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Hot thailand couple rate r
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The Rakshasa's Heart Chapter Three: The Rakshasa's Whip By mypenname3000 Copyright 2017 Princess Malakisha Ankush, The Queendom of Naith Queen Adroyna was dead. My grandmother. The longest-lived queen in Naith's history. She had fended off assassination plots from aunts, from cousins, from sisters, and from her own daughters.

She had drenched the Ziggurat in the blood of rakshasas to gain and maintain her clawed grasp on the queendom.

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And now she was dead. Of natural causes. Just thinking about it sent a horny wave of desire through me. A need to feel cum pumping into my womb, to bear that strong daughter of Bakiir.

What a human he was. A warrior. A fighter. A killer. What a daughter he would give me. What a queen she would make. What a threat to my very life. She would make me keep my claws sharp. My pussy grew even hotter. I seized Bakiir's shaved head, pulling his ebony face between my brown thighs. I groaned as he nuzzled and licked, as his tongues slid through my hot folds.

I shuddered, my breasts jiggling and swaying, my nipples throbbing as I stared at Lucy. What wondrous news she brought me. Everything would change. The entire balance in the palace would be thrown into chaos. And that meant opportunity. Plotting, intriguing, advancing. Carving out more power.

"Oh, yes," I gasped, my pussy already on fire from his first round of pussy licking. I cracked the flogger on his back, loving the stinging crack, his stoic grunt muffled by my cunt. "We have such plans to make." "Yes, my heart," Lucy moaned, her hands rubbing her naked body, her fingers sliding down to her shaved pussy. She found her gold clit piercing, her mark as a royal slave, and tugged on it, twisting her little nub.

She shuddered. "So many plans." CRACK! The thudding smack, the grunt, the pleasure of Bakiir's tongue sliding through my pussy lips shook me. My orgasm swelled so fast in my core. My juices smeared across his dark cheeks.

His hands gripped my ass, so strong and rough, manly hands. Warrior hands. Yes, he would breed such a daughter in me. My hips undulated faster and faster. I ground my clit against his lips, sparks shooting through me. My tongue licked my muzzle, brushing my whiskers, feeling my sharp fangs. I growled and yowled, the pleasure rippling through me as I came closer and closer to my explosion. His lips found my clit. He sucked. I came. My pussy spasmed. Rapture burned through me.

I gasped and convulsed. I shuddered on him, my entire body heaving as the pleasure of his licking surged through me. My eyes fluttered. His tongue was so amazing. So deliciously wicked. He stirred me to a froth. He made me ache and groan. I gripped the flogger hard, cracking it down on his back as the rapture growled through me. "Yes!" I snarled. "The queen's aged tits, yes!" Juices flooded out of me and into his hungry mouth.

Lucy moaned nearby, tugging on that gold piercing. Her brown eyes fluttered as she let out such wanton moans. Her pale body glistened, adorned in sweet oils, her nipples so pink. My pleasure boiled through my mind.

But I needed more. I cracked my flogger one final time, eliciting one final grunt from my slave.

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He squeezed my ass hard, pulling me tight against his lips as he devoured my cunt. Then I pulled away from him, my body still trembling.

I crawled on to the bed, glancing at my heart. Lucy smiled as I knelt on my bed, wiggling my hips. She jumped and landed beside me, her petite body moving with her lithe, youthful grace. She stretched out before me, spreading her thighs, the sweet musk of her pussy filling my nose, mixing with the rose of her oils.

"Fuck me, Bakiir," I snarled. "Ram that cock into your mistress's cunt! Breed such a daughter in me!" "Yes, Mistress," he growled, so full of all that strength I had tamed and mastered.

I buried my muzzle between Lucy's legs. I loved how she squirmed and giggled, my whiskers tickling her inner thighs. Then my muzzle reached her pussy. My ears twitched as I lapped my wide, rough tongue across her cunt. Her squirms turned into trembles, her giggles transmuting into moans of pure delight.

"My heart," moaned Lucy as my tongue battered her clit piecing. Her hands slid up her oiled body to her glistening tits, squeezing those small mounds. "Oh, you spoil me." "Mmm, I love to spoil my heart," I purred as Bakiir's strong hands seized my hips. "Especially when being fucked." "Yes, you eat my pussy out with such ardor," Lucy groaned.

"Oh, my heart, yes!" I feasted on her pussy as Bakiir's thick cock nudged at the folds of my hot cunt. He stirred his ebony shaft up and down my slit. And then he rammed into me with a might grunt, a warcry as he did battle with my pussy. He stabbed so deep, his spear impaling into my pussy. I groaned, savoring his prowess.

He stretched my flesh apart, the friction burning hot, tingling through my body and making me purr louder. The joy rumbled out of my throat as I licked and lapped at my lover's pussy.

My sweet slave. My heart. I devoured her pussy. My tongue lathered up and slit, caressing her pussy folds, diving into her depths for a moment. I gathered her cream, savoring it, while Bakiir thrust over and over. "Fuck my heart," moaned Lucy, her hips twitching.

Her hands squeezed her breasts harder, jiggling her small mounds as much as she could. "Just pound her!

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Breed her!" "I will," growled Bakiir, pounding me so hard, savoring his reward. "Seljan's beard, what a cunt!" "A rakshasa's cunt!" I growled. "Better than any human's!" "Yes, Mistress." He thrust harder, his balls smacking into my clit. I shuddered, my triangular tiger-ears twitching.

I drove my tongue deep into Lucy's pussy, swirling around as my slave pounded me. My round breasts swung beneath me, my hips bucking. I clenched around his dark girth. The friction burned so hot through me, driving me closer and closer to exploding on his dick. He impaled so deep into me. His spear so thick and long. I growled and snarled as I feasted on my heart's sweet pussy. I made her tremble and gasp. Her fingers seized her pink nipples, stretching them, pulling on them, making such wonderful moans of delight as she groaned and gasped.

"Gods," grunted Bakiir, burying his cock harder and harder into my burning depths. "By the gods, Mistress!" "Cum in her!" howled Lucy, bucking so hard, trembling on the bed, my tongue lapping at her pussy, driving her wild. I loved the sweet taste of her cunt while having my pussy so thoroughly fucked. Bakiir's huge cock buried over and over into me.

Every thrust sent a wave of euphoria through me. My purring grew louder and louder, my pussy clenching harder and harder. I drank in the friction, so eager for another rapturous explosion.

His hands tightened on my hips. His heavy balls thudded so hard into my clit. He growled. He grunted. My mighty slave rammed his huge cock into the depths of my fertile pussy. And exploded in me. Hot cum spurted into my depths. His fecund seed fell upon my fertile soil. I came. I snarled into Lucy's pussy. I plunged my tongue deep into her cunt, swirling it around, the rough texture assaulting her inner walls. She gasped and shuddered as my own snatch went wild about Bakiir's dick.

I massaged his cock, milking out the cum while the tsunami of rapture swept through my body and reached my mind. "My heart!" squealed Lucy, cumming on my tongue.

Her pussy spasmed about my tongue, her juices flooding my hungry mouth, as ecstasy consumed me. My cunt milked Bakiir's dick, eager for every drop of his jizz. He grunted behind me, shuddering as he emptied his balls into my depths. "Oh, yes, Malakisha," howled my lover. "Oh, thank you!" She bucked, spasming, feeling the same euphoria as me. I shuddered, drinking it in, savoring Bakiir's cock in me. He began to soften now. Spent. I shivered, lifting my muzzle, fur soaked with Lucy's sweet juices, my every breath full of her scent.

I looked over my shoulder at my brawny warrior. "Retire to your cell," I snarled. "Mistress," he panted, his ebony body glistening with sweat.

I shuddered as he withdrew his cock from my depths, clamping my pussy tight to hold his cum in. He stepped off the bed and sauntered with that dangerous grace of a warrior to the kennel.

I shivered, rolling over onto my back, Lucy already scampering around on the bed, so full of energy. "So Rushina will be queen now," Lucy said, settling between my thighs. She leaned down, her soft, brown hair brushing my thighs as she nuzzled into my cum-filled pussy. "Yes," I purred as she took a long, slow lick through my folds, gathering Bakiir's cum leaking out. "Unless she bungles it." "Well, she did produce Kushini," she giggled.

"So, clearly she can bungle things." I let out a pleased laugh as she licked her tongue through my folds again. I shuddered, feeling her tongue gather Bakiir's cum out of my depths, hearing her moans of delight as she savored it.

I ran my right hand through her hair, stroking her, savoring her, loving her. "What will you do?" Lucy asked. "Well, it's time for our new 'friendship' with Kushini to pay dividends," I purred. "She's heir now, and she'll have more power. Power she'll be willing to give to such a useful cousin as me." Lucy licked again.

"It's a shame you can't be queen." I shivered, sucking in a breath. Her tongue twirled around my clit. "Yes, yes, a shame. But gaining Kushini's favor is a start." "Why do that?" Lucy looked up at me, her eyes hard. "Take the queendom now.

Rushina isn't secure in her rule." "I'm further down the succession line." "Not if you're bold." She grinned at me. "Risks have to be taken to seize great rewards.

You cannot be afraid. You have to seize your opportunity and act." "That sounds. familiar." I licked my chops. "You said it." She probed her tongue into my pussy, swirling it around. I shuddered, my mind working at her words. Bold. It had happened. Lesser daughters, granddaughters, and distant cousins farther down the line of succession had pulled it off.

It had to be bold. A bloody coup. Something of overwhelming force and yet showing absolute cunning. It wasn't enough for me to kill Rushina and declare myself queen. I'd have to do more. I'd have to get someone else to kill Rushina for me.

And then act. My purr rose in my throat, Lucy's tongue feasting through my pussy as the idea birthed through my head. I gripped her brown hair, grinding my pussy on her delicious tongue. Pleasure rippled through me, feeding my plan.

"Oh, yes, my heart, you are so right," I purred. "Mmm, you're going to be a queen's slave! A queen's lover!" "Yes!" Lucy moaned. She jammed her tongue deep into my pussy, swirling around, gathering Bakiir's cum. I gasped, my toes curling.

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I seized my round breast with my left hand, squeezing it as the pleasure surged through me. I yowled and growled, humping on her face, grinding my clit against her cute nose. The pleasure surged through me. I came as my plan crystallized in my mind. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Metal rang on metal. I sat beneath the shade, watching the training sands. My slaves were practicing under Bakiir's gaze.

But I was nearer Kushini. She sparred with one of her own slaves, a brawny Thlinian with dark-red skin. Their swords crashed together, the pair dancing back and forth. Both were nude, my cousin's breasts jiggling as she fought, her slave's cock hard, rampant before him.

She must train her slaves for that. Lucy fanned me while I lapped at my chilled wine. There was no breeze today. It was positively stifling in the Ziggurat. It was like even the weather opposed Rushina's claim to the throne, turning all of Ankush into an oven. And yet Kushini fought anyways, her body glistening with sweat.

She did not deserve to be the heir. "Congratulations, cousin," I said as she and her slave took a pause in their sparring. Kushini's ears twitched. Her feline eyes flicked to me. "Congratulations?" "On your ascendancy." I licked my chops.

"Why, you'll be queen. One day." "I will be queen," she hissed, her words both bold and mocking. "Why else are you here, cousin?" "Why, to watch my slaves train." Kushini's eyes flicked over to them, lingering on Bakiir. A shiver ran through her body. Then, with a snarl, she attacked her slave. He raised his sword, not caught off guard, fencing with her hard.

He was good, skilled. And so was she. "Of course, cousin," she spat. "Your mother is young. And she is Adroyna's daughter. I imagine she can rule as long as our grandmother did. Maybe longer if her heart doesn't fail her while fucking her slave." Kushini hissed, her next swing hard. The swords clanged as they came together. "Why, you might be old and shriveled yourself when you're queen." I took a lap of my wine. "Good thing you have your. amusements." Kushini's next swing went low, slipping past her slave's guard and bit into his leg.

He grunted, crimson blood spilling down his thighs. She yanked her sword free and he stumbled. She shuddered, her nipples hardening as she watched him fall onto his back. Then she was on him, grasping his hard cock and impaling her cunt on his dick. She hissed, her fingernails raking bloody furrows down his chest as she rode his shaft.

The slave groaned and gasped, staying impressively hard despite his bleeding leg wound. I loved the anger, the lust, burning through my cousin. I lapped at my wine, turning my gaze to Bakiir. He was molding my slaves into such a fighting force. I rubbed my thighs together, my clit aching beneath my sari.

I was so juicy. But it was so damned hot. Kushini's moans and snarls and hisses and growls echoed as she fucked her slave hard, cumming in a few minutes upon him. Then she stood up, juices glistening down her thighs and snarled orders at her slaves. The wounded man was dragged off and a brawny Secaran slave came out to fight her.

Such rage. Such anger. So useful when properly channeled. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The preparations for Rushina's coronations had turned the Ziggurat into a zoo.

I couldn't stand it. Two days after watching Kushini fuck her slave on the arena sands, I wandered the slave markets, Lucy heeling me. Men leered at her beauty, staring at her naked, oiled flesh. But she was marked by the gold ring piercing her clit and walked behind a royal rakshasa. My gold nipple ring let them know I was no ordinary member of my species. So they only looked, lusted, aching to seize my Lucy and satiate their rutting desires on her perfect flesh.

If I didn't love Lucy, I'd be tempted to remove her gold clit ring and see how long it took before she was gangbanged. Perhaps I'd bring one of my female kennel slaves along next time just to discover. I glanced at the pens, the slaves divided into categories. Some specialized in men for manual labor, others touted slaves with actual skills in crafts.

I ignored those.


The warrior slaves were swarmed by the gladiator owners who always needed new meet for the Coliseum and the games. I strolled past those, too, heading towards the pleasure slaves. Angelic boys, castrated to preserve their high-pitched voices and taught to eat pussy between singing their beautiful songs, lush girls trained to please both men and women with every part of their bodies, virginal waifs frightened and scared, knowing they were being sold to men delighting in violating their innocence.

So much flesh to buy. "What is your game, cousin?" Kushini asked, strolling up to me in her obscene garb of leather pants and tight vest, sword strapped to her waist. She would wear a silk sari as befit her rank.

"Game?" I asked. "Why buying another pleasure whore for my kennels. Bakiir deserves his own woman, I think." "What of her, Mistress?" asked Lucy. "She has red hair. Tuathan blood. That's rare." I glanced to the frightened girl huddled in the back, trying to hide her naked, freckled tits, her green eyes so wide. They were vibrant eyes. I licked my chops, pausing before her. Kushini fell in beside me, her hand rubbing on her sword. "You want me to kill my own mother," Kushini said.

"And become queen. Why? You're sixth in line." "I'll be fifth then, won't I?" I asked, moving closer to the cage, studying the girl. She had such long legs. "Bakiir would enjoy her, Mistress," Lucy said, knowing better than to call me "my heart" in public. "Yes, he would." Kushini ears twitched.

"And how long before you try to kill me?" "Well, cousin dear, I'd have to murder your younger sister, two of my older sisters, and a cousin before I would even be a threat to you." I glanced at her. "Does that frightened you?" She purred, shaking her head. "My mother has a strong guard. Stronger than mine." "Pity," I said. "Lucy, find the slave master, I want to see if the slave has an intact hymen." "Yes, Mistress," Lucy said, bowing and then moving off around the cage, pushing past the leering men without fear.

My heart was a brave one. "You trust her?" Kushini asked, her voice lower. "She's your lover." My body tensed. "I do trust her." "I have seen her wandering the palace. She has many other lovers." "Indeed." I glanced at Kushini. "She is a beauty." "Perhaps she needs a new lover. I have a Secaran slave named Nathan. Perhaps your Lucy is feeling homesick." "Perhaps," I said.

Kushini flicked her eyes to the redhead. "Enjoy your new slave, cousin." I only purred my delight as Kushini marched off to the martial slaves. Lucy returned a moment later, the obsequious slave master, a ebony-skinned Halanian with a white beard and gold, hoop earring dangling from broad lobes. He gave me a bow. I hardly glanced at the slave girl's pussy, buying her more out of celebrating the progress of my plan than the need to reward Bakiir. She walked behind us, her chain held in Lucy's hand, on the way back to the Ziggurat.

Her sobs added such a pleasant symphony to our walk. "Do you ever feel homesick, Lucy?" I asked my lover.

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~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I licked my lips, staring at the two men bound before me. It had been so much fun to contort Henyak and Bakiir's bodies into balls, their wrists bound to their thighs, their ankles secured apart by a spreader bar.

Their muscular asses were thrust up in the air, their cocks and balls dangling between their thick legs, exposed and vulnerable. It made my pussy so wet as they submitted to this. They let me do this to them. They were so submissive to me. My loyal slaves. I ran my hand across both their asses, savoring their strength. It was so intoxicating. And it was such a wonderful way to pass the time while Lucy had her assignation with Nathan for the first time.

I hated when she went out to her lovers, but it was necessary. "Did you enjoy taking that little Tuathan trollop's cherry, Bakiir?" I asked, my fingers biting into his ass.

"She squealed nicely on my cock, Mistress," he groaned. "And her pussy was tight." "Good, I paid much for her." I kept stroking him. "She's yours for as long as you want her. If you get bored, I can always find you another girl." "How can I get bored with you, Mistress?" That brought a pleased purr from my throat. Then I turned to Henyak. "And you? Are you bored with your kennel slave." "Never," he groaned.

"She is such an ease at the end of a long day of training." "Or being whipped by your mistress?" I asked, my tone playful. I was in such a good mood despite Lucy's necessary unfaithfulness. Kushini had lunged at the mouse I dangled before her. "That, too. Her lips are so sweet." I leaned over, my breasts rubbing into his back. "Do you love her, Henyak?" "I love you, Mistress," he answered too quickly.

He did love her. He didn't want to lose her. And that knowledge bound him even tighter to me. "Good." I gave both their asses a final squeeze and stood, strolling to the wall from which all my whips and floggers hung.

I licked my chops, feeling my sharp teeth just graze my tongue. I grabbed a bull-hide whip, long and wonderful. I turned around. The whip forced me to stand far away, but it took real skill to master. Anyone could flog a slave with a scourge. But to make the whip crack against their bodies, that took practice. That took dedication. CRACK! They both tensed as the whip cracked over their heads. They had no idea what toy I had chosen before.

But they did now. I shuddered, cracking it again over them, my pussy juices dripping down my thighs. Now they wondered who would take the first lick. Who would feel the first kiss of pain. Bakiir's ebony ass was so enticing, but Henyak's brown was so muscular. And I hadn't whipped him in a week or more. It was so hard to choose. I was spoiled by the slaves in my kennel, the amount of brawny men I had to play with.

CRACK! Henyak grunted as the whip kissed his ass with pain. A bright, red welt formed, making me shudder. My whiskers twitched and my ears spasmed. I heard his teeth grinding together as he fought against the pain, the ropes binding his body creaking.

CRACK! Another welt landed on his ass, but on the other cheek. It was a crescent shape, hooking hard to the right. I groaned, my left hand creeping down my stomach as I drew back the whip and snapped it forward. CRACK! Bakiir grunted. Even on his ebony skin, I could see the rising welt.

Not as clear, not as bright. The paler the skin, the better the welts. But I knew it was there, stinging his ass.

His cock and thick balls swayed between this thighs. CRACK! I struck Henyak again, making him grunt, his muscles bugling. My creeping hand reached my hairless pudenda before moving down to my pussy lips.

I shuddered, finding my clit. I stroked my nub, rubbing it slow circles, drinking in the joy. Over and over my whip cracked, landing on their asses, raising new welts that they would feel for a week. My kisses would linger. And they would know every time they sat down just who owned them. Me! I purred louder. My body twitched. Pleasure ran through my body. "Mistress," the men groaned, the pain thick in their voices.

They were warriors, but even they had limits. CRACK! "Mistress," Henyak grunted, his back trying to arch, his fingers twitching against his calves. He wanted to grip them, but his palms were turned outward, denying him even that little bit of control over his situation. CRACK! Bakiir's thick cock swayed as he bucked.

I shuddered, my fingers dancing along my clit. My pussy clenched, aching to have his cock in me. I wanted to be bred. I wanted that dick in me again, spurting cum, making me shudder. CRACK! Bakiir bucked harder as my whip landed on his taint right above his balls. He grunted, shuddering, real pain shooting through him now. My juices flowed faster. I gripped the whip so hard as I drew it back and flicked it at Henyak. "Mistress!" he howled as it cracked right on his balls, making them dance.

"Yes," I growled, my pussy clenching. My whip fell faster and faster as my fingers massaged my clit. The pleasure rippled through me as their asses turned into welts. I shuddered, drinking in the pain in their voices, they way their muscles bulged and flexed, struggling against the ropes.

"Yes, my strong warriors, take the pain!" I howled, my body on the verge of erupting, my pussy clenching so hard. My fingers blurred on my clit, euphoria swelling through me.

CRACK! My cock struck Bakiir's balls. He grunted, his back arching, struggling to rise, but his bonds wouldn't let him. His ebony muscles strained. I groaned, savoring his pain. My clit ached beneath my fingers. My pussy clenched.

Tightened. Spasmed. I came. Juices flooded down my thighs. I snarled out my rapture as the pleasure flooded through me. The whip fell from my fingers as I convulsed and came so hard. The rapture whipped through me. I loved it. I drank it in. So good. So wonderful. My ears twitched as I stared at their asses. Welted. They took the pain for me. They both groaned, mastering their agony, driving it down with such stoic pride.

I loved it. My body bucked and heaved, my pleasure peaking through me. And then I stumbled forward, needing more rapture. "Oh, my wonderful boys," I groaned, falling to my knees behind them. I leaned down, licking at Henyak's balls, soothing them with my tongue. "So strong. For me." "For you, Mistress," groaned Henyak as my tongue climbed up to his burning ass. I ran over his welts, feeling them as I lapped at his rump.

Then I moved to Bakiir, savoring his salty skin as I licked at the welts I inflicted. I savored each one, my hands stroking his bound thighs. I purred, my pussy aching to be filled. Then I moved down between his legs. My teeth bit into the rope. I savaged the bonds, tearing his right hand free.

He grunted, going to work to free himself as I moved over and attacked Henyak's ropes. I shivered, my pussy on fire. I stood, purring, "Follow, my lovely boys." "Yes, Mistress," they both groaned, their voices thick with a new emotion: lust. I shuddered, walking into my bedchamber as they ripped at their bonds. I stretched out on my bed on my side, the silk cool beneath my flesh.

The evening breeze wafted in, bringing some relief to the heat that had assaulted the Ziggurat all week. Bakiir entered first, his cock thrusting hard before him. I smiled, patting the bed in front of me. Henyak was right on his heels, his smaller cock, though still big for a human, gripped in his hand. He knew what I needed, grabbing small jar that held the scented lube. He slathered his cock, readying himself to plunge into my bowels.

"Yes, I need all my strong, sexy boys," I groaned as Bakiir stretched out on the bed. He pulled me to him. I shuddered, my breasts rubbing against his chest, his hand stroking up my thigh to my hip then kept ascending up my side. He reached his goal and cupped my breast.

"Oh, yes, this is what I need." Henyak pressed in from the other side. I shuddered, pinned between their two brawny forms. My two slaves so eager to please their mistress. Henyak's cock slid between my butt-cheeks, slicked with the lube, and found my asshole. He pressed on it. "Mistress, thank you," he groaned as he thrust into me.

"Mmm, I love my boys," I panted. "I need you all. You'll be fighting for me. Bleeding and killing for me!" "Yes!" Bakiir growled, sounding more eager for that than for my pussy he prepared to thrust into it.

He rammed his cock into my cunt. I shuddered, filled by his dick. By both their dicks. Henyak's greased cock delved into the depths of my ass, pressing me against Bakiir's brawny chest. My nipples ached, the piercing on my right twisting as I shuddered.

"You'll lead them, Bakiir!" I moaned as he thrust into me, ramming into my cunt as hard as Henyak rammed into my bowels. "I will, Mistress," he groaned. "I'll kill all your enemies." "Yes, Mistress," grunted Henyak.

"Such wonderful boys," I purred, pleasure rippling through me as their cocks both reamed my body, fucking me so hard, so fast. They drove their dicks into me. They rammed them into my depths, making me squirm and groan. My eyes rolled back into my head. I shivered on the bed, sandwiched between them.

They both pressed so tight against me, Henyak's brawny chest rubbing on my back, Bakiir's strong torso on my tits. Their hands roamed me, so rough.


Hands of warriors. Their cocks speared over and over into me. Every thrust sent dizzying lust through my body.

They drove their dicks in together, filling my pussy and asshole to the brim. The friction rippled through me, making me spasm. And then they withdrew, their amazing shafts pulling out of me, leaving my two holes begging to be filled. And then they filled them. Hard. Their balls smacked into my flesh, both men grunting as they pumped their cocks in and out of my holes.

They gave me the pleasure I loved. That I craved. I shuddered between them, writhing so hard, my body drinking in the friction. "Yes, yes, yes, yes, fuck your Mistress," I snarled. "Pound her. Show her how strong you are! How virile!" "So virile, Mistress," Bakiir grunted, his cock thrusting harder, faster, his passion growing.

"We won't disappoint you, Mistress!" growled Henyak, his cock plumbing to the depths of my asshole over and over.

Their thrusts fell out of rhythm as they neared their climaxes, both thrusting as hard and fast as they could, pounding my pussy and asshole. It was glorious. I writhed between their muscular form, savoring them as they pounded into me.

I groaned, thrashing. My holes drank in the friction, the rougher, velvety delight plunging over and over into my bowels, and the sweet, silky fire raging in my cunt. My holes clenched on them as they reamed me. My clit ground into Bakiir's pubic bone, my nipples rubbing into his chest. "You are mine!" I howled, my orgasm swelling. "Mine! You will bleed for me! You will kill for me! You will die for me!" "Mistress!" they grunted.

I came. My holes writhed about their dicks. My bowels spasming about Henyak's dick, my pussy convulsing about Bakiir's. Delirious rapture flooded through me. A euphoric tsunami that swept through my body, leaving me quivering in abject delight.

My eyes rolled back into my head as the rapture surged harder and harder through me. My pussy milked their dicks. And they responded. They both slammed into me at almost the same moment, impaling me on their dicks. I spasmed between them as their hot cum spurted into my body. My bowels and pussy drank in their seed.

My orgasm burned hotter and hotter as my boys worshiped me. "Yes, yes, yes!" I howled. "You will make me queen!" "We will, Mistress," they both growled. I convulsed between them, licking at Bakiir's neck, purring my delight. Their brawny forms held me as my orgasm peaked. The rapture died to a euphoric buzz. My heart hammered in my chest as they caressed me. "You will be queen," Bakiir promised. Henyak nuzzled between my ears, kissing my bristling fur.

"We promise." Such wonderful slaves. Lucy, my strong boys, and my idiot cousin would make me queen. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ It was two hours later when Lucy returned from her assignation with Nathan. It was longer than her usual trysts, but that was okay. They had a lot to talk about. To plot between the sheets. And I was sure Kushini made an appearance. I'd recovered from being fucked so hard by my two brawny slaves.

I'd dozed for a quarter of an hour between them, just savoring their brawny forms, before I sent them to the kennels for the slave girls to tend to their welts. Now I sat on my chair, carved of mahogany from Baraconia, the work of expert halfling craftsmen. Their tiny hands allowed them to get such wonderful detail in the wood. I felt like a queen as I perched on it, my leg crossed, my back straight, the flogger draped across my lap, the marble dildo strapped to my waist thrusting up through the leather straps of my toy.

The doors to my chambers opened, Lucy passing by my slaves on guard in the foyer. She was naked, her skin freshly oiled. She had cleansed herself, but I could still smell the stink of a man on her as she approached. Her eyes flicked to the flogger and the strap-on. She trembled.

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She knew this was always a risk when she returned from one of her lovers. That I would have to punish her indiscretion even if I sent her to it. She didn't hesitate. She fell down on her knees before me, turned around, and bent over, presenting her ass and back, her brown hair slipping off her shoulders.

She didn't tremble. No fear entered her scent. She was never afraid around me. What a glorious woman. My heart was lovely. I admired the sleekness of her pale back, the heart-shaped curves of her ass. Her pussy was a tight slit, plump and aroused. Juices beaded on her shaved flesh. Her musk grew stronger and stronger as I licked my chops. Then I rose and knelt behind her, the flogger gripped in one hand.

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The dildo swayed before me. It was black marble veined with swirling white and polished to a mirror gleam, so smooth I could almost fuck her ass without lube. Well, I had done that when punishing her. She gasped as I thrust it into her pussy, her back arching as the girth spread her open and reached deep into her whorish cunt. I shuddered, the base pressing so wickedly on my clit, sending flutters of delight through my pussy.

"Well, my heart," I purred, just dragging the flogger across her back, letting her feel the broad bands of leather before she felt their full kiss. "Kushini showed up as Nathan fucked me," she moaned. "She came in through a hidden passage into the alcove where I met him." "Interesting," I purred.

It was always good to know where those lay in the Ziggurat. The immense structure was honeycombed with passages. "And?" "She wants to move tomorrow night," she said. "While her mother prepares to be queen." "Meditating on rulership in the top of the ziggurat?" I groaned, drawing back my hips, the dildo emerging covering in her juices. "In the throne room itself. Bold." "Then she can just use the ceremony for herself," Lucy groaned as I thrust back in, my crotch smacking into her ass, making her cheeks jiggle.

Pleasure shivered through me, my clit throbbing against the stone. "She wants Bakiir to lead," my heart continued as I drew back again, taking my time, letting her feel the dildo sliding through her flesh.

"Wise of her," I groaned. "I'd thought she'd want to be there." "She does. She wants to walk in behind the slaves," groaned Lucy as I plunged in again, her voice rising in pitch. "She wants you to walk in with her, my heart!

To witness." I pulled the flogger away from her flesh, pumping away now, my breast jiggling before me. My clit ached every time I thrust into her pussy, the pleasure rippling through me. I drank it in as I cocked back my arm. And cracked the flogger about her back. She gasped, her shoulders writhing, red blushing across her skin as I fucked her pussy.

She moaned, pushing back into my thrusts, the delight burning hotter in my cunt. Juices dribbled down my thighs. "And what did she offer you to betray me?" I groaned. "Freedom," Lucy gasped. "As if I wanted to be parted from my heart." "And did you accept it?" I asked, pumping away.

"Oh, yes. I'm to make sure you accept the bargain. That you feel safe and secure. That there are no traps. No harm for you." My pussy clenched harder.

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I cracked the flogger down on her back, bringing another moan, loving how the ends wrapped about her sides, striking her breasts swaying beneath her. Maybe even her nipples. The excitement mounted in me. "How does she plan on killing me?" "She wouldn't say," groaned Lucy. "But she claims your slaves will be mixed with hers, charging in together while Bakiir leads." "Which means she plans on hers holding back just enough, letting my slaves get ahead and take the brunt of her mother's guards," I groaned.

"Then her soldiers will kill my weakened guards while kills me herself. She has no cunning. No depth. She will stab me in the back with her sword." I snarled, thrusting so hard, letting the flogger crack again on Lucy's back.

She moaned her agreement, bucking back into my thrusts. I could see it now. I shivered, feeling how close I was to danger. And how much I would gain tomorrow night. Lucy moaned and gasped, her sweet cries surging my pleasure along with the prospect of seeing Kushini and her mother dead at my command.

I yowled and snarled, pounding my lover's cunt while scourging her back. CRACK! "My heart, yes!" moaned Lucy, bucking back so hard into me. CRACK! "You're going to be queen!" she howled. CRACK! "Queen Malakisha!" "Yes," I snarled, driving so hard into her, her back so red and burning. I threw down the flogger, gripping her hips to pound her cunt, to make her squeal and moan. My hands slid up her sides, seizing her breasts, holding her firm mounds as she squealed.

My tits bounced above her flogged back, my nipple ring flashing in the lamplight. I shivered, the pleasure building over and over in my pussy's depths. "Cum, my heart," I purred. "Cum. You have done so well tonight. You are going to be a queen's lover! You are going to kneel before the Throne of Blood and Fangs and lick my pussy to orgasm while the court watches!" "I will, Queen Malakisha!" she howled, thrusting her hips back. "Yes, yes, yes! Everything will change tomorrow night!" She came so hard, moaning and grunting as I fucked her pussy.

I drove the dildo into her depths over and over, making her squirm. I pinched her nipples, drawing out more and more sweet cries of ecstasy from her voice. "My heart!" I growled and then I came. My orgasm exploded through me. My body quivered and quaked. My fingers pinched her nipples so hard. I drove the dildo into her, savoring the pressure on my clit. In my mind, I heard the cry of the court proclaiming me queen after I took the throne.

By killing while keeping my fangs bloodless. I pressed my tits into Lucy's back, savoring the burning heat from her flogged skin. My nipples drank it in as I licked at her face. She turned her head, meeting my muzzle, kissing me.

I groaned, letting my transformation end, my human face emerging, my lips becoming small and plump, able to properly kiss her back. I held her trembling body, savoring our love. What a rakshasa Lucy would have made. But I was glad she was human. I could never love of rakshasa. I could never trust one. Betrayal and treachery were our milk and meat.

We were raised on it. We drank it from our mother's teats and feasted on it every day of our lives. "Oh, my heart," groaned Lucy when I broke the kiss. "How will you keep Kushini from killing you?" "You know how, Lucy," I purred. "Don't even pretend you don't. You know my mind." "Of course I do," she groaned. "I'm your heart." She licked her lips. "I've already set up my meeting with him. I should get going. I don't want to be late." I laughed, rolling off of her.

"You are such a treasure, Lucy." ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The next night found me standing with my men, Bakiir at the front of them. They were all armored, dressed like gladiators and killers, swords and tridents and short spears held in their hands. They stood tall and proud. I had spent the day doling out my affections to them, reminding them that I was their Mistress.

Lucy stepped into the room, reeking of her new lover. "Kushini awaits." "Then let's go kill a queen," I purred. "And make me the next one." To be continued.