Hot straight twinks suck cock for some cash

Hot straight twinks suck cock for some cash
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The publishing rules say that everyone in these stories has to be at least 16 so even though the story is totally fiction, everyone in it is at least 16. Enjoy. __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Like I often did, at breakfast I told Mom that after school I was going over to Tim's house to play video games.

We decided that we wanted to play one that I had but he did not so before going to his house, I went to mine to get the game. As I walked down my street, I saw a car pull up and park about a house away. I didn't think anything about it till I saw a man that I did not know get out and walk up to my front door.

I stopped and watched. The door opened and he walked in. After a couple of minutes I walked up to the house. Looking in the front window, I could see Mom and this man holding each other and kissing. He had one hand gripping her breast. They parted. Mom took his hand and led him down the hall towards the bedrooms. I thought about rushing in and stopping what was happening but decided to go around the house and seeing what I could see. When I got to Mom and Dad's bedroom window, their curtains were open just enough so that I could peek in.

They were standing next to the bed.


Mom was taking off her blouse and the man was pulling down his pants. It didn't take long before they were both naked. I knew that Mom had a nice body. I had seen her many times in a bathing suit but never fully naked. I felt my cock hardening as I watched. Mom was 35, tall, slim and had tits that must have been 34-C's that hardly sagged at all.

She dropped to her knees in front of him. I don't think he was much older than 20. He was about six feet tall and really fit. His rock hard seven inches stood straight out in front of him. Then I could not see it anymore because it was gone in my mother's mouth.

She put both hands on his ass cheeks and he put one hand behind her head. I watched as her head slid up and down on his prick. She was taking almost all of it in her mouth and then coming out so just the head was still in her mouth.


The longer she did it, the faster she did it. Soon her nose was pushing into his pubic hair. His cock had to be going down her throat. I could just barely hear them thru the slightly open window. He was talking dirty to her.

"Suck my cock you nasty slut. Suck it hard and deep. Your throat is better than your fuckin' cunt, whore. Make me come in your mouth and then show it to me before your swallow it.

I'm sure glad that Frank told me what a good cock sucker you are." Frank? Who is Frank? He must be another guy that Mom is fucking on the side. The thought of calling Dad and having him rush home and catch Mom crossed my mind but I let it go and just kept watching.

After a couple of minutes the guy my mom was sucking off tipped his head back, moaned, held her head still and he blew his rocks off in my mother's mouth while she grabbed his balls. "Oh fuck. Take that, whore. Take a fuckin' mouth load of my shit." His hips make several little twitches as he poured a load into my mother's sucking mouth.

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I saw cum leaking out of the sides of her mouth and drip down on her chin. Mom pulled off of his pecker. Looked up at him and opened her mouth. "Keep it there, you cock sucking pig. Gargle my cum and then swallow it like the cum hungry whore you are." I could hear Mom gargle and then she swallowed and again showed him her mouth but this time it was empty. She scooped up what had escaped her mouth with her fingers and sucked them clean.

She smiled up at him. "OK, clean my prick. Suck it clean, Slut." Mom put him back in her mouth and cleaned his spent manhood. "I bet now you would like me to eat that whore pussy of yours.

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Tell me what a slut you are. Tell me to eat your cunt. Beg me to eat you out." Still on her knees, Mom said, "Yes, I'm a dirty whore. I need to be fucked by anything with a cock. I need to be your fuck toy. Please eat me. I need it so bad. I want your mouth between my legs. I want to feel you bite my clit. Bite it hard. I need you to eat my filthy whore cunt. Please. Please. Please." "OK Slut. Get on the fuckin' bed and spread your legs wide.

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Play with yourself. Rub your clit and finger fuck yourself.

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Get yourself going or I won't do a fuckin' thing for you." Mom jumped on the bed and attacked her own pussy with one hand while squeezing one of her tits with the other hand.

The guy stood next to the bed and slapped her other tit while she was doing it. He pinched her jaw till her mouth opened and then he spit in it. He grabbed a nipple and pulled it hard. Mom moaned and buried her hand deeper in her fuck hole. I couldn't help myself. I pulled my cock out and started beating off while I watched.

It was probably less than a minute before I splashed cum all over the side of the house. I would have to come back and wash that off. I was not a virgin but I had not been with too many girls yet. I had only had one blowjob. He let Mom get herself well worked up and then said, "OK, I think you have earned a little pleasure. He got on the bed and put his face to my mother's cunt.

I watched him eat her out till she came and screamed thru a hard orgasm. "Fuck me now. I need your wonderful big cock buried in my cunt. I need it in me. I need to feel you fill my cunt with your hot cum. Fuck me now!" He pulled up between her legs and easily slid into her wet hole. "Oh." She moaned, "Yes. Fuck me. Pound my cunt with your big hard cock. Fuck me. Fuck me." She thrust her hips up to meet his thrusts.

Mom grabbed her tits and rolled her head from side to side while moaning and saying over and over, "Yes.


Yes. Fuck me. Yes." He must have keep pounding my mother hard and for at least ten minutes and she had several orgasms, some big and some small while she keep begging him for more.

While this was going on, I added another layer of my cum to the side of the house. Finally he growled and filled her with his spunk. He pulled out and without being told to, she spun around and took his shrinking, slime covered cock in her mouth and cleaned it of all of their fluids that were covering it.

"Dam I wish I could piss right now. I would love to piss down your whore throat. Maybe next time I'll bring a couple of my friends with me. How would you like that?" "Yes. Please bring them. I'll fuck and suck all of you." He laughed, "Maybe we should come when your husband and son are home and all fuck you in front of them." In a frightened tone of voice my mother replied, "No.

No you can't do that. Even though I know my husband has a girlfriend, he would leave me in a minute if he found out that I let anybody else fuck me, especially guys that are not very much older than my son. The first time I let Frank fuck me, he promised that if I fucked him and his friends that he would make sure that my husband never found out." He dressed and left the room and the house.

Mother stayed on the bed. She pushed her fingers in and out of her pussy and then brought them to her mouth and sucked them. She did that several times before she got up and went into the bathroom.

I went to my friend's house and about an hour later I went home. He asked why I took so long and I just shrugged my shoulders. I went home and Mom acted like everything was normal.

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Soon after that, Dad returned home from work and we sat down for supper. I went into her room while she was not home and spread the curtains just a little more so I could get a better look. Twice more I watched thru my mother's window while she committed adultery. Once with Frank and once with Tom, the guy I had first seen her with. The third time, I decided to use my digital camera and record what I saw. I could enjoy watching it again later.

This time Tom did bring two friends with him and I made a video of my mother getting gangbanged. She said that it was her first time with more than one guy but that she really was wanting to try it. From what I saw there was no doubt that she really liked it and made sure that all they guys did too. Over the next several days, I watched the video twice and jerked off while I did. Then I had an idea. I went to the living room. "Mom, I've just finished a project.

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I want you to watch it with me and let me know what you think." I put the DVD in the player, sat next to Mom and pushed the play button. 514