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Mulher transando com travesti dotada
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Naruto's School Experience Pt.2 "When we last left off Hinata FINALLY admitting she loved Naruto. He loves her as well but they cannot be together. The clan rules state that in order to marry the hier Hyuuga, you must win a 5 stage tournament. Then the ceremony will take place after the preperations are made.

Married For Life." Hinata cried herelf to sleep that night, knowing full well that her father had to call a tournament when she announced that she was in love. She thought of a way for her and Naruto to be together but nothing came to mind.

The same problem occured with Naruto that night. He loved Hinata and would do anything go anywhere to be with her. He wanted her, No, He Needed her. Without her he would just be an empty shell of a man."Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha" a deep and all to familiar voice rumbled within his body. "Boy, when will you learn that all you need is me." When Naruto opened his sleepy eyes, he was in the 9-Tailed Fox's lair. "FOX" Naruto yelled, " I don't need you! I NEVER needed you.

All i want at this point is Hinata!" The emotion in his words were starting to make Naruto cry, all he was saying was true. He loved Hinata, and he certanily didn't need the stupid 9-tailed fox to help him. "Naruto, when will you learn respect!?" The fox flung Naruto across the chamber. "If it were not for me you would be dead long ago!" "Or are you so blinded by love that you forgot?" Naruto knew the fox was right, without him both Naruto and the fox would be dead.

The fox saved Naruto's ass more times then he cared to mention. "All right i get it fox, i do need you but not this time. You don't understand how I feel, you never will. I love Hinata, I would do anything for her." Even though it was dark in the chamber Naruto could clearly see the fox's wicked smile.

" It just so happens that I have a deal to make with you Naruto." The fox said clearly sure that Naruto would accept. "Forget it fox, there is no way I would ever make a deal with you." "Oh, really? Then you can forget about being with that stupid Hyuuga. Without me to aid you in the tournament, you will surely lose or even die at an opponents hands." Naruto knew the fox would be right, in the Hyuuga tournament, only the best 5 fighters from the hidden villages compete.


Since Naruto would represent the Leaf Ninja, he had to worry about the Sand, Mist, Cloud, and Rock ninjas. He knew that they would all be competing for the next heir to the Hyuuga name. "What is your deal Fox?" The fox grinned manically. "Well the way I see it, the stronger you are, the better a chance for survival, If you die I die, that is what this accursed seal is meant for." "Get to the fucking point Fox!" Naruto suddenly flew back about 10 feet.

The fox didn't take well to being told what to do. "Learn your place boy! Or I'll put you in it." "Now then, the deal is that if you win the tournament, I get set free." " Are you Fucking crazy?!! There is no way that I would ever agree to that." "Then we have nothing left to discuss, boy." The room began to look hazy and Naruto knew that he was going back to reality.

If he wanted to win he would have to make a deal with the devil. "Wait!" The fox looked back at Naruto and said "Well, changed your mind have you?" "No, but I have a better deal in mind." Naruto was transported back to his room, and it was around 7:00 a.m.

in the morning. He had spent alot of time in his own mind, but even though he got no sleep, he could not be more awake. Later that afternoon he stopped by the training grounds to get some jutsu work in for the upcoming tournament that was yet to be announced.

While he was training, he heard someone behind him, It was Sakura of all people. "Uh H.Hi Sakura, what' up?" Naruto said as he stopped his jutsu in progress. " NARUTO, WHAT DID YOU DO?!!!!" Naruto suddenly found himself in a corner backing away from Sakura as fast as he could. "What did I do?" He was about to make a run for it when out of the blue, something hit him in the head and he was knocked out.again. But this time he didn't wake to the one he loved, instead he awoke to being tied up out in the training grounds, with his pants off!

" Wha.What the FUCK!!!!??" As he said that he noticed Sakura come around the corner with his pants on her shoulder. "Sakura what the fuck is wrong with you?" " Oh Naruto shut up and let me explain, you see earlier while you were training, the village was called to a big meeting, and it was explained that Hinata found someone she loves, so her father called a tournament to find her future husband." " What does that have to do with me having my pants off??" "If you shut up for 5 minutes I can get to that.

Jeez" "Anyways, the one that Hinata loves is not to be announced until the tournament, due to the fact that noone wants anyone to interfere with him." " Hinata, however broke it to me last week that she loves you to death." Naruto trying to act dumb in the situation hopefully long enough to cut free, wasn't really working so well. " What do you mean Hinata loves me?" " God your a dumbass." "Look I know that you and Hinata are dating, I heard you in the closet with her the other day." " Wait, that was you?

What were you doing?" Sakura began to blush quite noticably, and Naruto thogutht "Oh god no, please anything but that." Without warning Sakura went over to Naruto and began to stroke his dick. "I was following you because after Hinata told me what she felt, and after what I saw, I realized that I also love you." Fuck, that is all that Naruto thought, the 2 girls I love in the WHOLE village are after me. By this point Sakura was well into blowing Naruto, slowly licking his shaft, balls, and head.

Then she took him in her mouth and started to deepthroat him. Damn that felt good, but he couldn't say it due to the fact that saying so might egg Sakura on more. She countinually deepthroated, licked and sucked him until he felt that all to familiar feeling in his balls.

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"Sa.Sakura im going to cum!" " Go on, cum, I need that hot cum of yours Naruto." That was all it took, Naruto began convulsing and thrusted forward into Sakura's open mouth while starting to spew his seed all over her face.

After about 5 spurts he lay his head against the tree while Sakura scooped his cum off her face into her open mouth. "Mmmmm, that tastes so good Naruto." After no sleep, and cumming Naruto passed out due to exhaustion.

naruto awoke with a jolt, and realized that he was in his room with his pants on, and Sakura was nowhere to be seen. "What do I do now?" He thought. He couldn't have both Sakura AND Hinata. He looked over at his clock and realized that he slept for about 11 hours. It was around 8 at night. Eating a quick bowl of chicken ramen he ran back outside to train on his newly devloped jutsu for the upcoming tournament.

Meanwhile.The fox residing in Naruto's mind was thinking, " I can't believe he made that sort of deal with me. This should prove to be a very intersting tournament." 2 weeks later.

The letters were delivered to the 4 other Hidden villages, the ninjas were assembled, the tournament rules were read, and the people gathered. The tournament was about ot begin. For the first hour, the combatents were introduced, the ninja of course were of the Lead Hyuuga's choice.

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Hinata's choice of course was Naruto. The announcer began to call the certain village, and their representative. Naruto being the choice of Hinata was allowed to study up on the combatents. He learned that all these people were in line to be that villages Kage. This would be nothing short of damn excruciating fighting.

Ninjas are one thing, but the next Kages? Come on that wasn't fair. The first to step in front of the crowd was the Mist village ninja. His name was Kata, and his special move was being able to force water out of the air, and ground.

That meant that there would be nowhere to run if Naruto faced him. The next ninja was the Sand ninja. His name was Zomozu, and he was renound for his speed and fighting style. People said he could hit 100 targets in the air with kunai in 5 seconds.

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Naruto couldn't let him get in close at all. The next ninja was the Cloud ninja.

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And it was a girl! naruto couldn't kill a girl. Then again she looked like Temari so she was scary. Her name was Ren, and her abilities were somewhat special.

She had the ability to slow time down, passed down in her family.


She would be a tough fight at the least. The last combatent was a mystery, He was the Rock ninja, but noone knew much about him.

His name was Angus and that was about it. No special abilities were listed. Naruto would have to watch him carefully. Now as far as the rules of the tournament go It is either kill or be killed.

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No timeout, Ring out, Break, just death or victory. As the chosen of Hinata Naruto got to choose his 1st opponent. He chose Zomozu. The battle lasted for about 30 mins when Zomozu ran out of kunai and stars, and Nauto used a kunai to slit his throat. He didn't like to kill but it was the only way to be with Hinata. Naruto was allowed to rest for the rest of the day.

He was pretty banged up from the fight. 2 broken ribs, and a Fuck-load of scars. Sakura came over to heal him, but no blowjob this time. He was thankful for that but also disapointed. Naruto really didn't sleep that well, that night.

In Hiashi's chambers stalked an assassian bent on delivering a message to the Hyuugas. But as he krept closer to Hiashi's bedside, he felt what was like 1000 punches at once. He died from hemoriging. Neji had managed to save his teacher, and Hisahi awoke when he heard the messanger's body hit the ground.

In his hand was a letter, and Hiashi read it. Shocked he told Neji to collect the 4 ninja remaining for an emergency meeting. When they were assembled, most still half-asleep, Hiashi barged in. "i have called you 4 in here to tell of a plot against my family." "Hinata was kidnapped earlier today by some assassians bent on a good show. They want a final match tommorow, where the winner will be crowned the fiance of my daughter. We will comply or they will kill Hinata." Naruto swallowed hard, and was overcome with anger.

" They want the match to be a 4-way between you." Hiashi pointed to the group of elite ninja at the table.

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The next day a very energetic crowd was informed of the 4-way match and went nuts. Ninjas had to be deployed to keep the peace. So at noon the 4 ninja remaining stepped foor into the arena. The final match was about to begin with Hinata's life in the balance.