Sixpack amateur plowing studs ass outdoors

Sixpack amateur plowing studs ass outdoors
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Have you ever been standing at the sink wishing that someone would come up behind you and that their need for you would be so evident that you'd want nothing more than to give in? Only to have them torture you, play with you, until you feel as if you're going to burst? If so, read on. Warning: contains short and erratic imagery that may offend some people. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ She stands at the sink, short shorts, black singlet, hips pressed up against the bench top.

Her hair cascades down her back in an array of dark curls, tapering to a point that encourages the eyes to continue to travel downward. Eyes following the contours of her ass, her long legs, he feels himself become hard. She hums softly as he sneaks up behind her. As he slides his arms around her waist, she smiles, tilting her head back.


He kisses her, hard, chuckling to himself as her breath catches, his need registering in her. Pulling back, he lets go of her. Her smile dims. "Clean first.

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Then fun" he says, making her roll her eyes. "Actually, on second thought…" he adds, reaching around her once more. Lowering his hand, he undoes her shorts, sliding down her zipper one at a time, making her arch her back in desire. Slipping his hand beneath her panties, he begins rubbing her clit, slowly. Entering her with one finger, he grins again as her breath catches once more.


Slowly moving in and out, he places his other hand on her taut belly, stopping her from turning around. "Wash the dishes" he says, "then we can really play". Groaning in frustration, she continues to wash the dishes, trying her best to ignore the feelings he is sending shooting through her entire body. As her legs begin to tremble, he backs off her clit.

Running his finger along the length of her slit, moving her hair to one side, kissing her neck slowly, teasingly, increasing the fire within her.

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Placing the last saucepan on the drying rack, she pushes backward from the sink but he is faster. Pulling her backward he begins grinding his hard cock against her ass while continuing his ministrations on her sopping wet pussy, making them both breathe harder, faster. The hand on her belly moves upwards, under her shirt, finding her tits, nipples already hard.

Pulling and twisting, he laughs.

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"Please. No more of this. I cant handle it" she cries. In response he turns her around, pulling off her shirt, then his. Instructing her to remove her shorts, he undoes his own. Looking up at him, she smiles softly, her cheeks flushed. Grabbing her hand he pulls her toward him once more, kissing her hard again, bruising her lips. Running his lips down her neck, he lowers his hand and takes her tits in his mouth, biting, sucking, leaving bruises upon her unmarked skin.

He gasps as her hand finds him aching cock, jerking him fast.


Lowering herself to her knees, she takes his cock in her mouth, enveloping his hand within her wet, soft mouth. Running her tongue around his head, he trembles. Stepping backward, he pulls his cock from her yearning mouth. Standing up in shock, he attacks her tits once more.

Pushing her backward with his body until her back presses against the bench, he places his hands either side of her body, forcing her to bend backward. Grabbing her hips, he encourages her to sit on the bench. Pulling her panties from her legs as she slides backwards, he runs his hands up and down her legs. Calves, thighs, all smooth in his hands.

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Working his way up to her ass, her grabs her tight. Placing his cock at her entrance, he runs it up and down her slit, loving the way she gasps every time he hits her clit. Lowering his cock back down, he enters her pussy, shivers running up and down his spine as her warmth seeps into him.

Pounding her hard, he puts an end to the teasing. He is concentrating on solely one thing now. He wants to cum. And he wants her to cum with him. Thrusting in and out of her, he places one thumb on her clit, rubbing hard, bending over the take her tits in his mouth once more, flicking his tongue over her nipples.

Feeling her walls tighten around him, her breathing speed up even more, her legs trembling, he grins as she cums, moaning his name. Pulling out just as his balls churn, he shoots on her belly, his cum splattering on the underside of her tits.

Sighing in contentment, they both steady their breathing before catching each other's eyes. Sitting up she wraps her arms around his neck, kissing him, passion still evident. "Lets go again" she says as his cock hardens almost instantly. Picking her up, he carries her to the bed, throwing her down before continuing. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- EXTRA: To make up the character count.

Her body arches against his as she screams.

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He places a hand over her mouth, stifling her, stopping the neighbours from having a reason to call the cops yet again. He pulls at her nipples, laughing as she tries arching away.

"It wont work. Scream, pull away, fight all you want but we both know you want this." Lowering his other hand from the restraint he had on her stomach, he begins rubbing her clit, causing her hips to twitch, as she is unbelievably sensitive after just cumming. Placing three fingers in her pussy, he begins ramming them in and out, rubbing her clit with his palm as he does so.

His hard cock strains against his jeans. Thrusting gently, he rocks into her tied hands, continuing to do so until she begins grasping blindly for his zipper.

Still continuing his ministrations on her sopping pussy and tits, she begins jerking him off, grasping his cock between her two restrained hands as best she can. He thrusts into her hands, watching as she flinches every time his warm, hard cock hits her lower back.

Grinning he stops playing with her and turns her around. Sitting on the ground, he instructs her to ride him. Glowering, pure lust in her eyes, she slowly lowers herself to her knees, shuffling forward until she is straddling him. Placing his hand around the base of his cock and his other hand upon her lower back, he guides her until her pussy is aligned with his cock. Placing his hands on her shoulders, he encourages her to lower herself, watching her face light up as pure pleasure hits her once more.

Closing her eyes and throwing her head back, she begins to move up and down, spurred on my his mouth on her tits and his hands on her ass. Moaning, she cries out his name as she once again cums. As her shoulders slump, he picks her up and places her on a mat on the floor. He instructs her to get on her knees and to open her mouth. Doing as she's told, she does so.

Not once breaking eye contact with him. Desire burns hot and heavy between them. Grabbing the back of her head, he forces his cock down her throat, watching as her eyes turn glassy with lust. Fucking her face, he groans. He feels his balls tighten and pulls out, telling her to stick out her tongue. Moving her head forward, she ignores this command. She pulls his head in between her lips, her tongue moving fast, efficiently affecting him in the best way she knows how.

He cums quickly; coating her tongue and watches as she swallows immediately.

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