Those sexy lovely girls hardcore and reality

Those sexy lovely girls hardcore and reality
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That one soft moan was all it took to send Jerry over the edge. Forgetting that it was Kali in front of him he reached up and grabbed her hips as he pressed the tip of his throbbing cock against her virgin pussy.

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Her unused flesh practically begged him to use and abuse her. He gladly taught her she was wrong. Her body definatly wasn't made for her his eleven inches.

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With one savage thrust that sent him balls deep into her, and a single earsplitting scream from her, Kali's virginity no longer existed. With her father's flesh finally in her, it became all too real. She was the daughter of a rapist, she was sold into slavery by him to pay off a debt, she most likely would die in slavery, but the only thing that pissed her off was how much it all turned her on.

She didn't have but a split second to realize all of this before Jerry's thrusts started what would prove to be the longest day of her life. To Jerry it was like riding a bike, one of those things no matter how hard you try, you can never forget. Even after years of reprogramming himself, his body fell into the ever farmiliar rhythm.

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Kali felt her body stretch every time he moved. She felt like she was being split in half.


All she could do was whimper, it hurt to much to scream or moan. Jerry lost himself in ecstacy with each thrust. He didnt want to stop, didnt want anything but to keep the tight cunt, of his previously virgin daughter, grasping him.

Both of them lost track of time, him in ecstacy, her in pain. Both in their own little world untill Jerry's balls tightened. He slid his arm under her slightly lifting her up for him, to get as deep as he could. His sense of the world came back as he let go and flooded her most private place with his seed. The same seed that created her. He pulled his still semi-hard cock from her slowly. As soon as he was out a stream of his semen mixed with her virginal blood flowed out of her helpless body.

Jerry is jolted back to reality as he hears dull clapping behind him. He looks to see Kalona standing there. Kalona faked looking at his watch. "3 and a half hours, you've still got it Jerry." Kalona walks over and tosses Jerry his jeans and boxers. "Im suprised you do, after all it has been some 18 odd years since you left this, shall we call it, business.

Most would have creamed that cunt in 15 minutes or less." Jerry paused in his dressing and looked at Kali's limp, almost angelic form. "Finish dressing Jerry, then leave. Vino is out in the hall ready to take you to the cages to choose a new slave." Jerry didn't waste any time getting dressed.

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His body was eager to get back to this life. His mind was too, because in all of it, this life was honest. He never had to lie when he was living around Kalona. He never had to tell someone he cared, wanted to be around, or even pretend to be a model citizen.

He could be himself. None could judge him for it here. He took one last look at Kali before he left the room. Feeling regret for having to put her through this. He never lied to Kali about loving her.


In fact she was one of the only two person in the world he can truly say he loved. He adored her mother for the years she was his wife and not his slave. ------------------------------------------------------- After Jerry left the room Kalona focused his attention on the whore before him. Her blood and father's seed dripping from her cunt.

He slowly walked around her three times, to get the full view of her newly found slave like beauty. This would be her life. Until he decided to sell her or kill her, she would be used for his purposes.

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Being young she has about five to ten good years ahead of her, more if he decided to use her for breeding purposes. He walked over to the table and picked up his favorite nine tails.

He used it for each of his slaves' first whipping. Kali's would be no different. He walked over to the head of the table and lifted her head by her hair. "Look at me whore." He says as softly as possible. The tone of voice he used startled her into opening them. She finds herself looking into his mesmerizing black eyes.

As she looks at them she finds that they aren't a solid black. They were covered in flecks of color. She just wants to get an easle, paints, brushes, & canvas, She wants to paint his eyes to the full force they held.

Filled with awe she couldn't look away, she didn't want to even blink. "See something you like cunt?" He snarls removing his hand from her hair and standing up straight. Not being the most patient person in the world he let the whip crack on the air.

"Well?" "Yes." She whispers.

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"Wanna tell me what you like?" "I've never seen eyes like yours." She says diverting her own. "Filled with flecks of Lavender, Fulvous, June Bud, Platinum, and Electric Amber." He chuckles and drapes the whip over her ass. "You are the first one to specifically name the colors." He pulls out his knife and cuts the straps and back of her tanktop, swiftly removing it. "Of course I expect that of an artist such as yourself. Ive seen many of your works.

Perhaps you can paint for me in the future." He let the fabric that was her top fall to the floor as he put his knife in his pocket and picked up the nine tails.

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He walked over behind her, so he had the full view of her freshly deflowered cunt. With the grace of decades he lifted the nine tails in the air and brought it down on her bare ass and exposed pussy. She screamed as the leather bit into her tender unprotected flesh.

Her screams were music to his ears. He brought the whip up and let it fall against her again and again, on her back, it curled and hit her breasts and stomach, it hit her legs, it hit her arms, it covered her whole body in welts.

By the time her first whipping was finished Kalona's cock was at its full 14 inches long, 3 inches around, and hard as a rock. "Alright slut," He said pulling his tanktop off, and un-zipping his jeans. "Lets get this party started."