Naked oriental teen gets studs to flood her with sperm on face

Naked oriental teen gets studs to flood her with sperm on face
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Victim of the bad girls club Scarlett was a stunningly attractive girl and amazingly successful, owning her own restraint/bar at only nineteen. She had called it Downworld after designing the place gothicly it was one of a kind attracting a lot of young adults.

Though Scarlett's success and beauty, she hadn't been with a guy since her heart had been broken at the young age of seventeen. She still hadn't really gotten over Ronnie; they had been best friends for ten years and together for three of those years.

Then he just left her behind, Like she had meant nothing.

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It was a Saturday night and Downworld was packed, low on staff Scarlett was out with her staff waitressing to keep the orders flowing. She wasn't dressed like the other waitresses although their outfits were Downworld themed gothic with a hint of sexy. Scarlett's outfit was head turning; thigh high black lace up heels, fishnets and a tight black corset dress.

Complete with Her long midnight black hair had one blood red streak on the right side, her green eyes highlighted by thick black eyeliner.

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"Can I get you boys anything?" she asked a group of guys standing beside the bar. "Your number" one of them said with a cocky smile. "it would cost you more than anything you could possibly offer, can I get you anything else" she replies without a hint of emotion. "I dough that I have a lot to offer such a fine lady as yourself" the guy said. "I'm married" Scarlett lied. "Where's the ring?" he asked taking her hand.

"Getting refitted" she raised an eye brow, taking back her hand. "What's his name?" he gave a half smile. "jac.nnie" she stumbled changing her mind half way though. "jacnnie, not a name I've heard before" he grinned. "Its French" Scarlett added. Why was this guy being so insistent?

She though. Looking him over for the first time. He wasn't bad looking at all, his black hair was a little shaggy hanging over his right eye in a sort of bangs type way, His eyes were a cute mysterious grey colour. He was well dressed with a long black leather coat which hung open showing a grey waiste coat, white shirt and loosely done up black tie along with tight black skinny jeans. He would be a shorter than Scarlett if she wasn't wearing the heels.

"Yeh that's ball shit" he smiled at her. "Maybe it is, maybe it isn't. It's not any of your business, so do you want a drink or not?" Scarlett asked getting a little irritated. "Maybe I want it to be my business" he replied. "Good luck with that" she said and walked away going to the next customer. "What can I get you?" she asked the women.

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"Three single gin and tonics" the women said. Scarlett pulled up three glasses and took a measure to the gin pouring one in each glass then toping it up with tonic. "Hey" his voice came aigen. She looked up from pouring the drinks screwing the top back on the bottle. "Yes?" she asked. "I'm sorry I was being a dick, please can I just get a chance to talk to you?" he asked nicely. "I'm working" she replied turning to the women she was serving "that's £13.50 please" the women hands over a twenty and Scarlett goes to get the change before handing it to her.

"When do you get off?" he asked when I return. Scarlett looked at him a moment "I'm not a girl in your game, run along and play" she said looking him dead in the eye. "I'm not playing" he replied. "I'm busy please there are loads of other girls go talk to one of them" she said "I don't want any other girl" he smiled.

"Look you're a cute sexy guy but I'm busy and not interested" Scarlett told him about to walk away. "How do you know if you don't give me a chance?" he asked making her stop walking. "I don't" Scarlett say turning around. "Take a risk" he smiles. "What's your name?" She asks. "Sonny" he says. "I'm Scarlett, stay until it gets quitter.

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Then I'll give you your chance" Scarlett smiles at him. She couldn't believe she had let him win, no he hadn't won yet. The hours ticked on and on. Scarlett lost sight of him after a while, she assumed he had gotten bored and finally left her alone.

It became quitter she decided to go retreat to her office to catch up on paper work. She only got read the first line when there was a knock on her door. "Come in?" she said, expecting it to be one of her staff members. But instead she was met by his grey eyes and a cute half smile. "you didn't tell me you owned Downworld" Sonny said. "you didn't ask" She replied. "fair point" he said going over to the sofa next to Scarlett's desk.

their was an awkward silence as they both took each other in. Scarlett liked his legs, they were skinny but still had something to grab onto. Omg! Why was she thinking about that? It had been years since she had even though about a guy in this way.

He moved to the edge of the sofa closest to her, slowly wheeling her chair toward him so they were face to face. "Sonny when I said to stay behind, I didn't mean t-"she started but was cut off my his lips pushing ageist hers. she pushed him away, in shock. "sorry, I couldn't help myself" he said looking down awkwardly.

Scarlett felt like she was sixteen aigen but this time it wasn't Ronnie who sat in front of her it was Sonny. Her puce began to quicken and she knew it was a feeling she had denied herself since Ronnie had broken her heart. She didn't feel broken, not right now. She felt deep lust toward this man sat in front of her. She didn't think about it, her body was in control now. She pushed herself onto his lap facing him. Sonny looked up in surprise, and then her lips were on his. he kissed her back, unaware of what he had created inside of Scarlett.

A need that had been building up for two years, needed realising. She let the feeling over take her every breath, her hands pulling on him to bring him closer. His lips moving down to her neck kissing her rapidly, she gasps closing her eyes. her fingers going throw his hair. he moves back up to her lips and she moves him to lye on the sofa her sitting over him. he looks up at her. Scarlett pulls off her dress revealing a cute black push up bra and a matching lacy thong.

His hands insistently explore the hour glass curve of her hips. Scarlett yanks off his coat then starts unbuttoning his waiste coat followed by his shirt. Revealing a hot muscular chest, she bites her lip. "You like?" he asks sitting up so he can kiss at her neck aigen. "mmmm so much" she says her hands gently tracing his chest feeling ever muscle.

He lets his shirt and waiste coat fall onto the sofa behind him, his chest only coved by a loosely done up tie. Scarlett could feel his cock hard under her, maybe we should play a game she though.

She got to her feet, putting her leg up on the sofa "take off my shoes" she commands him. he undoes the zip on the side kissing her knee and foot and he slides it off her. then aigen with the other. Scarlett pulls off her fishnets and throws them at him with a cute giggle. She pulls him up and takes him over to her desk.

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sonny stands behind her as she bends over the desk her perfect perky arse sticking out, he steps closer pressing her arse to his jeans. She could feel his hard cock under his jeans pushing ageist her.

"making me want to fuck you Scarlett" he says. "then fuck me sonny, get that big hard cock into my tight pussy" she begs.

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he strokes her pussy throw her thong, feeling it soaking the fabric. He pulls it down, his fingers playing with her clit teasingly. She moans griping the desk with both hands.

He pushes one finger into her pussy feeling it tight and wet. He pulls it out tasting her, before pushing it in aigen this time with two fingers. She moans closing her eyes. he starts moving them back and forth, slowly getting faster.


She cant take it anymore. turning around she undoes his jeans pulling them off then pulls his cock out his boxers.


Scarlett couldn't believe the size she wanted to taste. She kneels down in front of him and licks his shaft, before taking in only the top of his cock she sucks. Sonny moves her hair any watching her, as she slowly brings most of it into her mouth trying to go as deep as she can. She starts to gag and pulls it back out. She holds onto his hips pulling his cock into his mouth and she moves her mouth toward it. she sucks him faster and harder.

he swears under his breath watching. She pulls off his boxers and stands back up bending over the table aigen. Sonny doesn't have to be asked. He pushes his cock into her pussy, Scarlett gasping with pleaser. He pulls out then slams back into her.

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Scarlett moaning deeply. He does it again and again. "oooo sonny" she moans. Only making him go deeper and faster her arse jiggling with every thrust. He pulls out of her and she sits up onto of the desk lying back and putting her legs on his shoulders.

He puts his hard cock back into her pussy letting her feel the depth it can go, she moans and gasps. He leans down kissing her. her hand going under her back unpingging her bra. He pulls it off letting his hands play with her boobs as he pushs faster in and out in and out. She moans begs for more. He brings her close to climax his fingers rubbing her clit as he pushs into her. agien and agien. "I'm goin to cum" she moans at him. holding onto his hips.

"me too" he says.

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Somehow going even faster. She starts to scream. His cock begin to throb. She gasps as his cum shoots into her.