Two Blonde Teens stripping and kissing

Two Blonde Teens stripping and kissing
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Working for myself as an independent consultant is something I enjoy a lot.

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I can be at my office and not having a staff there I can do as I please, when I please. Part of why I decided to quit the company I'd slaved for and started up for myself.

BUT, it was about 6 months ago that I began to think I might need someone here to assist me with my work. Just to answer the phone to screen calls, open the mail and small, odd tasks. All the shit I really didn't want to do.

I do well enough for myself and am able to provide decent compensation.


I also figured it would be nice to get someone in here who would be up for sucking my cock whenever I wanted, but how to go about doing this? Most women would scream sexual harassment and I'd be up shit creek. So it would probably have to be a man. And hell, that's part of what's good about going both ways for me.

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Then I figured that if I only interviewed males then I'd be slapped with discrimination. No good, too risky. While I'm a man who enjoys a risk, not one that could ruin me. No fucking way. So then I thought I'd post an ad where there are classifieds on this gay/lesbian website and see if someone responds.


I didn't go too much into detail, I just said that I was an independent contractor and was looking for an assistant to perform random clerical tasks and other things which I need done. I thought that this would be a good enough subtle hint and the right person would read the ad and catch on. And much to my surprise, about 12 emails came in responding to my ad. I sent regret messages to the ones who didn't sound like what I wanted and said that I filed the job.

I called 7 of them and scheduled them for interviews. Two would be on Monday, one on Tuesday, two Thursday and two Friday. Each of the ones I called back sounded eager, friendly and a bit flirtatious on the phone. This is what I liked and talking to them being so eager would give me an erection each time. This might turn out to be very beneficial. So Monday rolled around and at 10:30 that morning, the first interview arrived. I greeted him and walked him into my office from the small waiting area where the assistant would work at the small desk.

"Hi.Frank" and I shook the young man's hand. He was in his early 20's and shorter, slender and dressed neatly in a shirt and tie and pair of dockers. His hair was brown and wavy and he had great blue eyes and a smile that said many words with one look. "Hi, I'm Brian, how are you?" "Good.good, have a seat" and I pointed to the chair next to my desk. "Hope you don't mind its a small office and nothing fancy. You'd be working at that desk out front." He nodded, smiling away at me and handed me his resume.

I sat back just enough so he could glance at my crotch if he wanted to. I read over his resume, but only half paying attention to it and trying to focus more on his mannerisms.

He appeared to be looking me up and down and I started getting an erection. "So I see you've had some experience as an assistant." "I have." he said, nodding and smiling. He was a little nelly, but that was fine with me. I like a nelly, subservient little bitch like that too.

"So you don't mind doing mindless grunt work that I don't really have the time for?" I looked at him pointedly. "Oh yes, I'll do whatever you say." and I could definitely catch on to his flirtation. I grinned a half-grin and nodded, sipping my coffee. "Anything, huh?" "You bet." "Well I can't guarantee anything. I have 6 more interviews set up." "Oh, whatever, I understand." "Well then, why don't you go over and lock the front door by turning that latch under the bar and then come back in and suck my cock." I looked directly at him.

His eyes widened and he laughed.

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"Really?" "Mmm-hmm." I said, letting my hand fall to my crotch and my thumb began to brush my hardening prick in my trousers. "Ummm, okay!" he said and jumped up and went over to lock the door and turn the handle for the window blinds to close. I undid my trousers and pulled my cock out the hole of my boxer shorts. It was mostly fully erect, but he could do the rest. He quickly came back into my office and I had him shut the door.

"Now get down in front of me and take this into your mouth" I said, squeezing my cock and then rubbing my balls.

Without another word, Brian got down in front of me and then took my cock in his hand and began softly but hungrily sucking at the head of my cock over and over, then taking in more and then a bit more. It felt fucking great! "Fuckin-A you're a good cocksucker. You sure do have experience." I said and I pushed down on his head and began rocking my hips to pump his mouth. "Rub my balls while you do that." Brian was really going at it now between my legs and sucking my cock like there was no tomorrow.

He took my nuts into his hand and was massaging them and gently tugging them. I was really enjoying this and it was hard not to want to cum right away, so I'd pull his head up and told him to rest a second. Brian was looking dazed and happy. "I really like sucking your cock, sir!" he said. "I sure do hope you hire me for the job." "Well like I said, we'll see. But you're gonna finish me off now aren't you?" "Absolutely!" he smiled and nodded all sweet and nelly.

"Get your mouth back around my cock." and I grabbed the back of his head and pulled it down between my legs. My cock entered his mouth and I grabbed onto the sides of his head and began fucking his mouth, pushing into his throat until he started gagging and then I'd hold his head there and let my cock throb in his throat.

"Relax the throat Brian, take it all down." He mumbled but barely with my cock sticking down his throat. I then worked his head up and down while rocking my hips and pumping his face again until I felt my ball start to tighten.

"OH FUCK! DIRTY COCKSUCKER FUCK!!!" And I started to shudder and my body jolted and I held his head down and began pumping my seed down his throat. "Uuuuhhhhhh Fuck!

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UH! UH! UH!" as each squirt of my jizz emptied into his throat to go down into his stomach. I held his head down until I knew I was drained. Then I put my cock back in and zipped up. "Well that was really good.


I'll definitely take you into consideration." "Thank you, sir!" "You don't mind letting yourself out now do you?" "Not at all." I reached out and shook his hand and then started looking at my emails coming in. He then walked over, unlocked the door and left.

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This was starting to be great already. And that was only the first interview that day! But I'll get into the next one that happened on Monday in Part 2.