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Busty amateur teen girlfriend sucks and fucks with cum shaved pussy and cum on ass
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All fictional characters participating in sexual activity are of or above the age of consent. You know how as a young boy growing up you usually learned about sex through the internet, porn, etc&hellip.

I was not so fortunate growing up. My only way of releasing was with my hand and to my own thoughts. My parents were strictly religious and polygamists at that so as you could imagine I had an interesting childhood. My father was about 57 at this time when I was 18.

I was the oldest boy with two older sisters, and I had 4 younger sisters and 2 younger brothers. My father had 4 wives, each of whom we called mom mostly but their name when they were amongst each other. It all usually worked out pretty well, all of our moms took care of all the children mostly the same. I really didn't know any different until my father put me in a public school when I reached adolescence.

There were a few other polygamist kids there, but I made friends with others outside of my family's religion. That's when I learned what they knew. Popular culture, which my father hated, their beliefs and culture which were not all that different in terms of day to day life and above all, sex. They showed me videos, photos and even taught me the terminology.

It was like an entirely different world, unfortunately it only fueled my lust and subsequently my masturbation habits which increased and it was nearly impossible to do it as much as I wanted with so many people living under one roof. We had a pretty large house though, each of our moms had their own room. My father slept in each those rooms depending on his feelings that night.

At 18 I was now the oldest child in the house as my two oldest sisters moved out and I had their old room to myself. My brothers shared a room and there were two different rooms for my younger sisters.

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One might call it a mansion if they had never been in it before but it was much less luxurious than mansions typically are as my father was a frugal man. Of course with my own room it became easier to satisfy my urges but I always desired more. Something unexpected but definitely more came one day when I was simply doing my morning routine. I was on my way to the downstairs bathroom as all of my siblings shared the one nearest to my room and I enjoyed the peace and quiet&hellip.if only for a little while.

I groggily entered leaving the door open like I usually did, opened the lid on the commode, pulled my briefs over my dick and began relieving myself. I closed my eyes lazily fighting off sleep listening to the sound of my stream hitting the water when I heard a gasp. I slowly turned my head opening my eyes to see Carol, my father's 3rd wife standing there wide eyed, mouth open and staring as if astonished. "Oh my, I'm so sorry Hollis. I was just&hellip.uh &hellip." She stuttered and I still half asleep could only watch her staring at me as if I were a different species.

She continued to stare for a few seconds more before turning and walking away. I really wasn't sure what to make of her behavior, surely she had to have seen a dick before. I brushed it off and went on with my routine. Carol had known me since I was just a boy so maybe it was the shock of seeing me like that I thought.

My mother was my father's first wife and I think I was around 4 or 5 when Carol married my father so she hadn't much cause to take part in raising me as I had my own mother and my father's second wife; not to mention she became pregnant quickly with her first child.

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She was one mother who would let you get away with most anything and was not the greatest disciplinarian. She was the wife my father spent the least amount time with, which I thought to be sad as she had only had one daughter and everyone knew she wanted a son. However, it was something that the kids never talked about so we all just ignored it. I didn't see carol for the rest of the day.

I didn't pay any attention to the ordeal and make it out to be a problem until I saw her later that evening. "Hey Hollis, have a good today" she said cheerily as she hugged me tighter than usual.

I could feel her press into me and I couldn't help but take in her perfume that she wore. She pulled back smiling, putting her hands on my arms "What a man you've grown into". "Oh, thanks mom" I said beginning to walk away wondering if that had something to do with this morning.

I brushed it off though and went to sleep, the next day it seemed to be back to normal, in fact I barely even saw her. After school I went to work at my dad's work site. He owned a construction company and he aspired to turn the business over to me one day. I knew most everything about running the company but I loved working in the field the most. Mostly because it kept me strong and I enjoyed my physique.

I ended up getting home pretty late and desperately needed a shower. I figured I would use the downstairs bathroom as not to wake anyone. I must not have noticed that the light was on because I barged right in without knocking and there bent over the tub was the absolute most beautiful sight my 18 year old eyes had ever seen.

Carol was there bent over, her large round plump butt high in the air as she drew a bath. I could feel my member beginning to fill with blood quickly as I feasted my eyes on her pale behind clearly showing beneath her towel. "Oh hey sweetie, sorry I was going to catch a late bath. You can have it though, looks like you've been working hard" she smiled only turning her head to look at still leaving her ass exposed for my view. "no that's ok mom, I can…uh" "That's alright honey, come on" she said now standing taking my hand.

I thought she might just leave but instead she began to help me undress starting with my jacket. "How was work?" she asked unbuttoning my shirt and though I felt a little odd I couldn't help but stare down her towel in between her cleavage trying to get a look at her melon sized breasts.

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Carol was quite on the plump side but she had fat all in the right places and was very proportionate and sexy. Her wide well rounded hips were probably her best feature, not to mention her long light brown hair. She was the biggest of the wives and I wondered perhaps that's why my father had not shown her affection since she became pregnant.

She was smaller before and I guess she couldn't lose the baby weight, nonetheless I found her to be incredibly sexy, right now more than ever. And to think I never thought about her this way before. "Sweetie?" she said snapping me out of my trance. "Huh?" I said dumbly realizing my shirt was now off and I stood there bare chested in front of the woman who was turning me on.

"How was work?" she giggled "Oh it was alright, tiring though, that's all" "I'm sure, you're going to feel MUCH better in a bit&hellip.trust me" she said slowly emphasizing the word much.

She then dropped to her knees without warning and began to undo my belt. "Uh…I.I can do that mom" I said stopping her as she was about to expose the large hard on I wielded. "That's ok, one day you're going to have many beautiful wives to do this for you anyway so just get used to it" she smiled unzipping my trousers. I held my breath as she pulled down my pants and briefs over my dick allowing it to spring freely as it bobbed in front of her face hitting her cheek lightly.

"My you really have grown into such a big strong man" she said gazing hungrily at my veiny member. "You're going to make the ladies very happy" she smiled letting my purple helmet rest against her soft cheek.

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"Thanks mom" I said a little awkwardly not sure how react in this situation. "Now into the tub" she said remaining fixated on my swinging pipe as I placed a foot in the bath sinking down slowly feeling the warm water immerse my soar body. "Does that feel nice sweetie" she asked. "That feels great" I said closing my eyes relaxing. I figured she'd leave now so imagine my shock when I felt her start to get in with me.

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"What…what are" I stuttered in disbelief as the view of her large tits filled my sight. "You know how cheap your father is, he'd lose it if he knew I was running another bath after this. We'll just have to share. Don't look so mortified Hollis, I used to bathe you often when you were a boy" She said settling in the tub on the other end letting her legs rest on mine.

And I didn't know about often, maybe once or twice in fact many years ago. "Are you still sore?" she asked and I couldn't really respond as I still lustfully stared at her breast with their large pink areolas.

My father was a fool thought. "You must be, let me see what I can do" she said coming forward and there wasn't much point in fighting anything she did anymore. I was powerless and horny beyond measure. "Just let me move this behemoth into a more comfortable position for us both" she said sitting up making me gasp as she gripped my cock not able to get her hand around it.

She pushed it down and sat down on my lower stomach straddling me and letting my dick go so that it was positioned in between her plump cheeks nestling in the soft warm flesh of a woman who could have been thought of as my own mother. I groaned as I felt her hands began to rub over my chest and shoulders which were now slick with soapy water. "My big strong man" she said soothingly and I knew then she wasn't doing this just for me.

After all she hadn't been this intimate with her husband for some time so I figured it was warranted that she craved this type of contact with me as much as I was enjoying it. It was also clear that even though she had known me since I was a young boy that she was now attracted to me and no longer saw me as the child she met all those years ago. She pushed her slippery tits against my chest as she moved her hands up to my neck and even massaging my ears.

"Mmmm" I moaned unconsciously letting my hands fall coming to rest on Carol's hips and ass. The only thing I wanted at that moment was to pick her up and drop her onto my hard cock. I couldn't help but squeeze her cheeks firmly around my dick, though I tried be as subtle as possible. "Want me to take care of that honey" I heard her say as I opened my eyes to look at her smiling sweetly as if she were just my mother helping her son and not the woman whose fat ass cheeks I had around my cock.

"Uh" I could only utter as I wasn't sure how to respond. "Never hesitate Hollis. A man always takes what he wants and he satisfies his urges when needs to" she said firmly and I responded by lifting her ass up letting my cock slide along her slick muff. Once I felt the lips of her entrance part slightly I began lowering her down slowly.

"Oooooh my gosh sweetie, you're so big" she moaned feeling her pussy stretch around the wide mushroom of my cock. I savored the feeling of the soft warm tight flesh surrounding my dick for the first time. I continued lowering her down until she stopped with an inch left to go. I wanted to bury all of myself in her however and pulled her hips down to meet my thighs shoving into her to the hilt causing her to shriek in pain as she buried her face into the crook of my neck.

"Ugh gosh baby, you're so deep in me, any further and you might penetrate my womb" she moaned and giggled slightly. I doubt that was physically possible but she wasn't kidding and it felt great to be so deep in her. I knew I wouldn't last long and could already feel my balls boiling readying to empty themselves into Carol. "You feel so good mom" I groaned squeezing her ass beginning to lift her up and pull her back down. "Mmm you like that baby, you like how hot and tight momma's pussy is for your big cock" she moaned huskily into my ear turning me on into an almost primal state.

Hearing her talk dirty like that was the sexiest thing I'd ever heard. "Just like that baby, I know you're going to give me so much hot, thick cum" she began kissing and lightly biting my neck driving me wild as I neared orgasm. "I can't hold out anymore mom" I groaned feeling my warm essence rush up my shaft. "Let me have it baby, give all that hot young thick sperm" she moaned holding onto me tightly squeezing my cock tightly with her kegel muscles.

I barely registered what she said and felt my cock head swell and explode inside her flooding her womb with my potent seed. "Ughhh" I groaned jerking uncontrollably while holding her. It was the most powerful and greatest feeling I had ever felt in my life. I think she felt similarly as she kept a firm hold onto me and I could feel her face still buried into my neck.

"You did so good baby, I can feel you shooting so deep inside me" she finally spoke panting slightly after minutes. She seemed to congratulate me as if I'd won some achievement. "In fact I have a special reward for you, but not tonight, you need to get to bed and so do I" she said and I couldn't help but feel a little disappointed. "Alright mom, I guess" "Don't worry sweetie, tomorrow you'll get your special reward, and trust me it's worth the wait" she winked.

She then climbed off me sighing happily as I could ever remember as my floppy dick slipped out of her. I watched her wet voluptuous body get out of the tub and she dried herself off. If I hadn't been so tired from work I think I would've tried to go for round two, but she kissed me goodnight and I couldn't wait for my "special reward".

My night's sleep was the best I'd had in forever. I wasn't sure that that was because I had been fully satisfied or because I was extremely tired either I felt different now that I had lost my virginity; more confident but also more lust driven.

I couldn't stop thinking about thinking Carol and I began seeing most all members of the female sex in a different light. It was as if I had crossed into some distorted yet pleasurable territory. After I got home from school I saw Sarah, my father's 4th wife washing dishes in the kitchen. I could tell she'd been doing housework all day. She was wearing a small pair of jean shorts that I'm sure I had seen her wear a hundred times but now it was different.

She wore a thin white tank top and it was nearly drenched with sweat. Her blonde hair was covered in a bandanna. I stared at the tiny denim clad material and focused on the how they clung to her small but shapely butt.

Sarah was the youngest of my mothers. She was only 27, and I had known her maybe four years. She had already birthed two of my father's children and it was likely that she would continue to have more. My father used to joke about how fertile she was and how he was determined to keep this wife barefoot and pregnant.

And for some odd reason that notion turned me on more than anything. "Oh Hollis you're home" sarah said turning snapping me out of my deep thought. "Yea, where is everyone" I asked mainly interested in Carol's whereabouts as I felt if I didn't relieve some pressure soon I was going to be arrested for rape.

"Rachel, Carol, Cindy, and the kids went to the mall, they also said they would be stopping at the grocery store so dinner shouldn't be too long. You know your dad is at work as usual and I think Cathy is upstairs (Cathy is one of my little sisters, she had the deserved reputation for being super anal retentive and she drove us all nuts about not bothering her when she was in her room)you know her and her study.

I wouldn't bother her" she chuckled. I laughed, "good point, guess I'll just get some homework done" I said heading up stairs. I tried not to run but the feeling of extreme horniness prevented me from controlling that impulse and I rushed to my room ready to whip my straining cock out when I opened the door to see a heavenly beauty.


My little sister their lying on my bed on her side wearing only a T-shirt and a tiny pair of boy shorts that were being swallowed by the supple cheeks of her plump teen butt. She seemed to be sleeping soundly and comfortably with her knees pulled to her chest displaying her beautiful creamy thighs and round booty. The scene was like some teen pornography fantasy realized and as I got closer to I could see one of the thick pink lips of her pussy peeking out. I reveled at the sight of it all and obviously I hadn't thought of her like this before and she was so young but I was now warring inside myself about what I should do.

I crawled up on the bed next to her intentionally to wake her but not deliberately doing so. She stirred "Hollis" she said turning her head to look at me. "Sorry, but Stephanie ( another little sister) wet my bed when she slept there last night and Mom hasn't washed my sheets yet so I hope this is ok, I just needed a nap" she said groggily.

"Uh yea sure, that's alright Cat" I said and she smiled leaning up to kiss me before lying back down. It was only a peck but with the state I was in it might as well have been getting tongue.

"I think I'll take a nap too" I said getting comfortable "Ok" she said softly before shifting a little wiggling her ass and I all I could do was stare and drool. I thought very little about the consequences for what I did next and acted only on impulse.

I reached down unzipping my fly and with some effort pulled out my straining hard dick. I don't what I was thinking as I grasped it and aimed it right at the crack of her protruding posterior pushing the wide purple mushroom against her cotton covered rump firmly.

I pushed it down letting my penis go into her warm soft thighs. "Hollis what are you doing?" she said. I heard her clearly but I couldn't quite grasp that this could get me into some serious trouble. "Just relax sis" I said as I pulled the cotton material out of the cleft of her cheeks pulling it up giving my cock just enough room to slip through stretching the fabric with my thick pole. I heard a small gasp escape her lips as the helmet of my penis came into contact with her sweet treasure.

I could feel myself becoming animalistic as I felt the heat emanating from her pussy and I pushed her turning her so that she was on her stomach. I began to mount her while simultaneously pushing my cock into her incredibly tight little pussy.

"Ugh! No wait&hellip.ugh&hellip.fuck" she stressed trying to push up, but I was too far gone and held her down driving more meat into her stretching that little pussy. I groaned as her soft, warm, pink, elastic flesh gloved over the entire head of my dick. "Ahhh, stop!" Cat screamed and I immediately felt a sharp elbow in my side.

I snapped out of my lust quickly rolling off her letting my cock pop out of her cunt. "I'm so sorry Cat, I couldn't control myself, you know that I would never-"she cut me off by putting a finger to my lips. "It's ok Hollis. Mom told me this would happen one day. I know that you can't always control yourself. I would've let you rip me in half with that huge dick of yours but I don't want to get pregnant just yet, I'm too young remember" she giggled rubbing her little pussy which was probably sore now.

I was shocked to hear her speak this way, I thought she was so innocent but I guess Rachel (My father's second wife) didn't want her daughter to be unprepared and she apparently warned her about me which brought more questions to my mind.

"I wasn't thinking, I'm such an idiot" I scolded myself. "Hey" she smiled coming close to me "I told you it's fine, you're a man and you have urges, and little sis is here to take care of you" she kissed me full on the mouth as I felt her hand grasp my hard, veiny member.

She put her hand on my chest to push me to lie down and so I did as she began pulling off my trousers. "I've been waiting for this for a long time. Mom taught me everything when I started to develop. She said that I was to be your woman and soon I would have to take care of you like she takes care of dad" she smiled hovering above my dick head.

I watched intently as she slowly moved down lightly kissing the tip before drooling on it and opening her mouth to take half of my shiny prick head in her mouth. "Mmm, such nice dick" she moaned softly to herself as she continued to just kiss and lick my thick shaft all over. However, her statement made me wonder just exactly how many cocks had she dealt with. I laid back enjoying her soft sensual licks when I soon felt my entire cock head inhaled by Cat's mouth.

"Ugh, sis you're so fucking amazing" She let her mouth off the head with a popping sound and giggled. "I know something that you'll absolutely love" she said sucking on my prick some more before coming up again. "You just have to promise not to move at all until I say you can move.

Got it?" she asked looking at me seriously. "sure" I eeked out but in my mind of course I was thinking heck yea!

Sis do whatever you want. "Ok, now it'll be slow going at first, I haven't done it with anything this big before" she said squeezing my prick knob. "Exactly how much experience do you have Cat" I asked inquisitively raising my brow. "I know what I'm doing" she giggled confusedly "Oh you mean how many guys have I&hellip.zero, you're the first I've done anything with.

Mom just taught me how to handle my horny brother but she never mentioned you'd have a gigantic meat pipe" she smiled. "I'm not a slut Hollis" "I know I know, it's just you seemed like you knew quite a lot you know" "I do, and my next trick is going to blow your mind" she winked.

She motioned for me to take off my shirt and she leaned down kissing me all over, running her hands over as well. I moved my hands onto her thighs across her hips and to her plump teen ass grasping her soft flesh. She sat back up to grip my penis holding it straight up and I watched mesmerized as she angled the head at her pussy but as she hovered over it and began lowering she shifted forward allowing my prick to squeeze in between her plump teen ass cheeks and not a second later she grimaced opening her mouth and closing her eyes as if silently screaming out and I began feeling something hot tight stretching to open around the head of my prick.

"holy fuck, she's taking my cock up her asshole" I thought and that realization gave me immense pleasure alone. Honestly the feeling was a little painful for me too as her flesh though soft was not well lubricated at all and I felt her anus may actually tear the sensitive skin of my dick as she began her descent. "Cat wait" I grimaced stopping her progress and she looked at me. "If we're doing it this way, get on your stomach now. Let me show you what I know" I said siting up and she looked surprisingly at me before sliding off the tip of my penis.

I pushed her down onto her stomach on my bed and got over admiring the beauty of her perfect naked back and butt.

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I grabbed her plump flesh separating her bum cheeks gazing at her little pink pussy and tight anus before diving right in licking and kissing all over her sensitive flesh.

Her pussy juices flew freely over her taint and asshole covering my lips as well. "Oooooh fuck Hollis, I've never felt anything like this before" she squealed humping her ass back against my face.

"Damn, I love your ass so much sis" I groaned making her squeal even more by shoving my tongue into her sphincter making sure to add necessary lubrication for the reaming I was going to give her.


"Yea bro, you like my ass, I bet you can't wait to get your dick in there huh?" she moaned continuing to hump against my face. "Mhm" I only said before leaning back up and getting into position mounting my own little sister from behind, my granite prick head already pushing its way into her cheeks.

"Slow and gentle alright" she said softly lying her head down as if she were about to get a massage. I held my cock tightly in hand directing and pushing into her soft cheeks until pressing firmly against her tight, anus which was now slick with my saliva and precum. I pushed forward diligently but not with too much force and with a slight ease her ass began to swallow my cock head. I had only lost my virginity last night and I may have thought that was the greatest feeling ever but I the way I felt now, my sister's asshole surrounding my straining member was the summit of great feelings to be felt and there probably wouldn't be anything greater in the world.

"Ugh!" Cat grunted and muffled her screams in the pillow as I slid into her fully embedding my prick deep in her asshole. I laid flat ontop of her just making slow movements feeling my balls come to rest on her pussy. I continued my slow movements not wanting to come too quickly as I nuzzled my face in her neck and hair. "Your ass feels so good, sis" I whispered "Your cock feels so good, I can feel it throbbing in my butt" she moaned arching her back pushing more of her ass into my pubic bone.

I pulled out about an inch unexpectedly and she drew in a sharp breath before I plunged back in with a grunt. I continued my short thrust until I had her screaming muffled wails into the pillow grabbing fistfuls of my sheets. I knew I only I had about ten seconds left before I lost it and I pulled out my long slick shaft to the tip before pile driving back in releasing a torrent of hot cum into my little sister's ass. "Oooooohhhh" she moaned a long moan squirming underneath me as I continued filling her ass with sperm.

I moved off of her slowly letting my prick slip out her butt. Her gaping hole was such a sexy sight and I could see a little river of my semen trickling out. I leaned down and kissed her back. I could hear her breathing slow and noticed she passed out. "I must've done a good job" I smirked laying back sighing. I dozed off satisfyingly only waking after I heard the commotion downstairs an hour later. Cat was already gone and my mind raced with thoughts of how this would affect our relationship.

I went downstairs to join my family. It wasn't rare for us all to commune amongst each other in one room. With twelve people it was a bit chaotic but I sometimes enjoyed the commotion, though with me having fucked one my moms and now my little sister things may be a little complicated.

The moms prepared dinner and we all sat down and ate. Dad joined us in the middle of our meal. I made as little eye contact as I could with Carol and Cat. It was extremely hard not to look at them too much.

After dinner I talked to dad for a while and he told me to take the weekend to get our lake house ready for the following week.

It was an annual exclusive family holiday he created because my mom always said he worked too much so once a year he took a week off from the construction business. And trust me a week is a lot for him. I made plans to leave for the morning and in my room packing when Carol appeared in my doorway. I was about to say something when she put her finger to her lips as if to shh me before closing the door and sauntering over to me.

"Ready for your surprise" she whispered descending down to her knees. I so wanted to let her but I knew the risk of getting caught right now was too great.

"I really am mom, but we can't" I said stopping her much to her disappointment by the look on her face.


"But I've got a better idea. Dad told me to get the lake house ready, I'm leaving in the morning" I said and she immediately lit up.

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"I'll go pack, not that I'll need much clothing" she winked and walked out. I could only gulp in anticipation watching her big ass sway as she left. More to come…&hellip.if this story doesn't do too bad.