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Jennifer avalon flüssiges Gold Teil 3
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All I could do the next day was sulk. And smoke. My ass was throbbing and swollen. I had a broken blood vessel in my eye due to the choking.

Obvious bruising appeared around my neck. There was no hiding it, I was an evil bitch and I'd gotten what was coming to me. I sat licking my wounds so to speak much of the day. My husband couldn't be blamed for his actions, I didn't doubt that. No man should have to put up with all I'd put him through. Truth be told, looking back it was a pleasant surprise to see the dominant side of him.

Later in the afternoon, once I'd gathered my strength, I tried contacting my gal pal to no avail. She was too far gone in the party life to hear my woes. I needed someone more mature, someone I could count on. I should have turned to my husband, but refusing to admit defeat I turned to an old flame.

He was nearly 10yrs older than I, and not putting in account the 6mths we shared a romantic relationship, I considered him a friend. My husband had met him and trusted him, so I saw no harm in seeking his guidance. I called him up and there was no answer. I hate leaving voicemail, so I sent him a text. - Hey I was wondering if ya wanna meet for lunch tomorrow. I need someone to talk to. It was hours before I received a reply. He'd been asleep most of the day.


He worked as a bouncer and didn't notice my text till he was preparing to leave for work that night. - Can we make it a late lunch/early dinner? Imma be exhausted otherwise. I don't get off till bout 4am. - Yea that's cool. Cu round 3ish then? - Sounds good. Cu then I dozed off, not waking till 11 the next morning. I nearly forgot about my lunch/dinner plans with my old flame. After much thought I called my husband and told him I'd be meeting with my old flame later.

He thanked me for letting him know. He also asked I not sleep with the man. I laughed at the idea. The reason we'd broke up was primarily due to the fact I saw him more as a friend than anything else.

That and I cheated on him&hellip. Prior to my husband I'd never been much for being faithful, plus none of the douchbags I dated earned that much either. I can safely say I still to this day feel no remorse over my past indiscretions; I do however feel much remorse for all I put my husband through.

But I'm getting ahead of myself here… Even though we'd kept in contact throughout the years since we dated, he hadn't seen me in some time. Being the female I am I was nervous.

Like I said, I still hadn't dropped all the baby weight; I wasn't fat but rather curvier than I'd been. Plus he was used to seeing me with long hair not short like it was. Why I felt the need to impress I don't know. The process of getting ready began right away. I showered, shaved, did my make-up, and straightened my hair.

I wore a pair of slim fitting 'skinny jeans', a bright yellow tank paired with a sheer white tunic, and white flip flops. I looked good, not too sexy. I checked the clock. I still had an hour before I was to meet up with him. Stupidly I chose to waste time driving a block. In case you're unaware, that's basically me driving the back roads, blaring my music, getting high.

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I managed to finish off two joints and many cigarettes before pulling up to his apartment. I stumbled up the concrete stairs and knocked on his door. When he answered I took note that he looked exactly the same&hellip.

No, better. He was tall, shaved bald, broad, and muscular. "What happened to your all of your hair?" Were the first words out of his mouth. "Good to see you too!" I kidded, punching him playfully in his arm. "I chopped it off when I was preggers." "No I like it… I just miss the long hair. And it is good to see you." We hugged briefly. "Not too tight!" I squeaked. "You'll crush me!" "Ha Ha! I don't recall you ever complaining before." "Well I think you added a few muscles there." "Doubtful, but thanks." "So where we going?" "Nowhere.

I ordered pizza. It should be here in a few. Figured we'd watch a movie here." I gulped. "This is so not good." I worried silently. "Yea sounds great." I lied. "So what's new? What ya wanna talk with me bout? He's not beating you is he? Cause it kinda looks like it." He asked taking a seat at the bar. I followed suit and sat beside him. "It's bout my husband. We're having issues. But no he doesn't beat me. He's a good guy." "What kinda issues?" "The kind I'm not sure how to fix.

We've both cheated. You'd think that'd make us even, but he slept with my best friend. I can't seem to move past it. He's willing to move on, but I can't.

I don't know what to do." "Wow. That's tough… Hmmm…" "It gets worse&hellip. I cheated, then found out he cheated, then went crazy and cheated more." "Damn. Well if it's a competition I'd say you won." He practically laughed. "Not funny! I'm not trying to win… well maybe I am just a little." "Now that sounds like the woman I dated." "Again… Not funny." "Sorry.

Can I help if I find it a tad bit hilarious to hear that even this 'knight in shining armor' couldn't tame you?" "I never referred to him as a 'knight in shining armor'.

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And he didn't have to 'tame' me as you put it. He really is a good guy, and besides the one screw up he's been a great husband. And a great father." I defended. "Then what's the hold up?


If he's so amazing why's it so hard for you to let go? I don't get it…" "I don't know&hellip. I guess I expected more from him. He was the one non-loser in my life. The one who I thought would never lie to me. The only guy I ever allowed myself to really trust.

You know me and my trust issues&hellip." "Hey I never lied to you. And yea I remember&hellip. You expect everyone to be as open and honest as you.

I'm not saying that's wrong, but some people can't live up to that. People make mistakes. You're not immune to mistakes yourself if I recall." "I know you never lied, and I get what you're saying, but I married him because I felt I could trust him, and now I feel like it's all been shattered!" "Relax gorgeous! You do realize you're in control here? You need him to be honest and don't think he's capable, then leave him. You think he's learned his lesson and can change, then stay with him.

Pretty simple actually." He made sense. A lot of sense. "You're right! I've been focusing on the wrong thing." There was a knock at the door. It was the pizza guy. He paid the pizza man and set the box on the bar and sat back down.

"So what else is new?" "Not much. Kids are good. The baby is starting to crawl. I've been thinking bout going back to school." "Really? Well that's good to hear. What you gonna go for?" "Not sure yet… I'm debating. How bout yourself? What's new?" It was good making small talk.

After eating we picked through his movies and agreed on a comedy. I was starting to crave a joint. "Hey you get it set up and I'm gonna go have a cig." I told him. "You and those damn cigs. Bad girl." He smiled my way and winked. "You have no idea…" I said leaving the apartment. I glanced around to be sure I was alone. I lit a joint, took a few good puffs inhaling deep, and then lit my cigarette. Once I finished the cig I took a couple more hits off the joint, put it out and hid it away back in my purse.

When I reentered the apartment he had folded out the futon and was laying on his side facing the TV. "Come on." He said patting the space beside him. I knew better, but ignored my inner voice and got beside him.

We laid there on our sides watching the movie. We were halfway into it when he wrapped his arm around my middle and scooted me closer to him. I could feel his bulge poking my ass through the layers of material.

I pretended not to notice. His hand started slowly massaging my abdomen. Then his lips were leaving soft kisses along my neck. A small moan escaped me. I couldn't help it, it felt good and he'd been so nice. The promise I made my husband entered my mind. I turned my face toward him to object his advances, but was interrupted with a sensuous kiss. I opened my lips slightly, allowing his tongue room to explore.

I was so caught up in the kiss I didn't notice him working on the button of my jeans, or when he lowered the zipper. I did notice when his hand slipped in my pants and cupped my bare pussy.

I hadn't bothered to wear panties.

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His fingers ignored my clit and went straight for my prize, first one then a second and finally a third invading my now hot wet hole. I was too far gone to bother stopping him, even if I'd wanted to.

It was an incredible feeling his fingers gliding and his palm press against my clit. His skill level was fantastic; he always did know what buttons to push. I was quickly approaching bliss, like putty in his hands. "Oh yes, just like that! Yes… yes&hellip. YES!" I'd reached my peak and was slowly drifting back to reality. "Guess I haven't lost my touch." He was proud of himself.

"Not one bit." I beamed. He moved to straddle me, lifting his shirt over his head as he did so. I was taken back. He'd definitely added muscle since we'd been apart.

"Yummy." I thought. He worked his hands under my tank, pushing both my shirts up and off my body. I used my stomach muscles to hold my upper body up so that I could reach behind and unclasp my bra, finally revealing my large tits.

"Bigger! I like!" He sounded like a horny caveman. "One bonus from added fat&hellip." "Fat? Girl you got curves in all the right places!" "You think?" "Hell yea! I've had to contain my hard-on since you first walked in!" "Let me take care of that then…" I said working his belt off. He got up dropping his drawers, setting his cock free. It sprang forward pointing at me. I sat upright, licked my lips, and opened my mouth to welcome him in. I took in just the head, sucking in a teasing fashion.

My one hand tugged lightly on his balls, and my other stroked his shaft. I too knew how to push his buttons. Flicking my tongue on that sensitive spot at the base of the head, I felt his balls tighten. I began to suck harder.

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"Ugh!" He groaned. My hand stroked faster. I could taste the pre-cum, he was close. "Ugh… ugh… ugh! Oh FUCK!" I felt the first spurt shoot the back of my throat. I suppressed my immediate gag reflex. A few more spurts and he was spent. I was quick to swallow every drop. "Oh wow! I gotta sit after that…" He said plopping down on the futon.

"Stand for me beautiful, I wanna take a look at that pretty pussy." I stood before him and stripped off my only remaining garment. "Good you still keep it bald." He complimented.

"Duh! You know how I hate hair!" I said patting his bald head. "What happened to the piercing?" "I stopped wearing it a long time ago. Hubby thought it got in the way." "Strange man&hellip." He muttered. "Turn. I wanna see the booty." As I rotated I heard an audible GASP from him.

"What the hell happened to you?" "Just a bit of spanking&hellip. No big deal." I brushed it off. "If you don't wanna talk bout it that's up to you." "Yea I'd really rather not." "Does it hurt?" He asked grazing his palm along one cheek. "Not anymore." "Perfect. I was thinkin bout trying an old fav." "Yay!" I grinned wide.

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With his massive muscles and athletic strength we were always able to perform positions not possible with most other guys I'd dated. "We gotta get him back up first." "Gimmie one of those famous lap dances… Those always got me worked up." "I don't know, I'm probably rusty." "It's like riding a bike… Now just hop on." "There's no music…" "You're not getting out of this.

I met you at a strip club in case you forgot…" "Oh that would explain the pole!" I said jokingly. "Come on… Work that ass the way I know you can!" "Fine… Fine I'll do it." I backed my ass into his crotch as he remained seated there on the futon and began gyrating. Rotating my hips like I was playing with a hula hoop in slow motion was his weakness.

It didn't matter if I used to strip, I still felt ridiculous grinding on him then. His hardening cock told me he was pleased though.

"I think he's ready…" He pointed out the obvious. That was my cue, so I turned to face him and straddled his lap. Once he'd guided his cock in, I started humping away.

"Easy… Or you'll set him off before the finale." He cautioned. "Getting him back up was never a problem." "I'm not as young as I used to be… plus I don't have a ton of time here." "Oh right… work… blah." "Yea work, so don't just sit there." With that I went back to humping, but at a slower velocity.

I snaked my arms around his neck as he took a firm grip of my ass and rose to his feet. My legs wrapped their way around his torso allowing him to bounce me up and down his cock while he stood there. The stimulation on my g-spot was amazing at that angle. I tossed my head back moaning loudly enough the neighbor's neighbors would hear. I clinched ahold of his rod with my tight pussy. He controlled all aspects of our fucking while in that position, I was only along for the ride.

He had the ability to keep me up in the air bouncing on his cock for eternity. Every second I was rolling from one peak to the next.


One orgasm building upon the previous. Determined to bring him to the point of explosion I did what I knew would drive him wild, I talked dirty. "Oh yea fuck my pussy! Fuck me hard! Cum in me motherfucker! Oh shit! Tear up that cunt! Ooo yea that cock feels so fucking good! Oh fuck! Fuck! FFFFUUUCCCKKKK!!!!!!" My tits flopping around like crazy the harder he fucked me against him.

"You want me to cum? Huh? You want me to shoot in you? Yea that's it tighten that pussy! Oh yea! Oh oh! Mmmmmmm! Mmmm mmmm HMMMHMMM YES!" He squirted his load so hard.

He collapsed back down to the futon taking me with him.

My head rested against his chest while we tried to lower our racing heart rates. My pulse eventually slowed. "Well that was fun." I said raising my head to look at him. "And then some…" "It's official, I'm exhausted." "I hear ya!

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Think I'm takin a nap before work…" "I better head out then… leave you to your rest." I figured it was time to be going anyhow; I'd done enough as it was. "Hey gorg, do me a favor… You tell your hubby bout this all you want, but I don't want him showing up here in some jealous rage, k?" "He's not the type to fly off like that." "You sure bout that?" He questioned patting my ass to prove a point.

"Yea yea I'm sure…" I hoped. He was passed out before I'd even finished dressing. "Am I really so positive he won't act out." I wondered to myself. And how would my husband be able to accept yet another betrayal? Time would soon tell…