her sexy red "fuck me" high heels and back up to her pretty young face and sparkling blue eyes.

"I WANT YOUR FRIENDS T0 SEE WHAT GREAT TASTE YOU'VE GOT! Cindy gleamed as she turned and posed with her lips pouting and her heavy heaving chest jiggling bralessly. "HOW ABOUT ENTERING THE WET T-SHIRT CONTEST TODAY?" asked Crowbar.


"IF IT TURNS YOU ON, I'LL DO IT," Cindy giggled as she thought about the thrill of dancing braless and shakin' her ass in public for hundreds of rowdy bikers. "WHAT IF I WIN?" she squealed in naughty delight. On the back of Crowbar's Harley, Cindy felt wicked and wild as they scooted through traffic and between cars. At signals, the people in cars starred at her, some making rude gestures.

Others pretending not to see her lewd posture as she splayed her legs openly on the back of Crowbars bike while the vest pulled itself open leaving the swollen curves of her soft boobs generously exposed for the whole world to admire. "SHOW YOUR TITS" read a sign held by a bearded biker as they pulled into the dumpy little park where the parking lot was filled with bikes and bikers.

Cindy got really excited thinking about showing off her mega-tits to all these appreciative bikers. It seemed so daring and taboo!! With a snap of a button, she popped open her vest and let her pretty boobs hang free in the open air for everyone to see. If felt incredible to expose herself in front of so many people.

Cindy immediately noticed a number of chicks wearing outfits that revealed more than hers. Not to mention a couple of gals with tattoos and one with a ring in her nipple. "WHO'S THE NEW BABE?" asked a bro. as Crowbar backed in his Harley. "NAME'S CINDY AND SHE'S GONNA ENTER THE WET T-SHIRT CONTEST TODAY! Crowbar bragged as he looked to Cindy for approval.

"THAT'S RIGHT!" smiled Cindy as she climbed off the back and thrust out her large firm breasts for the stranger to admire. "THINK I HAVE A CHANCE OF WINNING?" she teased, her blue eyes laughing. "ARE THOSE FUCKIN' REAL???" the guy asked. "STICK AROUND AND SEE FOR YOURSELF" Crowbar challenged him. Behind the wooden stage, Cindy began drinking beer and smoking pot with the other biker chicks who where cutting up their T-shirts and getting themselves lubed up for the big contest.

Not to be called "chicken", Cindy took off her tight jeans and cut away the fabric until they weren't much more than a shredded little G-string cut all the way to her belt loops exposing her buns out the back and smooth upper thighs in the front. "HEY MISS BIG TITS, WHAT ARE YA GONNA WEAR HOME? called out one of the girls who watched Cindy cut apart her pants and T-shirt with a pair of scissors. "I'M NOT GOING HOME!" she responded smartly.

"SO I DON'T REALLY CARE!" The contest began and almost two dozen chicks lined up to strut their stuff for the several hundred bikers who were hooting and a hollering as the first girl began dancing. She was tall and thin, with great legs but not much up top. The bikers used beer to wet the T-shirt and she got big applause. The next several girls were all pretty good looking and wasted no time tossing their tops off - giving the crowd the show they wanted.

By the time it was Cindy's turn, she was blasted on beer and needed no coaxing to get her hips a swinging and big boobs a bouncing. She loved the sensation of dancing sexy in front of so many people. As she strutted across the stage she made a point of stomping her heels to make her big heavy tits bounce while the stage hands squirted beer on her skimpy T-shirt totally exposing her stiff pink nipples underneath. Standing on her tip-toes, Cindy teasingly jiggled her big bouncy boobs until the crowd was screaming "SHOW YOUR TITS - SHOW YOUR TITS - SHOW YOUR TITS - SHOW YOUR TITS - SHOW YOUR TITS!!!!!!!!!!" Cindy had never totally exposed herself like this in public before, but the thrill was overwhelming her.

She knew she had the equipment to drive these boys wild and she delighted in ripping away the shredded T-shirt setting her beautiful big heavy melons swing free for everyone to admire. Full of a bizarre new lust for her own public nudity, Cindy continued to dance and deliberately jiggle and bounce her magnificent young bosoms as she felt their substantial weight hanging from her chest. It felt incredibly sexy letting them swing and sway freely in front of the unruly crowd of shouting heathens.

"SHAKE 'EM BABY - SHAKE 'EM!" shouted the bikers as Cindy pulled her elbows into her sides and jerked her shoulders back and forth as she danced. She looked down on her stiff pink nipples and silky smooth soft swinging globes feeling confident that they were a lot bigger than the other chicks in the contest. She had secretly wanted to enter a tittie contest like this before but never had the nerve or the encouragement until she met Crowbar - but today she was bustin' loose. Opening up.

Letting it all hang out and it felt 'fucking' fantastic. She could feel her nipples harden as they dowsed her again with the ice cold water. As she rolled her shoulders the crowd screamed with appreciation. She blushed a little as she watched Crowbar clapping and shouting with his friends as Cindy put on the show of his dreams.

She could see her sister Anne's face in the crowd. Anne couldn't believe her sister had just flashed her big tits in front of hundreds of bikers.

But Cindy didn't care. In fact she loved dancing topless and she felt sexier than she'd ever felt in her life. She knew Crowbar wanted to sexually exploit her publicly and it made her wet thinking of all the rude and nasty things he might do to her in front of these bikers.

She didn't want to be a role model for her younger sister any more. Just once, she wanted to let go of all her inhibitions. Eager to please, she turned around and bent over to show off her cute buns as she finished her number and made way for the next contestant. "THANK YOU BEAUTIFUL AND BUSTY CINDY" said the announcer. "THIS IS HER FIRST T SHIRT CONTEST AND WE HOPE NOT HER LAST!" The audience appreciation was spectacular for Cindy's first topless debut.

She was sure she had it in the bag until a Hispanic chick named "Ramon" came on with a titty shakin' technique that sent the guys wild. She wasn't nearly as busty as Cindy, but she had a way of throwing her shoulders in rotation that sent her C cups a flying across her chest like a pair of propellers. She arched back her shoulders and whipped her sloppy tits back and forth with tremendous speed and power. Ramon was hot n' sexy and it was obvious she'd danced like this before.

Her thick black hair and bronze body was firm and muscular in places. Her tits were natural and sloppy with long stretch marks from constant abuse. Cindy was turned on be the young woman and fascinated by her tattoos on her ankle and shoulder. But she also saw her as a competitor for every man's lust at this carnal display of lewd behavior. Backstage, Crowbar found Cindy smoking another joint and talking with another contestant.

Both girls were still topless. "CINDY - YOU CAN WIN THIS THING IF REALLY SHAKE YOUR TITS HARD LIKE RAMON DOES. SHE'S ALMOST ALWAYS THE WINNER AT THESE GIGS." Crowbar explained. " WANT ME TO REALLY SHAKE "EM HARD - LIKE THIS?" Cindy teased, eager to please. I JUST NEED TO GET THE TECHNIQUE DOWN TO MAKE 'EM BOUNCE AROUND A LOT," she giggled as she rolled her shoulders. "I GUESS YOU LIKE ME TOPLESS?" she teased, still wearing her shredded cut-off and red sexy high heels with no shirt at all on top.

"AND BOTTOMLESS. THIS TIME SHOW 'EM SOME PINK!!!" As Cindy awaited the selection of finalists, Cindy danced and practiced arching her shoulders back like Ramon and jerking her upper torso.

Finally, all the girls were called back on stage together and Cindy was selected with four other girls for the final competition. The other three girls were hot looking, but Ramon was the chick to beat and Cindy knew it. As the crowd heated up, Cindy strutted topless to the edge of the stage and leaned over the edge with her shoulders pinned way back letting her big beautiful young hanging tits swing freely from her chest - ready to put on a booby shakin' show these bikers would never forget.

"SHAKE YOUR TITS!!" shouted Crowbar. "SHAKE YOUR BEAUTIFUL TITS CINDY!" he yelled. "SHOW 'EM WHAT YOU CAN DO!!!" Cindy gleamed at him and nodded "yes" as the music began and she began rolling her shoulders in rapid succession until she could feel her big heavy boobs tossing from side-to-side.

She felt so wild and free she couldn't stop grinning from ear-to-ear as she continued to roll her shoulders faster and faster for the boozed-up audience.

The other girls were dancing their asses off and Ramon was shakin' like a Mexican jumpin' bean. Without any loss of momentum, Cindy straightened up and arched back her shoulders again throwing her enormous knockers from side-to-side. The audience went ape-shit. Cindy loved their reaction. "THROW YOUR TITS. THROW 'EM HARDER!" screamed Crowbar and others in the audience.

"I CAN SHAKE 'EM. I CAN SHAKE 'EM EVEN HARDER!!!!!!"Cindy shouted back with raw determination. "I'LL SHAKE 'EM HARDER!!!" she laughed recklously. Not to be beaten, Cindy bit her lip and jerked her shoulders as hard and fast as she could sending her big tits airborne as she watched in udder amazement as her big boobs flew across her chest like a pair of giant water balloons.

She had never deliberately tossed her breasts so violently like this before - but it was exhilarating and really turned her on. And it obviously turned on the bikers who were screaming for more. "SHAKE YOUR FUCKIN' TITS.BITCH! shouted a bunch of bikers in unison. THAT'S IT, SWING THOSE HOOTERS!!!" yelled one of Crowbars pals. "WANNA SEE 'EM FLY?" she laughed as she danced in place jerking her shoulders faster and faster until her beautiful big tits were swinging around and around in giant circles and her audience was foaming at the mouth.

Without warning, Ramon pulled down her G-string revealing her tiny patch of brown pubic hair. Not to be beaten, Cindy quickly unsnapped her shredded Levi's and delighted the crowd with her baby smooth bare cunt. "SHOW SOME PINK!!!! SHOW SOME GASH!!!" shouted the bikers. Cindy looked at Crowbar for approval, who nodded "yes" and egged her on.

Cindy turned right around, bent over and grabbed her ankles so she could give these folks a show they'd remember.

Peering out between her legs she caught Crowbar's laughing eyes, and just for the hell of it grabbed her buns and pulled apart her asscheeks apart giving everyone a good clean view of her sweet pink anus and sweet young shaved pussy. Having the time of her life, Cindy continued to shake her pendulous big titties as she pulled further on her pussy to show even more pink for her new hot stud boyfriend and for the crowd of rowdy bikers who were busy snapping photos and fighting over each other to get a better view of the young chick's hairless pink pussy.

After a series of "applause" checks, Cindy was declared "THE WINNER". Wearing only her red high heels, Cindy happily accepted the $100 cash prize and a certificate for a FREE TATTOO. As the contest winner, she posed nude with several of the "officials" who took liberties in kissing the winner and pawing her "trophies" for the photographers. Crowbar looked on with a mixed feeling of pride and jealousy.

His young fox was turning out to be a big hit with bros. Maybe too big! "I WON CROWBAR! I WON!" exclaimed Cindy as she tip-toed nude in her high heels up to her black leather clad hunk and kissed him with all the passion she could plant on his dry lips. She loved parading around in the buff in front of everyone with lots of bikers still starring at her.

"NICE WORK SHAKIN' THOSE TITS OF YOURS." Crowbar stated matter of factly as he gripped her big tit and began pulling on her nipple. "OH CROWBAR, I'M SO HOT RIGHT NOW, I'LL DO ANYTHING. ANYTHING!" "GOOD, LET'S GET YOU TATTOOED" he suggested. "YEA!

Slut cannot receive sufficiently of sex

A TATTOO!" she'd been thinking about it since she saw Ramon's. "I THINK THEY LOOK SEXY, BUT I NEVER REALLY THOUGHT I'D REALLY GET ONE. Inside she was all butterflies thinking about getting inked!!! WHERE SOULD IT GET THE FIRST ONE?" "HOW ABOUT ON YOUR TIT?" he pointed just above her pink nipple. "I DON'T THINK SO!" she responded. "MAYBE MY ANKLE OR MY BUM?" "LET'S GO SEE JAKE. HE HAS LOTS OF GOOD TATTOO IDEAS AND THE PRIZE YOU WON IS FROM JAKE'S HIMSELF." Stepping into her shredded cut-off jeans Cindy realized her T shirt and black leather vest were missing.

Mocking anger, Cindy swore "I'LL KILL THE SLEEZY CUNT WHO STOLE MY VEST." "FUCK THE VEST. I'LL GO TOPLESS," she laughed, " I KNOW YOU AND ALL THE OTHER GUYS GET OFF ON MY BIG TITS SO LET THEM LOOK ALL THEY WANT." she responded as she reached down to Crowbar's crotch and grabbed his hardened dick.

"I'M SO HORNY, LETS FUCK RIGHT HERE AND NOW!" she whispered aloud. "FIRST WE'RE GETTING YOU TATTOOED" he commanded. Trying to act cool like it was nothing at all, Crowbar reached around Cindy's slender waist and began to escort his young dairy queen across the trashy park towards the big truck that read "JAKE'S TATOO EMPORIUM" on the side.

There were bikers everywhere getting drunk and stoned. Some of the chicks also had their tops off - sunning themselves and teasing the men. Drinking her fourth beer, Cindy was stumbling topless with Crowbar among the beer cans and trash her bikers had thrown about. The whistles and lewd comments made her blush. She loved the excitement of parading around totally bare ass topless in a public park filled with horny bikers. "NICE TITS," commented one biker. "GREAT KNOCKERS!!!" yelled another.

"THANK YOU," smiled Cindy as she realized she was a main attraction as they walked slowly across the park grounds among the rowdy bikers. She loved exposing herself. "DO YOU LIKE ME SHOWING OFF MY BOOBS IN PUBLIC LIKE THIS?" she asked,hoping he'd approve, as she looked down at her big bobbing bare tits as they walked among the bikes and bikers.

"HELL YES, CINDY!! YOU'VE GOT THE BIGGEST PAIR OF KNOCKERS IN THIS WHOLE PLACE AND I LOVE SEEING YOU SHOW THEM OFF IN PUBLIC." he confirmed. THE ADVENTURES of PINKIE CHAPTER 2 - CINDY'S FIRST TATTOO Cindy smiled happily, thinking how much she enjoyed this sexy new lifestyle with Crowbar.

She loved dancing nude for the bikers and going topless. It made her senses really come alive. This was the kind of excitement she had been craving and she knew she needed more. This was only the beginning. She was becoming a sex addict and she couldn't get her erotic thoughts out of her mind.

She wanted to have photos taken while she and Crowbar had sex!! "DO YOU REALLY THINK I SHOULD GET MY TITS TATTOOED?" she asked nervously looking down again at her beautiful satin smooth pink tipped globes feeling both nauseous, but incredibly sexy about the idea of getting her tits tattooed. She was anxious about going under the needle - but felt the "rush" would be worth the consequences. "FUCK YES! TATTOOS WOULD LOOK FUCKIN' RIGHTEOUS ON YOU BABE," Crowbar assured her.



FUCK MOM!!! IT'S MY LIFE.AND I'LL GET TATTOOED IF I WANT TO." Cindy burped as she defiantly chugged the rest of her beer and threw the bottle on the ground as they stepped up to JAKE'S TATTOO EMPORIUM which was no more than a truck with a table in front.

"CROWBAR, IS THIS YOUR GORGEOUS LADY?" asked Jake, the old timer with a gray scraggly beard and hundreds of tattoos as he almost fell over at the sight of Cindy's huge pink nipped big tits staring him right in the face.

"SURE IS, AND SHE'S JOINING THE OUTLAWS." Crowbar said proudly. "COME TO COLLECT YOUR PRIZE SWEETHEART? Jake asked with a toothy grin. "YOU WANT ME TO TATTOO THAT BEAUTIFUL SKIN OF YOURS?" "I WANNA TATTOO RIGHT HERE." she teased as she turned to her side, pulled up her cut-off and pointed to her nice firm asscheek enjoying the old man's reaction to her bold and brazen display of bare flesh.

"DO YOU SEE ANYTHING YOU LIKE?" Jake asked looking up at his display of tattoo designs as he eyed the young girl's long smooth legs, beautiful face and those incredible huge bare knockers. Cindy bit her lip as she surveyed the selection. "I'LL GET THE SKULL WITH ROSE." she replied, looking to Crowbar for approval. "THAT'S THE GRATEFUL DEAD HEAD," he responded "IT'S A CLASSIC!!" "IS IT TOO BIG DO YOU THINK?" she asked.


Cindy climbed up onto the picnic table and pulled off her cut-off without the slightest hesitation. As Jake instructed, she got on her hands and knees raising her ass high in the air.

Still high on the pot and beer, she felt very sexy and exposed being totally nude for all passers by who wanted to see the sexy young titter get herself tattooed. Wearing only her red "fuck me" heels, Cindy looked anxiously back over her shoulder at Jake who prepared her with alcohol and layed-out the design on her left buttocks.

She loved the feeling of Jake's rough hands on her ass as he manipulated her cheek to find the perfect spot for the girl's tattoo. "THIS MIGHT STING A LITTLE," Jake warned as he switched on his needle. "AHHHH!!" Cindy responded as Jake barred down with the needle and began to lay down tracks of black ink on Cindy's smooth white flesh.

"DON'T WORRY BABE, YOU'LL GET TO LIKE THE SENSATION." Crowbar said. "IT FEELS KINKY!" she smiled. "ALMOST LIKE A VIBRATOR ON MY ASS" she laughed out loud - beginning to draw a crowd.

"COME HERE AND KISS ME CROWBAR, YOU STUD," she slurred. "I'M GETTING MY SHITTY ASS TATOOED JUST TO PLEASE YOU!" "BULL SHIT BITCH! YOU WANT THIS TATTOO TO PROVE YOU'RE A REAL SLUT NOW AND YOU DON'T GIVE A FUCK ABOUT ALL THAT HIGH SOCIETY SHIT." Crowbar commanded as he planted a wet passionate kiss on her lips and reached under grabbing a heavy hanging tit with two hands.

"OH YEA! THAT'S IT. PLAY WITH MY TITS WHILE HE TATTOOS MY ASS." "YOU WANT ME TO BE ROUGH WITH YOU BITCH?" Crowbar asked as he tugged on her long stiff nipples. "CINDY, I CAN'T BELIEVE WHAT YOU'RE DOING IN FRONT OF ALL THESE PEOPLE," her sister Anne complained. "YEA - BE ROUGH. PULL HARDER ON MY NIPPLES AND REALLY SQUEEZE MY TITS HARD. HARD AS YOU CAN!!!" she commanded as she opened her legs wider hoping to give Jake an open view of her clean shaven cunt which was beginning to heat up and get wet.

"HOW'S THIS FEEL?" Crowbar asked as he tugged and pulled her boobs every which way pinching her nipples as hard as he could. "FUCKING FANTASTIC!!" Cindy sighed as she tried to orgasm while Jake tattooed her ass and Crowbar yanked on her big tits.

Several bikers came over to the picnic table and carefully examined the beautiful girl getting her cute ass tattooed. "WILL SHE PULL A TRAIN?" asked one biker who was looking up her pink wet wide open cunthole. "IF YOU'VE GOT SOME QUALUDES OR COKE, SHE'LL PROBABLY FUCK ALL OF YOU" answered Crowbar with confidence. "SURE I'LL FUCK 'EMBUT HOW CAN I FUCK WHEN I'VE GOT A TATTOO NEEDLE STUCK IN MY ASS?" she laughed obnoxiously.

"CINDY, I DON'T BELIEVE WHAT YOU'RE SAYING. I'M LEAVING!" said Anne as she stormed off. "THEY'LL WAIT UNTIL JAKE IS FINISHED - WON'T YA GUYS? Crowbar grinned as he pulled open Cindy's baby smooth pink cunt lips giving everyone another good look inside her gapping love passage.

"SHE IS A BEAUTY!" Crowbar boasted as he slipped his other hand to her pink anus and drove a finger in deep - still holding her smooth pink cunt lips wide open with his other hand. "TAKE SOME PICTURES!" Cindy teased, feeling intoxicated about her own open display of raw nudity and lewd conduct in front of a bunch of strange men. The sensation of posing totally nude while being screwed and tattooed was a real erotic fantasy. Cindy was high on lust like she'd never felt before. Right now she didn't need any more drugs.

She needed a cock. She loved her new image as an erotic sex star and wanted all the bikers to watch her have sex with Crowbar and the guys.

The whole idea of fucking in public was a real turn-on that she knew she had to experience. Especially in front of a camera. That would be real naughty. And being tattooed on her ass at the same time made it all the kinkier.

She knew she had gone this far and there was no turning back. She was the club's newest property and she was determined to be the hottest sexpot with a capital "X". She wanted to stop dreaming and start living her sexual fantasies. "HOW'S THIS?" Cindy smiled, she blue eyes dancing as she looked back over her shoulder at the photographer while Jake continued tattooing her left buttocks as Crowbar pulled her buns wide open and drove his fingers deeply in and out of her shaved pussy and pink asshole at the same time.

"GO ON, FEEL MY TITS!" Cindy told the gawking bikers. "CROWBAR SAYS IT'S OK - HE DOES'T CARE - AND I'M HOT FOR A FUCKIN' ASS GANG BANGING!!!" she giggled as she flirted with the sex hungry bikers.

"THIS BABE IS JUST TOO FUCKIN' MUCH CROWBAR!" stated one biker as he reached out and gently cupped his burly hand under Cindy's heavy hanging breast. Her nipples were stiff. And her boob was warm, soft and smooth as a baby's ass. 'YOU LIKE MY TITS?" she asked as she pushed her soft boob deeper into his hungry hands.

"GO AHEAD - GET ROUGHER WITH THEM. I LOVE IT WHEN YA SQUEEZE 'EM, PINCH 'EM AND TUG ON 'EM." Cindy encouraged him and the others to join in. "I'M FINISHED FOR NOW!" said Jake as he retreated with his buzzing needle. "HOW'S IT LOOK?" Cindy asked as she strained her neck to get a better look at her freshly tattooed fanny.

"FUCK!! IT LOOKS RADICAL DOESN'T IT?" she exclaimed. "IT'S NOT FINISHED TIL YOU PUT "PROPERTY OF OUTLAWS" WITH IT," commanded a big burly bearded biker named Animal.

But first we need to make your "ours", he chuckled out loud. "WHAT THE FUCK DO I HAVE TO DO?" Cindy complained. "FUCK ALL OF YOU?" Without hesitation or permission from Crowbar, this guy Animal unzipped his jeans and produced a thick shaft which Cindy immediately grabbed and began kissing.

She closed her fingers around his big prick and squeezed it hard, working it up and down as she licked and sucked like a liquid vacuum cleaner. "UMMMMMMMMMM BABY, YEAH." she groaned as she sucked and other bikers began move in closer.

She firmly gripped his big prick and angled her other hand under his balls, hefting and caressing them. The heavy dude was really hardening under the attentions of her tongue and she could hardly wait to stuff this giant cock up her open cunt that Crowbar was working now with three fingers as he gripped her asscheek and drilled her asshole with two more fingers.

"BABY!!! OOOOOOOHHH, BABY!! YESSSSS!!! FUCK N "A" YES!!!!! she cried out, wiggling her butt and grinding her cunt onto Crowbar's deep probing fingers as she sucked Animal's massive cock. "FUCK ME HARD!!! FUCK ME NOW!!! PLEASE FUCK ME RIGHT HERE!!!" she pleaded as more bikers moved in closer creating a solid ring around young blond with the big tits and tattooed ass. Animal moved to the back of the picnic table and pushed Crowbar aside, "YOU HEARD THE LADY - SHE WANTS ME TO FUCK HER NOW" he told everyone watching - getting a few laughs.

"IS THIS WHAT YOU NEED GIRL?" he asked as he aimed his stiff cock into her wet pussylips, plunging deep, then pulling it out to admire it - only to drive it back in again. "OH YEA, FUCK ME HARD. FUCK ME FASTER!!!" she wailed as Animal began fucking like a madman, plunging his bone into her again and again each time shaking the table and sending her pendulous tits swinging about as the other bikers pushed and shoved to reach under her belly to cop a feel of those glorious big hangers.

"OH I LOVE IT!!! LOVE IT!!! LOVE.IT!!! " she cried out as she threw her hair back, tossing her messy blonde hair as Animal screwed her faster and faster as the bikers cheered them on.

Beautiful young Cindy was out of control, obviously on the razor edge of her cum and about to go overboard. Each time he jammed and rammed her it brought both of them closer to the explosion that everyone was waiting for. Animal kept on slamming his thick cock deep into her. Cindy was too far gone to care about anything but the slick, thick cock driving up her twat as the big fella fucked her senseless in front of Crowbar and this lust crazed biker friends.

Finally, after Cindy had cum three times, Animal arched into her, holding her sweaty ass hard against his pelvis and pounded his last strokes into her ravaged young cunt until he popped his cork and filled her to overflowing with his burning hot buckets of jizz. "WHO'S NEXT?" Animal laughed aloud after he caught his breath. "YOU DID SAY 'GANG BANG' DIDN'T YOU SWEETHEART?" he asked.

Cindy looked back, with a dizzy grin and nodded "COME ON OUTLAWS" as she watched the next guy take his position. As she fucked, she realized she was also entertaining the other bikers and began to suck cocks and rock her big tits back and forth as they continued to push and haggle over touching and grabbing the sex crazed nympho all over her beautiful young body.

Crowbar was busy getting stoned while Cindy fucked one guy after another, changing positions from doggie to missionary to "on top" and back again.

It was the most exciting sex she'd ever had - bar none. Better than Crowbar. Way better than Larry. It was the best sex she could imagine - yet she knew there would be more new experiences she hadn't even dreamed of yet.

After three hours of non-stop gang banging over ten different guys, it turned dark and all the bikers agreed that Cindy was welcome to join the OUTLAWS. After wiping off the jizz and sweat and a couple of joints and a beer, Cindy asked to have "PROPERTY OF OUTLAWS" tattooed above her Grateful Deadhead and red rose tattoo that now permanently graced her lovely young ass. Jake set up lights and complied with the young lady's wishes. Then out of some strange inner desire to prove herself even further to these crude and rowdy bikers, the pretty young blonde asked Jake to tattoo her ankle as well with a ring of flowers that looked like an ankle bracelet.

"I LOVE TATOOS" she bragged out loud to anyone who'd listen as she continued smoking the drugs the guys were passing her.

She loved sitting totally nude among all these bikers who'd all just fucked her and holding her shapely leg up high as Jake tattooed the delicate flowers around her pretty ankle. CHAPTER 2 THE ADVENTURES of PINKIE CHAPTER 3 - TATTOO MY TITTIES!!!! It was kinky and exciting to be so free and wild showing off her tits 'n ass in front of everyone. Her bare pussy was still wet and oozed warm jizz as she opened her legs wide for Crowbar and his friends.

It really made her hot getting tattooed in front of all these men. She felt so evil and nasty inside she really wanted to do something outrageous. "OUTLAWS LOVE CHICKS WITH TATTOOS SO I'M GETTIN' MYSELF ANOTHER ONE" Cindy belched out in a drunken slur, "AND I DON'T A FLYIN' FUCK WHAT ANYONE THINKS!!!!!!!" she bragged as she chugged some whiskey down.

"WELL THEN, GET YOURSELF ANOTHER TAT, UNLESS YOU'RE A PRUDE!" Animal dared her. "YOU'RE TOO CHICKEN TO GET A TATTOO ON YOUR CHEST!!!" "PRUDE!!! FUCK YOU ASSHOLE. I'M NO CHICKEN!!! I'M AN OUTLAW CHICK NOW AND I'LL PROVE IT TO ALL OF YOU." she belched again. "PUT ANOTHER ONE RIGHT HERE, " young Cindy commanded as she pointed right above her big pink nipple. "TATTOO MY FUCKIN' TIT!!" she slurred as she lifted her heavy boob high off her chest and began sucking on her nipple.

"FUCK 'N A! YOU MEAN IT?" Crowbar jumped out of his seat. "YOU'RE JUST DRUNK. AND YOU'RE BULL-SHITTIN' ME AREN'T YOU? " "GO AHEAD JAKE, WHATEVER YOU THINK WILL LOOK SEXY!" Cindy teased as she squeezed both her boobs and offered her impressive big bosoms to be his canvas. 'HOW ABOUT A DELICATE HEART AND FLOWERS?" Jake suggested. "I WANT TO GET SOMETHING NASTY AND RUDE LIKE SNAKES OR COCKS OR SOMETHING LARGE AND BOLD?" Cindy told Jake and Crowbar in a bitch tone of a voice.

"I WANT IT KINKY!" "I THINK YOU SHOULD START WITH A SMALL TAT," Crowbar replied feeling both excited and sick to his stomach at the same time. Cindy was the most gorgeous chick he'd ever dated, and now she'd not only fucked all his friends but wanted to tattoo her beautiful big tits just to prove herself wild enough to ride with the Outlaw motorcycle club.

"GO ON GET CRAZY JAKE. .TATTOO WHATEVER THE FUCK YOU WANT TO ON MY TIT. .FUCK MY TITS!!!! she laughed obnoxiously - pushing her pretty boobs into Jakes face. daring him to take a needle to her tits. Jake gripped her right orb with one hand while he admired the young girls' impressive big tits. He'd tattooed on tits before. But never a pair of natural beauties like these.

Dolly Parton would have been impressed. The beautiful teenagers' milky big balloons were warm and very heavy - smooth as a baby's' bottom, and her large pink nipples were stiff as giant erasers.

As he gently sketched out a design over the round curvature of her firm milky smooth breast, he looked up to see if Cindy had any objections. Totally stoned, she just looked down at her beautiful big bosom and shrugged her shoulders saying, "GO ON, TATTOO MY TITTIE. . .I DON'T GIVE A FUCK!!!!" Starting slowly, Jake barred down his needle on Cindy's pretty skin and began to drag the red ink needle slowly on her boob.

Cindy couldn't help but finger her smooth shaven pussy as she watched the needle buzz deep into her pretty skin as Jake's colorful design began to take shape. "DOES MY TATTOO GET YOU OFF, CROWBAR?" she teased. "OH YEA, TATTOO ME!" she cried as she slid her fingers in deeper, feeling an orgasm coming on strong.

"THAT'S IT, TATTOO MY WHOLE FUCKIN' BOOB!!!!!" 'I'M CUMING!" she called out as she reached full orgasm - enjoying the sight of several bikers masturbating openly as she got herself off. The bikers became bolder beating off openly as Jake added to the design to create a nasty looking red broken heart wrapped by a snake with fangs, green leaves and red roses. Within two hours, beautiful Cindy had a bold, sinister tattoo on her left tit nearly the size of her fist.

'WELL ANIMAL, AM I STILL A PRUDE?" she sneered at her challenger. "FUCK, NO WAY!WITH THAT TAT ON YOUR TIT, WE'LL MAKE YOU THE OFFICIAL MAMA OF THE OUTLAWS!" he proclaimed. The whole idea of tattoos was totally erotic and raunchy. Yet, she was obsessed an wanted still another. But for now it was late and three tattoos was exciting enough for one day.

Besides, what was her mom gonna say. After generously showing off all of her new tattoos to the other bikers, Crowbar packed up young Cindy on the back of his chopper and the rode back to his place - Cindy wearing only Crowbar's black leather jacket and her kinky red heels. She loved the sensation of near indecent exposure in public. The wind whipped between her lovely legs and cooled down her hot dripping shaved young cunt as she splayed herself bare-assed and open legged on the tiny leather seat.

"SHOW OFF YOUR NEW TATS," Crowbar encouraged her a signal. Cindy waited until the perfect moment -feeling wild and daring - when a carload of young guys pulled up - then she unzipped the jacket to reveal her big pink nipples and freshly tattooed titty to these wild young studs.

"SHOW US MORE! SHOW YOUR PUSSY!" the guys screamed and scouted out the windows of their old car as Crowbar and Cindy blasted off the line. Cindy blushed, but loved the sensation and power of revealing herself to all these strangers. Today had been a living erotic wet dream for Cindy. From the T shirt contest, to the tattoos and then the gang bang. This had been the hottest, sexiest and most exciting day of her life and she had just been bitten by the biker scene bug. She couldn't stop thinking about the exciting stuff Crowbar promised her - like catfights where nude girls claw each other, or the bondage games he'd promised her.

Her mind was a non-stop sex circus moving from ring to ring as they rode back to her place. End of chapter 3 (to be continued) THE ADVENTURES of PINKIE CHAPTER 4 - LIVE NUDES ON STAGE Cindy's old boyfriend Larry had heard through friends that Cindy was working at a club called the HIGH BALL.

He'd heard she'd gotten tattooed but refused to believe it until he saw her for himself. The HIGH BALL was a rowdy club out in the valley that catered to a lot of bikers and hell raisers.

Outside it was packed with cars on a Thursday night. Larry had been heart- sick over the loss of Cindy to another guy. He knew she was changing but he didn't know why. He had really fallen hard for her, and now that she was hangin' out with bikers - he was nauseous with jealousy. He was sick to his stomach thinking about "his babe" working in some topless bar. For Christ sake, they had been engaged to be married!!

Yet, he couldn't wait to see her pretty face and those fabulous tits again. As he entered the old place, he was overcome with the loud music and heavy cigarette smoke that filled the air. It was crowded and there were guys everywhere. And lots of scantly clad girls running about and one dancing on stage. "IS CINDY WORKING TONIGHT?" he asked nervously to the guy taking money at the door.

"NO CINDY HERE FELLA. BUT WE'VE GOT LOTSA PRETTY GIRLS TONIGHT. THAT'LL BE TEN DOLLARS." the bouncer responded. Larry paid and worked his way inside, when he was asked about private table dancer.

He had experienced this once before at a different place and reluctantly agreed since there were no seats near the stage. The young waitress escorted him deep into the back corner where he was seated in a tiny booth facing outwards. His dancer was young and pretty - although sorta flat chested by Larry's standards.

He was checking out her legs when he noticed some familiar pretty toes, slender ankles and bright red toenails standing in some tall red "fuck me" heels in the booth next to him.

Tattoos laced the girl's shapely ankle and Larry's heart began a pounding. By the shoes alone, he knew it had to be Cindy. But he couldn't see her. She was crouched down below the dividing wall where he heard loud groaning and some guy saying "OH YEA BABY, THAT'S IT BABY, SUCK IT!" Larry couldn't pay attention to his own dancer - knowing that Cindy might be behind the wall giving head to some guy. Finally, the silence broke and he heard Cindy's laughter "HA HA HA - YOU CAME SO MUCH!

she teased. When she stood up, Larry felt faint like he was gonna pass out. She was still gorgeous with infectious smile, sparkling blue eyes and her blonde locks piled high on her head.

She was so beautiful. So sexy. He was now so close he could smell her favorite purfume "WINGS" which he'd given her for Christmas. As she danced she lifted her arms over her head like a professional stripper. She smiled and winked as she turned around and rocked her smooth white shoulders gently. From where Larry was seated, it looked like she had a top on until he pushed himself up into his seat and got a good look.

Wearing only red leather suspenders on top and a tight red mini-skirt below, Cindy's incredible all natural bosoms and baby pink nipples were completely exposed.

He knew she wore a 36 FF bra, but they looked even larger now. Larry blinked, trying not to believe what he was seeing with his own eyes. A BOLD TATTOO!!! YES!!! A large tattoo that gently graced the curve and slope of her beautiful young breast. Larry's heart was pounding and his cock was so hard he thought he cum in his pants.

He wasn't even paying attention to his own private dancer. At the end of the dance, Larry asked his dancer "WHO'S THAT GIRL?" eyeing Cindy as she broke away into the crowd. "THAT'S PINKIE." SHE'S NEW, BUT REALLY A WILD ONE. AND POPULAR WITH ALL THE GUYS.

WAIT TIL YOU SEE HER DANCE ON STAGE. SHE REALLY LIKES TO SHAKE IT UP IF YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN. SHE NEARLY BROUGHT THE HOUSE DOWN LAST NIGHT. BY THE WAY, THAT'LL BE TWENTY BUCKS. WOULD YOU LIKE ANOTHER?" "NO THANKS" Larry responded as he paid the girl and headed into the crowd to find Cindy or was it Pinkie now? He didn't get far when he found Cindy (Pinkie) dancing for another guy at a different booth.

From the rear he eyed her long bare shapely legs all the way from her cute little red toenails all the way up to the crack of her baby smooth ass. "HOLY JESUS" he kept saying to himself as he felt short of breath and sick to his stomach watching her display herself to this total loser. "SUCK ON MY TIT!" Larry heard her whisper to this guy as she slowly lifted her silky smooth bosom with both hands and pushed her nipple right into this guys open mouth.

Larry couldn't believe his eyes as he watched his future bride entertain this guy. Without hesitating, the guy grabbed her tit firmly with a mechanics grip and pulled her tit further into his mouth, sucking hard on her nipple and slobbering all over her boob. She giggled as he teased her nipple with his tongue and worshiped her bold tattoo. It was obvious Cindy was loving her new sexual freedom as she teased and pleased her customer with all her feminine charms.

A bouncer came up and spoke to her in a whisper. Larry thought maybe he was asking her to cool it. But instead, he stood right in front of her, blocking her from view. Larry strained his neck and eyes to see what was going on when he realized she was now down on her knees. Larry was thinking "blow job" when the bouncer got distracted by another bouncer and stepped to the side revealing Cindy clutching her huge tits and pushing them together with both hands while this guys stiff cock slid up and down between her soft tits.

Cindy was laughing and teasing her customer as she lifted and dragged her big boobs up and down on the stiff cock. "YOU'RE SO BIG AND SO STIFF," Larry heard her flatter him.

'YOU'RE HOT SHIT BABY!" the guy groaned. "DOES IT FEEL GOOD?" she asked. Larry was feeling faint and nauseous as he watched the love of his life "tit fucking" some stranger right in the middle of this bar where anyone could see her now! Larry moved in closer, to get ring-side view of his ex-fiancee driving this dudes thick cock between her silky smooth whoppers. Her skirt had risen high on her hips with her knees spread wide exposing her pink puckered butt-hole.

Cindy obviously didn't care who saw what these days!! "OH I'M CUMING! I'M CUMING!" groaned the guy. "OH YEA, THAT'S IT, CUM ALL OVER MY TITS!!!" Cindy laughed aloud as she speeded up her boob fuckin' and then began to roughly manhandle her own tits slamming them together and pulling them apart until jizz began to spurt out all over her chest and onto her pretty face.

Larry was stunned. He couldn't believe what he was watching. First, he'd never seen a chick tit fuck a customer in one of these nudie bars.

Maybe occasional fondling, but nothing like this. Second, it was Cindy. The girl of his dreams. The one he'd planned to marry and have babies with for Christ sake. Larry was heartsick, angry and turned on all at the same time. She still hadn't even noticed him and he wasn't sure he wanted her to. "OH FUCK YES, I LOVE IT!!" she squealed as she smeared his cum on her tits and licked her long fingers.

"CUM ON MY TITS!" she teased. "OOH I LOVE IT!" she smiled and licked her red lips with a look of delight and deep satisfaction. As the girl dancing on stage collected her tips, they announced "KINKY PINKIE" as the next performer. Unaware she was next, Cindy jumped up and darted off into the crowd behind the stage. The crowd was turned on and began cheering and whistling as the hard rock beat began for her first dance number.

Larry's heart was pounding as the men lined up around the brightly lit stage. The music for her first dance number had a hard driving beat which seemed to play for an eternity while the unruly crowd chanted "PINKIE" in anticipation. Suddenly, Cindy burst out from behind the curtain, skipping across the small stage, rolling her shoulders - her pretty face beaming under the spotlights. The crowd cheered as she spun about showing off her outstanding young figure.

Still wearing the same red leather mini-skirt and suspenders, Cindy had added a matching red leather cap and red pasties with long flowing tassels to her costume. Her long smooth legs looked terrific under the lights wearing her red five inch "fuck me" heels. a red garter, tiny G-string and tattooed fanny. She paraded about in front of each stageside customer slapping her ass with a wide open hand, leaving bright pink handprints on her smooth tight buns.

"Oh yea!!" she cooed as she slapped herself. Cindy was electric, struttin' her stuff about, wiggling her hips and shimmying her bountiful firm tits. The men were cheering and whistling as she bent over and stretched out her long smooth legs. Her young skin was shinny smooth and she'd just had her legs waxed all the way to her navel. As Larry watched Cindy move her body in a sensuous grind that was so sexy he thought he'd bust his pants his dick was so hard. Then she lifted her red leather mini-skirt up to her waist and Larry felt sick again.

On her right cheek there was a large tattoo of the grateful dead skull and rose. Above it read "Property of Outlaws." "WHAP!!!" she slapped her tattooed fanny, her eyes gleeming at all the men. "WHAT DO YOU WANT TO SEE?" she teased, lifting her skirt and pulling down her tiny G-string far enough to reveal her hairless young public mound.

"PUSSY PUSSY?" she laughed at her own nudity as she clumsily stepped out of her G-string, almost tripping in her high heels. "SHAKE YOUR TITS!!!" "SHAKE YOUR TITS!!!" "SHAKE YOUR TITS!!!" the men shouted over and over again. Cindy knew what they wanted and delighted in teasing them, rocking her shoulders gently as she shuffled about on the small stage.

Her pasties added an erotic touch to her soft melonous tits - and she loved seeing all eyes drawn to her shinny twirling tassels as she bounced her big boobs about the stage.

'WATCH 'EM TWIRL!!!" she laughed with glee. And twirl them she did, in time to the music as she danced. By her second dance number, Cindy was responding to all the cat calls. She knew what these guys wanted to see and she was eager and ready to show them what they were willing to kill for.

Larry's mouth was totally parched as he watched his former fiance transformed before his very eyes into "PINKIE". "WANNA SEE ME SHAKE 'EM?," she called out to the lust crazed men, cupping her ear with her hand, as if waiting for a response. "SHAKE YOUR TITS!!!" "SHAKE YOUR TITS!!!""SHAKE YOUR TITS!!!" they yelled out, standing on their chairs, shaking their fists and waiving their arms.

Pinkie pinned her shoulders way back, pushed out her chest and began swinging her huge hooters back and forth as the men went absolutely ape-shit with screaming and stomping in approval.

"SHAKE 'EM HARDER!! SHAKE 'EM FUCKIN' HARDER!!!" they yelled out - screaming at the tops of their voices. With butterflies of excitement, Pinkie pinned back her shoulders, sucked in her tummy and began jerking her shoulders rapidly sending her huge pendulous boobs sloshing across her chest.

She laughed insanely as she watched her long tassels thrashing back and forth - her huge titties literally flying across her chest. "FUCKN' A!!! GO FOR IT PINKIE!!

" "HARDER!!! FASTER!! HARDER!! shouted the men with wild enthusiasm. She felt intoxicated with lust as she watched her long tassels thrashing back and forth. She was feeling dizzy as she watched her huge whoppers flying across her chest and bouncing on her slender rib cage as she danced around.

"THAT'S IT!!! SHAKE'M FASTER!!! shouted Crowbar, who had worked his way through the shouting crowd of men to get right to the edge of the small stage. "COME ON NOW!! YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN! SHAKE FASTER AND HARDER!!!" Cindy stopped, let go of her buns and stood up straight looking Crowbar right in the eye.

"YOU WANNA SEE ME SHAKE FASTER? I'LL SHAKE 'EM FOR YA" she retorted as she loosened her shoulders, bit her upper lip and began this time to throw her shoulders in a contorted rotation sending her incredible tits gyrating in every direction. As the music picked up a double beat, she recklessly jerked her shoulders faster and further in a boob slinging frenzy that sent her tits flapping in every direction.

She felt super erotic, wild and nasty as her big mams whapped, warbled and whiplashed wildly across her chest, slapping and swinging like shutters in a hurricane. Most of the men were stunned. Never had they seen such radical boob swinging action anywhere. And definitely not from a girl so young, beautiful and above all - so busty!!

Like a barker in the front row, Crowbar egged her on with 'SLAP YOUR TITS!!!!" he shouted. "SLAP YOUR FUCKIN' TITS BITCH!!!" "YOU BOYS DON'T WANT ME TO SLAP MY OWN TITS NOW DO YA?" she teased, mocking Crowbar.

"HELL YES! LETS SEE YOU DO IT!" one shouted out. "LETS SEE YOU SLAP YOUR TITS SWEETHEART! SEE IF YOU CAN TAKE?!" shouted a front rower. With a little hesitation, Cindy smacked her own heavy tit open handed from the underside, sending it quivering and the pastie jiggling. "HOW'S THAT?" she asks, her eyes on fire as she stares at her fans.

"IS THAT WHAT YOU WANT ME TO DO?" "THAT'S NOTHING!!! SLAP 'EM HARDER!! they responded. "MUCH HARDER!!" "LIKE THIS?" she groals as she slaps her heavy boob "WHAP!" and then again.

And again "WHAP! WHAP!! WHAP-WHAP!!" A heavy hanging breast, Pinkie stikes her own tit until it is finally flopping up off her chest and then dropping - slashing hard on her chest - flattening on impact - only to be stuck immediately again by her own firm hand until her pasties are whacked off - absconded as a souvenirs - while her breasts become reddened with her own handmarks.

"LIKE THIS?" Pinkie grins into the spotlights and then looks down at her own reddened breasts as the lust crazed audience cheers, stomps and encourages her to continue. Then without prompting, with one hand, she grips her own nipple and lifts her breast high off her chest, while she slaps it hard on the underside with the other hand waking up nerves and sensations unfamiliar to her.

"HARDER?" she asked as she slapped her other nipple. Then the other, back and forth until she was flogging her own breasts sending them every which way.

Then, with knuckles whitened, she grips her nipples intensely and lifts her enormous breasts high off her chest to show the audience her milky undersides, stretching the soft outer flesh and twisting her big pink nipples. With two hands, she kneads her silky breast flesh, pulling her nipple up to her mouth, then bites her nipple with clenched teeth. Then she lifts higher and just lets go letting it drop splash with a double bounce and a jiggle onto her rib cage.

She laughs devilishly into the audience as they cheer her on while she slaps, sucks, stretches and drops her boobs a dozen more times before the song number ends. End of chapter 4 (to be continued) THE ADVENTURES of PINKIE CHAPTER 5 - SPREADING HER GASH FOR CASH As Pinkie sat bare assed on the tiny stage floor, she delighted in the attention of the men and good vibes in the club. She smiled, chated and enjoyed acting natural while in the buff in front of all these guys.

In fact, it was a sensation she couldn't get enough of. She had a beautiful body and was feeling compelled to constantly be naked whenever she was around men and sometimes women, too. It was like an inner demon was taking possession of her mind and sole and transforming her into a sexual slave of her own lust.

She couldn't get enough of this whole crazy sex lust stuff. As the rap music began, she winked at the guys in the front row, arched backwards onto her back, reached under her legs and rolled her legs all the way back assuming a yoga position pointing her pink asshole right in the faces of the men in the front row.

"YOU GUYS GOT THE BEST SEATS, THAT'S FOR SURE!" she teased. "I JUST LEARNED HOW TO DO THIS . WATCH THIS!" she snickered as she bit her tongue and peeled open her shaved clamshell. With fingers from both hands she pulled her vagina wide open for a close-up view. "HOW'S THAT LOOK FROM WHERE YOU'RE SITTING?" she laughed, pumping her tattooed fanny to the music, holding her pose for all the gawking men. As the music continued, Pinkie graced her legs and moved with the refinements of an natural stripper as she strained hard to pull her cunt lips apart even wider - stretching them and pulling her labia giving everyone a generous view inside.

"WELL FELLAS," called out he DJ, "OUR MISS PINKIE IS SHOWING YOU HOW SHE GOT HER NICK NAME. LET'S SHOW HER YOUR APPRECIATION AND KEEP THOSE GREEN BACKS HAPPENING. "LOOK, DON'T TOUCH," she whispered softly as a young black boy leaned forward and began blowing into her deep gapping pussy hole.

"Oh yea, that feels good!" she laughed. "HI, COME TAKE A SEAT," she encouraged some newcomers who walked up to the her stage. "CAN YOU SEE OKAY?" she asked, as she inserted her fingers a little deeper and got a fresh grip on her slippery vagina cavity - tugging hard on her labia as the men took their seats. As Pinkie brazenly displayed her wet vagina for their viewing pleasure, she couldn't stop thinking about all of her classmates from high school. If they could only see her now, they'd be shocked.

Afterall, she had been Homecoming Princess in her Junior Year. And the only reason she didn't make Homecoming Queen as a senior is because her PE teacher, Ms. Bleacher cut her from the Cheerleading Squad because she didn't think Cindy put enough energy into her performance.

"FUCK 'EM ALL" she smiled to herself."IF THEY COULD SEE ME NOW, I'D SHOW 'EM A HIGH ENERGY PERFORMANCE." "YOU GUYS ARE JUST IN TIME FOR THE HOLE SHOW!!" she laughed, puckering her lips and winking at them as she waived her legs in the air.

She was obviously pleased to be showing her "pink" to all these men as the spot lights shown down into her gapping young cunt. One by one, the men opened their wallets and placed their bills at the base of the stage. "Go on, you can put those bills in my garter," she encouraged them, slipping on a red elastic garter, tugging it all the way to the top of her thigh.

"OOH YEA!" she groaned as each guy took his turn snapping her garter as he stuffed it with bills. Each guy took his time to let his fingers glide across her wet cavity as he reached between Pinkie's legs. "WHEW, ALL RIGHT!!" she cat-called as the men reached between her legs. At the conclusion of her songs, she strutted about the stage in her new fuck-me heels, picking up tips. Pinkie made a point of reaching down between her legs to give every guy a good clean view of her shaved pussy, asshole and huge hangin' hooters, always winking' and smilin'real pretty.

After almost twenty minutes, Cindy appeared in the lounge topless wearing only her high heels tiny red G-string. Larry quickly approached her and asked her."HOW ABOUT TABLE DANCE FOR OLD TIMES SAKE?" "LARRY, WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE?" Cindy asked, obviously surprised.

"I'VE COME TO SEE THE NEW YOU. YOU LOOKED HOT OUT THEIR ON THE STAGE! I REALLY MEAN IT CINDY, YOU WERE SIZZLING!!!!" YOU MEAN YOU'RE NOT MAD OR JEALOUS OR ANYTHING?" she questioned as she looked down at the bold tattoo on her breast and back up into Larry's loving eyes - feeling a rush from her brazen nudity in the midst of all these men with Larry around.

"NO, I'M NOT MAD. IN FACT, I'VE GOT A HARD-ON EIGHT INCHES LONG THATS ACHING TO JUMP OUT OF THESE LEVIS." he confessed. "WELL LETS GET A TABLE AND I'LL MAKE YOU FEEL MUCH BETTER," she smiled as she took his hand and tugged him over to a private booth. Cindy wasted no time in pulling Larry's stiff cock out of his pants and began sucking him hard and fast. She was hot and loose. Larry's hands were all over her heavy boobs and buns as Cindy caressed his balls and jerked his cock.

He freely slid his hand between her legs, driving a finger up her smooth wet hot slot until Cindy was panting from excitement. Straddling over him, Larry reached up and caressed her beautiful orbs. The skin was so soft and loose on the surface of her breasts, yet firm and full inside. They were big as footballs and seemed even bigger than when they were dating. Larry used two hands on one tit, squeezing, pinching the flesh and pulling on her nipple until she had him sucking her tit like a baby.

"OH GOD, I LOVE HAVING MY TITS SUCKED AND PLAYED WITH. I CANNOT EVER GET ENOUGH BOOB PLAY. SQUEEZE 'EM HARDER!" "FUCK ME RIGHT HERE!!" Cindy urged as she stood over him pushing her big bobbing breasts into his face.

She pulled her G-string aside and sat down on his huge boner driving the thick dick deep into her hot wet cunt.

As she drove the thick cock deep up her cunny she deliberately pushed her huge tits into Larry's face while he sucked hard on her nipples. "HAVE YOU EVER DONE THIS BEFORE IN HERE?" Larry asked as he fucked harder, deeper and faster. "COUPLE OF TIMES" Cindy giggled as Larry cut loose and blew his entire wad pumping jizz up into her vagina until the cum began to flow down his balls and onto his pants.


LETS JUST ENJOY THE MOMENT." she responded. For the next two hours, Larry watched the incredible Pinkie lap dance one guy after another and shake her tits on stage. He knew he loved her, yet he wasn't jealous. In fact, it turned him on to see her acting lewd in front of the rowdy crowd. He just wanted her back again and he'd doing anything to get her. At closing time, she disappeared. Larry found her outside in the parking lot smoking dope with some bikers.

To Larry's shock, she wore only a pair of black leather pants slit and laced up the sides and her red "fuck-me" heels.

On top she was totally bare-ass topless except for some black electrical tape hardly covering each big pink nipple and a matching black choker. She teased as the bikers pawed her big soft melons while she sucked the little hash pipe - coughing and giggling. "GO AHEAD AND SQUEEZE 'EM," she encouraged. "CROWBAR DOESN'T MIND, DO YOU CROWBAR?" she winked to him as she pushed her big boobs into their greedy hands. "I DIG YOUR TATTOO," said one biker as he placed his hand on her tit. "WHY THANK YOU," Pinkie smiled.

"JAKE DID IT A COUPLE OF WEEKS AGO." Larry's heart pounded as he watched Crowbar kick start his Harley and Cindy climb on the back - still topless. As they rode up to where Larry was standing, Cindy beamed at him and said "HEY LARRY, GET SOME TATS AND A SCOOTER AND WE'LL MAKE YOU AN OUTLAW TOO!!" With a cough and sputter the big Harley pulled out onto Ventura boulevard.

Suddenly it lurched forward and Larry watched his sexpot Cindy and Crowbar ride off into the late night traffic. Crowbar got off exposing "PINKIE" in public places. They stopped in several all night gas stations and liquor stores just so Cindy could parade around topless in front of the employees and customers showing off her magnificent big titties.

"AS LONG AS YOUR NIPPLES ARE COVERED, ITS LEGAL!!" Crowbar insisted. "BULLSHIT!!" Cindy knew this was bullshit, but she didn't really care. It was a kinky turn-on to parade around with her boobs a bouncin' freely in public places and she loved the reaction she got from strangers.

It was amazing. She was already accustomed to being topless at the club. Going topless everywhere was not that big of a deal. . unless she got busted.

All she had to do was cross her arms over her chest and she was covered. It was really quit easy to get away with. Crowbar insisted they cruise into an IN-N-OUT Burger so Cindy could sit among a bunch of strangers and let 'em gawk at her beautiful bare boobs and sexy body.

In about two minutes, there were twenty guys hovered around them, checking out Pinkie's big titties and tattoos. "ISN'T THAT INDECENT EXPOSURE SHOWING YOUR BOOBS LIKE THAT?" asked a younger guy. "NO. NOT AS LONG AS I COVER MY NIPPLES," she smiled and showed him her tape covered nips.

"WHY, DO YOU THINK I'M INDECENT?" she laughed. `IF YOU DO, STOP STARRING AT ME!" After almost two hours of flashin' her fabulous mams in public, they were pulled over and Pinkie was ticketed for indecent exposure.

Pinkie didn't really care. And apparently it didn't bother the police either - since they spent almost an hour writing up the ticket - and never did give her anything to cover up with.

THE ADVENTURES of PINKIE CHAPTER 6 - CAT FIGHTIN' TIME! "THERE'S A THOUSAND BUCKS IN THIS FIGHT IF YOU CAN BEAT SONJA" explained Crowbar as he watched Cindy apply mascara to her long eye lashes under the bright lights of her dressing room.

"I'LL KICK HER ASS!" Cindy bragged. "WHAT SHOULD I WEAR FOR THE FIGHT?" she asked. "BOXING GLOVES AND A G-STRING?" she laughed.


By noon Cindy was all packed and climbed into Crowbar's old pick-up truck. Cindy was nervous and excited as she applied her lip stick and mascara in the truck while they bounced along the freeway - heading towards the Angeles Crest Forest. As she held her arms over her head while pinning up her hair, Crowbar couldn't take his eyes off her gorgeous soft boobs bobbing braless under her titillating broad mesh net tank top.

Crowbar realized he was falling in love with this treacherous young prick-tease. While Cindy was falling in love with her own new found sexual power among these bikers as a rude, lewd and tattooed goddess for their club.

She couldn't seem to resist her desires to exploit her beauty and raw sex appeal around all these young studs on their iron horses. She wanted to outrage them with her own sexhibitionism, more kinky tattoos, exotic body jewellery and totally bizarre behaviour. She wanted to taste the dark side of her own pent- up lust, performing lewd, kinky sex acts in front of a large audience. She also wanted to perform some dangerous motorcycle stunts in the nude just to shock them and prove her courage.


LOT'S OF PUNCHING, HITTING AND HAIR PULLING?' she asked eagerly, her blue eyes sparkling as she put on her earrings. 'HOW ABOUT SCRATCHING, BITING AND KICKING.

DO THEY ALLOW THAT KIND OF DIRTY FIGHTING? her eyes opened wider as she opened her legs wide, feeling a draft of air on her shaved pussy. She starting to get wet just thinking about fighting in the nude. "OH FUCK YES, THEY FIGHT REALLY DIRTY, THE DIRTIER THE BETTER. BUT IT'S NOT JUST WHAT YOU DO TO THE OTHER GIRL, BUT WHAT YOU'RE WILLING TO DO TO YOURSELF.

LIKE USE YOUR TITS AS WEAPONS! he suggested. "FIGHT WITH MY TITS!" Cindy laughed aloud as she looked down at her huge silken globes and bare nipples protruding from under her ridiculous fishnet top. She loved parading around so openly exposed - showing off her big titties to the world. But now she was gonna seriously abuse herself just for the thrill of it.

And, maybe win a thousand bucks if she won. "BEAVER CAMP - WHAT A GREAT NAME FOR A CAT FIGHTING PLACE" she commented as she and Crowbar traveled down the dusty road a half mile until they came to a large clearing where hundreds of bikers were setting up for the big cat fighting.

"SHE'S BACK," shouted one biker as Cindy stepped down from the truck. 'DON'T TELL ME SHE'S GONNA FIGHT TODAY?" he asked eagerly as he approached Crowbar. "LAST WEEK WAS THE BEST T SHIRT CONTEST WE'VE EVER HAD -- AND SHE'S THE REASON WHY!!!" " FUCKIN' 'N A - I'M FIGHTIN' TODAY," Cindy commanded as she thrust out her impressive chest.

"I'M FIGHTIN' WITH THESE!" she smiled looking down at her bouncin' big boobs. "LETHAL WEAPONS" laughed some guy as he casually handed her a hash pipe with some really potent shit in it.

She loved the sensation of baring her boobs in front of so many people. Especially now that she had a tattoo on her tittie. It was like she now had a special license - to go topless in public places all the time now that she was tattooed. She saw her little sister Anne drinking beer with some scuzzy guys, but decided to leave her alone. Only a few weeks ago, Cindy was "the prude" and had tried to save Anne from the jaws of the Outlaws.

But to everyone's shock, beautiful Cindy had become possessed by the devil himself, now totally emersed in world of non-stop sex, drugs and uninhibited exhibitionism. She loved dancing nude at the HIGH BALL THEATER and she knew that sex and bondage flicks would follow soon.

'YOU'VE GOT AWAESOME TITS, HONEY" the guy blurted as he admired the teenagers jumbo-sized pink tipped knockers and her bold tattoo.

You should join the other girls for the nude photo session over by the picnic area. "LEWD PHOTOS?" she gleamed at Crowbar as she turned and headed towards the large crowd of bikers and photographers who were surrounding the dozen or so nude girls who were sprawled out on the picnic tables in the bright sunlight.

Cindy loved the sensation of freedom as she sauntered across the grounds in her high heels as her heavy boobs bobbed about like Jell-O. Her nipples stiffening in the breeze. The bikers hooted and hollered as she smiled and strutted her stuff. "CAN I JOIN IN THE FUN?" she asked, her pretty eyes smiling, her big pink nipples standing out proud and stiff like large erasers. Without the slightest hesitation she pushed her way through the crowd with her tits and found a spot right in the middle of the teasing, sassy girls as they posed for the photographers.

Most of the girls were young, but none as pretty or anywhere near as huge busted as Cindy. "WHAT WOULD YOU LIKE TO SEE?" she asked teasingly as she began to pose her beautiful young body for the many cameras - knowing full well what they wanted to see. "HOW ABOUT DROPPING THOSE SHORTS?" asked one guy.

"YOU GUYS WANNA PHOTOGRAPH MY CUNNY?," she replied in a sexy purr and turned to drop her purple silken gym shorts and show off her largest tattoo. Then she turned again and sat down, reared back, raised her sweet ass high and opened her legs as wide as she could - pointed her white high heels in opposite directions. "HOW'S THIS?" she teased as she reached between her legs and pulled her wet cunt lips wide open, encouraging the photographers to come in for some super close-up photos of her baby smooth cunthole.

"HOW OLD ARE YOU HONEY?" asked one old biker. "NINETEEN - AND MY LITTLE SISTER IS RIGHT OVER THERE WITH THE BIG TITS" Cindy teased as she continued to hold her wet pussy open as he photographed her shaved gash. She loved being photographed nude. "I CAN MAKE MY CUNT FART!" CINDY bragged as she began grinding her pelvic muscles and pulling harder on her cunt lips until she began pushing air out of her cunt, making a fart sound.

The video camera guy zoomed in close, as Cindy continued her cunt-fart exhibition encouraging all the photographers to take pictures of her "FUCK HOLE," as she pulled herself inside-out for their viewing pleasure. 'MAYBE I CAN CUNT-FART AND ASS-FART AT THE SAME TIME," she laughed as she continued pumping herself until the men were fighting over each other to get more pictures of big titted blond.

The hands were beginning to wander from her legs to her stomach to her big tits while Cindy tried to stretch her cunt beyond its natural limits creating a hole big enough for a whole camera lens.

"FUCK ME. PLEASE FUCK ME!!" Cindy shouted just as she began cumming. Dozens of stray fingers were sliding into all of her open cavities when the MC announced that the CAT FIGHTS were about to begin and for everyone to take their seats at the bleachers surrounding the dirt fighting pit.

The men reluctantly retreated from the hot young bitch as Crowbar broke them up and began to lay out Cindy's fighting outfit. The first two girls were not much older than Cindy and got the crowd going wild as they punched each other out for everyone's entertainment. They started out in two-piece bikinis and soon were stripped nude and ended up wrestling intensely in the dirt. As Cindy put on her sheer stockings and white garter belt she got more excited about fighting. She puffed on a couple of joints, a hash pipe and took a few swigs of Jack Daniels as she put on her mother's long white wedding gown.

The top was like a corset and pushed her huge bountiful boobs into a deep open cleavage that barely contained her big nipples, exposing the pink aureole of her nipples and dramatically displaying her sexy new tattoo. She stepped into her white high heels and touched up her make-up. She was a knock-out. "MOM'S GONNA KILL YOU FOR WRECKING HER DRESS" Anne cautioned as she stepped up to her sister.


By the third round the bikers had turned the water hoses on the two girls wrestling and they began slugging it out in the mud.

"EOHOWWEEE" shouted out one of the girls as blood began to spurt from her nose. "IT'S BROKEN, IT'S BROKEN," she cried out, begging the other girl to stop. Cindy was in the second round and she was feeling nauseous from the drugs, booze and excitement of her first publicized CAT FIGHT. She had beaten that bitch Karen twice and she knew she was tough. But this was a rough crowd and they expected the girls to go for blood. Cindy was scared - but she didn't show her fear.

She paraded about boldly in her beautiful wedding gown as the crowd cheered her on. She loved the cheering and all the attention. Next, her opponent appeared, a tall lanky redhead wearing a black leather vest and skirt. She was about twenty-five with silicon boobs and a few small tattoos showing on her arms and legs. "OK - NEXT WE HAVE JACKIE AND CINDY - OUR SUPER BUSTY YOUNG BEAUTY FROM LAST WEEKS T SHIRT CONTEST. AND A MIGHTY NICE TATOO ON HER CHEST I MIGHT ADD!

ALL RIGHT GIRLS - COME OUT FIGHTIN'!!!!" the MC announced. " Almost three hundred bikers cheered them on as the two girls circled each other until Cindy took the plunge. She grabbed Jackie's arm and twisted her around until she had her in a full nelson.

Jackie broke free and swung at Cindy - missing her completely. "NICE TRY, BITCH," Cindy laughed as they circled again. This time Jackie lunged at Cindy grabbing her corset top and ripping it down to her waist. "LIKE MY TATOO BITCH?" Cindy snarled as she looked down at her own heaving bare breasts. It turned her on to talk dirty and degrade herself.

"LOOKS LIKE SHIT!" Jackie yelled out. "WELL, LET'S SEE YOURS!" she challenged as she grabbed Jackie's vest and yanked the snaps open revealing her ample endowment. Jackie kicked and tripped Cindy, sending both to the mud where they wrestled intensely for several minutes ripping each others' clothes off until Jackie was down to her black bikini panties and Cindy down to her garter belt and stockings having dressed sans panties for her sex hungry fans.

With her long red nails, Jackie began to attack Cindy's smooth white tattooed ass until the two girls were ferociously scratching, kicking, biting and hitting each other. Cindy's stockings were ripped to shreds and Jackie's lip was bleeding when the bikers decided to hit them with the hose. Cindy was on top when remembered what Crowbar had said about abusing herself and began lifting and dropping her full body weight onto Jackie, smashing her with her massive big tits into Jackies.' Jackie used her nails to dig deep into Cindy's flesh until she had scratched her so hard in places that she'd drawn blood.

She bit at Cindy's titties as they pounded her, leaving teeth marks near her nipples in a couple of places. "TIT STOMP HER!!!, " shouted the bikers as the turned the hoses on the two battling bitches. "CRUSH HER WITH YOUR TITS!" they screamed as the two young beauties pounded their bodies together until Cindy was declared the winner.

"I WON!" Cindy cried out as she stood up and jumped about for her cheering fans. She was a mess, covered with dirt, mud and some nasty bites and scratches. But she didn't give a shit. In fact, she craved the sensation of mauling her beautiful young body in front of all these heathens. There was something very raw, primitive and exciting about fighting in the dirt. Cindy and Jackie exited the dirt ring together, each carrying the remains of their shredded clothes.

"GOOD FIGHT!" said Jackie as she gave Cindy a hug. 'YOU COULD WIN TODAY." Jackie said. "BUT WATCH OUT. SONJA FIGHTS DIRTY." Crowbar found Cindy back by the picnic table removing her tattered garter belt and ripped up stockings. She was in some pain, yet she loved the sensation of fighting nude more than she ever imagined. "I'VE GOT SOMETHING FOR THOSE OPEN WOUNDS" Crowbar offered as he examined the nasty scratches on Cindy's tits, ass, arms, legs - all over.

'WHAT THE FUCK - I DON'T GIVE A SHIT," she responded with her "tough as nails" attitude. "I'M JUST GONNA GO IN THERE AGAIN. BUT IF YOU INSIST!" she smiled. Crowbar came prepared and washed her down with a hose and cloth, dressing her wounds with Band-Aids. Over a dozen on her beautiful young body. "SMOKE SOME OF THIS STUFF AND SEE HOW YOU FEEL," Crowbar suggested as he pulled out his pipe. Cindy took a deep puff and began coughing. "WHAT IS THIS SHIT?" she asked.

"IT'S ANGLE DUST, YOU KNOW PCP THIS SHIT WILL MAKE YOU CRAZY SO WATCH OUT HONEY." Crowbar warned. Only one deep hit, and Cindy was feeling totally engulfed in her erotic ambitions. She wanted to fuck and fight at the same time. Her body felt electrified as if she had super-human strength and an uncontrollable horny urge to rip herself a new asshole. Her cunt began gushing and her nipples erect.

'PULL MY NIPPLE" she commanded as she pushed her throbbing nipple into his hand. "GO ON, PULL HARD!!!" she hissed.

"YOU'RE CRACKED" Crowbar laughed as he gripped her big pink knob and lifted the heavy boob. "HOW DOES THAT FEEL?" "PULL HARDER!!" she moaned. "PULL BOTH NIPPLES REALLY HARD. OH YEA!" Cindy finger fucked herself as she watched her boobs stretched and yanked. "G' ME A HIT BEFORE THE NEXT ROUND," she pleaded as Crowbar lit the match.

THE ADVENTURES of PINKIE CHAPTER 7 BOOB BASHIN' BITCHES This time Cindy entered the ring high on PCP feeling wild and wicked - as she paraded around the parameter of the ring dancing lewdly in only her shredded stockings and white high heels, a few Band-Aids and fresh red lip stick -- rolling her shoulders and shaking loose her beautiful teenage titties for the screaming bikers who were now standing and cheering for more "CAT FIGHTS." With legs apart and her hands on her head she violently jerked her upper torso sending her fantastic knockers into orbit until they were slapping loudly on her ribcage.

"FUCK MY TITS" she hissed as watched her fabulous mams flying further and further off her chest. "YOU WANNA SEE ME FUCK UP MY TITS?" she shouted to the hundreds of lust hungry bikers as she continued to bump and grind and she pinned back her shoulders jerking her shoulders faster and faster for the frenzied heathens as they cheered her on with cat calls and lewd hollers.

"JUMPING JACKS," shouted a couple guys. Cindy kicked off her heels, held her arms high and began full swing jumping jacks sending her huge young boobs high over her chest then slamming hard on her tummy over and over again until the crowd burst out shouting and cheering.

The drugs had overwhelmed her and she wanted to destroy her tits just to prove she was a "bad ass" biker bitch now. "WANNA SEE ME BITE MY TITS?" she yelled out as she grabbed hold of her right boob with both hands and yanked it up to her red painted lips where she bit down hard on her own stiff nipple.

The crowd screamed for more and Cindy astounded them with her brutal abuse of her own breasts - as she yanked, sucked, stretched, slapped and pinched her magnificent young bosoms until they were both a crimson red with lots of teeth marks and scratches. With one tit held in her teeth, Cindy managed to bend over and pull open her shaved pussy and asshole to impress her lust crazed fans. Her head was spinning from the drugs and the adrenaline when suddenly, her opponent, Rachel appeared - ready for battle.

Cindy loved being totally lewd and uninhibited in public. It was the greatest rush she could think of.and she was just warming up. Rachel was a big boned brunette from the south who'd seen a few too many CAT FIGHTS by the number of scars, scratches, bumps and bruises. On top, she had tits, but they were real hangers with serious stretch marks and a couple of tattoos. Cindy was totally wasted on the PCP and was ready to bash her own beautiful tits just for shear thrill of it. She opened the match by digging in her heels, then she ran right into Rachel with a 10 point body slam and knocked the bitch on her butt.

"I'LL FIGHT YOU WITH JUST MY TITS, YOU SCUM-FUCK," Cindy yelled out at the girl. "I'LL FIGHT YOU WITH MY HANDS TIED BEHIND MY BACK," she challenged her out loud. She was feeling totally wild, turned-on and confident she could whip her with just her tits. The audience went crazy as Cindy had Animal tie her hands tightly behind her back. This time, she stumbled towards Rachel in her high heels who swung and caught her big tit broadside, only to hear Cindy respond, "THAT'S IT, GO ON, SLUG MY FUCKIN' TITS YOU SACK OF SHIT, I DON'T GIVE A FUCK - YOU CUNT." "ALL RIGHT, GO PINKIE!!" yelled out Crowbar .

using her new nickname. While Cindy's big natural tits swung back and forth, Rachel used both fists to punch Cindy's boobs with full force while the crowds went crazy.

Wasted on the drugs, Cindy just laughed and shouted more obscenities, encouraging the bitch to hit her harder.if she could. She loved mocking the bizarre spectacle of her own breast mutilation and punishment. She really wanted more.and could take it.

She was reaching orgasm from the physical abuse of her breasts and only needed a little more pain to get off. "BASH MY FUCKIN' TITS YOU WHORE!!!" she yelled out - trying to impress the hard-core bikers with her fearless fighting and breast bashing.

Rachel had no problem using every trick she knew to inflict pain on Cindy's poor tits, as she slapped 'em, slugged 'em, pinched and pulled them so hard they became human punching bags. Cindy was totally turned on by the spectacle of her own brutal breast abuse - and pushed out her chest cynically for more pain and punishment.

"THAT'S IT - PULL ON MY NIPPLES!!!" Cindy cried out. "PULL HARDER!!!" With a firm grip on Cindy's big stiff nipples, Rachel began to practically drag her around the ring until Cindy was almost hanging by her tits - her entire body weight almost totally supported by her beefy big boobs. 'YANK MY FUCKIN' TITS OFF," she managed to shout out in a drug crazed laughter as she spun around watching her big battered tits pull further and further away from her chest until they started to look like salt water taffy being stretched.

"THAT'S IT! DESTROY MY FUCKIN' TITS! GO AHEAD BITCH - PULL HARDER!" Cindy screamed as she watched her tits mutilated for the cheering crowd. Just when the crowd thought the match was over, Cindy broke loose in a drug crazed scream and began kicking Rachel with her high heels.

In the shins, in the crotch and finally in the stomach and the tits as she kicked high and hard, sending the young woman to her knees in the dirt where she surrendered to the brutal attack of the big titted young blond. Still high on Crack, Cindy required four men to pull her off Rachel. 'YOU MADE IT TO THE TOP OF THE HEAP!" cheered Crowbar as he helped Cindy find a place to sit down and rest before the next round.

'YOU'RE GONNA GET TO FIGHT SONJA, AND SHE'S THE CHAMP AROUND HERE." "JUST GIVE ME A FEW MINUTES AND ANOTHER HIT OFF THAT PIPE," Cindy begged as she looked down at her own big bruised 'n battered boobs, scratches and filthy dirty legs. She was still high on crack and her pussy was wet and sloppy. Something about fighting nude in front of an audience really turned her on like nothing she'd ever experienced.

She had reached orgasm a half dozen times as Rachel pounded her young tits. It was unlike any sexual experience she'd ever known. "LOOK AT ME - I'M A PIG SLUT NOW" she laughedmocking her own self-inflicted condition. "MY TITS LOOK LIKE PUNCHING BAGS!" she mocked herself looking down at her big breasts, her sparkling blue eyes now looking a little blood shot from the drugs, booze and fighting. Her pretty face puffy from fighting.

Her lip was bleeding a little. "WILL YOU STILL FUCK ME EVEN IF I BECOME A RAUNCHY WILDCAT?" she teasingly asked Crowbar as she stuffed two fingers up her greasy dirty cunt hole in front of dozens of on-lookers.

"CAUSE I"M GETTING HOOKED ON THIS CAT FIGHTING SHIT." "ONLY IF YOU GET SOME MORE RIGHTEOUS TATS ON THAT BODY OF YOURS." He responded as he gripped her breast firmly, teasing and pulling on her stiff nipple. "FUCK YA, NASTY TATTOOS!! AND I'LL GET MY NIPPLES PIERCED!" she beamed, her young face lighting up at the naughty idea of it all. "HERE, TAKE A ANOTHER HIT," Crowbar offered as he lit up his crack pipe.


Sonja was a gorgeous brown-skinned five-ten amazon. One hundred thirty-five-five pounds. She was strong and muscular with flowing black hair and wasted no time showing Cindy who was the queen of the CAT FIGHTS. Wearing a gold waist chain and matching anklets, she had accentuated her large firm breasts with multiple nipple rings.

And a gold pussy ring in her clean shaven pussy. Cindy tried her running body slam stunt, she only knocked herself to the ground. Sonja helped Cindy up and then grabbed herself two fists full of tender young boob-meat, almost lifting Cindy completely off the ground by her bruised and battered tits. "OH YEA, TEAR MY FUCKIN' TITS OFF BITCH," Cindy shouted as she felt Sonja's hefty grip digging deep into her boob-flesh as she hung suspended by her boobs now stretched beyond their limit.

She was terrified by the feeling of her chest muscles tearing away from her big aching boobs - and yet it was the most exciting sensation she'd ever experienced. Her bare cunt was flooded with cum.

She wanted Sonja to stuff anything and everything up her fuck holes - right there in front of everyone! Sonja eventually released her grip, drawing a huge cheer from the wild crowd of bikers. Cindy's tits had turned a reddish-purple but she didn't care at all. In fact, she bent over and gave Sonja a good clean shot at her massive mams as she whacked them hard with a long leather paddle.

"WAM," she all but knocked her over as she struck the side of her boob with the studded black leather paddle. "THAT'S IT, SMASH MY FUCKIN' TITTIES," Cindy pleaded sarcastically -grinning to the ecstatic audience as she leaned over further - pulling back her shoulders to expose her heavy hangers for another blow.

She wanted to impress the crowd with her bold raw lust and fearless masochism. There was something incredibly kinky about deliberately punishing her beautiful bosoms in front of all these sex-crazed bikers. With the help of PCP it really turned her on! "OH YEA! I'M CUMING, I'M CUMING!!!" "GO ON. HIT MY TITS AGAIN!!!" she begged as she jerked her shoulders. "SMASH," Sonja connected again, this time with even greater power. "THAT WAS A BRUISER!" Cindy mocked surprise. Cindy was so high on crack, she felt almost no pain - only a hot tingling sensation in her tit and a super orgasm deep in her cunt.

"GO ON - SWING BATTER" she yelled as she shook her heavy boobs back and forth while Sonja used both hands to swing the leather paddle. "WHAM! WHACK! WHAM! WHACK! WHAM! WHACK!!! WHAM! WHACK!!!she belted Pinkie's tits again and again with the paddle using her full strength crushing the tender flesh on impact with each brutal blow. "OH FUCK YA, THAT'S IT, FUCK THESE TITS, YOU BITCH!!! Pinkie spit as she pulled back her shoulders, thrusting out her bruised mams for more punishment.

"IS THAT ALL YOU CAN DO?," she sneered. "GO ON, HIT 'EM HARDER!!!" she barked out, her breasts on fire and her mind spinning from the PCP.

"SHOW THESE FOLKS HOW TOUGH YOU ARE!!!" she hissed. "ALL RIGHT, FUCK'N A PINKIE!!! YOUR THE BADDEST BITCH IN OUTLAWS!!!" a big burly biker shouted out, supported by cheering, yelling and stomping by a crowd of out-of-control, stoned and drunk bikers and their babes. "RIP HER TITS OFF!!!" shouted another.

"DESTROY HER TITS!!" After several final dramatic brutal blows with the paddle, Sonja put down the leather paddle and brought out a couple of huge black dildos. Cindy was almost cuming as Sonja brutally punished her tits - nearly reaching orgasm with every brutal blow to her breasts.

Sonja strapped on the biggest one and pushed Cindy down on her back in the dirt where she began to fuck her weeping cunt. Kneeling over the young blond who's legs were spread, she entered her backwards so Sonja's ass was in Cindy's face.

'FUCK THE CUNT. FUCK HER ASSHOLE," Cindy heard the bikers shouting as Sonja stuffed another black dildo up her asshole as she continued pumping her sopping wet cunt full of plastic cock.

She loved the perversion of her performance knowing that all eyes were between her legs. 'GO ON - FUCK ME FASTER AND DEEPER" she encouraged Sonja as her cuntjuice gushed as Cindy pumped her pelvic muscles.

Cindy loved the sensation of the two plastic cocks drilling both her love holes going in and out - making her all hot, wet and sloppy. With the two black cocks fucking Cindy's dirty tattooed ass and shaven pussy, she creamed four times in a row before Sonja was officially declared the winner.

Just like professional showgirls, the two young women stood and bowed for the cheering bikers. Cindy and Sonja were both all smiles as the men hooted and hollered with wild enthusiasm for the best CAT FIGHT ever.

Sonja received her grand prize of $1000 cash and Cindy got $250 for her fabulous performance. She was now a part of the new breed of "WILDCAT SEX STAR" and she loved the feeling of wild freedom and sexual power as the announcer called out "LETS HEAR FOR SONJA AND THE LOVELY YOUNG PINKIE!! THIS IS ONE OF THE BEST CAT FIGHTS WE'VE EVER HAD AND WANT TO THANK YOU GIRLS FOR AN AWESOME SHOW!!!" THE ADVENTURES of PINKIE CHAPTER 8 - RINGS AND MORE TATTOOS!

For the next hour, Cindy washed up and put on fresh make up in the camp-ground women's restroom. She was sore, but still horny from the dildo fucking Sonja had given her. As she tended to her wounds she noticed how smooth and young her suntanned skin was compared to the other biker chicks. Of course, she was only nineteen and many of them were in their thirties.

Most her deep scratches were from the first fight with Jackie. She could see some pretty impressive bruises coming on - but for the most part she was only scratched and bitten in a few places.


With the help of some make-up and a few Band-Aids on her young skin - she still looked surprisingly gorgeous. Crowbar and Jake had taken off to get some piercing tools and rings for Cindy's final initiation.

The whole idea of being pierced seemed almost harmless now that Cindy had her tattoos. But she was excited to see how they'd look and how the men would react to her new HELLCAT image.

Although Cindy pretended that all her open display of nudity, tattoos and savage catfighting was all for Crowbar, deep inside she knew that she was really acting this way to prove to herself that she could go further. Kind of a personal dare to herself. She was becoming addicted to everything kinky. She was tired of other girls or her sister acting sexy and flirting with her men whether they be Larry, Crowbar or whoever.

From now on, she wanted to be the center of sexual attention among all these wild and savage bikers. And this meant balling openly for any guy with a stiff cock. It meant fucking openly for an audience without hesitation or modesty. Cindy felt intoxicated just thinking about getting pierced. Looking to wear something kinky and dangerously explicit for her sex crazed fans, Cindy found a 20 foot piece of black cord which she tied first around her neck and then pulled down between her legs and up the crack of her firm young tattooed ass and then around her waist a couple of times.

It was like a string bikini with out the bikini. Luckily, she'd brought along her tall red "fuck me" heels - since she'd broken one of her white heels fighting Sonja.

They really made her legs look great. Even with her bites and bruises, Cindy still looked hotter than ever as she strutted out among the bikers to show off her buxom nude body and sexy tattoos. The guys went ape-shit when she appeared all dolled-up like a Vegas showgirl. Her tits were all bruised and swollen from all the violent abuse - but they looked awesome as Cindy stepped outside with a deep felt lusty excitement as she proudly pushed out her impressive chest for all to admire!!!

And these bikers absolutely loved her kinky tattoos and big nipples so she openly displayed her nudity and posed for the many photographers. Cindy couldn't find Crowbar and really didn't care. She enjoyed all the attention and wanted to put on a fantastic sex show for all these men. Cindy still felt high on drugs and lust as she paraded about the camp fully exposed eyeing each man she encountered with a wink and a smile.

She loved the teasing and flirting in the buff. She knew she had the kind of knock-out body these men were hungry for and she lusted to make 'em all shoot their wads openly in public.

She wanted to do something really outrageous. Something dangerous. Something so bizarre and kinky - she'd for sure be the hottest porn princess on the whole biker scene. Since yesterday, she had definitely caught a bad case of tattoo lust. To prove she was willing to do almost anything wild and crazy, she stopped at the tattoo stand and asked, "WHAT WILL $250 BUY ME?" with a smile and a twinkle hanging her young tattooed titties right in his face.

"WHAT EVER YOU WANT PRETTY LADY," said the young tattoo artist. 'GREAT, LETS GET STARTED HERE," Cindy commanded as she took a seat and lifted her smooth bare leg onto his table.

' I WANNA A REAL SEXY TATOO ALL THE WAY FROM HERE TO HERE." The young tattoo artist was nervous as he admired her shapely calf and followed it all the way up to her smooth bare cunt, covered only by the thin black cord.

She was so gorgeous and so young to be getting herself so heavily tattooed. And her gigantic tits were almost too much to believe they were all natural. But he didn't see any scars or signs of silicon implants. Just a lot of scratches and some new bruises on her baby smooth skin and stiff, pink nipples begging to be sucked. As he began to tattoo a design on her ankle, he couldn't help but notice how young and pretty her feet were.

Her red fuck me heels looked so sexy accented by her red toe nails. With her outstanding body and cute young face, she was definitely porno star material.

Especially with her heavy enormous tits and shaved pussy. She obviously loved exhibiting herself in public and she had no qualms about getting more tattoos. Cindy was by far the hottest and youngest chick Dave had ever tattooed. And he had tattooed quite a few. "WHAT'S YOUR NAME?" Cindy asked the young artist. "CRAZY DAVE." he replied. "DO YOU TATOO MANY GIRLS?" she asked with a giggle. "YEA. BUT NOT AS PRETTY AS YOU," he complimented the young fox.

"WELL GO TO IT. TODAY I'M FEELING REALLY BOLD, WILD AND WICKED TODAY. I WANT "THE WORKS!" she burst out laughing as she opened her legs wider giving the young stud a close-up view of her shaved young cunny and a peek at her asshole.

For the next two hours Crazy Dave put his needle to Cindy's leg tattooing vines and roses almost up to her knee. As he buzzed away, Cindy smoked pot, crack and hash while drinking some hard booze at the same time.

She had never felt sexier or hornier in her life. She knew every man in sight would love to fuck her and she would probably fuck all of them. "HERE COMES MY PARTNER, JOHN.HOW'D YA LIKE TWO NEEDLES AT ONCE?" Dave asked Cindy. "YOU WON'T HAVE TO PAY EXTRA!!" "SOUNDS KINKY. I KNOW, TATTOO BOTH MY TITS AT ONCE," Cindy exclaimed, her eyes big with excitement.

JUST THE THOUGHT MAKES ME CUM," Cindy cooed as she parted her legs and began rubbing her young clit. "OH FUCK, SHOULD I REALLY DO IT?" she asked the bikers as she pushed out her enormous young bazooms for all to admire. "OH, ALL RIGHT" she laughed as the bikers cheered her on. "TATTOO BOTH TITS." For the next two hours, Dave tattooed tiny blue stars around Cindy's right nipple, completing the circle started by her crescent moon, while John tattooed flowers, vines and other small designs on her left breast.

Cindy sat proud and brave with her huge chest thrust out as the artists carefully tattooed her beautiful young bosoms while dozens of bikers shouted obscenities and cheered on the young chick's courage and boldness. "NOW I WANT ANOTHER ONE RIGHT HERE - A HARLEY EMBLEM" she begged as she pointed to her shaved pubic mound. 'I WANT TO FLY MY COLORS PROUD" she laughed aloud as she spread her legs wide apart for the artist to tattoo her hairless pubic mound.

After almost five hours of non-stop erotic tattooing on young Cindy's beautiful teenage skin, Crowbar showed up with old Jake who had a toolbox in his hand. Crowbar was shocked to see that Cindy had so many new tats and that several bikers were beating-off openly in front of her as she splayed her legs wide open and had her cunt tattooed.

"OH CROWBAR, I LOVE BEING TATTOOED."she groaned as she pinched hard on her nipple and lifted the huge boob up high off her chest. "LIKE MY TATOOED TITTIES?" she slurred in a stoned stupor. "I CAN'T FUCKIN' BELIEVE IT GIRL. TWO WEEKS AGO YOU WERE MISS GOODY TWO SHOES. NOW, YOU'RE THE ILLUSTRATED BARBIE DOLL." " TWENTY FIVE TATTOOS IN ONE DAY." she bragged. "DAVE SAYS ITS A RECORD FOR THE OUTLAWs. I FEEL SEXIER WITH TATTOOS. AND, ALL THESE FELLAS REALLY LIKE 'EM!" "DID JAKE BRING MY RINGS?" Cindy asked eagerly as the two men stepped up to the tattooing table.

"I WANNA BE PIERCED, TOO." "PIERCE ME NOW!" Cindy begged as she almost reached orgasm while the tattoo needle bore down on her flesh near her clit. "I'M GONNA WEAR RINGS IN MY NIPPLES AND MY CUNT - SO I CAN FEEL TOTALLY EROTIC ALL THE TIME AND EVERYONE WILL SEE I'M AN OUTLAW BIKER CUNT NOW AND THAT MEANS NUDE, LEWD AND TATTOOED," she teased as she looked down at her tattooed breasts and then wagged her tongue out at Steve who was concentrating on tattooing her bold 'n bare pubic mound while dozens of horny bikers enjoyed the show.

"OK JAKE, LET'S START WITH THE TIT RINGS," Cindy suggested as she sat up and pushed out her impressive mammies encouraging Jake to take charge of the procedure.


"CAN YOU MAKE YOUR NIPPLES HARD?" Jake asked. 'HARD AS YOUR COCK?" Cindy moaned as she gripped her heavy tit with both hands and pulled it up to her mouth. Sucking her big nipple she looked around at all the sexy rugged men thinking erotic images of herself fucking and sucking all of them with rings in her nipples and a ring in her clit. 'THIS IS GONNA HURT A LITTLE," Jake told her as he wiped some alcohol on her stiff nipple and began to position his piercing tool right in the center of her big nip.

"GO ON, DO IT!" Cindy urged him. "I'VE HAD MY EARS PIERCED - THIS IS NO BIG DEAL," she bragged. Within a split second Jake had punctured her nipple and inserted the gold ring. "MY TITTIE RING LOOKS RAD.

DOESN'T IT!!!" Cindy laughed as she looked down at her tattooed and now pierced boob and then up to Crowbar and his buddies for approval - her blue eyes glassy from the drugs and pain. Crowbar began jizzing in his jeans he was so turned on by the sight of this busty blonde cock teaser turned tattooed biker slut. She still had the face of an angel - but she was possessed by this insatiable passion for perversion that seemed to have no limits.

CINDY, I NEVER THOUGHT YOU'D REALLY DO !!!" Crowbar shook his head in utter amazement at what this girl would do to get attention. She was driving him insane! "PIERCE THE OTHER ONE," cheered on the bikers as they unzipped their flys and exposed their stiff dicks to encourage Cindy to get lewd while she got her other nipple pierced.

'YEH, PUT A RING IN THIS ONE TOO!" Cindy begged as she began sucking the other nipple to make it hard enough to pierce right in the center. "AHHHH." she sighed as Jake clamped down and pierced the other nipple and inserted the ring. "OH FUCK, I LOVE THIS ." Cindy gleamed as she looked down at her new titty rings. "HOW ABOUT A CLIT RING?" Jake asked as he admired the young girl's Harley tattoo on her smooth shaven pubic mound. She obviously enjoyed displaying herself in front of all the men and Crowbar didn't seem to care.

"SURE, WHY NOT," she replied - her eyes glassy from the drugs. "IS THIS A GOOD POSITION?" she teased as she lifted and spread her legs - attracting an even larger crowd of bikers - straining their necks to get a peak at her open pink gash. Not to be inhibited in any way, Cindy demanded this black man fuck her up the ass. Without hesitation, he removed his pants and helped Cindy drive his stiff black cock right up her pretty pink asshole. "ALL RIGHT! PIERCE MY PUSSY NOW!!" she commanded. "OH FUCK I'M COMING!!!" Cindy screamed aloud as Jake compressed his tool on her tender young clitoris.

Within seconds, Cindy had a clit ring with a delicate gold chain. She felt ultra sexy and decorated with all her rings and tattoos - like some kind of teenage sex goddess. "OH, FUCKING YES!!!!" she moaned, rocking her ass on the big black cock, hungry to have another boner shoved up her cunt at the same time.

It felt fucking fantastic. And she loved balling in front of an audience. Especially bikers. "GO ON MISTER, FUCK ME HARD IN FRONT OF ALL THESE BOYS," she egged him on.

"SHOW 'EM WHAT YA DO TO SLUTS LIKE ME!" she cried out. "TAKE HER ARMS AND LEGS" Crowbar commanded several spectators.

Fully suspended on all four limbs, Cindy began thrusting her cunt in opposition to the black man's pistoning cock. "OH, THIS FEELS GREAT!!!" she laughed as she began moving quicker, harder, humping his dick like a dog in heat.

"ROCK MY TITS," Cindy bragged as she began rocking herself faster sending her sloppy boobs back and forth across her torso with the torrent of an ocean storm. Her pierced and tattooed mams were a blur of thrashing boob-flesh as Crowbar slammed his cock deeper and deeper into her gushing wet womb. Finally, Crowbar blew his wad - unable to even pull out for the cheering bikers who loved watching the young slut getting fucked while "airborne." Next came a black dude, followed by a dozen other burley bikers who each balled the daylights out of Cindy.

only to find her wanting for more. She needed to prove she'd do anything for these bikers. And she had to have more hard cocks! More tattoos! More rings! End of chapter 8 THE ADVENTURES of PINKIE CHAPTER 9 - PONY GIRL BONDAGE Cindy slept till noon, awakened by the sound of motorcycles roaring outside a cheap motel room. Her head still buzzing slightly from the drugs and booze, she'd almost forgotten about the "GANG BANGIN'" porno film she' promised to make.

It was to be a sex and bondage film - a fund-raiser for the Outlaws which Crowbar had arranged.

MILF Feels Alone And Seeks Cock

She had never made a porno - but had watched hundreds with Crowbar. "MOTHER FUCK" she gasped aloud as she looked down at her new tittie tattoos and golden nipple rings. All that wild dancing, fighting and fucking had taken its toll and left her young bosoms a little sloppier and hanging a bit lower on her chest.But they were still firm, full and magnificent mams.

Both big nipples were now double pierced with large and small gold hoops and each of her pretty pink udders were now laced with erotic tattoos of spyders, vines, flowers and kinky shit. "FUCK 'N A" she bemoaned as she turned in the mirror, stunned by what she had done to herself. She'd been so stoned, she'd lost it. But it was too late now. So she just admired her erotically tattooed body. She had a new colorful bird tattooed on her shoulder that trailed down her back.

And of course the large Grateful Dead skull tattooed on her left cheek that said "PROPERTY OF OUTLAWS." Plus now she had bright red roses now on her right cheek. And dozens of tattoos now crawling up and down her leg. And then between her legs was the bold Harley-Davidson wings on her clean-shaved pubic mound. Not to mention the seven new pussy rings that now pierced her clit and labia.

Still a bit hung over from the night before, Cindy lit a joint and began to recharge her senses. She was addicted to fucking herself up and had to have a fix. Something really wild. Totally bizarre and kinky. The Pony Girl porno flick could be hot kicks if she could get some good buzz first. Maybe Crowbar could get her some more blow or PCP.

Cindy cooed as she licked her red painted lips and slipped a finger up her hot wet cunt and another up her tight pink asshole. In just a few minutes she reached orgasm double finger fuckin herself in the mirror. dreaming of her lewdest fantasies. raw gang sex, battling with biker bitches, brutal breast bondage, more tattoos, piercings and totally non-stop uninhibited raunchy sex in totally public places. "OH YEA!!" she smiled. "TODAY'S THE DAY I'M LOSING ALL MY INHABITIONS AND LIVE LIKE IT'S THE LAST DAY OF MY LIFE" she thought to herself.

"TODAY, I'M GONNA BECOME 'KINKY' PINKIE, AND I'M GONNA BLOW THESE GUYS AWAY!" she thought to herself. "I'M GOING EXXTREME!!!!" She wanted to be every bikers' wet dream.For the next two hours, she bathed, painted her nails, applied Nair to remove all the hair from her arms, legs and pubic area as she fantasized about her new life as 'PINKIE." She put on her make-up extra heavy, using false eyelashes, blush and hot red lipstick.

Unafraid to do anything now that she was full-time "PINKIE", she used a razor and shaved the sides of her head PUNK ROCKER mohawk style. Then she bleached her mohawk and tinted it torquoise blue. She was thrilled about her transformation as she looked in ther mirror.

But Cindy couldn't hide the fact that even as 'KINKIE PINKIE' she was a gorgeous teenager with a beautiful face, great body and huge soft titties - only now tattooed and pierced. She spent almost an hour getting into the pony girl harnesses that had dozens of straps, snaps, buckles and a large feathered headpiece with a purple plum. "FUCKIN' EXTREME!!!" she said to the mirror as she admired her new image. She looked incredible - and she was she was totally EXPOSED!!

She was now truly KINKIE PINKIE - the new bondage babe of the Outlaws. Crowbar arrived at the motel room about 2pm with a video camera and a hundred of his closest biker bros to make a movie of his new honey .prancing like a pony. "COM ON OUT .DON'T BE SHY. THE BOYS WANNA SEE YA" Crowbar coaxed her as he knocked on the locked motel room door. The bikers were noisy as they drank beer and smoked crack outside in the parking lot - waiting eagerly to see PINKIE in her outrageous PONY GIRL harness.

"FUCK N A'!!! SHE'S GOT A MOHAWK NOW!!," called out Animal as the fabulous 'Pinkie'opened the door to the cheap motel room and stepped out into broad daylight, eager to show herself to all fans and admirers. "I CAN'T BELIEVE MY EYES!!!!"cried out another. "TAKE A PICTURE BOYS!!" Pinkie smiled her beautiful face sending off cheers, hoops and hollers from the Outlaws as she stepped slowly into broad daylight in her new black eight inch stiletto platform sandals with black leather straps that laced all the way up her long legs to her shaved pussy mound.

Her toenails and fingernails all painted red and her make-up dramatic. To show off her tattooed titties, she wore a black leather metal studded harness on top that Chris-crossed her chest left her massive big tits free to bounce and bop about naturally without any support or restraint.

Her tattoos looked beautiful as did the rings wore in each nipple. Her tattooed pubic mound was completely exposed, with her new seven cunt rings dangling down, tugging on her clean shaven labia. A rush went to Pinkie's head immediately as she loved appearing in super kinky bondage attire fully exposing her nude and tattooed body in front of this unruly crowd of more than one hundred bikers and heathens.

She turned around and bent over to give the camera a clean view of her cute tattooed buns, then pulled open her baby pink ass crack to show off her sexy new pussy rings which were fully exposed and dangling seductively. "TAKE A LOOK AT MY "A" HOLE!" she laughed as she grabbed her tattooed ankles and then parted her buns wide to give the camera a clean view up her young cunny chute and bum hole. Cindy loved being lewd. Crowbar was excited as his beautiful brazen young Pinkie strutted about the parking lot full of rowdy bikers, walking proud with her chest out, shakin 'her huge pendulous udders showing off her hot buxom tattooed body.

"COME ON BITCH, SHAKE THOSE FUCKIN' TITS. SHAKE 'EM HARD! I WANNA SEE YOU SLAP 'EM ON YOUR TUMMY.BITCH." shouted a big fat old biker with bad breath. "OH YOU DO - DO YOU?" sneared Pinkie as she jerked her shoulders back and forth with wild abandon, laughing as she swung her big tit back and forth. "OOOOOOH, THAT FEELS GOOD. I LOVE THAT!" she encouraged as the obese biker as he pinched and lifted up her heavy boob by the nipple ring, stretching her heavy big tit high, high, higher off her chest.

'GO AHEAD - STRETCH MY FUCKIN' TITS FARTHER - I CAN TAKE IT!" she boasted out loud - acting obnoxious as Crowbar encouraged the bros. to take turns pulling hard on her big pink pierced nipples until her big soft titties started to look like pizza dough. "PUT ON SOME FUCKIN' DANCE MUSIC,"Crowbar commanded. Someone turned on some rock music so Pinkie started waving her arms and rolling her shoulders while the strange hands and fingers found their way into her hot wet pussy lips.

Others up her loose and lubricated asshole. Then under her arms. Under her tits. Down her legs. Her back. Her neck as she took turns kissing and frenching the stoned bikers two and three at a time. With one leg up on a motorcycle, Cindy guided a strange stiff cock in her hot, wet, shaved and tattooed cunt-hole with a deep sigh of ecstasy while another clinched her cunt rings is his teeth.

"COME ON, FUCK MY HOLES! FUCK MY ASS!" she hissed into the video camera as one of the guys zoomed in on the hot, sexy action Pinkie was puttin' out for camera. As the cock pistoned faster, Pinkie almost lost her balance, saved only by the many hands holding and squeezing her heavy hangin' hooters. "I'm a FUCKING TATTOOED SLUT" belched Cindy into the camera as she accepted her second cock for the camera. "CALL ME KINKY PINKIE!!!" "I LOVE FUCKIN LIKE THIS!" she hissed as the fucking speeded up showing close ups of her pussy rings penetrated by stiff cock.


Pinkie was now wasted on pure cocaine as she sucked off one guy after another oozing loads of jizz out of her pretty young mouth.

The camera focused right in on her pretty young face. "YEA! LET'S TORTURE HER FUCKIN' TITS" yelled Crowbar as the bikers cheered her on shouting."PONY GIRL!! PONY GIRL!!! PONY GIRL!!!!" "DO WHATEVER YOU WANT TO MY TITS" urged Pinkie as she snorted coke and began to smear the cocaine on her magnificent tattooed hooters smiling at the men with lust in her eyes. She had watched "Pony Girls" in some of Crowbar's bondage films and had many times fantasized about performing the kinky act herself.

She certainly had the most fabulous tattooed boobs now for bouncing and breast torture. That she knew for sure! Outside, in the mid- afternoon sun with her hands cuffed behind her back, Pinkie began trotting in place lifting her knees high in the air sending her sloppy pierced and tattooed boobs a flying' every which way.

The bikers went absolutely bizzerk as Cindy trotted past them, high stepping in her kinky stiletto heels as her beautiful heavily tattooed boobs bounced and slapped loudly and wildly every which way - laughing hysterically as she brutalized her own beautiful tits for these sex crazed bikers. It was a turn-on like nothing she'd ever done. "THROW 'EM HIGHER!" shouted Crowbar as Pinkie pranced past for the second time. "TRASH YER FUCKIN' TITTES, BITCH! SLAP 'EM HARDER!!!" He commanded - supported by his cheering biker buddies.

The crowd was growing quickly as more bikers showed up and people off the street dropped in to see what all the commotion was about. Their were old farts and young kids who watched in awe as the gorgeous young teen trotted past, each time sending her huge pierced and tattooed breasts bouncing further off her rib cage.

Her head was spinning from the drugs she'd taken. She craved being the center of sexual attention in such an outrageous display of kinky lust and brutal breast bashing. Her shaved cunt was oozing with cum and excitement as she trotted up and down the parking lot in her black platform sandals and leather studded harness.

"FUCK MY TITS!!!!" she shouted out hysterically to her cheering fans as she increased her tempo until her own big tits lunged so far off her chest they began hitting her face and tummy with every high step. She sounded like a carriage as her nipple rings collided with her leather harness and chains."I LOVE BEING KINKY" she laughed into the video camera as she passed by.

She knew this display of deliberate degradation was destroying the muscle tissue in her once beautiful big tits, but that's what made it so kinky. So taboo and erotic. Even the most jaded of the bikers like Crowbar were stunned at the radical boob trashing spectacular before them. They'd seen Hondas destroyed many a time. But never a pair of gorgeous tits - self inflicted by such a gorgeous young fox. What she'd really do to herself just to prove to all these nasty men that she could be the rudest, crudest, lewdest hot bitch among all the Outlaws.

" HIT MY TITS" she shouted with a lust crazed hysteria as she began trotting again - only this time turning and twisting, throwing her tits to the crowd - hitting a few bikers with her super boobs as their hands reached out to slap her pendulous paps.

"GO ON, PUNCH MY FUCKIN' TITS!" she screamed as the bikers began smashing her soft boobs with their hands and fists as Pinkie threw her magnificent tits into the crowd of near rioting bikers now shoving and kicking to grab and handful of her silky smooth boob-flesh.

"YANK MY FUCKIN' TITS OFF!" Pinkie screamed louder as the greedy hands yanked and twisted her nipple rings pulling her now mangled titties into obscene distorted mounds of taffy stretched beyond their natural limits. " GO ON ASSHOLES.STRETCH 'EM FURTHER YOU FUCKERS!!!!! Pinkie gasped and yelled "I'M COMING!! I'M COMING NOW!!!" as the bikers pulled ever harder on her poor mutilated tits - stretching the shit out of her tits and nipple tissue as the sex crazed nympho climaxed openly in front of a hundred rowdy, beer guzzling bikers.

The camera boys came in for close ups of the action as Crowbar pulled apart her smooth firm buns and revealed her pink asshole and then stretched open her pierced cunt lips using the labia rings until her hole was so large it was definitely fist fucking size!!!

"FUCK BOTH HOLES" she commanded to Animal and Gizzardman. The bikers wasted no time mounting the young punk chick with two pricks pistoning her at once. "THAT'S IT, DP FUCK ME!" One deep up the ass with the other in her stretched out pussy while the camera focused on all three cocks fucking her at once. She keep her hands cuffed behind her back as she threw her huge pendulous titties back and forth with lust-crazed madness.groaning and grunting as more cocks blew and the jizz spurted into her face and on her ass and tits.

"DOES THIS TURN YOU ON CROWBAR? IS THIS THE KIND OF MOVIE YOU WANTED ME TO MAKE? DO YOU LIKE WATCHING ME FUCK ALL THESE MEN?" "YEA, IT TURNS ME ON!!!" said Crowbar. "MAKES ME WANT TO TORTURE YOU RIGHT NOW!!!!" The bikers switched places, stuffing new rockets in her cum soaked love pockets.

"YES!!! TORTURE ME CROWBAR. I CAN TAKE ANYTHING YOU CAN DREAM UP.I MEAN ANYTHING!!!!!!" Pinkie challenged him as she looked over her shoulder at him as she deliberately fucked harder and faster on the two cocks driving up her ass and pussy. Then returning to a pair of stiff cocks ready to be sucked by the new "PUNK PRINCESS" of the OUTLAWS. "FUCK HER ASS!! FUCK HER CUNT!!! FUCK HER TITTIES!!!!" Crowbar screamed out as the bikers balled and brutalized the drug crazed young slut while Pinkie challenged them to do more to her ravaged young body.

She couldn't stop coming as the bikers took turns stuffing their stiff cocks up into her love holes. She loved the raunchy exploitation of her sexy young body and begged the boys to jizz on her face and in her mouth as she bounced and bucked on double cocks as dozens of bikers fucked her senseless. "MORE CLOSE-UPS," Crowbar instructed the cameraman positioning Cindy's asshole for the camera as a black cock pistoned in and out with a white cock driving hard up her ravaged young cunt.

Pinkie panted harder as she speeded up her tempo rattling her harness and swinging her sloppy big hangers. "BITE YOUR TITS BITCH" commanded Crowbar, in a deep voice so all could hear him. "BITE 'EM HARD!!" "BOTH TITS AT ONCE!" she bragged as she yanked up both boobs to her face and began biting on both nipple rings at once. "YOU HEARD ME, CHEW HARD ON THOSE BAGS OF BLUBBER!!!" he shouted.

" FUCK YES!!! I'LL BITE 'EM FOR YA! she gasped as she gnawed on her knockers until she was breakin' the skin around her nipple rings oozing blood into her saliva mixed with sperm. Cindy only stopped biting her tits long enough to let the bikers trade places fucking her sweet young ass and tattooed pussy. Then she went right back to work chewing on her big hangin' hooters and fuckin' like crazy while the bikers cheered her on to new orgasms.

End of chapter 9 (to be continued) THE ADVENTURES of PINKIE CHAPTER 10 - THE MOTEL PARKING LOT "JESUS CHRIST GIRL, I LOVE THESE TITS," praised Moose as Pinkie sucked his cock, furiously yanking his dick - spiting and licking his balls as she jerked off two other biker studs as she wildly bounced up and down on Jason's black shaft.

"HELP YOURSELF," she blurted out - opening her mouth wide to catch the spurting jizz as Moose burst his wade aimlessly in her cute face. Reaching down he cupped his hand under Pinkie's melonous udder, lifting her squishy boob - gripping her stiff nipple between his fingers and pinching it hard.

"HER TITS ARE BIGGER THAN HER HEAD!!" he exclaimed profoundly, looking at the other bikers for acknowledgment of his discovery of the obvious. "I MEAN SHIT! YOU ARE SO FUCKIN' BEAUTIFUL GIRL!! groaned Moose. "WHERE'D CROWBAR EVER FIND YOU?"."THESE BOOBS ARE FUCKING BEAUTIFUL.YOU'RE AS BIG AS TOPSY CURVY.AND YOU'RE GORGEOUS!!" "UH,HUH" Pinkie sucked furiously, letting the jizz dribble out of her mouth onto her tits.

beaming with lust as she reached for another cock pull it into her open mouth. Her next trick, Crazy Dave, slipped his middle finger into her dual nipple rings and tugged them mercilessly hard - twisting clockwise and counterclockwise until the nipple hole was radically distended and stretched open almost two inches. One right after another she sucked, jerked and jizzed over twenty Outlaws while the video camera zoomed in and out - trying to get different angles as the bikers took turns driving their cocks up her asshole while reaming her pussy.

"TIME FOR SOME TITTIE TRAINING PINKIE. LETS SHOW THE BROS WHAT YOU'LL DO TO ENTERTAIN THEM," called out Crowbar as he held out a handful of leather cords and leashes.

"OH YEA, TIE OFF MY FUCKIN' TITS CROWBAR - I WANT IT! - JUST LIKE THOSE KINKY BREAST BONDAGE FLICKS YOU SHOWED ME FROM FRANCE" Pinkie challenged Crowbar as she thrust out her tits - begging for more punishment.

"HELP ME OUT OF THE THIS BREAST HARNESS," she commanded. "IT'LL LOOK BETTER WITH JUST MY BOOBS ALL BOUND UP AND NOTHING ELSE ON TOP," she explained, her adrenaline pumping as she readied herself for her next exciting new bondage experience.

"GIVE ME A HIT!!" she commanded Animal as he held out his little pipe. Pinkie smoked the crack pipe as Crowbar began to wrap the leather thong around the base of her left boob cutting off the circulation in her big tit. And what a monster tit it was at that. "GO TIGHTER." Pinkie commanded as she watched her big tit balloon up and narrow at the base.

She was so stoned now she could hardly feel it. "MUCH TIGHTER ,CROWBAR, I REALLY WANT YOU TO HURT 'EM!" she demanded as Crowbar and another biker each pulled harder on the thong until the base of her big tit resembled a giant mushroom - cutting off her beautiful big soft boob from her chest - accentuating her bold tattoos and nipple ring.

As they continued to wrap the leather tighter and tighter around the base of her tit, her boob began to turn pink under the pressure. "OH FUCK YES Crowbar, THAT LOOKS BIZARRE!!! DON'T YA LOVE THIS KINKY SHIT? GO ON, TIE OFF MY BIG TITS!! SEE HOW TIGHT YOU CAN TIE THEM." She gazed over at the crowd of bikers and onlookers, seeking their approval of her boob torture freak show. "NOW THE OTHER TIT!," Pinkie mused thrusting out her right boob "AND I WANT IT EVEN TIGHTER!!!" she dared him as she sucked in her tummy and pushed her pierced and tattooed tit into the loop.

"SO, YOU WANT ME TO CUT YOUR FUCKIN' TITS OFF, DON'T YOU BITCH?!!" Crowbar threatened her as he and Animal each gripped either end of the rope with both hands, braced themselves and then commenced to pull the cord with all their strength until the base of her tit was narrowed to the size of her neck. Her boobs looking like two heads bobbing off her chest. 'OH FUCK YES!! I LOVE IT WHEN YOU TIE UP MY TITS LIKE THIS! DON'T STOP!!! WRAP IT TIGHTER!!

TORTURE MEEEEE! I WANT IT!!!" she cried out. "YOU LIKE IT WHEN I PUNISH YOUR BIG TITTIES DON'T YA BITCH?" "UH-HUH." she moaned."THEY LOOK FUCKIN' KINKY NOW, DON'T YOU THINK?," she smirked in a somewhat hysterical voice - admiring her bulbous ballooned boobs.

"WHAT'S IN THERE?" she asked, as Crowbar pulled out a fishing tackle box. "THIS IS THE NEXT ADVENTURE IN YOUR TITTIE TRAINING!" he grinned as he opened a fishing tackle box to reveal a large selection of fish weights. "GIVE ME ANOTHER HIT!!" she demanded, as Animal lit a match. "WAIT UNTIL YOU FEEL THESE WEIGHTS TUGGIN' ON YOUR NIPPLES!" he promised her.

"YOU'RE GONNA BEG ME FOR MORE 'TIL YOUR TITS ARE HANGIN' TO YOUR KNEES!!" he commanded. "OH YA, GO AHEAD - STRETCH MY FUCKIN' BOOBS ASSHOLE!!! HANG THE WEIGHTS!!!" "THAT'S IT!! HANG THE HEAVY ONES FIRST SO I CAN REALLY FEEL THEIR WEIGHT PULLING ON MY NIPPLES," she gasped as Crowbar clipped the 12 oz. lead weight to her right nipple ring. "NOW THE SHARP ONES WITH THE LITTLE SPIKES. GO ON. I CAN TAKE IT," she begged Crowbar, knowing full well that she could take more pain than he or any of them.

"COME ON PINKIE!! STRETCH THOSE FUCKIN' TITS OF YOURS!" Animal egged her on. while some others looked away, not able to stand the disgusting sight of this young babe mutilating her beautiful breasts and distending her nipples down to her navel with almost three pounds of fish weights just to turn on all these heathen bikers.

"FUCK MY TITS! STRETCH 'EM FURTHER. GO ON. ADD THOSE OTHER LONG POINTED WEIGHTS WITH THE SILVER CHAINS. OH FUCK!.OH FUCK!.OH FUCK!. I'M GONNA COME! I'M COMING. I'M FUCKIN' CUMMMMINNNG!!!!" she yelled out at the gawking bikers as several guys openly masturbated and began pissing on Pinkie's tattooed legs, ass and shaved cunt while one fagot begin to barf his beer out on the ground just from the sight of it. "THAT'S IT - LOOK AT MY GOD DAMN NIPPLES!! SHIT!!! SHIT!! SHIT!!" Pinkie shrieked aloud as the two bikers pulled hard on her rings until holes in her nipples began to open up, stretching her teats to their extremes.

Her boobs began to develop long, deep stretchmarks over ten inches long from her rib cage to her pierced and distended nipples. "FUCK YOU!! PULL HARDER. RIP MY FUCKIN' NIPPLES. DON'T STOP NOW. PULL 'EM FURTHER GOD DAMN IT. I WANT YOU TO!!!!" "YOU WANT MORE PUNISHMENT?" Crowbar asked Pinkie as he looked into her bloodshot eyes, down at her mangled crimson tits and back into her glassy bloodshot eyes. "HELL YES!!


I NEED TO GET OFF!!!"she cried out - so all could hear her. "YOU HEARD THE LADY, GIVE HER WHAT SHE WANTS" confirmed Crowbar, looking at Animal, Moose, Crazy Dave and the rest of the Outlaws. "ALL RIGHT PINKIE!!!" cheered Crazy Dave.

"PINKIE. PARTY. PINKIE. PARTY!!" they chanted like a bunch of drunk fraternity bothers. With the help of a few bikers, Crowbar helped Cindy into the back of his pick-up truck where he attached her handcuffs the metal ladder rack over her head. With the truck's tailgate removed, Crowbar had Pinkie on her knees, facing backwards so that her upper torso was totally off the back, hanging above the asphalt.

With her wrists cuffed high above her head, Pinkie pushed out her chest so her pendulous bound tits swung about radically distended with the multiple heavy fish weights still hanging from her elongated nipples.

Her hard bound mamaries were now turning a reddish purple color from the tight cords that bound them. "SO NOW WHAT? she asked in a sassy tone, as if mocking the bikers and their feeble attempts at breaking her spirit. "FIST FUCK!! FIST FUCK!! FIST FUCK!!!" the bikers chanted while Animal and Moose climbed in the bed of the truck behind Pinkie to ream her gapping asshole and pierced young pussy.

"THAT'S IT!" she groaned as the two men used both hands to loosen her up, driving their fingers in and out of her asshole and pussy. With the help of some motor oil, they wedged more fingers inside of her vaginal cavity and pulled it wide open while the video camera zoomed in and out.

"OH YEA. FUCK MY CUNT!!! FUCK MY ASS! FUCK ME GOOD!!" Pinkie groaned as they jackhammered their hands and fingers deeper into her holes, pulling hard on the pussy rings - drastically pulling her labia as far as they could and then ramming their hands deep into her well oiled cunny. "GO FOR ALL FIVE FINGERS!! GO FOR TEN!!!" she pleaded as the bikers stuffed their hands between her firm young thighs and drive them into her wet sloppy fuck holes, spitting in her asshole as they entered the hollow cavity of her anal sanctum.

"COME ON, FIST FUCK ME YOU WIMPS, OPEN WIDER" she cried out as the men held her wide, wide open for the first fister. "GO AHEAD AXLE," encouraged Crowbar, "YOU GO FIRST" he confirmed, nodding his head signally that he wanted Axle to be Pinkie's first fist fucker.

"OH JESUS FUCK" cried Pinkie as Axle slid his entire hand inside her cunt, then formed a fist inside where it rested. "OH YEA, THAT'S GOOD! I CAN TAKE. I'M GOOD. I'M GETTING USED TO IT.

FUCK - IT FEELS INCREDIBLE," Pinkie smiled as she looked back at the old biker driving his fist up her cunt. "OKAY, NOW FUCK ME!" she commanded him.

"I REALLY WANT TO FEEL YOU MOVING INSIDE ME" she demanded. With long, deliberate shoves, Axle rammed his fist in deeper and deeper as Pinkie's swinging breasts clanged about, distended drastically by the chain of heavy fish weights as Axle's fist thrust even deeper going beyond his wrist as he powered his fist inside her shaved and tattoed young cunny.

"GO ON, PUNISH MY BIG BOOBIES?" she pleaded, pushing out her swollen breasts as the bikers approached her. "COME ON GUYS - DON'T YA WANNA HURT MY PRETTY BOOBIES?" Pinkie pouted.

"I WANNA SEE HOW FAR WE CAN BASH THESE BOOBS - SO LOOSEN UP BABY. WE'RE GONNA PUT THESE BABIES INTO ORBIT. COME ON NOW PINKIE - SHAKE `EM FOR THE BOYS - THEY WANT TO SEE YOUR PRETTY BOOBS A SHAKEN!!" commanded Crowbar as he brought out a black leather paddle with metal studs on one side. "GIVE IT YOUR BEST SHOT," she teased, acting unafraid of whatever they'd do as she shook her crimson red breasts, jangling the heavy weights from her nipple rings.

"WHAM" it sounded as he broadsided her big boobie with the leather paddle sending the heavy tits quivering. "OH FUCK YES!" she hissed, "PUNISH THESE FUCKIN' BOOBS." She was on the verge of climaxing as she pushed her big bound tits out for another whack. Her head was spinning from all the crack she'd smoked. "ITS TIME FOR A BOOB BASHIN' PARTY" Crowbar shouted out to the jaded crowd of heathens who'd thought they'd seen everything.

An other biker stepped forward with a wooden batten he'd ripped from a and old rotten white picket fence at the back of the motel's parking lot and took a swing at Pinkie's hangin' titties. WHACK!

WHACK! WHACK!WHACK!WHACK! he powered across left and right breast in turn with full force until the wood board broke. "FUCK IT!" he hollered out, "I'LL GET ANOTHER!!" "GOD I LOVE THIS KINKY SHIT!" Pinkie shouted out as she looked down at her reddish purple breasts.

Seeing the red spots and scratches turned her on in a way she couldn't explain . but it was a rush to say the least. "THEY LOOK BIZARRE, DON'T THEY?".she said, looking about for approval.

Then with unbridled lust and enthusiasm, Pinkie cried out "SMASH MY FUCKIN' TITS!" - her eyes bulging with lust as Axle continued to ram his fist deep inside her - rocking her tits back and forth with his thrusting.

"WHACK!WHACK!WHACK!" slammed the rough board as Crazy Dave criss-crossed her heavy hooters with powerful blows to her battered breast-meat, until the old fence board broke again in the process. "OH YEA, HIT 'EM HARD LIKE THAT. HIT 'EM FUCKIN' HARDER!" she grimaced as she watched her once beautiful boobs battered back and forth,leaving bright red hot spots and soon to be bruises. "OKAY GUYS, LETS TEST YOUR SKILL ON A SCOOTER." Shouted Crowbar.

"I'VE GOT SOME MORE BOARDS HERE FOR THOSE OF YOU WHO THINK YOU CAN RIDE AND SWAT AT THE SAME TIME." he challenged them. `SO GET ON YOUR BIKES AND TAKE A SWING AT THE LOVELY LADY." he commanded as he removed the heavy weights from her nipple rings. Animal was the first and rode down the parking lot on his noisy Harley and turned around, Pinkie leaned over further so her tits could hang clear for maximum impact.

As he accelerated on his Harley, Pinkie winced and closed her eyes as he rumbled past - striking a direct hit loudly with a "WHAP!!" as the rough board broadsided her dangling heavy soft flesh. Her left boob flew sideways, both breasts collapsing under the impact of the blow as Animal blasted by her in a cloud of dust.

"BASH HER TITS!!!" the bikers cheered screamed like barbarians. "OWEEEE JESUS" she cried out, seeing stars, Pinkie felt like her tit had been torn off it stung so badly, but she couldn't think about that now because a wild dude known as Black Bart was up next and she could see the nail sticking out of the wood as he rode past and swung, but only barely clipped her nipple ring, almost crashing into some parked cars.

"YOU MISSED!!" she teased, trying to humiliate the guy in front of his friends. Not to be made fools, a bunch of the bikers ripped apart the picket fence and jumped on their bikes to have at the bitch with the foul mouth.

"VAROOOM!! VAROOOM!! VAROOOM!! VAROOOM!! VAROOOM!! VAROOOM!! the bikers rode underneath her on their Harleys, swinging their fence boards at Pinkie's soft hanging tits like moving targets as she shook her boobs violently trying to avoid the lash of the boards bashing her teats. "OH FUCK!" she yelled out as she jerked her shoulders faster to keep her tits in constant motion as the bikers rode past swinging their boards, connecting on every fourth or fifth pass.

"VROOM! WHISH," they'd swing and miss. "VROOM! WHAM!!" they'd swing and hit."VROOM.WHAP! VROOM WHISH! WHISH! WHISH! WHAM! WHISH!

WHISH! WHAP! WHISH! they circled the parking lot shouting and cheering as Pinkie jerks her dangling udders now turning black and blue with the many blows received from the wooden boards. "AAAAAAAHHHHH MY TITS," she shouts out hysterically. "YOU'RE REALLY FUCKING MY TITS!!!" she cries but the guys have broken loose and she 'd not stop them. Her huge udders are catapulted off her chest impact upon impact as the rough boards swing and smash again and again, penetrating her soft tit-flesh and leaving fresh welts on her battered tits.

Distorted and mangled with each blow, her big titties are flung in all directions as the bikers paddle away at her poor paps like punching bags. Just when Pinkie is about to pass out, an old woman who owns the motel comes out and yells, "CUT IT OUT!! STOP IT YOU JERKS!! YOU'VE WRECKED MY FENCE. AND WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO THIS GIRL?

YOU'RE ALL A BUNCH OF HEATHENS.NOTHING MORE!! STOP NOW OR I'LL CALL THE COPS!!! Within minutes, three squad cars arrived with sirens and guns out.

Four bikers were arrested and hauled to jail for indecent exposure, disorderly conduct, vehicle exhibition and lewd exhibition in a public place.

Pinkie and Crowbar were among the four. End of chapter 10 (to be continued) THE ADVENTURES of PINKIE CHAPTER 11 - OUT OF THE SLAMMER "WHAT HAPPENED TO YOU" asked a young black hooker as she checked out Pinkie. "IT WAS A WILD PARTY, THAT'S ALL," she responded as they pondered their dismal futures at the large prison in downtown LA. "I FEEL LIKE SHIT," Pinkie moaned, her body throbing with aches and pains all over - especially her tits.

"I HATE TO SAY IT, BUT YOU LOOK LIKE A TRUCK RAN OVER YOU - HONEY. HOW'D YOU GET THOSE SCRATCHES ON YOUR NECK GIRL?" "THEY'RE NOTHING" she responded, looking the young black girl right in the eye. "TAKE A LOOK AT THESE," she requested as she slowly unbuttoned her the top three buttons of her light blue prison shirt revealing her ample cleavage. "DAMN GIRL!! THOSE ARE SOME MIGHTY NASTY SCRATCHES AND YOU GOT SOME DOOZY OF SOME BRUISES THERE TOO!! ARE THOSE BABIES FOR REAL?" she questioned the size of Pinkie's magnificent breasts.

"YEA, THEY'RE REAL. AND THEY REALLY HURT RIGHT NOW" she responded cooly, unbuttoning her blouse completely, giving the stranger a good look up close at her extra large pendulous breasts.


"WELL THEN, WHO HAMMERED ON YOU GIRL?" the young hooker asked directly. "WE JUST HAD A REALLY WILD PARTY AND I GOT CARRIED AWAY LETTING HIS FRIENDS DO WHATEVER THEY WANTED TO ME. IT WAS REALLY EXCITING AT THE TIME." she shrugged her shoulders as she massaged her nipples, feeling her nips getting stiff as she fingered her nipple rings.


"OH GUARD, WHEN CAN I MAKE MY ONE PHONE CALL? OH GUARD?" she hummed. "WHO YA GONNA CALL?" the guard asked. "THAT'S MY BUSINESS! AND I HAVE RIGHTS, YOU KNOW!" she confirmed. "OH, ALL RIGHT, COME WITH ME" the guard escorted her from her cell to the central communications center where she was giving a telephone to use.


The next two days seemed to last an eternity as she discovered the horrors of living behind bars. She had lost everything.most of all her freedom. On day three, Larry showed up, apologetic for not getting there sooner. Within a half hour and $5,000 later, Pinkie was sitting next to Larry in his red Corvette zipping down the freeway towards Beverly Hills.

"WHAT HAPPENED TO YOU?" he asked, looking at Pinkie's blue mohawk and shinner. "OH, I GOT INTO A FIGHT," she responded, hoping that would suffice. "DID THAT GUY CROWBAR AND HIS BUDDIES DO THIS TO YOU?" he asked. "IT WAS JUST A WILD PARTY, THAT'S ALL." she quieted. "WELL THEN, LETS GO TO MY PARENTS, THEY'RE IN THE BAHAMAS FOR TWO WEEKS," Larry winked. "I'M NOT HAVING SEX WITH YOU LARRY. NOT YET, ANYWAY," she confirmed.

"I'VE HAD A HARD TIME AND I NEED SOME TIME TO RECOUPERATE. She didn't want him to see what she had done to herself and insisted on her privacy. During the day, Larry went to work downtown at his brokerage job. For the few days, Pinkie dried herself out and pampered herself with aloe creams to heal her skin, mud packs, manacures and hours of swimming in the pool. She loved the peace and tranquility of being in the beautiful home all alone, but she couldn't stop thinking about Crowbar still in jail and all the wild stuff she'd done at the motel parking lot.

After a almost a week of recouperation,she decided to go out of the house. She found a bleached blond wig in Mrs. Thomas' wardrobe and took Larry's mother's new Mercedes to Gelson's Market wearing a pair of faded jeans, platform sandals and a white peasant blouse. She even sported a bra for the first time in weeks. She knew she looked dazzling like a young movie star and she felt like a million bucks.

It was obvious Larry was still in love with her. She was afraid he might even pop the big question. She was scared to show him all of her tattoos and thought about seeing a surgeon about having them removed. At the store, she enjoyed flirting with the clerks who couldn't take their eyes off her impressive cleavage.

On her way out, she picked up an LA Weekly to check out what was happening around town. She was looking at the movies and local shows, when she spotted an ad for the "Barbaric Biker Festival" in Bakersfield next weekend. Her heart immediately began racing with flashbacks of Crowbar and the gang. For the next several days, she was haunted by the ad and read it over and over again. She loved being pampered - and she knew Larry would do anything for her.

This was her chance to turn the other cheek and move forward into a respectible life in high society. By Wednesday of the second week, her skin was looking sun-tanned and beautiful again. She enjoyed sunbathing in the nude and made no attempt to cover up when the gardeners came - which seemed to be every day. She continued to wear trainer studs in her piercings, letting her nipples heal themselves. It was miraculos the way the body works that way, she realized. On Wednesday evening, Larry announced that he had purchased two tickets on a cruise ship to Mexico.

He obviously had big ideas in mind. Pinkie thought a lot about Larry and cruise. It would be a lot of fun, but then, suddenly she'd have a haunting flashback, and begin to fanticize about the big biker festival and what might happen there. She wasn't sure if she could fall in love with Larry again.

He would be the perfect husband and provider some day. But hell, she was only nineteen and her hormones were going wild. She couldn't help it if she was sex crazed. She couldn't stop thinking of the sensations she'd experienced. She needed to taste the whip "just one more time" she kept saying to herself.

By noon Friday, she stole Mrs. Thomas' Mercedes and headed towards Bakersfield. She took only the clothes she was wearing, what little jewelry she had and a lot of make-up, perfume and toiletries. She left Larry a note which simply read, "DEAR LARRY. I'M JUST NOT READY YET. WENT TO SEE SOME OLD FRIENDS. PlEASE DON'T BE MAD AT ME. I'LL BE BACK. LOVE YA - CINDY." After two and half hours, she finally arrived in Bakersfield.

It was almost dusk and she was hungry. She had hardly eaten in a week and her ribcage was starting to show. She stopped at a Mobil station and climbed out of the Mercedes, stretching and adjusting her shoulders when she noticed a couple of young men staring at her from inside the office.

She knew all eyes were "ON" her as she sauntered slowly up to and inside the office. "CAN YOU DIRECT ME TO THE BARBARIC BIKER FESTIVAL?" she asked the two attendants. "I DON'T THINK YOU WANT TO BE GOING THEIR MAM," the heavy one advised her, looking at pretty young face, huge tits and beautiful new Mercedes."ITS VERY DANGEROUS YOU KNOW." "OH, DON'T WORRY, I'M JUST DROPPING SOMETHING OFF," she smiled.





As she drove up the road, she started feeling nausious with excitement as she slipped her hand into her jeans, fingering her wet cunny. She knew why she was coming back and it wasn't to see Crowbar. She needed to feel her senses alive and on fire like only a good beating could do.

She needed to be exposed and ravaged publically. She was addicted to bondage, the nastier the better. When she came to the old barn, she quietly parked the Mercedes on the side. She could hear motorcycles and people in the distance, but the barn seemed quiet .

until she heard a scream. And another scream. It was obviously a woman's scream and it arroused her to no end. "YEEOUOOO FUCK! FUCK! FUCK! the woman screamed again, this time just as Cindy open the barn door to see a bunch of men standing around a fire pit with branding irons while a woman hung from the ceiling by her wrists.

Her heart started racing as she watched the young woman wiggle and convulse as she dangled. Cindy stepped inside, closing the big door behind her.

As she looked more closely at the people across the large barn, she could see that the woman had been branded. And she could see Animal. There were several groups in different parts of the huge barn. A tattoo artist was buzzing away on some girls shoulder who sat topless. She noticed some piercing tools laying on a barrel lid as she walked confidently to the branding pit. She walked on the dirt floor in her heels, jeans and white blouse. Unable to contain her desire to show off, she began to saunter as she walked until she was right behind the group at the branding pit.

She simply announced herself "HI ANIMAL." He turned around, stunned and said "PINKIE? IS THAT YOU?" "YOU BET!" she gleamed with glee in her eyes as she reached for his hash pipe and took a long, heavy hit.

"YOU LOOK GORGEOUS!! WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN?" "I GOT OUT ON GOOD BEHAVIOR," she smiled with a twinkle in her eyes. "HOW'D YOU GET OUT SO FAST?" "BAD BEHAVIOR!" she teased, pushing out her proud chest. "WHAT'S THIS? A BRA?" he scowered with a frown. "I'LL BURN IT!" she laughed as she took another hit. "IS CROWBAR HERE?" she asked. "NO WAY. HE'S STILL IN THE SLAMMER . I THINK HE'S IN FOR A MONTH!!" "WELL, THAT'S TOO BAD FOR HIM, CAUSE ITS PARTY TIME!" she laughed with glee as she unbuttoned her white blouse revealing the soft stretchy athletic bra as she peeled out of her blouse.

"FHOOOF" it went as she tossed her blouse into the fire pit. "WHAT'S THAT ABOUT?" asked Animal, surprised by her action. "IT'S PARTY TIME, AND THERE'S NOTHING GONNA STOP ME NOW," she smiled as she unhooked her bra, setting free her magnificent young mammaries. "FHOOF" threw her bra also into the fire pit. "INCREDIBLE TITS," nodded one of the four bikers. "NICE TATS AND TITTIE RINGS TOO!!

I THINK I HEARD ABOUT YOU? ARE YOU THE CHICK CROWBAR FILMED IN NORTH HOLLYWOOD ABOUT TWO WEEKS AGO?" "NO SHIT BRO, THIS IS PINKIE!!! SHE'S THE FUCKIN' HOTTEST BABE ANYWHERE!!" confirmed Animal as he reached around her slender waist and kissed square on the lips, his hand cupping her heavy boob while the others just stood there dumbfounded. "LOOK AT THESE TITS, WILL YA?" Animal demanded as he squarely gripped both her boobs and pulled them away from her chest.

"THEY'RE THE SIZE OF BABY WATERMELONS." he assured everyone as he gripped her tits hard, digging deep with his fingers and then lifted her heavy udders up high, showing off how resilient Pinkie was to having her breasts manhandled.

"YOU GUYS LIKE BIG TITS?" Pinkie grinned at the bikers, as if encouraging them to join in the boob tugging session. "WATCH THIS," stated Animal, as he dug deeper into her soft flesh, holding just the nipple and aureoles in his grasp as her pull straight up with all of his strenght lifting Pinkie onto her tip-toes.

"OHHHHHHHHHHHHH" she gasped, "YOU'RE STRONG!" she groaned, leaning her head back as Animal attempted to lift her off the ground by her huge tits.

"SO ARE YOU, WOMAN. I THINK WE SHOULD HANG YOU BY YOUR TITS. THEY CAN TAKE IT!!" Animal bragged. "OH YEA, I SAW THAT IT SOME GERMAN BONDAGE FILM." Pinkie agreed."I DOUBT I COULD LAST MORE THAN A FEW MINUTES . BUT HEY, I'D DO IT ONCE!" she sassed back, looking for a reaction from the bikers. "YOU GUYS WANT TO TRY?" he looked around at the other bikers, letting go of Pinkie's heavy boobs - allowing them to drop and splash gently on her ribcage.

"GO AHEAD, BOYS" she encouraged them as she pulled down her jeans down to reveal her tattooed fanny, "THIS PARTY IS JUST BEGINNING!!" "FHOOOOOOOF" her jeans lit on fire as she reached again for the hash pipe. "WHAT'S YOUR NAME?" she asked one of the Blades as she walked right up to him in her high heels and placed his hand on her shaved cunny.

"I'M TIMBER, AND YOU'RE FUCKIN' AMAZING!" the tall burly biker grinned as he reached out and gripped her tattooed breast with his other hand, squeezing and fingering her nipple ring as he continued to rub faster between her legs, slidding his finger into her hot wet crack "GO ON, TRY TO LIFT ME," she dared him, "WITH ONLY ONE," she winked.

With her pierced nipple clenched between Timber's thumb and forefinger, he pinched hard and stretched Pinkie's tit like taffy, then began shaking and jiggling her dangling boob rapidly, sending ripples of vibrations through her silky soft tittie. "OUUUU" she groaned. "YOU'RE STRONG! AND TOUGH. I LIKE TOUGH GUYS!" she ginned, raising her eyebrows and licking her lips as Timber gripped the other nipple ring. CHAPTER 12 - BARBARIAN BIKER FESTIVAL "DO THE KAMIKAZES EVER CRASH?" Pinkie asked with fear in her voice as Animal and Moose described the dangerous game of motorcycle chicken.




AND WITH THOSE MELONS, YOU'VE GOT A LOT TO SACRIFICE!!" he laughed as he smacked her tit open handed, sending reverberations quivering and her tittie rings a jingling. "DAMN RIGHT I DO," she snarled, pushing her out her tits into his hands, rolling her shoulders back and forth hitting him back with just her tits.

"OH, YOU LIKE THIS, DON'T YOU?" Moose growled as he pinched hard on her nipple and pulled hard stretching Pinkie's boob off her chest. "I CAN TAKE IT," she asserted as she held her arms over her head, challenging him to pull on both tits at once. "THIS IS NOTHING," Pinkie boasted. "WHATEVER YOU DICKS CAN DISH OUT," she said insultingly, "I CAN TAKE IT. I CAN TAKE MORE PUNISHMENT THAN ALL OF YOU WIMPS PUT TOGETHER." "DON'T WORRY, YOU'LL HAVE YOUR CHANCE TO PROVE YOURSELF.


THEY'RE RUTHLESS. "WHAT'S THE WORST THAT'S EVER HAPPENED TO A GIRLS' TITS?" Pinkie asked, as she pushed out her massive breasts into greedy hands as more bikers stepped up and took turns squeezing her orbs and pinching her nipples.

"I DON'T REALLY WANT TO SAY," mumbled Animal, "BUT THERE ARE TWO BIMBOS BACK AGAIN THIS YEAR AND BOTH ARE WILLING TO SACRIFICE THEIR TITS FOR A SECOND YEAR." said Moose. "AND THERE'S A NEW BRAZILIAN PORNO STAR NAMED ANGELIQUE WITH INCREDIBLY BEAUTIFUL BOOBS. I CAN'T WAIT TO SEE HER OUT THERE GETTING THOSE JUGS HAMMERED." said Timber. "ARE THEY BIGGER THAN MINE?" Pinkie asked, as she gripped the underside of her heavy boob and lifted the ten pound orb all the way to her chin and began sucking her own ringed nipple.


"WHATEVER IT TAKES, I GOT THE EQUIPMENT!!" Pinkie boasted as she thrust out her tattooed breasts. "THESE BABIES ARE NOW PROPERTY OF THE OUTLAWS, SO I SAY WE STOP AT NOTHING TO WIN THIS FUCKIN' DEAL!" she cried out to all,"RIGHT GUYS? taking another hit off the pipe.

"ALL RIGHT PINKIE, OUTLAWS RULE!! cheered the bikers. WIN THE BOOB BASH PINKIE!! DON'T LET 'EM SCARE YOU. YOU CAN TAKE IT GIRL!!!" "I KNOW, BUT FIRST, I'M GETTING PIERCED AGAIN!" she turned to Jake. Pinkie stick out her tongue "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH" she moaned loudly as Jake's pinchers punctured her flesh, driving the metal pin straight through her tongue. "SO . WHAT. .DO .I. HAVE .TO.

DO FOR THE KAMIKAZE?" Pinkie asked slowly, standing totally nude in only her high heels among a dozen crude bikers in the musty old barn, as another Outlaw knelt down and began kissing her tattooed buns.

"FOR THE KAMIKAZE COMPETITION, WE CAN DO A WINDMILL WHEELIE. I'LL BE DOING MOST OF THE WORK, BUT YOU NEED TO GYRATE YOUR TITS" said Animal as he slid his hand down the crack of her tattooed fanny and began to finger her asshole.

Pinkie didn't flinch as she altered her stance to allow him deeper penetration. "CAN I SHAKE 'EM OR THROW THEM AROUND?" Pinkie asked looking down at her pendulous tattooed breasts as she ground her asshole back onto his intruding finger. "ABSOLUTELY! BUT ITS HARDER WHEN YOU'RE STRAPPED TO A BIKE .




THEY'VE DREAMED UP SOME PRETTY BIZARRE BONDAGE RITUALS AND TORTURES." "I'M READY FOR ANYTHING! I MEAN IT. I'LL DO ANYTHING!!" she bragged as Jake inserted the piercing tool into her navel. "AND MY BRUISES ARE MOSTLY CLEARED UP PONY GIRL PARTY. SO I GUESS WERE STARTING FRESH!" Pinkie looked around at each of the Outlaws, enjoying teasing as she fed her nipple into another guys mouth. "OH, I KNOW, I WANT MY NAVEL PIERCED!" Pinkie demanded.

"ITS PART OF MY KINKY OUTFIT FOR THE KAMIKAZE RIDE." she turned to Jake, pointing her slender tummy at him. "AHHHHHHHHH" she moaned as the ring was inserted into her navel. "BRING OVER THE LEATHER CORDS," she asked Moose, who was standing next to a large trunk filled with all kinds of bondage gear and outfits.


"NOW, I NEED SOMETHING ON TOP," she grinned. "I WANT THE SAME LEATHER CORDS ATTACHED TO MY NIPPLE RINGS." "GREAT IDEA! THEY'LL MAKE GREAT PULL CORDS" Timber suggested as he and Animal both jumped in to help Moose, smoothing and stretching the black leather cords.


"OKAY FELLAS, NOW TIE SOME PULL CORDS TO MY PUSSY RINGS," she ordered. Carefully, Moose and Animal tied the black leather cords to each of her seven pussy rings, fingering her shaved cunny as they tied the knots. "LOOKING GOOD, BABY!!" said Moose, admiring Pinkie's super kinky new look. "DON'T FORGET HER HAT," said Crowbar as he handed over a black leather cap with a silver studded brim. "HOW'S IT LOOK?" asked Pinkie, as Moose placed the cap over her blue tinted mohawk. She knew she looked treacherous and she loved her new bad ass biker bitch image.

"COME ON, PULL ON MY BIG TITTIES," she teased the men, winking and jerking her shoulders sending her tattooed titties and tassels whiplashing back and forth. "YOU LOOK WILD AND WICKED," confirmed Animal as he admired young Pinkie's beautiful face and deep blue eyes.

Today, she looked especially dramatic with her make-up extra heavy with lashes long and black, dark eye-shadow and nearly black colored lip-stick.

And her skin was tanned and smooth from her many days of pampering. For the next half hour young Pinkie paraded about the giant barn entertaining the lusting men as they freely pulled her tittie cords and slapped her big titties.

They furiously finger banged her butthole and ringed cunny. It was obvious she was getting ready to seriously punish her huge titties - so she acted nastier than ever - shakin' and throwin' her decorated boobs back and forth with total abandon. "TAKE THAT" she laughed, as she'd approached each Outlaw and pelted their faces with her huge tattooed titties. "THAT'S IT, PULL ON 'EM" Pinkie urged the bikers to pull on her nipple cords.

"OH YEA, THAT'S IT, GO ON - S T R E T C H 'EM!!!" she squeeled as Timber and Crazy Dave tugged her elastic nipples and bountiful boobies high off her chest by her large aureole rings. "GO ON, FIST FUCK HER - YOU ASSHOLES." Animal shouted as Moose pulled apart her smooth tattooed buns and let the other bikers drive their greedy fingers in and out her asshole while others powered their hands up her ringed young cunt as she spread her legs wider and bent over to give everyone a good view of her ravaged gapping vagina.encouraging the men to fuck and abuse her openly in front of a growing audience of rowdy bikers.

"TAKE A PICTURE" Pinkie laughed as they pulled her pussy open wider for a fisting. With her punk hair cut, Pinkie felt absolutely wild and wicked among all these heathens as she peered out between her dangling tattooed breasts, smiling for the camera.

"GO ON, FIST FUCK ME!!" she cried out, as Animal and Moose gripped her boobs hard, holding her by the teats as she bent over totally lewd in front of all these hot, horny men. "ANGELIQUE WILL BE TAKIN' YOU ON - AND PULL YOUR FUCKIN' TITTIES OFF - BITCH!" shouted one of the bikers who had watched Pinkie fight Sonja at the campground a few weeks back. Looking out between her heavy hanging hooters, Pinkie burst out. "I'LL CHALLENGE ANY CUNT YOU CAN FIND TO GOD DAMN TIT PULL.AND MAY THE BADDEST BOOBS WIN!!" she laughed insanely as she shook her huge dangling big tattooed titties with a vengeance.

"OKAY BOYS, I THINK SHE'S READY. TIME TO STRAP HER TO THE KAMIKAZE RACK," Animal ordered as he handed out the ankle cuffs, wrist cuffs, arm cuffs, waist belt and black studded choker. The Kamikaze rack was a metal contraption that mounted onto the front forks of Animal's Harley-Davidson front end where the headlight normally is located. It had leather padding like a sissy bar and several metal tabs for hooking things. The bike was also outfitted with footpegs on the front forks at the axle, where Pinkie could stand as she rode.

With her arms pinned back behind her, Pinkie was lifted up onto the footpegs and the ankle cuffs were bound tight to the springer style front forks of the Harley so that she was straddling the large front tire of the big bike, "NO BOOTS?" confirmed Moose, admiring Pinkie's slender tattooed ankles and clear Lucite fuck-me platform sandals.

"IT JUST SEEMS SEXIER AND MORE DANGEROUS," she rationalized, as Moose strapped her ankle cuffs to the chrome motorcycle forks, admiring her pretty painted toenails and shapely smooth legs. "I FEEL SO TOP HEAVY," she laughed as they fastened her arm cuffs to the Kamikaze rack, severely pinning back her shoulders.

It was designed to deliberately push her torso out in front of her body, like a mermaid on a ship, leaving her HUGE BREASTS dramatically pronounced and vulnerable as they bobbed pendulously about in front of her. "THAT'S BECAUSE YOU ARE TOP HEAVY, BEAUTIFUL!" grinned Animal as he cupped her breast, then 'WHAP' he side-slapped her tit full force, sending it swinging back and forth.

"THESE ARE SO BEAUTIFUL," he gritted his teeth, as he 'WHAM!!' slapped her again. "OH YEA, THAT'S IT, PUNISH 'EM" Pinkie begged as she took a hit off of his hash pipe. "I NEED TO HAVE THEM PUNISHED HARD," she moaned. "NO FUCKIN' SHIT WE'RE GONNA PUNISH THEM," claimed Animal. "WE'RE GONNA BASH THESE BOOBIES UNTIL THEY'RE BLACK AND BLUE. YOU'LL BE BEGGING US TO CUT THEM OFF!! HOW'S THAT SOUND? BITCH! he flogged her heavy tits back and forth with open handed, slapping her teats with all of his strength.

"OH FUCK YES!" she gasped for air, "HURT ME!" Pinkie cried out. "FUCK MY TITS," she hissed, looking down at her pendulous orbs slogging back and forth with each powerful blow of his hand.

"HIT 'EM AGAIN!!" she begged. "THAT'S THE SPIRIT," cheered Timber. "MAKE THE OUTLAWS PROUD, GIRL!" "DON'T WORRY SWEETHEART, YOU'RE GONNA BE PUNISHED TO THE MAX," said Animal. "ITS SHOWTIME, AND YOU'RE THE STAR OF THE SHOW!!" as he rubbed pure cocaine on her nipples, working it over her breasts with a massaging motion. The more was smeared between her legs and into her love cavities.

"LETS GO GIRL AND SHOW 'EM THE OUTLAWS RULE!" he called out as he climbed into the saddle and jumped onto the kickstarter firing the twin cylinder Harley on the first kick. "VROOMMPA. VROOM. VROOM. VROOMMPA" rumbled the deep throated Harley as Animal revved the engineer, sending vibrations throughout the old barn.

"OH YEA,GUN IT!!" Pinkie called out, as she excitedly anticipated the ride of her life. Her genitals and breasts were on fire with lust from the cocaine. Being strapped to the bike was confining, but Pinkie still was able to open her legs up, enjoying the passage of cool air on her shaved pussy.

"WHOOOAAAA" she called out as Animal released the clutch in a cloud of dust and jerked the heavy motorcycle forward, only to brake and clutch several times as he rolled through the huge barn.

Pinkie's thong tasseled breasts jerked and leaped forward independent of each move of the big bike, bobbing and bouncing radically. "KAMIKAZE" she shouted out to the Outlaw bikers, radiant with lust and exhilaration as Animal gunned the bike, jerking it forward and then braking immediately as they rolled through the barn.

She looked absolutely stunning, proudly wearing her black leather biker cap, many leather cuffs, studded belts, erotic tattoos, multi-piercings, and her new hell-cat 'pull cords' dangling from her nipples, navel and labia. "KAMIKAZE PINKIE" the Outlaws cheered back. "KAMIKAZE PINKIE - KAMIKAZE PINKIE -KAMIKAZE PINKIE - KAMIKAZE PINKIE" - they chanted as Pinkie was paraded through the gathering crowd.

She looked statuesque mounted to the front of the hog as she winked and nodded at everyone as if they were her Royal subjects and she were their princess. "WOULD YOU LOOK AT THAT GIRL NOW," said Moose, as he admired Pinkie's brazen display of courage and adventure. "TWO MONTHS AGO SHE WAS PURE AS SNOW. TODAY SHE'S GONNA PUSH THE ABSOLUTE LIMITS TO PROVE SHE'S THE MOST EROTIC WOMAN HERE . AND ALL FOR OUR PERVERTED ENTERTAINMENT.

"OUTLAWS RULE!!!!!" cheered CHAPTER 13 - KAMIKAZE CONTEST "VROOM, VROOM" Animal revved his Harley as he tooled out of the barn doors in the late morning sunlight with Pinkie strapped to the front. "THIS IS RAD," she laughed as she felt the sunlight on her nakedness and the breeze between her legs.

She was both scared and exhilarated at the same time with all of her senses alive and teaming with lust. Slowly, Animal rolled his heavy motorcycle along the dirt driveway between the tall trees until he reached a spot where he and Pinkie could see the giant valley below. Filled with a thousand motorcycles, trucks and thousands of heathens, it looked like a war camp, with camp fires and debris everywhere.

In the middle, they could see that the bikers having some form of sporting event with lots of spectators circled around it. With a burst of fire, they realized it was a Honda bashing party and the bikers were smashing the motorcycle into pieces with heavy hammers and crowbars. "LETS GO!" smiled Pinkie as she cocked her head, The spiked collar and Kamikaze rig restrained her movement as she was strapped tightly to front forks with numerous leather straps and chains.

"ITS HARD TO SEE AROUND YOU," Animal complained, looking to the side of her tattooed fanny - and what a beautiful young fanny it was at that. Cautiously, Animal worked their way down the dirt road, bumping over pot holes and deep ruts, Pinkie's glorious bare bosoms bouncing freely and flopping about as she tilted her head backward.

Strictly restrained in total nakedness at the front of the bike with her legs wide open, she proudly displayed her shaved, ringed and tattooed cunny for everyone's view. As she pushed forward her huge jiggling udders, with her arms pinned behind her back, Pinkie felt an insane sense of excitementfeeling the pain overgrowing, as her pierced mams were recklessly ill-treated and shaken mercilessly by each bump on the rocky road.

After almost a mile of descending down the hill, they came to a cluster of bikers camped on the side of the road. Off to the side, a young teenage girl was screwing an old gray bearded biker in broad daylight while the other bikers just smoked dope. "ALL RIGHT, THE FIRST OF THE KAMIKAZES!!" they cheered as the saw Pinkie and Animal bouncin' and weaving down the road as they approached. "WHAT'R YER COLORS?" asked a camper, obviously stoned.

"OUTLAWS" shouted Pinkie."COME ON DOWN, ITS GONNA BE A TITTERIFIC SHOW!!" she winked as looked down at her tattooed mams hopping about and flappin' in the breeze.

As they approached the enormous crowd, Animal stopped the bike and explained to Pinkie: "I WANT YOU TO ENTER THE CENTRAL RING REALLY BOUNCIN' ON THE FRONT END OF MY BIKE SO THAT YOUR TITS REALLY FLOP AROUND." "FLOP LIKE THIS?" Pinkie asked, pumping energically on her pulled backwards forearms. "YEAH!! THAT'S IT!! PRETEND THAT YOU'RE ON A PO-GO STICK. USE YOUR LEGS TO JUMP ON THE FOOTPEGS AND USE THE SUSPENSION TO BOUNCE YOURSELF UP AND DOWN." he instructed her.

"YOU WANT ME TO THROW 'EM REALLY HIGH?!" she confirmed, her naked cunt getting wet just thinking about how much she needed to feel her titties slappin' again. The feeling of her big tits flopping and slapping wildly was an exotic sensation she couldn't get out of her mind. Ever since she performed the pony girl in the parking, she had an inner craving to do it again. She knew how brutal it was on her tits, but then that was what made it so kinky and taboo.

Plus, the bikers couldn't seem to get enough of it and she craved the attention. "HERE GOES," she confirmed with lusty determination to put on an incredible show of major tittie abuse. With her feet planted clearly in her high heels, Pinkie bent her knees and jumped in place, restrained by the many straps that held her. "WHEW!" she called out as she sprung high throwing her tattooed breasts high off her chest. The big bike leaped a little and absorbed her recoil as she came back down.

"THAT LOOKS BITCHEN!!" encouraged Animal. "LET'S GO!! DO IT FASTER AND JUMP HIGHER." Animal engaged the gear as Pinkie jumps energicaly under the restraint of her shackles. Feeling the big tire between her legs, she sprang higher jump, recoiling back down hard onto the springer front forks and then again, building her momentum - just like on a PO-GO stick she bounced back for more!!!

With each jump her breasts leaped high off her chest only to whiplash back down, splashing on her ribcage harder and harder each time as her momentum increased. As she intensifies her effort each time, the bike began dampening and recoiling to such an extent that the front wheel started bouncing off the ground. "THAT'S IT PINKIE! KEEP IT UP, WE'RE STARTING TO DO A WHEELIE STANDING STILL!!" encouraged Animal as he stood on his footpeds and also began throwing his weight into the bike's movement to help Pinkie get more elevation as she jumped in place.

"WOWEEEEEEEE" she gasped as she tried to leap higher and higher each time throwing her huge tits straight up and down a floppin' and slappin' with the Harley suspension catapulting their momentum with tremendous force sending her tittie cords whipping wildly about.

"DING.WHOP!! DRING! "DING.WHOP!! DRING!"DING.WHOP!! DRING!"DING.WHOP!! DRING! Her tittie rings a jingled and jangeled with a consistent rhythm as her tits crashed again and again onto her tummy as they rode slowly into the arena. "NOW LOOK AT MY TITS?" Pinkie mused, as she gritted her teeth trying to jump ever harder.

"LET'S SEE THE OTHER BITCHES TOP THIS," she hissed. The Kamikaze arena was larger than football field with bikers everywhere. Both on and off their bikes. The gangs were loosely organized around their Kamikaze teams - with a number of busty babes strapped to the front of their big Harley motorcycles.

The place was pulsing with lust, as biker girls paraded about, showing off their tits, tats and bare asses. They opening sucked on joints and cocks, without fear of police or anyone. The Barbarian Biker Festival was a wild and crazy fuckin' free for all where the most demented derelicts were in charge.

"COME ON BITCH, SHAKE THOSE BOOBS," shouted one of the Renegades at the busty redhead wearing hip high leather boots and a G-string. Her huge tits were obviously injected with something, but they looked impressive hanging out of her chain-link breast harness. The Hells Angeles had a very young babe with large pear shaped tits and a black leather mask covering much of her face. She was jerking and huffing about, as if trying to break free of her bonds so she could dive into battle with the other bitches.

She wore a pair heavy boots and black leather chaps that left her thin public hair and bare ass exposed. Totally topless on the top, her nipples were rather bulbous and erect as the men pawed at her. Linzie, another young titter, was strapped to the bike like Pinkie with her arms bound tightly behind her back so that her tits hung vulnerably out in front of her.

After three years of softcore in Europe, Linsey had move to the states and had entered the world of hard core porn with a penchant for ass-fucking. Now, she was wrapped in a web of gang-bang, bondage and fetish film-making that was pushing the legal limits of Hollywood - much to the shock of her english ex-agent. Today, she was out to get new kicks bashin' her big titties for a ruthless motorcycle club - the Blades which was run by a huge dude named Tallesman.

The Scorpions entrant was a popular bondage star, known as Susie Winters. As Susie stuffed a stiff cock up her ass and bounced on another big dick, she looked beaten, with bruises and welts on her fair skin. Her FF tits were heavily bruised and revealed rope burns from where they were wrapped tight at the base and then whipped and paddled her raw.

The Sabers were an all black club who had a beautiful newcomer named Sammie with genuine all natural HH cups. With a little extra baby fat, Sammie stood 5'4" 135 lbs, Sammie had recently been featured nude in several big tit men's magazines where her tits had officially been weighed in a 11 lbs.

each. Strapped to the front of a another Harley, she wore hip high black patent leather boots. "WE'RE GONNA WIN THIS FUCKIN' BOOB BASH!" she snarled as Pinkie continued jumping in place on the front of Animal's big bike - deliberately bouncin' her big tattooed titties for the growing crowd of rowdy bikers.

"LETS HEAR 'EM SLAPPIN'" shouted Animal. "I WANNA HEAR THOSE TITTIES SLAPPIN' LOUDER - BITCH!!" "I AM SLAPPIN' EM!!," Pinkie cried out, "I'LL SLAP 'EM EVEN HARDER!!' she retorted angrily as she jumped deliberately throwing her tits into the air with each leap. "I'M SLAPPIN' THE FUCKIN' SHIT OUT OF THEM!!" she yelled out, trying to draw more attention from the frenzied crowd as she threw all of her weight into each jump.

"WHAP! DING!SLAP!WHAP!DING! SLAP!WHAP!DING! SLAP!WHAP!DING!" her titties sang out as she drew a few more to the crowd of bikers surrounding the Outlaws. Animal was accelerated the boobie tossing action as he jumped with her in unison - her pull cords whipping up a frenzy as they thrash up and down. "JUMP HARDER!" she yelled at him, as she gritted her teeth, determined to prove to all these bikers that she is willing to put her tits through anything to win the boob bash for the Outlaws.

With Animal now standing tall and jumping hard, she arched her back, held her head back, pushed out her chest and leaped higher and higher until her big titties were power slapping her tummy. "WHAP! SLAP!WHAP! SLAP!WHAP! SLAP!WHAP! SLAP!WHAP! SLAP!WHAP! SLAP!WHAP! SLAP!WHAP! SLAP!WHAP! SLAP!" her tits became rhythmic as they flew straight into the air on each bounce, slamming her tummy. "YEA-HOO, YEA-HOO!!!" shouted a bunch of bikers, showing their appreciation for Pinkie's spectacular display of tittie slamming.

Her head spinning, Pinkie would do anything to punish her breasts for the contest. Her tits were feeling like they were detaching from her torso as they violently flew off her chest. She had never dreamed they would become so liquid or distorted into all kinds of drastic shapes as they bounced violently on and off her chest.

"DO A WINDMILL!!!" shouted some of the bikers. "DO A WINDMILL!!" "THEY MEAN GYRATE THEM IN A CIRCLE!!" shouted Animal, as more and more bikers came in closer to watch the big tittie show. "CAN YOU ROLL YOUR SHOULDERS?" he asked. "I CAN DO ANYTHING!" she responded, still strapped fairly tight to the Kamikaze rig.

"ALLOW ME," Animal responded, jerking the handlebars from side to side as Pinkie continued jumping in place. Without control, Pinkie's huge flying breasts began to swing into large circles as Animal jerked the forks from side to side. "THAT'S IT, YOUR DOING IT!!" he encouraged her as Pinkie began to move her shoulders in time with the oscillation of his handlebars. "OH FUCK, HOW'S IT LOOK??" she cried out to the bikers as she saw her tattooed titties windmilling past her face on each upbounce - her leather cords and nipple rings and bells adding momentum to the windmill action.

"BITCHEN!! WINDMILL RULES!!" they whooped and hollered as Pinkie's massive breasts became nothing more than objects of amusement for the jaded bikers who stood watching her put her tits through the ringer for their pleasure. "OKAY, LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, WELCOME TO THE THIRD ANNUAL BARBARIAN BIKER FESTIVAL," came out over a loud speaker system. "THIS IS WHAT FREEDOM WAS MEANT TO BE, WITHOUT LAWS, WITHOUT LAWMEN!!

ARE YOU READY TO PARTY???" the voice screamed into the microphone. Pinkie's huge mams come to rest as she stops jumping to take up her breath, opening her mouth wide as a dead fish The crowd roared wildly, with shouting, gunshots and the sounds of motorcycles revving in the background.

Wine, women and weed was everywhere. Pipes, joints and booze bottles were in every hand. Many women were topless or wearing revealing outfits. The bikers wore their classic jeans and boots, with many shirtless to show off their tattoos, scars and piercings.


THE WINNING CLUB TAKES POSSESSION OF ALL THE WOMEN!!!" "WHOMPA, WHOMPA," Animal revved the Harley and popped the clutch, squealing the rear tire as the front end lurched off the ground propelling Pinkie forward with enormous force. "AHHHHHHH" Pinkie cried out as the bike lifted her up and whirled her straight into the arena, her breasts leading the charge straight towards the Renegade redhead.

Her heart is pounding as they charge the opposing motorcycle, the crowd cheering and yelling as the Kamikaze's pour on the speed. "WHOOOSH!!" they brush past the other bike, nearly colliding. "FUCK HER TITS!!! RAM HER TITS OFF!!" shout the bikers, as two go at it. "JERK FASTER" yells Pinkie, as Animal rapidly rotates the handlebars sending Pinkie's tits sloshing back and forth as he revs up again.

"OKAY, EVERYONE'S WATCHING NOW, DO A WINDMILL," he commands her as he pulls out again with a patch of rubber and pops another wheelie as he accelerates the big bike. "WIND M I L L!!" Pinkie cries out as she rotates her shoulders sending her huge paps a swinging in circles like lassos in a rodeo.

Her leather pull cords whipping around and around until they are passed "WHOOOSH!!!" by the other motorcycle again as the crowd roars. Animal brings the bike down and slams on the brakes, skidding almost into the crowd - where bikers reach out, grabbing and pawing at Pinkie as she regains control of her senses. "NOW FOR THE DUELING POWER BOOB BATTLES," he commands as they turn around and head into the center of the ring where the other bikes are facing each other, butting face-to-face, tire to tire.

"KAMAKAZE!!" cries Pinkie as she leans forward as they charge into the battle, her breasts serving as bumpers as they collide into the Hells Angles bike. Pinkie's boobs mash into the hooded girl's breasts and the forks of the two bikes cross - pushing the girls into each others face.

"TAKE THAT" Pinkie snarls as Animal jerks the handlebars, throwing he tits sideways, colliding into the other girls tits. "DUELING TITS" shouts the other biker, as he jerks his bike rapidly, sending his babes boobs slinging back and forth across Pinkie's big tits. "GO AHEAD, JERK HARDER," shouts Pinkie as she pushes her tits right into the tits of her busty young opponent. "WHAP! WHAP! WHOP! WHAP' WHOP!

WHAP! WHOP! WHAP! WHOP!" their big boobs collide again and again, as the bikers whip the girls back and forth on their bikes using their big tits as battering rams. "BASH THEIR FUCKIN' TITS!!" shout the bikers. "BASH HER TITS!!!" Pinkie and the other babe fought a furious boob battle with tits smashing and slapping again and again as the bikers revved their engines and rammed the motorcycles into each other, scratching their chrome and spinning their rear tires, throwing dirt and pebbles everywhere.

CHAPTER 14 - KAMIKAZE CONTEST "F U C K Y O U R T I T S B I T C H ! ! ! !" Pinkie spit out at the busty redhead, sneering as her pendulous tits slammed and collided into the bitches silicon jugs. "THAT'S IT PINKIE - PUNCH HER TITS WITH THOSE WEAPONS OF YOURS!!!" shouted Animal as he and the other biker power-jerked and thrust the handlebars of their heavy motorcycles - throwing the women back and forth - rocking and tossing the busty babes like rag dolls - deliberately bashing their big tits for the entertainment of the rowdy biker crowd.

"SLAP!! WHAP! WHOP!!! SLAP! WHAP! WHOP!" the breasts took a brutal beating as they collided and in mid-air again and again. "K A MA K A Z E!!" Pinkie shouted with a vengeance and determination - throwing her tits faster and faster from side-to-side with the help of Animal's tremendous strength the weight of his bike propelling her.

Pinkie began to feel victorious as the redhead stopped rolling her shoulders, pulling back a little in a mode of retreat.

"I'LL BET YOU WON'T PUT THOSE BIG BOOBS IN TALLESMAN'S TITTIE PRESS, WILL YA?" she sneered as she dared the young fox whose breasts were now flush with color and scratches from Pinkie's nipple rings and pull cords.

"I BET YOU WON'T EVEN ENTER THE FUCKIN' TUG-A-WAR, YOU CHICKEN SHIT BITCH!!" she growled. "BESIDES, YOU DON'T EVEN HAVE TITTIE RINGS!!" "FIND ME A WORTHY OPPONENT," Pinkie commanded Animal, as she looked over her shoulder.

With her big tits now littered with bruises and battle marks, she looked absolutely stunning, wearing her black leather biker cap, spiked leather cuffs, and studded belts.

Although bruised, marked and tattooed, her skin was still young and smooth as a baby's ass. She wore her multiple piercings with an attitude of defiance and rebellion that the bikers craved. "KAMIKAZE PINKIE" the bikers cheered as Animal backed up, turn his bike around and headed right into Susie, the bondage bitch with long blond hair. Instantly, the two bitches were hard at it, their boobs flying and crashing mid-air as their men swung the forks of the big bikes sending their tits into orbit and back again and again.

"YOU'RE FUCKING STONED, AREN'T YOU!" shouted Pinkie as glared into Susie's blood shot eyes. "DAMN RIGHT, I'M FUCKIN' WASTED ON ACID," Susie laughed as she powered her huge tits into Pinkie's pendoulous paps. "I WANT SOME OF THAT SHIT" Pinkie gritted her teeth as she pushed her chest out to the point that her tits collapsed completely off the sides of her chest as she battled her boobs into Susie's mutilated mams.

"I'VE GOT A LITTLE MORE, BUT THIS SHIT IS STRONG, IT'LL MAKE YOU SO HORNY YOU'LL RIP YOURSELF A NEW ASSHOLE!!" she laughed. "GIMME SOME A THAT SHIT!!" Pinkie snarled as Animal picked up the tempo throwing her big sloppy tits with such force that you could hear them slapping above the roar of the motorcycles and cheering bikers.

"KAMIKAZE PINKIE - KAMIKAZE PINKIE -KAMIKAZE PINKIE - KAMIKAZE PINKIE" - they cheered as Pinkie unrelentlessly battered her boobs without mercy or hesitation. "WOULD YOU LOOK AT HER GO," said Timber, as he watched Pinkie bash her battered boobs for the outraged crowd.

"BUT SHE'S GOT SOME SERIOUS COMPETITION," said Moose, as he nodded at a newcomer, the beautiful Brazilian porn queen Sonja - now battling with the Renegade redhead. Sonja was whipping the redheads silicon balls with her slinging sloppy tit-bags as she and her biker boyfriend threw her back-and-forth without mercy.

"HOW ABOUT A TUG-A-WAR?" shouted Moose to Sonja's boyfriend. I'll bet $100 that Pinkie can rip her tits off!!" he challenged. "YOU'RE ON!!" the guy responded, without even asking Sonja. The Kamikaze boob battles continued for a while until the announcer came on and said, "IS EVERYBODY HAVING A TIT-FUCKIN' GOOD TIME??!!" "FOR YOUR PERVERTED ENTERTAINMENT, WE HAVE A SPECIAL TREAT FOR YOU, SO SHUT UP AND LISTEN UP," he barked as the crowd began to quiet.

"WORLD FAMOUS PORN STAR SONJA HAS JUST ARRIVED, AND SHE'S AGREED TO A TITTLE TUG-A-WAR WITH MISS KINKY PINKIE!!!" his announcement followed by a huge roar from the crowd. "THESE TWO ALL NATURAL LOVELIES BOTH HAVE HAD THEIR NIPPLES PIERCED SO THIS SHOULD BE THE TITTIE TUG-A-WAR TO END ALL TUG-A-WARS!!" he exclaimed. Still wearing their wrist cuffs and various leather straps, the two beauties were escorted to the stage where hundreds of bikers gathered around cheering, shouting and waving their arms in the air.

"TUG-A-WAR, TUG-A-WAR, TUG-A-WAR!!" they chanted as the two babes pranced about, shakin' their asses and dancin' about. Sonja had her snatch clean shaven and pulled open her labia to give the fans a good cunt shot as she danced. Pinkie had taken the LSD Susie had offered, and now turned around and grabbed her ankles, looking between her legs at the crowd, she pulled her cheeks open wide giving everyone a good view of her pierced and looped cunny as well as her pink bumhole.

"LOOK UP MY ASSHOLE," she laughed, her eyes dazzling from the acid, as she pulled her buns wide apart to give everyone a clean view of her gapping ass and pussy holes. Her huge tattooed titties were now hanging to her navel, her big nipples pierced, ringed and tied with the pull cords she'd requested. "HOW ABOUT A WEIGH IN?" asked the MC as he walked up to the young sluts holding an old fashioned butchers meat scale. "I GUESS SO," said Sonja, with an quirky look on her face, getting a laugh from the audience.

Without hesitation, the MC hooked the scale to her nipple ring and lifted her boob up high so that he could measure its "hung" weight. "NINE POUNDS. TWO OUNCES!!!" he shouts out as the crowd cheers with applause. "AND NOW ITS YOUR TURN," he tells Pinkie, who's already holding out her nipple ring to hook onto the scale.

"OH, THAT FEELS GOOD!" she laughs as she hooks her tit ring onto the scale hook, watching him lift the scale up over her head.

"TEN POUNDS, SEVEN OUNCES!!!" he claims as the crowd cheers even louder for the young punk vixen with the incredibly big tattooed titties. "LET'S GET ON WITH THIS TIT PULL BULLSHIT," Pinkie shouted out loud loving the roar of her audience as they encouraged her to fight nasty. "I'M READY TO PULL THIS BITCH'S TITS OFF," Pinkie bragged out loud, drawing cheers from the rowdy bikers as she began to perform jumping jacks sending her enormous tits flying up to her chin and crashing down to her stomach - her nipple rings jingling and jangling like wind chimes in a storm.

The two busty broads started battling for the crowd using only their boobs as weapons. Each threw their shoulders in rapid succession sending their heavy breasts slapping and pounding into each other. The men went wild when Pinkie began jumping in place with her arms behind her back, sending her huge tattooed tits into Sonja's face - then crashing down slapping her stomach. "I'll BASH HER WITH MY TITS!!!" Pinkie yelled out rebelliously, no worrying how swollen and beaten red they were already and how low they will hang on her tummy from all of the fighting at the end of this day.

Sonja responded with violent jerking of her shoulders - sending her brown beauties flying across her chest. As the two girl's nipple rings collided, the sound of "TING" and "RING" could be heard among the roar of bikers as the two chicks bashed their boobs until the crowd began yelling " TIT PULL - TIT PULL!!!!" "BRING ON THE CHAINS," Pinkie commanded.

"MAY THE BADDEST TITS WIN!" CHAPTER 15 - BIG TITTIE TUG-A-WAR Using fifteen inch chrome chains, the bikers attached both girls' nipple rings so that the nipples stretched as the rings tugged the ring holes open. At this point there must have been a thousand bikers drinking, smoking and shouting "TIT PULL" as the two super busty young girls readied themselves for the tittie pull, with their hands cuffed behind their backs, "YANK YOUR FUCKIN' TITS OFF!!" shouted Animal as he watched bodacious young Pinkie parade nude in front of the drug-crazed bikers, rolling her shoulders and shakin' her tattooed titties - lifting her poor battered big boobs high off her chest by the pull cords attached to her nipple rings while the bikers screamed in awe of Pinkie's own self-inflicted boob stretching exhibition.

"I CAN STRETCH 'EM EVEN FURTHER!!!" she laughed obnoxiously - her eyes glassy from the drugs as her boobs stretched farther and farther off her chest until long deep creases formed from base to nipple on each breast. "YOU AIN'T SEEN NOTHIN' YET." Pinkie bragged as she pulled even harder on the chains - tearing open the holes in her nipples where the rings pierced her pink nips.

"LET'S SEE THE BITCH TOP THIS!," she bragged - responding to the cheers and cat calls from the unruly crowd. "COME ON, LET'S FIGHT PUNK!!!," shouted Sonja, referring to Pinkie's blue mohawk and bold body tattoos. "YEA, I'M READY FOR A TITTIE PULL NOW!!" Pinkie agreed, as she kicked off her heels, widened her stance and held her arms back, behind her so she could swing her melons back and forth with the speed and power of prize fighter - working out before a match.

"TIT PULL - TIT PULL - TIT PULL !!!" The bikers used yellow tape to draw the line for this big tittie tug-of-war. Cameras held steady on the girls' big boobs as the dangling chains drew taught and they dug in their heels and readied themselves for the pull.

"GET READY FOR SOME REAL PAIN, BITCH!!!" Pinkie threatened her opponent. Pinkie reveled in looking super punk and sleazy with her kinky mohawk hair cut, nasty tattoos and shaved pussy. Totally nude save for her leather cuffs and a black leather studded collar. Sonja had black leather belt and worthless vest and some cheap jewelry.

She was an exotic beauty with a mean attitude. "I'M GONNA PULL THOSE TATTOOED TITTIES RIGHT OFF YOUR CHEST" she threatened Pinkie as she eyed the young tart's heavily illustrated big boobs. "GO AHEAD BITCH! WE'LL SEE WHO CAN TAKE IT!" she spit as she readied herself for the ultimate boob stretching competition. "ON YOUR MARK, GET SET,PULL!!!" shouted the referee as the crowd roared with hoops and hollers for the black and white battling bimbos.

"EEEEOOOOUUUUU" cried out both girls as they watched their tits pull off their chests. Pinkie's soft young boobflesh stretched far beyond their natural limits - her tattoos distorted almost beyond recognition. Sonja's tits seemed to have more muscle and distorted a little less.but still stretched to a full thirteen inches off her chest.

"SO YOU WANNA PLAY TOUGH ? BITCH!" Pinkie squealed out. Super high on the drugs, Pinkie felt her bare cunt fill with cum as she deliberately leaned back and stretched her own tits even further getting more cheers from the lust crazed crowd. She could see that this was tearing her nipples. Yet, she couldn't stop herself. She wanted to test her own limits!!!!!!! "A O W E E E E E E E E E E E E E E GO ON - S T R E T C H M Y F UC K I N' T I T T I E S!!!" she burst out loud - obviously trying to prove she was the new bad ass bitch from hell.

"LOOK AT MY FUCKIN' TITS NOW YOU BITCH!!!" she screamed as she looked down at her poor tortured titties - stretch marks running deep from her nipple rings all the way up to her crimson red chest. '"YOUR STRETCHING MY TATTOOS!!!" Pinkie laughed insanely as her once beautiful boobs were stretched over the limit off her chest, opening the holes ever wider in her pierced nipples.

Her brain was fried on drugs. And ironically, this was the kinkiest turn-on ever. She loved the raizing pain and bizarre sexy thrill of sacrificing her big tits in front of all these bikers.

She was living out a wild kinky fantasy like none she'd ever dreamed of when she'd first met the Crowbar, Animal and all their Outlaw biker buddies. "OK BIG TITS - SHOW ME WHAT YOU CAN REALLY DO WITH THOSE BIG FAT BOOBS OF YOURS," Pinkie challenged Sonja. Although Sonja was a little heavier and more muscular, Pinkie had the courage of a Kamikaze as she jerked and rocked her shoulders back, putting her full weight into her fight.

Like two arm wrestlers, these chicks were struggling with all their strength as their tits pulled further and further off their chests in a bizarre and sadistic tug-of-war of big breast abuse. "I'LL PULL TILL YOU GIVE - BITCH!!!" Pinkie shouted out. Suddenly, Sonja released her hold, throwing Pinkie off balance and then jerked her back pulling her quickly over the yellow winning the first of three. Some of the crowd cheered as Pinkie was dragged across the line by her huge tattooed bosoms.

Others booed - showing support for the kinky punk bitch in the club. Pinkie wanted revenge. Not to be easily defeated, Pinkie cussed and spit, stepping back behind the yellow line ready for another tit pull. This time she really dug in and yanked hard until her boobs looked like pizza dough. She didn't care what happened to her tits as long as she beat Sonja who watched in horror as her own boobs stretched further and further off her chest. "WANNA GIVE?" Pinkie growled at the Brazilian beauty.

"FUCKIN' NO WAY!!" retorted Sonja. The bikers went wild as the two gorgeous girls sacrificed their big beautiful bosoms for the perverted thrill of physically abusing themselves in front of hundreds of horny men.

Pinkie's adrenaline was pumping. Her body sweating. Her boobs throbbing. Her head spinning. Her cunt filled with hot, deep, tingling sensations as she watched her own tits being stretched and distended beyond her own belief.

"F U C K M Y T.I.T.S!!!" Pinkie cried out as she pulled harder and harder watching her own nipples opening up and stretching out two or three inches from her elastic taffy titties changed now into elongated cones of stretched and mutilated boob flesh.

"I'M CUMING!! I'M CUMING!!! Pinkie roared with a strong jerk of her shoulders she pulled Sonja off balance.tugging her over the line. She won the second round and climaxed through it all, her lithe young body jerking in an insane display of mindless lust for the bizarre and outrageous.


"TUG-A-WAR, TUG-A-WAR, TUG-A-WAR" chanted the biker crowd as the two mega-titted competitors were walked back to the rear of the stage by the referee, their breasts sagging badly and their nipples still attached by chains. They were seated and detached, so their breasts could be massaged with warm soapy water. "LET'S MOVE UP THE IRON HORSE BEFORE THE FINAL ROUND," called Headman.

The bikers began to move a half ton mechanical horse onto the wooden stage. With its large metal legs, springs and motors, it was an impressive old beast. The other busty contestants climbed up on stage and began entertaining - working the bikers into a frenzy as they danced and shimmied to the music from the loudspeakers. The Hells Angels young babe, Samantha, worked the edge of the stage, leaning far over the edge kissing and licking the faces of the several eager fans.

She then turned around in her black leather chaps pushing her smooth bare ass into their faces, encouraging the probing hands and fingers reaching up to touch her.

The Renegade's redhead came on skipping and clickin' her fingers wearing a sheer scarf around the waist and long silk gloves. She was obviously buzzed on something, and seemed oblivious to the marks and bruises on her magnificent breasts. She wasted no time getting down on her knees so she could hang her heavy mams off the edge of the stage as she rolled her shoulders and pushed out her breasts into the hands of the greedy young men. Linsey came on wearing a pair of hip-high black leather fuck-me boots, g-string and a black leather spiked collar.

At nineteen, Linsey had grown a full cup size since her first appearance as a big bust model to a genuine EEE cup size. Yet,as the new property of the Blades, Linsey discarded all of her brassieres in response to her new master Tallesman, who was seriously committed to exploiting the all-natural beauty and bounce of Linsey's magnificent breasts. Without hesitation, she arched her back, pinned back her shoulders and jerked her breasts rapidly to prove she was to be taken seriously as a contender in the Barbarian Boob Bash.

The Saber's entrant, Sammie, had the biggest breasts of all - a genuine pair of all natural HH cups. Slightly bruised and sloppy from the Kamikaze contest, she wore white fuck-me heels and a lot of gold chains on her ankles, wrists, waist and neck. She didn't seem to want to shake her tits, but did perform an excellent pretzel dance where she bent over, grabbed her ankles and smiled at her fans through her legs, letting her huge heavy hangers dangle in her face as she peered out between her legs.

The Scorpion's Susie was obviously tug-a-war material as she had already won the perverted contest in the prior year wearing clip-on clamps. She aggressively pushed her bruised and battered boobs into the greedy hands of the bikers as they mercilessly tugged and pulled on her nipples - stretching and pulling her breasts into all sorts of distorted shapes and directions.

"USE THE SPIKED PADDLE ON THEM!!" she encouraged the bikers, with a fire of lust in her eyes. "MAKE 'EM STING. I WANNA FEEL THEM STING BAD!" "SHOW 'EM SOME PINK, LINSEY!!" shouted Tallesman. "DON'T BE SUCH A FUCKIN' PRUDE.BITCH! SHOW THESE BOYS WHAT I'VE TAUGHT YOU GIRL!! "WHATEVER, YOU SAY, MASTER," she grinned at him as she knelt down over the edge of the stage to give the front row a hefty pelting with her breasts as she jerked her shoulders slappin' their faces with her heavy hangers.

"WHEW" she called, admiring her own inhibitions. "YOU BOYS WANNA SEE PINK," Linsey grinned, as she gave them her sexiest look, pushing her auburn hair up onto her head. "NO SHIT LINSEY, LETS SEE YOUR CUNT!!" "GO FOR IT!! GO ALL THE WAY GIRL!" "LET GO OF MY TITS, AND I WILL," she challenged the two guys sucking furiously on her big nipples.

The other girls continued dancing and fondling the men at the edge of the stage. Having to finally pulling away from the sucking maniacs, Linsey sat in her leather studded g-string on the very edge of the stage with her leather hip boots resting on the shoulders of her two favorite tit suckers.

"USE THIS," said a biker as he handed her a switch blade. She looked at him curiously for a moment, then realized what he had in mind. "SURE, WHY NOT, I WON'T BE NEEDING IT," she grinned as she slowly cut the leather g-string straps in several places to add to the drama of her act. "YOU WANNA SEE PINK? I'LL SHOW YA PINK!!" she retorted back looking Tallesman in the eye as she pulled away the g-string, reared back on her upper buttocks and parted her legs wide, revealing her clean shaven sweet young cunny.

Sliding her cute ass off the stage a little, she reared back even further, parting her ass cheeks with her fingers, giving everyone a beautiful view of her sweet pink butthole.

"I LOVE TO FUCK IN THE ASS!" she exclaimed as she pulsed her tender young asshole for her front row admirers. "BUT I LIKE TO FUCK.PERIOD!!" she laughed as she stroked her firm thighs a couple of times before she reached inside her moist cunt lips and then. . parted them openly for everyone to admire her wet pink gash.

"HOW'S THIS FOR PINK??" Linsey grinned devilishly, looking to Tallesman for approval. "LET THEM FINGER BANG YOU," he ordered, as cameras began to flash and the bikers began shoving each other to get to their fingers sticky with Linsey in the front row.

"HUG!" Linsey groaned as the first finger drilled into her anal cavity. She tried to smile for the cameras as the guy banged her butt in front of the entire crowd of rowdy heathens. "OKAY EVERYONE, LISTEN UP!" shouted Headman. "WE HAVE A FINAL ROUND IN THE BIG TITTIE TUG-A-WAR. ONLY THIS TIME, WE'VE MADE IT A LITTLE MORE EXCITING FOR THE GIRLS.

Pinkie and Sonja were paraded out onto the stage, each wearing a heavy duty black leather torso harness, black leather hoods and black ankle boots with huge platforms and six inch stiletto heels.

"THIS FINAL ROUND WILL BE A CONTEST OF BOTH WILL AND STRENGTH," explained the MC. "OUR BEAUTIFUL BABES WILL EACH BE ASSISTED BY OUR MEN IN BLACK AND THEY CAN STOP THEIR OWN BREAST MUTILATION AT ANY TIME. YOUR JOB IS TO CHEER THEM ON TO VICTORY. MAY THE BADDEST TITS WIN!!!" the crowd cheered as the other dancing girls moved over to the sides of the stage so the tug-a-war could be front and center.

In a direct face-off, the nipple rings of the two contestants were attached directly with large silver hoops. Pinkie's huge tattooed breasts now rested lower on her torso, with Sonja's still riding a little higher without so much sag.

Timber and Moose climbed up on stage wearing torso harnesses similar to the women's as well as black leather hoods, wrist cuffs and heavy boots. Both men were heavily tattooed and Moose had a ring in his cock at the head of his penis. With a series of clips, rings and leather straps, the men were attached to the girls' backsides, so that the men spooned them, their cocks pressed firmly into each girls' buns, their chest harnesses attached at the backs of the girls harnesses and their wrists attached as well.

Timber's cock began to stiffen as he wiggled his dick between Sonja's buns, sniffing her perfume and looking over her shoulder at those incredible elongated breasts and stretched teats pierced at the nipples. Difficult to speak through her leather mask, Pinkie requested that Moose's dick ring be attached to her cunny rings which lay exposed and displayed for the crowd's erotic excitement. "THE OBJECT OF THIS COMPETITION IS FOR EACH TEAM TO PULL THEIR OPPONENTS OVER THE YELLOW LINE ATTACHED ONLY BY THEIR TITS.

TO HEIGHTEN THE EXCITEMENT FOR THIS FINAL TUG-A-WAR, WE WILL BE ADDING WEIGHTS, CLOTHES PINS AND DRIPPING HOT WAX ONTO THE POOR BREASTS OF OUR BEAUTIFUL YOUNG MAIDENS. ARE YOU GIRLS SURE YOU WANT TO DO THIS??" Both Pinkie and Sonja nodded their hooded heads, and the MC fired a gunshot as the crowd cheered with enthusiasm. "OWEEEEEEE- T U G - A - W A R T I T T I E S !!!!!!!!!" Pinkie yelled out through the mask - aggressively anxious to win her final round as she pulled back, pulling Sonja's and her poor battered boobs away from their chests - feeling Moose's donkey dick stiffening between her legs.

Her clean shaven and pierced pussy was getting wet - just thinking about fucking wildly with those guys after the tit-pull was over. Sonja and Timber also backed up a few inches and let gravity dramatically stretch her breasts until the holes in her nipples began to open up where the rings had been inserted.

The strength and weight of the two men backing the girls added a whole new dynamic to the exhibition as they gradually stretched their partners breasts a little further at the encouragement of the screaming bikers. "TIME FOR SOME ADDED WEIGHTS" announced the MC as he held up a pair of three pound weights. One at a time he held out the hook and attached it to the ring that connected the girl's nipple rings.

"E E E O W O E E E E E ." they moaned as the weights were added, pulling their poor breasts towards the ground. But their men backed up a bit and removed the slack, stretching their breasts so taught that the undersides of their tits began to develop deep craters as the flesh stretched and folded itself under the tremendous stress. "CLOTHESTIME ANYONE?" joked the MC as he reached into a bucket of clothes pins and began to attached them to Pinkie and Sonja's breasts - starting at the nipple and working all the way back to the base of each girls breasts - now distended and distorted beyond their natural limits.

With over twenty clothes pins on each breast, the MC brought out a number of large candles. Without ceremony or warning, he began to pour the hot wax on the girl's breasts with extreme generosity.

The other dancers and the audience was now spell-bound by the hideous display of breast mutilation. Their once beautiful soft breasts had become objects of torture and mutilation. Both Pinkie and Sonja were beginning to feel faint in the arms of their men, as hot was gelled and began to hang off their elongated breasts.

But the contest wasn't over and Timber's cock was getting stiffer as he pressed hard against Sonja's firm ass. "WANNA SEE THEM FUCK AND TUG AT THE SAME TIME??" asked Headman with his fist raised high. "FUCK 'N TUG" the crowd cheered back, "FUCK 'N TUG" "FUCK 'N TUG" "FUCK 'N TUG" they chanted as the other dancers maneuvered themselves underneath the locked couples, licking cocks and shaved pussies with their tongues.

Linsey unhooked Moose's cock ring from Pinkie's pussy rings and sucked his dick until it was hard as wood. With three fingers she drove deep into Pinkie's anal cavity until it was wet and sloppy. With both hands she pulled open Pinkie's buns and slid Moose's ringed cock into Pinkie's greasy asshole all while both girls tits hung down stretched by the heavy weights and brutality of the tug-a-war.

With Susie's help, Timber slid his stiff cock into Sonja's ass as well. In a bizarre and extremely erotic scene, the two couples butt fucked as they tugged their big tits back and forth over the yellow line while the other girls resumed their dancing on stage. It was erotic, yet comical at the same time as the men drove their dicks in the girls asses while they stretched and distended their big tits mercilessly.

"FUCK 'EM FASTER," shouted Headman, as he pulled out his small whip and the hooded men bucked and fucked the beautiful babes for the cheering audience - now going out of control. Linsey was now on her knees getting her ass brutally slapped while the bikers drove their fingers in and out of her hot, wet fuck-holes. "WHEN ARE WE GONNA POUND THESE FUCKIN' BOOBS?" shouted one biker as he gripped Linsey's big nipple and yanked it hard back and forth. "OH FUCK, YOU AND TALLESMAN ONLY CARE ABOUT ONE THING" moaned Linsey as she pushed her tits into the greedy hands - forcefully pulling and pinching her tits.

"WHAT DO I HAVE TO DO TO THEM TO PLEASE YOU ANIMALS," she hissed with a deep lust in her voice as she shook them from side to side. Right on stage amidst the tug-a-war, Linsey looked up and became nautious with lust as she saw the grossly distended and mutilated breasts of Sonja and Pinkie - attached by nipple rings - now stretched beyond hope - and Headman cracking his whip as he lashed out - whipping the wax off their flesh as he welted their big breasts with each blow.

"IS THAT WHAT YOU WANT TO DO TO MY TITS?" as Linsey pushed out her chest giving the men free access to maul her beautiful firm breasts. "DO YOU WANT TO HURT THEM AND MAKE THEM UGLY," she sighed as they kneaded and pinched her tender flesh - pulling hard on her nipples as they rammed their fingers up her cunt and asshole. "WE WANT TO SEE YOU RIDE THE HORSE, LINSEY!" said one of bikers.


DOES HE WANT ME TO DO IT??" she groaned as she lifted her ass higher as the gang slapped and pummeled her sweet young buns. "ALL RIGHT, WHICH OF YOU REALLY WANTS TO WIN THIS ROUND?" asked Headman of the two tug-a-war teams. "OR DO YOU GIRLS WANNA CALL IT QUITS?" he asked, expecting the obvious. "HELL NO," Pinkie mumbled through the leather mask, "I'LL GO ANOTHER ROUND. "HOW ABOUT YOU, BITCH?

he asked of Sonja and Timber. "NO WAY!! Sonja groaned. "ALL RIGHT! THAT'S IT. WE HAVE A VICTOR. MISS KINKY PINKIE IS THE NEW BIG TITTIE TUG-A-WAR CHAMP!!!" claimed Headman. Chapter 16 - IRON HORSE RODEO Sonja and Pinkie were escorted down off the wooden stage like a couple of wild horses.

Their boyfriend "managers" led them by leashes on their spiked collars down the stairs in their leather tack and spiked heels as the bikers cheered them on like a couple of steeple chase champions. With a fresh load of blow, Pinkie stumbled and weaved about, teetering in her heels, nearly falling down the stairs until she reached the dusty ground.

Her breasts were red and sore with welts from the whippings and wax residue still flaking off. She grinned slightly as the bikers cheered and congratulated her on the spectacular sacrifice of her magnificent young breasts. While Pinkie acted cool, like the tug-a-war was no big deal, Sonja was acting hysterical.

" THIS IS FOR SHIT, SHIT, SHIT, SHIT" cried out Sonja in tears as she held her heaving breasts close to her chest.

"MOTHER FUCK!!!" she cried out as she squeezed her throbbing nipples, trying to dull the intense pain which ran deep into her aching big breasts. "YOU TORE MY FUCKIN' NIPPLE, YOU ASSHOLE," she yelled out at Timber.massaging her badly injured nipple, blaming him for encouraging her to enter the big tittie tug-a-war. "SUCK MY COCK, BITCH!" he responded coldly, pushing his stiff cock into her face.

Wearing only a pair of black leather chaps, his dong stood out straight and stiff as a board, waiving lewdly in Sonja's face. "I'M GONNA BITE IT OFF!!!" she shouted as she spat at his dick, still holding her breasts and sobbing in self pity. "SUCK IT BITCH!" Timber commands as his dick whips her across the face with his super long ding-a-dong. "YEA, YOU HEARD HIM, SUCK IT BITCH!" barks a Hell's Angel as he reaches behind Sonja's head and grips her hair tightly, pulling it back and push her face forward to receive Timber's cock as he whipped it back and forth across her mouth as she chomped her teeth trying to bite it.

"YOU'LL TAKE HIS DICK, BITCH, NOW SUCK IT!!" she was told as the long dong pushed itself into her gaping mouth. So large, she had to stretch her mouth wide to receive it, Sonja began to suck the dick with anger and disgust. Sonja sobbed to herself as she knelt in the dirt mechanically working her lips up and down Timber's 11" cock. Her tits ached and throbbed like never before and from the brief glance she had stolen of them they had deep stretch marks running from her chest to her nipples.

"SUCK MY COCK BITCH!! IT'S ALL YOU'RE GOOD FOR!! YOU LOST!!! THE ANGELS NEVER LOOSE!!!" The other Angels gathered round heckling Sonja, adding to her misery and humiliation, some of them stroking their cocks waiting their turn after Timber. A few feet away the Outlaws crowded around Pinkie but for an entirely different reason. She revelled in the adulations from the cheering bikers pushing out her chest as the Outlaws freely manhandled her heavy breasts and tugged on her tittie rings.

"YOU'RE TOO FUCKIN' MUCH!!!" yelled Moose as he reached between down between Pinkie's bare buns, sliding his thumb into her moist asshole while slipping his finger into her gushing wet cunny, fiddling with her labia rings. "YOU BOYS GONNA REWARD ME?" Pinkie slurred, as she widened her stance, giving Moose easier access to her sloppy hot wet pussy.

"MAN, I THOUGHT YOU WERE GONNA RIP EACH OTHER'S TITS OFF UP THERE" exclaimed Animal as he cupped her sweet, young tattooed fanny and planted a sloppy kiss on her pouty lips.

"FUCKIN' A PINKIE!! WAY TO GO!!" cheered another Outlaw. "YOU'RE TOO EXTREME!!" said Animal, as he too probed her slippery asshole. "DID THE TUG-A-WAR TURN YOU ON ?" Pinkie stuck out her pierced tongue at the sex hungry bikers, her eyes bleary and unfocused after so much coke, pain and sex in such a short space of time.

"JESUS CHRIST PINKIE, YOU'RE REALLY FUCKIN' UP THOSE BIG BOOBS OF YOURS" said Animal as he stood back and looked at the super-buxom teenager. "THEY LOOK PRETTY FUCKIN'. . BAD, DON'T THEY!" she responded with a devilish grin, slurring her speech as she looked down at her red and swollen battle-beaten boobs, running her fingers over the bruised surfaces.

Her tits were covered welts from the whips, bruises, flakes of wax, and she had new stretch marks now running down to her nipples. " WELL THESE ARE THE OUTLAW'S FROM NOW ON AND I DON'T GIVE A SHIT HOW FUCKED UP THEY GET. . SO LONG AS THE OUTLAWS WIN THIS FUCKIN' BOOB BASH!" she declared in a rebellious tone as she swung her heavy hooters back and forth, bouncing her sloppy globes on her rib cage "FUCKIN' A PINKIE!!!" cheered the bikers.

"LET'S HEAR IT FOR PINKIE!!!" "FUCK MY TITS!" she yelled back, jerking her shoulders - showing off to her fans how sloppy her big breasts were getting. It was obvious they were hanging lower on her chest as they bounced and quivered, and Pinkie knew that the contest was only just beginning. "LOOK AT MY NIPPLES NOW," she commanded, pushing out her big swollen nibs, "THEY'RE KINDA PURPLE FROM ALL THE TUGGIN' AND SHIT," she bragged, jingling her rings as she pushed her breasts into a dozen greedy hands, all trying to pinch her nips and pull her rings.

Her big swollen nipples were seriously distended and turning a reddish purple and swollen from all the punishment they had been given. "GIMMIE ANOTHER TOOT!!" she begged as Crazy Dave pulled out his stash. As Pinkie quickly snorted three long rails of powder, Moose said "YOU BETTER SLOW DOWN GIRL, YOU GOT A WHOLE DAY TO GO" But Pinkie was high on acid and was not stopping now.

She was rushed to get back on the bike! Timber began to grunt as he readied himself to come in Sonja's mouth. "suck my cock you worthless fuck!! SUCK IT GOOD 'CAUSE I'M GONNA COME AND YOU BETTER SWALLOW IT ALL OR I'LL RIP YOUR FUCKIN' TITS OFF MYSELF, SUCK IT, SUCK IT!" Timber grabbed a handful of Sonja's hair and held himself steady as he yelled "TTTTTTTTTTIIIIMMMMMMBBBBBEEEEEEEEERRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" his cock shooting it's first wad into Sonja's mouth.

She felt like she wanted to retch with the humiliation and anger at what he had made her do to her tits and what he was doing to her now, but she was too afraid to do anything other than what he told her. So she dutifully gulped down the mouthful of cum only for Timber to fill her cheeks again with another wad. By the time Timber had finished emptying his gargantuan balls into her mouth her stomach churned with what felt like half a pint of spunk.

No sooner had he pulled his oversized weapon from her mouth and stepped aside than his place was instantly taken by another biker with an equally hard cock pointing straight at her and demanding attention.

With weary resignation she moved forward and opened her mouth taking it between her lips. By now the bikers crowding around the rodeo had finished toiling over it and it was ready to go. "Alright, listEN up you S.O.B.'s !!" yelled the M.C.

"THE IRON HORSE RODEO OPENS IN 5 MINUTES!!" Tallesman looked down at LINSEY who knelt between his legs lovingly sucking his cock. "HEY GIRL, NOW's YOUR CHANCE TO GIVE THOSE PRIZE JUGS A HAMMERIN!! WELL HOW ABOUT IT?" he winked. Linsey ran her lovely mouth up Tallesman's hard as a rock cock with a particularly loud slurp before sitting back on her haunches.

The teenage porn starlet looked stunning in the sunlight, naked except for her thigh length boots. She held her huge boobs up to Tallesman, not that they needed much support, "DO YOU REALLY WANT TO SEE MY BOOBIES GET ALL BRUISED AND STRETCHED?? She pouted, "DON'T YOU LIKE THEM HOW THEY LOOK NOW??" "THEY'RE THE FINEST PAIR OF TITS AT THIS WHOLE FUCKIN' FESTIVAL.

THEY'RE BIG, SOFT AND FIRM, BABY. THAT'S WHY YOU SHOULD BE PROUD TO HAVE THEM BASHED. .IN HONOR OF THE BLADES." "BUT I'D RATHER DO THIS WITH THEM!" with that Lindsey leaned forward and wrapped her huge soft jugs around Tallesman's throbbing big cock and squeezed them together.


IF I HAVE TO." At this moment they became aware of a commotion growing closer as bikers jeered and swore at something they couldn't see.

Klassische stags 137 20er bis 60er Jahre Szene 3

Finally the cause became clear as a be-spectacled, suited Englishman made is way through the crowd. "LINSEY! THERE YOU ARE I'VE BEEN LOOKING EVERYWHERE FOR YOU!" "WHO'S THIS FUCKIN' CREEP??" said Tallesman "HAROLD, MY AGENT. WHAT DO YOU WANT HAROLD??" she asked continuing to fuck Tallesman's huge cock with her jugs. "LINSEY, WHAT ON EARTH ARE YOU DOING HERE?? WHO ARE ALL THESE CRUDE HEATHENS. AND HOW DID YOU GET THOSE BRUISES ON YOUR RUMP?" asked Harold.

"I'M TITTIE FUCKIN' HIS BEAUTIFUL COCK, CAN'T YOU SEE??!! Lindsey laughed in her formal accent as she squeezed harder pushing her nipples together. TALLESMAN IS TEACHING ME THE FORBIDDEN PLEASURES OF PUNISHING MY LOVELY MAMS," she teased as slapped her big tits together and duel the tip of his prick with her big stiff nipples.

"ANYWAY, WHAT DO YOU WANT HAROLD?" "I'VE ERR." said Harold, not quite sure where to look. "I'VE COME TO GET YOU. YOU'VE AN IMPORTANT MEDIA SESSION TOMMORROW. AND I WANT TO MAKE SURE YOU DON'T MISS IT. THE FOLKS AT JUGGS MAGAZINE WANT TO INTERVIEW AND PHOTOGRAPH YOU NOW THAT YOU'RE DOING HARDCORE." he asserted, obviously in disapproval of Lindsey's advancement into hard porn since coming to the states. "FUCK THE INTERVIEW," she laughed.

"TAKE A PICTURE NOW!" she smiled as she bounced and squeezed her huge titties with both hands, pinching her flesh and pounding Tallesman's cock with her all natural knockers. "SHE'S GONNA GET A FUCKIN' PHOTO SHOOT NOW!!!" said Tallesman as his cock twitched and shot a huge load of cum into Linsey's face which ran down and hung from her nose and cheeks in strands. Talisman continued to empty his balls over her beautiful face and huge tits before reaching for a camera and pointing it Linsey who smiled up at him through cum covered features encouraging him with "OH YEA, JIZZ ON MY FACE!!" "That was the shoot and now for the photo." CLICK!

"GIVE THAT TO ME!!" Harold stepped forward reaching for the camera. "I AM HER AGENT, ITS MY PROPERTY." He moved about two paces before three burley bikers grabbed him. "NOW LOOK HERE FELLAS, I REALLY MUST INSIST YOU GIVE ME THAT FILM. LINSEY IS STILL UNDER AN EXCLUSIVE CONTRACT AND I CAN'T PERMIT THIS!" Tallesman continued snapping photos of her as she sucked his still hard cock into her cum covered mouth. "LINSEY WHAT ON EARTH DO YOU THINK YOU'RE DOING?? I INSIST THAT YOU STOP FLUFFING THIS BRUTE AND COME WITH ME!!" "SHE AIN'T GOIN' NOWHERE FAGGOT, SHE'S A BLADE BITCH NOW!

BESIDES SHE'S GOING TO ENTER THESE PROUD TITTIES IN THE RODEO." Said Tallesman as he grabbed her boob with his large hand and squeezed with all of his strength, gouging deeply with his fingernails into her soft, tender bosom. "AHHHHHHHHHHH SHIT!" Lindsey exclaimed from the sudden pain.

"THE WHAT??" Harold's myopic eyes sought out the stage and saw the iron horse. It stood on a solid stand bolted to the stage.

The bottom half consisted of an enormous Harley engine which was connected to the saddle which in turn had a huge dildo projecting out of the middle. "WHAT ON EARTH IS THAT??" "YOU'VE SEEN A RODEO BEFORE HAVEN'T YOU CREEP?


Then turning on her heels she made her way up to the stage wiggling her sexy ass provocatively at Harold as she went. "GO LINDSEY," cheered the Blades, "SHAKE 'EM LINDSEY, SHAKE 'EM, SHAKE 'EM !!" they yelled out. "HOW'S THIS," she yelled back as she rolled her shoulders sending her big beauties swinging from side to side. "YOU BOYS WANNA SEE 'EM PUNISHED, I'LL GIVE YOU A SHOW YOU'LL REMEMBER." She sassed the crowd, looking over at Tallesman for approval.

"ALLRIGHT OUR FIRST CONTESTANT!!" bellowed the M.C. A huge cheer went up from the crowd as the voluptuous teenager stepped proudly up onto the wooden stage wearing only her hip boots, a black scarf and matching cowboy hat. The M.C. helped her onto the mounting block so she could climb into the saddle. Lindsey's first test was lowering herself onto the 10" black dildo. Fortunately, Tallesman had several of his Blades boink Lindsey before the contest so her slick pussy was still lubricated with their cum and she was able to slide down on it without too much trouble.

"OH YEA," she smiled as the cock drove deep into her love pocket. Once she was in place the M.C. removed the mounting block and a couple of bikers fired up the Harley engine.

The vibrations from the engine travelled directly up through the dildo deep inside her cunt making her gasp "OH, OH YEA," at the feeling. "OK this is round one so you have to stay on the horse for 60 seconds in 1st gear." "OK LET'S GO!" yelled Linsey above the noise of the Harley in her British accent. She wanted to look as carefree and brave as possible in front of the bikers but inside her stomach was doing somersaults.

As the horse shifted into gear, though she had no time to think about anything anymore as the huge contraption began violently bucking and twisting beneath her driving the dildo round and round inside her. As the huge machine lurched around she was thrown up and down on the big dildo further driving her to orgasm.

Her fabulous young boobs, famous in men's magazines for their size and firmness, were now lunging up and down with tremendous power. Linsey tried to use one hand to clutch her boobs to stop them flailing around so violently, but she immediately had to grab onto the saddle again to try to keep from falling off.

As the beast went through its cycle, it lifted, jerked forward, dropped and retreated in a giant osolation throwing Lindsey's huge boobs slapping up and down with tremendous force at every jerking motion.

"PUT YOUR HANDS BEHIND YOUR BACK," shouted Tallesman, catching Lindsey's ear above the roar of the crowd. "OH WELL," she mused as she reaching behind herself, gripping the saddle rim, letting her beautiful breasts heave and thrash about with wild abandon - knowing full well this is what the men wanted to see as the bikers cheered on the stunning brunette.

Although it was only 60 seconds it seemed like an eternity to Linsey until the machine stopped. She lifted herself unsteadily off the dildo and climbed down onto the mounting box. She was dizzy and unstable on her feet and her boobs ached a little from their violent slapping around but otherwise she was ok and made her way unsteadily back to where Tallesman and the blades waited for their beauty. . cheering her on. CHAPTER 17 - IRON HORSE RODEO "ALLRIGHT OUR FIRST CONTESTANT" bellowed the M.C.

The Blades were uncontrollably rowdy as the bodacious Linsey strutted gracefully across the wooden stage wearing only her hip boots, a black scarf and matching cowboy hat.

With a little swagger to her walk, she held her shoulders back at let her super mams bounce naturally. The M.C. helped her onto the mounting block so she could climb into the saddle. Linsey's first test was lowering herself onto the 10" black dildo. Fortunately, the MC had some baby oil which he squirted into her slick gash as she lifted her leg for the screaming crowd.

With the oil she was able to easily slide down onto the black rubber dong. "OOH YEA," she smiled as the cock stuffed her sweet young love pocket. Once she was in place the M.C. removed the mounting block and a couple of bikers fired up the Harley engine. The vibrations from the engine traveled directly up through the dildo deep inside her cunt making her gasp "AH, AH AHHH YEA," at the tremendous sensation.

"OK this is round one so you have to stay on the horse for 60 seconds" said the MC as he strapped her ankles to the stirrups. "OK LET'S GO!" commanded Linsey, above the noise of the Harley in her British accent. She wanted to look as carefree and brave as possible in front of the bikers but inside her stomach was doing somersaults as she still felt very nervous about going first.

As the horse shifted into gear, though she had no time to think about anything as her heart pounded. The huge contraption began violently bucking and twisting beneath her driving the dildo round and round up inside of her. As the beast went through its cycle, it lifted, jerked forward, dropped and retreated in a giant oscillation throwing Linsey's mother-sized breasts up and down - her nipples already erect. After 20 seconds, the M.C. shifted the second gear and the huge machine lurched faster as Linsey was thrown up and down bouncing on the big dildo - her ass slapping.

Linsey's heavy boobs, famous in men's magazines for their size and firmness, were now seriously lunging up and down with the power of the horse. She tried to use one hand to clutch her boobs to stop them from slamming so violently, but she immediately had to grab onto the saddle again to try to keep from falling off.

"PUT YOUR HANDS ON YOUR ASS," shouted Tallesman, catching Linsey's ear above the roar of the crowd. "OH RIGHT," she mocked, but then, just to prove she could do it, she reached behind herself, gripping the saddle rim, leaving her beautiful breasts leap and slap - knowing full well this is what the men wanted to see when the horse was shifted into third - "AHHH MY TITS!" she hollered as she strained to hang onto the bucking bronco as it catapulted her faster and faster - slamming and slapping her big tits against her rib cage for the final twenty seconds - driving her to another glorious orgasm.

"ALL RIGHT LINSEY!!" the crowd roared with enthusiasm for the young beauty as the horse came to a halt. She blushed as she had proven herself to be one tough bird and she had made the Blades proud. She lifted herself unsteadily off the dildo and climbed down onto the mounting box. She was a little dizzy and unstable on her feet and her boobs ached from bouncing so hard but otherwise she was ok and made back to Tallesman and the Blades where she took another swig of Rum among the men.

The pounding of her breasts was a new sensation that turned her on in a strange new way. Although they hurt some, it was a kinky rush to be throwing her tits about so violently - especially in front of so many rowdy and horny big dicks.

"I COULD DO FOUR!" she bragged obnoxiously as she staggered about in the nude - hugging and kissing the Blades, enjoying knowing full-well that Harold was watching her in shock and disgust.

By now, the Barbarian Biker Festival mood was really starting to rev up. The drugs and booze were doing the rounds loosening inhibitions and upper torsos as the sexy girls tossed their tops - dancing and posing for the cameras amidst the motorcycles, campfires and thousands of hell-raising bikers.

Body art was everywhere to be seen as tattoo and piercing artists applied their creativity to their willing subjects. Nothing was taboo today as penises were pierced, tongues tattooed and even young fannys were being branded. Now that the Blades had laid down the gauntlet by entering the beautiful Linsey in the boob bashing contest, no female was immune from having her breasts punished today. The second entrant up was Sammie from the Saber's club.

Her thunderous HH boobs were a little bruised from the Kamikaze contest earlier but were otherwise holding up well. But she looked uneasy and reluctant as she made her way up to the stage and kept casting nervous glances at the audience where Club, the leader of the Saber's and her boyfriend/manager was signaling her to get on the horse.

"ARE YOU SURE ABOUT THIS CLUB? WHAT IF I HURT MYSELF?" she asked, hoping he would give her a break and let her skip the Iron Horse.

"IF LINSEY CAN TAKE IT, YOU CAN TOO GIRL!" he challenged her. Still wearing her white fuck-me heels and gold chains, Sammie climbed on the block, lifted her leg over the horse and stuffed the huge dildo up her smooth black cunny. She had little trouble in this, as the dildo was if anything a little smaller than Club's cock, not to mention the fact that Linsey had already lubricated it.

Having lost some of her baby fat from working out, Sammie was looking' mighty fine today and she was enjoying all the hoops and hollers from the bikers. Her all natural beauties were a little looser and sloppier now, yet still bigger than any other girl in the contest.

She sat on the horse looking nervously down at her beautiful young hangers as the block was removed and the engine fired up. "WHOA!!" She visibly flinched as the vibrations traveled up into her cunt, but she didn't have time to think about it as the horse was thrown into gear.

"HELP!" She was caught unaware and had to use both hands on the horse to maintain her balance. This meant that her massive jugs, much larger and than Linsey's and lacking the same muscle support started flying around crazily and slapping up and down.

In second gear, she frantically hung on occasionally trying to free an arm to try to steady her huge mounds, as much as anything to try to keep her balance which was constantly altering with the violent movement of over 22 lb.ís of bouncin' tit-flesh. "ALL RIGHT SAMMIE! GO FOR IT GIRL!" The crowd cheered the horse was shifted into third and hugely endowed black model clung on for dear life for her full last 20 seconds with her huge mams slapping crazily up and down, hitting her in the face and momentarily obscuring her vision.

When the ride finished, she climbed unsteadily off the horse using both arms to cradle her huge boobs and she made her way back into the crowd. Susie Winters was next. With her long blond hair piled high on her head, the young "Princess of Pain" looked even taller as she strutted through the crowd in her stiletto heels. Jaded from working in a San Francisco bondage parlor, her FF's were severely battered and beaten with burn marks and scars from her bizarre and exotic bondage show.

"WANNA SEE THESE BABIES BUCKIN'?" she yelled out. As the iron horse machine started up she clung to the pommel making no effort to protect her tits as her huge bruised mam's began shaking around. "OH, OH YEA," she shut her eyes and gritted her teeth, obviously somewhere in between agony and ecstasy as the huge machine thrashed wildly about underneath her. As the excitement built up inside her, she arched her back and pushed out her chest, deliberately allowing her big sloppy tits to lunge and plunge around violently as the horse lifted, thrust, dropped and retreated with enormous power.

As the machine flung her about viciously on the huge dildo in third gear, she didn't care and simply flung her head back, actually shuddering through an orgasm in the closing seconds of her ride. When she lifted her pierced and shaved cunny off the big dildo there was with an audible 'slurp'. The bikers were really getting into the spectacle of the beautiful young girls who where willing to slap their tits around for the entertainment of the crowd and were calling for the MC to move on to the second round so they could see some really radical boob slamming.


The Hell's Angel's Samantha made her way up on to the stage. Like a lot of the girls she wasn't that keen on taking part but didn't want to let down her club. She was only 17, a fact the Angel's did their best to keep quiet since they didn't want to land up in jail. All the same she had an impressive pair of pear shaped DD cup boobs with big pink aureoles. The beautiful, naked, young blonde took a few moments lowering herself onto the huge black dildo, clearly finding it a struggle to fit it all into her tight teenage pussy.

Eventually though, her firm rounded cheeks finally settled on the saddle. This time when the mechanical horse was fired up she was almost thrown clear as the huge machine began bucking and thrashing around. The young teenager screamed in fear as the huge machine violently thrashed and bucked hurling her brutally up and down on the huge black dildo as it went through the gears.

" OH GOD!" Her white knuckled hands clung desperately to the saddle with all her strength, not daring to let go for a second in case she was thrown off. This was of secondary importance to the bikers gathered around the stage though. All they were interested in was watching the young teen's DD boobs as they slapped around on her chest, violently slapping and distorting into shapeless blobs as the horse bucked and fucked her silly. "OH FUCK! FUCK! FUCK! She screamed from fear as the huge machine thrashed about not believing she could possibly stay on it for the whole two minutes.

She was partly aware of the pain from her boobs as they were stretched and slapped by the force but it was only when the rodeo finally stopped and she half fell off the machine onto the stage that she became aware of the ache from her beautiful young boobs where they had begun to tear away from the muscle tissue. She staggered back to the Angels sobbing and shaking as she went.

In the audience Linsey was now lap dancing for the Blades who took great pride and pleasure in Linsey's willingness to enter the boob bash. Naked, save for her thigh high boots, she plopped down into each members lap and bucked their cocks as she Pelted their faces with her sweet swinging mams.

"OH YEA, BITE ME!" she encouraged, "SQEEZE 'EM, PINCH 'EM, PULL ON 'EM" she begged as the men nibbled on her nips and fingered her holes. Harold, her agent, had by now been strapped to the front of a Harley in order to ensure that he didn't miss any of the show.

As she bucked and shimmied in front of all the bikers, Harold shouted, "FOR GOD'S SAKE LINSEY, WHAT ON EARTH DID YOU THINK YOU WERE DOING??" "I WAS UPHOLDING THE HONOUR OF THE BLADES HAROLD!!!

I TOLD YOU I'M A BLADES GIRL NOW!" she retorted in her plumy accent. "THAT'S RIGHT FAGGOT!!! SHE'S GONNA BASH THESE TIT'S FOR THE HONOUR OF THE BLADES, AIN'T THAT RIGHT LINSEY???" said Tallesman as he reached and pinched her nipple, lifting it high off her chest, almost to her mouth. "RIGHT!!" replied Linsey as she licked at her own tit, watching Harold turn pale. "BUT LINSEY, YOU'RE THROWING AWAY YOUR WHOLE CAREER!!

ANY DAMAGE TO YOUR BREASTS COULD SERIOUSLY REDUCE YOUR EARNINGS!!" "WHAT YOU MEAN LIKE THIS??"asked Tallesman slapping her distended boob sending it flying off her chest.

"OWW!" Linsey screamed at the pain but didn't admonish Tallesman, not wanting to give Harold the satisfaction. "DID YOU LIKE THAT?" asked Tallesman. "YES SIR," she responded obediently. "ARE YOU READY TO HAVE YOUR BOOB'S BASHED NOW?" She knew it was too late to back down now and said "YES SIR!" "GOOD, I WANT DEMAN HERE TO FUCK YOUR PUSSY AND BASH YOUR TITS BLACK AND BLUE AT THE SAME TIME.

THINK YOU CAN DO THAT DEMAN?" "NO SHIT, TALLESMAN," he slipped out his throbbing cock and lay on the ground. Linsey stood over him before lowering her tight teenaged twat on Deman's throbbing cock. She reached down and guided it into her hot, wet cunny, as she did, looking back over her shoulder at Harold as the big dick slid into her twat. "SIT UP STRAIGHTER WITH YOUR BACK ARCHED AND CHEST OUT" Tallesman ordered as he approached her with a pair of handcuffs, she thrust her big firm tits out even further as Talisman snapped the cuffs on her, holding her arms behind her back.

"NOW BOUNCE ON THAT COCK, BITCH! BOUNCE FASTER!" ordered Tallesman as Linsey picked up the tempo, bouncin' her big breasts high on her chest.

"ALLRIGHT LINSEY, YOU READY FOR DEMAN TO START POUNDING THOSE TITTIES??" "YES SIR" "YOU HEARD HER MAN, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR??" "KA-BAM!! BOW! POW! WHAP!!" Deman slapped her left breast several times with his right hand as his cock drove deep into her slick cunt.

Linsey was stunned, but kept on buckin' and fuckin'. "JESUS, I'M CUMING ALREADY," she moaned, rocking her hips on Deman's stiff cock. "THIS IS REALLY GETTING ME OFF!!" she grunted. "THAT'S IT, HIT HER FUCKIN' TITS!!! HIT 'EM HARDER!" shouted Tallesman. "YOU WANT MORE DON'T YOU LINSEY?" YOU WANT IT HARDER DON'T YOU BITCH?" "OH YEA, HIT FUCKIN' HARDER, HIT 'EM MORE!" she yelled Deman opened his hand and slapped her with a "WHAP" then a "WHAP, WHAP, WHAP" across both breasts.

"HARDER, USE YOUR FISTS!" yelled Tallesman as Deman swung harder and faster with both hands. He was pounding her breasts with his fists, slapping, gouging, pinching and pulling on her nipples, pounding again as Linsey arched back giving him easy targets as she jerked her shoulders in rhythm to the loud rock music blasting over the loudspeakers.

"BRUISES!! I WANT TO SEE LOTS OF FUCK'N BRUISES!! Shouted Tallesman. "SLUG HER FUCK'N TITS! SLUG 'EM HARD! HARDER!! He yelled as Deman was in a full fledged fist fight with Linsey's breasts as the huge blobs of milk- filled flesh flew every which way as Linsey saw stars amongst the hundreds of spectators now watching her breasts being pulverized as she continued to fuck Deman's cock.

Flash bulbs went off and camera's clicked at the unbelievable spectacle of the beautiful young starlet having her famous boobs used as punching bags. "STOP THAT!! FOR GOD'S SAKE STOP IT!!" yelled Harold, appalled at the spectacle of his young client having her boobs destroyed for the entertainment of a field full of crazy barbarians. "PULL ON HER NIPPLES!

PINCH 'EM REALLY HARD AND PULL HER TITS OFF HER CHESS, DEMAN!!" Tallesman ordered. " LEAN BACK LINSEY," he commanded, "STRETCH YOUR FUCKIN' BOOBIES GIRL!! STRETCH 'EM GOOOOD!!" "AHHHHHHHHHHH SHIT!" MY TITS !! . ARRRHHHH!! LOOK AT'EM !!" she blurted with her teeth clenched, as she arched even further back as Deman tugged on her nipples with all of his strength unit his knuckles turned white and her big breasts flattening out as they stretched across her tummy with deep creases from the tremendous strain on her muscle tissue.

"I'M CUMING, JESUS, OH GOD," cried Linsey as Deman speeded his tempo, blowing his full wad in a gush of jizz that splurted out of her pussy as other bikers jerked off onto her beautiful face, bruised tits and torso.

CHAPTER 17 - BOOB-BASHING COMPETITION As Pinkie rode through the crowd on tied to the Harley again she tingled with anticipation. Every eye was on her as she rode like a queen.

Her huge breasts jiggled and bounced as Animal rode over the bumpy ground until they arrived at the main area. Some of the other girls had already arrived and were anxiously looking around at one another to 'size up' the competition. The panel of judges consisted of one representative of each of the competing gangs and sat at a long trestle table swigging beer and joking with one another. All the girls were topless or wearing only short and exotic tee shirts that would be removed soon. Some of them were already stark naked The minimum bust size for girls entering the boob bash was a DD so none of the women were small.

Two of the women had big pendulous breasts which were stretched and scarred, these must have been the two that Animal was telling her about. Next to them was a petite redhead with a pair of what Pinkie guessed were border line DD's. They were beautifully shaped though with hardly any sag. Obviously the gang had chosen her for quality not quantity. As she strode up to join them Pinkie was confident she had the biggest best pair of tits there and therefore the most to sacrifice.

Her confidence was soon shaken though as she heard another motorbike approaching through the crowd. As the wall of bikers parted to allow it through Pinkie realised this must be Angelique.

She had obviously timed her entrance to be last and so upstage the others. There was a hush as she rode through stark naked on the front of the Harley. She was a dark skinned latin looking woman of perhaps 22 with a stunning face and enormous breasts. They were maybe a little smaller than Pinkie's, but only slightly and much firmer. "HOLY SHIT, LOOK AT THOSE TITS!" said Moose.

"Man I can't wait to see those mam's get bashed!" said Animal. As the girls lined up in front of the judges while they explained the rules of the contest. This year, they explained they had changed the format. There would be one main event, the BOOB BASH MARATHON. There was a raised platform with a wooden bar at waist height, the girls had to stand on the platform leaning over the bar presenting their boobs hanging for punishment.

Each girl would have her hands loosely tied behind her back so that she could free them at any time, but should she do so she would be instantly disqualified. Each gang would be nominated a rival gang's girl, it was then their task to bash that girl's boobs as hard and for as long as they could until the girl had to drop out.

The last girl still standing and taking punishment would be the victor. The gangs were allocated their respective girls and the OUTLAWS hollered with joy as they were allocated Angelique. "MAN I CAN'T WAIT TO START HAMMERIN' THOSE TA TA'S !" A similar cheer went up from the Blades when they were given Pinkie.

A sassy little red head chick with the Blades called out "You better enjoy those tits while you can, we're gonna fuckin' destroy 'em!" Pinkie looked over at her, she was pretty with fair skin and was topless, dressed in only denim shorts.

Her tit's couldn't have been more than a 34"B and Pinkie guessed correctly the girl had some good reasons to be jealous of her big jugs.

"I can take more that you faggots can manage you flat chested cunt!" A couple of bikers held the red head back while the Moose whispered, "You shouldn't have said that, that's Ruby, Talisman's girl. Now it'll be personal." "I don't give a fuck!" The girls lined up and Pinkie stood between Angelique and Red.

The official moved down the line and tied each girl's hands behind their backs before instructing them to take up their positions. They leant forward over the rail their boobs hanging down so as to afford the gangs the best possible access to the soon to be battered boobs.

The atmosphere was so thick you could cut it with a knife as five beautiful, totally vulnerable pairs of breasts hung there in the afternoon sun.

"I want the first slug at those Mam's" announced Animal as he eyed Angelique's hanging jugs. The Brazilian porno queen had a beautiful body and an equally beautiful pair of tits and the damage she was likely to take to them would mean she wouldn't be working for a long while, Pinkie knew this meant Angelique already had an advantage with the judges.

Animal took his position in front of Angelique cracking his knuckles in anticipation as he admired her mam's. A beefy tattooed member of the blades stepped forward and took his place in front of Pinkie leering at her tits. "ALRIGHT TAKE YOUR POSITIONS!" announced the MC.

"READYOOO.TAKE AIMOOBOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOB BAAAAAAASSSSSHHHH!!!" Animal delivered a furious right hook to the Brazilian's left tit that sent both boobs flailing across her chest before following it up with an upper cut that sent her left flying upwards. The Brazilian stared straight ahead clenching her teeth against the pain. The biker in front of Pinkie lost no time in tearing into her tit's either, swinging his huge fists like clubs he rained blow after blow into her huge jugs so that they were constantly flailing.

"COME ON YOU FAGGOT IS THAT THE BEST YOU CAN DO??!!" yelled Pinkie egging him onto even more extremes of boob bashing. He took a step back and landed a huge swing at her tits that sent them reeling and made her stagger on her feet and see stars.

SMACK!!!!! "YOU CALL THAT A PUNCH??" she jeered as she regained her balance. The punishment of the girls continued until the bikers arms began to tire but fresh protagonists immediately stepped forward to continue to mutilate the beautiful tits before them. Ruby stepped forward and said, "ALLRIGHT CUNT, NOW IT'S PAYBACK TIME!!" Pinkie drew back her shoulder and thrust out her boobs at the girl "GIVE IT YOUR BEST SHOT BITCH!" with that she drew back her fist before slugging Pinkie's battered tits.

"WHAT'S THE MATTER BITCH, NOT USED TO TITS THIS BIG. THEY TOO BIG FOR YOU?" yelled Pinkie driving the girl on. Pinkie looked over to see Animal and was pleased to see he was easily matching the blades blow for blow as he landed a huge left hook into the Brazilian's boobs sending them flailing and making the beautiful girl stagger on her feet.

"HOLD HER TIT FOR ME" said Ruby to one of the nearest bikers. "With pleasure" She shot him a dirty look as he hefted her right tit in both hands. "ALRIGHT CUNT TRY THIS!" as the biker braced her boob Ruby punched it with all her strength, her fist sinking into the soft battered flesh. Pinkie could feel her breast tissue being crushed by the girl's knuckles with each blow, even her milk ducts were being battered as the girl's fist sunk deep into Pinkie's tit with each blow.

Eventually the girl's arms began to tire and another biker stepped up to continue slugging her tits. "COME ON, DESTROY HER FUCKIN' TITS!" she egged the guy on reaching down and running her hand over his crotch. He was hugely erect anyway and Ruby felt his cock twitch at her touch. "COME ON BABY DO IT FOR ME, SMASH THOSE FUCKIN' UDDERS" she unbuckled his belt and dropped his jeans exposing his 9" throbbing cock.

"THAT'S IT BABY!" she yelled as her hand encircled his cock and began stroking it before sinking to her knees and sucking it. She sucked the guy to a frenzy all the time watching the mutilation of Pinkie's tits and rewarding each particularly vicious punch with a swirl of her tongue around his glands.

Eventually he could take no more and his cock began to twitch and pump his come into ruby's mouth. "COME ON WHO'S NEXT?" she shouted as she swallowed the last of the biker's come. Unsurprisingly the place was rapidly filled as was Ruby's mouth.

Finally the MC blew a whistle to signal the end of round one. The girls had all been through 20 minutes of non stop boob bashing and their jugs were bruised and badly battered.

Pinkie glanced over at the Brazilian's beautiful tits and was satisfied to see that she certainly wouldn't be making any more movies for a while. The OUTLAWS had done their job, her tit's were swollen and every colour of the rainbow. On her other side Red was looking like she was nearing her limits.

Her DD's were badly battered not having the size to soak up as much punishment. Animal climbed up onto the rostrum to see how she was. "GIMME A HIT" she instructed he obliged her. "Man those mam's are takin' some punishment" he said looking at her battered tits.

"THEY'LL TAKE ALL THEY NEED TO" she bragged. After a five minute break the MC announced that round 2 would commence and that now each gang was allowed to use a blunt weapon.

The girls took up their positions once more and the gangs prepared themselves. The OUTLAW's produced a pair of battered pieced of 4"x2" similar to the ones they'd battered Pinkie's tits with, except these weren't rotten so they wouldn't break.

The Blades stepped aside and allowed through a muscled vicious looking man with dark glasses. Pinkie knew this must be Talesman. He lifted up a baseball bat with metal studs hammered into it. "MEET GOLIATH" he said. Pinkie looked him in the eye, pulled her shoulders back and thrust her battered melons at him.

"PLEASED TO MEET YOU!" The MC blew the whistle for the start of round 2 and Talesman stepped up and took a huge swing at Pinkie. If he'd been hitting a baseball it would have been a home run easily.

as it was it nearly tore Pinkie's tits off her chest. She staggered to keep her balance from the force of the blow as her vision went black for a couple of seconds. "FUCK MAN, LOOK WHAT THEY'RE DOIN' TO PINKIE!" yelled Moose. He began to step forward to intervene but Animal stopped him. "DON'T MAN, YOU'LL GET US DISQUALIFIED" they watched as Pinkie recovered herself before fixing Talesman in the eye and thrusting her boobs out again offering him another shot. "THAT YOU'RE BEST SHOT?" she sassed.

"WAY TO GO PINKIE!!" To Pinkie's left Red was having her DD's battered with a tire iron and had her teeth clenched and eyes squeezed shut as she fought to stay in the competition. To her right two of the beefiest OUTLAWS were setting about Angelique's tits with rough pieces of 4"x2".

Talesman's next blow was if anything harder and smashed Pinkies tits so hard she could feel the breast tissue being destroyed with the force. But, once again, she kept to her feet and cleared her vision before thrusting her tits out for another. It was obvious to the OUTLAW's that Pinkie wouldn't be able to survive much more and Animal grabbed Moose by the shoulder and said "COME ON MAN I'VE GOT AN IDEA" he grabbed a length of 4"x2" and handed the other to Moose. "ALLRIGHT MAN, TOGETHER ON 3.

1, 2, 3!!!" Moose had instantly got the idea. They would swing at Angelique's tit's at the same time from opposite sides. The two pieces of wood smashed into her tits crushing them in the middle making the Brazilian scream out in pain. By now the other girls had dropped out and it was only the two huge breasted beauties in it. All the other gangs gathered round to enjoy the spectacle. Each girl was taking terrible punishment, Angelique's huge tits were being crushed with each blow.

Pinkie's massive boobs were being smashed with each blow, the breast tissues being destroyed and torn from their chest, stretch marks appearing from the huge blows. The crowd was silent at the beautiful and yet horrific sight of two girls having their tit's destroyed for the entertainment on the crowd. The only sound was the grunting of the men as they swung at the girl's tits, the smack of cruelly abused tit-flesh being smashed and the gasps from the girls as they fought to remain on their feet.

After more then 20 minutes of BOOB demolition Angelique fainted and Pinkie was declared the victor. She asked for some hash before parading around the first line of bikers, encouraging to have at hear sloppy sagging breasts.

The rough men bulled and punched the tits examining the damage that this crazy vixen have endured. All of a sudden her brain short circulated and she fainted on the ground.

A heavily pierced dude made his way through the crowd and carried her to with him. CHAPTER 18 - BASH 'EM AND BREAK 'EM "WHERE'S PINKIE?" shouted Animal."ITS BEEN HOURS SINCE I SAW HER LAST. SHE'S GONNA MISS THE WHOLE FUCKIN' RODEO!!" "I THINK SHE'S OVER AT JAKE'S TRAILER," replied Moose.


"LETS GO FIND HER BEFORE THIS WHOLE GIG IS OVER TONIGHT." While another busty babe took to the horse, the two Outlaws made their way through the drunken crowd to the dirt road where they spotted some lights on in Jake's old trailer about a half mile down. "KNOCK. KNOCK. KNOCK!" OPEN UP!!" Animal hollared in his deapest voice. "WHO IS IT?" Jake responded. "MOOSE . AND ANIMAL." Moose replied. "ALL RIGHT, COME ON IN," Jake told them as he opened the door. The musty old trailer reeked of marijuana and booze while an old Rolling Stones tune in the background set the mood.

"AS YOU CAN SEE, OUR PRINCESS IS PAMPERING HERSELF," Jake informed them as they stepped inside, getting a wiff of her pungent perfume. As Animal caught a glimpse of Pinkie, he couldn't help but admire her curvacious backside and firm round tattooed asscheeks as sexy tenager sat in her kinky outfit in front a brightly lit make-up mirror. Suddenly, the moment she made eye contact, Animal experienced deja vu as his heart began racing and his dick twitching hard - thinking back to the first time seen her as Cindy at the wet t-shirt contest less than two months earlier.

It seemed he'd had a hard-on every day since first seeing her - just thinking about her cute face and those incredible big soft all natural tits of hers. Only now, Cindy had transformed herself into a bikers' wet-dream. As Kinky Pinkie, she was pushing the boundries of feminine erotica, captive to her own lust for extreme bondage, fetishes and sexual extremeties.

She'd do anything for a sexual fix. . anything! She was addicted to her own mind-numbing perversions. Catching her eye in the mirror, Animal paid no attention to the sleazy stud sitting beside her or that her huge breasts were both resting lazily on the small table.

He mainly noticed her pretty skin, brazen tattoos, jewelry and spaghetti thin rhinestone-studded body straps and rhinestone "fuck-me" pumps. "HEY BOYS," Pinkie looked over her silky smooth tattooed shoulder smiling gleefully as they ducked their heads entering through the small door trailer door. "JAKE'S HELPIN' ME GET BEAUTIFIED BEFORE I RIDE THE BIG HORSEY," she sang a little in her girlish voice, batting her long eyelashes - knowing full well she still looked as gorgeous as a Vegas showgirl with all of her eye make-up,rouge and false eyelashes.

"WHO'S WINNING THE RODEO?" Pinkie asked cooly as she gripped her heavy breast with one hand and a syringe in the other - the needle deeply inserted into the milk duct of her swolen nipple as she squeezed the plunger - driving the fluid deep into the center of her tattooed breast. "SUSIE WINTER'S TITS ABOUT FLEW OFF IN FOURTH GEAR." exclaimed Animal. "IT WAS INCREDIBLE!" he exclaimed. "AND NOW LINSEY IS BRAGGIN THAT SHE'S GONNA CHALLENGE SUSIE FOR THE TOP PRIZE.


"WELL?" she looks for a response among the men "YOU DO LIKE BIG, BIG TITTIES NOW DON'T YA?" her cute face animated with excitement as she crossed her arms, partly covering her huge soft breasts while Moose and Animal strained to get a peak at her magnificent mams. "AND I'VE INJECTED ABOUT 1O CCs OF PURE UN-CUT COCAINE IN EACH BOOB SO THEY FEEL LIKE THEY'RE FLOATIN' OUT 'N FRON' O' ME," she giggled a little as she pulled the needle out of her nipple and threw the syringe into a pile of others on the table.

"OKAY GUYS, TAKE A LOOK AT THESE WHOPPERS NOW!" she laughed as she stood up, teetering in her high heels, her bloated breasts hanging magnificently in front of her. "HOW'D YAL'IKE TO SEE THESE BIG BOUNCIN' BABIES DOING BATTLE OUT THERE TONIGHT?" she sassed. "THINK THEY'RE BIG ENOUGH NOW?" she laughed as she pinched her nipple and pulled hard on the bruised boob - gritting her teeth as the red stress lines strained across the length of her elastic boobmeat.

"JESUS PINKIE! WITH THE WEIGHT YOU'VE LOST AND THE SIZE OF THOSE BABY WATERMELONS, YOUR SUPER TOP HEAVY NOW!" exclaimed Animal as he noticed her slender tummy, hipbones and ribcage. "FUCKIN'A PINKIE!" Moose exclaimed."I DON'T KNOW IF YOU HAVE MORE BRUISES OR TATTOOS PINKIE, BUT YOU DO LOOK INCREDIBLY FUCKABLE!" as he admired her shaved and tattooed pubic mound and ringed pussy lips . then gazing down her tattooed thighs to her bright red toenails, ankle chains and tattooed ankles.

TURN AROUND!" as he admired her smooth skin, slender waist, tight ass, long legs - "COME ON NOW, FACE ME" he reached to feel her gapping cunthole and lick her humongous hangers - littered with fresh bruises, tattoos and some nasty pink welts that criss-cross the sides and tops of her breasts.

"HOW MUCH OF THAT SHIT DID YOU USE." asked Animal as he reached out to squeeze Pinkie's huge boob, his fingers sinking deep into the silky liquid orbs. "INCREDIBILE!" he remarked as he pinched her baggy breasts. "ABOUT 12 MORE OUNCES OF FLUID FOR EACH TIT" Pinkie grinned as she started to dance softly, using both hands to lift the huge breast off her chest. squishing and distorting the soft silky flesh, "THEY'RE REALLY BIG FUCKIN' BABIES NOW!" she brags as she strangels her boob at the base, bopping the milk bag about as she danced in place for the drooling fools - "NAH,NAH, NA, NAH, NAH," she teases as she shakes her boob - daring them to slap her tit.

"THEY FEEL LIKE THEIR FILLED WITH HELIUM," she laughs at the bizarre sensation swelling in her breasts as she stretches her nipples lifting her boob to her chin baring stretch marks that extend from her teats all the way to the fold of her tender white underbreast. "BIG BOOBIES," she pouts as she watches her boob drop with thud and a double bounce on her ribcage.

"HOW DO YOU LIKE 'EM?" she wagged her pierced tongue. "SO WHO THE FUCK IN THIS PIN CUSHION?" asked Moose, referring to the heavily pierced and tattooed dude sitting silently to the other side of Pinkie.

"THIS IS SNAKE," she licked her lips showing off her pierced tongue. "HE'S BRITISH," she raised her eyebrows, "AND HE WORKS AT A REALLY NASTY BONDAGE CLUB IN SAN FRANCISCO," she was obviously impressed. SAY "HI" TO ANIMAL AND MOOSE. THEY'RE OUTLAWS." she suggested. Snake simply nodded, flicking his long greasy locks, acting aloof and indifferent towards the two bikers. "SHOW 'EM WHY THEY CALL YOU SNAKE," she beamed into his eyes with determination.

"SHOW 'EM WHAT JAKE DID," she reaches into his lap encouraging him to stand up. "IS THIS WHAT YOU LIKE?" he asked in my British street slang as the twenty-two year old stud stood up wearing a black leather vest and a matching pair of black leather chaps, his long dong hanging half way to his knees.

"WE'LL, WHAT ABOUT THIS GUY," Pinkie beamed as Snake casually pushed out his pelvic and revealed fully shaved log of cock that was pierced with over twenty piercings stud-button and ring piercings and an incredible red and black King snake tattoo that coiled around his navel and extended down to the head of his huge penis.

"TURN AROUND," she reached between his bare buns and parted his shaved asscheeks,"CHECK THIS OUT," she demanded as she finged the rings that pierced his asshole."HE'S KINKY - EAH?" she asked. "LET ME SUCK IT," she pleaded, then worked her finger into his asshole with one hand while jerking his silver studded cock in the other - closing her lips around the base of his huge perforated dick - which was quickly growing larger in her mouth as she sucked and licked with vigor.


"WEAR THESE," commanded Snake as he held out a box filled with rings and jingle bells. "YOU CAN HANDLE IT." he asserted calmly. "I KNOW I CAN," she sassed as she dropped his cock and rested her breast on the table so she could insert the rings and bells in her nipple piercings. "I'M READY TO PARTY NOW, she declared as she stood in front of the mirror adjusting her white cowgirl hat.

With a rhinestone hatband, it perfectly matched the white rhinestone studded leather body harness Jake had loaned her for the contest. With a white leather vest and skirt, Pinkie led the men back to the rodeo to see her ride the pony.

At this point, the festival was in full swing with drugs and drinking everywhere. With her white leathers,fancy hat and fresh make-up, Pinkie looked like a tenage Dolly Parton as she took the stage greeted by the titmaster himself, Tallesman. Totally lucide from the cocaine, she laughed and teased as she danced up a storm for the cheering bikers. She skipping about,jerking her her heavy melons loose under the loose fitting vest.

This was the life she'd fantasized about. . a sexual escapade where she's the sexual star attraction in a world of lust-crazed men. Tallesman clapped in rhythm as over a thousand fans watched in awe as Pinkie "POP,POP,POP" burst open her leather vest and sprung free her bouncing jumbo bagonzas to the thrill of her faithful Outlaws and hundreds of other fans.

With bells, rings and weights swinging from her nipples, she boobs felt incredibly sexy as she danced and shook them wildly with total abandon.

She was totally committed to putting on a fantastic show for the men and she do whatever she could to win the Boob Bash. Out of her skirt and top, Pinkie continued to dance in her spagetti strap thin white leather breast harness until the end of the first song. At the finale, she trotted Pony Girl style across the stage, lifted her knees high as she savagely bounced and thrashed her decorated breasts with all the pride and pagantry of a marching majorette as she thrilled her spectators.

Then she swaggered over to the horse, stepped up on the box and parted her cute tattooed ass cheeks for the cheering bikers before she swung her leg over the horse, climbing on.

In defiance, she insisted they reverse the dildo saddle so that she could ride backwards allowing her to hang her breasts out over the back of the horse.

They strapped the saddle backwards to the very back of the iron horse. Once seated up there on the beast, everyone could clearly see Pinkie had enlarged herself several cup sizes. The Outlaws were joined by hundreds of other bikers in cheering on Pinkie.

"BREAK YOUR TITS! BREAK YOUR TITS!" they shouted, as if she were in a traditional rodeo about to break in a wild stallion. Pinkie smiled as they cheered and thought to herself how incredibly turned on she was.

She was nervous and afraid, yet her adreniline mixed with the cocaine produced the most incredible lust which had filled her entire body. The big black dildo drove deep up her moist cunny. Her tits had never felt so incredibly light, yet she could see that she had a good twenty pounds of breast meat hanging off her chest - not to mention the weights and rings.

It felt so tremendous to shake them freely in front of all the cheering bikers. "LIFT UP YOUR LEGS," commanded Tallesman as he grabbed her ankle and pulled it up behind her, almost to her fanny.

"THIS IS A GOOD WAY TO GET MORE LEVERAGE TO GET THOSE TITS FLYING FREE," he explained as he roped her wrists together and then stretched the rope to her ankles and back again several times. With tight knots and strenuously tugging, he roped her tight to the horse to keep from flying off. "OH YEA, THAT'S IT," she agreed as he looped the rope through the back of her white-studded collar and knotted it tightly to her wrists behind her - pushing out her chest even further - leaving her breasts free to bounce off the back of the horse.

"ON YOUR MARK, GET SET"."YEA-HAH!" he shouted as the horse began to lurch wildly, setting Pinkie's tits a leapin' and lurching about uncontrollably. She arched her shoulders firmly forcing her breasts to take all the shock on every osolation of the beast. "SECOND GEAR," Tallesman commanded. Pinkie grinned at screaming crowd. "THIRD GEAR," he waisted no time as Pinkie's ass began slapping on the saddle, the big dildo mechanically slamming in and out of her wet cunny.

Pinkie stuck out her tongue in defiance. "FOURTH GEAR," he demanded, Pinkie's huge breasts now slamming on her tummy and then flying to her chin and then whiplashing back on the rebound - the weight of her rings contributing to the momentum. She knew all eyes were now on her and she loved the thrill of entertaining these heathens with the brutal and blatant abuse of her enormous udders as they continued shouting "BREAK YOUR TITS!!

BREAK YOUR TITS!! BREAK YOUR TITS!!" "YEE-HA FIFTH GEAR," Pinkie shouted, pushing herself to prove her devotion to the Outlaws and her commitment to "BREAKING HER TITS" as they were shouting. She knew the cocaine was playing tricks on her mind and body as the horse threw her up, out, down and back about three time per second. As if in slow motion, she felt her breasts slamming into her face, the rings flying right over her head and then whiplashing all the way down to her thighs, slamming and then ripping straight back up to the sky as the horse kicked and bucked with the power of a pile driver.

Pinkie's heart was racing as she watched her huge milk-bags shaking tremendously, absorbing so such force so fast that they began whipping themselves into extremely distorted blobs and ameba-like shapes.

Her nipples stretched beyond extreme as they ripped and whipped every direction at the ends of her sloppy wham-slamming monster-sized udders.

"BASH 'EM 'N BREAK 'EM TALLESMAN!" she shouted out in orgasmic hysterics as she felt her breasts being pulverized as they wound around her chest in giant circle slamming and slapping themselves into hamburger. Tallesman held out a black leather-studded paddle, clipping her nips and breasts as they slammed and battered uncontrollably for another full minute. "WAY TO GO PINKIE!!" the bikers shouted as the horse came to a gradual halt. "WAY TO BREAK THOSE TITTIES" others shouted, as Pinkie looked down at her bright red breasts, now hanging down to her pierced navel, her stretch marks reddened from the extreme abuse and punishment of the iron horse.

"AM I THE WINNER?" she managed to smile as Tallesman lifted her arm high, the bikers cheering wildly for the Outlaws awesome blond titter. End of chapter 18 (to be continued) THE ADVENTURES of PINKIE CHAPTER 19 - THE TITTIE PRESS "HOW'S DAT FER BREAKIN'EM?" Pinkie sassed as she staggered in her high heels from the horse to the front of the stage absorbing the deafening cheers of the bikers below.

She was shaking from the physical trauma of the ride, yet she knew she could take more as she felt her aching breasts still tingling from the cocaine and the blood rushing to her ravaged cunt - aching to be stuffed and punished again. Extreme breast abuse images keep flashing in her mind as the bikers cheered her on and shouted for more.

She couldn't stop thinking about the San Francisco bondage parlor Snake had described as she looked down at her hot, sweaty orbs now hanging down to her navel, Each pulverized breast was littered with fresh scratches, bruises and welts, but the stories of much more severe mutilation kept haunting her mind.

"DA NEW CHAMPION" shouted Tallesman as he grabbed her entire aureole in his fist, rings and all, and lifted her breast straight off her chest in a victory salute. "TRY TO LIFT ME" she dared him, her eyes on fire as she cupped her heavy breast and offered it to Tallesman. With clenched fist he deeply gouged into both breasts and lifted straight up as if pressing 11O lbs.

over his head - stretching her poor battered udders until she was standing in her tip toes - almost off the ground. "WHAT'S WRONG? NOT STRONG ENOUGH TO LIFT ME," she sassed, sticking out her pierced tongue for the fans, humiliating Tallesman in front of all his gang and competitors.


She finally spotted the source; it was Club the huge black leader of the Spades. He was standing next to Sammie who was still naked except for her white 'fuck me' boots and was proudly displaying her all natural HH's. "THESE ARE THE BIGGEST TITS HERE AND I'LL PROVE IT!!!" "YEA??

WELL I'LL TAKE THEM ON ANYTIME!! I'LL BEAT THOSE FAT FUCKIN' TITS EASY!!" "SO YOU KEEP SAYIN' BITCH!! WHY DON'T YOU PUT YOUR TITS WHERE YOU MOUTH IS??" The crowd was really warming up to the needle match and rival gangs were taking sides, egging on the protagonists.

They knew Pinkie couldn't refuse the challenge and wanted to see just how far she would go this time. "ALLRIGHT ASSFUCK!! I'LL CHALLENGE HER TO PUT HER TITS IN TALISMAN'S TITTIE PRESS AND WE'LL SEE WHO'S BOOBS LAST THE LONGEST!!" "YOU'RE FUCKIN' ON!!!" "CLUB BABY, I ARE YOU SURE YOU WANT ME TO DO THIS?


By now the rodeo had been cleared from the stage and as Sammie made her way onto the stage some of the bikers brought up the press. "ALLRIGHT!!" said the MC "WE GOT OURSELVES A TITTIE PRESS CHALLENGE!!

I RECKON THESE TWO LITTLE LADIES MUST HAVE THE BIGGEST PAIR OF TITS AT THE WHOLE FESTIVAL. WHAT DO YOU THINK??" The crowd roared their approval "YOU THINK WE SHOULD HAVE ANOTHER WEIGH IN??" Another huge cheer was the only response he needed. He hooked the butcher's scale through Pinkie's nipple ring and hefted her boob, and this time it was 11lb 2oz!

Sammie didn't have pierced nipples so he hooked a basket onto the scale and she lifted one of her enormous boobs into it so he could weigh it. " 11 lb.'s 4oz.'s!!! HOW A' FUCKIN' BOUT THAT??!!" "YOU MAY HAVE THE BIGGEST TITS BITCH BUT I'VE GOT THE BADDEST!" yelled Pinkie violently shaking her battered boobs at Sammie "AND THESE TITS'LL TAKE MORE THAN THOSE FUCKIN' FAT UDDERS OF YOURS!" Sammie was getting riled by Pinkie's insults and knew how angry Club would be if she lost to this crazy bitch with the Mohawk.

"ALLRIGHT, LET'S CUT THE SHIT AND GET IT ON!" she said, planting her hands on her hips and looking Pinkie square in the eye. "WE'LL SEE WHO LASTS THE LONGEST WITH THEIR TITS IN THE PRESS" By now the bikers had carried the device up onto the stage and set it down. The press consisted of two huge beams of wood one on top of the other.

The top beam was on two poles so that it could slide up and down and have weights placed on top of it. The beams themselves weighed a good 40lb's each, being wide enough to take two girls at the same time.

They also had metal studs hammered into them to increase the discomfort. The girls had to kneel down in front of the machine and had their hands cuffed behind their backs to ensure fair play. "ALLRIGHT YOU TWO READY FOR THIS??" asked the M.C. "FUCKIN' A!!" yelled Pinkie "LET'S FUCKIN' DO IT!!" shouted Sammie doing her best to sound confident. The M.C. then had two bikers lift each end of the top beam to create a gap.

Then Pinkie and Sammie leant forward placing their jugs on the lower beam. The M.C. rubbed his hands theatrically for the crowd before lifting each of their boobs in and laying them on the lower beam to make sure they would be fully trapped by the press. Once he was happy the two pairs of huge tits were correctly positioned the M.C. signaled to the two bikers who simultaneously dropped their two ends of the beam, letting the heavy wood drop onto the two girls' boobs. "MOTHER FUCK!!!" yelled Sammie as her udders were being squashed flat by the studded wood beam "EEEEEEUUUUWWWW!!!!" squealed Pinkie her eyes opening wide at the sudden severe pain in her tits and adrenaline rush.

Both girls' boobs were being squashed by the weight of the beam alone, flattening the trapped boob flesh into a 3"gap causing the rest to bulge out of the front of the press. "YOU THINK THAT'S BAD YOU AIN'T SEEN NOTHING YET!!" yelled a veteran biker in the crowd "I'LL TAKE ALL THE WEIGHTS THEY'VE GOT ON MY TITS AND MORE!!" replied Pinkie.

"OOH FUCK!" Sammie winced from the shock. "OK!! LET'S GET THIS CONTEST ON THE ROAD!!" said the M.C. he lifted the first weight which was intended to go on the end of a bar for weightlifting competitions. "ALLRIGHT LET'S START OFF WITH 10lb's" he said dropping the weight down the bar onto the press.

The girls' boobs visibly squashed a little further under the weight and Sammie gritted her teeth not wanting to show the crowd she was suffering. "DON'T FUCK AROUND!!" shouted Pinkie, "LET'S GET ON WITH IT! COME ON SQUASH MY FUCKIN' TITS, PUT SOME PROPER WEIGHTS ON HERE!!" The crowd was cheering on the contest, practically all the bikers had gathered around the stage now to witness the spectacle and were cheering for the girls.

"ALLRIGHT PINKIE!!" "WAY TO GO!!! SMASH THOSE FUCKIN' BOOBS GIRL! " "OK YOU WANT IT! YOU GOT IT!!" With that the M.C. grabbed a 20lb weight and dropped it down on top of the first. "OOOOOOHHHHHHH YEAAHHHH!!" shouted Pinkie "ARRRGHH!!!

MOTHER FUCK! MY FUCKIN' TITS!!" squealed Sammie. By now the gap was down to 2" and the squashed udders were, streched out and bulging further out the front of the press, swelling with the pressure of the trapped blood. Pinkie's were beginning to turn purple and both girls' nipples were bulging out obscenely. The crowd was going wild at the sight of the flattened tit flesh "MORE, MORE!!!" "COME ON SAMMIE!!!

YOU CAN DO IT BITCH!!" "GO PINKIE!!" "YOU GIRLS WANT MORE???" "YEA FUCKIN' GO FOR IT!!" yelled Pinkie above the roar of the crowd. "WHAT ABOUT YOU??" "I'M NOT FUCKIN' STOPPIN' NOW" "ALLRIGHT!!" "DON'T BOTHER WITH THOSE LITTLE ONES I JUST WANT THE BIG WEIGHTS!" said Pinkie. The M.C. got one of the bikers to help him lift one of the 40lb weights up onto the top of the pole and slide it down onto the press.

Both girls' jugs were now squashed flat and touching each other. They bulged out even further as they swelled. Pinkie's were now purple and swelling out like two balloons while Sammie's had turned a blue black, her already huge nipples sticking out like organ stops. "JESUS FUCKIN' CHRIST!!!!" shrieked Sammie through gritted teeth "OOOOHHHHHH I'MMMMMMM COOMINNNNNGGGG" shouted Pinkie, shuddering as far as the press would allow her, through an orgasm.

The crowd was loving the sight of these two huge breasted women allowing their boobs to be abused in public. "ALLRIGHT YOU BITCHES HAD ENOUGH YET??" asked the M.C. "FUCK NO!!" Sammie shook her head. "HOW MUCH MORE YOU WANNA TAKE??" he asked Sammie. "I GUESS I CAN TAKE ANOTHER 10lbs" she croaked "I'LL SEE YOUR 10 AND RAISE YOU 20!!" said Pinkie, enjoying the idea of a poker game played with how badly she was willing to have her tits crushed as the stakes.

Sammie looked disbelievingly over at Pinkie who stared back at her defiantly. "WELL, YOU IN BITCH?" she challenged Sammie's huge boobs were in agony under 100lbs of Tittie press, surely this bitch couldn't seriously want another 30lbs on top of that? Sammie glanced at Club in the crowd hoping her would let her drop out but he simply nodded.

"YEAH I'M IN!" The M.C. grabbed the remaining 30lb weight and dropped it down on top of the press. "OH FUCK, FUCK, FUCK!! JESUS MY FUCKIN' TITS!!" wailed Sammie. Both girls' tits were being cruelly crushed in the press, the gap was now no more than a bare inch, their exposed boobs swelling out into giant crimson balloons - all bloated and covered with sweat. "OHHHH YEAHH THAT'S IT!!!

CRUSH MY FUCKIN' TITS!!!" screamed Pinkie as she felt her tits ready to explode under the pressure, but in the meantime the blood rushing into her pulsing wet pussy. "WELL THAT'S ALL THE WEIGHTS WE'VE GOT, THESE GIRLS HAVE GOT THE LOT!!" The crowd was cheering at the courage of these two mega-titted babes as they allowed their tits to be so brutally crushed in the press.

"EITHER OF YOU TWO READY TO QUIT YET??" "NO FUCKIN' WAY!!" Sammie only managed to shake her head as she endured the agony being inflicted on her trapped melons. Pinkie was really getting off on this, her most extreme breast abuse to date, and only needed a little more pain to take over the edge to another orgasm.

She saw Snake in the crowd, his pierced cock in full view and thought again about the bondage parlor scenes he'd described. She knew she had to experience that whole scene soon. "ALLRIGHT, WHAT D'YA SAY WE HANG SOME WEIGHTS ON THESE GIRLS' NIPPLES??" The crowd roared their approval. "WHAT DO YOU SAY GIRLS??" "FUCKIN' GO FOR IT!!" shouted Pinkie. Tears were rolling down Sammie's cheeks by now and she summoned up all her courage to nod her assent.

The M.C. hooked two fishing weights onto each of Pinkie's nipple rings dragging her distended nipples and boobs down with over 3 lbs. of weights on each breast. Sammie had no rings so the M.C. used clamps to attach the weights to Sammie's bloated teats. The black girl screamed, as her already sore tits were further mutilated by first the clamps and then the heavy fish weights which dragged her huge tits down over the front of the press.

"OOOOOOEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!" she squealed, "FUCK, FUCK, FUCK!!!!" "HOLY FUCKIN' SHIT!!! THESE GIRLS JUST AIN'T GONNA STOP!!!" said the M.C. By now both girls were trembling with the pain and were certainly nearing the limits of their endurance. In the crowd Linsey had recovered from her initiation to the world of Boob bashing and was taking a pull from a bottle of beer.

Her boobs were showing a few bruises but otherwise looked as perfect as they ever had. "GOD LOOK AT WHAT THOSE GIRLS ARE DOING TO THEIR BOOBS! I CAN'T BELIEVE THEY CAN GO SO FAR!!


"THESE TITS OF YOURS ARE GONNA BE FUCKIN BROKEN" he added looking down admiringly at her big firm tits. On stage neither girl was willing to give in yet. "OK, HOW ABOUT GIVIN' THESE TITTIES A WHIPPIN'?" The crowd went ape shit at this and the M.C.

turned to the girls. "WHAT D'YA SAY?" "FUCKIN' DO IT!! I CAN TAKE ANY SHIT YOU CAN DISH OUT AND MORE!!" Sammy merely whimpered and nodded. Even pinkie had to admit this pretty black girl with the huge tits was displaying incredible courage. "ANY VOLUNTEERS??" There was a near riot as bikers fought to get up onto the stage but finally two big burley ones made it up.

The M.C. gave each of them a riding crop and motioned them to stand to either side of the two girls. "OK YOU GIRLS ARE YOU READY FOR A TIT-WHIPPING?" "AS HARD AS YOU CAN FUCKIN' DO IT!" yelled Pinkie looking out to see if Snake was watching, hoping to impress him with her stamina and courage.

"WHAT ABOUT YOU?" Sammie looked up at her tormentor through tear filled eyes and said in a voice that hardly quavered. "WHIP MY TITS AS HARD AS YOU CAN" "ALLRIGHT LET'S START THIS GOIN'! YOU SOB'S OUT THERE COUNT 'EM OFF!" The two bikers swung their crops at the same time cracking onto the girl's tits at full force, leaving welts. Both girls screamed but it was almost drowned out by the crowd roaring "ONE!!!" and cheering.

"EUUUUUUWWWWWW!! FUCK, FUCK, FUCK!! I'M GONNA COME AGAIN!!! COME ON BEAT THE SHIT OUT OF MY TITS!!" "JJJJJEEEEESSSSUUUUSSSS FUCKIN' CHRIST!! MY FUCKIN' TITS!" shrieked Sammie The two bikers swung again with all their strength, the two crops landing with a simultaneous 'CRACK!' "HOOOOOOLLLLLLYYYY FFFUUUCCCK!!!! I'M COOOOMMINNNNGG!!" "JUSUS MOTHERFUCK, MY TITS!!" wailed Sammie "TWO!" As the third stroke came down both girls were writhing around as much as their imprisoned boob flesh would allow, Pinkie from an orgasm that felt like it was never going to end and Sammie from agony like she'd never known.

With the fourth blow Pinkie shuddered as she climaxed at the brutal beating her crushed boobs were taking while Sammie recoiled away from the press her trapped boobs stretching away from her and only serving to further increase her suffering.

As the bikers raised their arms for a fifth blow Sammie screamed "STOP IT! PLEASE NO MORE! I CAN'T TAKE ANY MORE! PLEASE STOP!" "WE HAVE A WINNER ANNOUNCED THE M.C.!!" as the bikers helped to remove the weights from the girl's nipples and then from the top of the press. The crowd cheered Pinkie for her most extreme breast mutilation to date even though they were disappointed the competition was over.

As the girls hands were uncuffed and the beam lifted off their boobs so they could free them the press they both wailed as the blood began to flow back into their abused titties. Both girls had welts over their nipples and the front of their boobs where they'd protruded from the front of the press and been whipped. They also had deep grooves in their breasts where the studded beams had crushed them under 130 lbs.

of weights for nearly 10 minutes. CHAPTER 20 - BATTING PRACTICE Sammie was helped down from the stage by a couple of the Spades as she wailed and held tight her throbbing breasts. "ALL RIGHT NOW, THAT WAS IMPRESSIVE!!" jeered the M.C. "LET'S HEAR IT FOR THESE BRAVE GIRLS and our victor, MISS KINKY PINKIE!!" he brought on a rowdy roar as he marched Pinkie to the edge of the stage.

Blushing from the applause and standing pigeon-toed in her heels, Pinkie shuttered in pain as she massaged her heavy aching breasts - helping the blood to flow back into her big sloppy bosoms. "WELL, HAVE YOU HAD ENOUGH, SWEETHEART?" he asked,as Pinkie toked on a bong and managed an slight school-girl grin for the cheering bikers. Her cute dimples began showing and her eyes lit up as the bikers began stomping their boots and yelling for more. "I CAN TAKE IT," she shrugged, cupping and offering up her monster breasts, squeezing the tattooed orbs - tugging the rings in her nipples.

"WHAT DO YOU WANT ME TO DO NEXT?" she pouted, acting shy as she bent her knees as if trying to hide her pierced and tattooed cunny. "WHAT ABOUT BATTING PRACTICE!!!" called out a tall, burly man in the back.

"YOU REALLY WANT TO GO ANOTHER ROUND, HONEY??" the M.C. asked the incredibly busty blond, eyeing her long legs and sexy tattoos. "YEAH, I GUESS. MY TITS HURT QUITE WELL. BUT. PAIN IS A RUSH." she confessed, as felt her twat twitch and fill with excitement as the thought of new punishments danced in her drug-filled head. "TROUBLE IS I DON'T KNOW IF THERE'S ANYONE OUT THERE WHO'LL TAKE ON THIS HELLCAT.

SHE'S TOO MUCH! WELL. ANYONE GOING TO TAKE ON OUR SEXY BOOB BASHIN' CHAMP??" An expectant silence descended over the crowd as they waited to see who might respond. The crowd went wild as gorgeous Linsey wiggled her sexy arse climbing the stairs to the stage. She was still naked apart from her hip high' fuck me' boots. Linsey's heart was racing as Tallesman roughly gripped her nipple and lifted her tit as an offering to the crowd yelling out ."ITS SHOW TIME!!!" Lindsey sneered and stuck out her tongue in defiance.

"I'll TAKE HER ON." she slurred, her head spinning as she took another swig of Rum. She was ready to punish her tits and had experienced a sexual thrill like no other when Deman had punched her boobs for the entertainment of the Blades. The thought of sacrificing her breasts in front of the whole Biker Festival for the honor of the Blades had her mind a spinning with lust and perversion. "FOR GOODNESS SAKE LINSEY, YOU CAN'T SERIOUSLY BE CONTEMPLATING DOING THIS.

THESE MEN WITH RAVAGE YOU!!"said Harold. Harold's nagging voice was all Linsey needed to make up her mind. "IF THE BLADES WANT TO SEE THESE NASTY BOOB'S PUNISHED THEN LET THEM PUNISH 'EM! I'M A BIG GIRL NOW AREN'T I, OR HADN'T YOU NOTICED?" she said thrusting out her EEE's at Harold and the hundreds of screaming bikers.

"COME ON NOW, LETS SEE WHAT YA CAN DO TO 'EM!!" she called out in her English accent. I BET CAN TAKE EVRYTHING!" she challenged, her mind spinning with excitement. "ALLRIGHT!!! IT'S LINSEY!!!" The crowd was going apeshit as the beautiful busty model took her place on stage standing tall beside the statuesque Kinky Pinkie. "ALLRIGHT YOU ALL KNOW THE RULES, IF ANY OF YOU DON'T IT'S REAL SIMPLE. EACH TEAM GETS TO BASH THE OTHER TEAM'S GIRL'S TITS AS HARD AS THEY CAN AND THE FIRST GIRL TO DROP OUT - LOSES!" The two gorgeous tens were eyeing each other both trying to psyche each other out.

Pinkie looked at Linsey's big firm tits, unmarked except a couple of small bruises. "I HOPE YOU REALIZE THOSE SILKY SOFT TITTIES OF YOURS ARE GONNA GET DESTROYED!" Pinkie hissed as she whipped herself clockwise, shoulder's back, slamming her huge udders into Linsey's big torpedoes - looking out into the crowd for approval. "OH YEA!! sneered Linsey. "TALK ABOUT DESTROYED.TAKE A LOOK AT YOURS!," she turned and retaliated with a breast thrust of her own, slamming her big whoppers straight into Pinkie's wobbling tit-bags, both girls bouncing backwards as they recoiled from the impact of their breasts slamming.

"BOOB BATTLE" shouted some of the bikers as the two busty babes went at it, nipple to nipple, breast to breast, thrusting their shoulders and throwing punches with their breasts for the sex hungry crowd. Pinkie's huge breasts hung lower on her chest, but her slightly longer legs and higher heels put her tits right at Linsey's level.

"THROW 'EM HARDER," shouted Tallesman to Linsey. "THAT'S IT, SLUG THE PUNK WITH YOUR TITS. SLUG HER HARDER!!!" "I'LL KNOCK HER TATTOOS OFF!!" Linsey bragged obnoxiously as she rapidly launched her tits left and right, colliding with Pinkie's illustrated bosoms. The weight of tittie press had left deep dark grooves and demarcations where the metal studded timbers had crushed Pinkie's huge tender globes. Yet, Pinkie laughed insanely as she cussed "FUCK YER TITS BITCH, FUCK 'EM HARD," as she powered her saline laden boobs directly into Linsey's thrusting big boobs." "WE'LL SEE WHO'S MAMS ARE THE MORE VIGOUROUS." boasted Linsey as she continued to butt her breasts into Pinkie's sloppy swinging udders .rolling her shoulders and arching her back as she pounded her with her breasts.

"THEY'LL TURN YOU TO HAMBURGER!!" shouted Pinkie. "I'M WARNING YOU!" as she pinned back her shoulders, her huge breasts leaping off her ribcage as she jumped high, twisted and then managed a direct punch in Linsey's face with her big boobs. "ALL RIGHT PINKIE!" shouted the M.C. "MAJOR AIRBORNE GIRL!!

DID YOU SEE THOSE TITS DETACH FROM HER CHEST??" he faned the audience as they applauded for more while Pinkie spun around Linsey, jumping as she threw her heavy breasts like a pair of liquid-filled boomerangs. "I DON'T GIVE A FUCK BITCH!" hissed Linsey as she rapidly pummeled her bountiful breasts into Pinkie's thunderous melons. Linsey's smooth skin now sweaty and scratched from Pinkie's nipple rings.

"YOU'RE NOT SO TOUGH!!" cried Linsey, stepping up her boob slamming action. "I'LL SHOW YOU BITCH, I CAN TAKE ANYTHING YOUR FAT ASS BIKERS CAN DISH OUT!!" "ALLRIGHT LADIES. TAKE YOUR PLACES!" The two girls were escorted over to a raised platform that had been brought on especially for the event.The platform was nearly three feet high and had a railing at waist height and another railing overhead. Linsey and Pinkie stepped up to the rail and leaned way over the rail, letting their breasts swing freely.

With wrist cuffs locked, their arms were hoisted behind their backs to the large beam overhead. Both gangs shouted cruel and ruthless obscenities as the girl's were suspended like puppets - Linsey heavy full breasts and Pinkie"s tattoed tit-bags dangling on display, totally vulnerable, like pairs of giant sock balls. Both gangs were arguing as to who should have the first turn at pounding the girls' boobs.

Pinkie's huge saggin', ringed 'n tattooed knockers and Linsey's firm tanned jugs. Animal finally asserted his authority and stepped forward greedily eyeing Linsey's beautiful big natural tits. "I'M LOOKIN' FORWARD TO BASHING THESE MAMS. MAN, I'VE JERKED OFF OVER THESE TITTIES IN JUGG'S MORE TIMES THAN I CAN REMEMBER, AND NOW I HAVETH'M IN MY HANDS, I GET TO BASH THESE SUCKERS 'TIL THEIR BLACK 'N' BLUE!!" "I'M NOT AFAID OF YOU BIG BOY!!" said Linsey jerking her shoulders and thrusting her big firm melons out while raising an eyebrow and pouting her lips at Animal.

She could feel her pussy getting moist at the prospect of submitting her boobs to this brutally degrading spectacle as the blades roared with enthusiasm. There was never any doubt as to who would have the first honours from the Blades and Tallesman stepped forward cracking his knuckles.

Even after their brutal crushing, Pinkie's breasts were magnificent and Tallesman had to admire them "WOW, THAT'S A MIGHTY AWESOME PAIR OF HOOTERS! I HEAR YOU ENJOY HAVING THEM SEVERLY PUNISHED?" "HELL YES!!!" she hissed as she arched her back even further as she showed off her pierced and tattooed pendulous GG cups. "GO ON, BASH MY FUCKIN' UDDERS, YOU BASTARD" she snared as swung the huge battered orbs back and forth in a perverted game of "I DARE YOU." "OK READY???

TAKE AIM, AND BOOOOOOOOOOB BAAAAAAAAASH!!" Tallesman hollard as he lifted a black leather, metal-studded bat. He cocked it and then plowed it into the side of Pinkie's left tit with enormous "WHOLLOP!!!" Pinkie's boob absorbed the punch like a giant pillow, collapsing as his bat drove itself deep into the side of her huge breast. "FUCK MY TITS, IF YOU CAN!!," Pinkie screemed, her brains fried from the cocaine and her tits numb from the drugs as she looked down at her battered tit-bags.

"OH FUCK!! BASH HER TITS!!! FUCK HER TITS!!! HIT HER AGAIN!!!" the bikers yelled, cheering and stomping like Romans feeding a virgin to the lions.

Pinkie looked at him in the eye, pulled her shoulders back and thrust our her pendulous melons. "OUTLAWS RULE!" she sassed with a hysterical look in her eyes.

"OH FUUUCK ME!!!" she hollered as her tattooed boob was catapulted off her chest. Out of the corner of her eye, she caught a glimpse of her drastically distended tit-flesh as it flew sideways into orbit, her nipple rings tearing her stretched nipples. Even with the cocaine to numb her tits, the pain was intense and she knew she was deliberately destroying her tits. But, once again, she kept to her feet and cleared her vision before thrusting her embattled tits out for another as the heathen bikers screamed for more.

It was obvious to the OUTLAW's that Pinkie wouldn't be able to survive much more and Animal grabbed Moose by the shoulder and said "COME ON MAN I'VE GOT AN IDEA" he grabbed a length of 4"x2" and handed the other to Moose. The OUTLAWS were now determined to demolish Lindsey's tits with rough pieces of 4"x2". "HANG IN THERE PINKIE!!" shouted Animal as the leather studded bat bashed her bountiful breasts once again with a crushing blow, sending her heavy hangers leaping sideways leaving a bright red blood-vessel busting bruise on the side of her big baggy breast.

"LINSEY'S TURN!!" shouted the OUTLAW's as they produced a pair of battered 2"X4" boards similar to the ones they'd battered Pinkie's tits with, except these weren't rotten so they wouldn't break. "NOT SO HARD" pleaded Linsey, fearing the pain and damage he could do to her. "PLEASE!!!!" she began to whine.

Animal only nodded his head, then proceeded to plant his feet wide apart. swinging the board and landing a series of broadside bash to Linsey's swinging breasts, first from the left "WHAM! WHAM! WHAM!" and then from the right, swinging his whole body "POW!

POW! POW!" with each blow. "OH JESUS," she screamed in hysterics. Linsey had never expected the blows to be so hard or the pain so great and each time Animal's boards smashed her boobs she could feel the breast tissue being crushed by the force of the impact. She was seeing stars from the shock of the pain but could also feel her juices begin to flow at the excitement of this most extreme and perverted spectacle.

She looked down at the crowd and could see Harold shouting something while some bikers turned away, anable to stomach the sight of her beautiful breasts being smashed and brutally beaten with the boards.

Lindsey was too drunk to pay much attention as she looked over at Tallesman, shouting at Pinkie "IS THIS WHAT YOU - UHHH! -- WANT BITCH?-. OOHHH!-. YOU GET OFF ON RUINING YOUR TITS??-.WHOMP!" "FUCK MAN, LOOK WHAT THEY'RE DOIN' TO PINKIE!" yelled Moose. He began to step forward to intervene but Animal stopped him. "DON'T MAN, YOU'LL GET US DISQUALIFIED" they watched as Pinkie recovered herself before fixing Tallesman in the eye and swinging her pendulous dangling boobs out again offering him another shot.

Her sexual hormones were exploding as the cocaine circulated throughout her breasts. Her entire body was in state of shock and lust at the same time. She could see that the bikers were impressed with her. "GIMME A HIT" Pinkie laughed rebeliously as Moose held a pipe to her lips.

"MAN, YOUR BOOB'S ARE TAKING A BEATING!!" he said looking down at her poor battered tits. "THEY CAN TAKE IT" she confirmed in defiance as she braced herself for the next blow. "HIT 'EM AGAIN!!" Pinkie sneered, looking blankly out into the crowd of hundreds of bikers as she stuck out her pierced tongue.

Tallesman cocked his bat again and took a full strength swing at Pinkie's dangling breasts. If he'd been hitting a baseball it would have been a home run easily. as it connected it nearly tore Pinkie's tits off her chest as it sent the titballs into orbit. She staggered to keep her balance from the force of the blow as her vision went black for a couple of seconds.

Tallesman stopped bashing Pinkie's boobs for a moment to admire the bashing Linsey's were getting. He watched Animal give Linsey's left boob a particularly vicious broadside bashing that flatened her beautiful orbs, sending them flailing across her chest, and making her see stars.

"WAY TO GO GIRL!!" Tallesman shouted to Lindsey above the noise before returning to work on Pinkie's battered tits. He then delivered a series of belts with a vengeance - crushing Pinkie's huge boobs with each blow, batting and bashing them for all he was worth.

Pinkie gritted her teeth, but continued to thrust her hangers out, letting them being bashed off her chest. Tallesman took no mercy demolishing her once beautiful breasts. "THAT'S IT! BASH MY FUCKIN' TITS MISTER. COME ON, HIT 'EM HARDER ASSHOLE!" she cried. Her pendulous jugs were being smashed and pulverized as Tallesman rained in a series of full force blows with the leather bat that sent them whipping in the air and slapping on her back Both girls were taking a real pounding, their boobs being brutally smashed.

Both girls' boobs were now reddened dark from the beating they'd had and looked really swollen. Linsey's were beginning to bruise up nicely. Where Pinkie's were already littered with bruises among her tattoos. Pinkie glanced over at Lindsey's and was satisfied to see that she certainly wouldn't be making any more porno for a while. The OUTLAWS had done their job. "ALLRIGHT MAN, TOGETHER ON 3.1//.2///.3!!!" Moose had instantly got the idea. They would swing at Lindsey's tit's at the same time from opposite sides.

The two pieces of wood smashed into her tits crushing them in the middle making the British bitch scream out in agony. The other gangs gathered round to watch the spectacle. Each girl was taking terrible punishment, Lindsey's firm tits were being crushed with each blow. Pinkie's pendulous boobs were becoming raw hamburger, her breast tissues were being destroyed and torn from their chest, blood vessels and other serious bloody bruises were now appearing from the huge blows.

The crowd was silent at the beautiful and yet horrific sight of the two girls having their tit's destroyed for the entertainment on the crowd. The only sound was the grunting of the men as they swung at the girl's tits, the smack of cruelly abused tit-flesh being smashed and the gasps from the girls as they fought to remain on their feet.

Blow after blow rained on the battered breasts until Linsey, her tits battered without mercy and unrecognizable from the beautiful breasts she had arrived with, collapsed under the unbearable pain caused by the last blows that squashed her teats simultaneously with full force, right onto her sensitive nipples. End of chapter20 (to be continued) THE ADVENTURES of PINKIE CHAPTER 21 - BOOB BASH CELEBRATION Tallesman and his crew helped carrying Linsey off the stage into the sea of bikers waiving their arms.

The victor, Pinkie was only half-conscience as she paraded about the stage with her arms in the air, swinging about her huge bruised & battered tits, hanging down to her pierced navel. The heathen bikers were now totally on the warpath, drinking, setting fires, doing drugs and bashing motorcycles as they fondled and ravaged their women. In celebration of Pinkie's Iron Horse victory, the Outlaws climbed up on stage and gave Pinkie a classic victory style beer bath while she bent over parting her asscheeks for the hundreds of lust-crazed onlookers.

"OH YEA, THAT'S IT, TWO AT ONCE!!!" she squealed as the Outlaws stuffed their grubby fingers up her shaved cunt and asshole while others took turns tugging her nipple rings and squeezing and slapping her ravaged breasts. "WANNA SEE UP MY ASSHOLE?" Pinkie laughed as she pulled apart her tattooed ass cheeks - giving everyone a good look deep up her puckered pink anus and pierced pussy rings. "OOOOH YEA, CORNHOLE ME." she cooed as one biker slid three fingers right up between her smooth ass cheeks into her beer soaked butt hole.

"COME ON! GANG FUCK ME!!" she ordered the lust crazed men drooling and fighting to get their hands on her sexy body. "OPEN ME WIDER!" she sassed. "GO Ahead! DO IT REALLY HARD! I LOVE NASTY SEX! I LOVE HOT RUDE SEX." she screamed out, her mind spinning from the drugs, the sex, the whole crazy barbaric biker scene. "OH YEA, OPEN MY ASSHOLE WIDER!!" she yelled out as countless bikers hands pulled her asshole wide open while beer bottles and greasy fingers banged both her soaked holes, sliding in and out as Pinkie burst with multiple orgasms.

"OOOOOH YEA! "OOOOOH FUCK! "OOOOOH THAT FEELS GOOD, GOOOOOOOD!" "F I S T F U C K M E ! ! !" she shouted out to her Outlaw bros as she ground her pelvis onto the greedy hands as they slapped around her cheecks and huge hangin' titties tugging and twisting her nipple rings.

"F U C K M Y T A T T O O E D T I T T I E S!!!" she shouted hysterically. "I'M READY TO FUCK Y'ALL - TWO AT A TIME - THREE AT A TIME - FOUR AT A TIME" she offered herself - her eyes full of burning lust.

"FUCK MY CUNT, TOO! FUCK BOTH HOLES AT ONCE" she pleaded as the bikers helped her sit on a huge stiff cock which she easily took up the ass while others began tugging harder on her pussy rings, taking turns fist fucking her clean shaven tattooed cunt.

"OH JESUS!" she cried out as the first fist found its way deep inside her. "IT FEELS 'FIST' FUCKING INCREDIBILE," she rolled her sexy eyes into the video camera as it came in for a "close-up" shot of the fist working its way inside her shaved, ringed and tattooed pussy while the cock pistoned in and out of her asshole. "GO Ahead, MAKE A PORNO!" she laughed, looking into the camera. "FUCK MY TITS" she shouted as she thrust out her chest, encouraging the bikers to have at her breasts, laughing at her bruised and battered boobs, shaking them wildly as the Outlaws continued to maul and mutilate her huge hangin' bosoms.

"GO ON, SLAP 'EM HARDER, YOU PUSSIES!! I CAN TAKE IT!!" The bikers began getting rougher, punching, slapping her tits, yanking her nipple rings and stretching her sloppy ravaged boobs straight up off her chest - only to let them swing back and slap onto her stomach. "THAT'S IT, BURN ME" she hissed out to Crowbar as he gripped her tit with his hand and held a hot cigarette to her pierced nipple.

"GO ON, I CAN TAKE IT," she commanded as she watched him touch the burning hot tip to her stiff nipple. "OH FUCK, OH FUCK, OH FUCK YES.BURN ME!" she squealed. "BURN MY TITÖ ASSHOLE.I'M AN OUTLAW SCUM-FUCKER BITCH !!" "FASTER! HARDER! FIST FUCK ME!

she shouted as the bikers one after another fist-fucked her pierced and tattooed cunt-hole and blew their hot jizz up her sloppy asshole, and into her mouth as she furiously sucked cock after hot stiff cock.

One after another they pumped their white jizz all over her convulsing tenage body. "FIST FUCK MY ASSHOLE" she screamed at Crowbar as she pulled her cheeks further apart giving the men a ringside view and clean shot at her wet sloppy cock-pumping butt-hole. "OH FUCK YESSSS!!!! FUCK MY ASSHOLE!!! FIST FUCK MEEE!!! OH JESUS!!!! cried Pinkie as another thick cock spurted jizz all over her pretty face.

Pinkie wanted to prove herself once and for all that she was the sexiest, nastiest and most daring dangerous biker bitch at the festival. The entire day had been mind-bending orgasmic sex orgy come true for the busty tenager. She knew she had seriously damaged her beautiful breasts and had sex in front of hundreds of bikers for the sheer thrill of entertaining these ruthless renegades. Yet, she still wanted more.

She needed to experience the pain to get off and she was addicted to the sexual attention she was bringing to herself. "I WANNA VICTORY RIDE!! shouted Pinkie as she pumped her pelvis onto another fist. "BACKWARDS!!!!" she laughed obnoxiously. "AND I GONNA STRETCH THESE FUCKIN' TITTIES LIKE NOTHIN' YOU EVER SEEN!!!" she blurted out as she caught a burst of hot cum on her tits while she butt-fucked herself on another bikers cock.


"OH, FUCK YES!" Pinkie blurted out. "GET SOME HONDA PARTS, WEIGHTS OR WHATEVER. GO Ahead AND PULL MY GOD DAMN TITS OFF" she boasted. "USE THE CHAINS AND ATTACH 'EM TO BOTH NIPPLE RINGS FOR SUPER TUGGIN' POWER. I'LL SHOW YOU DICKS THESE CAN TAKE ANY FUCKIN' PUNISHMENT YOU CAN DISH OUT!!!" Stoking up a PCP joint, Pinkie was ready to prove she was lewder, ruder and more brutal than any of the bikers there.

"REMOVE THIS PIECE OF SHIT BREAST HARNESS AND BRING ME THOSE SPIKED DOG COLARS. I WANT THOSE COLLARS BOUND SUPER-TIGHT AROUND THE BASE OF MY BOOBS!!" She commanded. "THAT'S IT! CINCH IT REALLY TIGHT" she demanded as the collars were buckled to the smallest notch, ballooning her tormented breasts like giant mushroom heads, already turning purple from the lack of circulation.

"GO ON, TAKE A PICTURE!!" she teased, she smiled cynically as she posed in her high heels, hands on hips, thrusting out her distorted breasts for the many flashing cameras. "HANDCUFF ME TO THE BIKER" she ordered. At Pinkie's direction, her hands were handcuffed behind her back to the frame of the chopper as she seated herself backwards with her bruised and battered, saline jugs hanging freely out over the rear tire, exposed and vulnerable to the roadway below.

"STRAP MY ANKLES TO THE FRAME" she demanded as Animal attached the leather collars directly to the lower frame near the real wheel hub, chain and sprocket. "THIS SHOULD BE WILD!!" she gleamed as she looked about at the gawking bikers. "FUCK, I'M HORNEY" she mused. Being totally stoned on coke and crack only added to the thrill and danger of riding totally nude in front of all these wild heathens. Pinkie was totally consumed by some inner demon that compelled her to subject herself to these extreme acts of exhibitionism, sexual debasement and perverse mutilation.

And though she knew the bike ride would be extremely dangerous, she couldn't resist the incredible thrill of it all. She knew she had become her own worst master, pushing herself to go further just for the sheer thrill of the danger and outrageous behavior.

Pinkie knew Rat';s bike was no ordinary Harley. With its full-race engine and large slick rear tire, it was basically a drag bike for the street. "READY FOR THIS, PINKIE?" Rat leaned into her face as he carefully admired the pretty slut's incredibly large hooters, nasty tattoos, nipple rings, cunny rings and clean-shaved pussy. "HELL YES, I'M READY. I WANNA LIVE DANGEROUSLY!!! she boasted, as she looked down between her big tattooed titties at her shaved pussy.

"SHOW THESE OUTLAWS WHAT THIS HOG 'L DO OFF THE LINE!!!" she challenged him with an evil grin as she jiggled her nipple rings and opened her legs wider so all could see her bold Harley wings tattoo on her pubic mound and dangling pussy rings. "HERE GOES," Rat called out as he swung his leg over the seat, stood tall on the kickstarter and laid into it with all his weight.

The bike fired and sounded mean with a deep throaty sound and a loud exhaust when he revved up the engine. 'WOM-PAW, WOM-PAWW, PAWWW!!!' 'ERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR' Exploding off the line, the bike burned rubber and lurched forward forty feet lifting the front tire a few inches as Rat laid down across the tank to keep his weight as far forward as possible.

Pinkie screamed out in terror as the hot black rubber spit up onto her bare skin stinging her thighs, tits, face and tummy. The metal fender got hot as RAT spun the tire again and again as Pinkie lurched backwards each time he popped the clutch, she watched her heavy tits get pelted with asphalt pebbles and hot rubber shavings until her nipple rings almost turned black.

"BURN RUBBER!" she shouted. "GO ON.BURN MY FUCKIN' TITTIES!!! MAKE 'EM STING!!!" she sneered as she pushed out her chest to prove she'd do anything. anything at all to her body to be an OUTLAW slut. She was in pain, yet she felt orgasmic as the powerful bike shook and rumbled between her smooth bare legs. It was like fucking a dragon!

After several wild burn outs, Crowbar stopped the exhibition long enough to attach some long heavy chains to her nipple rings which had some pistons and engine parts attached to the other ends. "OH YEA, STRETCH MY FUCKIN' TITTIES AGAIN!!!" she blurted out hysterically - looking around for reactions to her bold defacement of her big boobies.

"FUCK MY TITS!!" Pinkie shouted as RAT revved his motor. "FUCK MY TITS!!" she shouted louder as she looked down at her beautiful breasts, now pierced, tattooed and streched from the weight of the chains. Acting bold and brash, Pinkie pushed out her battered boobs and wagged her tongue at Animal, Tallesman and the rowdy bikers.

"LET' S STRETCH THESE FUCKIN' TITTIES SOME MORE!!!" she blurted out with hideous insane laughter. "AOOOOOOH FUCK!!!!" Pinkie yelled as she arched her shoulders and bit her lip as RAT popped the clutch and Pinkie watched her boobs tear away from her chest while the Animal yelled out "STRETCH HER TITS!!!" "RIP HER TITS OFF, AS THAT'S WHAT SHE WANTS!!!!" cried out Tallesman. The parts clanged and sparked as the chains stretched her tits so far out, her big boobs turned elastic like pizza dough, revealing long creases from her rib cage to her drastically elongated nipples as the bike speeded into second gear before skidding to an abrupt stop.

"LOOK AT' EM NOW Ö" she bragged "Ö I'M FUCKIN' STRETCHIN' EM LIKE SHIT NOW!!" she screamed, gritting her teeth. "GO PINKIE!! THAT';S IT. . GO ON, DESTROY THOSE FUCKIN' TITS GIRL!!!! STRETCH YER TITTIES BITCH!!!" shouted Rat, supported by dozens of cheering Outlaws and other bikers. "CLEAR OUT OF THE WAY!!" shouted Rat as he revved again, popped the clutch and blasted his Harley, Pinkie flailing off the back.

After a half dozen burn-outs on the big bike, Pinkie';s breasts were almost dragging on the ground as she slumped way over the rear tire. . her tormented breasts and nipples, now black and blue, drastically distended having dragged the weight of the heavy metal parts.

"TOO BAD CROWBAR WASN'T HERE TO SEE YOU RIDE!!" chimed Animal. "I MEAN, YOU'VE GOT BALLS BABY!! THAT WAS FUCKIN' UNBELIEVABLE!!! YOUR TITS MUST HURT LIKE SHIT!!" "YEA, THEY HURT, BUT WHO GIVES A FUCK!!!" Pinkie moaned as she massaged her aching boobs and squeezed her tender nipples as the Outlaws unbuckled her ankle cuffs.

"THEY ARE TURNING BLACK" she sassed as she slapped her own boob from the underside. "UNBUCKLE THESE GOD DAMN COLLARS!!" she commanded "LISTEN UP MOTHER FUCKERS, WHEN IT COMES TO SLEEZY BITCHES, THE OUTLAWS RULE!!!" Shouted Animal.

"AND OUR MISS PINKIE HERE IS THE BRAVEST, HOTTEST, TATTOOED OUTLAW MAMA HERE AT THE BARBARIAN BIKER FEST!!!" he hollered, as the statuesque Pinkie stood butt naked in her "fuck-me" heels, straining to remove her boob collars, which would allow the blood to flow back into her poor breasts. "HAD ENOUGH FUN FOR ONE DAY HONEY??" Animal confronted Pinkie as he watched her unleashed the painful blood-flow back into her ballooned breasts.

She was delirious and blurry-eyed as she massaged her poor battered paps and recalled the events of the day, from the boob battles to the fist fucking, the tug-a-war with Sonja, the incredible tittie press and brutal batting practice.

Her mind was awash in this perverted horror show of intensely brutal sexual rituals and she was at the center of it all. She was a sadist and masochist all rolled into one. She then flashed on Larry and how he first introduced her to the thrill of prick teasing. And to her sister, who was shocked by her sexy new image.

And then to Crowbar who introduced her the biker parties, tattooing and even shared her with the Outlaws.

She knew the drugs had her transformed into a demon. They had twisted her mind and made her hurt herself in repulsive ways. She thought of suicide and then her mind snapped again as Animal asked again, "HAD ENOUGH?" "OH SHIT," she cried from the pain in her breasts, "I GUESS SO," she responded. Then her mind immediately hot-flashed again, this time to the wicked stories Snake had told her about the Bondage Parlor in San Francisco where the girls submitted themselves to savage needle piercings and some gruesome breast hangings.

"I THINK SHE';S PASSED OUT," shouted Animal, as some Outlaws crowded around her. End of chapter21 (to be continued) THE ADVENTURES of PINKIE CHAPTER 22 - CINDY'S BACK "WHAT THE FUCK?" Pinkie groaned, as she opened one eye under the blanket, awakened by the sound of motorcycles revving their engines.

Lying in the dirt, wrapped in an old Army blanket she watched the bikers pulling out in a cloud of dust. "WHERE'S EVERYBODY GOING? she moaned, realizing that many of the bikers were beginning to head back to Los Angeles. "OH, MY head!" she pained, her head was throbbing, her entire body ached. "MY ASSHOLE!" she groaned, her asshole and cunt sore from fucking so many Outlaws and bikers she'd lost count.

"JESUS, MY TITS!!!" she cradled her huge swollen titbags. "MY TITS ARE ON FIRE!!" she cried out, massaging each breast one at a time to try to reduce the burning sensation and deep pain from her chest down to her pierced nipples.

Timmys cock is throbbing and his lubed up hole is demanding

"OH GOD, LOOK AT MY TITS!!" she cried out ñ but she was drowned out by the noise of the loud bikes. "THEY LOOK LIKE SHIT!" she bragged, hoping for sympathy. "OH GOD, LOOK AT ME," she cried out as she looked down at her beautiful body and cow-sized udders, now covered with welts, burns and bruises ñ all crusted over with jizz and booze from the night before.

"WHERE IS EVERYONE?" she called out. She couldn't see Snake, Animal, Moose, Tallesman, Rat or any of the Outlaws. "YOU FUCKERS COME BACK! WHAT ABOUT ME?" she cussed, not seeing any of the Outlaws anywhere when a familiar voice came from behind her, "CINDY?ÖIS THAT YOU CINDY??" "LARRY??" her mind snapped. "LARRY, IS THAT YOU?" she turned, to see his handsome face as he crouched down.

"WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE?" she asked, her eyes squinting in the morning sunlight. "I GUESS I COULD ASK YOU THE SAME QUESTION," he responded as she lifted her head up out of the blanket to reveal her face and tattooed shoulder. "HOW'D YOU FIND ME??" she asked, her face puzzled. "THE POLICE FOUND MY MOM'S MERCEDES UP AT THAT OLD BARN ON THE HILL." Larry explained.


. PLEASE DON'T BE MAD." she requested as she sat up a little straighter, revealing a little more of her melonous breasts. "MAD, WHY SHOULD I BE MAD!! I BAIL YOU OUT OF JAIL. I PAMPER YOU AND ASK YOU TO MARRY ME. THEN YOU DITCH ME AND STEAL MY MOTHER'S CAR TO RUN OFF TO SOME GOD DAMN BIKER BRAWL. NOW LOOK AT YOU. YOU'RE A MESS. YOU LOOK LIKE HAMMERED DOG SHIT GIRL!! YOU'RE GOD DAMN RIGHT I'M PISSED!!! He hollared as he grabbed her wrist and lifted her up out of the blanket. "JESUS CINDY, WHAT HAVE YOU BEEN DOING OUT HERE?" he shouted out as he saw her welts, burns and bruises on her huge pendulous breasts, now hanging much lower on her chest as she stood up in dirt, surrounded by dust and debris from the biker festival.

"THEY HAD A CONTEST YESTERDAY. . AND I GUESS I WON," she winced as she saw his disapproval as she looked down at her pulverized breasts. "WELL, I HOPE YOU HAD FUN!" he responded, satirically.

"GET YOUR CLOTHES, WE'RE GOING HOME!" "I DON'T REALLY HAVE MUCH," Cindy grimaced as she scrounged up her high heels and thin strap body harness. "WELL THEN, WEAR THIS," he demanded as Larry took off his leather jacket and handed it to her. "THANKS," she grumbled, standing barefoot in the dirt as a few more bikers rode past on their Harleys. "WHERE'S YOUR CAR?" she asked.

"I DIDN'T DRIVE A CAR. I BOUGHT MYSELF A HARLEYÖJUST LIKE YOU SUGGESTED ÖAND ITS WAY UP ON THE RIDGE," he pointed. "GREAT," she complained. "HOW CONVENIENT." As they walked, many bikers whistled, winked and heckled Cindy as she held Larry's hand and tried to ignore them. "YOU MUSTA MADE QUITE A SCENE HERE LAST NIGHT BY THE WAY THESE GUYS ARE ACTING. WAS IT SOME KIND OF RITUAL OR KINKY SEX PARTY??" he asked.

"IT WAS A BIG FUCKIN' BOOBIE CONTEST!" she mumbled as she stumbled barefoot across the dusty field past the hundreds of bikers and mountains of beer cans and litter spewed everywhere. "WELL LETS GET YOU HOME AND CLEANED UP. I WANNA HEAR ALL ABOUT IT." Larry confirmed. "NICE BIKE," she commented on Larry's new Harley-Davidson. Without hesitation, she swung her leg over the sissy bar and plopped her bare ass down on the dusty saddle.

Larry was a bit stunned when she leaned back and opened her legs, displaying her shaved, tattooed and ring-pierced pussy without an ounce of modesty. "YOU KNOW EVERYONE CAN SEE YOU, CINDY ñ OR DON'T YOU EVEN CARE NOW?? Larry asked. "SO WHAT!. . THESE BIKERS LIKE GIRLS WHO SHOW THEMSELVES OFF Ö IT TURNS THEM ONÖAND IT TURNS ME ON" she explained as she rested her bare feet on the footpegs. "DOESN'T IT TURN YOU ON?" "YEA, I SUPPOSE IT DOES," Larry agreed, as he reached down between her legs and trust his fingers straight into her oozing cunny hole.

"OH YEA, LARRY, THAT'S IT, FUCK MY CUNT!!" she laughed, as a few bikers walked past. "GO ON, OPEN ME WIDER! USE THE RINGS TO STRETCH MY CUNT OPEN WIDER. OH YEA, I LOVE IT!!" she gritted her teeth as she jerked and thrust her pelvis onto his banging fingers. "COME ON LARRY, YOU'RE HOT!" Cindy spit as she watched Larry inserting another finger into her well lublicated love pocket.

"GO ON, FIST ME LARRY. FIST FUCK MY CUNT!" Cindy cried out. "IS THIS THE WAY YOU WANT TO BE TREATED, SLUT?" Larry barked as he banged her gash in broad daylight. "OH YEA, LARRY, GET NASTY! FUCK ME!! FUCK ME HARDER!" she whined as she bucked in the saddle of his big Harley. "I'M TAKING YOU HOME, GIRL." He commanded, as he removed his hand from her slopping we gash and climbed on the bike, firing the engine with several revs Ö and they were off. Cindy loved the feeling of the wind wipping between her legs entering directly into her gapping cunt as she leaned back, spread-eagled on Larry's new Harley.

"YOU SHOULD GET TATTOOED AND PIERCED!" she hollared as they rode down the highway towards L.A. "DO YOU REALLY MEAN IT? WOULD THAT TURN YOU ON?" he asked her with a serious tone in his voice.

"IT MIGHT. IF YOU GOT IT PIERCED AS WELL, IT'D BE KINDA COOL." "YOU SHOULD SHAVE YOUR COCK AND TATTOO YOUR DICK," she laughed, gleefully, raising her eyebrows to see his response. "YOU DON'T REGRET GETTING PIERCED AND TATTOOED?" he asked her. "HEAVENS NO! ITS LIKE AN ADDICTION. I'M GONNA GET MORE!," she teased as she lifted her leg up to his thigh and rested it their as the rode along, showing off her tattooed ankle and shaply leg as she rubbed his thigh with her foot.


After more than an hour on the road, they pulled into Larry's parents driveway. "I NEED A BATH. A BUBBLE BATH!" she moaned, her body sore and aching from the brutal punishment of the festival. Inside, she wasted no time turning on the jacuzzi tub and soaking herself for the next hour and a half. For the next two days, Cindy lounged around the beautiful big home and laid out by the pool sunning herself in the nude.

With a constant flow of suntan oil, she drenched her skin and soaked her pores until she could see her skin turning a golden brown as she paraded about in front of the large glass doors facing the pool. She was grateful to Larry wanted to repay him for his generosity.

Besides, he was a hunk with huge pecker and she loved to suck his dick. She also enjoyed teasing him as she was a different kind of girl now and she loved the thought of exposing him to all the kinky stuff she'd learned from Crowbar and the Outlaws. "I'M HORNY!" was all she needed to say to get Larry to whip out his perpetual hard-on and skewer her shaved cunny and tattooed ass every hour or so.

It was a little taste of paradise as Cindy paraded about the back yard naked, bouncing on Larry's cock as he sucked her luscious hanging breasts and fingered her bum. "BE ROUGHER" she constantly encouraged him, "GO ON, SPANK ME. SLAP MY TITS AROUND MORE!" she instructed Larry as he tugged on her rings and nuzzled between her big tattooed titties.

"OH YEA, THAT'S IT, HURT ME LARRY. SLAP ëEM HARDER," she ordered each time he reached out to fondle her breasts, pushing him to be more aggressive as she constantly yanked his stiff cock, then sucking and fucking him dry every hour or so until his dick was fucked raw by the time they went to bed.


"I MET A FEW GUYS WHO DO ëEM," she replied, her face eager and excited that Larry was willing to participate with her. On Wednesday morning, Cindy called a couple of the photographers she'd met at the Biker Festival and scheduled two photo shoots on Friday. The first was still photo shoot with LEG SHOW magazine, who wanted her to parade around on public streets wearing a very scanty outfit. The second shoot was to be with a hardcore video at a studio in Van Nuys.

She told the guy she was bringing her boyfriend, but the guy told her to come alone. All day Thursday, Cindy pampered herself with waxing, nail polish and facials. "I'VE NEVER POSED FOR A MAGAZINE AND I WANT TO PLEASE THESE MEN ñ OR THEY'LL NEVER INVITE ME BACK." she explained to Larry as she tried on a blond wig of Larry's mother.


"SO WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO WEAR?" he asked, his heart pacing at the thought of his Cindy appearing in men's magazines and porno films. "I FOUND SOME STUFF OF YOUR MOMS STUFF I THINK WILL WORK. DO YOU CARE?" she asked. "NA! GO Ahead.

AS LONG AS ITS NOTHING EXPENSIVE." he approved. At the crack of dawn, Cindy was up in Mrs. Thomas' dressing room ñ putting on make-up and fixing her white blond wig. Larry was still head over heels in love with this crazy cock teaser as he watched her painting her lips red and applying her mascara to make her eyes dramatic.

"DING-DONG" went the front door-bell at about quarter to seven. Just as Larry opened the door, a long-haired stud wearing jeans and an old black t-shirt that said "Rolling Stones" asked "IS PINKIE READY?" "NOT QUITE YET.

SHE'S GETTING CLOSER THOUGH." Larry responded. "I'M HER FIANCÈE' LARRY," he introduced himself and held out his hand. "I'M BILL. BILL HENIBRY OF LEG SHOW MAGAZINE. I HOPE SHE'S READY CAUSE WE DON'T HAVE MUCH TIME UNTIL THE TRAFFIC GETS HEAVY. THEN ITS OVER. "HOW DO I LOOK?" Cindy asked as she stepped into the foyer, her facing beaming. Her body glowing with radiant beauty. "FAN-FUCKING-TASTIC!!" responed Bill, his eyes popping out of his head as he absorbed her image slowly from head to toe and back again.

"JESUS HONEY," Larry gasped, as his heart started pounding, "WHERE DID YOU FIND THAT OUTFIT IN MOM'S CLOSET?" "I JUST PIECED IT TOGETHER KINDA. DO YOU LIKE IT?" she blushed like a schoolgirl, her nineten year old harmones kicking and screaming to let her imagination run wild. "THE SKIRT WAS A TENNIS SKIRT WHICH I SHORTENED A LITTLE," she grinned, looking down at the light blue pleated skirt ñ cut so short, it barely covered her pubic mound when she stood up tall in her white strapless platform sandals.

"NICE LEGS!" Bill commented as he scanned her gams carefully, admiring her smooth shapely legs and the delicate floral tattoos that graced her calves and her inner thighs.

"TURN AROUND," Bill requested, as Pinkie modeled her micro skirt creation, knowing full well that her sweet buns were slightly exposed, revealing several more tattoos on her ass cheeks as she gently bent over. "VERY HOT. VERY NICE!" he complimented her, looking to Larry for concurrence who wasn't sure if he should beat-off or throw up he was so stunned by her beauty and sizzling sex appeal. "AND IS THAT THE TOP YOU PLAN TO WEAR IN PUBLIC THIS MORNING?" Bill asked, with eyebrows raised.

"YEA, ISN'T IT WILD?" Pinkie beamed as she licked her lips, looking at herself in the foyer mirror. "ITS ONE OF LARRY'S MOMS OLD NEGLIGEES I FOUND," she explained, looking down through the sheer see-through silk fabric that cropped right at her big nipples, leaving the undersides of her huge pendulous breasts hanging out freely underneath. "AND I BARROWED HER EARRINGS TOO," she smiled, speaking to the fact that she had pearl earrings dangling from each nipple, as well as from her ears and a matching pearl choker.

"I WANT TO SHOW OFF MY TITTIE TATTOOS AND THIS TOP REALLY DOES IT WELL," she explained, again admiring her side profile in the mirror as she turned and modeled the scanty outfit for the men and herself. "MY BRUISES DON'T SHOW TOO MUCH DO THEY?" she asked. "I CAN STILL SEE SOME OF THE WELTS AND BURNS, BUT THE BODY MAKE UP WORKS PRETTY WELL ON THE BIG NASTY ONES," Larry confirmed as he felt his cock twitch thinking of all those men fuckin' his girlfriend in public and how she encouraged them to do it.


"WELL THEN PINKIE, LETS GET STARTED," suggested Bill. "I'M READY," she beamed, as she picked up a small pearl covered purse and headed out the front door towards the large van in front of Larry's parents beautiful home.

"GOOD MORNING," she announced to a startled next door neighbor as she strutted down Larry's walkway ñ giggling as she watched the old guy's eyes pop out of his head as he caught a glimpse of her huge bobbing breasts swinging and bouncin' freely about under the flimsy guise of silk as Pinkie smiled and acted as if it were just another beautiful day.

"GO Ahead, GIVE HIM A SHOW" encouraged Larry, enjoying his new found role as Pinkie's "agent" and "master." "HAVE A NICE DAY", Pinkie laughed as she enjoyed the man's stare and blew him a kiss as she winked and thrust her hip towards him before she stepped inside Bill's big van filled with camera gear.

Chapter 23 - FLASHIN' FOR KICKS AND CASH By the time they reached Ventura Boulevard, it was nearly 7am and the traffic was beginning to fill the streets. Cindy sat anxiously in the front seat of the van while Bill explained how the process works. "ITS REALLY PRETTY SIMPLE, WE JUST NEED TO WORK FAST. I'LL PULL OVER AND WHEN I SAY "WHEN" YOU JUMP OUT AND WALK DOWN THE STREET ACTING REAL SEXY FOR A BLOCK OR SO WHILE I SHOOT SOME PICTURES. THEN YOU JUMP BACK IN THE VAN AND OFF WE GO BEFORE ANYONE HAS TIME TO REALLY SAY ANYTHING OR CALL THE COPS.

ITS EASY!!" "WALK SEXY, HUH?" Cindy grinned, crossing her bare legs as she licked her lips. "LIKE REALLY SEXY?" she giggled.

"I GUESS IF LARRY APPROVES - I'LL REALLY FLAUNT MY GOODIES OUT THERE." She teased, turning around and looking back at her former financee Larry, raising her eyebrows - seeking his encouragment. "WHAT KIND OF STUFF HAVE OTHERS GIRLS DONE IN PUBLIC?" she asked with excitement, uncrossing and opening her legs to reminded Bill and Larry of her sexy new pussy rings.

"I HAVE HAD A FEW GIRLS FLASH IN THE CROSS WALKS WITH CARS THERE AT A SIGNAL. BUT NONE WITH AN IMPRESSIVEPAIR OF HOOTERS LIKE THOSE!!" Bill raised his eyebrows as he admired her bountiful jiggling bosoms. "I GUESS YOU LIKE'EM REALLY BIG, HUH?" Cindy teased as she quickly lifted the hem of her negligee encouraging Bill to fondle her humongous hefty hangers.

"LARRY DOESN'T MIND IF YOU TOUCH THEM, DO YOU SWEETIE?" she giggled as she looked back over the seat to be sure Larry was still approving of her forwardness. "ITS OKAY BILL, SHE'S A REAL PRICK TEASER NOW" Larry confirmed as Bill reached over and sunk his hand into her silky soft boobflesh, pinching and tweaking her big stiff nipples and fingering her nipple-earrings. "OH YEA, THAT'S IT, SQUEEZE'EM HARD! PULL ON MY NIPPLE RINGS" she moaned as Bill manhandled and manipulated her sumptuous breasts, distorting them into all kinds of shapes with both hands.

"UYOU CAN BE ROUGHER BILL. GO Ahead, SLAP HER TITS"Larry encouraged. "SHE LIKES HER TITS PUNISHED, DON'T YOU BABY?" Larry reached around both sides of the big bucket seat and lifted up big melons for Bill. "GO ON, SLAP HER TITS, SHE LOVES THAT" Larry ordered Bill. "WHAP!!" Bill came down with a fast slap right on her bold tattoo.

"OH YEA!"Cindy groaned, "SLAP MY TITS, I LOVE IT!" she begged as Larry slapped her huge boobs, jingling her nipple rings as Bill spanked away. "THAT'S IT, GIVE HER A PINK TITTIE!" Larry laughed as Bill spanked her tits with his open hand.

"THAT'S IT, MAKE'EM REALLY RED. SLAP'EM HARDER! SHE'S JUST A HORNY SLUT, AREN'T YOU BABY?" he denounced as he slammed her big boobies together as Bill flogged her big ringed nipples. "HER BIKER FRIENDS CALL HER KINKY PINKIE" Larry explained. "OH YEA, I'M A DIRTY SLUT, PUNISH ME" she begged as she accepted several more "WHAP, WHAP" blows to her breasts.

"FUCK ME, LARRY, RIGHT HERE!!" she moaned as Bill banged her faster and harder. "GO Ahead, BANG HER CUTE CUNNY!" Larry encouraged Bill as the photographer parted the busty ten's thighs and pushed two fingers into her hot gushing pussy. "OH YEA, FUCK ME?" Cindy begged. "MAN, WE GOT FUCK HER LATER!" Bill barked. "RIGHT NOW, OUR JOB IS TO SHOOT SOME HOT NASTY PICS! HOW ABOUT OVER THERE?" Bill pointed to a strip of retail stores on the north side of the street.

"WALK DOWN THE STREET REAL SEXY LIKE SOME VALLEY GIRL HOOKER." Bill instructed her. "YOU'RE ON!" Cindy's eyes bright and laughing as Bill swung the van around, finding a good spot to drop her off.

"GET YOUR CAMERA READY," she directed as she popped open the door and stepped out onto the sidewalk, her long legs drawing attention the moment she took her first step. "OOH!" she cooed as she teetered down the sidewalk, taking short steps "CLIP CLOP, CLIP CLOP" in her platform heels, her bare pussy tingling as her enormous liquid breasts jiggled and bounced languidly in the morning sunshine for all the world to enjoy. "ACT NATURAL" she kept muttering to herself as she felt her huge breasts bobbing about - putting one foot in front of the other, sauntering as she paraded herself down the busy boulevard sidewalk.

Pinkie thrilled knowing that her big pierced nipples were clearly visible to the cars passing by as she strutted along showing off her beautiful tattooed gams as her milky-smooth under-breasts played peek-a-boo popping out from beneath the short negligee fabric.

"WALK SEXY," she thought to herself as she wiggled her hips and pushed out her chest and let her breasts bob and sway naturally well out in front of her. As she saw the cars slowing down to gawk at her, yet she pretended that everything was perfectly normal.

. .simply smiling to the drivers as they waived and tooted their horns. "BOUNCE'EM BABY " she heard Larry coaching her in the back of her mind as she felt the morning breeze between her long naked legs.

"SEXY FASHIONS ARE IN" Larry had told her and now Cindy's senses were bursting with sexuality as she heard whistles and cats calls as she walked. Larry was a hunk. A stud. And getting her off with his new attitude towards exploiting her. He wasn't as brutal as Crowbar and all those heathen bikers but "HE'S RICH! WITH CLASS" Cindy thought to herself, when her mind snapped and her pussy began twitching with excitement as she thought about and the brutal and disgusting things she had done at the Barbarian Biker Festival.

"OH SHIT!" her stomach did flip flops thinking about all the kinky and bizarre things she'd heard about the bondage shows in San Francisco and the incredible BSDM acts they perform. "OH YEA!"she felt her pussy beginning to ooz, thinking her pussy rings might be visable beneath the hem of her micro skirt.

Cindy was bursting with lust as she loosened her stride, letting her breasts jiggle and flop about uncontrollably. "LARRY'S COOL," she thought to herself, "MAKE A GOOD HUSBAND AND ALL" but then she felt weak in the knees as she thought about Snake and Tallesman and all those heathen bikers. "WHAT?" she responded as an expensive sedan pulled asking her directions to the freeway.

"HI THERE!" Pinkie smiled as she leaned over to speak to the conservative businessman. He obviously was jerking off as he eyed her silky bare skin and luscious breasts hanging out from under her see-through top.

"WHAT'YA DOING THERE?" she as she leaned into the window deliberately letting her huge hangers fall free into view as licked her tongue as the man stroked his cock at the sight of the stunning prick teaser. "ARE THOSE FOR REAL?" he asked as he reached out and cupped her heavy hanging boob, pinching her nipple ring. "YOU TELL ME, YOU'RE DOING THE INSPECTION," she smiled as she let him squeeze and pinch her soft boob. "I DIG YOUR TATTOOS AND TITTIE RINGS." he complimented.

"YEA, AREN'T THEY PRETTY?" she grinned. "AND SO IS THIS ONE," she laughed as she lifted her hem a few inches to reveal her Harley tattoo on her hairless pubic mound. "OH! GOT TO GO!" she abruptly stood up as she saw Bill waiving his arms rapidly from across the street.

Pinkie wasted no time as she hustled herself to the corner, then crossed in the crosswalk briskly with her shoulders back, allowing her breasts to bounce and jiggle naturally in full view of dozens of drivers at he signal. "LETS GO!" hollared Bill, "THE HEAT'S ON!" "WHERE?" Cindy asked as she jumped in the front seat of the van.

"THE COP BACK THERE. HE JUST TURNED AROUND AGAIN, AND HE'S COMING THIS WAY," he warned, as he put the van in drive and sped away. "THIS IS A RUSH!!" laughed Cindy, looking to Larry for approval. "NOW WHAT?" she asked.

"MORE CUNT SHOTS," said Bill. "FIND SOMEPLACE MORE PUBLIC. SHOW US SOME PINK, CINDY. LIKE YOU DID FOR ALL THOSE BIKERS." Larry encouraged her. "OH LARRY, YOU CAN BE SO MACHO!" she teased him. "WHAT DO YOU WANT ME TO DO," she asked eagerly as she rubbed her wet cunny. "YOU WANT ME TO SHOW MY PUSSY TO STRANGERS? "YEA, SHOW YOUR CUNT TO A BUNCH OF STRANGERS," Larry loved ordering his former fiancÈe, his stiff pecker full of jizz and about ready to burst. "I HAVE AN IDEA, PULL INTO THAT GAS STATION." Cindy ordered as she popped the door latch and slid out of the van, deliberately flashing her bare legs as the micro skirt rode up to her waist ñ openly revealing her clean shaved pussy.

"OH YEA, THAT'S IT," Larry encouraged her, "HIKE UP YOUR SKIRT AND FLASH THAT OLD MAN OVER THERE AT THE BENCH" "OKAY, WATCH THIS," she schemedÖturning and sauntering across the island with her tattooed cunny and fanny in full view. Cindy loved the sensation of publicly exposing herself. "WANNA CHECK MY OIL MISTER?" she smiled as she proped up her high-heeled foot on the seat of his bench and tugged up her skirt to give him a close-up view of her Harley tattoo and labia rings.

"GO Ahead, DIP YOUR STICK IN MY SLICK PUSSY"she laughed, wagging her pierced tongue as her breasts dropped out from under the negligee exposing her ring-pierced nipples. The man said nothing, just staring in disbelief with his jaw dropped open at the sight of lewd tenager's ultra-sexy body displayed so openly and lewdly in broad daylight.

"WHAT'S WRONG, RING GOT YOUR TONGUE?" she laughed as she looked back over her shoulders at the man in the car behind her who was obviously enjoying the sight of her tattooed bare ass just hanging out plain as day in the middle of the gas station.

"GO Ahead, PUT YOUR FINGER IN A RING AND TUG IT," she laughed. "IT WON'T BITE YOU!" she teased. "CLICK, CLICK, CLICK," went Bill's camera as he photographed the scene with the unsuspecting old man. "LA DE DA" Cindy hummed as her high heels went "CLIP-CLOP, CLIP-CLOP, CLIP-CLOP" as she strutted across the gas station island and out into the sunlight towards the rest rooms all the way to the far side of the property as Bill fired photo after photo of her daring exhibition.

As she returned, she rolled and jerked her shoulders sloshing her big soft melons back and forth as she trotted like a pony for the camera. "I'M A PONY GIRL!" she laughed as she held back her shoulders and trotted about the pumps, high-stepping her knees as her breasts began flopping and slamming on her ribcage as she galloped about. "ARE YOU GETTING THIS?" she asks Bill to be sure his camera was capturing her antics working as she trotted in place.

"YOU BETCHA," he confirmed as he crouched on his knee to capture her heavy hangers flopping and slamming on her tummy as she smiled into the camera. "OUTSTANDING!" encouraged Bill, as he and Larry cheered her on. She was a glorious sight to behold as she quickly flashed cunny, her sumptuous breasts bouncing and swinging every which way as she continued to trot in place, laughing and giggling as she rolled her shoulders as she held back her shoulders tossing her heavy boobs every which way.

"CRASH" went a car in front as it collided into another, as the driver was distracted by Cindy's sexy exhibition at the gas station. "WE'D BETTER GET GOING," Bill recommended to Cindy who couldn't stop prancing about, loving the attention of all people starring at her.

"WANNA SEE ME BOUNCE MY BOOBIES?"she laughed as she jumped higher and higher as she trotted in place deliberately throwing her tits as she jumped in place.

"COME ON CINDY, I MEAN IT! GET IN THE VAN," shouted Larry. Once inside the van, she wasted no time unzipping Larry's fly and sucking his big beautiful cock as Bill fingered her hot wet gash in the front seat while he tried to concentrate on driving to her next destination ñ the Evil Angel Studio. Chapter 24 - CINDY, NEW PORNO STAR As they pulled into yard of the large warehouse, they were greated by the producer Jerry Dickson who walked right up to Larry's open window to see Pinkie furiously sucking Larry's cock.

"GOOD MORNING" he greated. "I SEE YOU'VE STARTED WITHOUT US!" he commented on Cindy's cock sucking. "WE'RE JUST GETTING HER WARMED UP," groaned Larry, as he convulsed and jerked from an orgasm coming on.

"YEA, I'M HOT TO FUCK TODAY," Cindy grinned wide as she stroked the long cock faster, squirting the Larry's hot jizz into her open mouth, wagging her pierced tongue as she greeted Jerry. "LARRY SAYS HE WANTS TO MARRY ME," she laughed. BUT TODAY, HE WANTS ME TO MAKE A SEX FLICK WITH ALL THESE STUDS." "DON'T WORRY, HE WON'T INHIBIT ME - HE APPROVES OF MY NEW SEXY IMAGE NOW -DON'T YOU LARRY?" she laughed as the jizz dribbled from her chin.

"OH YEA BABY!" Larry quipped as he "WHAP" slapped her tattooed ass, then processed to drive his fingers up between her sweet, tight buns. "SEE WHAT I MEAN. HE'S COOL" Cindy smiled. "THAT'S IT SWEETIE, PUNISH ME. SPANK MY ASS. I'M A BAD GIRL!! SPANK ME HARD!!" she hissed, opening her legs wider helping Larry to drive his fingers deep into her well lubricated cunny as she spit and jerked off his cum splattered cock.

"ALL RIGHT NOW, SOMEBODY WANTS TO FUCK ME?" Cindy greeted the camera crew and several studs as she sauntered into the large door to warehouse - proudly displaying her buxom body for their hungry eyes. "GET OVER TO SEE SOPHIE FOR MAKE-UP," ordered Jerry, pointing Cindy towards a far corner of the warehouse with bright lights set up as a make-up area.

"THIS IS A PROFESSIONAL OUTFIT HERE." "HELLO THERE, I'M SOPHIE" the large woman greeted as Cindy approached. "I KNOW I'VE NOT SEEN YOU AROUND HERE BEFORE" she warmly reached out her hand, admiring the statuesque punk girl with the incredible breasts. "HI. I'M CINDY. BUT MY STAGE name IS PINKIE-AND I'M NEW!" she smiled with a twinkle in her eyes. "WELL, I CAN SEE THAT YOU ARE NEW GIRL," she replied. "HOW OLD ARE YOU HONEY?" "I'M NINEten," Cindy flashed her pretty smile as she carelessly plopped herself down in the make-up chair, crossing her long legs - her bare ass on the sticky chair as her micro skirt barely covered to her cunt.

"EXCUSE ME DEAR, BUT THOSE TATTOOS ARE REAL AREN'T THEY?" Sophie asked as she looked down through the sheer fabric at Cindy's pendulous bare breasts.

"YEA!!" Cindy sighed, "A GUY nameD CROWBAR GOT ME SO LOADED AT A BIKER MEET A COUPLE OF WEEKS AGO I GOT CARRIED AWAY WITH THE TATTOOS AND SHIT," she explained. "LOOK AT MY LEGS," she insisted as she turned herself in the chair and revealed a number of lacey tattoos on her hips and legs. "THEY'RE SEXY, DON'T YOU THINK?" she asked the older woman, as she lifted the edge of the fabric enough to expose her pierced nipple rings and delicate stars and large floral heart that graced her huge breast.


"I SEE A LOT OF GIRLS COME AND GO, BUT NEVER AS WELL DEVELOPED AS YOU DEAR," she commented, admiring Cindy's enormous breasts hanging off her chest, slightly covered by her negligee top.


"I ENDED UP AT THIS REALLY WILD BIKER MEET WHERE THEY HELD A "BOOB BASHIN' CONTEST". . AND I ENTERED!! she paused -" IT WAS EXTREMELY PAINFUL AND INCREDIBLY EXCITING AT THE SAME TIME. THEY BRUTALLY PUNISHED MY POOR BREASTS," she pouted as she lifted the hem of her top again to point out her healing bruises and burn marks on her huge hangers.

"OH MY DEAR, we'll need to put some make-up on those for the movie today." Sophie insisted. "DO THEY HURT?" "THEY DID!!" Cindy confessed.

"BUT NOT NOW. NOW THEY ACHE FOR MORE PHYSICAL ATTENTION," Cindy confessed, as she looked over at Larry talking with the Gang-Banger studs lounging on the set waiting for the action to start. "THIS GUY LARRY I'M WITH, HE THINKS I SOULD HAVE BEEN IN PLAYBOY OR SOMETHING.

HE WANTS ME TO BE A PORN STAR. BUT, I LOVE PARTY'N WITH BIKERS. THE WILDER THE BETTER," she confessed. "I GUESS I'M MORE INTO THE BONDAGE SCENE. ITS MORE EXCITING AND REALLY GETS ME OFF. THERE'S WAS A GUY nameD TALLESMAN AT THE BOOB BASH WHO NOW WANTS ME TO BE HIS SEX SLAVE!!" she told Sophie, as her mind flashed on Tallesman's imposing stature and impressive physique. "ANOTHER GUY nameD SNAKE TOLD ME ABOUT SAN FRANCISCO BONDAGE CLUBS WHERE THERE IS SOME BRUTAL SHOWS WITH EXOTIC PIERCINGS AND MUTILATION," she explained as erotic images of dangling bodies filled her brain and a craving for new sensations permeated her entire body.




"SO GO GIVE' EM YOUR BEST PERFORMANCE!" she encouraged her as Cindy stepped out of the chair feeling sexy and glamorous as she turned to face her new gang-banging boyfriends. "ALL RIGHT, ITS PINKIE -THE PUNK PRINCESS OF PORN!" Jerry announced as the gang cheered watching Cindy saunter up to the brightly lit stage as the studs stroked their cocks in anticipation of gang-fucking their punk princess - as her boyfriend sat on the sideline.

"ISN'T SHE GORGEOUS? " Bone's eyes a blaze as he feasted on her cute pixie face, long shapely legs and huge sloppy tittie bags swinging freely under the negligee. "NO SHIT, SHE'S CUTE!!" chimed another "AND WELL BUILT!" "SOPHIE SAYS YOU BOYS LIKE BIG TITS?," she laughed into the camera, as she slowly gripped the neck of her negligee and yanked hard, tearing the fabric, then proceeding to tear the top wide open in the front, deliberately jiggling her enormous all natural beauties as they sprang into view.

"MOVE OVER LETHA WEAPONS -PINKIE'S HERE TO PUMMELED THESE FOOLS WITH HER OWN WEAPONS," Pinkie laughed as she shook her tits rapidly for the men's pleasure. "NO SHIT! THOSE ARE FUCKIN' GIGANTIC, BABY. AND I DIG THE TITTIE RINGS AND KINKY TATTOOS!" cheered one stud as he walked right up behind Pinkie, cocked back his arm as Pinkie wiggled her but, and then "WHACK!!!" planted a loud, open-hand slap right in the center of her tattooed asscheek.

"OOH, THAT'S IT, SPANK MY TATTOOED ASS!" she cooed, pushing her bare buns out towards him, giving him a clean shot at her other other cheek as she looked over and winked at wide-eyed Larry, stunned by Cindy's transformation into Pinkie. "I'VE GOT LOTS OF SEXY TATTOOS," Pinkie teased, lifting her skirt and thrust out her tattooed pelvic mound.

"AND LOTS A RINGS TOO," she gleemed as she widened her stance to show off her labia rings for the five horny men. "LET'S GET A GROUP PHOTO FOR THE BOX COVER, " suggested Larry took out his Nikon camera while Pinkie slipped out of her micro-skirt. "THAT'S MY BOYFRIEND LARRY," explained Pinkie.

"HE WANTS TO BE A PHOTOGRAPHER AND MY MANAGER. BUT I DON'T THINK SO." she laughed as she stuck out her tongue at him, standing nude in her "fuck-me" heels. "I KNOW, LETS GET SOME HARD DICK'S FOR THE COVER SHOT," she raised her eyebrows as she reached out with both hands to find some hot cocks. "JESUS, WHAT A DONKEY DICK," she teased as she gripped the stud's thick cock and pulled it to her lips.

"OH YEA, GIVE ME ANOTHER," she commanded as turned her head and sucked on a second cock. "MORE COCKS," she laughed as the other three studs walked onto the set with their huge dongs hanging out, ready for Miss Pinkie's good loving. "ARE YOU BOYS HIGH? CAUSE THOSE DICKS ARE STIFF AND STICK," she smiled as the forth cock entered her mouth. "COKE?" "YOU, YEA YOU DONKEY DICK, GET ON THE FLOOR SO I CAN BE FUCKIN' THE BIG ONE FOR THE COVER PHOTO," she laughed she stood up.

"OKAY LARRY, HERE'S A PRETTY COVER PHOTO FOR YOU," Pinkie beamed as she crouched down over the erect pennis, peeled open her cunt lips and drove the big dick straight up her hot, wet vigina.

"LIGHTS, CAMERA, ACTION," she laughed, as she watched the thick slick cock driving in and out of her pierced and tattooed cunt-smiling and batting her eyelashes for the cameras as they captured her performance on video. "BRING ON THE BIG DICKS," she laughed, as the studs pushed their stiff cocks into her open mouth. Pinkie wasted no time and she furiously jerked and yanked the cocks with open mouth and wagging tongue as she shook her tits back and forth.

"COME ON BOYS, FUCK ME HARDER!" she cried, bucking and fucking Bone's big cock as the camera's continued to click and roll under the spot lights as she sucked and slurped two dicks together.

"OH SHIT, LOOK AT THESE TITS," exclaimed Gus as he lifted the huge orb and wrapped two hands around the base, flopping the boob around like a silly puppet. "WHAP" sounded loudly as Juan smacked her boob with his open hand. "OH YEAH!! I LIKE THAT!! PULL ON THEM, SPANK' EM - FOR REAL!!" pleaded Pinkie, craving a dose of hard boob punishment. "MAKE IT STING!!" "GO ON, SPANK HER!! SPANK HER TIT!!" shouted Gus as he throttled her boob with his full strength, cutting off the circulation as he strangled her squishy boob.

"WHAP, WHOP, SLAP, WHAP," Juan flogged the naughty swinging boobs with his open hand. OH YEAH ITS GOOD!! "MAKE' EM STING, MAKE' EM HURT. Pinkie giggled. SLAP' EM HARDER, BOTH OF THEM!!" she laughed overtly as she ground the big cock up her cunt and fucked Bone's cock with a vengence. "THIS CHICK IS TOO MUCH!! SHE'S GORGEOUS AND SHE IS CRAZY," shouted Juan as he punched and slapped her soft boobs, tugging on the loose flesh and slapping her ring-pierced nipples back and forth.

"WHAT'S WRONG, YOU STUDS AREN'T INTO KINKY SHIT?" she retorted with an attitude of superiority. "I LOVE HAVING MY BOOBS PUNISHED" she confirmed. "THAT'S IT, SLAP MY TITS AS MUCH AS YOU WANT, YOU BASTARD!!" she hissed as she rapidly shook her rack, whiplashing her breasts back and forth.

"OH YEA, THAT'S IT, SLAM THAT COCK UP MY PUSSY!! COME' ON, FUCK' ME FASTER!! HARDER!! HARDER!! HARDER!!!" she gasped as her tits bounced and swung about. "FUCKME IN MY ARSE!!!" she blurted out. "COME ON BOYS, LOOSEN UP THIS ARSE OF MINE," Pinkie requested as she pulled open her anus for the peering camera.

"HOW'S THIS," she laughed as she inserted her middle fingers, prying open her wet anus the size of a golf ball as the studs took turns stuffing their dicks up her arse while the camera zoomed in. "OK PINKIE, YOU ARE A GOOD DIRECTOR. YOU DIRECT THE MOVIE !!!" "I HAVE AN IDEA," she suggested. "BONE, YOU GET ON THE BOTTOM. JT AND GARY, YOU TWO NEED TO DROP MY ARSE ONTO BONE'S COCK WHILE TAYLOR AND THE OTHERS SLAP MY TITS AROUND" she suggested.

"THAT'S A PRETTY SIGHT," she responded to Bone's ten inch cock standing straight up at attention awaiting Pinkie's gapping but hole. "OKAY, THAT'S IT, LIFT ME BY THE ARMS, ASS AND CALVES," she ordered.

"THAT IT, OPEN MY ASSHOLE GUYS," she smiled into the camera. "ON THE COUNT OF THREE, DROP ME ONTO BONE'S BIG COCK. ONE, TWO, THREE,-AHHHH! FUCK YES!" she smiled into the camera as the cock drove straight up her gapping asshole.

"AGAIN!!" she laughed. "PLOP!!" Bone's cock drove up her pussy. "PLOP, PLOP, PLOP" it slid up between her soft buns up her sweet anus as the men continued to lift her and drop her onto the big dick.

"COM'N, BE ROUGHER! HOLD ME BY THE TITS!" she blurted between drops onto the stiff cock, looking at the men with fire in her eyes. "GO Ahead, DO IT! I WANT YOU!!" she demanded. JT throttled her left breast with both hands, squeezing tight just so he could get his hands around the huge orb. "OKAY, GARY, GRAB THE OTHER ONE, LIFT ME WITH MY TITS" she ordered as two men released their grips on her arms and gripped her soft tit-flesh with their large hands.

"OH YEA, THAT'S IT, PULL ON MY BIG TITTIES!!!" she hissed as they lifted her by the breasts, stretching the flesh as they pinched the skin, gouging their fingers roughly in the glandular tissue, trying to hold onto the heavy orbs as the thick cock slammed in and out of her gapping asshole. "FANTASTIC!! ONE OF THE BEST SCENE EVER !!! "DP TIME!" called out one of the studs. "OH YEA, FUCK ME IN THE ASS AND PUSSY AT THE SAME TIME," Cindy laughed as she caught Sophie's eye, given her little "protégée" a THUMBS UP.

"THAT'S MY GIRL," Sophie encouraged her, "SHOW THESE BOYS A GOOD TIME," she cheered them on. "OH, THAT'S BEAUTIFUL," confirmed Jerry, "NICE' N CLOSE-UP" he directed as the camera zoomed in tight on the thick, stiff cocks plunging into her ass and pussy in rhythm as Cindy jerked her shoulders to keep her boobs swinging back and forth as she laughed into the camera.

"WHEN WE'RE FINISHED TODAY, THERE'S A BIG GUY WHO WANTS YOU TO CALL HIM," said Jerry. "HE CALLED HIMSELF TALLESMAN?" Chapter 25 - TALLESMAN'S NEW TIT-SLAVE It was another bizarre scene on Sunset Boulevard tonight with hundreds of Harley's and bikers lined up in front of the Tattoo Mania Convention at the Hollywood Palladium.

It was an "anything goes" heathenistic atmosphere and Pinkie was wasted on blow. "BARE SKIN IS A TERRIBLE THING TO WASTE" Pinkie laughed as she looked in the rear view mirror of Tallesman's chopper. She was admiring her new nose ring and colorful skinhead tattoo on the side of her pretty shaved head - setting off her blue tinted mohawk as she sat in the saddle of his big Harley right on Sunset Boulevard.

Ever since she'd meet Crowbar and joined his Outlaws, she'd become swept up in the biker lifestyle. But things were getting really crazy - now that Tallesman had chosen her to be his slave. She knew she could have had Larry if she wanted - but accepting Tallesman's offer was too exciting to pass up.

The stories of Tallesman's brutal bondage and bizarre exhibitions were famous among all the gangs. He had a well earned reputation for being a ruthless, merciless savage and Pinkie's deepest fears had her stomach tied up in knots.yet her mind was still oozing with erotic fantasies about all the cruel and perverted things he might do to her.

Tallesman demanded Pinkie wear a new outfit to the Tattoo Convention. Pinkie was very excited and didn't dare to displease her new master.

Besides, she got-off wearing his extreme fetish fashions in public - shocking on-lookers with her outrageous style and lewd behavior. -LIKE MY EASTER EGGS," she laughed obnoxiously as she thrust out her bountiful breasts - shaking her multiple nipple rings at the gawkers in cars as they drove by slowly to get a better look at the sexy punkster with huge boobs and bold tattoos.

-"FUCK' N A PINKIE, SHOW US YOUR CUNT!" encouraged one the bikers as he and the others admired sexy Pinkie's buxom body and erotic outfit. -"I'M TALLESMAN PONY SLUT NOW" Pinkie winked, as she cocked her pretty head and lifted her chin to show off her fancy headpiece. -"TALLESMAN HAD THIS PONY HARNESS CUSTOM MADE JUST FOR ME," she boasted, as pulled back her shoulders to show off her massive mameries. Then she batted her eyelashes, accentuated with dramatic lash mascara, lavish eye-shadow and dark painted lips.

- "ITS STRAIGHT OUT OF A 1940s BOOK CALLED GWENDOLINE'S ADVENTURES. I LOVE BEING HIS PONY" she spoke through the metal bridal bit. -"LIKE THE FEATHERS?" Pinkie eyes rolled up towards the flamboyant Pony Girl headpiece which included a metal bit, leather straps, blinders and a striking ten-inch purple feather plume. This Pony Slut harness was nothing more than a black leather spiked collar with a thin black leather strap drawn tightly down between her enormous hanging breasts to a thin waist belt and then dangled down to her mid-crotch, with a small leather patch dangling loosly over her smooth-shaven pubic mound.

-"OH, I SEE, YOU NOTICED MY NEW RINGS", she grinned as she parted her thighs wide open, revealing her shaved cunt and larger, heavier labia rings to the bikers. -"TALLESMAN HAS SOME NEW BONDAGE GAMES HE WANTS ME TO PERFORM INSIDE THE MANIA SHOW TONIGHT, SO DON'T MISS IT!" she warned the panting bikers as she slipped her fingers into the large rings and peeled her perforated pussy wide open for a curbside inspection.

On her shapely legs, she wore black latex leggings which hugged her thighs and calves, stretching from her upper thighs down to her ankles. Her tattooed ankles accentuated with seven inch clear plastic -fuck me- platforms that fully revealed her pretty feet and black painted toenails. -"TALLESMAN HAD THIS PONY-SLUT HARNESS CUSTOM MADE BY A GREEK GUY nameD NICK", she boasted as she stood up straight with her shoulders back as she walked about in small circles, lifting her knees like a stallion as she showed off her buxom body to the bikers.

In her aureoles and nipples she now wore larger, heavier rings adorned with several smaller rings attached that jingled as she shook her heavy breasts. For added tugging power, she attached long black leather thongs to the rings. The nipple rings were three-quarter inch diameter, while the larger aureole rings were almost three inches across. Pinkie's shaved, ringed and tattooed cunt was getting wet with excitement as she slowly trotted about the bikers, crossing her arms behind her back so that her wbbling breasts could absorb the many hands as she deliberately pushed them into their clutches.

-"MY MASTER IS GOING TO PUNISH ME TONIGHT", she mocked a pout as she looked down at her huge hangers bopping about as she stood tall in her heels showing off her new Pony Slut outfit. -"LOOK AT MY TAIL", she laughed as she looked over her shoulder at the black leather ribbon tail that protruded out of her asscrack. -ITS GOT A DILDO THAT STICKS UP MY ASS," she grinned, -AND FEELS GOOOD WHEN I WALK," she demonstrated as she wiggled her ass as trotted a few steps, then turned around and trotted back.

-"GO Ahead, TUG ON THE SLAVES RINGS", Tallesman commanded the bikers as Pinkie thrust out her tits, encouraging the men to pull on her nipple ring-cords. -"OH GOD THESE TITS ARE INCREDIBLE", chimed a biker as he squeezed her heavy breast and crushed her soft flesh with his fist.

- "GO ON, PULL ON HER RINGS ", Tallesman encouraged the biker as more bikers began to tug on her tittie-rings, stretching her nipples up off her breasts. -"THAT'S IT, STRETCH THIS BITCH TEETS, STRETCH'EM!!!" Tallesman ordered as Pinkie grimaced from the pain in her nipples. -"MAY I HAVE SOME COKE ON MY BREASTS, MASTER?"Pinkie pleaded. she looked down at her long distended nipples. -"WHAT'S WRONG? CAN'T TAKE THE PAIN WITHOUT THE BLOW, BABY?" he belched as he dug his fingernails into her soft boobflesh, lifting the boob straight up by the aureole ring.

-"YES MASTER. WHATEVER YOU WISH MASTER," she frowned as she stood before the entire gang having her boobs mauled and stretched by the strong hands of Tallesman. -"ARE YOU READY TO HAVE YOUR BREASTS PUNISHED, SLAVE?" he asked as he stretched her enlongated boob high above her shoulder, his knuckles white with the power of his grip.

-"YES MASTER!!." she moaned, her eyes welling up with tears as the pain shot through her breasts to her chest as he tried to lift her off the ground. -"I WANT TO HANG YOU BY YOUR UDDERS AND YOU'LL HAVE YOUR PRETTY SKIN SCEWERED WITH THICK NEEDLES ALL THE WAY THROUGH YOUR BREASTSWILL YOU ENJOY THAT, SLAVE?" he yelled as he slapped her face and squeezed her pretty face as if trying to rearrange her jaw.

-"AHH!!. . YES MASTER!!." she wimpered, her eyes wet with tears and fear. -"YOU THINK YOU'RE SO SEXY WITH ALL YOUR TATTOOS AND RINGS, DON'T YOU SLAVE?" he spit as he slapped her face again. -"YES MASTER!!" she groaned, looking about at all the on-lookers eagerly watching to see what Tallesman would do next.

She was scared and humiliated - yet the excitement of being Tallesman's Slave with everyone's attention on her was bringing on an major orgasm as she stood butt-naked in her Pony Slut outfit in front of the Tattoo Convention on Hollywood Boulevard. -"SMEAR SOME CRACK OIL ON HER TITS AND CUNT," commanded Tallesman. -"THIS PRETTY PUNKSTER IS GONNA LEARN THAT THIS IS NOT ALL FUN AND GAMES.

BRING ME THAT BLACK CORD." He ordered. -"SO, YOU LIKE BEING NUDE, LEWD, RUDE AND FUCKIN A TATTOOED, DON'T YOU BITCH?" he belched as he gripped her huge boob with his large hand, squeezing the big tit with all of his strength. -"YES MASTER!!" she grinned a little as she moaned from the tremendous pressure squeezing her boob. -"YOU WANT ME TO HURT THESE BIG TITTIES?" he asked as he opened his hand and cupped her heavy boob, squeezing the nipple between his fingers.

-"YES MASTER!!" she smirked a little as Tallesman twisted her left nipple rings and lifted her boob high up off her chest again. -"YOU WANT ME TO TIE THESE CORDS REALLY TIGHT AROUND YOUR BIG TITS DON'T YOU PUNK?" he growled. -"YES MASTER!!" she looked around at all the bikers and spectators. -"GIVE ME THE CORD," commanded Tallesman, as a biker stepped forward with a coil of black phone cord. -"PULL ON HER TIT," he demanded as another Jaman stepped forward to assist the bondage master himself.

-"ONE, TWO, THREE," he counted as he gently wound the cord around the base of her big soft boob with a slip knot at the end. -"HOW'S THAT FEEL?" he asked kindly. -"IT FEELS FINE. IT COULD GO TIGHTER," Pinkie smiled. -"DON'T YOU WORRY SWEETHEART, IT WILL!!" he grinned back as he looped the long cords through her nipple rings several times to provide full tugging power on her big nipples.

-"WHAT DO YOU BOYS THINK?" he looked around at each of the grungy spectators to see their eager faces as he began to wrap the other tit with a separate cord. "You want us to stretch your big boobies?" he challenged her again as he gently stroked her huge silky boob with his rough hands. -YES MASTER," Pinkie grinned with her little girl smile as she crossed her legs - hiding her bare vagina. "YOU THINK THIS IS CUTE? BITCH!!" he slapped her face again as he tugged on her nipple cords, tugging hard on her breasts.

"NO MASTER," she pleaded. "WELL THEN TIE THESE CORDS UP TO THE BACK OF MY SISSY BAR AND LET'S SEE HOW FAST YOU CAN RUN !!" he laughed insanely as the bikers cheered Pinkie on in front of hundreds of gawkers. The tourists and pedestrians had no idea of what they were about to witness as the deranged punk rocker stood behind the noisy motorcycle with her huge breasts all tied up with cord. "WHAT ARE YOU DOING," she shouted hysterically ñ as the bikers stood behind her, holding her arms firmly as Tallesman began to pull forward ñ her breasts stretching and tearing away from her chest as cords slid forward as they tightened ñ balling up the huge breasts into up into huge balloons.

"OH GOD, LET ME GO!!" she screamed, looking down at her poor tormented breasts the stretch marks lengthening as the base of her boobs drew narrower from the drastic stretching of her flesh. "YOU'RE RIPPING MY FUCKIN' TITS OFF!!!" she screamed as Tallesman continued to pull forward inch by inch as the two bikers dug in their boot-heels, gripping Pinkie"s arms with white knuckles as the bike began to pull all three of them forward along the asphalt. "HOLD HER TIGHT!!" Tallesman hollered back as saw the the cords seriously sever deep into her titflesh, turning her breasts a dark crimson from the extrem pressure alone.

"OH. F.U.C.K !! . M Y N. I . P .P.L.E.S!!! Pinkie shrilled as her breasts turned a crimson blue from the intense pressure and the cords began to pull and stretch her double pierced nipples and areolas two, three, four, five inches off her boob ñ tearing the holes open wider and wider as her nipples were stretched to the point she was sure they would rip loose when.

"LET GO!!!" shouted Tallesman as the two bikers released Pinkie's arms as the big bike dragged her from their clutches, surging forward slowly in first gear as Tallesman pulled his new slave behind him on Hollywood Boulevard in front of the Tattoo Mania Convention where hundreds of heathens and spectators stood stunned in amazement over the brutal exhibition of pagan sacrifice ñ all in the name of extreme bondage and in celebration of the primitive arts.

With arms still pinned behind her back, Pinkie gasped and cried in anguish as teetered awkwardly behind the motorcycle as her breasts were yanked and stretched to their extreme limit ñ her nipples distended several inches beyond anything she"d ever experienced. "THAT"S IT TALLESMAN, RIP HER TITS OFF!!!" the bikers cheered on as Pinkie felt the pain and pressure expanding in her drastically distended breasts as she trotted behind the Harley in an attempt to keep up with the moving motorcycle.

At this point, she was numb to all the cheers and adulations from the cheering crowd. She could only think of the searing pain that shot through her nipples deep into her chest as she feared for her life. She kept thinking to herself, "one stumble I'll be dragged down the street my tits!!" "OH!! F.U.C.K . M Y . T. . I. .T. S !!! Pinkie shrilled as she watched her big breasts stretching off her chest, the flesh and muscle tearing as the elastic boobs turned to dark crimson tit balls and pulling the tit flesh further than imaginable as the cords harnessed an incredible strain on her nipples and tore the holes even wider open as the spectators looked on in shock and amazement.

"JESUS CHRIST!!!" shouted the biker who let go of Pinkie's arm as the big bike dragged her from their clutches, surging forward in first gear as Tallesman putted forward along the old Boulevard in front of the Tattoo Mania Convention. With arms still pinned behind her back, Pinkie trotted double time behind the motorcycle as her breasts were yanked and stretched to their limit, her nipples distended several inches beyond anything she'd ever experienced. "ALL RIGHT, GO PINKIE!!!" the bikers cheered her on as she felt the pain and pressure expanding in her breasts and chest as she ran fasting behind the Harley in her ridiculous high-heels.

At this point, she was numb to the fact that she was ruining her once beautiful breasts. She could only think of the searing pain that shot through her nipples deep into her chest as she feared for her life.

One stumble and she'd be dragged down the street by her tits, she kept thinking to herself. "TALLESMAN IS A BRUTAL FUCKIN' ASSHOLE," she kept thinking to herself. "HE'S MEAN AND MERCILESS," she thought. "HE'LL DO ANYTHING TO ME, JUST TO ENTERTAIN ALL THESE HEATHENS," she considered, her cunt starting to get a little wet as she trotted behind his bike.

Finally, he came to a stop and the crowd went wild with adulation for Pinkie and her daring dash behind the bike with her tits distended beyond any natural limit. "OH MY GOD, ITS OVER," she sighed relief, as the excitement of the crowd and the thrill of danger overwhelmed her and she asked to sit down and let the blood rush back through her poor breasts, now almost black from the torturous ordeal.

"LET';S GET YOU INSIDE THE TATTOO SHOW, WHERE THE REAL ACTION IS, SLAVE!!" shouted Tallesman as Pinkie staggered about among the cheering bikers. Chapter 26 - TATOO MANIA Inside the Paladium, the Tattoo Mania Convention was a zoo with artists buzzing away in booth after booth.

Over 300 artists and 2,000 customers all under one roof celebrating the primitive art of body adornment. There were guys and girls at every booth getting inked, pierced and branded in every place imaginable.

A full body tattoo contest was being held on the center stage while two men hung by their chests, pierced with large metal hanging rings. The place was pulsating with outrageous erotic behavior and Pinkie was heaving with lust and excitement as Tallesman pushed her through the crowd like a human shield - using her big tattooed titties as bumpers as he deliberately shoved her forth into strangers, holding her firmly by her Pony Slut harness from behind her arms being cuffed tightly behind her back.

"FUCK MY TITTIES!" she laughed obnoxiously as men slapped and grabbed at her vulnerable soft-swinging boobs, pulling on her nipple rings as Pinkie proudly thrust out her battered boobs, recklessly sloshing them about as Tallesman pushed her into the lawless crowd of heathens and perverts.

"STAND BACK, OR I'LL HIT YOU WITH 'EM", she jokingly threatened some gawkers as she began throwing her sloppy bags into a wild whip-lashing windmill rotation. sending her tittie rings spinning into large twirling circles, while Tallesman jerked her like a puppet from behind. "FUCKIN'A - THEY'RE BATTLE BOOBS NOW", she bragged to the spectators as she speeded her tempo, laughing at her own self-inflicted punishment to her poor breasts as she watched her huge orbs spin like propellers.

Injected with crack, her tits felt all tingly and numb as she pushed herself to punish them to the max. "DON'T THEY LOOK NASTIER THAN SHIT!" she congratulated herself. "WHAP! WHAP!" one man brutally grabed and spanked her sloppy bags. "I REALLY LOVE IT WHEN MY TITTIES STING", she hissed as she looked at the circle of gawkers, her eyes burning with lust. "COME ON, YA WANNA HURT 'EM?" she challenged. Pinkie's once bountiful and bouncy bosoms were now severely pulverized, hanging down to her tummy, the heavy nipple rings tugging her distended nipples downward as they dangled and jingled about.

Fresh rope burns and stretch marks added some new color to the dozens of bruises, welts and tattoos that now littered her sloppy full bosoms "OH JESUS, I WANNA TURN INTO SAVAGE SLUT TONIGHT!" she exclaimed as she glanced about the buzzing convention floor.

Everywhere she looked she saw exotic tattoos and body jewelry ordaining every conceivable organ and orifice. She herself gawked as she witnessed tattooed faces, pierced penises and body hooks among the rowdy crowd of freaks and skinheads.

"LOOKS LIKE A LOT OF JAIL BIRDS", she commented, referring to the large number of girls with tattoos and piercings and some who looked like they were into bondage. "A LOT OF COMPETITION!" "MAKE ME DO SOMETHING REALLY OUTRAGEOUS!" she begged Tallesman who remained silent. In spite of her recent punishments to her breasts and body, Pinkie was still a stunning gal with a super buxom body and a cute pixie face. Of course, her baby smooth skin was now littered with fresh marks, whipping welts and a few burns, but for Pinkie, this was all part of the thrill of her new punk-slut image.

"WHOA!" she exclaimed mockingly as Tallesman jerked her to a halt. She was excited to be part of this kinky show, playing the role of Tallesman"s super-nasty submissive slave, prancing in place stark nude in her ridiculous pony-slut harness, deliberately flopping her big titties up and down as she trotted in her high heels.

"OH GOD, MY CUNTíS OOZING AGAIN", she bragged to Tallesman as she looked down at her baby smooth cunt, now multi-pierced and boldly tattooed. "I WANNA GET FUCKED BY SOME OF THESE KINKY PERVERTS". Her pulse was racing while the tit-master himself paraded her about totally nude save for a pair of strapless heels and her pony-slut harness in front of the hundreds of punks, bikers and perverts.

"DO THEY DO THOSE KINKY SHOWS HERE?" she asked Tallesman, batting her eyelashes as she looked back over her shoulder. Tallesman did not answer but responded by jerking her harness and shoving her directly into the clutches of some heavily tattooed skinheads. "OH FUCK!" she squealed as one of the punks mercilessly clawed at her boob with his spiked glove, gouging and scratching her soft flesh with his sharp studs and then backhanded her breast with a "POW" as he broke the skin with a dozen tiny pinholes.

"GO Ahead, BELT HER TITS", Tallesman encouraged them, as they began scratching and punching at Pinkie's battered tits with their fists and spiky gloves without care for their toy-babe's threshold for pain.

" WOUAOU!! THESE TITS ARE FUCKIN' HUGE", commented the punk as he pulled her melonous boob up high off her tummy, testing her ability to withstand his merciless nipple stretching.

"AND NO SILICONE IN THESE TITBAGS!" he said while releasing his grip and slapping the heavy tit with a powerfull undercut that make the tit leap and slap on Pinkie's shoulder She couldn't help but notice that the punk was shaved in the pubic area and that he had tattoos on his stomach leading to his crotch and dozens of tats covering his arms and chest. "YEA, GO Ahead, FUCK'EM UP GOOD!" Pinkie hissed as she gritted her teeth, arching herself forward to give the skinheads a good grip as they tried to lift the blond titter by her monster mams.

"OOOOH YEA, THAT"S IT, GO ON, STRETCH MY FUCKIN' TITTIES!" she begged as two punks took sides and strenuously pulled her soft sloppy melons further and further off her chest until Pinkie was standing on her very tippy-toes in her tall platform heels encouraging them to "GO ON, DO IT!" she dared them, wagging her pierced tongue at the lewd hoodlums, her eyes bloodshot from the drugs, booze and sex games.

"SEE IF YOU CAN LIFT ME JUST BY MY TITS!!" she dared them hoping some more spectators would stop to watch her sacrifice her tits. "ALL RIGHT, ON THE COUNT OF THREE", confirmed the first punk, as they grabed firmly each tit with both hands "ONE, TWO, THREE, LIFT" they cheered as they flexed and pulled Pinkie straight up off the floor a few inches for a few seconds.

"OH MY GOD!" shouted Pinkie, as her feet left the ground "OH FUCK MY TITS!" she squeeled, only to be dropped by the punks as they simultaneously released their ironclad grip on her poor distended breasts. "THAT WAS SO INCREDIBLY BIZARRE, OH MY GOD, I WAS HANGING JUST BY MY FUCKIN' TITS", she exclaimed, drawing more attention to herself. "DID YOU SEE ME HANGING BY MY TITS?" "YOU SHOULD GET A CAMERA OR SOMETHING. I CAN'T BELIEVE I REALLY DID IT!

I WAS HANGING BY MY TITS!! DID YOU SEE THAT?" "WE'LL HAVE PLENTY OF TIME FOR PICTURES LATER", commented Tallesman. "I'D LIKE TO SEE SOME SCEWERS LANCED THROUGH THESE BIG BAZOOMS", threatened one of the punks named Zin as he lifted her boob by the nipple ring, vigorously shaking the big sloppy breast. He was very muscular and forceful, treating her like if she was his slave. In his other hand, he revealed a bag and torturous hardware and sharp implements. "OH!!

THIS MUST HURT GOOD!! YEA, LANCE MY BIG TITTIES", she sassed, "THESE BABIES HAVE ALREADY BEEN PIERCED, WHIPPED, BURNED, CRUSHED, BEATEN WITH A BASEBALL BAT. THEY ARE MISSING THE SCEWER TREATMENT", she challenged him back, her eyes on fire as lashed out with her pierced tongue to prove her defiance of his threat.

"THINK THEY ARE READY FOR THAT!!" "LICK IT BITCH", he shouted. "STICK THAT TONGUE BAR INTO YOUR NIPPLE RING, BITCH". Zin commanded as she extended out her pierced tongue, pushing it through her nipple rings, while Tallesman held her firmly using by the straps of her pony slut harness. "OH FUCK, ITS STUCK", she cursed, her tongue now attached to her nipple ring and stretched way out of her mouth. "I'VE GOT MY TIT IN A RINGER NOW", she laughed as she drooled onto her big nipple.

"I WANT MORE RINGS!" she burst out obnoxiously. "LETS HAVE A PIERCING PARTY!!" her eyes on fire as more punks moved in, rubbing her cute tattooed buns and smooth shaven vagina while Tallesman held her steadfastly in place. "OH YEA, THAT'S IT, CORNHOLE ME", she moaned as she widened her stance, allowing strange hands to freely reach between her legs as they tugged on her heavy new labia rings, pulling her lips apart, rapidly driving their many fingers deep into her gapping wide open cunthole and moist puckering anus as some more hands vigorously slapped her ass.

"OH FUCK YEA", she squealed out-loud as the punks inserted three and four fingers up her arse, pulling her pink anus wide open for the other attendees to admire as more fingers fought their way up the brazen punk's tattooed cunny. "OH YEA, FUCK MY ASS!!" she pleaded as she watched the reactions of the growing crowd of spectators. Pinkie's mind and body were buzzing from the crack cocaine and her sexual hormones were screaming for more depravity, more sex, more severe bondage.

She needed more pain to get off!!! "ARE YOU GOING TO MAKE THEM PUNISH ME MASTER?" she begged as her mind spun into a web of perverted fantasies of bizarre sexual abuse and of extreme self-mutilation. Her lust for extreme punishment of her buxom body was becoming insatiable now as she became consumed in all the bizarre fetish and erotic behavior all around her.

She pushed out her chest to encourage more punishment to her bountiful breasts. "THAT'S YOUR CHOICE, SLAVE", Tallesman responded coldly. "I WANT TO HEAR YOU BEG FOR IT". "YES, PLEASE MASTER", Pinkie gasped as three and four fingers continued to furiously drive deeply up into her anus while a full five fingers were now working their way up her vagina, ramming furiously in and out as several skinheads openly slapped, yanked and mauled her big heavy boobies as she stood with Tallesman in the middle of the main floor of the convention with her arms bound tightly behind her back.

"GO ON, THAT'S IT, FIST FUCK ME!!" Pinkie cried out to the punks as she looked back at Tallesman for his approval. "OH YEA, THAT'S IT!" she groaned as she accepted a strange hand forcing its way up her vaginal cavity. "COME ON PUNKS, HURT ME!" she cried out.

"THAT'S IT SLAP MY TITS HARDER WITH THOSE SHARP GLOVES, MAKE'EM STING!! PUT NEEDLES IN MY SKIN. PIERCE MY FUCKIN'TITS!!" she begged in anguish. Pinkie needed a new rush. Something extremely kinky that would have the Blades and the Outlaws talking for years.

Heavily induced by crack cocaine, she was ready to take her self-mutilation fantasies into a bizarre new reality. She was anxious to perform more extreme sacrifices and punishments to demonstrate her resolve to the kinky world of severe bondage and primitive arts.

Her huge hanging boobs felt insanely alive and yet numb from multiple injections of crack as they bobbed about off her chest. Yet she could also feel the effect of the motorcycle tittie-stretching exhibition deep into her chest and ribcage as she held out her udders for more punishment.

And as wild and extreme a breast punishment as the motorcycle pull was, she knew it was tame compared to what these punks might have in mind for her aching breasts.

And she was committed to sacrificing them tonight. "YOU'RE THE BIG TITTIED BABE OUT FRONT BEING PULLED BY THE HARLEY, AREN'T YOU HONEY?" asserted the heavily tattooed skinhead named Zin as he eyeballed the super-busty tenager and all of her various tattoos and bruises on her smooth skin.

"UH HUH", Pinkie grinned as she looked down at her poor battered boob being actually stretched and mauled by the cruel skinhead as Tallesman stood quietly behind, holding her fast by the pony slut harness. "OH YEA, THAT'S IT, IT DOESN'T HURT!! STRETCH'EM!!" she groaned as she stood on her tiptoes with her distended boobs pulled out while Zin lifted her by the tits and his fellow punks helped themselves to ram and jam their fingers furiously up her sloppy wet cunthole and ravaged asshole.

"YOU GET OFF HAVING THESE FUCKING BOOBS SLAPPED, BEATEN, AND STRETCHED, DON'T YOU SLAVE!!" barked Zin as he spit in her face as he lifted, twisted and stretched her sloppy udders high off her chest, stretching them higher and higher until he let them drop and splash on her ribcage just to slap them at full force. drawing a few more grunts from his tribe of degenerate skinheads. "YES, SIR", Pinkie winced and wimpered as the punk continued to twist and pull her nipples with by the large nipple and aureole rings until Pinkie was standing on her tiptoes as she pushed out her bountiful breasts to show her fearless determination.

"I CANíT HEAR YOU!" he barked. "YES SIR!" she replied. "YES SIR WHAT - BITCH?" he shouted. "YES SIR, PLEASE STRETCH AND BEAT MY BREASTS, SIR". She barked back. "ARE YOU READY FOR THE NEEDLES ALL THE WAY THROUGH YOUR TITS, SLAVE?" he barked, as all the bikers grinned with excitement.

"YES SIR", she agreed nervously, looking down again as he twisted her boob mercilessly with both of his fingers wrapped into the nipple rings, twisting and turning them mercilessly. "YES SIR WHAT BITCH?" he barked again. "PLEASE PIERCE MY BREASTS WITH LOTS OF NEEDLES" she hissed as Zin continued to twist and pull her heavy orb up high and away from her chest, stretching the tits far off her chest, then letting it freedrop and splash on her tummy before slapping, grabbing and lifting them anew, handfully pulling them of her chest "OKAY, YOU HEARD HER, LET'S PUNCTURE THESE TITS", Zin laughed as he let them go and delivered blows to the bouncing breasts, punching and slapping the huge udders back and forth as Tallesman held her firmly from behind.

"TAKE HER TO THE EDGE OF THE STAGE AND ATTACH HER WRISTCUFFS TO THAT PULLY", ordered Zin he pointed to the stage towards the back of the large hall, where a tattoo contest had just been conducted.

Zin revealed a box full of various needles to Tallesman, getting his nod of approval as the men exscorted the super-buxom slave across the convention hall.

"OH JESUS," exclaimed Pinkie as the skinheads strung her up from behind, forcing her shoulders down and her arms way up in the air behind her as she stood at the edge of the deserted stage, her huge pendulous breasts dangling down a full twelve inches off her chest as the punks became restless for some cruel and wicked punishments.

"LETS BIND THESE BIG UDDERS", Zin commanded as one of his punks open a large canvas bag full of bondage and bizarre tools. "GIVE ME A HAND", he ordered as he pulled out a reel of copper wire. With wire cutters, he clipped a piece about five feet long. "PULL ON THE TITS WHILE I WRAP THEM AT THE BASE", he ordered as his punk friends began pinching and pulling on Pinkie's soft breast flesh. "HERE YOU GO SWEETHEART", he smiled a toothy grin as he bent the stiff wire into a circle winding it tightly around the base of Pinkie's left hanging boob.

The wire dug deeply into her breast flesh, strangling the big boob at the base until the huge udder began to swell up like large crimson balloon. "DOESNíT THAT LOOK PRETTY? NOW THE OTHER ONE!" "MAKE IT TIGHT". she begged as one of the punks attached a chain to her tongue ring.

" ARE YOU REALLY READY FOR THESE?" Zin asked Pinkie, as he held up three long sharp needles with red plastic ends. "AH UH", she nodded, her tongue now stretch out of her mouth as she drooled uncontrollably.

Her mind was a awash with bizarre fantasies as she watched the skinhead begin to perforate her breast. "HERE YOU GO SWEETHEART!" he toyed with her as he pinched the flesh of her aureol and pushed suddenly the needle all the way through the skin. "AND ANOTHER ONE", he grinned as he pushed the needle through the flesh with his thumb. "AND ONE MORE", he delighted in watching the needle poke through the tender flesh of Pinkie's tit. "HOW DOES IT FEEL?

DO YOU WANT ME TO CONTINUE?" he asked as he gripped the tits with his large hands, pressing on the needles to make them gouge deeper in the tender flesh, "ARE YOU READY TO HAVE THESE BIG UDDERS OF YOURS PUNCTURED GIRL?" "AH HUH", Pinkie groaned. Her eyes bulged and popped open wide when she saw Zin's assortment of hundreds of needles and all sorts of fish-hooks and bizarre devices he'd brought to the show. Chapter 27 - PINS AND NEEDLES "THATíS IT, HURT ME", Pinkie hissed as Zin, as Tallesman and some newcomers punks took turns pinching, piercing, slapping and yanking Pinkie's poor dangling paps.

She was so high on crack, she was starting to convulse uncontrollably into another orgasm as she hung suspended in the nude with her arms held high in the air behind her back.

Her once beautiful breasts were now pummeled and pulverized into hot-crimson tittie-sacksboldly displayed for thousands of Tattoo Mania fans as Tallesman demonstrated his slaves' capacity for cruel and unusual punishments. "OH YEA, THAT'S IT, USE THIS STUDDED PADDLE ON THEM", she begged. The entire ritual of torturing her smooth supple flesh was at the core of Pinkie's deepest erotic fantasies.

She knew it was sick, but she needed more pain and punishment to get off. "DEEPER UP MY ASS", she shouted craving deeper orgasms as she opened her legs wider and wiggled her fanny to allow more hands and fingers to violate her asshole and pull her ravaged wet vagina wide open for all the horny punks.

"THAT'S IT, KEEP PIERCING MY TITTIES! OH FUCK!, Pinkie scorned as Zin continued to push needle after needle into her baggy boobflesh as one of the other skinheads mercilessly tugged and twisted Pinkieís nipple rings while Tallesman use the metal-studded leather paddle to "WHAP!!!" to belt a series of solid blows to Pinkie's dangling udders. "OH FUCK, IT HURTS! PADDLE MY MOTHER FUCKIN' BOOBIES!

Pinkie shrilled. "OH MOTHER FUCK, HIT 'EM HARDER!!" she braced herself and gritted her teeth as she accepted the series of brutal forehand and backhanded blows to her swinging titties. "OH FUCK, HOW DO THEY LOOK NOW?" she mocked, hoping to impress the spectators with her courage and stamina.

"YEAH, THEY'RE GETTING RAW, BABY, THEY'RE LOOKING REAL PRETTY!!" laughed Zin as encouraged some of his bros to rip open her arse while others wanted to try to show off their strength and power by belting her swinging tits right off her slender torso. "LETS SEE HOW MUCH WEIGHT THEY CAN TAKE!!" laughed Zin as he clipped a two pound iron fish-weight to Pinkie's right nipple ring, stretching her nipple and pulling her huge bound boob downward several more inches towards the floor as Pinkie helplessly dangled about from the ropes tied behind her back.

"OH YEA, THAT"S IT, STRETCH 'EM HARDER!" she hissed, "GO ON, HANG ANOTHER WEIGHT", she ordered as she looked down at her poor titties, then looking eagerly to the hundreds of on-lookers to see that they approved of her self-mutilation and savage display of breast flesh abuse.

"HERE YOU GO MISS PRETTY CUNT, WE'RE GONNA STRETCH THESE TATTOOED TITTIE-BAGS TO YOUR KNEES", Zin smirked as he slapped her heavy boob and clipped another two pound weight onto Pinkie's left nipple ring. "OH FUCK YES! STRETCH MY FUCKIN' TITS!!!" she spit. "PUT MORE WEIGHTS ON MY AUREOL RINGS!!" Pinkie shouted, "I WANNA FEEL 'EM BURNING DEEP INTO MY CHEST!" she pleaded as she thrust out her torso to show off her magnificent mutilated mammaries.

"SO YOU ARE A REAL MASOCHISTIC BITCH, AREN'T YOU?" Zin replied, pulling harder and twisting Pinkie's poor nipples until her entire boob began to corkscrew under pressure.


She needed to feel the pins, the bizarre sensation of mutilating her tender breast flesh in front of all these heathens. "ARE YOU READY FOR MORE NEEDLES MY CUTE LITTLE PAIN SLUT?" Zin asked as he reached out and pinched her supple boob-flesh, distending her skin to impress his friends as he stabbed another thick and long needle all the way through the tit flesh as it entered and exited on the other side.

"OH YES, MORE NEEDLES" Pinkie groaned as she licked her lips and wagged her pierced tongue, "FUCK MY TITTIES," she begged, her arms held higher behind her back as she shook her boobs, pushing her battered breasts into his angry hands as he pulled her nipple rings. "PIERCE THEM SOME MORE WITH THOSE NEEDLES", she whimpered as onlookers circled around them to see her have her big boobies brutally tormented in public.

Pinkie loved all the attention as Zin pressed the needles through the flesh one right after another creating a pin wheel circling around her big nipple. "MY BEAUTIFUL SLAVE WILL SACRIFICE HER BOUNTIFUL BREASTS FOR HER OWN PERVERTED PLEASURE AND OUR ENTERTAINMENT!" Tallesman proclaimed as he reached behind her and forced his hand between her legs driving his thumb up her ass and three fingers up her slick-ringed cunt.

"WON'T YOU MY PRETTY SLUT?" "YES MASTER! PLEASE HURT ME MASTER!, Pinkie gasped as she felt his fingers converging inside her, the pressure of his grip inside her separated only by the thin membrane of her vagina and anal cavity.

"OH FUCK, LOOK AT MY TITS", Pinkie panted with her mouth hanging open as Tallesman pressed deeper into her anus, as Zin rapidly pierced a dozen more sharp needles into her distended udders "HELP YOURSELVES" Tallesman encouraged as he stepped back to allow more punks to reach in and ravage Pinkieís anus and shaved cunny, now sopping wet with cum as their hands drove deep and pried her open, as she hung suspended from the rafters with her arms raised high behind her back, her tattoed hanging breasts thrust out, severely bound at the base by wire, now decorated with dozens of needles and the nipples distended by the heavy weights.

Pinkie spread her shapely long legs wide to allow the punks to attach more weights to her labia rings. One after another they clipped long lead heavy weights to her cunt rings until she was screaming from the pain of the weights pulling her lips down three to four inches, leaving her cunthole wide open for more intruders.

"YOU WANT MORE?" shouted Zin as he stuck another needle in her battle-bruised pink tittie flesh. "IS THAT WHAT YOU WANT SLAVE?" "YESIR", she whimpered, her mind ozzing with lust as her pussy went numb from the weights pulling her open her lips and her tits tingling from the dozens of needles now littering her huge swollen boobs.

"YES SIR WHAT? SLAVE!" he shouted as he slapped her dangling boob deliberately smacking the needles to inflict more pain into the masochist's big tits. "YES SIR, I WANT YOU TO TORMENT ME. PIERCE MY TITS AND STRETCH MY CUNT!!!" Pinkie blurted out, her make-up running from tears welling up in her eyes as the punks swung the cunt weights back and forth as she widened her stance for another deep fisting.

"AH YES!" Pinkie moaned as Tallesman slid three fingers up her arse, then moved aside to allow one of the skinheads to push his entire fist up her pierced and tattooed cunthole.

"SLURPLOP, SLURPLOP", rammed his fist as Pinkie winked at the gawkers and spectators watching her take the entire fist up her cunt with almost no discomfort. "OH JESUS, YES, THAT'S IT, FIST FUCK ME HARDER!!" Pinkie cried out as the skinhead began ramming his fist deeper and deeper up her sloppy cunt while Tallesman rapidly jammed his fingers in and out of her ravaged butthole while more punks joined in to slap her firm and well tattooed ass. "WHAT ABOUT IF WE HANG YOU BY THOSE OVERSIZED UDDERS OF YOURS - BITCH?" Zin shouted in Pinkie's face, then turned and looked over his shoulder at the gawking spectators to get their reaction to the buxom blond being fist-fucked as he squeezed, pinched and twisted her poor pin-riddled tittie-bags.

"UH HUH", Pinkie groaned, accepting her resolve to mutilate herself and that these skinheads were ruthless and would push her into extreme torments she'd never imagined. "OH, YOUíD LIKE THAT WOULD YOU?" he sneered as he pushed another needle through her flesh. "WOULD YOU LIKE US TO LET YOU HANG BY YOUR TITS UNTIL THEY TURN BLACK?" he challenged her with anger in his voice as he turned and twisted her tittie rings until her breasts began to wind up like corkscrews.

"UH HUH", Pinkie smirked a little as she stuck out her pierced tongue at Zin in defiance. "GO ON, HURT MY BIG TITTIES!" she hissed. "COME ON, LET'S SHOW YOUR FRIENDS THAT I CAN TAKE IT", she sassed as she jerked her contorted shoulders in an attempt to shake her pin-cushion boobies for Tallesman, Zin, and dozens of spectators.

"THAT'S IT BITCH, SHAKE THOSE BIG TITTIES", encouraged Tallesman. "SHE'S A REAL PERVERTED SLUT, THAT'S FOR SURE. GIVE HER SOME SLACK ON THE PULLY BOYS. LET HER SHAKE THOSE BAGS! he ordered. "OH YEA, WANNA SEE ME SHAKE 'EM?" she sneared as she awkwardly rolled her shoulders as she dangled on her tip-toes from the ropes attached to the high rafters. "I'M A VERY NASTY DANCER YOU KNOW!" "SHAKE YOUR TITS, SLAVE!!" demanded Tallesman as he jerked on her harness.

"LETS SEE YOU DANCE WITH THOSE WEIGHTS ON SLAVE! SHAKE THOSE BAGS OF BLUBBER BITCH - SHAKE 'EM REALLY HARD YOU SLUT!" "CAN YOU LOOSEN THE ROPES A BIT MORE" Pinkie demanded. "THERE, THAT'S BETTER", she sighed as she stood up straight and arched her back, thrusting out her pin-ladden breasts as best she could with the wire wrapped tightly around her breasts and the heavy weights tugging down on her tormented teats.

"FUCK MY BOOBIES!!" she teased as she rolled her shoulders, trying to jiggle her heavily distended boobs for her spectators. Drastically distended way off her her chest weighted by steel weights, they just jiggled and swung about as Pinkie started springing up and down with all of her body strength and jerked her shoulders with vicious determination. "OH YES, FUCK MY TITS!! FUCK 'EM! FUCK ëEM! FUCK 'EM!" she hollered out as her tattooed tit-bags swing and flop about wildly as the crowd thickened to see the pixie-faced punker mutilate her huge hangers for their perverted entertainment.

"PULL MY NIPPLES", she hissed as she offered her heaving breasts to their strange hands and fingers reaching out gouging and pinching her huge distended breasts as Tallesman controlled her like a puppet holding firmly to her Pony slut harness. "WHO WANTS TO SEE OUR LITTLE PAIN SLUT GET HER BIG TITTIES PIERCED WITH THESE LOCK RINGS?", shouted Zin as he held up a chain of three-quarter inch piercing rings.

"PIERCE HER TITS!!!" shouted one of the skinheads. "YEA, LOTS OF TITTIE RINGS FOR THIS LITTLE CUNT!" shouted another. "AND HOW ABOUT YOU, SLAVE?" Zin asked. "THINK YOU CAN HANDLE IT?" he dared her, looking her right in the eye. "WHAT THE FUCK, GO Ahead!" she sassed. "MAKE MY DAY!" "CUT HER DOWN AND LET'S TAKE HER TO GIZZARD'S TATTOO BOTH". Zin ordered. Tallesman just stood dumbfounded, not sure what Zin really had in mind.

But curious that Pinkie was so willing to go along with it. Zin used some wet tissues to wipe up the small droplets of blood as he removed the surgical needles from Pinkieís breasts.

They removed the heavy weights from her nipple rings and labia and touched up her make-up before escorting her to the main floor where Gizzard had his tattoo stall all set up. With a leash attached to her clit ring and two more attached to her nipple rings, Pinkie was escorted through the thick crowd by Zin, Tallesman and a dozen skinheads. She loved playing the buxom slave as they tugged her along. She was still stoned on crack and was to eager to take on any pain or punishment they wanted to dish out with their extreme torment games.

She knew she'd be aching for days, but right now she was craving all the bizarre sensations and attention she was getting. Gizzard's both was in a center isle with a small wooden table and a few folding chairs.

She immediately noticed a number of photos of other women with many tattoos and piercings. "WELL, WELL, WELL, ISN'T SHE A PRETTY SIGHT" Gizzard mused as Zin presented Pinkie, standing nude in her super tall fuck-me heels, pony-slut harness and spiked leather colar. "SHE'S EVEN BIGGER THAN I IMAGINED", Gizzard remarked, admiring Pinkie's huge heavy hanging boob bags now littered with pin-holes, burns and bruises Ö not to mention her bold tattoos and muliple nipple rings.

"THEYíRE HEAVY BABIES!!" he remarked as he cupped his hand under her huge sagging breast, feeling the weight of each soft bosom. "CAN YOU BELIEVE WHAT SHE'S DONE TO THESE BABIES?" Zin exclaimed, eager to take credit for some of Pinkie's markings.

"SHE WAS THE SAME SIZE AS DEVON DANIELS A FEW MONTHS AGO, AND ALL NATURAL" Proclaimed Tallesman as he tugged her nipple rings lifting her poor needle-ladden titties high off her chest, then letting the huge boob drop and bounce off her slender tummy.

"MOST GIRLS WOULD HIDE THEM AND PROTECT THESE PRECIOUS BEAUTIES. BUT AS YOU CAN SEE, PINKIE LIKES TO SHARE HER BOUNTIFUL BOSOMS WITH ALL OF US. IN FACT, SHE CRAVES HAVING HER HOOTERS HAMMERED BY A BUNCH OF ROUGHNECKS, I MEAN, SHE REALLY GETS OFF ON IT, DON'T YOU BITCH?" he tugged on her collar and he reached under he boob, pushing on the needles. "YES MASTER", she responded with a grin, knowing full well she got off being treated like a slave. She spread her feet further apart when she noticed Gizzard staring at her clit leash and her shaved, ringed and tattooed cunny.

"PLEASE TORMENT MY TITS AND CUNT MASTER", she groaned. Tallesman tugged on her nipple leashes and bragged, "THESE BEAUTIES HAVE BEEN TATTOOED, ROPED, WHIPPED, CRUSHED, DRAGGED, STRETCHED, WAXED, BURNED, PIERCED AND GENERALLY BEATEN TO SHIT OVER THE PAST FEW WEEKS, HAVEN'T THEY HONEY?" Pinkie blushed a little and nodded as pushed out her impressive chest in an seductive way, only encouraging Tallesman to pull her tits harder.

"SHE'S HAD SEVERAL ROUNDS OF SALINE INJECTIONS TO MAKE THEM HEAVIER AND NOW SHE'S A 34GGG ñ AREN'T YOU SLUT? Tallesman gritted his teeth as he lifted her breasts higher so that Gizzard could inspect her brutally beaten udders. "YOU LIKE?" Pinkie turned slightly to show off her slender torso, huge tits and numerous decorative tattoos. "BIZARRE BABY, YOU'RE REALLY GORGEOUS", Gizzard replied. "NOW I'M GONNA MAKE YOU EVEN PRETTIER WITH SOME NEW EXOTIC BODY JEWELRY.


"HOW'S THIS?" Pinkie purred, stretching her nipples and her distended breasts across the wooden table as Zin encouraged more spectators to come and watch the enormous paps. "DONíT WORRY NOW, THESE NAILS ARE STERILIZED", Zin grinned, his eyes wide with excitement as he held up a handful of black nails and waiving a hammer, eliciting a huge roar from the unruly crowd.

With great drama he hammered several nails through the nipples rings. Then with great drama he positioned the nail on side of her breast, pressing hard on the thin flesh, and then with quick tap of the hammer he pierced the skin, nailing her flesh to the table. "OH FUCK", Pinkie exclaimed as she watched Zin position another nail and then "WHAM" he pounded in a second nail. "NAIL HER TITS, NAIL HER TITS", shouted the skinheads as they watched Pinkieís tittie flesh being nailed to the wooden table.

One after another Zin pounded nail after nail into the soft flesh, gritting his silver teeth as he mutilated the beautiful breasts for the entertainment of his friends. Chapter 28 - TITTIE BASHING EXHIBITION "NAIL 'EM!" she screamed hysterically, with her eyes bulging and mouth drooling wide open.

Pinkie gritted her teeth and saw stars each time Zin hammered another nail into her tender tittie flesh as her huge breasts became pinned on all sides and stretched mercilessly the crude wooden table. "OH YEA, THAT'S IT! NAIL 'EM!" she barked bravely as she shut her eyes tight, awaiting another piercing blow with the hammer and nail. Her drug-fried mind was a flash flood of bizarre fantasies as she courageously offered her battle-bruised udders to be brutally sacrificed and mutilated in front of dozens of gawking spectators.

It was like a mind-warped dream, as she flashed of herself being sexually abused in front of so many perverts. "GO ON, NAIL MY FUCKIN' BOOBIES!" she hissed as she toked on a small crack pipe, coughing as she exhaled. Her cunt was oozing with hot cum as she sat bare-assed and spread-eagled on the wooden stool as climaxed from the incredible sensation of having her breasts being torn from her chest.

Still wearing her sexy high heels, she thrust out her shaved pussy, offering her audience a good look at her pierced and tattooed cunt. The whole experience of brutally sacrificing her bountiful breasts in public was releasing endorphins throughout her body as she felt more powerful orgasms building inside herself. "THEY'RE ALL NATURAL, EXCEPT FOR SOME SALINE INJECTIONS", Pinkie bragged as she looked down at her melonous abused breasts, and then she looked up and out towards the dozens of men and women, many with exotic piercings and tattoos who stood before her.

They obviously were anxious to see the buxom vixen submit herself to a new level of extreme tittie abuse and Pinkie was determined to go to extremes. And the hash oil laced with cocaine they'd smeared on her boobs made her want to tear them off just for the bizarre sensation.

"I GOT THE TATTOOS AND NIPPLE RINGS WHEN I JOINED THE OUTLAWS MOTORCYCLE CLUB", she explained to her new fans. "THEN MY NEW BOYFRIEND ENTERED ME IN A KINKY BOOB BASHING COMPETITION WHERE THEY PUT MY TITS THROUGH THE WRINGERO' ALL KINDS OF BIZZARE PUNISHMENTS AND MORE", she mocked a frown, then a coy smile, raising her eyebrows to let the crowd know just how much she really liked punishing her poor tits. "NOW LOOK AT 'EM"! she wagged her pierced tongue.

"THESE BOOBS HAVE BEEN WHIPPED, BURNED, DRAGED, WAXED AND PIERCED WITH NEEDLES AND THEY'VE STILL GOT A LOT OF BOUNCE LEFT IN 'EM", she raised her eyebrows, letting everyone know she was more than just a super buxom ten, she was bonified hardcore sex deviate. "YOU LIKE SEEING MY BIG BOOBIES NAILED?" she scoffed as Zin returned with another nail. "OH YEA, THAT'S IT, PUT ONE RIGHT IN THE NIPPLE", she shrilled as the nail tip pierced her nip and Zin pounded it into the wood.

"OH SHIT, SHIT, SHIT!!" she hissed and spit, seeing stars as Zin pound the nail through her flesh. Some inner demon was pushing her to go further, to exploit and punish herself beyond her most sadistic and twisted fantasies.

She was determined to be Tattoo Mania's most extreme sex slave, brutally torturing and mutilating her beautiful body was her latest addiction and she had to have another fix. "GO ON, NAIL THE OTHER ONE", she ordered, looking at Zin and then down at her other nipple. Pinkie was totally a slave to her own drug-twisted sexual fantasies. And her mind was fucked up good. She knew she was permanently mutilating her poor breasts, but she could only think of what to do next to shock these perverted and jaded heathens.

She wanted to impress Tallesman, Zin and these piercing perverts who were gathering around in droves to see what the big boob punker babe would do next. "OH FUCK, LOOK AT 'EM NOW!!!!" she screamed out in a hideous screeching voice as she deliberately leaned way back on her small wooden stool, showing-off for the skinheads and perverts to prove just how far she could stretch and tear the flesh of her bountiful bosoms with nearly two dozen nails now perforating her erotically tattooed titties and big pink nipples.

"THAT'S IT PINKIE!! STRETCH THOSE FUCKIN' BOOBS BITCH. TEAR THOSE BAGS OFF YOUR CHEST GIRL!! MAKE 'EM BLEED BABY!!!" Zin encouraged the blond bombshell to mutilate herself in public.

"YOU WANT MORE DONíT YOU BITCH?" "OH YEA!! FUCK THESE BIG TITTIES!!" Pinkie screamed as she strained backyards, showing off for everyone to prove just how far she'd go to stretch and mutilate her huge tits. "HOW DO THEY LOOK NOW?" she sneered as she looked out to see the reactions of her fans, gritting her teeth as her boob flesh pulled further and further leaving long and deep stretch marks, her nipples distended several inches further.

"AND FUCK MY CUNT, TOO!" she contributed. "GO ON, YOU TWO SCUMBAGS FINGER FUCK MY CUNT HOLE AT ONCE!" she laughed as the greedy hands of Gizzard and Zin found their way between her wide-spread legs and drove their greedy fingers deep into her hot and sloppy shaved vagina. "THATS IT, FUCK MY CUNT BOYS!! FUCK MY NASTY CUNTHOLE!! THAT"S IT. GO ON! USE BOTH HANDS! PULL HARDER ON THE RINGS!!!" Pinkie hollered loudly at the two randy sadists so everyone could hear her.

As they tugged and yanked recklessly on her labia rings in opposite directionsÖ while they savagely ravaged and stretched her cunt hole wide open Örimming, ramming and shoving three and four fingers in and out of her slick tattooed cunny as the audience grew more excited as they stood around her.

"GO ON, FIST FUCK ME!!!" she challenged them, as she tried to look down between her drastically distended boobs at their grubby fingers and hands rapidly driving in and out of her ravaged cunny hole ñ adjusting herself to jerk her pelvis harder and faster as she bucked and fucked herself on their rough and greedy hands. "OH CHRIST, JESUS, FUCK, FUCK ME HARDER!!! FASTER!!!" she cried as she felt another orgasm coming on. "GO ON, F I S T - F U C K - ME!!! FIST FUCK ME!!" she hissed as felt a hand working its way up her sloppy cunt.

"YOU HEARD HER", Gizzard chuckled, "PULL HARD ON HER CUNT RINGS", he order. "GO ON, PULL HARDER!!" ordered Zin as they drastically stretched her cunthole to extremes by her multiple cunny rings to the size of a grapefruit -and just as juicy- and then "SLOP", another punker nick-named Asswipe shoved his entire fist up her cunt, while the crowd of deviate skinheads and bikers stood by cheering her on.

"OH GOD! I LOVE IT", she cried as Asswipe worked his fist deep into her womb. "THAT'S IT, CLENCH YOUR FIST AND TWIST IT AROUND INSIDE", she hollared .

"PULL OPEN MY CUNT!!" she sassed at the punks bikers. "PUT YOUR FINGERS IN THE RINGS AND REALLY PULL 'EM HARD!!! SEE IF YOU CAN FIT TWO FISTS UP INSIDE ME!!" she laughed as the punks continued to publicly ravage her cunt, and pull hard on the rings as Pinkie fucked their fists and bucked furiously with her pelvis. "DOES THE BIG TITTED LITTLE PUNK SLUT LIKE ME FIST FUCKIN' HER NASTY CUNT HOLE?" Asswipe gritted his ugly teeth as he drove his fist in and out of her cunt, pulling back her cunt rings.

"DO YOU LIKE SHOWING OFF YOUR ASSHOLE GIRL?" Gizzard snickered as he pushed two fingers up her well lubricated asshole giving her audience an open view of her well greased and a ravaged pink asshole. "DO YOU LIKE SHOWING OFF YOUR ASSHOLE TO ALL THESE STRANGE PERVERTS GIRL??" he asked as he then inserted both of his middle fingers, pulling open her asshole with all of his strength.

"OH FUCK YES!!" Pinkie cried out as she lifted and reared open her legs ultra wide, giving him open access to her ravaged arsehole, "OH JESUS, STRETCH MY ASSHOLE FURTHER!! PUT MORE FINGERS INSIDE!! DO IT!! FUCK MY ASSHOLE TOO!!" she began to climax. "OH YES, STRETCH MY BUM!! OH YES, I'M CUMING!!! I'M CUMING!!!" she shuttered from the deep orgasm as she felt the hands and fingers sliding in and out of both orifices as she bucked and fucked herself senseless in front of a growing crowd of spectators as her big heavy tits remained stretched taught and firmly nailed to the wooden tabletop.

As Pinkie surveyed the crowd of spectators to her kinky mutilation, she noticed a particularly proud and nearly naked muscular black man wearing thigh high laced boots with his donkey dick shaved clean and a dozen rings and studs piercing his impressive manhood. The black stud was getting a hard-on watching Pinkie having her titties nailed to the table and obviously enjoyed exposing many cock rings to her as he danced about, recklessly shaking his dick in her face.

"OH MY GOD, ARE YOU GOING TO ENTERTAIN ME BIG STUD?" she smiled as the black man with the heavily pierced cock climbed up on the small table, kneeling before her with his huge black cock dangling in her face.

"ALL RIGHT, PUT ON A SHOW!" she laughed as he threw his huge dong from side to side, rings and jingling as the long log leaped and lopped about right in front of her face. "GO ON MAN, GIVE IT TO HER!!" cheered Zin as the black man shook his dick in her face. "SHE LOVES TO SUCK COCK!" With her tits still nailed to the table, Pinkie reached out and gripped the huge dick with her small hands and pulled it into her mouth. "OH YA, WHAT A BEAUTIFUL PIERCED COCK", she beamed as sucked and slurped the studded dick, licking his balls and tonguing his asshole as she stroked the stiffening tool.

"OH FUCK YES!!! GIMME SOME SPUNK, MISTER!" she ordered as she frantically jerked and pulled the black pierced and studded log into her open mouth. "OH YEA, CUM BABY! GIVE IT TO ME", she squealed as she opened her mouth wide to accept his hefty load of hot salty jizz as he blasted off into her pretty face. "THAT'S IT, JIZZ ON MY POOR TATTOOED TITTIES!!" she jested as she looked down at her big lazy, languid melons.

Her breasts still brutally nailed to the top of the table top, Pinkie smiled at her own self-mutilation as she drooled and spit the jizz from her mouth onto her hammered tits.

"WHO'S NEXT?" she laughed. "I LOVE THESE COCK RINGS", she smiled, looking to Tallesman and Zin for approval. "I SHOULD GET MY TITS PIERCED ALL OVER LIKE THIS!" she teased and laughed as she jerked faster, opening her mouth wider as she dueled his pierced cock with her pierced tongue. "OH YEA, WEíRE GONNA PIERCE THOSE BIG BABIES!" exclaimed Zin. WE'RE GONNA PIERCE YOUR BIG TITTIES WITH DOZENS OF RINGS AND THEN WE CAN SWING YOU FROM THOSE COW-SIZED UDDERS AT THE BONDAGE CLUB IN SAN FRANCISCO!" he threatened.

"YOU SURE YOU'RE READY FOR THIS KIND OF KINK, BABY?" "OH YEA, HANG ME BY MY TITS!!" Pinkie blurted out, obviously still high on the crack cocaine, as she sucked and slobbered all over the huge black cock, "YOU CAN STRETCH, PUNTURE AND MUTILATE THESE MOTHER FUCKINí BOOBIES!! I CAN TAKE ANYTHING!!" she bragged as she arched way back in the chair to prove just how far she could stretch her breasts now. "COME ON NOW, HANG ME BY MY FUCKIN' TITS!!" Pinkie demanded.






FUCK! TAKE IT EASY!" Pinkie winced and whimpered, gritting her teeth as Tallesman removed the first nail with pliers. "OUCH!!" she yelled as he yanked out another one. "DOES THAT HURT?" Tallesman asked, looking down at Pinkie's numerous black and blue skin punctures each trickling small amounts of blood from her battle-bruised breasts. "NO SHIT, IT HURTS!" she looked up at him with light tears in her eyes.

BUT IT'S STILL A FUCKIN' RUSH!!" she blurted, knowing full well what he had in mind for her next. "YOU ARE MY SLAVE NOW. YOU WILL SUFFER MANY MORE EXTREME PUNISHMENTS TO YOUR BREASTS AND BODY", Tallesman confirmed as he removed more nails. "YES MASTER", she responded. "WE NOW WILL ENLARGE THESE TITTIE BAGS OF YOURS AND PREPARE YOU FOR THE HANGING", he completed the nail removal and then lifted her heavy tit by the nipple rings, stretching her poor boob and then let it 'PLOP' back down onto the table.

"YES MASTER." Pinkie agreed obediently. Without ceremony, Tallesman clipped the chain leashes to Pinkies nipple rings and cunt ring and proceeded to pull his blond slave through the crowd. Pinkie loved being paraded in public as she shuffled along behind Tallesman in her high heels. The Tattoo Mania Convention was going stronger than ever and people were staring and she knew people were gawking at the punk vixen being pulled as a sex slave.

"I'LL BE BACK", Tallesman confirmed as he led Pinkie into the ladies room to fix her make up. Totally nude save for her heels and dog collar, Pinkie borrowed some make up so she could freshen rouge, eyeliner, mascara, and lipstick. Many of the other women were half naked, showing off their tattoos and piercings. No one even cared when Tallesman entered the lounge with a bag full of goodies. "EXCUSE ME LADIES, MY SLAVE MUST BE PREPARED FOR AN EXHIBITION".

He explained. "WHAT'D YA BRING ME?" Pinkie asked eagerly as she peeked into the bag. "SALINE SYRINGES?" she questioned. "HOW MUCH THIS TIME?" "1,000 ML IN EACH BOOB", he responded.

"I'LL BE A DOUBLE H OR EVEN BIGGER!!", she raised her eyebrows. "BIGGER I THINK. AND I'VE GOT THESE AS WELL", as he held up what looked to be a dozen black leather studded collars in various sizes.

"AS IF I'M NOT BIG ENOUGH ALREADY", she responded as she looked at herself in the mirror, admiring the way her slender body and her huge hanging GGs that now hung almost to her pierced navel. Even Tallesman was stunned at how beautiful she remained as he knelt down on the floor to attach ankle cuffs to Pinkie's tattooed ankles.

She had several scratches and bruises on her legs, but they were still long shapely gams accentuated by her sexy platform heels and painted toenails. "SPREAD YOUR LEGS", he ordered as he reached up inside her inner thigh to attach a leather garter to her labia rings as he looped the leather through each ring and pulled the garter tight. "NOW CLOSE YOUR LEGS", he instructed her as he buckled the leather garter securely at the top of her smooth, slender thigh.

As he attached the other side, he admired her various tattoos that graced the curves of her ass, thighs and the bold Harley-Davidson wings planted squarely on her shaved pubic mound.

"NOW OPEN YOUR LEGS", he directed her. "OH MY GOD, THEY OPEN MY PUSSY WHEN I OPEN MY LEGS!" she giggled. "THEY'RE LIKE PUSSY GARTERS". She laughed. "THESE ARE HOT!" He then installed a thick waist belt with many heavy rings and buckles and wrist cuffs, also with many metal rings. The belt had several leather thongs, which he tied to her pussy garters to keep them firmly in place.

"WELL, LET'S FILL ëEM UP!" Pinkie grinned as she held up her battle-bruised boob. Tallesman wasted no time and inserted the first syringe needle directly into Pinkieís nipple, squeezing and slowly pumping the saline fluid directly into Pinkieís huge breast. "THAT DEFINITELY MADE A DIFFERENCE", she confirmed, admiring her own huge boob. "THAT'S GOOD. WE TWO MORE TO GO! 1,000 ML PER TIT", he told her as he pushed another needle right into the bold tattoo on her left boob.

After nearly an hour of saline injections, Pinkie's breasts were now bloated to the size of baby watermelons. "THEY MUST WEIGHT 15 POUNDS EACH", she suggested as she squeezed and pinched the soft squishy flesh of her humongous hooters.

"AND I ONLY WEIGH ABOUT 120!" she laughed, admiring her figure in the mirror, her tummy flat and her hips narrow. "DO YOU THINK I SHOULD GET MORE TATTOOS?" she asked, admiring the Grateful Dead Skull and vines that now graced her ass and bird on her back. "YOU HAVE PLENTY OF TATTOOS ALREADY", Tallesman responded. "LETS GET THESE COLLARS AROUND THOSE MELONS OF YOURS AND PUT ON A TITTIE HANGIN' SHOW FOR ALL THESE PERVERTS".

he suggested as he gripped her huge tit in his large hand, pulling generously of the soft skin as he began to tightly wrap the leather cord around the base of her boob until the flesh began to swell. Chapter 29 — SM DANCE SHOW "ARE YOU SURE YOU ARE READY TO HANG BY YOURS TITS, SLAVE?" Tallesman challenged Pinkie as he gripped her big nipples and stretched her breasts up high, tugging her poor teats with tremendous strength.

"OH YES MASTER, PLEASE HANG ME ON DISPLAY AND WHIP MY SLUTY ASS," Pinkie begged as she teetered on her tip toes, "OH YEA, STRETCH MY FUCKIN' TITTIES," she blurted as she felt his fingers nails digging deeper into the soft skin of her heavy bloated boobies. Pinkie was feeling queasy, as she stood naked before the brutal master. She knew he could be cruel, and yet she craved his punishments to her pretty body. The drugs had intensified her hunger for pain, and she felt intoxicated with lust as she publicly displayed her tattooed torso, bound in her sexy black leather body harness.

"FIRST, YOU WILL PERFORM THE SM DANCE IN FRONT OF A BRUTAL AUDIENCE." He ordered as he twisted her nipples by their rings. "WHATEVER YOU SAY MASTER," she winced as she felt the dull pain in her nipples penetrating through her breasts deep into her chest.


DO YOU UNDERSTAND?" Tallesman asked as he released her bountiful tattooed breasts and allowed them to fall and splash-bounce on her ribcage. "YES MASTER," Pinkie replied, looking down at her poor twisted paps. "TO BEGIN, YOU WILL RUN IN PLACE WITH YOUR TITS THRUSTED OUT. SLOW AT FIRST, THEN FASTER SO WE CAN HEAR YOUR BREASTS SLAPPING. SLAPPING HARD!" he instructed her. "YES MASTER, SLAPPING HARD!" she obeyed.


She knew Tallesman loved big tits and each of hers were now bigger than her head as she flaunted her impressive mamaries.


"ARE YOU GOING TO MAKE ME USE THE NAIL BOARD OR HANG ME OR SCREWER MY BREASTS MASTER?" she looked at Tallesman with fear in her eyes and a knot in her stomach and then looked down at her heavy-hangin' pierced and tattooed orbs now hanging nearly to her navel. "YOU DO GET OFF PUNISHING THESE POOR COW-UDDERS, DON'T YOU CUNT?" he shouted as he fingered Pinkie's oozing cunt lips. "WHAM! WHAP!

WHAM!!! WHAP!!!" he flogged the heavy hooters with his backhand, sending the huge orbs gyrating back and forth…then gripping her nipple and nipple rings with his thumb and forefinger … he stretched her nipples and tried to lift sexy prick teaser off the ground by her big bouncy tits without mercy.


" he demanded as he "WHAP" slapped her firm ass and drove two fingers deeply up her hot wet pussy." "OH YES MASTER!!" Pinkie hissed, "I LOVE KINK AND FETISH. "YOU'RE A MASOCHISTIC SEX NYMPHO SLUT, AREN'T YOU GIRL? A EXHIBITIONIST WHO WILL SACRIFICE YOUR BEAUTIFUL BODY FOR THE THRILL OF KINKY LUST AND PERVERSION, AREN'T YOU?" he demanded. "YES MASTER. AND THESE TITTIE GAMES REALLY GETS YOU OFF — DON'T THEY?" she challenged him. "I'LL BET THESE THE BIGGEST TITS YOU'VE EVER PUNISHED…AREN'T THEY?" she sassed as she pushed her tattooed tits into his greedy hands, as if daring him to find her new limit.

"THEY'RE BIG BABIES, ALL RIGHT" he confirmed as he lifted her boob. "AND ALL THE BETTER TO PUNISH," he declared smeared another dose of hash oil on her poor hammered tits.

"PLEASE LED ME TO THE DUNGEON MASTER," she requested as Tallesman applied the oil generously to her breasts. Her heart was now pounding at the thought of performing the SM dance and then a tit hanging for her master and his audience of sex deviates and perverts. With chains attached to her cunt rings and big nipple rings, Tallesman pulled Pinkie out by her huge bloated tits into the main isle of the Tattoo Mania Show and then mercilessly tugged her behind him as she stumbled through the rowdy crowd of bikers, tattoo freaks and gawkers.

"PLEASE DON'T PULL TOO HARD OR I'LL TEAR OUT MY PUSSY RINGS," she warned as she slowly stepped one small footstep in front of the other almost pigeon-toed as Tallesman helped her gain her balance as he led into the temporary dungeon theater. "SILENCE SLAVE!" he responded. "YOUR PAIN IS OUR PLEASURE." "YES MASTER," she responded with a gasp as he tugged her cunts lips harder.

With over a hundred hungry men eagerly awaiting, Pinkie's first dungeon show had high rafters and at least a hundred rowdy men surrounding a small wooden stage with spots flooding it in light. "JESUS, SHE'S CUTE," Pinkie overheard one man comment. "LOOK AT THOSE HUMONGOUS TITTIES," said another as she stepped slowly forward as Tallesman unhooked her chains. "AND LOOK AT ALL OF HER TATTOOS!" said another as he scanned up and down her tattooed leg, admiring her tattooed ass, pubic mound and the bold flowers now gracing her heavenly breasts.

It was a fantasy Cindy had had a hundred times. And now she'd done it. She'd transformed herself into Kinky Pinkie and she was performing in aîno holds" bondage show. And this was entirely her act. Her performance. In spite of all she'd done to entertain the Outlaws, she was scared.

She wasn't sure how far she'd go. Her mind was spinning and full of lust as she took in a deep breath, poised herself and then stepped gracefully one foot in front of the other in her teetering high heels … savoring the moment as she made grand entrance. "AND NOW, FOR YOUR EROTIC PLEASURE, I PRESENT MISS KINKY PINKIE, OUR SEXY PUNK PRINCESS OF PAIN AND PUNISHMENT" announced the MC as the nineten year tenage temptress swaggered into the crowded smoke-filled room with her blue hair spiked high, and her sparkling make-up.


But no doubt about it, Pinkie loved being a sex goddess. The center of every man's attention as she sauntered down the isle, pausing to turn her slender ankles and shake her cute tattooed ass for the men's hungry eyes and flashing cameras under the bright spot lights. She felt so sexy, wearing only spiked wrist and ankle cuffs, pussy garters, and a black leather-studded slave collar.

If some of her Indiana high school friends and teachers could only see her now, she thought to herself, they would never believe it was the same Cindy Strobe. She had become a bondage bimbo on steroids! She loved to play Pinkie, where she could live out her deepest, darkest, most erotic and perverted fantasies.

But now Pinkie was becoming a totally dominated sex slave. Dominated by her cruel master and his band of bad boys and she knew there was no turning back now. "YOU BOYS WANNA CRACK THE WHIP?" she teased as she shook her soft tits. The large leather-studded collars Tallesman had strapped around the base of each boob were tight, but made her feel so alive as she shimmied her shoulders jingling her nipple rings in their eager faces. And with the added saline injections, her tits were a lot bigger and heavier than ever before — in contrast to her slender torso, which was leaner than she had been in years.

"HOW ABOUT SOME AUDIENCE PARTICIPATION?" she teased, knowing full well what this audience was looking for as she flaunted her sexy body. Carrying her own leather studded paddle, she felt totally wicked, like some kind of sadist, only she was her own slave in this show of perverted self-inflicted masochism. "OOH, YEA, HURT ME BABY!" Pinkie stopped, posed and then "WHAP! WHAP! WHAP!!" spanked her tattooed ass with the paddle, using her free hand to pull apart her firm ass cheeks.

Then she "WHAP!WHAP!" again, only this time slammed the under side of her tits as she thrust out her bound, bruised and bloated breasts. "PUNISH YOURSELF SLAVE! " commanded Tallesman. "HARDER SLAVE!" he ordered as Pinkie began to trot in place as she "WHAP" slapped the undersides of her soft swinging bouncing titties with the studded paddle.

"HERE, HAVE AT 'EM?" she offered as she handed the paddle to a man in the front row. As Pinkie began running in place with her tits thrusted out, she winced as the paddle slapped and slammed deep into her soft mams.

"OH YEA, THAT'S IT, HURT MY TITS!!" she begged as she increased the tempo, her tits began swinging in large oscillating circles as he delivered a series of brutal blows to the sides of her tender boobs.

"GO Ahead, PUNISH THE SLAVE!!" shouted Tallesman as Pinkie ran faster and faster with her hands clutched behind her back and her tits flappin' freely off her chest as the leather paddle battered her big melons back and forth. "OKAY SLAVE, TROT LIKE A PONY," he ordered. "CHEST OUT, KNEES UP," Pinkie thought to herself as she began trotting pony style, increasing her pace as she ran in place as she sent her bountiful breasts leaping and slamming wildly on her ribcage.

"DON'T STOP. KEEP 'EM SLAPPIN'" she keep repeating Tallesman's orders in her head as she pranced across the tiny stage — her nipple bells a jingling. "OH SHIT, MY PUSSY HURTS," she realized as she felt the pussy garters tugging fiercely on her labia rings.

After about ten trots across the tiny stage she returned to Tallesman standing with her legs apart and her tits thrust out waiting for more. "TIME FOR SOME SEXY SLAP DANCING, SLAVE," ordered Tallesman as he grabbed her by the nipples and pulled mercilessly on her rings, then slapped her tits with his backhand. "HERE'S A WILLING GENTLEMAN," Tallesman encouraged as he nodded towards a scruffy looking man who was stroking his long, thick cock in the first row of chairs.

"YOU LIKE BIG BOUNCING BOOBIES?" Pinkie teased as she moved right in front of the bold guy. "YOU DO YOU WANT ME TO SLAP YOU WITH THEM?" she violently shimmied and jerked her shoulders in rotation to get some major tittie slapping action going. "UH HUH," he groaned as Pinkie pushed her huge soft saggin' boobies in right into his scratchy face. "GIVE 'EM TO ME. LE' ME BITE 'EM," he demanded as he squeezed the huge breasts and wrapped her soft massive boobflesh around his face.

"OH YEA, SUCK MY TIT," she teased as she stuffed her multi-ringed nipple right into his mount. The guy immediately squeezing, sucking and biting her mammoth tattooed mamaries as they flopped back and forth, her nipple rings and bells a jingling right in his face.

"OH YEA, SMOTHER ME BABY," he ordered as he thrust forward his gruff face, reaching between her legs fingering her moist vagina. With her arms behind her back, Pinkie torqued her torso and "WHAP" slapped the man in the face with her boobs, smothering his face as he bit at her nipple rings and sucked on her massive soft boobflesh.

"ALL RIGHT, SLAP DANCE HIM, HIT HIM WITH THOSE HANGERS!!" cheered the guy next to him. "SIT ON HIS COCK!!" "OH YEA, FUCK ME WITH YOUR BIG DICK!" Pinkie laughed as she climbed onto his lap, tugging open her cunt rings with the pussy garters and then guiding the stiff cock into her hot, wet smooth-shaven cunt. "TAKE THIS!" she laughed as she pelted him "POW, POW, POW, POW" left and right with her mammoth mams as she bounced on the swollen dick stuffed up her cunt.

As she bounced and fucked, other men came in close and began to pinch her boobs and finger her asshole as she deliberately tossed her tits from side-to-side. "OH YEA, I FEEL YOU CUMING, THAT'S IT, COME ON, SHOOT YOUR WAD UP MY CUNT, OH YEA!!" she cooed, as the man bucked and jerked while the others continued to freely slap Pinkie's soft tits while she bucked and fucked. She swiftly slide off his dick and jumped onto the next cock and "POW, POW, POW!!" she decked the guys stubby-bearded face with her enormous knockers.

"LIKE THAT?" she laughed as his long stiff cock slammed rapidly in and out of her hot wet pussy. "YEA, NO SHIT, OH GOD, I LOVE YOUR TITS," he cooed as he chewed on her ring-pierced nipples. YOU SHOULD GIVE EVERY GUY THERE AN AWESOME FACE POUNDING WITH THESE FUCKIN' HANGERS!" "GO ON, BRING 'EM ON.

I LOVE GANG BANGS!!" Pinkie bragged as she continued pounding his face with her tits as she fucked him hard. One by one, Pinkie climbed into the laps of the men, joyfully fucking them as she slapped their faces with her big sloppy tits. "OH YEA, SUCK IT!" she teased as she "WHAP, WHAP, WHAP" hit the next guy in the face with her boob. "WHEN ARE WE GONNA HANG YOU BY THESE INCREDIBLE THINGS?" A black man asked as he manhandled Pinkie's silky soft tits and nipped at her big nipples.

"WHAT MORE CAN WE DO TO TORMENT THESE BEAUTIES, SWEETHEART?" he toyed as he squeezed and pinched her nipples. "I'VE ALREADY DONE PINS, NEEDLES AND NAILS. AND I SURVIVED MASTER TALLESMAN'S TITTIE PRESS," she bragged. "ASK MY MASTER WHAT HE'S GONNA DO NEXT TO THESE BIG TITTIES?" she egged him on as she pushed her chest into his greedy hands, inviting him to get rougher with her tits. "MAYBE HE'S GONNA STICK SCHEWERS THROUGH THEM OR SOMETHING?" she shuttered, feeling nauseous, yet orgasmic about the gruesome thought of it.

"YOU REALLY WANT TO BUTCHER THESE BIG TITTIE BAGS, DON'T YOU GIRL?" he confirmed as he twisted her tittie flesh by her nipple ring and then "WHOMP!" slammed his fist right into the side of her huge hanging boob. "OH FUCK," she gasped.

"THAT HURT," she cried out, jerking her shoulder as if trying to swing back at him with her big tit. "YOU KNOW WHAT, SWEETHEART, WE'RE GONNA HANG YOU BY YOUR TITS AND FIST FUCK YOUR ASSHOLE, BABY!!," he threatened as he pumped his cock up her cunt and rocked her hips as she fucked and pelted his face with her tits. "OH FUCK YES! HANG ME. GO ON, CHICKEN, DO IT! She dared him as he flushed his load up her sloppy cunt.

"THAT GOT YOU OFF!" Pink laughed as she stood up and looked around the room at all the men jerking off. "WANNA BOYS WANNA SEE UP INSIDE MY PUSSY?" she teased as she crouched down and rolled backwards spreading her legs wide open, demonstrating her pussy pulling garters, "LOOK MA, NO HANDS!" she smiled, pumping her cum-soaked vagina right under the bright spot lights. "FUCK MY PUSSY," she hissed as the pussy garters tugged hard on her pussy rings, pulling her glistening pink fuck hole wide open for up close inspection under the hot spot lights.

"HOW'S THAT LOOK TO YOU BOYS?" she teased as she rocked on the little stage with her arms under her and her legs spread wide open for everyone's viewing pleasure. "CAN YOU SEE MY BABY COMING?" she teased. "THAT'S RIGHT, I'M PREGNANT!" she laughed.

Chapter 30 — HANG 'EM HIGH "GO ON, SHOVE YOUR HAND UP THERE," Pinkie commanded as two men knelt down on the stage next to her. Without hesitation they each began to work their fingers into her sloppy cunt hole, driving their hands in deeper and deeper as Pinkie fucked her hips furiously. "OH YEA, FIST FUCK ME! OH SHIT, YEA, THAT'S IT, TWO AT ONCE, OH FUCK, YOU'RE RIPPING ME APART, OH JESUS, OH FUCK, FUCK, FUCK" she shouted as the two men furiously banged her gash with a vengeance stretching and splitting open her gapping cunt hole to new extremes.

"OH FUCK YES," she moaned as she gnawed on her nipple, clenching the big pink teat in her teeth as the men voraciously ravaged her gash. "GET UP OFF THAT FLOOR!" Tallesman commanded. "THIS IS AN SM SHOW, NOT A FUCKING GANG BANG!! STAND HER UP AND BRING THE SLUT OVER HERE!" "HANDS OVER YOUR head," he ordered as he slapped her boob. "DANCE IN PLACE GIRL! I WANNA SEE YOU LIFT THOSE KNEES AS YOU TROT IN PLACE!! He snarled as Pinkie began high stepping with her hands on her head and her chest out as her pendulous bosoms bounced and bobbed about.

"SO, WHAT'S THIS ABOUT YOU BEING PREGNANT?" he slapped her tit again, only harder as Pinkie "CLIP CLOP, CLIP CLOP" in her platform heels as her breasts began to slap loudly on her tummy as she danced. "I'VE BEEN KNOCKED UP FOR A WEEK," Pinkie winced as Tallesman began to whip her tits as she tossed them recklessly as his command.

"HOW SOON UNTIL WE CAN SQUEEZE MILK OUT OF THESE UDDERS?" Tallesman asked as he pinched her nipples with both hands as if trying to lift her by her nips alone as Pinkie continued trotting in place. "PRETTY SOON NOW," she responded. "HAVE YOU EVER DONE HARDCORE PREGNANT BONDAGE?" she asked eagerly as she felt his fingernails digging deeper into her nipples as she danced.

"NO, BUT IT LOOKS LIKE YOU'RE GOING TO," he confirmed as he pulled harder on her nipples, lifting the breasts high off her chest. "AND THESE BOOBS OF YOURS ARE GONNA GET BIGGER AS THEY FILL WITH MILK!!" he grinned as he stretched her tit with one hand as "WHAP" slapped it open-handed with the other. "LET'S SEE YOU SHAKE 'EM BITCH!" he ordered. "SHAKE 'EM HARD!!" "WHIP, WHAP, WHIP, WHAP," Pinkie lunged her huge sloppy udders back and forth. "MY TITS ARE SO BIG NOW!" Pinkie grinned slightly, enthralled by the sensation of having so much free weight hanging off her narrow chest.

"BUT I DON'T HEAR 'EM SLAPPING BABY! I WANNA HEAR THEM SLAPPING HARD!!," he ordered as he attached several lead weights to each nipple ring.


"LETS SEE HOW FAR YOU CAN STRETCH THESE BIG TITTIES GIRL!" "BUT, THEY'RE SO HEAVY NOW," she wiggled and adjusted her shoulders as she got herself psyched up. With her back arched forward, her huge tattooed titties dangling freely, she began swinging her breasts around in a large circle, increasing the momentum with each revolution. "THAT'S IT, MAKE 'EM WINDMILL!" he commanded her as Pinkie radically rotated her shoulders with all of her strength. "THAT'S IT, FASTER, THROW 'EM FASTER AND HARDER YOU NASTY CUNT!!" Tallesman commanded as his beautiful buxom slave danced and jumped in place under the hot spot lights.

" I WANT YOU TO STRETCH 'EM FURTHER! DON'T STOP! THROW 'EM FURTHER! MAKE 'EM HIT YOUR FACE BITCH!" he yelled. "THEY'RE TEARING MY NIPPLES!!" Pinkie screamed as she gasped for air, perspiring under the bright lights as she jumped about twisting her shoulders and torso as she put her entire weight into throwing her pendulous breasts into a full windmill rotation. She truly felt subservient to Tallesman as she deliberately mutilated her once beautiful breasts for the entertainment of the audience.

"WHAP!!" Tallesman slapped her tit open-handed as it swung in rotation. "WHAP!! WHOP!! WHAP!!" he cross-belted her breasts with his powerful hand. "DON'T STOP! MAKE 'EM SLAP HARDER! KEEP SHAKIN' 'EM!! THROW 'EM BACK AND FORTH! FASTER!" he commanded as she jerked and twisted her torso to make her titties leap off her chest as she whiplashed the huge orbs from side to side. "I THINK ITS TIME WE SHOW THESE BOYS WHAT A PERVERTED SLUT YOU'VE BECOME BITCH!

I THINK ITS TIME TO SEE YOU HANG BY THESE BIG TITTIES GIRL," he demanded as the men cheered with wild enthusiasm. "OH JESUS, I DON'T KNOW. WHAT IF IT TEARS MY FLESH?" Pinkie gasped as Zin stepped onto the stage and unceremoniously forced two fingers up her well-greased asshole. HOW LONG WILL YOU LEAVE ME HANGING?" she asked, her heart racing at the thought of being suspended only by her tits. "WHO KNOWS?," he questioned with sarcasm.

"WHATEVER THE AUDIENCE WANTS!" he chucked with cruelty as the crowd grew louder. "WHAT'S WRONG, ARE YOU TURNING CHICKEN NOW?" he dared her. "CHICKEN?" Pinkie thought to herself as she flashed backed on the brutal bondage films Crowbar had shown her. They were sick and perverted — but they sure got her wet watching them. "KIN-KIE!

PIN-KIE! KIN-KIE! PIN-KIE! KIN-KIE! PIN-KIE!" stomped he rowdy crowd as they demanded to see Pinkie in suspension. "OH FUCK IT, GO Ahead!" Pinkie looked at Tallesman and then out into the audience as she saw dozens of men flashing their stiff cocks and jerking off in their seats. "I'LL GIVE YA A SHOW YOU WON'T EVER FORGET!" she bragged as she widened her stance and shook her ravaged red tits for the cheering men.

"LOWER THE CABLES" instructed Tallesman as his stage hand standing in the shadows as the long metal cables descended from the rafters. "WIDEN YOUR STANCE." He ordered as he kneeled down and clipped the cable to the ring on Pinkie's ankle cuff. Although he punished and abused her many times now, he could not get over the beauty of this girl.

He admired her slender tattooed ankle and petite feet, as she stood tall in her seven in clear Lucite platforms. "HOW'S THAT?" Pinkie grinned, looking over her shoulder and down at her cute tattooed ass as Tallesman connected the other ankle cuff. "NOW YOUR WRISTS" he ordered, holding Pinkie's arm out as he connected the third and fourth cable to the rings in her wrist cuffs.

"OKAY, NOW FOR THE TITS," he reached and clasped another swinging cable and connected to a ring on the black leather collar than wrapped around Pinkie's huge boob. Then the other one. "HOW DOES THAT FEEL?" he asked. "FEELS FINE," Pinkie responded with a silly grin on her face. "WE'LL SEE HOW IF FEELS ONCE YOU'RE HANGING GIRL!" he replied. "OKAY, ADJUST THE TENSION ON THE CABLES SO THAT HER ARMS ARE HELD OUT STRAIGHT AND THE ANKLE CABLES ARE TAUGHT, REACHING UP BEHIND HER ASS.

HER BOOBS SHOULD BE HELD UP FIRMLY, BUT NOT TUGGING VERY MUCH YET," Tallesman instructed. "OKAY NOW, WIND 'YER UP EVENLY AT ALL POINTS, LIFTING HER OFF THE GROUND GENTLY." He directed. Gradually the cables began to tug as the servomotors kicked in, winding up gently so that Pinkie looked like an angle, levitating a few inches above the stage floor. The wrists and ankles were taking much of the weight so that her tits lifted slightly, but nothing dramatic.

"HOW'S THIS FEEL?" he asked his pretty slave as she looked down at the floor in amazement watching her shoes fall to the floor.

"I FEEL LIKE I'M FLYING," she responded. "I CAN FEEL THE LEATHER BITING INTO MY SKIN, BUT THE PRESSURE ISN'T TO BAD." She answered. "GOOD. WE'RE READY FOR THE NEXT LEVEL." Tallesman reported. "BEND YOUR KNEES, WE'RE LIFTING YOUR LEGS UP BEHIND YOU," he instructed as the servos kicked in and cables began to draw her legs back. "THAT'S IT, LIFT THEM ALL THE WAY UP UNTIL THEY TOUCH HER ASS," he smiled at his operator.

"HOW'S THAT?" he asked Pinkie again. "AAAAHH SHI.IT. THE PRESSURE ON MY TITS IS INCREDIBLE. AND I CAN FEEL THE LEATHER BITING INTO MY SKIN." Pinkie replied as she looked down at her swollen boobs and then into the eyes of each man in the front row. "WE'RE ONLY GETTING STARTED. HELP ME BRING HER ARMS BEHIND HER AND ATTACH HER WRISTS TO HER ANKLES." He ordered. Zin began to help pull Pinkie's arms back behind her as they lowered the cables so they could attach the wrist cuffs to her ankle cuffs which now were raised high almost touching her ass.

They released her wrist cables putting more strain on her breasts and Tallesman asked Pinkie "CAN YOU TAKE IT SLAVE?" as he saw her face contorted as she looked down at her bulging breasts now turning blue. "YES MASTER." She responded with anger, gritting her teeth as the leather collars dug deeper into her soft boobflesh. "YES WHAT SLAVE?" demanded Tallesman. "YES MASTER, PLEASE HANG ME BY MY TITS," she moaned.

"WE'LL GET TO THAT SLAVE. BUT FIRST I THINK SOME WEIGHTS WOULD BE NICE," he grinned as he held up a pair of long octagon two pound weights.

"YES MASTER," she groaned as he clipped the large weight to her nipple ring … stretching the teat as it hung heavy from her breast. "AND ANOTHER ONE," he confirmed as he attached the two-pounded to Pinkie's left nipple…letting it drop and bounce off her boob. "AND WOULDN'T IT BE A SHAME TO LET THESE GO TO WASTE," he suggested, tugging on Pinkie's large aureole rings. "BRING MORE WEIGHTS," he told Zin as he pulled on her tits by the large heavy rings. "OH FUCK, YOU'RE GONNA TEAR MY NIPPLES OFF," Pinkie screamed as Tallesman hung three two-pound weights on each aureole ring so that Pinkie's nipples were now stretched several inches and her boobs hung way below the breast collar cutting deeper into her crimson red titties.

"DIDN'T YOU KNOW HONEY? WE'RE GONNA TEAR YOUR TITS OFF!" he sneered as he slapped about the clanging weights, getting a big laugh from the lusting crowd now moving in closer to getting a ringside seat.

"OH FUCK, LOOK AT 'EM NOW!" cried Pinkie with her mouth wide-open as she looked down at her poor dissented breasts which were now starting to turn a blue-purple color.


"BUT RIGHT NOW, WE'RE GONNA TEST YOUR STRENGTH AND STAMINA," he explained as he fitted a dental appliance into the extreme sides of her mouth and behind her head, leaving her mouth stretched open wide and vulnerable as Pinkie hung from the rafters suspended two feet off the ground by her tits and her ankles pulled up to ass and attached to her ankles.

"OKAY, LET HER HANG!" ordered Tallesman as the stage hand released the tension on her ankle cables slowly, allowing her breasts to absorb the entire weight of her body and eight pounds of weight hanging from each tit. "AHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHHAHAHHA" was all Pinkie could utter as the cable slacked and the entire weight of her body was carried by her severely bound breasts.

Her eyes bulged and her mouth drooled as she stared starry-eyed into the audience over the tops of her bulbous breasts now distended almost a foot off her chest. "ALRIGHT, LET'S HEAR IT FOR PINKIE!!" clapped Tallesman as he slowly rotated her on the suspension cables to give the audience a good view of the busty girl now hanging solely by her extremely distended breasts. "OUR BEAUTIFUL SLAVE IS AN ALL NATURAL EXOTIC DANCER WHO NEEDS TO HAVE HER TITS PUNISHED SEVERELY.

WOULD YOU LIKE TO HAVE THE MEN TAKE TURNS WHIPPING AND FUCKING YOU SLAVE AS YOU HANG BY YOUR TITS," asked Tallesman as he fondled the heavy weights tugging on her distended big nipples. "STICK YOUR TONGUE OUT SLAVE IF YOU WANT TO BE WHIPPED." He ordered.

Pinkie reluctantly held out her pierced tongue groaning "AHAHAHAHAH". "I CAN'T HEAR YOUUU!" Tallesman replied with exaggeration.

"AHAHAHAHHAAHAHAH" Pinkie groaned louder and wagged her tongue almost touching her distended breasts, the bulbs of which were now beginning to turn a shade of purple as the pressure built. "LOWER A PAIR OF CABLES" ordered Tallesman. "GIVE ME A HAND" he instructed Zin as he began to remove the weights from Pinkie's tits. "ATTACH THE CABLES TO HER NIPPLE RINGS," he instructed. "I THINK THIS WILL WORK BETTER FOR SWINGING AND BOUNCIN' HER AROUND." Tallesman confirmed. "OKAY NOW, RAISE 'EM HIGH," ordered Tallesman as he completed the attachment of the cables to Pinkie's nipple rings.

As the servo motors wound up the cable, Pinkie's heavy breasts were lifted and stretched straight into the air distending her breasts and nipples to a length of over 15 inches. "AHHHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAH" Pinkie cried out as watched her tits slowly stretching to new limits as her nipples turned to taffy.

With cables attached to both her boob collars and nipples, the weight was more distributed throughout her entire breast as she hung bound and enormous breasts. "OKAY, WHO WANTS TO JIZZ ON HER TITS?" asked Tallesman as he looked sternly into the audience.

"LOWER HER DOWN A FOOT" he ordered to bring Pinkie to about a foot above the stage with her wrists and ankles still strapped together tightly behind her back as she hung suspended by her tits. "I FUCK HER TITS," announced a deep-voiced man near the front row who stood up immediately and entered the spotlight on the stage.

He was big hoosier wearing a black leather body harness and several leather-studded cock rings. Without ceremony or hesitation he stroked his long thick cock and began whipping and slapping Pinkie's distended breasts with his pierced dick.

He gripped and squeezed Pinkie's tits together and slid his stick cock up between distended hangers — plunging his dick between to the two purple titties as Pinkie hung helpless with her mouth propped wide open. "COME ON NOW, LETS WHIP AND FUCK HER!!" shouted Tallesman as more men began to enter the stage.

One after another they dropped their trousers to jerk off onto the punk tenager's hideous titties while Zin picked up the cat-o-nine tails and began flogging her legs and ass. "AHAHAHAHAHHAHAH" Pinkie opened wide as the men spurt their hot jizz into her mouth and on her drastically distended titties. "AHAHAHHAHHAHA" she yelped as Zin landed the tip whip on her thigh. She felt like she might faint as others began to drive their fingers up her slippery hot wet gash.

"I DID IT" Pinkie thought to herself, "I'M HANGING BY TITS" she uttered in her mind as she felt her chest on fire and her breasts muscles tearing away. "BRING ME THE CANDLES AND SKEWERS" demanded Tallesman as the men watched Pinkie's once beautiful breasts turning black as she hung helplessly suspended from the rafters.

"WE'RE GONNA TEACH THIS LITTLE PREGO A LESSON!" Chapter 31 - CANDLES AND SKEWERS "OH FUCK!! HANG MORE WEIGHTS!!!" hollered Pinkie hysterically as Zin attached several more two-pound lead cylinder weights to her cunt rings - drastically stretching her labia flesh as the weights dangled between her legs.

The audience squirmed in nauseous discomfort as they watched the beautiful girl hanging before them. "FUCKIN' EXTREME MAN!!! HER BOOBS ARE TURNING BLUE!!" Zin shouted out with a sinister glee, as the buxom "punk" babe with the bold tattoos swung about by her severely bound breasts. "MORE WEIGHTS? HOW ABOUT THESE?" Tallesman taunted the audience as he held up some three-pound lead cylinders, and then began to attach them to Pinkie's nipple rings.

"FUCK, FUCK, FUCK.YOU'RE TUGGIN' THE SHIT OUT OF MY FUCKIN' NIPPLES!" Pinkie spit and screamed obnoxiously as she bucked and jerked about like a struggling fish with her arms bound tightly behind her back. The weights pulled intensely on her nipple rings as she watched her master brutally hurt and humiliate her.

"WHAT'S WRONG, MISS THUNDERTITS? I AM SURE THESE BIG MILKERS CAN TAKE WHATEVER PUNISHMENTS I DISH OUT. YOU DO WANT ME TO PUNISH THEM HARDER DON'T YOU BITCH?" He gritted his teeth and spanked her tattooed bare ass as he admired his new slave, breast bound and dangling under the spotlights as she hung over the makeshift stage. "YES MASTER. PLEASE MASTER. OH JESUS CHRIST!!" Pinkie gasped, as she looked cross-eyed at her pierced, tattooed and leather bound boobs as she slowly slipped a little lower in the harness, forcing more blood and pressure on her now crimson-blue bloated tittie sacks.

She was scared to death, yet she worshiped her new master and his cruel punishments. She realized she was hopelessly a victim of her own self-inflicted masochism and that she trilled at being Tallesman's new slave and performing extremely hideous acts of self-mutilation and sacrifice for him and his unruly crowd of merciless heathens and derelict perverts.

In spite of the tremendous pain and pressure she felt deep in her chest, Pinkie also felt tremendous power from within as she hung suspended by the leather straps. She had many times watched German films of girls hung by their tits with envy of their courage and physical stamina.

Now, she was the one experiencing the bizarre sensation for herself, openly free hanging by her tits, demonstrating her resolve to subject her bountiful breasts to whatever punishments Tallesman and his gang could dish out. "THANK YOU MASTER," she muttered as she wiggled and swung herself about totally suspended by her magnificent breasts. In spite of the extreme pressure on her chest and boobs, Pinkie looked out and into the eyes of the men in her audience.

She felt incredible power as she seductively licked her lips and winked at a few men as she deliberately rolled her shoulders, jiggling her nipple weights. An extreme exhibitionist, Pinkie reveled in the bizarre spectacle of her own self-mutilation. She could see that the audience was getting hot and rowdy as men stood up and openly jerked off at the sight of her. Her cunt was oozing with cum as she felt the strain of the pussy weights all the way through her nipple rings.

"YOU WANT US TO STRETCH YOUR TITS AND CUNT AT THE SAME TIME, DON'T YOU MISS PRETTY CUNT?" Zin turned and smiled at the sex-crazed pixie, now relaxing her shoulders as she tilted her head back, letting her bountiful tits take all the weight and pressure as her heavy cunt weights clanged between her legs.

"OH, FUCK .NOW LOOK AT MY TITS," she cried obnoxiously with her mouth wide open, looking out into the audience for approval of her dramatic self-mutilation. She squealed out loud, "LOOK, THERE'S MILK OZZING OUT OF MY NIPPLES!" mocking her own pregnant condition and extreme breast punishment as she slipped another inch lower in leather harness, her tits now showing new stress marks as the flesh ballooned up at the tops turning a darker shade of reddish purple.

"TAKE SOME PICTURES!" she demanded as she hung helplessly suspended from the rafters solely by her strictly bound and severely stretched tittie balloons. "MASTER, I WANT MORE EXTREME PUNISHMENT!!! BRING ON THE SKEWERS" Pinkie cried out, her mind was ablaze with lust and perversion as she felt more lead weights being attached to her cunt rings, drastically stretching her labia and nipples at the same time. "CAN YOU BELIEVE I'M PREGNANT?" she uttered to her audience as they watched the ropes slowly slipping and stretching the huge breasts as she hung helplessly.

She could hardly believe she was really hanging herself as the leather dug in every so tightly into her supple boob flesh as she felt her chest on fire and her breasts muscles tearing away. This was the ultimate in breast bondage erotica and Pinkie had become addicted to extreme breast abuse. As she hung by her breasts, Pinkie realized she had achieved a new level of courage and sacrifice for the entertainment of Tallesman, Zin and this room full of sex perverts. It was so incredibly exciting; she had no idea what could come next.

She thought about being pregnant and the idea of dancing nude while pregnant in a bondage club seemed like a natural progression. But she was Tallesman's slave for now and he may have other plans for her. As they spun her about, she felt like a human punching bag as she rotated about by her luscious big tits now pierced, tattooed, waxed, burned, bruised, nailed and now brutally stretched and mutilated.

But her brutal breast abuse was a real turn-on for this crowd and Pinkie was ready to climax again as she felt her boob straps slipping. "YOU THINK WE'RE GONNA SPARE YOU JUST 'CAUSE YOU'RE PREGNANT, BITCH!!

Tallesman shouted. "WE'RE GONNA SEE HOW FAR WE CAN STRETCH THESE BABIES AND THEN WE'RE GONNA BURN 'EM, BEAT 'EM AND SCEWER 'EM BEFORE WE CUT 'EM OFF!!" he sneered as he mercilessly whapped them with his riding crop.

As Pinkie felt her tits going totally numb from the intense pressure, she arched her back and relaxed her shoulders to allow the shackles stretch her flesh as she watched her once prized breasts drastically distended into hideous crimson-purple black tit balls. "OH FUCK," cried Pinkie, "LOOK AT MY FUCKIN' TITS NOW!" she cried out in anguish, as she hung solely suspended by her brutally battered breasts - the heavy cunt weights drastically stretching her labia rings towards the floor.

"DOES THIS GET YOU OFF? SEEING ME HANGING HERE BY MY BIG TITTIES?" she sneered at the lusting audience - many who were stroking their hard-ons as Pinkie swung about. She was totally consumed in punishing herself to new extremes of perversion. "SOMEONE BRING THE NEEDLES!!" she hollered, encouraging more severe abuse to her big titties. "GO ON, GET TALLESMAN TO SHOW THESE PERVERTS WHAT HE CAN DO TO THESE FUCKIN' TITTIE BAGS!" she hollered at Zin as she bucked and rocked in place.

"LIKE THESE NEEDLES?" Zin asked as he dumped out a bag of hypo tips. "NOT THOSE!!" she mocked as she looked at the blue capped needles. "I MEAN THOSE BIG SKEWERS!!" she challenged as she gasped for breath, her harness slipping just a bit as her tits stretched at the base until the creases began folding as the leather collars cut deeply into her tit-flesh as they absorbed her total weight. "YOU ASSHOLES WANT ME TO DESTROY MY BIG BOOBIES, DON'T YA?" she hissed with a rebellious "DARE ME" attitude as she felt the endorphins overtaking her entire body.

"YOU CREEPS GET OFF SEEING MY TITS STRETCHED TO SHIT LIKE THIS," she spit as she cursed at the men gathering in closer to see her sacrifice her dark swollen boobs. "OH JESUS," she moaned. This was the rush she had dreamed of in her most perverted and erotic fantasies.

Pinkie's aching cunt was oozing with cum as she hung suspended only by her once beautiful tits. "OH JESUS, I THINK I'M CUMING!" she groaned as felt the weights clanging between her legs. "COME ON, PUSH IN THE SCEWERS," she begged as Zin pressed the sharp tip of long stainless steel rod into her breast flesh.

"WELL GO ON, FUCKIN' SCEWER THE BAGS OF SHIT," she cried out in defiance as she looked up at her distended boobs, the reddish-blue black flesh now as dark as her nipples - her tattoos almost invisible against the tight boobflesh. Her nipple rings glistened under the spotlights. "OH YEA, THAT'S IT, PUSH IT IN," she begged as Zin pushed the sharp tip of the long metal skewer into the side of her bloated breast.

"OH FUCK YES," she groaned as the tip entered her soft flesh and began to slide into her boob easily without resistance. "OH JESUS, LOOK AT IT NOW!!" Pinkie's mind was awash with hallucinations as she realized what she'd done. She was proud of her resolve to reach new levels of pain. She also loved having an audience as she wagged her pierced tongue at the dozens of bikers, punks and perverts who sat on the edges of their seats jerking off to the sight of her hideous self-mutilation.

"COME ON, I CAN TAKE MORE!" she encouraged as she looked at the single skewer in her tit. Her boobs continued to stretch slowly as the black leather straps cut deeply into her boobflesh stretched the huge hard bound tattooed breasts by her distended nipple rings straight towards the rafters. "DON'T WORRY MISS PRETTY MAMA," said Tallesman as he handed a dozen skewers to Zin. "AND WE HAVE MANY MORE NICE GAMES TO RUIN THESE BIG TITTIES BEFORE YOU BEG US TO CUT THEM OFF," laughed Tallesman, as he held up a handful of long red candles for all see.

"GO ON, FUCK HER TITS MAN!!" shouted an enthusiastic spectator. "LETS SEE HOW KINKY WE CAN TURN LITTLE MISS PINKIE?" "GO ON, SHOVE IN MORE SCREWERS," shouted another.

"AAAHHH!" Pinkie groaned as Zin, poked and pushed another screwier into her tit, this time entering right up through the base and exiting near her nipple. "OH FUCK!" she moaned as she watched Zin pull out another. "OH GOD," she cried as he pushed another through her left boob drawing a little blood which oozed and ran down her swollen flesh.

"SEVERAL MORE FOR EACH BREAST," commanded Tallesman as Zin continued to perforate her boobs with the long sharp skewers. "AND ONE RIGHT UP THE CENTER OF EACH BOOB," he ordered. "WE'RE GONNA HAVE SOME FIREWORKS," he laughed. "OH YEA, FUCK, SHIT, JESUS, OH GOD DAMN IT TO HELL," Pinkie cursed as Zin stuck the skewers in her flesh and pushed them through to the other side until she had a half dozen rods poking right through her bloated breasts.

Her mind was oozing with lust as she watched herself being mutilated in front of an entire room of jerking-off men. Tallesman lit a candle and held it over Pinkie. "OH YEA, THAT'S IT, HOT WAX!!" she begged as Tallesman cocked his wrist and splashed burning hot wax onto Pinkie's pierced nipples. "GO ON, BURN ME, MOTHER FUCK," she hissed as he pressed the burning candle into her flesh, singing her nipple with the flame.

"TAKE SOME MORE PICTURES," she gazed into the room full of masturbating men as she hung totally suspended by her severely stretched breasts which were now turning black as the cords cut deep into her flesh as she hung on display for Tallesman and his room full of perverts.

"NOW PLACE THESE ON EACH ROD," Tallesman requested as he handed the candles to Zin. Unceremoniously, Zin stabbed the candle ends onto the skewers, pushing the candles all the way down the skewer until it rested on Pinkie's boob. "ANYONE GOT A MATCH?" Tallesman laughed as he looked into the audience - now spellbound by the spectical in front of them.

"WHO WOULD LIKE TO JOIN ME IN CELEBRATING THE INITIATION OF MY MOST BEAUTIFUL NEW SLAVE.MISS KINKY PINKIE?" He announced to the excited crowd of mostly men. "I WILL," stood up one tall bald headed man.

"ME TOO," chimed in another. Suddenly, a dozen men approached the stage with their cigarette lighters and matches in hand to join in the festivity. "REMOVE THE CUNT WEIGHTS AND HELP ME ELEVATE HER LEGS," Tallesman requested as he unbuckled the shackles on her ankles and brought her legs forward high into the air and open them wide for easy access.

With her arms now dangling below her, Pinkie now hung from the rafters by her tits and ankles at waist height. "LIGHT 'EM UP BOYS AND GET OUT YOUR CAMERAS," Tallesman ordered as he shoved a long candle up Pinkie's ass and four candles on top of each other up her pierced, shaved and tattooed cunt.

One by one, the candles protruding off her tits were lit. Pinkie jerked and thrashed about, stunned by the fire and the extreme cruelty that Tallesman had exhibited towards her.

Yet, she knew this is what she craved and felt another orgasm as he lit the candles between her legs. "YE HAH! LOOK AT HER NOW!" cheered one biker as he admired Pinkie's bravery and stamina. "SHE'S ONE CRAZY FUCKIN' BITCH, AIN'T SHE??" he applauded. "TAKE SOME PICTURES MAN, THIS IS RIGHTEOUS!!" she encouraged, as the candle flames grew stronger and brighter - lighting up the stage area. "FUCK, FUCK, FUCK, YOU'RE BURNING ME," Pinkie screamed as the flames touched her flesh, singeing the skin as the was dripped and burned.

"OH, WHAT'S WRONG BITCH? CAN'T STAND THE HEAT?" Tallesman laughed. "WELL THEN, PISS ON THE BITCH!!" he cheered. "DO YOU DRINK PISS, BITCH?" "OH FUCK YES MASTER, OH YES!!" Pinkie begged as Zin stepped up and laid his big pierced cock across her open mouth. "PISSSSSSS" he began to urinate in her mouth as Pinkie rocked and jerked about trying to avoid the flames as the was dribbled down her breasts and between her legs.

"OH SHIT!!! I'M BURNING!!" she cried out when Zin redirected his dick and urinated on her tit to put out the burning flame.

"LET HER TITS BURN," commanded Tallesman. "SHE LOVES WHEN THEY HURT SO LET HER HAVE IT." He confirmed. "LET'S HEAT UP HER CUNT," challenged a punk rocker who began to lift and shove the burning candles in Pinkie's cunt around in circles. He pulled open her cunt by the rings, stretching her labia out to her thigh.

"HARLEY DAVIDSON" he remarked as he admired her tattooed pubic mound. "IS THAT GONNA BE THE name OF YOUR BABY, SWEETHEART?" he laughed as he rammed and twisted the candles in deeper.

"YEA, WHAT ABOUT IT, PUNK?" she spit as she pushed her pelvis harder onto the candles, fucking herself as more men stepped up to piss on her. "AT LEAST HE WON'T HAVE A TINY DICK LIKE YOURS, ASSHOLE!" she sneered and then smiled at the punker. "SHUT UP BITCH. YOU THINK YOU'RE THE QUEEN OF KINK, BUT YOU AIN'T DONE SHIT! WAIT UNTIL TALLESMAN TAKES YOU TO HIS BONDAGE CLUB.

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THE BABES THERE ARE AWESOME. AND THEIR INTO SOME REAL KINKY SHIT!!" the punk bragged. "KINKY? YOU WANNA SEE ME GET KINKY?!?!" Pinkie cried out as she glared into the audience to see the men jerking off to the bizarre sight of her hanging helplessly by her brutally bound tit bags. "ARE YOU ASKING FOR MORE, SLAVE? Tallesman asked as he "WHAP!!" cut her ass hard with a riding crop. "IS MY PRETTY LITTLE SLAVE READY TO SACRIFICE HERSELF EVEN FURTHER?

READY FOR THE NEXT LEVEL?" "YES MASTER," Pinkie responded obediently as she jerked about totally suspended by her breasts as Tallesman "WHAP, WHAP, WHAP" flogged her silky smooth tattooed ass and thighs. She could feel the skewers waiving about as the melted candles dried on her skin.

"SWING ME!" she begged as she felt another orgasm coming on strong. "SWING ME BY MY TITS!" she hissed as she looked out at the spectators, many of who were stroking their cocks at the sight of the buxom tattooed punk torturing herself for their entertainment. "LOWER HER TO HER KNEES," Tallesman ordered as the winch began to bring her to rest onto the stage floor.

"UNBUCKLE HER BREAST COLLARS" he commanded as the candles were extinguished and removed from the skewers. "OH GOD," Pinkie exclaimed as the ropes unwound and the blood rushed back into her breasts. "OH GOD, I CAN'T TELL YOU HOW THAT FEELS," she cried out as the men volunteered to massage her poor breasts.

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"WHIND THE CORDS BENEATH THE SKEWERS" Tallesman ordered. "WE'RE GOING TO HANG HER AGAIN, ONLY THIS TIME WE'RE GOING TO SWING HER AROUND BY HER TITTIES, AREN'T WE SWEETIE?" he smiled his toothy grin as the ropes were secured to the skewers so that they couldn't slip off of her big saggin' titties. Standing tall in her clear plastic "fuck me" heels, Pinkie was even more scared of being lifted by her tits, than last time.

With her arms and wrists still cuffed behind her back, Pinkie stood bravely in front of the dozens of spectators as they began to lift her by her breasts, again. "OH JESUS !" she cried out as the cords pulled tight and began to stretch her boobs like taffy before Pinkie even began to feel herself being lifted off the floor as she stood under the spot lights. "OH FUCK, CUNT, FUCK," Pinkie cried out as her breasts began streching like dough making a bowl of crimson flesh at the end where the skewers pierced her flesh.

"LIFT HER UP - SO WE CAN PUNISH HER," Tallesman ordered as Zin walked up and began sucking her shaved cunt. With his hands under her thighs, he pushed his face so hard into her wet gash, he nearly forgot that they were there to punish her big, beautiful boobs.

Although still stoned from the drugs she'd taken earlier, Pinkie was no longer freightened about what damage she was now doing to her breasts.and she didn't give a shit what Tallesman did to her breasts anymore. Now filled with saline, pierced and tattooed, she was determined to punish her tittie sacks to the max now that she was Tallesman's sex slave. "GO Ahead, STRETCH 'EM AS FAR AS YOU WANT TO," she offered as she ascended up above the stage, now strangely dangling like a fish from her skewered big titties.

"STRETCH 'EM HOWEVER YOU WANT, MASTER," Pinkie offered, her boob muscles slowly tearing away as she dangled about by her distended breast flesh. "GO ON, PUNISH THE BITCHES BOOBS," shouted Zin. "OH YEA, THAT'S IT. WHIP MY TITTIES GOOD! WHIP 'EM HARD!" she groaned. Her tits were still burning from the candles and the pressure of the ropes and she felt a tingling deep in cunt. "IT HURTS GOOD, GO ON STRETCH THEM," she volunteered as they began to spin her about gently.

"RAISE HER HIGHER!" Tallesman demanded in an angry tone as he signaled to Zin to crank up the winch raise Pinkie higher above the stage under the bright spotlights.

The men began to spin her about, tugging on her legs and slapping her ass as she hung above the stage. "THAT'S IT, STRETCH THOSE FUCKIN' BOOBIES. LIFT HER HIGHER. .GO ON, HARDER .STRETCH HER BIG TITTIES HARDER.GO ON . SHE CAN TAKE IT!!!" Tallesmen laughed as he watched Pinkie bounce and dangle from the rafters, he tits stretched to extremes leaving deep long stretch marks on the bags distended skin.

"RAISE HER ARSE AND OPEN HER LEGS," ordered Tallesman. "TIME TO FUCK THE BITCH," he ordered as he waived up the audience to the stage. The first to fuck Pinkie with his dick was a tall black stud with an incredible cock. With her legs spread-eagled, Pinkie was lowered down and received the black dong with ease and pushed hard against his, fucking herself silly as she sat on the cock still hunging by her tits from the rafters.

"HOT SHIT BABE!!" the black my called out as he increased his tempo and began pumping his dick in and out with a vengeance as Pinkie bucked and fucked as best she could as she rocked back and forth.

"GO PINKIE!!" cheered the audience as the black dude pumped and fucked her hard. "TAKE SOME MORE PICTURES" shouted Zin as he encouraged the others to come up on stage.

As the black dude pulled out, he shot his jizz all over Pinkie's legs and tummy and everyone cheered again. "NEXT?" Pinkie smiled as a stud unzipped his Levis and proudly displayed his nine-inch hard-on. "WELL COWBOY, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?

She teased as he plunged right in. Sucking cock and jerking dicks and fucking as she hung by her tits, Pinkie was now in heaven, reaching multiple orgasms as the men enjoyed one of her many sexual adventures. "WHO WANTS TO BUY THIS PRETTY SLAVE A TATTOO?" asked Tallesman. "WELL, FIRST, COME ON UP HERE AND PUT YOUR ROCKET IN HER POCKET TO SHOW SOME APPRECIATION.

THEN, AFTER THIS LITTLE SHOW, SHE'LL BE DOWN IN JAKE'S TATTOO PARLOR WHERE YOU CAN BUY HER A TATTOO OR A PIERCING JUST TO SHOW HER HOW MANY FANS SHE HAS". THE ADVENTURES of PINKIE Chapter 32 - More tattoes, more rings for Pinkie After Pinkie had been offered a few more new tattoes and rings, the bikers won't let her have a rest.

Pinkie's milk-bags flopping and slapping wildly while being fucked from behind became the current attraction. Zin and a couple of mecanics had built a special platform at the back of the old truck with a strong horizontal handrail where kneeling Pinkie can hold herself and maintain her upper body up out in middle air, her arms eventually cuffed apart and stretched far out in front of her. This position allows her hanging bags to sway and flop, on total display for the many admirers' tweaking, biting and beating with studded gloved fists, rods, closhes, studded leather belts, and other heavy floggers.

Everyday, the excited bikers will imagine new games, Pinkie often taken to the tattooist for a kind of "free for all", during which time she would be tattooed to the bikers requirements all over her body and extrem boob-bashing games for pregnant Pinkie's hanging swelling udders.

On the sides of the red truck, "PUNCHING BALL" was written in yellow letters. to be continued. All of these stories despite pleasurable, require time. I have ambition to turn this genre into something worth presenting with images included.

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