Cumshot on sisters bra and panties

Cumshot on sisters bra and panties
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The bell rang, Zack put up the tools he was using and picked up the shed wall he was working on and brought it to the storage room of the shop. Since he was the last one he made sure it was locked and closed the door.

He went to the closet where the students keep their stuff and grabbed his bag and made sure that his ipod and phone were still in it and shut the door to the shop. Zack reached the end of the short hallway and turned to go out one of the schools side exits.

He stopped and looked up from his ipod, his path was blocked by three very beautiful girls. Mary and Kylie stood on either side of Amanda, their arms crossed with each others like they were playing red rover. When he looked at them they all dropped their left hip and put their left hands on their waist. Zack smiled, he knew what they were doing but there was no need.

They were all already smoking hot! Just knowing that their perfect bodies lie just under their clothes made his cock start to come to life. And the clothes! For the past week and a half, since that first time, all three girls have been wearing the sexiest and (still abiding by school dress codes) slutty-est outfits.

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Today they were wearing mini skirts and some very tight skinny jeans. How did Mary get into those, Zack thought to himself. Mary was wearing a low cut shirt with an awesome push up bra.

Amanda had on a low v neck t-shirt that when worn properly showed some massive cleavage, but right now she had it pulled down in the back. Kylie was wearing a long sleeved tight fitting shirt that had some horizontal slits on the back. Zack guessed that she had made those herself.

Ever since he had told her how perfect her tits were she had taken to wearing shirts that fitted snugly to her body and sometimes showed that she wasn't wearing a bra. "Ah, my three lovely ladies. Looking stunning as usual." They each came up to him and gave him a quick kiss with some tongue.

Mary who always waited to be last was able to make hers last a bit longer. Some other students oohed as they walked past the quartet. Since the three girls had no qualms about sharing one guy they did nothing to hide it at all. There was some kids who thought themselves righteous and frowned, even scowled, at what Zack and his three girlfriends were doing. Then there was the kids at the other end of that scale, these ones thought that Zack was a stud to bag three at the same time.

The group that just passed was close to the latter end. Zack offered his arms to Mary and Kylie while Amanda held Kylie's other hand and they proceeded out of the building as thus. They reached the car and the question that always came up at this point was asked, "Who's driving?" The car being referred to was Zack's because, first, the windows were tinted so they could smoke without being discovered.

Second, the girls couldn't decide who it would be to go pick him up. So he settled that argument by proposing the idea that he drives and picks them up, always switching it up on which house he went to first.

The girls started bickering like always saying "I drove yesterday" or "You hogged him last night so you drive." Luckily Zack spent the time before he fell asleep to figure out something to put an end to this. He considered drawing straws but then they would argue about which one is shorter. Then, odd man out! "Okay, okay hush. I figured a way for this to go smoothly and is completely fair.

Odd man out, you know? One, two, three then you hold two or one fingers out and odd man out drives us. On three, either one or two and if you try to change or hesitate, you are forfeiting and you become the driver, agreed?" All three of them looked at each other. "Or I can just go home and start my homework early." All at once, "Agreed!" "Okay, I'll count it.

One… two… three!" Both the twins held out two which made Amanda the odd one. Zack handed her his keys and opened the trunk, putting his bag in there. Then he opened the back door and got in. Mary, after putting her bag with Zack's, opened the other side and sat on that seat while Kylie got in, opposite her sister.

When Kylie shut her door they were off, early enough to beat the mad rush to leave the parking lot. When they had gotten well into the residential area, Mary reached under her seat and pulled out a wooden box. When she opened it there was a little pop as the rubber seal, lining the lip, was pulled apart. She pulled out the pipe from in there and packed the bowl with the weed that was also in the box. Since the bowl was pretty deep they only smoked that one bowl which lasted them almost all the way to Amanda's house.

They started coming here because Amanda has toys that the two unengaged girls can use on each other. Mary opened her door and the smoke came billowing out. They left their stuff in the car because they were here only for the sex, they would go over to Mary and Kylie's house afterwards. Amanda unlocked the door and they rushed upstairs to her bedroom.

The girls couldn't wait to get started and Zack's hard rod was starting to ache, trapped inside of his jeans. Zack sat on the bed as the twins and Amanda went into her bathroom. He could hear them moving around in there and wondered what they were doing, usually they stripped off their clothes and hopped onto the bed. They spent a few minutes in the bathroom, minutes that Zack spent twiddling his thumbs. The bathroom door opened and the three girls stepped out one by one. They were each wearing a different lingerie outfit and stood there in heels.

Mary said "you thought of a way to settle the driving disputes and we have figured out who will go first. We have decided to put on these and have you rate the sexiness of them, greatest to least. With that order we will be able to tell who goes first and will cycle through that every day." Mary was wearing a tight, very sexy bustier and a little red and black thong.

The bustier displayed her awesome bosom and squeezed her thin waist. The thong she was wearing was very small and lacey, it was small enough to where Zack could see the top of the strip of hair Mary had. Kylie was sporting a plain white, very thin camisole with lace trim. It came to just above her navel and her nipples were standing at attention beneath the fabric. The sheerness of the it making her nipples all the more noticeable.

For bottoms she was wearing a g-string that made a v going into her buttocks and were also very thin in the front, sinking into her labia.

Amanda had on a black, deep v teddy that was made of mesh. It covered to just the inside of her nipples and out and fastened to a choker. The bottom was a thong that in the back mimicked the front v but was thinner and came to a single string that slipped between her butt cheeks. All three of them looked super sexy in their outfits which accentuated each of their unique features.

Zack found himself wishing he had three dicks so he could fuck them all at the same time. Amanda, Kylie and Mary took turns slowly rotating a few more times then stopped. The three of them stood in a sexy pose, Kylie was standing with her waist turned to the side and her hands behind her head with her elbows on the side. Mary was bending forward with her hands on her knees making her arms press her tits together. Amanda was standing with her legs slightly parted and her right knee bent, curving her back, her hand on her left hip and thrusting out her rack.

"You girls are making it impossible for me to choose." They just held their poses and didn't say a word. Zack decided that he had to exclude their own looks from the equation and focus only on how the lingerie. "Wait." the girls were startled by his outburst but held still. I cant' do that, it won't work, Zack thought. I have to factor their looks into it. He figured that he had to judge the lingerie on how it enhanced their features.

Mary's bustier pushed up and squeezed her tits together and hugged her slim waist, making her round ass more pronounced, especially with her heels.


The small piece also left her toned tanned legs exposed, Zack loved the slenderness of them which is why, he thinks, that she had forgone any stockings and things like that. Kylie's plain camisole left her face in the spotlight, her angular features made her the most attractive with concealing clothing.

The loose camisole draped over her slim body and was at the mercy of her pert little nipples poking almost all the way through. It exposed her flat stomach, making her pierced belly button the center of attention here. But drop down a few inches and her visible and now glistening labia took the cake.

Kylie's pussy was the tightest one of the three and Zack had told her this on a few occasions which might have led her to wear this skimpy thong. Or it might have been that in the back it was merely a string that framed her bubble butt. Resting on the top of her cheeks and then slipping in between them. The heels she was wearing greatly emphasized her ass, almost overly but that only served to make it more enticing. Amanda's outfit displayed all her curves in a rather sensual manner.

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Her tits were cupped nicely in her teddy, slightly pulled apart by the tightness of it. Her pink nipples were poking out through the mesh, standing out against the black material. The v came together just above her waist and made an arrow point, directed at her pussy. The mesh material left nothing to be imagined. Zack could make out her outer labia parting to allow her inner lips out.

All three of them looked exceptionally sexy in their outfits and Zack, after his detailed observation, still couldn't decide on an order. Then… "okay, I have figured it out." The girls dropped their stances and came to stand in front of Zack. "For the past week and a half you girls have chosen who goes first.

Well, now it is me who will choose from now on." The girls exchanged glances and shifted their weight.

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"Every day I'll pick the order and from first to third. It will be a gradation, the first one will be a quick fuck, the second more intimate and the third will be passionate love making." Mary was about to say something but held back. "The components of each one will vary from day to day or not at all. Also the condition or set of conditions will change or, again, will not change at all. All in all I will be the one choosing who goes first.

Do you girls understand and accept?" "YES!" They all screamed and tackled Zack onto the bed and asked questions like "so who goes first?" "Do you like the outfits?" "What are the conditions for today?" "Okay, okay, the order for today will be Kylie, Amanda and then Mary." Kylie stood and stripped off her clothing while Mary and Amanda pulled off his pants and shirt, tossing them behind themselves.

But they left his boxers on for Kylie. She pulled them off then took him into her mouth.

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She licked around his head then gradually slid more into her mouth moving her tongue on the underside of his dick. She came back up and then deep throated him and shook her head, adding a different feel to the tip of his penis. She was soaking his cock with her saliva, prepping him to bottom out in her immediately.

There was pop as Zack's cock fell from Kylie's mouth and a sting of her spit connected the tip to her bottom lip. Kylie climbed up and straddled him, grabbing his member and rubbing the head of it along her slit and spinning it around her clit. Then she guided him in and he pushed his cock in her pussy while she, after a slight pause, slammed down.

"Oh I can never get used to how much you fill me up." Kylie started rocking her hips and gyrating, loving how deep he was in her. Then she started to lift herself up and then back down.

With her finally making these motions Zack was able to lift his hips up to push his cock farther in. "Oh fuck! I'm getting close." Zack grabbed her hips and held her down. She got the message and started grinding her hips.

While she was doing this he started to twitch his dick inside of her pussy. Kylie let out a load moan, "Yes, I'm gonna cum." He reached down and lubed up his fingers on the juices leaking around his cock and rubbed her clit. Her pussy clamped on his cock and worked magic on his sensitive head. Zack leaned forward and latched onto her nipple, nibbling on it while his free hand massaged her free tit. "Rub my clit, yeah just like.

I love it when you play with my nipples." Kylie started to slow her hips and Zack released her nipple and whispered "don't stop babe." "Okay, okay I won't stop, FUCK!" She brought the pace up even faster than before. Zack was in heaven, the feeling of her pussy enveloping his cock and her rocking was amazing. "I love your tight pussy babe." "Yeah, you like it, your cock fits snugly in my cunt." When her orgasm was failing, Kylie fell forward onto Zack. He pushed her hair back and whispered, "I'm sorry babe, your time is up." She gave him a quick kiss and rolled off of him.

Amanda had stripped when she heard Zack tell Kylie that and was waiting with her pussy gleaming from her moisture. Amanda kissed him and said "I want you to do me doggy style." She crawled on the bed to the middle on her hands and knees. Zack rolled over and positioned himself behind her, as Amanda looked back and wiggled her as at him.

He lined up and squeezed her ass as he rammed his rod deep into her. "OH SHIT!" Amanda immediately started a forward and back movement as Zack started to thrust into her hard and fast. "Ooh yeah, harder, harder yes. Fuck me harder baby." Zack had his hands on her hips pulling her back to him as he went forward but that was unnecessary because she was already putting all she had into forcing her ass back at him. He could feel his balls bouncing off of her clit with every thrust and thought I can't keep this pace up much longer.

His ejaculation was coming soon so he slowed down and reached to Amanda's tits and played with her nipples. He knew she loved this. When he started playing with her nipple she pushed back and circled her hips, feeling his cock move inside of her pussy. "Damn I love it when you do that." After every sixth rotation Amanda circled to his tip and then slammed back. She grabbed his left hand and dragged it from her tit to her mouth and sucked and licked his fingers. When she did this Zack knew what she was going to ask because every time she did something along these lines she would ask the same question.

"Pull my hair, please, please Zack will you pull on my hair?" It's not that he doesn't like this kinky side of her but hair pulling, choking and other rough things have always turned him off.

"Please baby, do it for me." Amanda started to slow her hips and stopped the circling up to his tip and slamming back. She always did this but she also always chose positions that would allow Zack to continue fucking her.

But this time he didn't do anything! He just held still as she slowed. When she finally stopped altogether Amanda was scared she might have pushed this too far and looked back at him with a pout. He looked at her and started to slowly draw out his dick. Then all of a sudden he slammed his full length back in. Amanda was still looking back at him with the best possible pout that she could manage while being fucked. But when it was becoming too much she just turned back.

Despite there being a little pause, Zack was still close to blowing his load. As he was thrusting into her, Amanda would droop her head then throw it back. Zack knew she was coming close to her own orgasm. So he was preparing to do something he knew she would absolutely love. He kept up his hard thrusting and when she threw her head back again he seized his moment, literally.

Her hair was thrown on her back and he grabbed a handful and pulled, not too hard, but hard enough to bring her head back. Amanda felt this and screamed as her orgasm hit her at the same time. "FUCK YES!" Zack, knowing what he was doing for her started spewing strings of cum into Amanda's pussy and he felt her own seeping around his cock. Amanda collapsed and Zack fell on the bed next to her. They were both panting from their exertions and Amanda was hugging her stomach. "Holy shit! That was amazing, thank you." She rolled over into a kiss, a passionate one, as she was pouring her gratitude into it.

Amanda knew of his aversion to it, before, he would have done anything they asked just not that. But he finally gave in. "I know you were joking but I couldn't stand to see that pouting face anymore." Zack felt Mary's mouth envelope his deflated, but not entirely flaccid cock. Mary was cleaning his cock and trying to bring it back to life.

When she had licked it clean and then some he pulled her up. "Hold on babe, you need to give me some time and watch this." He stood up and pulled Mary to her feet. He looked at her, up and down then leaned in and kissed her neck. Zack could smell the perfume she had put on, he couldn't identify it but it smelled good. He squeezed her ass and brought his hands up her back and then down her sides. He started to move his kisses down and met up with his hands on her breasts. He kissed the tops of her tits and lightly grazed with his bottom row of teeth while his hands were busy undoing the little hooks that held her teddy together.

Mary helped him by working from the bottom as he moved down from the top. They got it undone and as Mary was dropping it to the floor she saw that Zack was hard again. "Taking off lingerie makes you horny?" She said this with a smile.

"No, you just have a rockin body." Zack turned them around and sat Mary on the bed as he dropped down in front of her. Mary saw what he was going to do and scooted back on the bed keeping her wet crotch just out of reach. Mary giggled and Zack said "I'm the one who should be doing the teasing." "I thought that I might use up all the tease and you would have to just go right in." Zack grabbed the back of her knees and held her there.

"You only took up half of it." Then he started massaging her legs and kissing her calves, going back and forth between the two. As his kisses moved up the insides of her legs he slid his hands down the backs of them, squeezing the whole way. When he reached her thighs he started nibbling and licking circles. His hands reached her feet and he massaged her arches.

He spent more time on her thighs, making the kisses longer and softly biting and pulling. He moved from her arches and put his fingers between her toes and pressing on the balls of her feet.

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"Wow you're good at that. But can you hurry it up, my thong is getting soaked." She started pulling it down but Zack wouldn't move his head, so she left there. After some more kisses he grabbed her thong and pulled it off. Then he nuzzled his face into her pussy, breathing in her scent. Zack looked up at Mary and asked "ready?" She responded by pushing his head into her sweet smelling crotch.

Zack started out by nibbling and licking patterns on her outer labia and softly rubbing his nose on her clit protruding from under its hood. He could hear her breaths start to come faster and she was gripping handfuls of his hair and releasing. He then moved to kissing down her left thigh and heard a grunt. Zack looked up and saw Mary lift her head but before she could say anything he put his first two fingers on her inner lips and began rubbing lightly and pinching them together with the tips of his fingers.

It didn't take long at all for his fingers to get slick with her juices. By the time he started moving his kissing back towards Mary's pussy she was slightly raising and lowering her hips. Zack moved his hands away from her labia and replaced it with his mouth. He was sucking in one her pussy lips and then the other and put pressure on them with his lips.

"Ooh yeah." Zack kept on sucking on one lip and then the other but after a while when he released her, he would run his tongue up her slit. When he first did this he felt Mary shudder and tighten her legs around his head. Zack brought his tongue up her slit and then back down and entered his tongue into her pussy.

"Yes!" He started tongue fucking her furiously, in and out and twirling it around. Then occasionally he would remove it and lick just the opening of the pussy, between her lips.

Mary was moaning, panting and writhing, "Zack honey, I'm gonna cum." Zack increased the pressure from his tongue and rubbed her clit with his nose.

"OH Fuck!" Mary was almost, physically gripped by her orgasm, she just laid there shuddering with her hands gripping the bed. Zack was trying to keep up with the flow but Mary's juices flooded his mouth and dripped down his chin.

He loved the way she tasted and when she was finished he was licking her clean, savoring every last bit. Zack knew that Mary loved this attention, especially after her orgasm so he just licked and licked even after her cum was completely gone.

"Come up here, I need to repay the favor." Zack crawled on top of her and kissed her. "Your turn is all about you babe." He gave her another kiss and was surprised when she knocked his arm and rolled them over so that she was on top. "How about this?" She flipped around, putting his cock in her mouth and settling her pussy just above his mouth. Mary was going to town on he dick, licking and sucking, twirling her tongue and bobbing her head.

Zack wasn't about to push her off when she was giving him awesome head. So he leaned up and sucked her clit into his mouth. With her clit held between his lips he made and exaggerated chewing motion, tugging and sucking. Mary moaned onto his cock and started stroking his shaft. With attention paid to more of his cock she started to concentrate more on licking the tip. Mary flattened her tongue and licked the bottom of his head from side to side and up and down. "Shit, babe, that feels great." When Zack said the words he went back to licking her clit then he reached around her leg and started easing his finger into her pussy.

The plan was to slowly insert it but Mary pushed down forcing his head into the mattress and causing his finger to sink deeper in. He pulled it out and then back in, lubing his finger up and fit his middle one in. Pumping his fingers into her pussy and sucking and flicking her clit was getting Mary close to another orgasm. Mary lifted off his dick just long enough to say, "don't stop I'm getting close." Zack turned his fingers until they were perpendicular to the floor and added his ring finger then spread the three apart while he pushed them in as far as he could get them.

Then as he was puling he brought them together and hooked them, rubbing the side wall of her vagina. When Zack started doing this Mary stopped her movements but she quickly realized what she was doing and shoved his dick to the back of her throat and down. She gagged when it went down her throat and that made the action all the more pleasurable for Zack. His reaction to this was to thrust his hips up but he held back because this was Mary's time.

Flicking his tongue over and over her clit and the fingers that he was jamming into her finally sent Mary into another orgasm. She pushed down and started grinding on his face. He was surprised at the amount of her cum, it was spilling all over his face. He couldn't drink it all up but he was trying. As Zack was lapping up her cum his nose would bump her asshole which made Mary jump, every time.

The whole time during her own orgasm Mary was trying to bring Zack to his own. Mary was shaking her head, still deep throating his cock. When her orgasm started to fade she bobbed her head a couple times then came up for air and then went back to shoving his cock to the back of her throat.

"I'm gonna cum babe." Mary moved to the tip and started sucking and moving her lips around the rim. For the second time, his cock started spurting, this time to the back of Mary's throat. When he was cumming Mary just used her tongue on the bottom of the tip of his penis. After she started doing this, Zack couldn't hold back anymore, he started thrusting his hips up, forcing his dick farther into her mouth. Mary was surprised by this and let some of his spunk dribble down her chin but she recovered and got the rest.

Mary rolled off of Zack and Kylie came up and licked the cum from off Mary's chin and kissed her sister. Zack made a point of watching the twins do this, it was so fucking hot, he thought to himself every time they did this. Kissing was the most that the two did together and only after he had cummed in one of their mouths. He would have loved to see more but he wasn't going to ask them to, nothing that they wouldn't willingly do themselves.

Amanda came over to Zack and licked some of Mary's juice and kissed him. Then they heard the front door close downstairs and then heard Amanda's mom. "Amanda? Are you home?" "Shit. Yeah mom, I'm trying on outfits with Mary and Kylie." "What?" Zack hissed at Amanda. "Fuck. And Zack is here with us.

We were going to study for our calculus test." They all scrambled to get their clothes on. Zack had trouble finding his shirt which Amanda had thrown across the room. The girls had gotten their clothes from the bathroom and finished putting them on when they heard Amanda's mother's heels striking the hard wood floor in the hallway.

Zack was still trying to find his shirt when Bridget opened the door. "Is Zack helping… oh!" Zack had spotted his shirt, it had landed on and then fell behind Amanda's dresser.

But he just stood there with an awkward smile on his face and his hands behind his back. Bridget's eyes roamed over his muscled chest and his abs then she narrowed them. She seemed to be only breathing through her nose.

"Mom, he was just showing us his big muscles." When Amanda said this Zack flexed his arms and tightened his abs and pecs. "Mmhm.

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Are you girls going somewhere?" Kylie had picked up Zack's keys from the bedside table. "Yeah we were going over to my house because Zack, Mary and I wanted to have a jam session and Amanda was going to be our groupie." She regretted using that term immediately because of the weird look that Bridget gave them.

"Okay, well have fun. Amanda I want you home by eleven, got it?" "Yeah I'll probably be home before then." Bridget walked out of the room and down the hall.


Zack heard a door close and he let out the breath that he had been holding. "First you and then Kylie." "Yeah yeah, she's gone now so lets go before she come back." Zack retrieved his shirt and followed the three girls out of the house. They walked down the path and got into the car. Kylie started it and pulled out onto the road. "Shit, we need gas. Mary do you have any money. I only have a few dollars." "Just two dollars, the rest is at home." "I have money." Zack reached into his back pocket and nothing.

The other one was empty as well. "Shit, I think my wallet fell out in your room, Amanda." Kylie turned the car around and parked in front of Amanda's house. "You can get it, right? I don't want my mom to try and keep me home, now that she has had time to think of an excuse." "Yeah I can get it myself." Zack got out and as he was running up to the door he thought should I knock?

No, the girls would think I'm foolish. So he just opened the door and went in. He didn't hear Bridget moving around so he guessed that she was taking a nap. "She does work about twelve hours, maybe that's why she shut her door." He closed the front door quietly and walked up the stairs.

He didn't know why but he was stepping lightly, figuring he had to be quiet because she was sleeping. Zack reached the top of the stairs and heard a door open, "Oh she's awake." He stepped around the corner and there was Bridget standing there completely nude, pulling a large dildo from the hallway closet. In the instant before she covered herself up he saw that she had a small tuft of pubic hair and despite her age her breasts were barely sagging.

"Zack! What? What are you doing here?" He just stood there gawking at her awesome form. Bridget is 36 years old and divorced. She only had one child before her husband left her and three month old Amanda. Bridget has dated since then but nothing serious mostly just sex, when she got lonely.

Which is why she has kept herself in great shape. Bridget has 42D breasts that have barely lost any perkiness. She has a tight waist with tattoos starting at the front of her hips and circling to the back. Her ass is nice, round and big! It jiggles with every little movement and looks absolutely stunning in some spanx.

She has long slender legs that are toned from her daily three mile jog. "Zack, sweetie?" Zack found his voice and said what he was thinking. "Damn Bridget, you're fine as hell!" He stood there wide eyed and his mouth slightly hanging open. Stunned by what he said, Bridget blushed and slowly lowered her hands giving him a full view of her breasts and pussy.

"You like what you see? Even though I'm 18 years older than you?" "Oh god yes!" With a little more confidence she said "well maybe sometime you can have it. After you recover from fucking those three." Bridget smiled at him then walked into her room and shut the door.

Zack stood there, shocked by what Bridget told him and thought, when?! He snapped out of his daze and went into Amanda's room rummaging around looking for his wallet but his mind was stuck on Bridget's, Amanda's mother, body. He had been looking for a few minutes when he heard Bridget moaning. He stopped what he was doing and just listened to the woman pleasure herself. The volume of her moans increased and he guessed that she was close to cumming. "FUCK YES, ZACK FUCK ME WITH YOUR COCK!" Zack whipped around as he heard someone stepping into the room.

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