Eine Wank vor dem Frühstück

Eine Wank vor dem Frühstück
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Let me start my telling you a little bit about myself. My name is Tyler and I am 18 years old from Northern California. I'm about six foot tall, 175 pounds, muscular built with well defined abs. I have buzzed blond hair and, blue eyes, and a tattoo of a lion on my right shoulder blade. I am a senior in High School and I play football and basketball for my school.

I like to consider myself a bisexual and almost everyone knew that and was okay with it. Even though I considered myself mostly to be bi I definitely did a lot more with girls I just had a curious side to me. Moving on to the story. It was the beginning of the school year and it was now the time to get a physical in order to play football.

I had two weeks before tryouts started and I was in desperate need of one. I waited till the last second so I couldn't get my regular doctor so I made in appointment with a new doctor I've never heard of before.


I walked into the doctors building it was a nice place I guess, looked like a doctors office should. I wasn't really nervous I just didn't want to be there, it always made me uncomfortable. After a little while a cute nurse appeared probably around 27 or so and called me back.

She started doing the normal routine and checked my blood pressure, height, and weight. "You can ahead and get undressed down to your underwear and the doctor should be in in no time," the nurse said smiling.

I got unchanged and sat on the cold table covered with wax paper and waited for the doctor to enter. Not too much later about two minutes two men entered the room the one in scrubs looked to be about mid twenties with short brown hair and seemed to be in good shape I couldn't tell because of his scrubs. The other man was in a tie and lab coat and a little older probably right around 30 would be my guess, He also had a buzzed head with a 5 o'clock shadow attached to his sideburns.

"Hello Tyler my name is Doctor Moore and this is my training resident Doctor Campbell," Moore said followed by a hello from Campbell. I could only think great now I am more uncomfortable because there are two people to exam me. He started the exam everything you would expect, checked my heart, ears, mouth. "Alright every things looking good now stand up and drop your boxers," the Doctor said. I did that and now was completely naked in front of two men with my 4 inch flaccid member hanging down from my groin.

I might go both ways but there is definitely nothing that turns me on about doctors offices, needless to say I was extremely uncomfortable. The doctor got out his glove and put them on.

He reached down felt around my limp dick and my testicles telling my to turn my ahead and cough. "Get on some gloves its your turn doctor," he said to the resident. Oh great another person feeling me up. Now doctor Campbell had his go at me, doing the same routine that Moore had just done. He confirmed that everything looks good and they moved on.

"Alright now its time to perform a rectum exam Tyler," Doctor Moore said. "Aren't I to young for that exam doctor?" I asked hoping that he didn't need to do it. "They new license wants us to perform this test on younger men now," he responded back. "Okay," I said in displeasure. "Go ahead and stand up and turn around and lean over the side of the table when your ready" I did as he asked and stood up and bent over the table.

Out of the corner of my eye I saw Moore go over to his desk and pulled out what looked like a purple lotion bottle. He opened it up and squirted the contents onto his finger. It was lube I now knew. He kneeled down and got right behind me. "You might feel a little pinch, just relax Ty," Doctor Moore said as he put the tip of his finger to the entrance of my asshole.

He pushed in his figure and I let out a small moan.

It was cold and felt uncomfortable. This was the first time I ever had anything in my ass. He pushed his finger all the way in and I jumped a little bit further. He felt around for a little bit. He then pulled his finger out and pushed it back in. I moaned again and started to feel a light stir in my groin.

He continue to push in and out about five times before finally pulling out for good. "Alright everything looks good, Doctor Campbell is going to give you the exam now" Doctor Campbell now walked around to where Moore just had been. He grabbed the lube and applied some to his fingers as well.

"Alright, just continue to relax," Campbell said as he slid his index finger into me. I got use to the feeling now and it actually did not feel to bad. He started to now move in and out.

I don't know what doctors are feeling for when they do this but all I know is he was getting as deep as he could get it.

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"I'm having a little bit of trouble finding the prostate doctor," Campbell said puzzled. "If you are having trouble put a second finger in and aim downwards to the groin," Moore replied. Oh great I thought, another finger. He now had his index and middle finger at the base of my hole and nice and easy I felt him guide them in my rear. He started moving in and out aiming downward. But instead of feeling uncomfortable like I though it would it actually felt pretty damn good.

I started to get a little turned on by this and my limp dick was on its was to being hard. I was about semi hard now and I was so embarrassed. What was I going to do, I basically have a hard in front of these two doctors. Doctor Campbell went in and out about three more times, just enough for me to sprout my fully hard seven dick. He removed his fingers and told me I could go ahead and turn around. Oh my god, I can't turn around and let them see me hard like this I thought. I very slowly and hesitantly turned around.

"Looks like some one enjoyed there rectal exam, didn't they?" Doctor Moore said giggling a bit. "Yes I think he did," Campbell joined in "I am super embarrassed," I said beat red. "Don't worry about it, it is completely normal for your body to react like that" "It doesn't feel too bad doesn't it?" "No it felt pretty good actually." I cannot believe I said in front of these two. I was now more embarrassed then ever even though they tried to make me fell the opposite.

"Yeah looks like it," Campbell said as he reached forward and grabbed my stiffy. I could not believe that he grabbed my hard cock. As soon as he grabbed my dick jumped to even fuller attention than before if that was even possible. He started to rub his hand up and down as I moaned deep. "That feel good Tyler?" Doctor Moore asked "Yes," I moaned in response "See, there is nothing to be embarrassed about, why don't you go a head and hop up on the table" I hopped up on the table and sat back.

Doctor Campbell came around to the side of the table at the same time. He started to jerk me once again and it felt so good have this older guy play with me. Then to my surprise he put his head down straight to me groin and licked the tip of raging cock. I twitched when he did this. He then started to lick up and down my shaft seconds before he took my entire member in his mouth.

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His wet warm mouth felt amazing wrapped around my dick. I was in complete disbelief at what was happening. "Do you like that warm mouth and your cock boy," Moore asked smiling. "Oh god, yes sir, it feels fucking incredible." While Campbell was still pumping away at my dick, Moore walked over to me and stood right next to me.

He reached down unzipped and unbuttoned his pants. He slid his slacks down to his ankles and pulled out his half hard member and dangled it in front of me. I have sucked dick before and I knew what he wanted me to do.

I leaned forward and wrapped by mouth around the tip of his cock. In a matter of seconds his dick was now rock hard, It was a little longer than mine, probably about eight inches but it was definitely thicker than mine.

I started to suck on it furiously. It tasted so good and I could feel his precum start to leak into my mouth. I continued to suck his dick as the other doctor still had a go at me for what seemed like an eternity. "Alright let me get a taste of that cock," Moore said to Campbell. He walked down to the end of the table and straddled my legs and began to suck on my dick as Campbell moved up to me.

I could see the bulge that his pants were still concealing. I wanted to release it for him so bad. He walked up close and put his groin in my face. I untied his scrubs and pulled them down along with his underwear in one motion exposing his rock hard dick that I guessed was about my size maybe a tiny bit smaller.

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He rest his hand on the back of my head which was my signal to take him in. I wasted no time and quickly engulfed his cock all the way to the base.

I gagged myself but did not come up for air. While sucking on his cock, Moore continued to suck on mine. I could feel him slip his finger into my ass again that still was covered with lube. It felt amazing, I squirmed back and forth into his finger hoping he would put another in. Its like he read my mind because he put a second and then a third at the same time.

It felt so good having him suck my as he finger fucked my fresh puckered boy hole. I could not contain myself I started to spurt cum after cum while still sucking on Campbell's cock. Each spurt hit the back of the doctors throat and he willingly swallowed it in its entirety. Just then I could see Campbell's balls start to tighten and I knew he was about to cum.

I made sure I sucked harder to drain every last drop of cum out of his balls. About a total of four large spurts hit the back of my throat and I was eager to swallow it.

It tasted funky and salty but yet in a very good way. The doctor must have been pumping away at himself because he stood up and came all over my smooth chest. "That was amazing," I moaned as I broke the silence as we were all catching our breaths.

"Are you ready for the second part of the exam Tyler" "Yes," I said excitedly al to willing to participate in what was on the verge of happening. He reached down and pulled out both sides of the stirrups. "Go ahead and put both feet in these." I did as he asked knowing what he was going for. He reached and grabbed me by the hips and moved my ass to the end of the table allowing easy access to my ass.

My cock was back to its rock hard state and I was so turned on and horny. He walked back over to the drawer where he got the lube and pulled out a couple condoms and threw them on his desk.

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Condoms, I thought, I wonder how often he did this with his patients, but I didn't care all I know is I wanted him to fuck me for the first time. He grabbed one and opened the package and rolled the condom onto his dick.

He grabbed the lube once again and lubed himself up. "You are going to enjoy this part of the exam Tyler," Moore said. "Fuck yeah doc, stick your dick inside me!" I exclaimed basically yelling at him. He stuck the tip of his dick at the entrance of my hole and slowly began pushing it in.

It felt a little uncomfortable at first. He stuck it all the way in and rested allowing me to get use to his cock in my ass. This was the first time ever for me so I was glad he let me get use to feeling. He could tell I was getting use to his dick so he began to pump at my wanting ass very slowly speeding up from time to time. I will not lie, at first it was painful but it felt more natural after a while of medium thrusting. By this time Doctor Campbell was ready to go for a round two of him shoving his meat in my mouth.

I gladly excepted the challenge. After about five minutes or so he Doctor Moore really started to go at my ass fucking me at full force. It felt so good and my dick was rock hard from all the attention to my pink boy hole. "You like getting fucked with his big cock," Campbell asked. "Mhmm," all I could murmur with his dick shoved down my throat.

"Hows that asshole feel doc?" "Fucking great. I say it's your turn to have a go at this kid" "Yeah let me fuck that ass," Doctor Campbell responded as I moaned with excitement and pleasure. Moore withdrew his raging hard on from my ass and pulled off the condom and threw it in the waste basket. He walked around to me until his dick was eye level and wasted no time in putting his dick in my mouth.

At this same time Campbell walked over to desk and ripped open a condom and slid it on followed by the lubing of his cock. He walked around till he was in front of me and put his cock up to my ass and with little effort he slid his cock as deep it could go. I gave out an intense and loud moan. Compared to Moore's cock, Campbell's cock was a lot easier to take and the feeling was incredible. He wasted no time in ramming me hard and fast.

"Aw yeah," I moaned as I retracted Moore's dick from my mouth, "Fuck that ass Doc, fuck it harder" "Yeah this is what you wanted you little slut" "Come on give it to me, Fuck that virgin ass," I exclaimed as I put Moore's cock back into my mouth." About another two or three minutes of this furious fucking continuing, Moore took his dick out of my mouth and walked back over to his desk. He ripped open another condom and poured some lube onto his cock and rubbed it over.

He walked behind Doctor Campbell who was still fucking me and started to play with his ass with his fingers. He stuck a couple fingers in his ass to prepare him. Campbell stopped for the moment to allow access to his ass. He bent forward into me and as he did this I couldn't resist but to lean forward and embrace him and a hot wet kiss.

He could only help but to stick his tongue down my throat right back. As we continued to kiss I could feel his breathing getting heavier and I heard him slightly moan. I took that as Moore had entered his ass. After about a minute of Campbell resting in me but Moore getting Campbell's ass use to his throbbing cock the pace quickened. It was a full out train fuck fest with sweat rolling off each others bodies and moans echoing the room.

I was getting close to cumming and the others must of known. They pumped harder and harder, Moore into Campbell and Campbell into me. "uh uh uh. I'm gonna c. c. cum," With that a rocket of came shot through my dick and hit me the chin followed by two more huge spurts that landing on my chest and stomach.


Seeing that put Campbell over the edge as he withdrew his cock from and ripped off his condom as Moore was still fucking him and shot squirt after squirt of cum all over covering my torso in entirety. Moore pulled his cock out and took off the condom and started jerking his thick cock. I pulled my legs out of the stirrups hopped off the table still covered and cum and got down on my knees in front of him. Campbell followed my lead and joined me on his knees ready to receive our reward.

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"Here it comes," Moore blurted out. "Ya shower us with that hot load," I said unable to contain myself. We put are heads together inches away from the head of his cock as he shot about six spurts of his man juice all over us. I had never seen anybody come that much in my entire life. Both myself and Campbell were coated in cum trying to suck his come from our lips.

Campbell turned me to face him so he could get one final kiss. I kissed him madly and passionately sharing as much cum as we could. "Well looks like everything checks out, let me just go ahead and sign this form and you will be all set," Doctor Moore's final words to me.

"Thanks Doctor," I grinned with a huge smile on my face as I kissed Campbell again.