First cumshot vid of Ankhaton

First cumshot vid of Ankhaton
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I want to start out by saying that ALL of my stories are written for my best friend Monica. They all were specifically written for her and I'm now sharing them as she believes they're worthy of being posted.

In this story I'm telling it directly to her. As I wake up, I can feel the fabric of your shirt against my back and around my stomach… looking down at your hand, just laying there on my breast. I reach over, setting the babies aside; then place my hand on top of yours, very gently manipulating your hand with mine, acting like our hands are attached… cupping my hand around yours, causing you to squeeze my breast, then letting go.

Cupping your hand again, but this time raising my hand off of yours, allowing you to lift your hand a little… then dragging our fingertips around my nipple and across my chest… feeling my nipples harden, I moan very quietly so you don't wake up, and push my ass back towards you.

As I feel my thighs come in contact with yours, I push just a little farther back, making sure my panty clad ass is pressed firmly with your bare crotch… then, I take hold of your wrist, and bringing your hand up towards my face.

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I press my lips to two of your fingers and then slide them into my mouth, getting them all wet… guiding your hand from my lips down over my tummy to my panties, wiggling our hands under my panties and placing your wet fingers at the top of my slit… placing my hand on yours again and letting them act as one, dragging your wet fingers up and down over my lips, moaning again at the gentle touch.

After a few minutes, I push your fingers between my lips and continue the simple up and down motion to stimulate my clit.

getting a little excited, I start a circular motion with my hips, causing your simple up and down motion to stimulate my clit a little more… pushing back against your crotch with my ass, working my panty clad ass in circles against your lips. I leave your hand under my panties and reach around behind me; I very lightly touch my hand to your crotch… sliding my fingers between your lips and spreading them apart, now having direct contact with my panties and your clit, creating a nice stimulation on your clit… looking over my shoulder, seeing you asleep all peaceful, pressing my lips to yours for a soft kiss, then whispering in your ear "wake up gorgeous, you're missing out on all the fun!" I roll back over, giggling when you don't wake up… rubbing my fingers against your lips, up and down, continuing my circular motion against of my ass against your clit.

Reaching down with my free hand, taking hold of your wrist and pulling your hand from under my panties, bringing your fingers up to my lips, sliding them into my mouth… sucking on them, pushing my tongue around your fingers getting them clean.

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Then, moving my fingers from your soft moist pussy lips and bringing them up to my lips, cleaning off my fingers… mixing both of our tastes together. I then take your hand in mine and set it on your hip.

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I slowly scoot away from you, so that our bodies are no longer touching and roll out of bed… I sneak to the bathroom and grab a towel, along with getting into my panties drawer and grabbing my purple shiny panties. I step out of my black shiny panties and step into the purple ones and wiggle them over my ass… crawling back into your bed, setting the towel down behind your ass, setting my hand on your hip and then pulling your ass over towards the bed.


I slowly graze my fingertips over your knees, using your knees to spread your legs apart, straddling your right leg and pressing my crotch down against your shin. I reach over and grab my black shiny panties, pressing the pads of my fingertips against the wet crotch of the fabric, then reach over and touch the fabric to your bare crotch… using the pads fingertips to guide the fabric over your lips, then slipping my middle finger between your lips with the two other fingers still tracing along your lips… as I do that, I start moving back and forth, grinding my crotch down against your shin, leaving a wet trail as I move back and forth.

I look up at your face, then reach down with my free hand and pull up the front of your shirt to where I can see your free breasts, grabbing your left hand and placing it on your breast… doing the same thing as I did before when I had your hand on my breast, I start manipulating your hand and watch you start playing with your breast, moving my hand away from yours, as you continue to touch your breast… I bite down on my lower lip as I watch your sleeping body, react to everything, enjoying my view on top.

Getting excited, grinding harder and faster against your shin, pushing three of my fingers between your lips… your clit now getting full contact with the wet silky fabric, rubbing the fabric in quick circles against your clit, noticing your breathing picking up, pausing and leaving my fingers perfectly still against your clit, making sure you don't get orgasm yet… I reach up with my free hand, running my fingertips over your tummy, and feeling to make sure your breathing has gone back to normal.

As soon as I feel your breathing level out, I take your clit between my panty clad fingertips… my thumb on one side and my fingers on the other side of your clit, rubbing my fingers and thumb together, massaging the fabric against your clit.

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I moan out loud, lifting my hand off of your tummy and pressing down hard on my lower abdomen, feeling my own breathing growing faster and heavier, closing my eyes and leaning my head back… feeling my orgasm take control, pinching your clit between my fingers and my body twitches against your shin.

After I regain control, I dismount your shin and lean over, sliding my tongue up along your shin, trying to clean up after myself… taking my free hand and sliding my fingers under my panties, and pushing them into my pussy, getting them all cummy… pulling them out of my pussy and bringing them up to your lips, outlining your lips, leaving some cum on your lips.


After spreading it on your lips, bringing my still cummy fingers down to your thigh, smearing it over your thigh, leaning over, kissing your thigh and massaging my tongue against your skin to get my cum off of your leg… moving my hand to your other thigh, squeezing your thigh and moving upwards towards your hip, making sure not to leave it out… once I make my way up to your crotch with my mouth, l remove my fingers from my panties, wiggling my nose up in them and pressing my lips to the crotch of my wet panties… licking the crotch of my panties, at the same time pushing the panties back against your clit with a little extra wetness.

Then immediately, sucking your clit between my lips, sucking on your clit and my panties at the same time, swirling my tongue around my panties, making sure to keep the fabric moving against your clit… once my hand reaches your hip, I tap my fingertips down your inner thigh to the crease of your leg&hellip.

Then moving my hand under my face, hooking my fingers into my panties and pressing them against your opening… almost instantly pushing my panty clad fingers deep into your pussy, curling my fingers up towards your tummy and scratching my panties against your g-spot… spontaneously moaning into your clit, then flicking my tongue back and forth over it… Glancing up, noticing your breathing is picking up again. I work my fingers in your pussy as fast as I can, leaving them curled up so that I can still hit your g-spot… releasing your clit from my lips and pulling my fingers out… taking my panties and folding them up, using my fingers to spread your pussy open, I slowly push my panties up inside you, wiggling them from side to side until I can get them all the way inside your pussy.

Looking your pussy over, making sure my panties are all the way inside, sliding my tongue over your opening and then looking up at your clit… blowing cold air against your clit and opening… licking my fingers, then smacking them against your lips, and furiously rubs your clit with my bare fingers.

I reach up with my other hand and cup your free breast, kneading it and tweaking your nipple, pinching it and rolling it between my fingertips.

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Pressing my lips to the crease of your leg and crotch, tracing my tongue along your crease until I feel you tense and buck your hips a little up at me. Giggling to myself, and raising my head up, looking at you knowing you're awake… since you always wake at your peak… you look down at your hand, noticing that you've been playing with your breast.

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I wedge my knee up against your crotch, leaning over your body and pressing it against yours, flicking my tongue over your bottom lip… "mmm, that's good… maybe you should lick your lips"… smiling as you do and then pressing my lips against yours… rolling onto your side, leaning over you, tracing my fingertips back and forth over your chest… I never stop smiling. "Good Morning Sweetheart"

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