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Her first bangvan bukkake orgy mybangvan and backseat
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My History Teacher I was 18. The legal age to be fucked by someone. Though I had a boyfriend last year that popped my cherry. I didn't care if I lost my virginity to a jock, he wasn't the big high school star or anything but he was something and I just wanted to get it over with. He was the same age as me, so it wasn't illegal. But I came to find out, it didn't stop one person.

My history teacher. She was smoking hot. She was a blonde with piercing blue eyes. Huge tits, firm ass and a huge lesbian and everyone knew it. She had hit on multiple girls throughout the 2 years she had worked at the school. What scared me the most was that she was a she! I have never been with a girl but she was hot. I was straight and I loved guys but I can say when a girl is hot.

I had her class at the very end of the day.

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It was the middle of the school year and everyone knew that Ms. Harper was one of the most strict teachers in the school. You knew not to goof around in her class. I was a quiet girl. I kept to myself and had a limited amount of friends.

In class I was I little bit more open but only with my teachers. My first day of school I had ran into her in the hallway, trying to get to her class ironically. I had looked into her fierce blue eyes and was to stunned to speak. She had smiled at me, surprisingly. "It's okay. My bad." I looked at the floor and she walked around me.

I remember walking into her classroom and sitting down in the back. She walked in a few minutes late for the class and our eyes crossed for a second. I see a small smirk on her lips as she sits at her desk. I look at my desk and tuck a piece of hair behind my ear. She starts to speak to the class and we glance at each other from time to time. Her with confidence and me with nervousness and embarassment from getting caught looking at her.

I didn't know what it was but my eyes couldn't keep off of her. There was something about her that drew me too her. She passes out a quick work sheet to the front desks who passed them back. She instructs us to start the worksheet and finish it by the end of class. I finish the worksheet within a minute or two.

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I was a straight A student. She had sat back down at her desk. I look up at her and see her writing on a piece of paper. I bite the end of my pen unconsciously as my eyes travel down to her well endowed breasts. She looks up at me. I gulp and look back to my paper.

I glance up at her and she's smirking at me. My face turns red and I quickly look back at my paper. The bell rings and she stands up. "The seats you are in are your assigned seats for the rest of the year.

Turn in the worksheet on my desk in the white bin." I stand up and grab my things. I was the last one to walk up to her desk. I set my paper in the bin without any eye contact. I walk to the door. "Excuse me?" I turn around and meet my soft brown eyes with her striking blue ones.


She grabs my paper and holds it up to me. "I was hoping to learn your name from your paper but it seems like you forgot to write it down. I hope you weren't distracted by anything in my class?" She says with a small smile. My face turns red again. "Oh, umm no ma'am." I walk to her desk and quickly write my name on the paper. She smiles. "Emily?" I smile and nod my head.

She looks up at me with a sultry smile on her face. I blush. "Have a nice day Ms. Harper." I say as I walk to the door. She smiles and nods her head. "You too Emily." I walk quickly to my locker then out to my car. My mind full of confusion. Did she come on to me? Did she want me? Was I gay? What was I doing? I was checking her out every chance I could, that's not like me! I sigh in frustration. The rest of the week was the same thing.

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I repeatedly got caught looking at her gorgeous body while she sat back and smirked at me with amusement. I would blush profusely and quickly advert my eyes. A few weeks after that she called me to her desk after class. I panicked.

She was going to confront me about staring at her. That or I was doing my work wrong which I highly doubted. I take a big gulp and grab my things. I walk to the front of the class and she motions for me to sit in the front seat across from her desk as the last student walks out of the room. I cross my legs and nervously look at everything but her. She stands up and walks around her desk to sit on the edge in front of me.

"Emily?" I raise my eyes to her beautiful face and see a look of concern yet amusement playing at the corners of her lips. "Emily, I think your getting a little distracted in my class." Oh shit. My eyes impulsively flick to the cleavage showcased beautifully by her blue blouse.

She catches me looking and cracks a small smile as I blush and look at the floor. It disappears as I look back to her. "W-What makes you think that M-Ms. Harper?" I say like a bumbling idiot.

She smiles and walks to the door. She pulls down the small blind over the small window all the teachers had on their doors for lunch time privacy. She walks back to me and sits on the desk to my left. She crosses her legs and my eyes roam over her toned calves for a second before quickly staring at the floor and blushing yet again.

She leans back and rests on her hands and I look at her face with an effort. "Well for starters, you tend to let your gaze fall lower than most people and you can't seem to stop blushing around me. Would you like to tell me something Emily?" She asks me, already knowing the answer to her question.

My mouth drops open but I quickly try to answer her with anything but the truth. "W-What? No. Ms. Harper, this is a miss understanding. Honestly. I was just staring off into space and-" She uncrosses her legs and her skirt rides up enough for me too see the black panties she had on underneath the skirt she was wearing. I let out a small gasp and face the front of the room quickly.

A feel my pussy getting hotter by the minute and my heart start to pound in my chest. I lick my lips. "Oh god." I say quietly. She smirks at me yet again. "What were you saying Emily?" I try my best to continue my sentence. "I-I was just staring off into space M-Ms. Harper." I gulp. I couldn't even convince a child with my excuse. It was a complete lie and she knew it. She smiles and my breathing gets faster. "Okay, fair enough. But how do you explain all of this blushing? I would love to know what makes you blush so hard Emily." She says huskily as she spreads her legs wider.

I see this out of the corner of my eye. I blush again. I'm beyond tempted to look at her but I make sure I don't.

"How about you turn to me?" She says softly. I gulp and slowly turn to her, my eyes glued to the floor. I hear a smile behind her words.

"Look at me Emily." I start to look up at her face but my eyes open wide when I find myself staring in between her legs. I bite my lip and let out a soft moan. She smiles and reaches over to my chin. Her soft skin tilts my head to look up at her. I blush as I stare into her eyes. She tries to hide her satisfaction. "Back to my original question. Would you like to tell me something Emily?" I don't say anything for the longest time and I think she was getting impatient because she raises her eyebrows for an answer.

I gulp. "I.I get distracted in your class because I think your really h-hot Ms. Harper.I can't keep my eyes off of you." I say as I stare her in the eyes and blush harder than I was before. She smirks and gets off of the desk. "That's what I thought. Would you like to tell me anything else? Is there." She says as she lets go of my chin and walks to her desk.

She leans against it and stands with her legs apart. "Something you would like to do Emily?" I gasp. She wanted me to eat her out.

But I had something else in mind. I shakily stand up from my seat and move to the front of it. I lick my lips and move towards her. My breathing get faster as I raise my hand up to her cheek. I look into her eyes and for the first time, she looked almost panicked.

She opens her mouth to say something but I ignore the attempt. I've been wanting to kiss her for the past 3 weeks, I wasn't going to stop now. I close my eyes and lean towards her. Our lips meet and she finally closes her eyes. I let out a small moan and kiss her again.

She kisses me back and puts her hand on my hip. I moan again and kiss her harder. She moans and pulls me against her as she stands up straight. She reaches down and squeezes my ass making me moan and part my lips enough for her tongue to snake in my mouth.

I maneuver my leg in between hers and move closer to her body. My thigh pushes her skirt up the last inches or so to her hips. She moves her hands to my face and cups my cheeks in her hands. I move my hands down her body to her hips. She moans and turns us around so I'm pressed against her desk.

She quickly moves things out of the way behind me and moves me onto her desk. I moan and kiss her harder. She grabs the bottom of my t-shirt and starts to pull it over my head. I quickly break the kiss and grab her hands. She looks at me confused. "Whats wrong?" I look her in the eye. "We can make out here if you want to make out. But if you want to fuck me then take me to your house and fuck me.

If we're doing this, were doing it right." She smiles. "Your the first teenage girl I've ever done this with to actually have standards." I smile. "I'm going to pretend like you didn't just say "first teenage girl"." She bites her lip and looks at me.

"Shit. I'm sorry. I didn't mean too-" I stop her by putting a finger to her lips. I lean forward and brush my lips against hers teasingly. "I'll forgive you if you take me back to your place." I kiss her quickly and she smiles. "Let's go then." I moan and kiss her again. She helps me off of her desk and she pulls down her skirt.

I grab my things and walk to the door. I turn towards her and she walks to me with her bag in her hand. She takes out her keys and quickly pushes me against the cabinets next to the door.

I smile as she whispers in my ear. "Its so hard not to fuck you right now." She nibbles on my ear and I let out a deep throaty moan. "Oh god." She smiles and kisses my neck. I bite my lip. "But, we can't stay here forever." I smile and let out a little laugh. She backs up and opens the door for me. I walk out and she follows behind me.

She locks the door and we both stop in our tracks. The vice principal was down the hall walking towards us. He was an old, bald and short man who seemed to be very smart and knew almost everything that happened in this school.

Some people say he even has camera's hidden around the school. I gulp nervously. "Ms. Harper? I thought you'd be gone by now. What has you staying here so late?" He glances at me as he approaches. It wasn't that late, only about 15 or 20 minutes but I guess she was already gone by then. She smiles at him and motions towards me. "Ms. Hart here needed some extra help on the paper I passed out today. I thought I would be generous and help her myself." I smile at the vice principal and he smiles back with an approving nod.

"Well then. I hope it helped Ms. Hart, if not we do have the finest selection of history tutors." I nod my head and glance at Ms. Harper. "Oh yes, it helped very much." I say boldly. Suggesting a hidden enduando to Ms.

Harper but a clear explanation to Mr. Freedman. Ms. Harper blushes slightly but Mr. Freedman doesn't notice. He smiles and walks past us. "Very good then. I will see you on Monday. Have a nice weekend." I smile. "You too Mr. Freedman." Ms. Harper says the same and once he's out of sight she turns to me. She crosses her arms and smirks at me.

"I cannot believe you said that and he missed it." I smile and shrug my shoulders. "I thought it would be fun. I think I even saw the ice queen blush a tad bit?" I say boldly. She laughs and we start to walk downstairs. Her classroom was on the third floor, my locker was on the first. My excuse for running into her the first day. She looks at me as we reach the second floor. "Ice queen, huh?" I laugh. "You know it's the best nickname for you.

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Your a hard ass half the time. Except with me which I don't understand very well." She laughs and nods her head. "Hard ass is a pretty good description of me and I'm not with you because you ran into me the first day of school, I met you first." I blush and smile.

We reach the first floor and I start to walk to my locker. She stops at the top of the stairs and looks at me. My locker was across from the stairs she was standing at. I quickly grab my bag and put my books into it. I turn around and meet her face to face. She smiles and steps towards me. I back up against my locker and my weight pushes it closed. I look down the hallway and there was no one here. "T-There could be someone here-" I use as an excuse.

She puts her finger to my lips to quite me. "Shhh, it's a Friday. No one is here at 3 o'clock after school." She cups my chin in her hand. "But-" She leans forward. "Shhh." She presses her lips to mine. My eyes flutter closed and I moan. She grabs my bag and drops it to the floor. She drops her own bag to the floor and grabs my hands.

She moves them to the locker and presses against me harder.

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She moans as I kiss her back and tease my tongue across her lips. She slips her hands into mine and intertwines our fingers. I moan and melt into our kiss. She slides her tongue in between my lips and moans. Our tongues wrestle in our mouths as we kiss passionately. I moan and she kisses me one last time and pulls away but keeps her hands in mine.

I wait a few seconds to open my eyes and look at her. I swallow as I realize that was the most passionate kiss I've ever experienced. "Wow." She looks in my eyes but quickly looks away and clears her throat. Her eyes come back to mine. "We should get going." I nod my head but neither of us move. We stare into each other's eyes. I bite my lip. "Ms. Harper?" She raises her eyebrows. My breathing becomes labored and I get transfixed as I look into her blue eyes.

"Your.your hands." She doesn't pull back right away then blinks and lets go of my hands. "Oh yeah, right. Sorry." I grab my bag and blush. "No, it's fine." She grabs her bag and we walk silently outside. We were outside there are only a few cars left in the parking lot. "Just follow behind me to my house. But once you see it, park in the back. Is that okay?" I smile and nod my head. "No problem. See you there." She smiles back and we both walk to our cars.

It takes us about 10 to 15 minutes to reach her house. I'm in awe as I see her house. It was huge. Two levels, white with green shudders. It was gorgeous. She pulls into the garage and I round the block and pulls into the alleyway.

I drive into her back garage and park. I get out and walk up to her back door. I take a deep breath and knock on the door. She opens it within a few seconds and let's me in. I look around as I walk into her kitchen. She closes the door. I look back to her and smile. "You have a beautiful house." She smiles and walks towards me.

"Thank you." She grabs my hand and starts to walk to the front of the house. "Come with me." I follow her up a set of stairs and down a hall. The butterflies in my stomach going crazy. We walk into a huge bedroom and she leads me over to the bed and sits me down. She nods her head towards the bed.

"You can scoot back." I slowly move back onto the bed and rest on the pillows. My heart was beating loudly in my chest as she takes off her heels.

She reaches over to me and takes off my shoes. She sets them down on the floor and gets on the bed. She puts a leg in between mine and puts her hands on either side of me. She looks me in the eyes. "Is it okay if I do this?" My breathing gets faster and I nod my head slightly.

"Are you scared?" She asks me while moving a piece of hair behind my ear. I shake my head. "No." She looks at me curiously. "Do you want to leave?" I shake my head no again. "Well let me know if you do." I nod my head. She stares at me for a while. "Close your eyes." I close my eyes and she slowly leans down and kisses me tenderly. She waits a second for me to kiss back. I finally kiss her back and she moans softly. She kisses me harder and I moan. I cautiously move my hands to her hips and bring her down onto me.

She lets out a surprised moan and moves her body down on me. She breaks the kiss and looks down at me. I had unconsciously held my breath, even after she broke the kiss. She smiles at me and whispers in my ear. "Don't forget to breathe." She runs a hand down my arm as I let out the breath I was holding. I let out a small gasp as she moves her hand to my stomach and slips her hand under my shirt. She runs her fingers across my skin as she kisses me softly again. I shiver at her touch and whimper into her mouth.

She breaks the kiss and leans down and kisses my neck. I moan. "Mmm." A small smile appears on her lips and she kisses my neck again. I moan loudly. She uses her nails to lightly scratch my stomach, sending a shiver down my spine. She moves her hands to the bottom of my shirt and slowly pulls it over my head.

She tosses it to the floor and looks back at me. There was a slight glint in her eyes as she looks at me. I raise myself up on to my elbows and kiss her. She moans and I pull her back down to me. She reaches underneath me and unsnaps my bra. She slowly slides the bra down my arms and to the floor without breaking our kiss. I become self conscious as my breasts come into her view.

I moan as she moves her hands to my breasts and fondles them softly. Her hand moves to my pants and unbuttons them. She unzips them and breaks our kiss. She sits up and looks me in the eyes as she takes the pants off of me. I gulp as she tosses them to the floor then moves on to my panties. She puts her fingers in the waistband but I stop her. I wanted to undress her first.

I use her hand to pull her back down to me. I kisses her and move my hand to her hip and the other to her back. I roll us over and break the kiss. I sit up and look down at her. I shakily start to unbutton her blouse. "I wanted to undress you too." I explain to her why I stopped her. I reach the last button and she sits up. Our faces were centimeters apart as I move my hands to her shoulders. We close our eyes and I slowly pull her shirt down her arms.

I lean down and tease her lips with mine. I toss her shirt to the floor. She lets out a soft moan and I kiss her lightly. Her breathing gets faster as I reach behind her back and unsnap her bra. My forehead rests against hers as I pull her bra down her arms. I toss it to the floor and look down at her breasts. I gasp softly. It was my first time seeing a grown woman's breasts up close.

I move my hands to her breasts and cup the warm flesh in my hands. She closes her eyes and tilts her head up to me. I kiss her softly and move so she lays back onto the bed.

I break the kiss and lean back. I unzip her skirt at her side and slide it down her legs. I toss it into her pile of clothes on the floor.

I look back to her and bite my lip nervously. I reach for her panties and pull them down her legs. I limply let them drop from my hand. I gulp as I see her pussy. There was no hair on her cunt and I could see a slight wetness at her entrance.

I look up into her eyes. "I.I don't know what to do." She grabs my hand and pulls me up to her. "I'll show you." She whispers to me right before she kisses me softly. I moan and she rolls us over so she is on top of me again. She kisses down my body to my stomach.

I let out a small moan as she kisses my hip bone and pulls down my panties. She tosses them to the floor and looks up at me.

My legs were clamped together, I'd didn't know if I was ready for this. "Are you okay?" I gulp and nod my head. "Yes." She moves her hand to my leg and rubs it soothingly. "We don't have to Emily. I don't want to pressure you into anything." She says softly. I may be hesitant about it but I knew I wanted to do this.

"I want too.come here." She smiles and moves back up my body. I quickly cup her face in my hands and kiss her softly before she can say anything. She moans and puts her hand on my thigh. I move my legs apart and she moves back down my body.

Stopping at my breasts to kiss and lick my nipples generously. I moan, I loved her mouth and tongue on my body. She starts to move down my body again. Kissing every part of me she touches, making me moan softly with every kiss.

She kisses my thigh softly and I close my eyes. I bite my lip in anticipation. She bends my legs and snakes her arms under my thighs and grabs my hips. She leans forward and kisses my pussy softly. I let out a small gasp and my back tenses. She moves her hands under me and starts to massage my lower back. "Relax. Enjoy it." She whispers into my pussy. I relax and nod my head slightly.

"Y-Yeah, relaaaaaa.oh god." I moan. She had licked my pussy and stopped at my clit momentarily before lightly sucking on it. She smiles. "No talking but moaning is very very welcome." She says with a husky tone in her voice. I crack a small smile and moan as she kisses my pussy again. She runs her tongue up my slit tantalizingly slow. I close my eyes as she moves her hands back to my hips. I moan as her tongue runs over my clit.

She makes a bold move and sucks my clit into her mouth. I gasp and grab at the sheets. I bite my lip and moan deeply. She lets my clit slip from her mouth and uses her tongue to tease my entrance. I whimper and buck my hips up to her face. She backs off a little and smiles up at me. "Relax and enjoy it." I gulp and nod my head.

"I just really like your-" I moan loudly and arch my back. My hands move up to the pillow and grasps it tightly. She had sucked my clit into her mouth again. She lets it slip between her lips again. "Shhh." She says softly then moves her tongue up my slit to my clit. I moan as she starts to rhythmically move her tongue against my clit.

I start to pant. The jock I lost my virginity to went down on me but couldn't manage to make me have an orgasm but I bet everything I had that Ms. Harper would have no problem doing that. She lightly sucks on my clit and pulls me closer to her. I moan loudly. "Oh wow." She stops sucking my clit and smirks up at me. I grip the pillow tighter as she goes back down on me. I gulp as her tongue moves over my clit. I shut my eyes tightly and I move my hands to my side's.

She sucks on my clit again and I moan loudly. I arch my back and grab the headboard behind me. "Oh my god." She sucks harder and her hands tighten on my hips. My eyes fly open and I moan loudly. "Oh Ms. Harper." My legs start to quiver as she brings me closer and closer to my first real orgasm. My breathing increases exponentially. "I'm c-close." I get out with a struggle.

She moans and starts to flick my clit with her tongue. I moan as she moves her tongue faster. I gulp and look down at her. Some of her hair and fallen in her face. She looks up at me and slows down her tongue. I get mesmerized by her piercing blue eyes and reach down to her head.


I move her hair out of her eyes and she starts to move her tongue faster. I whimper and bite my lip. My hands move back to the bed and I clench the sheets in my fists. I feel a massive orgasm building in my pussy. I was teetering on the edge of orgasm and the feel of her warm soft hands moving up my thigh pushed me over the edge.

My breath catches in my throat and the most amazing, wonderful, blissful feeling rolls through my body. I arch my back, breaking my intense stare with her, as a series of gasping broken moans come out of my mouth.

I pant for breath as she finally pulls away from my pussy. I close my eyes and gulp, trying to come down from my high. She kisses my thigh softly and I let out a small moan. I open my eyes and look down at her. She moves back up my body and leans down to kiss the top of my breasts lightly.

I put a finger under her chin and tilt her face up to mine. Her eyes connect with mine and we pause. I lick my lips and cup her cheek in my hand. She gulps and closes her eyes. I look at her lips then lean forward and press mine to hers. I taste myself on her lips as she moans and melts into our kiss.

I take control and roll us over. I kiss her softly and let my tongue tease her lips. She moans again and parts her lips.

I slide my tongue between her lips and into her mouth. I moan and move a leg in between hers. Her hot pussy was pressed against my thigh. I break the kiss and move a hand down to her outter thigh. I look down her body then back to her eyes. She cups my cheek. "You don't have to do it to me if you don't want too Emily." She whispers to me. I smirk and kiss her softly. I lean into her ear.

"I'd love to go down on you Ms. Harper." I say as my hand moves to the back of her neck and I run my fingers across her skin. She sighs and shivers deeply. I kiss her cheek then her neck.

I reach her breasts and cup one in my hand. She moans as I lean down and swirl my tongue around her prominent nipple. I suck it into my mouth and nibble on it slightly.

She gasps softly and bites her lip. I smile and move down her body. I kiss her stomach lightly and move in between her legs. I gulp as I come face to face with her pussy. I look up to her. "What do I do?" She looks down at me and runs her fingers through my hair so it is out of my face. "Try to write in cursive with your tongue on the clit or just do what comes naturally to you." I nod my head and she moves her hand to the bed again.

I look down at her pussy and lick my lips. I hesitantly lean forward and run my tongue up her slit. She moans encouragingly. I do it again but harder and she moans again. I move my tongue in between her pussy lips and find her clit. She jerks slightly as I touch it with my tongue, I thought I hurt her so I pull away. "Did I hurt you?" I say as I look up to her. She smiles slightly and shakes her head.

"No, my clit is just very sensitive." I smile a little and bend her legs up. "So that means I should be gentle, yes?" She smiles and nods her head as I grab her hips like she did to mine a minute ago. I kiss her pussy lightly and she gulps.

"Yes." I nod my head slightly and take her advice. I lean forward and gently find her clit again. I start to write the alphabet in cursive on her clit. She immediately moans and moves her hands to her breasts to squeeze and pinch her erect nipples.

I move my tongue faster in cursive and she gasps slightly. She moans and moves a hand down to my head. "Right there.yes." She moans softly. I eventually stop writing with my tongue and just move it over, up, down, around and across her clit.

Anything I could do to give her pleasure. She moans loudly and runs her fingers in my hair.

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"Oh god." I moan and double my efforts to pleasure her. She gasps at my effort and pushes my head farther into her sweet wetness. I moan again and softly suck her clit into my mouth. She moans loudly and arches her back. "Holy mother of-" She gasps as I suck a little harder and her fingers clench in my hair. I stop sucking her clit and lick her pussy rapidly.

She moans again. "Oh Emily.I'm almost there." I suck her clit again and she moans deeply. "Just like that." She lets her hands fall to the bed and I pull back and smile. I go back down on her and slowly flick my tongue over her clit. She shivers in pleasure and moans softly. I look up at her and move my hands to hers. I slide my hands in hers ad she gasps slightly and looks down at me as I continue to flick her clit. My jaw starts to ache as I continue to pleasure her.

She moans softly as my eyes meet hers. I whimper as she squeezes my hands lightly but encouragingly. I move my tongue faster and she moans loudly. Her breathing turns into panting gasps as she gets closer to her orgasm. She grips my hands tighter and breaks our stare and throws her head back. It was beautiful. Seeing her tremble and shake in orgasm.

Her breathing halting momentarily in between each gasp and her thighs quivering against my cheeks. Her stomach muscles tightening in orgasm. She relaxes back onto the bed and her hands lossen their grip on mine. I slip my hands out of hers and move them to her legs. I run them softly over her thighs and kiss her skin lightly. She runs her fingers through my hair and I look up at her. I kiss her thigh again while looking into her beautiful eyes. "Your a natural sweetie. I haven't came that fast before." She bites her lip as I kiss her thigh again.

"Come here baby." She says softly. I move up her body and she cups my face in her hands. I part my lips as she brings me down to her. She doesn't kiss me and we stay there in the moment, a tension between us. God knows it wasn't sexual. She finally pulls me down to her and kisses me tenderly. I kiss her harder and we both moan. She rolls on top of me and slips her tongue in my mouth.

I moan deeply as she moves her hands to my hips. She kisses me softly then pulls back. She gasps for breath and stares at me for a second but I refuse to open my eyes. She then rolls off of me on to her back and lays next to me. I turn on my side, away from her. I just had sex with my teacher.

My lesbian teacher. Holy shit, what if we get caught? I start to panic and sit up quickly. "I should go." I stand up and grab my bra from the floor. She sits up and looks at me as I quickly put on my bra and underwear. I start to pull on my shorts. "You don't have to go if you don't want too." I gulp and hurriedly pull on my shirt. "You know what? I totally forgot that I have to work tonight so I'll just see you on Monday." I slip on my shoes.

She stands up and grabs a robe and throws it on. "Really?- I mean, I have no problem with you staying Emily." I walk over to her, my heart beating loudly in my chest.

I lean into her and kiss her lightly on the cheek. I get intoxicated by her sent and linger longer than normal. She turns her head slightly and her warm breath washes over my cheek. I gulp nervously and take a step back. "And I would stay but I have to work tonight but thank you. I had a great time, really.

I'll see you on Monday Ms. Harper." I start to walk to the door and leave her dumbfounded. "Well let me walk you out then." She says after me. I turn around and smile sweetly at her. "No, it's fine. Thank you though. Uh, bye." She looks at me confused but I turn around and walk out the door.

I walk out to my car. I sit in the drivers seat and sigh. This shouldn't have happened. Why did I let this happen? I put my car into drive and pull out of the alley.