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Aische Pervers 1 Liter Säugende
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It was new years eve and like most people we had invited some friends over for a party. As the evening progressed there seemed to be more and more people, alot of which I didn't know. The party ended around 1:30 in the morning new years day and oh! what a mess the house was.

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Though fairly drunk my room mates and I started cleaning up, not wanting to face the mess later. Sharonone of my room mates began tellimg dirty jokes as we cleaned. I swear I don't know were she comes up with them but, she soon had Tammy my other room mate and I laughing aloud and Sharon began a game of pinching our butts as we passed each other in the cleaning prossess. Sharon is cute with shoulder lenght slightly curly blonde hair, blue eyes, more than ample beasts, a nice shaped butt, and stands a full five feet eleven inches tall.

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Tammy on the other hand is very pretty with brown eyes, straight brown hair almost down to her perfectly shaped butt, she has small breasts but, as I see again this morning nipples that poke out nearly an inch. As for myself I have straight red hair down to the middle of my back, green eyes, what I feel are ample breasts which at this moment support very hard nipples, and what I think is a cute butt.

All three of us continued to drink as we cleaned and the butt pinching turned to nipple pinching which was getting me pretty excited.

When we finished cleanig up I though we would all go to our rooms and go to sleep but it seems that between the dirty jokes, nipple pinching and twisting none of us were ready for sleep yet.

Sharon found a deck of cards and began to shuffle them. She had a strange smile on her face as she announced the game was going to be strip poker. When I looked over at Tammy I saw that she too had a strange smile on her face as will. I was both pretty buzzed and excited and agreed to play the game. As Sharon continued to shuffle she explained the rules. Five card draw, nothing wild, highest hand wins, the winner has two minutes to place each loser in any position they choose and remove an article of clothing, she also added that kissing, fondling, licking, and sucking were part of the game.

Now not only were my nipples hard but I could feel my pussy getting very moist. She asked Tammy to go to the kitchen and bring back the baking timer. When Tammy came back with the timer Sharon began dealing the cards. I'm sure she must have set up the deck because she won the first hand with four aces.

She set the timer for two minutes, stood up, walked to were Tammy was sitting and told her to stand up. Wasting no time she removed Tammy's tank top and started playing with Tammy's already very erect nipples thru her bra and at the same time began kissing her.

At the sight of this I began unknownly to squirm in my chair, it seemed so sexy. When the timer went off Sharon gave Tammy one last kiss, turned to me and ordered me to stand.


She removed my shirt and began fondling my breasts and deeply kissing me. I had never kissed or touched another woman before and as her hands pulled and twisted my nipples thru the thin fabric of the bra I was wearing I felt that I was about to lose control.

Just then the timer went off again, she gave me one last kiss and returned to her seat. She dealt the next round of cards and won the round with four kings. I called her a cheater, she didn't say a word in response.

She stood up and again approched Tammy ordering her to sit on my lap facing me, she then removed Tammy's bra, I now had a clear veiw of Tammy's tits, her nipples were long and hard as rocks. I couldn't help myself I started licking and sucking on her right nipple, her nipple felt so good in my mouth that I wasn't even aware that Sharon was doing the same to Tammy' left nipple.

By now Tammy was squirmimg in my lap and softly moaning. Again the timer went off, and Sharon ordered Tammy and I to swap places with me sitting on Tammy's lap facing her, she removed my thin bra and once again started pulling and twisting my rock hard nipples, she took one hand a pulled Tammy's head towards my right breast, and with out any hesitation she began sucking my nipple into her mouth and Sharon went to work on my left nipple, now I was squirming in Tammy's lap and about to cum when that dam timer went off again.

I was breathing hard and my heart was racing, by now I knew the crouch of my panties were soaking wet. The next hand Tammy won.


She had Sharon sit on my lap and removed her top revieling her large bra covered breast, her nipples protruding against the fabric I reach out a fondled her big tits, twisting and pulling her hard nipples and kissed her soft lips. Tammy just stood smilling and watched. The timer went off again. Tammy had Sharon remove herself from my lap and ordered me to stand, she removed my skirt and let it fall to the floor.

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She then began kissing me softly at first, then deeply with one hand on my left breast and the other reaching between my legs to my wet panty covered pussy, Sharon was helping herself to my right tit licking ,sucking ,and lightly bitting my nipple, I was moaning loudly now and moving my hips to the pace of Tammy's rubbing of my crouch. I was about to cum when the timer went off again.

Dam that timer!. I suggested we get rid of it but Sharon said it had to stay, after all it was part of the game. This time I won the hand and had Sharon stand, I took her bra off and quickly began licking and sucking her nipples moving back and forth from tit to tit like they were candy, I moved my hand down and started to rub her crouch thru her tight jeans, She started to moan as my sucking and rubbing became harder and harder.

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When the timer went off I didn't stop and soon Tammy ordered me to stop. I complied even though I didn't want to. My mind was spinning but somehow I remembered that it was now my turn with Tammy. She had on a low cut pair of pants that made her ass look perfect and I wasted no time in removing them. Underneath she wore white lace panties which I soon found were soaking wet as I rubbed her pussy. I kissed her like I had never kissed anyone before, working my fingers on her pantie cover pussy and my tongue in her mouth.

This time I didn't even hear the timer as Sharon made me stop. Tammy won the next hand, she went to Sharon, unbottoned her jeanspulled them down and started licking, kissing and sucking on the crouch of her light blue tight fitting panties that were already wet with her pussy juice.

Sharon was moaning loudly and moving her hips to allow Tammy better access to her warm wet panty cover pussy. Tammy somehow heard the timer and stop what she was doing, turned towards me, told me to stand, removed my panties, then she told me to sit back in the chair and put my legs on the arm rests, I of course complied closed my eyes and soon felt her fingers probing my pussy she started with one finger, then two, then three, I moved my hips to the pace of her fingers going in and out of my soaking wet pussy.

The next thing I knew she was sucking on my clit, with three fingers in me and my clit wrapped in her lips I came and came and came. Before Tammy decided she was done she removed her fingers from my cum soaked pussy and stuck her tongue in as deep as she could, licking and swallowing every last drop of my cum.

I didn't know if I could continue playing this game, as I was already so satisfied but I shook my head to clear it and was able to keep going. My turn I won the hand. I went to Sharon, had her lay down on the floor, removed her panties and started kissing, licking and sucking on her inter thighs and as I moved up towards her pussy It was the first time I had ever caught the scent of a womans pussy, I now knew that I just had to taste Sharons pussy juices.

I started to kiss all around her warm mound, then kissed right on it, using my tongue I parted her pussy lips and stuck my tongue in her as deep as I could, she tasted like heaven, I found her clit with my tongue wrapped my lips around it, sucked it hard as I could all the while licking it with all my might.

Sharon's hole body began to shake and her pussy started to quiver as my tongue worked on her clit, suddenly her legs clamped around my head as she violently jerked again and again.

She kept cumming for a long while as licked and licked and sucked her clit.

I don't know when the timer went off but when I looked up Tammy was playing with her own pussy, I could not resist, I placed my mouth on her mound and licked and suck it until she came hard.

By now I was exausted and we all fell asleep. I woke to Sharon licking my clit and Tammy sucking my nipples, I came harded and more than I ever knew possible.

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I certainly had a happy new year and hope yuo did too!