My stepsister is a nasty girl

My stepsister is a nasty girl
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George was in heaven for the next week. Hell he had two beautiful women catering to his every sexual need. But on the following Friday evening things were about to change. It was about 11 pm when the phone rang and rang and rang. George normally didn't answer the phone after 9 pm for anyone but who ever it was wasn't hanging up. After the phone rang about ten times he relented and grabbed it.

"What?" was the way he answered. "George it's Frank." his voice sounded desperate.

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"I need to meet with you right now. The Davis project is all fucked up.


Mr davis is threating to sue the shit out of you if you don't do something about it." George screamed at Frank to get his attention. "FRANK STOP!" then in a calmer voice. " Now what happened and what needs to be fixed?" Frank sucked in a big breath and then the phone was silent. "Frank? FRANK YOU THERE?" George waited a few seconds then hung up waited a minute and hit *69 to find the number Frank had called from.

This time it was George who let the phone ring off the hook but still no answer. George tried again and again without any answer.George had spent the last fifteen minutes trying to get an answer at Frank's. He turned to the stairs and yelled up to Clair and Crystal. "Clair, Crystal come down here a minute.

Something is going on at work and I can't get hold of Frank." Clair and Crystal both came rushing down stairs, both naked as jay birds. "What's up Hon?" Clair asked as she hit the living room door. "I have no idea what it is that's gone wrong. That was Frank who called and he just said he had to meet me right away.

Something about the Davis project is messed up and old man Davis is hot about it. That's all I got from him before the phone went dead. So since I can't get an answer I am just going to have to run over there to see what the fuck is going on." George was about to ask Clair to grab his clothes when the front door burst open and Frank rushed in. He froze in his tracks as he saw George, Clair, and Crystal all standing in front of him naked.

To make matters worse he could clearly see the cum oozing down Crystals legs. "Holy shit George! Are you fucking your own daughter? Who is that?" Pointing at Clair. "What the fuck are you doing?" George yelled for him to shut the fuck up and Frank just stood there with his mouth hanging open, unable to move or say anything else. Everyone was just staring at the others and the silence was nerve racking. After a minute or so Clair broke the silence. "If you can calm down, I will try to explain." Frank turned his head toward her.

"Calm down? I come here to tell George he has to talk to Davis to keep him from suing his ass off and I walk in on a fucking fuck fest!" Frank let them have it all at once. " calm down when I can clearly see George ihas been fucking his daughter and who the hell ever you are. I got accused of trying to fuck Davis's old lady and it could cost us thousands of dollars and maybe the business." He drew a deep breath and continued.

" So why the fuck should I calm down? That dumb ass will be sent to prison for fucking his daughter and." He never finished what he was trying to say as George slapped him up side the head. "Frank shut the hell up and listen. Set down and pay attention to what I am about to say. eithr that or get the fuck out of my house! Crystal is not my. Things aren't what they seem. This is Clair my ummmm ex- sister inlaw and what was going on here is none of your business Frank." George was pissed that Frank had came in without knocking more then he was about what he had seen.

"Who the hell gave you permission to just bardge into my house without knocking first? Do I come bardging into your house like some crazed fool? How dare you?" Clair cut him off by grabbing his arm and spinning him to face her. She looked up at him with those cum here eyes and he just sighed and leaned down and kissed her. "Okay you deal with it Clair." He walked over to the sofa and sat down beside Frank who had ended up there himself a few moments earlier. Clair looked at Crystal and she went and sat beside her father.

"Okay now lets try this again shall we? Frank. My name is Clair and as of about a week ago I live here with George and Crystal. I won't go into the details right now because I think you have a problem you need George to address right now that is more important. So we will start by you telling us what is so serious that it couldn't wait til morning." Frank had his eyes glued on Clairs body as she spook to him.

He heard the words but his mind didn't receive what he heard. " Oh yea. I ugh.sorry I missed part of what you said." Clair laughed when she realized how all this looked. Frank sat fully clothed and the rest were completly naked. She also noticed Frank had a huge hard on. "Crystal please go get our robes.

Frank please explain why you came here, and why it couldn't wait til morning." Frank cleared his throat and swallowed hard. "Well I really wanted to talk to George alone. But I guess I might as well just say it." Crystal arrived with the robes and after waiting for them to cover up Frank began.

" I went to the Davis house with the changes his wife had wanted to the designs." Frank was beet red as he tried to talk. " His wife came to the door and said he was asleep but I could discuss the changes with her. She led me into the study and I spread the blue prints out on the table.

Well I tried to but she kept rubbing against me and pushing me forward till I was having to bend over the table to keep my balance." George couldn't help himself any longer and started laughing as Frank continued telling his story. "She had her hands wrapped around my waist trying to undo my belt. I told her that she needed to stop and twisted around to free myself from her hug." George was still laughing and Clair was giving him a strange look.

"Honey Please this doesn't sound one bit funny. Now knock it off. Let Frank finish explaining what happened." Frank looked at Clair. "Thank you mam.ugh Clair. Well she had pulled my belt loose and then Davis walked in to the room." That was it George burst into a belly shaking laugh.

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" My God Frank didn't you tell him weren't interested in his wife?" Fank turned red again before he spoke. " You mean did I tell him I like cock instead of .

a woman? Sorry I should have said I prefer men over women. No I didn't he was screaming about how he saw me with my pants half off and his wife with her robe open. Shit George I didn't even notice her.

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I admit I have looked at their son but I damn sure wasn't interested in his wife." George wiped his eyes and tryed his best to not laugh anymore.

"Frank don't worry about it. I will drive over to his house first thing in the morning and straighten things out." Hell maybe he was jealous that his old lady was hitting on you instead of him. I know he." George let the rest of what he was going to say just fade away. Frank looked at him and then a smile crossed his face.

Frank didn't even take time to think about what he was going to say. " He's fucking Bi? Damn and I didn't notice! Shit and he isn't bad looking either." This brought laughs from Clair, Crystal, and George. After Frank had calmed down Clair volunteered to explain what he had walked in on.

"Frank yes we are all three lovers. I don't think you need all the details but Crystal is on George's daughter because he was married to her mother, my twin sister." Frank sat and listened to everthing as Clair spent the next ten minutes relaying the story. George excused himself for a bathroom break and as soon as he left the room. " Damn he is one hot hunk of man meat. Damn shame he isn't gay." Frank had been watching George walk out of the room.

Clair and Crystal laughed at Frank's remarks but totaly agreed with him. Clair pulled Franks arm to get his attention back to her.

"Frank maybe George can take care of Davis and maybe even we can work something out for you in the process. You are a good looking man.

Would you be interested if we can fix you up with Davis? " That got Franks attention. "Hell Yes!" Clair was forming a plan and waited until George returned.

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"Honey are you sure Davis is Bi? Frank would like to get hooked up with him. Can you manage to help him out?" George thought about how he could fix Frank up with Davis without coming right out and admitting he knew he liked guys as well as females.

"Yea but it will require some help from you. How much do you want to help Frank?" Without waiting for an answer, " You will have to let him seduce you.

Then when he has his cock ready. I will take it from there." Clair looked at George and he saw a wicked little grin cross her face. George smiled and knew right then the plan would work.

He looked at the clock, Almost 3:30 am. "Frank it's late so just crash down here in the guest room, we are going to turn in. " Frank said goodnight and headed for the guest room.

No sooner had the door closed when he started thinking about Davis. What was his first name? Oh Yea Richard. Dick for short. Frank could only imagine feeling his cock sliding in and out of his ass, or him sliding his own cock into Richard's mouth or ass. He thought how great it would feel to face fuck Richard and have him run his tongue the entire 8 inches of his cock from his nut sack to the tip.

What it would feel like to have his balls tighten up ready to shoot his."Oh Shit! George is going be pissed." Frank had just shot his load all over himself and the guest bed covers. He then realized his mind was so involved with the thoughts of richard Davis he hadn't even realized he was jerking himself off. He grabbed a wash cloth from the guest bath and clean the bed as best as he could then he showered and turned in for the night. George, Clair, and Crystal had gone straight to sleep exhausted from the long day, besides mornig was only a couple hours away.

George woke to a warm mouth wrapped around his hard cock. He knew it was Crystal's young mouth waking him and he loved it. He thought about spending the next couple hours sucking and fucking her young body but then remembered he had work to do.

"What time is it baby?" Crystal stopped her bobbing her head up and down on him just long enough to mumble "Clair is fixing breakfast for all of us.

She told me to come wake you. So do you like how I decided to wake you daddy?" George didn't answer he just grabbed his daughter's hair with his left hand and started fucking her face. He slid his right hand between her legs and wasn't suprised to find a soaking wet pussy for his efforts. Letting go of her hair and grabbing her around her small hips he pulled her so he could get his mouth on her pussy. They didn't waste a moment devoring each other.

George was ready to shoot his thick cum down his daughter's throat when she started bucking and spasms racked her climaxing body. George didn't even try to hold back he blasted stream after stream of his cum into her willing mouth and down her throat. crystal didn't waste a drop either. Just as they started to spiral down from their sexual highs Clair yelled.

" OK you two get down here and eat some food instead of each other." George smiled and then kissed a lovers kiss. Their tongues dancing in each others mouth and a renewed passion started to build between them. George had ideas of getting a good fuck before facing Davis, but Clair calling out again stopped that idea. Crystal and George slipped on their robes and headed for the kitchen.

When they got there Frank was already eating his food and nodde when Crystal said good morning to him. George said hey Frank sleep well? Frank paused eating to watch George set down at the far end of the table." Great! Hell I didn't even think about yesterday at all. Slept like a king." George just smiled and reached for the phone, and his plate of food.He dialed the Davis home and Mr.

Davis answered. " Mr Davis this is George and I understand we need to talk about what happened yesterday. Okay I will be there about 9:00 then. As I said we can discuss that when I get there see you shortly. Gota make some more calls see you then. Bye! george wasn't about to get into a pissing contest with davis on the phone.

true to his word George arrived at 9:00 am. Davis came storming out the door. "The guy you put in charge was caught trying to fu." Davis stopped what he was saying when he saw Clair. "Richard this is Clair and she came along to see what the job looks like. If you don't mind before we talk I need to check things out to see where we are. I'll be in so we can talk in lets say ten to fifteen minutes. If it takes longer I am sure Clair will be glad to keep you company till I get finished." George had his plan down pat.

He would call Clair's cell in about five minutes and she would then put the plan rolling. He took off across the field to where the new warehouse was going up. Richard invited Clair in explaining his wife was working and wouldn't be back til after 5 pm.

No sooner had they entered the living room then Clair started the plan without waiting for George's call. " Mr. davis could I trouble you for something cold to drink?" Richard was checking her out.

His eyes were glued to the short skirt and tight blouse. he could tell she wasn't wearing a bra and when she sat down she had let the skirt ride up so he could see there weren't any panties either.

"Oh sorry my mind was elsewhere. A cold drink?

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What. would a cola be ok or would you like something else?" Clair gave him her sexest smile and noticed his pants buldging out. "Cola is fine.ugh.Mr. Davis" Damn he is a horny son-of-a-bitch and looks like he has a good size cock. Clair was thing to herself. "I'll be right back and please call me Rich." Davis's mind was also in high gear. Got why the hell did she spread her legs when she sat down?

Did she want me to see her shaved pussy? Wonder if I say something how she will react? Damn she is hot! He grabbed a cola from the frig and hurried back into the living room just in time for him to hear her cell phone ring. " Hello. Oh George is there something wrong? I'll tell him George love you to. Clair Smiled as she hung up the phone knowing this was going to be fun. "Rich George said he will be back in about a hour he needs to take care of something before you two talk.

Is that okay?" Richard nodded yes as he was busy looking at Clair's pussy since she had spread her legs even further. His cock was starting to hurt but he wasn't sure if he should make a move on her or not. George was here to talk about his man trying to fuck his wife. What would happen if he hit on his woman and she said something to George. Shit his plan had been to get Frank in a compromising situation so he could demand a huge discount for the work.

It had worked perfect so far, but that fucking pussy staring him directly in his face was impossible to resist. Oh what the fuck he could always deny that he hit on her if she opened her mouth. "Clair I ugh.was wondering if.never mind." Clair looked at him and then made her move. "Rich I can tell you have been enjoying the view. But wouldn't you enjoy yourself more if you didn't have those tight pants on. I mean I can tell the buldge is uncomfortable to say the least." then she laughed and reached over and put her hand over his." We have plenty of time to get to know each other before George will be back.

Besides he is going to call when he is on his way back." Richard Davis couldn't find his voice for several minutes. When he did he had trouble thinking what to say. "Clair.ugh.We just met.I mean yes it is uncomfortable.but I'm not sure.well I .Shit yea I have been enjoying the view.

I would love to." Clair cut him off by pulling him close and planting a wet kiss square on his lips forcing her tongue deep into his mouth. That was all it took even though he stood 6' 2" and had the body of an super athlete he was immediately under her control. She used her free hand to start pulling at his shirt trying to free it from his pants, while she wrapped her other hand around his neck and continued their tongue fight.

Richard was trying his best to help her in any way he could. He was working as fast as he could to unbuckle his pants to free his raging hardon. In a manner of seconds he had his pants and shorts around his ankles. His 7 inch rock hard cock sticking straight out leading the way. Clair sopped kissing Richard and turned her attention to his cock. As she wrapped her hand around his cock Richard was trying to get his finger between her legs.


It wasn't that Clair was resisting it was just that Richard was so excited he was like a young boy on his first date, fumbling to get his hand were he wanted it. He was in heaven at the thought of getting her bald pussy or mouth or both wrapped around his cock. He had completely forgoten that George and her came here to discuss Frank. Clair on the other hand was completely disgusted with the idea of him fingering her, or that this stupid fucker could ever think he had a chance to fuck her.

She had pushed the walkie talkie button so she knew George was hearing everything that was going on, but where the fuck was he? He was suppose to only let it get to where this prick has his cock exposed then he would walk in on them. Clair had to think fast or Richard would have his finger inside her. "Rich honey I need to go to the bathroom first. Then we can pick up where we leave off." She made sure to jack his cock several times to keep him where she wanted him.

"Okay it's at the end of the hall on the right." Richard let her get up and head for the bathroom. He removed the last of his clothes and played with his cock as he waited. After a minute he saw what he thought was his prize returning from the bathroom. She still had her skirt on and her blouse had been buttoned back up.

He knew immediately he had been set up, but to little to late as the front door opened and George walked in. He half expected there to be some serious shit to hit the fan. George just smiled and handed Richard a envelope. "I suggest you look at this then we can talk." Richard took the envelope and pulled it's contents out. "Holy shit!" It was polaroids of him and Clair with him shoving his hand up under her skirt. The next one showed his hard cock inches away from her and from the angle it looked like she was pushing it away.

" What do you want George? Why the fuck did you set me up?" George's smile disappeared. " Listen asswhole! Do you think other fuckers haven't tried to fuck me out of my rightful money? But now it is my turn.

Your little attempt to fuck me out of my money will now cost you 25% more." Richard tried to plead his case but George cut him off.

" Look you dumb fuck I know your wife was in on it otherwise you would never have chossen to try and use Frank. Hell any blind man could see clear as hell he is gay. So here is the deal and you will agree to it or these pictures will end up in certain peoples hands and you will be really fucked.

Do I make myself clear?" Richard had long ago lost his hardon and just stood there naked knowing he had no choice except to agree. " George I am sorry. I was wrong but I will do anything to correct it." George shoved Richard backwards on to the couch. " Understand this you damn sure will do what I want or I get the pictures into the right peoples hands. Now shut the fuck up and speak only when I ask you to.

since you tried to use Frank to take advantage of me you will make amends to him also. I will have him come over here after I am finished with you and you will let him do whatever he wants to you." Richard couldn't help himself.

"NO WAY IN HELL! I'M NO FUCKING QU." He never finished because George had punched him in the mouth as hard as he could. " I told you keep you mouth shut unless I tell you to answer me. Oh yes you will let him suck your cock or fuck your ass or what ever he says." Clair had stood listening to George and enjoying every minute of it.

She leaned over and whispered in George's ear. George turned to look at her. "Baby are you sure? I guess that would be an idea but are you sure that's what you want me to do?" Clair gave him a deep kiss and assured him Crystal would agree with her suggestion if she was here. Then she gave him another deep kiss. "Rich darling there is more then just your ass and the money that you will agree to give in the deal.

You will call your wife and tell her to come home right away. She isn't about to get away with nothing for her part in this shit. George is going to have the pleasure of fucking each and every hole she has while Frank is fucking you.

I will record all the action just in case you have the fucking idea that you will back out at some point or try some other stupid shit. Now make the fucking call!" Clair pointed to the phone and to her suprise Richard took it and dialed. " Honey I need you to come home right now. No I can't explain it on the phone. Yes it does have to do with that. Just get here as soon as you can." Richard was scared shitless and when he hung up the phone he was crying.

" What the fuck are you crying about? " Clair was totally pissed at him for the shit he tried to do to her man. "Well answer her!" George was also not going to be easy on the prick. " It's just that I have never even thought about doing anything with a man, and my wife hasn't been with anyone except me." Richard was doing his best to control himself but he was so scared he couldn't stop the tears.

George had been making a call and laughed when he hung up. "Frank said give an hour so he could shower and get ready for rich.

I think he shot off all over himself at the thought of fucking poor old Richard here." Clair shook her head and laughed. " How long before your old lady gets here?" Richard hung his head and wiped his eyes.

" She will be here in about half an hour." George looked at the sofa and then reached down and pulled out the full size bed from the couch. " A sleep sofa. Perfect1 Get your ass over here and don't open your mouth when your wife arrives." He looked at Clair and both of them started taking their clothes off.

After they had all their clothes off they shoved them under the bed and sat in the two chairs to await the wife. When Debbie entered the foyer she yelled out. " Rich honey did everything go okay? George motioned for Richard to call his wife in the living room. "Baby I am in here. Come in here." Clair raced to behind the door and as soon as debbie stepped inside the door she shoved her toward the couch.

"Get your fucking clothes off bitch, and don't waste our time." Debbie was to stuned to scream immediately and before she had time to recover Clair had warned her to keep her mouth shut and drove the point home with a fist to her finely tanned face. Debbie stumbled back on to the sofa bed and landed beside her naked husband. George explained what the deal was and informed her that they would wait for Frank but she better get her fucking clothes off or he would let Clair remove them for her.

A few minutes later George heard Frank's truck pull in the drive. He walked over and opened the door for him. "Frank I can see you are up for what is about to happen." He couldn't help but notice that franks cock was pushing his pant's front out as far as they would go.

Frank didn't wait to be told he started stripping as he headed for the living room. Even George was impressed as Frank pulled his boxers off and freed his almost 12 inch thick as his wrist cock. " Richard I want you to have a good look at Frank's cock just so you know what you are in store for." Richard passed out.

Debbie just stared at first Frank's cock then at George's cock. They woke Richard and Frank assued him it would only hurt until it was in him. " I know what I am doing and believe me you will enjoy it after it is burried in you ass. You will also love the taste of my cock as I pump it in and out of your mouth." George moved over to Debbie and grabbed one of her 36c tits and played with the 1/2 inch nipple, as he marveled at the rest of her body.

36-25-35, almost what men considered perfect. He wet his finger and plucked at her other nipple as he squeezed her dark nipple with his other fingers. Clair had her hand between Debbies legs and was massaging her pussy. She loved the way Debbie had trimmed her natural strawberry blond hair into a small heart.

with the point leading the way to her tight opening. "Damn to think your tight little pussy is going to get a real cock shoved in there. After that little pencil prick your old man has you will think you have died and gone to heaven bitch." She looked over at Frank and saw him pushing his cock into Richard's mouth. It looked like Richard was holding his breath and puffing his jaws out but she knew it was Frank's cock spreading his jaws.

She thought to herself to bad Frank is gay. She would love to see his huge rod slide into Debbie's mouth, cunt, or even her ass. With that she shoved her middle finger into Debbies cunt and her Pinky into her ass. "Suck his cock bitch or I will rip you ass open!" Debbie wasn't complaining and she opened her mouth to allow George access to her throat.

George shoved the head into her mouth and she started sucking and licking his head. At the same time she started bucking her hips into Clair's fingers. She would never have admitted it but the action George and Clair were giving her, and her husband being face fucked was turning her on to a height she had never know before.

Frank had brought a tube of lube with him and was busy working it into Richard's ass while he fucked his face. He looked down and was surprised to see Richard's cock was half hard which meant he was being turned on by what was happening.

He grabbed his cock and started rubbing up and down it's length. As much as he wanted to fuck Richard he also wanted to taste his cum in his own mouth. He moved around so they were in a sixty nine position and sucked Richard's cock into his mouth while shoving his cock in and out of Richard's mouth.

Clair was trying to watch everything that was happening all at the same time. George was fucking Debbie's mouth and Frank was in a 69 with Richard and it would seem Richard was getting into it.

She was fingering herself and decide it was time for George to ram his huge cock into Debbie's cunt. George was to close to pull out though as he had also been watching the scene of the men and enjoying having his cock sucked at the same time. "Oh Fuck I'mmm Cummmmmmmmmmmmming!" Was all he managed to get out before he shot stream after of his hot sead down Debbie's throat. She tried her best to pull off his cock but he wasn't about to let that happen.

He held her head against his cock until he had shot about five shots of cum down her throat. When he released her head she took a deep breath and then she cover his cock again with her mouth and licked and sucked him til he was clean.

She turned her head toward her husband just in time to see Frank and Richard stiffen as they both came at the same time. Frank sucked every drop of Richards cum from him and still sucked him more. Richard had swallowed Frank's cum also and was working on him just as hard to get every last drop.

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When they finished they turned their heads to see what George, Clair, and Debbie were now doing. George was recovering fast and was half hard. Clair had climbed on top of Debbie and had her pussy covering Debbie's mouth.

Richard could see his wife tounging Clair's pussy and he watched in horror as George positioned himself between Debbies legs. He knew his wife was about to get only the second cock of her life shoved into her and it was huge. He couldn't help wondering if she would ever want him after George had fucked her with his huge cock.

Richard was so involved with his wife getting ready to be fucked by George that he didn't realize Frank had moved behind him and had his cock lined up with his anal ring. He didn't have time to tense up or do anything when he felt the head of Frank's cock pop into his ass. His own cock became as hard as steel as Frank's cock entered his bowels. He felt the cock slide into him and it was making him feel something he had never experienced before.

He loved having his ass filed with cock, and was wondering what it would feel like to return the favor and what it would feel like to have cum shot up his violated ass.

He glaned back just in time to see Debbie raise her legs back as high as she could and George's cock drive into her slit, Her her her moan into Clair's pussy as George filled her. He could tell she was cuming herself as she was getting that big cock planted in her. He was confused as he was himself enjoying being fucked by a huge cock and about to cum without even touching his cock. He wanted it to be over so he could be with Debbie but at the same time he was glad she was enjoying what they were doing to her.

He came as he felt the cock in his ass spasm and shoot sperm deep into his bowels while at the same time he saw Debbie grab Clair around the waist and pull her cunt tighter to her mouth.

He also saw George plow into Debbie one last time as he filled her with his sead. Then terror set in to Richard's mind. Debbie sure as hell didn't have time to use her IUD or the Gel to prevent the sperm from reaching it's goal of her egg. George pulled out at the same time as Frank pulled out. Richard felt empty and wanted Frank's cock back in his ass.

He thought his wife must be having the same feelings. He could see her hole still open and George's cum leaking out and running down her legs. Everybody was just laying there and trying to catch their breath when clair broke the silence. " Hey George I think we may have made a mistake.

I think these two enjoyed what just happened." Debbie looked up at Clair and smiled. " I know I damn sure did. I have been trying to get that asshole husband of mine into swinging for years.

Now he may also decide this is what he wants to do again. I hope George can get it up again and fuck me one more time before you leave." Richard was shaking his head yes as his wife said maybe he would want to do this again. He turned to Frank and grabbed his cock sliding it into his mouth and cleaning it off of cum and everthing else that had got on it from his ass. george and Clair got up and started to dress to leave. George had grabbed his shirt and was buttoning it up when Tammy walked into the room.

Tammy was the Davis's 10 year old daughter. She was straight up and down except for a slight bit of baby fat around her stomach. She screamed and ran to her mother. " Mom what are they doing to you and dad?" Debbie hugged her daughter and was trying to get her to calm down when Richard de3cided it was time for him to take back control of the situation.

"These bastards broke in her and raped your mother and me. Run next door and call the police. And hurry!" Tammy broke loose from her mom and started to dash past Clair but Clair was to fast and grabbed her around her waist, and slung her back on the couch. "Davis you are one stupid motherfucker!

You just enjoyed getting your ass fucked and sucking cock. Then as soon as you think you can act like the big shit again you try some shit. How fucking dumb are you? I taped everything we did and it would show you were into it as much as the rest of us." George had grabbed Tammy and was holding her in place on the couch. Clair and Debbie noticed his cock was hard again at the same time.

debbie beat Clair though in commenting on it. " George The Idea of fucking my daughter's virgin pussy has you as hard as steel. Tell the truth you want to fuck her don't you. Well go ahead and fuck her maybe it will teach that prick over there that he doesn't run a fucking thing. If he hadn't tried to screw you out of your money none of this would have taken place. His happy little world would be perfect and I would still be a frustrated wife who the fucker can't satisfy." Richard yelled at his wife to shut the fuck up but all that did was piss her off even more.

"George please fuck her and make that bastard watch his daughter get her pussy filled with a real man's cock. or if I offer enough would he be willing to bust her little ass open? I want to see that motherfucker see his precious little angel get fucked and turned into a cock hungry whore.

I'll double your fee if you will do that for me. I want you to take her cherry and make him watch as he gets fucked again also. Please Clair tell him to do it.' Clair cut her off.

"Ms Davis you are pissed! you don't really want your daughter to go." Debbie cut her off. "Yes I do. If George won't do it then I will find someone else who will.

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that asshole will have to watch also." George couldn't help himself his cock was harder then it had been the first time he took Crystal and he wanted this young child. "Clair I want to show her love. I will be gentle but I want to do this. I won't unless you say it's okay but I damn sure want her." Clair looked at george and nodded yes. George told debbie to help her daughter get undressed.

" Baby I know you are scared but believe me once you have a man inside you, you will learn to love the feeling it gives you in you pee-pee, or as women call it your pussy. George there has a great cock, his pee-pee, after he gets it in you, you will want it again and again." Tammy looked like a deer in the headlights as she stared at george and his cock.

Debbie took Frank's tube of lube and rubbed it into her daughter's young pussy opening making sure not to puncture her hymen, but gettting her slick as she could for George. Frank had burried his cock back into Richard's ass and was slowly fucking his ass as he watched the young girl be prepared by her mother for her first fucking.

George moved over the girl and leaned down and kissed her gently on the lips, letting his tongue sweep across her dry mouth. Instinc took over and she parted her lips alowing George to slip the tip of his tongue into her mouth. He played with her flat chest and then licked where her nipples would be in a couple years.

Everyone else in the room were froze in place. Frank had stopped his fucking of Richards ass and was holding himself burried to the hilt resting his body on Richard's back. Richard had tears running down his cheek but wasn't making a sound. Clair and Debbie were staring at George's cock waiting for it to start it's journey into the virgin little girl's body.

tammy decided she liked the feel of George's tongue in her mouth and was playing with his tongue with her own. George took his cock and started rubbing it up and down tammy's opening working it ever so slowly into the slit inch by inch being as gentle as he could. But George could only control his lust for so long.

As he managed to get just the crown of his cock past the girls pussy lips he shoved forward pushing about two inches into her at once. Tammy tensed up and George was forced to wait for her virgin pussy to except his invasion.

After a few moments she relaxed and he easied forward another inch or so until his cock was resting against her maidenhead. He pulled back a little and kissed her again. "Honey when I shove back in it will hurt you a little but then I promise it will feel good to you." Tammy just nodded and George got ready to take her completely.

"Okay baby here it comes." He slammed into her just as hard and fast as he could. Tammy didn't scream and bit her lower lip so hard so she wouldn't that she drew blood. George held still for a minute until he saw that Tammy had quit bitting her lip. "Sorry Baby but the worst is over. Now it will start to feel good to you." George slowly pumped in and out of Tammy until she had relaxed and and had even started soft moans as his cock was shoved in and pulled out of her young cunt.

He picked up speed and knew by the tightness in his balls that he wouldn't last long. About another minute of slamming into the just opened pussy he shoved in one last time and emptied his sperm deep into the girl. Tammy wrapped her arms around his neck and held him to her. He had been right after her body had gotten use to his cock being deep inside her it had felt good.

She knew her mother was also right she would want it again, and again. When Frank saw George unload into the little girl he also unloaded another load deep in Richards ass. Clair had cum and so had debbie just from watching the girl getting fucked by George. Richard had shot off on himself for the second time that day before he passed out. George replayed these events every day now in his mind. Just one more month and he would be free. Debbie had swiped the tape and showed it to the police claiming her and her husband had been threatened by George, Clair, and Frank and they would kill them if they didn't go along with what they were told to do.

George knew twenty five years for raping two little girls was an easy sentence. Clair had gotten eight years for her part. She was waiting for him since she had been out long ago. Frank had blown his brains out when the cops tried to arrest him. Crystal had been placed out of state with some family. She had visited him on her eighteenth birthday to tell him she was married and wanted nothing to do with him ever.The latest visitor had brought a message from Debbie.

When he got out he would know better then to fuck with her or her family. George was planning just that though. Tammy, now grown had promised him that when he was free, he would have her pussy again, as many times as he wanted her, She was living with Clair and they both wanted him.