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King Alleric of Barria looked across the table and smiled, somewhat awkwardly. He wasn't looking forward to this conversation. "I was told yesterday that His Supremacy will be vising His new palace here later this week," the king said. "He'll be staying for three or four days." His Supremacy's Barrian palace was completed months ago, at great cost and great inconvenience to the Subject Kingdom.

It, of course, put the Barrian royal castle to shame. "Okay," Loard Markos replied. He wasn't really sure where the old king was going with this. Markos was a young man in a hurrry, a top advisor to to the king and head of the royal treasury. He spent most of his time making sure that His Supremacy's tribute got paid.

Still, he had risen quickly for the third son of a rather obscure noble family. "We will have to present His Supremacy with gifts," Alleric said, clearing his throat. "Well, claims, I mean. To show our appreciation that he may grace us with His Sacred Presence." "I know." Alleric hestiated for a moment.

"I'm going to present Oleria to Him." Oleria was Markos's wife, of less than a year. They hadn't even had any children. "You mean&hellip." Markos trailed off. "Yes," Alleric said softly.

"For Him to take as a concubine. If she pleases Him, that is." Markos stared at the wall in dejection for a moment, then looked back at the king. "Why Oleria? Why not Vendarsa?" Vendarsa was the king's grand-neice. She was a few years younger than Oleria, and a renowned beauty. Everyone assumed she'd be presented to His Supremacy at some point. "I'm going to present Vendarsa to Him, too." "What?" Markos grew indignant.

"Why do you need to present both of them?" "His Supremacy likes Barrian women. Surely, you know that." The king paused, thinking. "Frankly, you should've thought of it when you married Oleria." "So? What does He need both of them for? He's already got, what, two hundred something women. He can find a different one. He doesn't need my wife." "Two-hundred forty nine," king Alleric said.

Markos wondered how the king knew that. "And how do you think I've stayed on the throne all this time? By doing whatever I can to make sure His Supremacy is pleased.

And we're already spending nearly half the royal budget on tribute, we've nearly emptied the crown jewels…if I present Him with two women, hopefully he takes one. If He takes them both, so much the better. I'm sorry, but this is just how it is." "It's just not fair," Markos said.

"And we actually spend a little over half the budget on tribute." "Fair's got nothing to do with it, unfortunately," Alleric replied. "Look, I wanted to tell you so that you could tell Oleria yourself. You've got a couple of days. He might not even take her. Okay?" "I know he might not take her. That's not the point." "What is the point, then?" For several moments, Markos didn't reply.

Then he did, with one word: "No." "No?" The king was getting agitated, although the understood his young advisor's predicament. "No. You can't present her to Him. I can't say no to His Supremacy, but I can say no to you, at least about this.

So no." King Alleric leaned back and sighed. "I don't want to have to do this. But if you don't agree, I'll tell Him that you don't agree. He wouldn't like that." "You would seriously do that?" "If I have to. If you force me to." Markos knew that he was cornered. It wasn't as though he could influence His Supremacy to think Alleric was lying. He had never even met His Supremacy before. Even if he tried, His Supremacy would probably just punish both of them. "So what are you telling me about this for?," Markos asked.

"As I said, I thought you might want to tell Oleria yourself. It's a courtesy. Just tell her please." Alleric looked at the young man sympathetically. Some courtesy. Markos stood up to leave. "Fine, I guess. I'll tell her." "Thank you." Daymon strained with sore arms as he carried His Supremacy in His litter, an enormous mobile throne.

Henneler, and ten other term servants, strained as well. *** His Supremacy's cock was firmly inside the concubine Lellienne's mouth and throat, its tip deep in her throat. Tetenia licked His balls, caressing them with her tongue. The two kneeled before Him. His Supremacy surveyed the surroundings: the grounds of His new palace in the subject kingdom of Barria.

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The gardens resembled a smaller version of the gardens in the Sacred Estate, but with different flora and fauna. Off in the distance, in front of them to the left, was the temple to Him on the palace grounds, a ziggurat reaching into the sky.

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His Supremacy reached down and grabbed Tetenia's breasts, and she moaned loudly for several seconds her tongue worked its way around His balls. Daymon never got used to that sound. He never got used to the sight of her nude, bowing down before Him, either. Daymon had a feeling His Supremacy was going to revel in showing Daymon His ownership of Tetenia, and her utter submission to Him.

It all felt like a bit much, salt in a wound. Both he and Tetenia were chosen to accompany His Supremacy on this spur-of-the-moment trip to Barria, of course.

There was less than a week left in Daymon's term, and then it would be over - for good, hopefully. His Supremacy spied something out of the corner of His eye. "Stop," He commanded the term servants. They obeyed. "Ahh, that's good, Lellienne," He said. "Tetenia," he added, grabbing Tetenia's head and turning it to look where He was looking. It was a mable state of His Supremacy, with two concubines fellating Him - and one of the two was a marvelously detailed likeness of Tetenia. Daymon shuddered, the weight from His enormous throne with a marble platform falling upon him.

Who even made that, Daymon wondered. It was obviously Tetenia, the curves, the small of her back. The bulge representing His Supremacy's cock distorting her face. Daymon felt like he shrunk down that instant, felt the weight of His mobile throne even more.

"Are you grateful that there exists a statue of you fulfilling your purpose, Tetenia?," His Supremacy said, moaning lightly, His cock still firmly in Lellienne's throat. "Yes, Your Supremacy. I feel awesome gratitude that such a thing may happen. Thank you, Your Supremacy," Tetenia said, licking Him with relish. "Ahhh…do you wish to express your gratitude to me?" "Of course, Your Supremacy.

I would never deign to ask such a thing, but I will always and forever desire nothing but it. It is what I live for. Thank you, Your Supremacy." His Supremacy tugged Lellienne off His cock.

Tetenia swallowed it, gagging lightly as she pushed herself down to the base. His Supremacy moaned. "Let's go," He said to the term servants.

For several more minutes, they walked. Daymon's body shook with strain, as he used whatever shards of strength he had left to hold up His Supremacy's grand chair. Tetenia's throat was already getting a bit sore as His Supremacy's cock dominated it, as He leaned back in pleasure, calmly surveying the surroundings, surveying yet more of what was His.

Eventually, they arrived in front of the temple, and His Supremacy commanded the servants to set the chair down. Before them were several dozen Servants, who presumably worked at the temple, bowing down to His Supremacy in front of it.

There were also a handful dignitaries from the local region. For nearly ten minutes, His Supremacy said nothing, contentedly enjoying Tetenia's throat.

He addressed the term servant who was bowing down up front. "Speak," His Supremacy said.

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"Thank you, Your Supremacy. Prostrating myself before you is the highest, most tremendous honor of my life. Of any of our lives. I really mean that, Your Supremacy. We are but lowly supplicants, less than dirt before your monumental greatness.

We can never be worthy of your Sacred Presence." The man paused, his voice cracked. "You are everything and we are nothing. Thank you, Your Supremacy." "Ahhh…that's nice Tetenia, like that," He said. "I am…pleased…with the gardens, and with your temple." "Thank you, Your Supremacy.

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I humbly request permission to respond, Your Supremacy. Thank you, Your Supremacy." "Mmmm.granted." "Thank you, Your Supremacy. The ground you walk upon with your sacred feet would not be worthy of my pathetic groveling. This is an even greater honor…for us, for our people. We are overjoyed that you should be pleased with your temple here and with your palace gardens.

That you may utter these words to us, while blessing us with Your Sacred Presence, is an awesome gift that we can never repay. Serving and pleasing you is all we could ever dream of.

Thank you, Your Supremacy." His Supremacy sat for a few minutes, and then addressed the group of local dignitaries. also bowing down.

"Have you anything to say?," He said. "Thank you, Your Supremacy," one of them replied. "Yes, Your Supremacy. We represent the families upon whose landholdings you constructed your new palace. We are humbled, overjoyed, that you have seen fit to use the lands we had previously occupied for their highest purpose." They had been compensated for the lands, but it was still hard for them. "As a minor, unworthy, token of our appreciation, we present you with this." He held out a small, intricate, carving of colored glass.

"As you may know, our region is renowned for its glass work. This…is a carving of Boudain, a legendary lord. He ruled rightfully, wisely, over southern Barria as you rule rightfully, wisely, over the world. The glass is infused with rubies using an ancient practice, and the carving has been in my family for centuries.

It is among the finest works ever produced by our craftsmen." The local lord paused, and began the incantation. "It is already yours, as all things are yours, but we beg that you may claim it, although it is not worthy of you, as all things are not worthy of you.

Thank you, Your Supremacy." "Ahh yeah&hellip.Daymon, take the object and hand it to me," His Supremacy said. Daymon took the object in his hands, and crawled up to His Supremacy, who opened His palm on the chair.


Carefully, delicately, Daymon handed it to His Supremacy, almost brushing against Tetenia's kneeling nude body. As Daymon did this, Tetenia began to gag loudly, her face turning red. His cock formed an enormous bulge in Tetenia's face, just like the statue. Daymon caught a quick glimpse of it shifting around as Tetenia gagged. He thought Tetenia would move, but her face remained firmly on His Supremacy's cock, enduring the pain. "Thank you, Your Supremacy," Daymon said, humiliation piercing his voice.

His Supremacy took the object and studied it. It was more impressive up close, the details fine, the glass and ruby creating a transparent shine. Tetenia eased up for a moment. "Stay down, Tetenia," His Supremacy said, and she did, without any physical prompting.

She began to gag again, then choke loudly, every ounce of concentration she had being poured into the the task at hand - pleasing Him. Nothing mattered but His cock. She could not stop gagging. "Oh, fuck…ahh fuck," His Supremacy sat back and thrust lightly in Tetenia's throat.

He left the object in His open palm on the arm of the chair. "That's good, Tetenia, that's nice, that's what I want, stay like that." His body relaxed, His tension focused on His erect cock. "Fuck that's good…ohh yeah…ohh fuck…" He began to cum.

"Fuck that's nice&hellip." He hardly moved, His cum spewing into Tetenia's esophagus. '"Ahh yeah…ahh yeah." Tetenia was predictably overwhelmed. His Supremacy buckled a bit, His arms jerking slightly. The glass carving slid out of His hand and shattered all over the ground.

"Ahh that's so good, Tetenia…ahhh, I hope you appreciate the gift…ohhh." The cum spewed forth for nearly four minutes, suffocating Tetenia, coming out of her nose, coming out of her mouth when she dared open it for a moment.

His Supremacy stretched a little. "Fuck it feels so good to have power&hellip.fuck ahh." He relaxed again, still cumming. "It's wonderful…ohhhahhh." His Supremacy stopped coming, and Tetenia thanked Him. Without a word, He put His hand on her head and pushed her back down, still fully erect.

Daymon looked on in jealousy and disgust, feeling like a wilting sliver of a man, but bowing down and containing it all. His Supremacy addressed the local lord.

"You and your people will clean this up later," He said, referring to the broken glass on the ground. "Yes, Your Supremacy. Your Sacred Presence is indescribably sublime. Thank you, Your Supremacy," the lord replied.

Several minutes passed, and He addressed the lord again. "Have you another claim for me?," He said. The lord was taken aback. "Th…thank you, Your Supremacy.

Not right now, Your Supremacy. We…we will. Nothing we can present you with can ever be worthy of your infinite greatness, but we will try. Thank you, Your Supremacy." "Ahhh…I have bestowed great honor upon your lands. I.ohhh…I expect proper gratitude." "Thank you, Your Supremacy.

I humbly request permission to respond, Your Supremacy. Thank you, Your Supremacy." Several more minutes went by before He said, "granted." "Thank you, Your Supremacy. Everything shakes, cracks and falls to its knees before your limitless power. That carved ruby-glass that we presented you with was the most valuable, coveted glasswork in Barria. We understand that you expect another offering, and it is only right as you have bestowed great privileges upon us by ensuring that our former lands serve their highest purpose, but we do not have anything at the moment.

We will have one very, very soon, and we hope that it may please you. Thank you, Your Supremacy." The lord didn't know what the new offering would be, but he'd have to come up with something. His Supremacy thrust up into Tetenia's throat as she gagged.

*** The carriage clambered along the road. As Barria never actively resisted His Supremacy, the capital was never linked to the magneto-road network, as His forces never needed to invade it. The Sacred Order of Builders had improved this particular road, but it was far from perfect. There was a brand-new magneto-road that went directly to His new palace, though.

Markos turned and looked at his wife. Two days had passed since his conversation with king Alleric, and he hadn't mustered up the courage to tell her what was about to happen. Tomorrow, they would all go before His Supremacy. He could just not tell her, but thinking it through, it didn't seem right. "I had a chat with the king the other day," Markos said.

"It was about you." "Me?," Oleria said, furrowing her brow in surprise. Had she done something wrong?


Markos cleared his throat and looked away from Oleria. "The king is going to present you to His Supremacy tomorrow. As a…claim.

A token of appreciation for His visit." Oleria was silent. She had heard her husband, and knew what he meant. She didn't know how to respond. "I'm sorry," Markos mumbled. "I just wanted to tell you myself." "So is that why you've been acting so strange the past couple of days?," Oleria asked. Markos had been oddly quiet and seemingly distracted. "Yes." Oleria was quiet again.

Concubinage. A possibility, she thought. By no means a certainty. But if it happened…endless servitude. Serving His Supremacy, her highest purpose, everything's highest purpose. In a way, she was honored. In another way, she was confused: she knew she was pretty, but didn't think she was exceptionally beautiful. But in most ways, she was nervous.

She would go before His Supremacy tomorrow, directly before Him, mere feet from Him. She would be evaluated by Him, judged by Him. She was a bit afraid of what she might have to do, but she hoped she pleased Him. Markos was staring into his lap, a sulking look on his face. Oleria squeezed his hand and smiled. "How many women are presented to His Supremacy? He probably won't even take me." "Lots, I'm sure. I hope you're right." "I am." Oleria kissed Markos's cheek, then turned to look out the window.

The countryside raced past. She kept thinking about the moment she goes before His Supremacy, a nervous unease welling up inside her. She didn't dare tell Markos about this feeling, the news was hard enough for him.

She figured it likely that His Supremacy wouldn't accept her. But she had a sense that things would never be the same between her and Markos even if He didn't. Markos had the same sense. There was really no use in discussing it. *** The Barrian royal delegation climbed the stairs to His throne at His Barrian palace, on their hands and knees. The room was far smaller than the Sacred Throne Room, but it still held ten-thousand worshippers, and it was filled. His Supremacy sat back on the throne as the concubine Jyushka and the Queen Priestess Anya sucked His cock.

King Alleric reached the top of the stairs, with Oleria and Vendarsa behind Him. Markos had taken a spot in the crowd, preferring not to have a good view of his wife's inspection by His Supremacy.

For nearly fifteen minutes, silence prevailed in the enormous room, aside from an occasional light moan from His Supremacy. "Speak, Alleric," His Supremacy finally said. "Thank you, Your Supremacy," Alleric said.

"Our entire Subject Kingdom, all Barrians, understand that this is the greatest day in our humble kingdom's history. That you should have a palace constructed here, that you should grace us with Your Sacred Presence, and that you should be pleased by it, is a wondefrul honor that is beyond our lowly status. All is lowly in comparison to you, for you are the Supreme God of Gods, the Supreme Ruler of Men, and the Supreme Being of All that is Known and Unknown." Alleric paused for a moment.

"As a token of our appreciation, I present to you two of our best women, Vendarsa and Oleria. They are great beauties, and while they may be unworthy of you, you can derive much pleasure from them. They are already yours, as all things are yours, but we beg that you may claim them, although they are not worthy of you, as all things are not worthy of you.

Thank you, Your Supremacy." "Mmmm…I heard you initially said…you would consider it a 'great honor' if I were to stay here." "Thank you, Your Supremacy. I humbly request permission to respond, Your Supremacy. Thank you, Your Supremacy." "I grant you permission." "Thank you, Your Supremacy. Your vast, monumental, infinite power, dwarfs all things. Calling your visit today an 'honor' was a grave error, a silly thing to say.

It is no mere honor.

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It is the greatest day of my life and the greatest day in our kingdom's history. Our kingdom cowers before your might, begging that you may accept this pathetic palace that can never be worthy of you.

Nothing can be worthy of you, and yet we have constructed this palace anyway, in accordance with your sacred commands. That you have chosen to come here and possibly to accept our people's feeble speck of a gift is something that we can never forget." Alleric paused. "I voluntarily raise tribute by ten percent, so that you may always know that our thankfulness, our obligation to you for granting us this, has no end.

I know it is a paltry bit of dust to you, as befits our feeble people, but I hope that you may accept it. Thank you, Your Supremacy." "Ahhh&hellip.I will accept your tribute." His Supremacy pushed down into Jyusha's throat. "I hope you are grateful." "Thank you, Your Supremacy.

Yes, Your Supremacy. I am forever humbled, all Barria is forever humbled. Thank you, Your Supremacy." Another five or so minutes passed. "Oleria, Vendarsa, stand and remove your clothes," His Supremacy said.

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They immediately did as He commanded. "Turn around, He said. They did so. "Come forward," He said. "You may walk." The two girls walked slowly towards His Supremacy and stopped, standing immediately in front of Him. He reached out and and rubbed their backsides, and then their breasts. He thrust into Jyushka's throat. "I like that," He said, pulling Oleria and Vendarsa towards Him. The girls collapsed into the throne. He ran His hands all over their bodies. He buried His face in Vendarsa's tits as He grabbed Oleria's ass.

"Hmmm, I really like that," He said, pushing into Jyushka. He grabbed both of their asses and pulled them closer to Him. He pushed His face into Oleria's chest and began licking and biting her nipples. She screamed, loud enough for Markos to hear. His Supremacy fondled Vendarsa's tits and she began moaning, too, panting, as His hand swirled around her body.

He did the same with Oleria and she panted harder. By now, He was basically facefucking Jyushka as He sat wtih His two new women, fondling, grabbing, groping and licking them as they moaned.

He started to cum in Jyusha's mouth. He was playing with Oleria's tits as He pushed Vendarsa's body closer to Him, her breasts rubbing against His shoulders as His hands found their way back to her ass. His cock pumped streams of cum into Jyushka, who enthusiastically swallowed it despite difficulty breathing.

He came for three minutes. Here was bliss. When it was over, His Supremacy commanded Oleria and Vendarsa to kneel. "Have you ever sucked it before, Vendarsa?," He asked. "Thank you, Your Supremacy. No, Your Supremacy. Thank you, Your Supremacy." He grabbed Vendarsa's head and pushed it down, and guided Oleria to lick Him. "Every second of what you're doing right now is a blessing, Vendarsa," He said.

"This had better be the greatest moment of your life." He sat back in pleasure, looking over the assembled crowd of prostrate worshippers. Vendarsa choked quickly, but stayed down on His cock with near-superhuman effort. "Jyushka," He said. "Prepare Oleria for me. And have some servants bring out a platform." Jyushka plaed a lubricated finger in Oleria's asshole as a handful of term servants carried out a marble platform and placed it in front of His Supremacy.

His Supremacy put His hand on Vendarsa's head. "I am giving you meaning," He said to her. "Ahhh…worship me." Oleria squirmed a bit with discomfort at Jyshka's finger swirled around her asshole, but she was too preoccupied to think about it much.

Suddenly, His Supremacy pulled Vendarsa off His cock. He stood up and grabbed both girls by the hair. "Oleria, crawl to that platform and kneel with your ass in the air," He said, and she did. He pushed Vendarsa's head into His ass and facefucked Jyushka for several minutes. He then walked over to Oleria, slapped her ass, and smiled.

He slid His cock into her asshole. "Ahh," He said. Oleria clenched her teeth. His Supremacy pushed deeper. "Yeah," He said. Markos had wanted to do this once before. Oleria wondered if this was where he got the idea, somehow. His Supremacy pushed further. Oleria hated it, couldn't even stand having Markos's finger in her ass, and it went nowhere. She hardly even noticed Jyushka's finger in her ass just a few minutes ago, but she was focused on other things.

She noticed His Supremacy's cock now. "Fuck that's good," He said, His pelvis slapping against Oleria's ass, His cock forcing its way into her asshole.


He slapped her ass again and moved her thighs back and forth. "Ohh…not…," Oleria whimpered, then stopped herself. Was He really putting the entirety of that enormous cock in there?

He clearly was. She grimaced in pain and began to sob a little. "Ahh, that's good," His Supremacy said, thrusting. Daymon had a clear view to Oleria's pained face.

It made him wish he could just get up and leave, go far, far away from here. Two more women? Why did He need two more women? And couldn't He do that with someone who liked it? It was clear to Daymon, by now, that a number of His women did. His Supremacy grabbed firmly onto Oleria's ass, and thrust, slow but hard. A look of exultation was on His face. It was obvious to everyone that Oleria hated every second of this.

And it was equally obvious that His Supremacy did not care at all, and had no reason to. The spectacle made Daymon sick, even though it didn't involve Tetenia. How could He keep doing this?

How much was enough? Daymon really felt the weight of it all: He is everything, and all else is nothing. He really did overwhelm the world.

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It was sickening and disheartening to Daymon right now. "Ohhh fuck ahhh," His Supremacy said, speeding up his thrusts for a couple of minutes before pulling out of Oleria, almost pushing her away. He went back to the throne and sat down, calling Oleria and Vendarsa to Him. "Worship me, Oleria," He said.

Oleria steeled herself and tried to hide a grimace. There was no getting around it: His cock smelled like her ass. She licked it, and hesitantly covered the tip with her mouth. It was disgusting. "All the way down, Oleria," His Supremacy said and sighed. Oleria worked her way down His cock, gagging the entire time, from the discomfort and the taste. Once she got near the bottom, His Supremacy shoved her head down violently. "That's good," He said.

Oleria squirmed, settled in for a moment, then choked. Her eyes welled up. She tried to move up a little, but His Supremacy's hand held firm. "You know you have to stay like that, Oleria," He said. "Fuck…you know you have to stay like that." He held her there, and half a smile crossed His face. He was torturing her again, but His cock felt amazing and that's all that mattered.

"I accept your claims, Alleric," His Supremacy said to the king as Oleria gagged. "Thank you, Your Supremacy," Alleric replied. "Our pathetic, unworthy kingdom throws itself at your feet in joy. Thank you, Your Supremacy." His Supremacy fondled Vendarsa's tits. Oleria bobbed up and down a couple of times, but didn't dare pop off His cock. His Supremacy then pushed her back to the base, violently again, choking her with His enormous erection. "Fuck, like that," He said. "Fuck, like that." He began thrusting up inside her, holding her head firmly.

He was on the verge. Oleria squirmed. "Fuck fuck fuck…ohhh I'm so powerful…it's so good…you have to stay down Oleria," He said. He was getting closer but not quite there. Oleria shifted slightly and He pushed down harder.

"Ohhh…ahh…ohhh." Oleria's choking got louder and louder. She kept squirming, her face shifting ever so slightly. His Supremacy gripped tightly onto Oleria's head. She felt like she was in a vise. "Ohhh yeah…ohh yeah," He said. "I&hellip.ahhh…" It felt amazing, but the girl was clearly flagging. He needed to do something to get Himself over the edge. "Fuck that's nice Oleria," His Supremacy said, fully overwhelming her with His cock and His body.

He looked at Alleric. "You, Alleric&hellip.fuck," He said, His hands digging into Oleria's scalp. "You are…ohh…you are no longer king of Barria…ahhhhhhhh." The power did it. The fact that one man's fate, a whole kingdom's fate, could be so swiftly determined simply by His need for pleasure, for no apparent reason at all.

Cum streamed out of His Supremacy's cock for three minutes as He held Oleria in place. She tried valiantly to swallow it, but much wound up on the floor. Out of breath, she thanked Him when He was done.

Daymon watched the spectacle with a growing sense of unease. The past three weeks had been ones of constant humiliation. He couldn't wait to get out.