TS Barbie Woods sucks and rides a hard cock

TS Barbie Woods sucks and rides a hard cock
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Drunk Tank By JIMMY Drunk tanks are pretty much the same, a bench or two bolted to the wall, a pisser, and that's about it. The cops use them to hold you for a few hours, till you sober up. I had picked up for public intoxication, and had about another two hours to go. Then I could pay a fine and walk out. The bench was too small to stretch out on, snores, and the echo of steel doors slamming wouldn't have allowed much sleep anyway. I was sitting in boredom, reading the scratching on the wall, when the door opened.

A drunk kid was pushed and kind of fell into the tank. Yeah, this was more like it! I checked the kid out, not even trying to bother hiding my leer. He didn't sense my stare. He looked around for a second then staggered over to the bench, sitting as far as he could from me. He had ample padding on his butt to protect him from the hard wooden bench, but wasn't nothing gonna protect him from my hard 7 inches! I'd done it before, and I was going to do it now!

This kid didn't have a say in the matter. He was too cute not to fuck, he was just like I like em. About 5'6", somewhere around 140 pounds, brown hair, cute face, and some hot lips. He was a hot little compact boy toy just right for some good old fashioned jail house fucking! I didn't have time to waste since I'd be getting out in a couple of hours.

Wasn't time for game playing, just time to do the fuck nasty! I scooted down, closing the couple feet of bench that separated us. I laid my hand on his thigh and smiled at him. He snarled, "Get the fuck away from me!" He jumped up and moved away quick. Course I followed just as quick, right on his tail so to speak. "We're gonna fuck," I informed him. "Naw, man," he retorted, "We're gonna fight!" He meant it to, I caught the punches he was throwing and at the same time managed to start tearing off his clothes.

He was getting frustrated and was mad as hell by the time I had him stripped butt naked.

He got in a few decent blows while I ripped up a piece of his shirt to tie his hands together with. He was a tough kid, even as I tied his hands, he was kicking, he was gonna be a hot fighting squirming fuck!


Once I had his wrist secured, I let him loose so I could strip. He stood back to a corner scowling and threatening, "You better stay the fuck away from me! I'll fucking find a way to kill you!" "Ah, shuddup! Ain't nobody gonna kill nobody! We're just gonna screw around. In fact, I'm gonna screw this up in your ass!" I proudly waved my flag pole at him.

"It ain't happening!" he answered, even as I was grabbing him. He struggled, and twisted around, still a fighter even without the use of his arms.

We ended up falling to the hard cement floor, I got my leg locked around his kicking one, and grabbed his package, stretching his dicks and nuts! "Let loose of my nuts, you fucking faggot!" he yelled, as I gave them the squeeze that finally took the fight out of the kid. He grunted in pain and lay gasping hard.

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I took those few seconds to get some spit on my dick. I hurried not wanting him to recover before I got inside his fuck tunnel. I didn't waste the time or effort to spit lube his ass ring, he was a tough kid, he'd make it! His face was a mask of rage as I wedge my dick between his hams. I jabbed around and found his ring of paradise! The rage turned into a look of terror as I forced entry inside his hot little ass! His face and body clenched up as I made that fuck hole unclench!

I thrusted, getting the head past the ring, and it was home free after that! I held his squirming body as I sank slowly in! He was hurting and feeling my cock's violation! "Yeah, squirm you little hot fucker! Squirm! It hurts, don't it fucker? It hurts having a dick up your ass! But, next time you get a fucking, it won't hurt so bad! You straight boys never like getting fucked the first time! After you get fucked, it's just easier to let it happen again!" I sank my shaft all the way in and laughed, "Let the fucking began!

You want a slow screw, or you want an all out pumping? How about something in the middle, like this?" I started moving in and out at a medium pace, letting his ass stretch to fit my dick. "Get off me man!" he protested weakly. I started picking up the pace, holding him in place with one arm, feeling up his hot body with my free hand. I pumped hard, liking the way his butt molded to my groin. "Take my hard dick, you hot fucker!

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Yeah! Tight ass stud! Shit, your ass is like fucking velvet! Yeah, yeah!


Feel my cock! Take it, you sweet butted stud!" "Shut up!" he protested, "Just do it and shut the fuck up, man! Don't make it worse, you fucking rapist!" "Naw, I'm gonna screw you silly! I'm gonna tell you had good your ass feels!

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It's sweet! Fucking hot and tight! It's getting juicy from my dick leaking in it! You got an ass that won't quit! Ahh, ahh! Love fucking it! So warm and so fucking deep!" He was loosening up so the original pain was gone, but my words were hurting just as bad.

He was frustrated and his eyes were wet with tears of rage. My balls were getting too happy, so I slowed down to a slow circle screw, and kept reminding him how good his ass made my hard dick feel. I rolled him over, face down on the fucking nasty floor and began pumping in and out, getting ready to nut.

I placed my mouth close to his left ear and whispered, "I'm going to cum inside your hot ass!

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That's gonna be the worst part. I'm going to pump a big load of my ball juice inside your ass!" I nibbled at his ear lobe and began panting as my balls got ready to fire. He squirmed as he felt my seed flowing in his fuck chute!

I yelled out, "Fucking take it! Fucking take every last drop!" It was a good ball draining cum, the kind that left me drained for a second.

I lay on top of him, catching my breath. "Get the fuck off me!" the tough kid demanded. I laughed, and got up.

I cleaned my dick off, and started redressing.

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He got up; wrists still tied and sat on the shitter. "Fucking untie my hands, man!" he yelled.

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"Kid, I'm fucked out and tired, you try anything, I'm gonna do more then fuck you, understand?" He glared and nodded his head. I untied him. He grabbed some of the cheap jail house shit paper and winced in pain as he wiped his sore ass with it. The tank door opened, the guard nodded at me. I stood up and as I walked out, I said, "Thanks for the ass, man!" The kid's face reddened as the guard stared.

The guard had the door shut before the hot tempered kid could respond. The End If you like my stories - check out my e-books at Amazon and Smashwords - just search under the author name of JIMMY SEAY