Macho dedando o cu da cdzinha

Macho dedando o cu da cdzinha
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It was going to be the best day her career was really taking off she even attracted the notice of the national news services. She had the looks to make it big in her chosen careershe was blonde with long silky straight hair that hung down her back to the top of her ass.

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Silky white clear clean smooth skin with small well formed feet. She wore shiny red polish on her finger and toe nails, her long toned legs led up to a vagina whose folds opened like the petals of a beautiful flower in full bloom and always had an intoxicating odor to it and was lightly touched by morning dew.

Her abdomen was flat and muscular but her chest was magnificent displaying a pair of large soft plump breasts with dark aureoles tipped by dark pink nipples. A long swan like neck with an oval head that came to a rounded pointed chin. Luscious pink full lips straight white teeth a petite nose under dark eyes with long lashes and well maintained eyebrows.

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Todays show was a plug for the local SPCA and a group of dogs were brought in to appear on the show and try to get them adopted. She was sure that her outfit would help in this endeavor.

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She wore a short black silk skirtthigh high dark silky nylon stockings with knee high black bootsshe proudly wore a sheer silky white sleeveless collarless blouse. She had decided not to wear a bra or panties with this outfit and went out on the stage taking her seat on a raised chair she started her talk about adopting dogs and the ten examples were brought out onto the stage with her.

This was a bad time the dogs smelled her time of the month and started assaulting her pussy driving their heads up between her legs to lick her pussy. The surrounded her knocking her off the chairshe landed on her back legs spread skirt up exposing her naked pussy to the viewers watching the live broadcast.

The man in charge told the cameras to continue recording and broadcasting and knew it would get him fired but it would get him revenge on the bitch he hated.


The dogs fought over her ripping and tearing at her clothes scratching her skin but soon had her nakedthen she made the biggest mistake of her lifetrying to crawl away she rose onto her hands and knees and one large mastiff took advantage of her new position quickly mounted her and plunged his large member into her cunt spreading her nether lips to the extreme limit and started driving it into her at a frantic pace.

A woman on the staff who also hated her led a female collie up to her head made it lay down an spread its legs with the dogs genitals under the newscasters mouth. Holding the young woman's nose closed she forced her mouth down onto the dogs pussy and made her start licking the dog.

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Sobbing the newswoman complied licking the bitch to a climax and cleaning up her cum. All of this caught and broadcast to thousands showing that she initially may have been forced but continued willingly and with enthusiasm.

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Many including the newswoman thought her career was ruined but instead she became extremely popular and was offered a national position know known as the bitch caster and always appeared with a different dog on her show allowing it to lick her pussy through out the broadcast.

Everyone knew about her thing for canines but she kept her love of kids private. Ever since the school kids had set her up she had set up meetings with the boys and girls from that local school for sexual liaisons that unbeknownst to her the kids were recording and getting paid to provide the videos to private subscribers and were very popular. The girls of the that school even set up a show that sold extremely well.

She was in her usual style of outfit and walking home through the park with her dog when twenty young girls jumped her cameras filmed the whole affair.

The girls stripped her nakedheld her down on the ground and started shoving unusually objects up her vagina and anus. This quickly brought her to her first climaxthey then started pushing small object into her like matchbox carstoy soldierssmall vibrators.

They filled her womb with these objects and her rectum the superglue plugs in her vagina and anus and super gluing a small vibrator set at max to her clit and nipples they left her laying on the ground in the park screaming with each orgasm that hit her . The police found her after getting reports of a screaming woman in the park.

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She was taken to the hospital where the doctors and nurses took great pleasure in carefully removing the superglued objects from her body and then shoving their hands up her anus and removing the shit covered objects from her intestines and once that was clear did the same to her pussy seeing how many orgasms they could force her to have and of course this was all recorded and broadcast without anyone knowing it. Once they had her womb emptied out they all fucked her or molested her in some other way.

Finally they left her in the room with her beloved pet dog who pulled her onto the floor licked her clean and fucked her until she couldn't take it any more and started begging for someone to stop this but no one did and six hours later after constant fucking she was having orgasms from just air brushing her clit.

When she returned to do the news she became even more popular as she would climax on air every few minutes her orgasmic juices flowed freely down her thighs.


The strangest thing was that after that wherever she went outside dogs would gatherfollowing her and if given the chance sexually molest her in any way they could. She was literally the bitch queen of dogs.