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Skater boy and emos naked free gay porn very old shemale nude sex
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I walked into that desolate room not knowing what to expect. I was afraid, I must admit. Lauren, my girlfriend, had sounded frantic on the phone asking me to come home right away. We had just moved into our new apartment and I was hoping that whatever had happened to make her so worried was just that Exodus, our kitten, had gotten under the dresser and she couldn't find him or something.


I wouldn't think the worst. It is difficult for me to think of something wrong happening already.

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But as I entered the living room, everything seemed fine. Nothing was out of place and our kitten was laying on the couch asleep as usual.

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"Honey?" I called out to her. With no reply I set down my backpack and portfolio from school, ruffled our kittens furry head, and walked to our new room. When I entered slowly, I could hear her soft breathing before I could see her. She had kept the lights off with the blinds closed.

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I walked over to our bed and sat on the edge, close to her waist. As I reached my hand out to stroke her soft face lightly her hand flew out from under the covers, grabbed my wrist, then pulled me over her to lay on the other side of the bed. Out of shock I sat up quickly, but she leapt up wrapping her arms around my neck and pulled me right back down.

She was laughing, that sweet harmonious laugh that I love so dearly. She kissed my lips sweetly and with a passion that I had missed in the months we had been away from each other.

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My hand reached out to her hip to pull our bodies closer together and I found that her skin was under my palm, no cloth, just soft, gentle skin.

This light touch sent chills up my arm, making the hairs lift and bumps to rise on my skin. While she and I lay on our sides facing each other I laid my forehead upon hers, taking in her scent. She softly stroked the side of my neck with the tips of her fingers as I let out a breath I hadn't realized that I had been holding.

"Hey baby," I said softly with my smile obvious in my voice. She kissed my broad smile then, slipping her tongue into my mouth and creating all kinds of butterflies to flutter with in my stomach. I already knew where this would be going, and that soon our reunion would be settled, and this house would soon be our home.

I kissed her in return, moving my hands over her silky soft skin, relishing in the feel of my lover. She moaned under my slight touch, deepening our kiss for a moment. She then moved her hand from my neck down to grasp my large heavy breast, staying her hand on me for a moment, then ran her fingers down to the bottom of my shirt and pulled softly, nudging me to strip of my clothing.

I broke our kiss to stand and relieve my body of all articles of clothing, knowing that for the next several hours, there would be no reason for them.

I leapt back into bed, wrapping my arms under her own and around her body, crushing our breast, stomachs, and hips together.

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She smiled at me, and in the dark room I could barely see it, but I already knew how beautiful she looked from years of studying her face. Our lips met again, parting to allow our tongues to mash together. Our unspoken affection for each other, bottled up from lack of contact with each other, released itself, binding us together as one.

Our legs intertwined, pressing against each others moist, needy pussies. We moaned gently into each others mouths, loving every touch, every moment that brings us together again. I massage her tender breast in firm circular patterns that send messages directly to her sweet cunt. She breaks our kiss, catching her breath and I moved my mouth to her collar bone, sucking softly, running my tongue slightly over where I had just placed my mouth.

She smiled, sighing softly at my touch. I moved my hand down her tight stomach, running slowly over every memorized curve of her long body.


I slowly ran my hand over her mound as I pulled my leg away from her pussy and cupped her, silently announcing that it was mine. Slowly I moved my finger down farther, slipping over her hardened moist clit, causing her body to jolt under my touch. I smirked and moved my fingers over her clit, placing a finger on either side and moving in a circular motion, just the way I remembered her loving.

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She moaned and leaned her head back, letting me know that what I am doing is just perfect. But as always, I couldn't help but tease her, so I moved my hand down more just to her entrance and spread her lips to give my index and middle finger complete access to her tight hot pussy.

She gently thrust her hips towards my hand, silently begging me to shove my fingers inside her. I lowered my fingers to slightly penetrate the tight entrance of her sweet cunt.

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She moaned, a low whining, needy moan. I smiled as I heard it drag on, and at the moment she stopped, I plunged my fingers into her so deep, the breath was taken out of her. She moaned loudly, as the breath came back to her in shallow quick motions. I played with her walls, massaged every part of her sensitive cunt until she was screaming from pleasure. I then slowed my motions to give her some time to relax.

I then turned her away from me, sat up on my knees, and lifted one of her legs to give me better access.

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She wrapped her leg around my shoulders and grabbed my wrist directing me to her soaking wet pussy. I smiled and entered my fingers into her slowly, first rubbing my fingers against her g-spot, moving up her walls to just below her cervix and pulled out, pushing against the back of her pussy. I continued this, until she could barely breathe, her arms stretched out, one hand pressed firmly against the head board of our bed, and the other grasping at the sheets.


I did this until she told me to stop what I was doing, I stopped moving my fingers, though, I didn't want to pull my fingers out of her yet, so I relaxed my fingers in her. I then felt it, the pulsating, throbbing around my fingers, telling me she had just climaxed around my fingers. I smiled and slowly began to pull my fingers out of her now even tighter pussy. She moaned and wiggled her hips to help the process.

Once my fingers had been completely released from her tight cunt, she took her leg away from my shoulders and laid there not moving. I then found a towel to wipe her juices from my hand, so she would allow me to wrap my arms and hands around her. As we lay there together in silence, I knew we would fall asleep before our next love making session.

My last recollection of our loving sex was Exodus, moving the door, opening it to come jump onto our bed and curl up into a ball on one of our pillows, before we drifted off to sleep.