Blonde Schönheit passt zwei Schwänze in den Mund Doppel Blowjob)

Blonde Schönheit passt zwei Schwänze in den Mund Doppel Blowjob)
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The Navy sounded like a perfect solution. The perfect solution for getting away from parents that were divorced and arguing over custody, that is. The perfect solution for that moment in time.

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I had no desire to go to college. I had no idea what I wanted to become that I was not already. Living with my mom and my dad was definitely out! Since the divorce he had started dating chicks as young as I am. It is pretty disgusting when you come home and find dear ol' dad screwing someone you went to school with. Several months ago, I interrupted my dad screwing my best friend.

She had come over to visit me. I was out running an errand for dad. He said he desperately needed to have his suite picked up from the cleaners. Her was unable to go himself because he was expecting a business client. Well the business client turned out to be Amber, my best friend. I guess my dad had a thing for her for several years. And since the divorce from my mom, he was free to explore all his freaky desires. So out I go, across town to pick up his suit.

And of course, dear ol' dad does not tell me that he is almost out of gas. I only have the few bucks he had given me to pick up his suit. I had to call another friend, since I was unable to reach Amber (since she was at my house being seduced by my dad).

By the time my other friend to bring me some money so we could get some gas for my dad's car, and pick up his damn suit, he had her in his bed (the same bed he had shared with my mom). I arrived home exhausted. First I thought I was imagining things.

The ceiling chandelier was shaking like it use to when my mom and dad had sex. So I slowly went up the staircase, curious to find out if my mom had come home. They never heard me opening the door.

The were both naked and on top of the bed. I dad was so intent on Amber's thick bush and her wet lips, he never noticed that I had come into the room. I was so shocked at first and just couldn't more. I sat there watching my dad screw my best friend.

The friend I had known since I was 7! My dad socialized with her dad! They even went fishing several times! I kept watching them unable to overcome the betrayal and hate I felt!

It was Amber who first noticed me. She cried out my name and pulled away from my dad. He was just about to cum. Instead of spilling his seed inside her, he sprayed it on her and on the bed.

He looked angry at her and reached down slapping her face. She started to cry as she pulled herself away. She got up and pointed at me.

screaming "I thought she would never know. you promised! You said you would pay for me to go to her same college. you promised you stupid bastard!" I knew she was angry and upset, but I just couldn't say I forgave her. I haven't talked to her since.

My dad didn't say much, except scold me that I came home too early. He didn't seem to think he had done anything wrong! Anyways, since their divorce, I have felt more like a possession than their daughter.

The Navy promised far away travels and a big ship taking me to the ends of the earth. It sounded mystical and somewhat romantic. The recruiter kept telling how few women go into the Navy. A ship filled with gorgeous hunks and foreign travel. Plus I would be earning money. My main concern was just getting away. Away from my mom asking me all sorts of questions, I had no desire to answer. Getting away from my dad wanting to see Amber again.

And getting away from Amber and the hate I felt. I hated my dad and I hated my mom for leaving my dad. I hated Amber for being weak and allowing my dad to screw her.

And bottom line, I was starting to hate myself. So off to the Navy I went!

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That was 6 years ago. A young innocent chick I am no longer. The Navy recruiter lied. Yep, I am on a Big Ship, the Higgins that is in the San Diego Port. And yep, it is filled to the brim with gorgeous men. But we can not do anything. No PDA (Public Displays of Affection) allowed. The Navy considers the Public everyplace except maybe my grave (okay so I am exaggeration a bit).

Actually, even if we had the time, the place is lacking. Have you ever been on a destroyer? The bunks are so small and stacked right on top of each other. I feel more like a sardine in a can than a human being. Try having sex on something that feels like a slab of wood and barely fits you.

Okay, yeah if I could get with a commander or the Admiral it would be different.

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They actually have rooms on the ship with something that resembles a normal bed. Sex is not the only thing I have on my mind. But it does take up most of my dreams.


There is one guy in the Navy that I really have the chills for. He is a Lieutenant commander! Wow what a guy. Blonde hair, deep blue eyes, and a body to die for.

Besides all that. he is actually quite nice. He is not one of these macho types that eat raw meat and growl at the moon. And he is totally different from my dad!

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He is quite confident and when he is wearing his ice cream suite (that's what we call formal whites) he is almost edible! Since being stationed in San Diego, I have gotten to know the Hotel Del Coronado's rooms quite well. It is our favorite rumble place when we are both in port at the same time. But this last encounter we both wanted something more than our "usual" venue. He wanted to do it on the ship.

Actually, the room of choice was the CIC. The CIC is at the heart of the destroyer. It is the Star Wars Command center. It is where the radar and defense mechanisms and computers are located. It is quite impressive what the Higgins is capable of doing.

We planned our illicit encounter for the even the ship was docked in San Diego and was completely empty. Rumor had it they were retrofitting it with some new high tech surveillance equipment that was TOP TOP SECRETE. Actually, the Navy is quite secretive out its new toys.

When they were updating the sewage system, it was classified TOP TOP SECRETE. It is weird how the Navy thinks. Anyways, Daniel and I met in the CIC. We were both a little nervous and very scared. He someone coxed me out of my pants.

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He fingered me through my moist panties. I was so excited but he made me wait. The tension was unbearable. He took his time fingering me and wouldn't let me undress him. He told me to climb up onto the navigation board and get on all fours. He placed one hand between my hot cheeks, while he used the other to stroke my firm soft tits. He had my nipples so tight and taught. My lips were dripping with my sweet juices. He removed his hand and struck my soft rump. It was hard enough to cause a ripple of sweet pleasure to pulse between my legs and turn my buttock cheeks red.

I begged to be able to touch him. To unbutton his shirt and run my hands down his firm chest. He told me to sit down on the Navigation table and spread my legs wide. He knelt down and buried his head deep between my legs. His tongue played with my lips and his tongue found my valley. I closed my eyes and leaned back. One of my hands played with my own small tit.

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I fingered the areola making it hard and sensitive. I wanted nothing more than to feel his hard cock deep inside my wet valley. He allowed me to unbutton Navy Whites, putting my hands down his chest. My lips found his nipple and I started running my tongue over it and around it. I enjoyed feeling it between my lips. He brought his mouth up from my valley and found my mouth. As we kissed, our hands rediscovered each other's bodies. I was unaware that he had pulled down his pants until his hardness swam into my valley.

He pulled my ass slightly off the table and pivoted my legs exposing my hidden valley. He rose himself above me and penetrated me deep. He held himself in for a few long minutes, each of us enjoying the hardness and length of his magical love wand! Slowly he started to move his wand like a piston. I saw his arm and back muscles ripple as he move slowly and precisely in and out.

He looked more like one of the Navy's finely tuned piece of equipment than a man enjoying his woman. But the sensation was. wow. I just don't think I can find the right words. but I will try. It was slow sensual. the feeling. the friction was building.

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I knew I was building up to a special moment. the moment where the gates of pleasure open and release a dam of heat, warmth and pulsing sensations. We both let out a roar of pleasure, unaware that we had company.

The Navy Specialists had decided to move up their retrofit without giving any notice. Therefore, we were both caught with our pants down. literally! The commander screamed "Attention", and we both scrambled down from the Navigator's table. We saluted our commander's in our birthday suits! Today, I can almost laugh at the situation. But when it was taking place, my heart was pounding in my heart.

I was sure both of us would be put in the brig.


And imagine our embarrassment. The Commander and the Navy Specialists turned their backs, as we were ordered to dress. We were told to leave and that we would be contacted later. When all the embarrassment and dust had settled, I was given a dishonorable discharge. Which actually, turned out okay for me. Since Daniel had a glowing record and contacts with higher officials, he was given a cushy diplomatic position outside of the Naval forces.

We have since gotten married and travel all over the world. We have shared numerous sexual adventures in so many different countries and weird locations.

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But nothing thus far beats the pleasures we shared in the CIC!