Ich heisse janien und du

Ich heisse janien und du
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Alicia's First Gangbang (M+ff, teen, inc, extreme cum, anal) by cum master Alicia stood by her bedroom window and watched as another couple of cars pulled up and parked along the street near her house. The heavy bass from the rap music playing made the window vibrate slightly. It was a common sound around this inner city neighborhood. The guys stepping out of the cars and coming up to the front door were friends of her brother Marco.

They were well dressed up with their dark sunglasses, gaudy jewelry, baggy pants and baseball caps. They wore sleeveless shirts showing of muscular arms and tattoos. Alicia thought they looked absolutely sexy. She also knew they were part of the gang. Alicia's brother was a member of a local gang. Most young Latinos in this neighborhood were. Their mother hated it and often berated him about it, but there was nothing she could do.

Between working two jobs to keep the roof over their heads and food on the table, she wasn't around that much. Right now she was at work and would be out till late. That's probably why her brother invited his buddies over to party here. Alicia was only 14 years old, but very much wanted to be a part of her brother's clique. At first, her brother found her a nuisance and told her to keep out of his business. But in the last year as she matured a little he started to treat her a bit more with respect and acceptance.

It was most likely because she was maturing into quite a sexy little girl.

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Alicia was pretty light-skinned, her father being white and her mother being Mexican. She had dark brown eyes and long brown hair that came down a little past her shoulder blades. She had a slim body, but with definite curvy hips and ample breasts. Her breasts were actually pretty large for a 14 year old. She got a lot of flak for them at school, often being called a 'slut' or 'whore'.

She didn't care, though. She made it a habit to wear very tight-fitting clothes and short skirts, much to her mother's chagrin. Her lips were very thick and full; one might even call them perfect 'cock-sucking' lips. Although she had never sucked cock before, she was finding herself getting very curious about sex. Actually, it wasn't just curiosity, it was almost an obsession. A while back she had found some of her brother's girly magazines and a couple of his porno videos.

When she was home alone, she would look at all the dirty pictures in the mags and watch some scenes from the videos. She found herself incredibly turned on by the things she saw and would masturbate furiously to them. It turned her on immensely seeing sexy girls being roughly man-handled by big beefy studs.

She adored watching their asses get slapped and fucked. The sight of big thick cocks sliding in and out of a pink glistening pussies hypnotized her. She also found herself surprisingly turned on by some of the girl-on-girl scenes she saw. One time, after she had given herself two orgasms, she took her sticky cunt-juice covered fingers and sucked on them, thinking about what it would be like to kiss and lick another girl's pussy.

But the thing that shocked her most was the first anal scene she saw. She couldn't believe a girl could take such an enormous shaft like that up her pooper! But the way she was screaming in ecstasy when he plowed her made her incredibly wet.

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At night when she masturbated she would also finger her tight little asshole; first one finger, then two. She loved the sensation. A knock on her bedroom door jerked her out of her daydreaming. "Hey sis, if you want to come down and party with us you're welcome to," her brother Marco said. A little tingle went up Alicia's spine. This was the first time her brother had ever actually invited her directly to join him and his friends.

She was thrilled. "Of course!" she said. She walked out into the living room and was handed a beer by her brother. She didn't particularly like beer, but knew she should drink it so she would look cool. As she looked around the room she thought to herself, God there are a lot of sexy guys here! There were probably about twenty or so guys hanging out. Rap music was playing in the background. The TV was on with the volume down, playing some baseball game.

In the air she could smell marijuana and saw a couple of the guys passing around a joint. Among the guys she noticed another girl. She was a couple years older than her, dark-skinned and dark-eyed with a huge rack that was clenched by a halter-top a bit too small for her.

She smiled at her and she smiled back. She walked around and chatted with the guys, drinking her beer. She couldn't help feeling her pussy getting wet as she gazed over all these young, muscular gang-bangers.

When she was working on her fourth beer, she started to really get flirty. She would touch some of the guys' muscles, rub her crotch against some of their legs, and giggle drunkenly at them.

"Hey Marco, I think your sister is drunk!" one guy laughed. "I never knew your sister was such a hottie. Hey how come you never talked about bringing her into the gang?" another guy said as he squeezed one of Alicia's firm ripe buttocks.

"Well, she's my sis I guess. I never really thought about it. I guess she's gotten older now but I never really realized it," Marco said. Alicia, who had also taken a few hits from a joint they were sharing, giggled and leaned back towards her brother.

"Heeeey, I'm not a little girl anymore Marco! I wanna join your gang! I wanna hang and party with you guys," she giggled. "Alicia, uh. you could, but I don't think you understand what that means," her brother said.

A bunch of the guys laughed. The guy whose lap she was sitting on squeezed her tight young ass with both of his hands. "Oh, I think she could understand," he said. Then he kissed her right on the mouth, pushing his tongue into her. She responded by grabbing at the bulge in his baggy pants.

A couple of the guys hooted at this wanton display of lust. Alicia pulled back away and grinned. "So what do I gots to do to be part of your gang?" she asked. "Well," said Marco, "all of us here were brought into the gang by beat-in.

For one minute, you must endure a savage beating from all of the gang. I was punched, kicked, scratched, smacked for a whole minute, and after it was done, I was a member." Alicia paled a little and bit her bottom lip. "Uh." Then the girl she saw earlier spoke up.

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"No, not all of us here were brought in that way." She looked directly at Alicia with a little smile on her lips.

"Us girls have another option. The one I took. We can get fucked in." "That's right baby. You fuck every guy here, and you're in," the guy who was squeezing her ass said. Alicia blinked as it sunk in what they were saying.

Alicia looked at her brother, but his face was expressionless. She looked at the girl, and then looked around the room at all the guys.

She looked at their sexy tattooed arms, their dazzling jewelry, and the hard bulges in their crotches.

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In the air she could smell the beer, marijuana and cigarette smoke, but also the scent of cock. It was the arousal of all the men here. She thought about the pornos she had seen.

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She knew what was going to happen if she said yes. And she wanted it, God did she want it. She grinned, "That sounds like a great idea. Fuck me in, guys!" she shouted. The guys around all cheered and hooted. The guy she was sitting on suddenly stood up and pushed her down to her knees. He looked down at her with his dark eyes. "Do you spit or swallow?" he asked her. She looked at him dumbly, not exactly sure what that meant.

Her mind was kind of fogged by an intoxicated haze and she could only vaguely remember some boys saying something like that when they were telling sex jokes to each other at school. The guy, seeing her expression, said "Don't worry about it bitch - you'll learn as you go along." Then he reached down to his crotch, unzipped his jeans and let them drop. He jerked down his boxers to release so his long, hard brown cock.

His fat cocktip was already oozing out a little pre-cum. Alicia stared at it hungrily, her mouth slightly open. She had never seen one in person like this before. God, it looked huge. She loved the way it hung there, pointing straight at her.

She adored the thick veiny shaft and the fat pulsing head. His balls were a little hairy, but they looked scrumptious hanging there in their fat sack. The musky, pungent smell of his sex filled her nostrils and made her pussy ooze some more cunt slime. She knew what he wanted. She knew what to do. Placing both of her hands on his thighs to steady her, Alicia enveloped his whole cock-head into her hot little mouth.

Her fourteen-year-old kittenish tongue lapped lovingly along the underside of his rubbery swollen knob and along the underside of his thick shaft.

She sucked in hard and hollowed out her cheeks with a loud slurp then pushed her face forward into his crotch. His cock had a salty, though not unpleasant, taste. She could feel the pulsing veins with her tongue as she slid along his length. "Oh FUCK yeah! Oh God that feels good, bitch." the guy groaned. He grabbed her head in his hands and slid his fingers through her dark glossy hair.

"Suck that fucking dick!" he groaned. Alicia did just that. She cooed as she suckled down his shaft then back up it. She made nasty slurping and popping noises as she bobbed her head back and forth along his meaty brown shaft. She loved how it felt in her mouth, so hot and thick. She lovingly caressed each inch with her thick wet lips. It felt like a thick hot sausage, she thought.

She giggled to herself. Here I am, sucking my first cock! The guy started rocking his hips forward and back, pumping his big brown meat into her drooling mouth.

She could hear him moaning with glee as she sucked his rigid shaft with the urgency that a baby sucks a bottle. With one hand she gently massaged his ball-sac, rolling them around as she bobbed her head noisily up and down his thick shaft. A mixture of pre-cum and saliva drooled down out of her mouth and formed two nasty thick ribbons that hung from her chin, swaying slightly with the motions of her head before plopping to the floor.

It was all he could take. He groaned loudly and erupted, blasting her little fourteen-year-old mouth with his hot slimy ball-juice. She felt it spurt all the way in the back of her throat and she choked in surprise. She pulled back off his cock with a wet pop as she tried to clear her throat, but was surprised again when his throbbing cock just continued to spurt thick wads of creamy cum right onto her pretty face.

She stood there in shock, unmoving as gooey ribbons of his white cream splashed onto her forehead, nose, mouth, and even her hair. The warm viscous fluids oozed down the side of her face, down her slender neck and between her plump breasts. Alicia suddenly remembered from the porn videos that this is what they called a 'facial'. She felt grossed out at first, but then thought that the warm sticky stuff wasn't so bad after all. She definitely knew what spit or swallow meant now.

Now the gang-bang had begun. She looked around and saw all the guys unbuckling belts, pulling off shirts, and pulling down pants.

She saw the other girl had taken off her top and two guys were sucking on her large fat titties while fingering her cunt. She felt big hands grabbing at her ass and jerking down her panties and skirt. Her shirt was pulled up off her head and her bra unclasped and dropped to the floor. Someone grabbed her head and turned her face towards his throbbing cock. His swollen cock-head brushed against her slick pouty lips and she opened her mouth to suckle it in.

She could see from her peripheral vision many guys start to crowd around her, stroking their big thick cocks as they moved in to have a piece of her. The smell of musky young cock was heavy in the air now, and Alicia felt like her heart was beating a million beats per minute. She had never been this excited or horny in her life!

She was on her hands and knees as she bobbed her head back and forth on the long dark shaft in her little fourteen-year-old mouth. She looked up with her big brown eyes at the man. He was a little older than the rest, probably in his twenties and very dark, probably half-black. His cock was huge and she struggled a bit to fit her mouth around his puffy purple cock-head.

But she sucked hard and fought back the gag reflex as best she could. Another guy shoved in close to him, pushed his big hard cock up against her cheek and smacked the side of her face with it. "Let me get in on some of that, homes," he said.

"Aight', lets see if she can take us both," the other guy said. Alicia's eyes grew large as she realized the other guy was trying to shove his cock-head in with the other mans!

Her fat lips stretched open ridiculously wide as their two bulbous rubbery plums squished together into her mouth. The slick mixture of cum and saliva lubricated them enough that they managed to wedge their fat heads together into her little mouth.

Her tongue darted out underneath their smooshed cock-heads and lasciviously caressed and stroked them together. She gurgled and chocked slightly but kept sucking and licking. "Fuck, the bitch did it!" one of the guys said. She jerked back slightly with a gasp, letting their cocks pop free from her drooling mouth. She took a few deep breaths then started sucking on each of their cocks, alternating between the two; a few sucks and strokes here, then a few sucks and strokes on the other.

She felt hands grab her little white ass and spread her cheeks open. A tingle of delight ran up her spine as she felt a warm rough tongue start probing along her crack, licking her gushing cunt and teasing her puckered brown anus.

She also felt fingers rubbing at her clit while the tongue probed her ass crack and she let out a loud moan of delight.

God that felt so good! Her pussy was on fire! One of the guys she was sucking suddenly grabbed her head and pushed her down hard as he reached his orgasm. He growled and groaned as his thick shaft throbbed and his balls emptied his hot jism into her mouth. This time she tried to swallow it all. But before she could swallow his load completely he pulled out and the other guy thrust his fat black cock into her mouth, forcing some of the gooey semen still there out of her mouth, down her chin and down his big long shaft.

He pumped and grunted roughly with his hands gripping her little head. His thrusting into her gooey cum-filled mouth made loud, nasty squishing noises. A couple seconds later and he had added his own thick load in her mouth. She gulped and gurgled as she tried to swallow it all. He slowly withdrew his fat pecker from her mouth, and long gooey webs of sticky cum stretched from her puffy lips to his glistening slick cock. Her face was a disgusting mess. Her lipstick was all smeared off.

Globs of sticky white cum clung all over her pretty face. Thick long ropes of congealed jism dangled off along her jaw and chin like icicles from a roof in winter. Meanwhile, the tonguing and fingering of her cunt was becoming intense. She turned her head to look over her shoulder and saw with surprise that the person doing it was not a guy, but the girl she saw earlier! Her eyes caught hers and the girl pulled back to grin at her, licking her sticky pussy-covered lips.

But before she could go back to feasting on Alicia's young hot twat, one of the guys shoved her aside, got on his knees behind her and positioned his large brown cock at her slick pink pussy. With hands tightly gripping her little white cheeks he thrust into the young pink cunt with a loud moan. "Oh fuck, she's TIGHT!" Alicia's eyes rolled back into her head as she felt for the first time an actual cock enter her little pussy. She was a virgin before now, although she had masturbated with big objects before and had broken her hymen.

This was one hundred times better than a zucchini, though. His thick shaft felt hot and soft inside of her pussy. She clenched and massaged his length with her young cunt as he passionately pumped in and out of her. It was too much for her; with a cry, Alicia shuddered into her first orgasm of the day. Her pussy tightened up and squirted juice out. The guy fucking her felt her cunt tighten up around his brown sausage and squeeze it like a vice.

He gasped in delight and unable to hold back, blew his gooey load into her womb. After a couple more thrusts he withdrew from her sticky pussy. Not two seconds later another guy took his place, grabbing her ass and plowing his huge cock into her sloppy young cunt.

The other girl crawled on all fours over next to Alicia. Side by side, she stuck her ass up right next to hers.

Another young gang-banger knelt beside the guy fucking Alicia and thrust his fat cock into the dark-eyed girl. With both of them getting fucked their ass cheeks gently bumped and rubbed against each other's. The girl, on her elbows like Alicia, turned her head to her. "My name's Lola," she said. Alicia stared at the pretty Mexican girl for a moment. Both of their heads were rocking back and forth slightly from the pounding they were getting from behind.

She thought it funny that the girl would come up and introduce herself like this, while they were both getting screwed doggy-style.

She giggled a little and then said, "Hi! I'm Alicia." Lola grinned at her, "Alicia. I like that name. Though I think you should go by Lisha, sounds sexier to me." "Yeah?" Alicia thought to herself. "I kind of like that too. Call me Lisha then." she grinned back at Lola.

Lola move her left hand over to hers and placed it over her right hand. Their fingers intertwined and squeezed together. "You taste good, Lisha," Lola said as she licked her lips and winked at her. Alicia giggled. "Thank you! I hope I get to taste you too." Lola squeezed her hand, "Oh you will, honey. I hope you like fucking like this. The guys do this almost every party they have. There are usually more girls, though.

Its like a big fuckin' orgy!" Alicia grinned. She liked the sound of that. "Oh God yes, I love this." She closed her eyes for a moment to relish in the sensation of some random, hot thick cocksausage stuffing her tight pussy from behind. "I just wanna fuck, and fuck, and fuck." she moaned, her head rocking back and forth.

Lola giggled at her. "Looks like they did a number on your face too. I hope you like cum?" she asked. Alicia licked her lips, tasting some of the drying jism on them. "Yeah, its alright." Lola smiled at her, "Well good. Because the guys like to make us eat it in all kinds of nasty ways. I'm sure once they fill our pussies up good, they're gonna make us eat it out of each other.

Alicia thought about that a moment. "Mmmmm.I bet I'll like their cum better that way. Mixed with your pussy juices." Both girls grinned at each other and giggled. Still holding hands, they closed their eyes, turned up their heads and basked in the delightful gang-banging they were receiving. The guys had formed two lines, one behind each of them. Hard, young brown muscular men with gang tattoos and huge thick cocks waited their turn to pound their sloppy cunts.

They moaned and grunted together like bitches in heat. "Uh.uh.yeah, fuck that pussy.yeah.uh.ghm.mmm." Lola moaned. Following her lead, Alicia goaned out, "Mmmm.ooh.ooh, uh.uh.yeah, fuckmefuckmefuckmefuckme!" Guy after guy, they tore up those two young hot cunts.

Alicia could feel her pussy getting very slimy and sticky. She could feel the warm thick jism running down her thighs in long rivulets. As soon as one guy would dump his hot creamy load into her, another guy would shove in to take his place.

When the new guy plowed in his thick meat into her, he would make her sloppy well-fucked cunt ooze out more goo down her thighs and his cock and balls. Her pussy was starting to feel a little sore, but the intense pleasure of being fucked continuously was overwhelming. "Oh my GOD I'm cummmmmminng." cried out Lola as her body started to shudder. Her hand squeezed tightly around Alicia's. Alicia couldn't help but feel the same sympathy with her sister slut and cried out with her.

"Oh FUCKFUCKFUCK yesssss!" Alicia cried out with her eyes clenched shut. The two Latin girls, side by side, their ass cheeks bumping and rubbing together as they were fucked by hungry, young huge cocks, cried out in wanton ecstasy as they came together.


Both girls gasped softly, coming down off their intense orgasms. Alicia looked at Lola with half-lidded glazed eyes.


Lola looked back at her with a stupid, wide intoxicated grin. Then Lola leaned forward to Alicia, pursed her lips and pushed close to her mouth. Alicia instinctively met her advance and pressed her full, fat lips against the beautiful Latina girl's fat lips and they engaged in an intense, lustful Sapphic kiss.

As the girls kissed and basked in the afterglow of their orgasms, the needy fucking of their gang-bangers did not cease. In fact, it was now Marco who stood behind his own sister as the guy who just finished fucking her withdrew and moved out of his way. Marco gazed at his sister's little white ass and had a moment of conflict in his mind. He thought, should he fuck his own sister? Wasn't that incest? Wasn't that sick and wrong? Well shit, he thought. She was kissing and making out with his bitch Lola right before his eyes.

He looked at her sticky, abused cunt, drooling and dripping with the semen of a dozen of his own gang buddies. Fuck it, he thought. Secretly, he had started to have lustful thoughts of her lately anyways. She was just another bitch now. Another cunt to be fucked and used like the rest of them. And with that thought, he grabbed her tender young ass cheeks, spread them open and pushed his hard thick cock into his young sister.

His fat bulbous head parted her gooey pink lips and plowed into her depths.

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He could feel the many loads of his buddies' cum gush around his shaft as he pushed in. Their slimy hot cum oozed around his cock-shaft, globs of slime running down her sister's thighs and down his shaft to his balls.

He groaned in pleasure. Then Macro ruthlessly fucked his little sister's cunt with his big hard cock. With his hands mauling her pretty little butt-cheeks he rammed his cock meat back and forth into her nasty sloppy cunt like a piston.

"Woah, Marco's fucking his little sister man! Damn!" some guy said. "So what? Shut the fuck up! She belongs to all of us now." Marco said angrily. Alicia heard this and turned her head to verify the claim. And she saw him there, eyes fixated on her little, round white ass as he slammed his hips into her cheeks.

Alicia at first felt some shame. But then she thought, well look at me. Here I am behaving like a wanton slut! How could he resist? In fact, he must really find me hot to want to fuck me like this.

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The thought of her brother lusting after her ass made her feel very dirty and even hornier. Most of the guys by now had emptied their balls into either Alicia or Lola. They were lounging around on the couches as they recovered. The last guy fucking Lola pulled out of her and left her feeling empty. Marco, however, was still furiously pounding away at his sister.

He reached over and slapped Lola right on the ass. "Get over in front of her. Stick your fat ass into her face. I want to see my sister eat your nasty cunt and suck out all that jizz. You hear that sis?" he growled. "I want you to eat that creampie!" Alicia had never heard her brother talk like this.

His voice was rough, firm and demanding. It actually turned her on and she meekly whimpered, "Uh huh.whatever you say Marco." Lola pushed her chubby brown ass into Alicia's pretty face. With her face pressed to the side on the floor, she reached behind and spread her fat ass-cheeks open, revealing the nasty mess of her used cunt. Little strands of cum stretched from one cheek to the other. A couple of thick slimy ribbons dangled from her gaping cunt-hole. Alicia stared at that creamy mess of a cunt for a moment before pushing her face wantonly into it.

Her fat puffy lips mashed into Lola's cum-slicked pussy folds and she started to kiss and lap with her little tongue all around.

Lola let out a moan, "Ohhh.baby, yeah lick like that! Oh that's good!" Alicia could taste both the salty hot jism of dozens of guys and the sweet girly taste of her new friend's cunt juice. The guys around hooted and hollered. "Yeah, nasty bitch!

Eat it!" they cried out. One of the guys had taken out a video camera and was standing beside them recording the disgusting scene. Alicia sucked and slurped in Lola's sweet gooey pussy like a depraved cumslut.

Her mind was lost in a sex-filled haze. Her little tongue darted into Lola's inner folds and wiggled around. Then she would lap at her swollen clit with her little fourteen-year-old tongue.

Her face was getting completely smeared with all the ball-juice dumped in her friend. When she pulled back slightly to catch her breath Marco could see thick gooey web-like strands of cum stretching from her face to Lola's cunt and ass.

It was an absolutely filthy sight, and he loved it. Marco grabbed her sister's head and shoved her face back into her cunt as he started to fuck her again. She lapped and sucked noisily, filling the air with disgusting slurping and swallowing sounds. She grunted and groaned like a filthy animal while she rubbed her face into Lola's creamy cunt. Her little tongue lapped and wiggled around her hole while she slurped and gulped down the slimy mixture of pussy-juice and cum.

Lola came first. With a shuddering cry, her whole body shook as Alicia's tongue twittered all over her swollen hard clit. Alicia followed not a minute after, grunting from the rapid forceful thrust from her brother's long fat shaft. Then he suddenly growled loudly as he emptied his heavy balls of their creamy load into her. With a wet slurp he withdrew his softening cock from her gooey mess of a cunt and joined his friends on the couch to relax for a bit.

Alicia, still breathing heavily, looked up and around. Lola was lying on her side, purring softly in the afterglow of her climax. The guys were drinking some more beer, laughing and chatting as they sat around recovering. Alicia grabbed a pillow from nearby and laid her head upon it to give her sore arms a rest. She could feel thick white cum still drooling out of her gaping cunt-hole.

Little trickles of it ran down her thighs while larger globs of it plopped right out and hit the carpet. Her whole ass, thighs and part of her back was covered in the sticky white stuff and her skin looked almost oily from the glean it was giving off. Marco stood up and stepped near Alicia.

"Ready for seconds, guys?" he asked. "Man, dey so fucking sloppy now I bet you can't feel it when you stick yo cock in!" one of the guys said. Marco looked at his cum-covered little sister. "True dat. Well then, we'll just fuck her tight little ass!" Alicia gasped softly and looked up at her brother.

"I.I don't know about th.that." she stammered. "Shut up, slut! You'll do what I say now," growled Marco. Lola was now sitting up and she reached over to slap Marco's thigh. "Oi, be nice to your hermana! This is her first time." Lola cupped Alicia's chin in her palm and looked at her gently. "It's okay, I'll do it with you. You'll like it, I promise." She pulled one of Alicia's little white ass cheeked aside with one hand and with the other she scooped up some slimy globs of cum from her cunt and rubbed it all over the soft, puckered muscle of her anus.

After smearing the viscous slime liberally all over it, she stuffed one, then two fingers into her brown puffy anal-ring. "Ooooh.mmmmmmmm," Alicia moaned lustfully. Lola rapidly pumped her fingers in and out of her shit-hole, occasionally reaching down to scoop up more globs of cum to lubricate her sphincter with.

As she pumped deeper she stretched open her beautiful little puckered hole and then stuffed a third finger into her. "You like this, mmmm?" she purred at Alicia. "Y.yeah.I, uh.do this to myself when I masturbate too." she groaned. "I thought so.it felt like you weren't THAT tight in here, " Lola grinned.

She withdrew her fingers from her, grabbed her cheeks with both hands and spread them wide open while looking up at Marco. "Okay, stick it in her slowly baby." Marco knelt down behind her spread-open cheek and pushed the fat dark tip of his cock into the little puckered anus of his sister. The slick cum eased his way into her little ass and he gave out a long throaty moan as her butt-hole squeezed every inch of his fat prick going in. Alicia thought it was the oddest thing she'd ever felt -- like a huge turd thrusting into her butt instead of out.

Once he had sunk his entire throbbing member into her rectum he let out a low moan. "Ohhh, fuck yeah. Your ass is so hot and tight, sis, " he groaned.

While Lola held open her little ass cheeks, Marco started to saw his fat brown prick in and out of Alicia's tight hole. Her puckered sphincter gripped and massaged each inch of his shaft as he pushed in and out of it. He withdrew his thick cock all the way out with a pop and left her anal hole gaping open, starting back at him.

He used his fingers to scoop up some slimy jizz off her ass then pushed it into her hole and smeared it all around. Then he plowed his rigid cock back in and fucked her ass rapidly. A few more guys went to stand behind Marco, stroking their shafts as they waited their turn.

Lola suddenly squealed as strong rough hands lifted her up and set her on her hands and knees facing Alicia. She felt the hands spread open her fat brown ass-cheeks and she knew what was coming. Spit and leftover cum was spread over her quivering puckered hole then violated roughly with the thrust of a thick hard cock. She gasped out loud and reached out to grab Alicia's hands in her own.

She looked at her friend and saw her head tilted back slightly with her eyes rolled into the back of her head. Her mouth was gaping open and she was grunting and moaning in total bliss. Lola thought to herself, she must really love it up the ass!

The anal gangbang had started as the two young Latina girls faced each other with fingers intertwined and asses shoved up high.

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They took cock after hard fat cock up their little tight butt-holes and grunted like animals with wanton delight. Alicia could feel her bowls being filled with thick creamy loads of semen. In between cocks, after the guy fucking her pulled out, her abused anus would sometimes squirt out a disgusting fart of gooey cum.

It would bubble and spurt out like spittle from a baby's mouth that had too much milk in it. But that would not deter the next guy from ramming his needy cock into her used shit-hole. Cum would just squeeze out all around his shaft and then drool down his balls. Sometimes when a fat cock popped out of her shit-pipe it would leave it gaping open with her anal ring looking so puffy and red.

You could see globs of cum inside of it before her quivering sphincter would start to contract and rhythmically pulse like a hungry mouth begging to be fed more cock-meat. The feeling of emptiness wouldn't last long though, for another fat cock would quickly find its way into the depths of her rectum. As the decadent gangbang progressed into its third hour the whole room began to truly reek of the musky smell of cock and cum.

The air was filled with the sounds of fat cocks popping in and out of gaping holes, heavy balls wetly slapping against cum-covered cunts, over-filled rectums farting out globs of cum, and the loud slaps of young men pounding their hips into the fat asses of their bitch-meat. The wailing cries of the two gangbang-sluts mingled with the low guttural grunting and moaning of the dozens of tattooed men as they fucked and blew their creamy loads into their shit-pipes.

After most of the guys had spent their loads and sat around recovering, Marco told everyone to back off. "Hold up, y'all." He looked down at the nasty mess before him.

His sister was covered in thick ball-slime. Her little cheeks glistened with a vibrant sticky sheen. Her damp hair had sticky strands dangling from it, like little perverse decorative ribbons. Her anal hole was a gaping ruined cave overflowing with semen. It was all shades of white; some pure white, some cream-colored, some grayish, some kind of yellowish, with huge gooey globules floating in the more clear fluid. He grinned with a nasty look in his eyes. "Lola, get over here. Take a look at my sister's ass.

look at that nasty shit. You know what I want you to do." He said. Lola crawled on her hands and knees around to the upturned rear of Alicia. Her eyes were still sort of glassy with lust. She looked at Alicia's gooey ass and placed her hands upon her cheeks.

Stretching them open as wide as she could, her face descended and her lips opened right over her puffy stretched anal ring. Without hesitation she began to voraciously suck and slurp the globs of nasty cum right out of her abused shitter, filling the air with disgusting smacking and gulping sounds. Alicia rolled her head back cried out a low, guttural sound.

Her little pink tongue darted out and over her lips as she closed her eyes and focused upon the sensations at her asshole. Lola moans and rubbed her face between her sticky ass-cheeks while her wide tongue lapped up and across her slimy flesh. Strands of her dark hair stuck against her friend's creamy ass while she bobbed her head around.

Her throat worked slowly as she gulped and sucked down as much thick ball-goo as she could. After a short while she heaved a long sigh and fell to her side with a gooey wide grin on her face. She burped suddenly and a bit of cum bubbled from her sticky shiny lips.

Alicia remained on her knees, mouth still open, eyes closed. It was as if she were in some kind of hypnotic trance. Her brother looked at her with curiosity and knelt down beside her. "Alicia? You okay?" He nudged her.

Alicia didn't respond right away but then slowly grinned. "Mmmm." she sort of purred without opening her eyes. "I." Then she mumbled something incoherent. Marco stood up and said, "Alright guys, I think they had enough". After the guys had all packed up and left, he went around the place collecting beer cans and burnt-out roaches and tossed them into a large black bag that he hauled outside to the dumpster.

Lola and Alicia had recovered enough to wobble themselves to the bathroom and took a hot steamy shower together. They giggled and chattered incessantly and inanely as they scrubbed each other's bodies. After they had dried up and gotten dressed Lola looked Alicia in the eyes and winked at her.

"I hope you'll be ready for another party like this in a couple of days at my place." Alicia nodded and grinned. She couldn't wait.