Young lady likes to fuck with her panties on

Young lady likes to fuck with her panties on
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The author wishes to express his joy at how well received his stories have been, and hopes that you will get as much enjoyment from this installation. Happy orgasms :) Quadruplet Connection Chapter 5 - Six Months Later (while Ashley is gone) December 20th - evening Frank groaned as he slipped his pulsing cock into his sister Jean's glistening entrance; her folds expanding to allow him to sound her deepest reaches. He moved his hips to bury himself in her, inch by inch his member disappeared into her vagina until he felt his cockhead being squished at the end of her tunnel.

Jean's breaths were tinged with moans and hums as she held her legs ope. In the dark, allowing her brother to plunge into her; a squeak came from her open mouth as he smashed gently against the extent of her canal. Her eyes, once locked on to Frank's, now drifted unfocused, as she floated in the feelings generated by Frank's skin rubbing against hers.

As Frank began to move in and out of her, she moved her hands from clutching the bedspread to clasp her pregnant belly, now about six months along. Frank's child. Physically feeling the weight that she carried in her midsection was a constant reminder now of her brother's dedication and love, and feeling his muscular cock moving in and out of her beneath the weight of their child a reminder her of his lust and his passion. Metaphysically, however, she could feel through every cell of her body the still-forming life that grew within her, fed off of her energy; it was like a blurry image, a hint at something, when she felt her child.

Whereas it was an electrical zing when she touched Frank, which turned into a lightning rod when he probed her depths with his penis.

Even now she was nudged towards an orgasm, only a couple of minutes in to the session. Her contact with her lover was so close and intimate that they felt almost as one flesh when in the throes of orgasmic bliss.

Warmth pulsed through her midsection and shot out to the ends of her extremities as she came hard on Frank as he worked in her. Her arms reached out and pressed shakily against the headboard of her bed and her head turned with furrowed brow.

Her back arched, pushing her full belly up towards the heavens as pulse after pulse of energy rushed through her, given release by the love of her life. Dimly she felt her brother holding himself stationary within her as he waited for her to finish bursting; his hands clasped her shivering body and his lips kissed her swollen stomach.

A wrenching cry tore from her chest as she finally breathed again, and she began to come down from her climax. Frank sensed this and leaned over Jean's panting form, careful of her belly, to kiss her full lips. She returned his embrace with a moan against his teeth, needing no words to express exactly how she felt towards him.

He pulled away from her mouth, grabbed her hips, and began pumping her pussy with his cock again. The nature of their sibling bond meant that he had felt a good deal of what she felt during her peak, so he was not very for from his own finish line.

With steady strokes, Frank slipped in and out of her, her sopping wet folds making wet noises as he moved in her tunnel. Jean lifted her head off of the bed and recaptured her brother's gaze while he fucked her. Their breaths came in tandem, as though they were one flesh. "Give it to me." Jean said through her teeth as she propped herself up on her elbows. "Please!" Frank could no longer hold in his own orgasm, so with a groan from the bottom of his diaphragm, he pressed into her as far as he could go and ejaculated against the end of her canal.

She felt his orgasm coming through their bond and wrapped her legs round his ass, encouraging his body to remain where it was as it climaxed. He held his back rigid and jerking as he burst inside of her, then with a sigh bent over her swollen belly and laid his sweaty brow against her breast.

Wrapping her arms around his sweaty shoulders, Jean panted and closed her eyes, focusing on his hot skin pressing against her own. She loved this young man, more than life itself. After a few minutes, they reluctantly untangled themselves from one another and laid beside each other, Frank on his side with a hand on Jean's midsection.

She felt from the depths of their bond just how excited he was to meet this brand new person, and to help it grow. "I love you Jeanie…" Frank breathed. As their breaths eased, so did their minds, and so brother and sister fell asleep in each other's arms. December 21st - morning Vanessa opened her door into the silent hallway, her dyed black hair brushing against the door, and stepped out, closing the door behind her.

Her black t-shirt and white sheer panties were all she wore, but since there were no secrets in their household any longer, she didn't really care. She stretched with her hands at the small of her back, pushing out her pregnant belly, which was just about as large as her sister Jean's was, as Frank had impregnated them within the same month. Her shirt rode up, exposing pure white flesh growing out roundly from beneath modest breasts, which were still covered in the black fabric of her shirt.

The young woman let out her breath with a light grunt and relaxed her body. A need grew within her, a need that was only quenched by two things: going to sleep, and orgasms. Vanessa's eyes narrowed slightly and absently ran her fingertips over her not quite covered belly, and wondered where the father of her child slept last night.

She looked up and down the hall to see which doors were still closed. Their mother's door at the far end was still shut, but that was normal as it was a Sunday and the sun was barely over the horizon. Sunday was the day when the children cooked and cleaned instead of their mother.

Ashley's door was shut, but it had been so since she left for college in August. She would be returning the following morning for holiday break; a homecoming that the whole house was looking forward to. At the top of the stairs was Frank's door, standing wide open and empty.

The only other door shut was Jean's, right across the hall from Vanessa's room, and that meant that that's where Frank was. Vanessa considered for a moment, and decided to let them sleep a while longer before she ambushed Frank for a morning fuck. She was just turned towards the stairs when Jean snuck out of her room and quietly closed the door behind her. She noticed Vanessa and smiled.

"Good morning, Nes," Jean whispered to her sister. Vanessa nodded back, "Sleep well?" "Oh yeah, Frank made sure of that." Jean glanced behind her at her doorway, then returned her gaze to Vanessa.

"We weren't up too late last night, so I'd say go and get what you need," Jean told her sister with a smirk, "he should be refilled by now." Vanessa quirked the corner of her mouth a little; the closest she would get to a smile in front of anyone but Frank. She loved her sisters and her mother, but something made her hold back in front of them. Her soul swelled in Frank's presence however; their bond was the strongest connection in the web that their household created what with the awakening of the children.

"Thanks Jean." the sisters leaned in and gave each other an awkward hug over their bellies, and then Jean proceeded downstairs while Vanessa went to Jean's door and gently pushed it open.

The sunlight streamed in through the gap between the shades and the window molding of Jean's east-facing room and lit the floor between the bed and the window.

Frank was just stirring, and as he opened his eyes he beheld Vanessa in contrast; her right shoulder and leg were dark in shadow, and her almost translucent skin was illuminated on her left side. Her belly formed a half-moon as she slowly slid the hem up to bunch beneath her breasts; the crater of her belly button holding shadow in its depths.

Frank smiled widely through sleepy eyes and raised himself up on his elbows. "My angel. Come here." Vanessa grinned broadly; she couldn't help herself when he called her that. She sauntered over to him as he sat up and turned so he sat with his legs over the side of the bed.

She stood between his knees and he placed his hand on her pale belly and slid the other around her midsection and up her ribs. She took a deep breath at the static in his touch and ran her fingers through his hair, closing her eyes as his skin slid over hers.

Leaning in to plant a kiss on her swelling midsection, Frank angled his eyes upwards towards hers and spoke. "Now what could you be here for, I wonder?" Biting her lip, Vanessa extracted her fingers from his tousled hair and slowly backed away from him. She folded her arms and took the hem of her shirt and pulled it over her head, giving Frank a fine view of her breasts stretching with her arms while she pulled her shirt over her head.

The black shirt crumpled into a pile on the floor next to her. Next she slipped her thumbs in the band of her panties and pushed them down her legs, kicking the fabric into the same pile as her shirt. Her chest filled with thrill as she watched her brother look at every inch of her in the contrasted light from behind her. His expression changed from one of contentment to one of longing and desire, and a tent began to form in his shorts.

Seized by the hormones coursing through her, Vanessa paced forward and got on her knees between Frank's legs, her hands running along his inner thighs. If she closed her eyes, she could imagine bolts of electricity snapping between her palms and his thighs. She blinked slowly and looked up into his eyes as she snuck one hand up the leg of his shorts. Her fingertips came into contact with something very hard and very warm.

"This is what I want." she breathed. Frank smiled at her, his breath coming a little shorter, and grasped her elbows, encouraging her to climb atop him. As she did, he slipped out of his shorts and shirt, leaving him as naked as she was. Carefully she crawled on top of him and lifted herself up, exposing her pussy with its lips peeled apart. Her little clitoris sat like a pearl in a clam peeled apart, just waited to be given attention.

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She shakily lined herself up and grasped his cock, pressing it into her opening. The head disappeared into her wet hole, and she angled her hips so that he slid the rest of the way into her as she sat down on his hips.

She sighed and rolled her eyes with pleasure as her knees settled on the bed. "I've been waiting for this since I woke up…" Frank's hands crept up her growing belly and replied. "So have I!" Vanessa snapped her eyes open and smiled at her brother under her, and began to rock her hips, working his muscular member within her equally muscular vagina. Her skinny butt flexed as she moved back and forth on his crotch, wet noises coming from where their organs merged.

She pressed her titties together and pinched her nipples, which Frank vaguely felt through their link. Frank began to flex his own hips to meet her movements, but she stopped him. "Let me work it myself." He nodded and relaxed, lacing his fingers behind his head. Vanessa continued to work his cock inside of her, her belly gyrating forward and back as she moved. Amidst the racing electricity between them, Frank was once again reminded of how enamored he was of Vanessa, how closed in she was everywhere she went, except for when they were together.

Somehow he had bonded with her, a creature of withdrawn personality, someone at odds with the world and highly reluctant to become vulnerable.

But she exposed herself to him when he made himself available to her, and in so doing gave him a gift that she gives up for no one else: her personality. Vanessa's voice snuck into her breaths, which had begun to increase in rate. She leaned back, bracing herself with her hands on his thighs, and continued her movements.

Frank felt through their ineffable link that she was building an orgasm rather quickly; her steadily increasing pleasure leaked through their bond and imbued him with warmth and energy. Sweat beaded on her forehead and temples; her breath hissed through her teeth. The process ramped up as she increased the speed of her movements, sparks began to fly behind Frank's eyes, and Vanessa's moans increased in pitch. Finally, with a grunt she slammed herself down on him, burying his penis completely inside her guts, her orgasm exploding throughout her body.

Frank groaned as her release of pleasure washed out of her and broke over his mind, fiery electricity shooting through the muscles closest to where he was touching her. For a moment his dazzled vision caught a spectral image of wings adorning Vanessa's back as her eyes popped open and held his gaze through her peak of passion and veil of damp bangs. The moment stretched to eternity and then snapped back, leaving them both to sink back to earth, panting like track runners.

Vanessa blew her breath out and leaned forward, brushing her ebon hair from her eyes. She reached forward with one clawed hand and dug her nails into the skin of Frank's chest, drawing five red marks down his sternum to his stomach. He took a deep breath as she did and sighed as his nervous system sparked and jumped. A smile made her face glow as Frank refocused on her. "Now it's your turn, brother." With her intimate knowledge of him gleaned from many months of practice, Vanessa began moving again, feeling his swollen cock head slipping and sliding back and forth within her with tactical accuracy.

She knew just how to bring him to peak. Frank met her movements with his own, and with his destination in mind, didn't hold back. Careful to not disturb her gestating child, he increased his rate of stroke, the wet slaps of their flesh coming together speeding up.


Vanessa smiled through her pleasure as Frank's face began to tense up, a frown creased his brow, and a thunderstorm brewed in his loins. Their linked minds filled with white flame as he came hard within her, his pulsing cock erupting safely in her vagina, pouring his love into her deepest embrace. She felt the hot fluid from his body fill her, both physically and spiritually, as she rode out every drop.

At last Frank let his head fall back on the bed, his breath coming in ragged gasps. Vanessa still sat upon him, holding him in her depths as he slowly deflated, until finally he slipped out of her, his reserves exhausted. She then got off of him, heedless of his semen dripping sluggishly from her still gaping and twitching pussy, and laid down shakily next to him.

Frank turned his head to look at her, and saw her eyes already upon him. "I couldn't have asked for a better awakening.

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Did you get what you needed?" She nodded at her brother's query. "Yeah. These hormones have been driving me nuts. Thanks for dealing with me." He laughed, "it wasn't exactly a chore, you know." She giggled too and regarded him with heavy-lidded eyes.

At the same time, they both said, "I love you." Vanessa scoffed and pinched Frank's arm, at which he flinched. "Hey, cut that out." he said playfully.

Vanessa just sucked her teeth like a brat, enjoying the reaction she had elicited. For a moment more they laid in bed, soaking up each other's presence. Finally, Frank sat up and kissed Vanessa's bulging belly. "We better go help Jean, it's Sunday you know." Vanessa sighed and reluctantly threw her legs over the side of the bed and got up.

Frank followed, and gave Vanessa a kiss before they retreated to their separate rooms to get dressed and then went down to help prepare breakfast.

December 21st - afternoon All chores were finished. The kitchen was spotless, the garbage was out by the road for pickup, the bathrooms cleaned, and the floors vacuumed. Jean had even taken a feather duster to the tops of things, so the house was clean to completion. Frank sat down in the living room couch with a sigh. Across the coffee table sat his mother, Tasha, in an easy chair, darning what socks needed it in the household.

"Hey," Frank said, "you aren't supposed to be doing any work today." Tasha looked at him from under her brows with a half smirk. "I can't do nothing all day. I'd go crazy! Although I'm constantly impressed at how religious you kids are about pampering me every Sunday." Frank smiled at his mother. At 36, she was still a looker, and she positively glowed these days.

Her belly also was swollen with a baby grown about two trimesters, not quite a week behind Vanessa's. Having also been impregnated by Frank, Tasha was excited to be having another baby, and walked around with a perpetual smile tugging at her lips. Tasha looked up again from her sewing and blinked at her son when she saw him staring at her.

"Are those two daughters of mine keeping you busy?" Frank rolled his eyes and looked at the kitchen door, where they could faintly hear dishes washed. "Yeah. They've gotten more horny recently; hormones must be kicking in hard." "That's what happened to me when I was pregnant with you four.

I was so horny all the time that I snapped at anyone around me." With a laugh, Frank returned his attention to his mom.

She held his eyes with a combination of motherly love and barely contained lust, and Frank saw that her talk about hormone experiences had been an allusion to a more present need. "Want a little help with something mom?" She looked at him, torn. "Only if you feel up to it baby. I know you've been servicing the girls, and if you're too spent then I understand…" Frank waved his hand flippantly.

"Nonsense. I have plenty for you mom. You just say the word." She met his eyes again and slipped down in her seat, allowing her skirt to bunch up around her hips.


She set the socks she was sewing down on the table next to her and opened her knees, exposing her bare pussy. The lips peeled apart as she did, revealing her pussy, which glistened in the evening light.

"Come and eat me out, baby." Frank got up from his seat and got to his knees between his mother's legs. He placed a hand on either side of her swelling belly, clasping it while he touched her belly softly with his lips. Tasha sighed and placed her hands over Frank's. A panoply of whirling emotions and energies swirled between them. Their link was alight with Tasha's pride and love for her boy, feelings more powerful than any that could be conjured up by any of the siblings.

Frank loved touching his mother, even more so now as she was pregnant with his child. Between his hands he could feel his mother's flesh, and the flesh of both of them combined, slowly but steadily growing healthily within her.

His lips found her pussy, and gently sucked her juices. Her legs jumped at his touch, and her hands clenched over his. He snaked his tongue out to lap at her tunnel, alternating with kissing her clit. He knew that this combination would bring his mother quickly to orgasm, and he wasn't wrong. Her legs came up to wrap around his head and a moan escaped her; her hands left his and entangled themselves in her gorgeous light brown hair.

More juice leaked from her, which Frank greedily tongued and swallowed. His ministrations were coming to fruition as he felt shivers radiate throughout her body.

A tortured groan came from Tasha's throat, and then after hastily drawing another breath, another, longer, higher pitched groan came from her as her thighs tightened against his ears, threatening to pop his head like a melon. Their mutual emotions suddenly kicked into a kaleidoscope, bright electrical energy swirling in their mind as Tasha orgasmed on Frank's face.

He quit stimulating her, as he knew that she got sensitive after she came, and gently extricated himself from the embrace of her powerful legs. He wiped his mother's slime from his face and stuck his fingers in his mouth, savoring the taste of her. He kept a hand on her knee, keeping their link alive as the galaxy of pleasure and connection between them slowly dialed down and slowed. Finally, Tasha took her fingers from her hair and opened her eyes. "Oh my son! You get better and better at that every time you do it." Frank beamed in his mother's praise.

She got shakily to her feet with Frank helping her, and they clasped arms for a moment, her protruding belly gently touching his lower stomach. Leaning in, she pressed her lips against his, and they shared a loving kiss for a full minute. They broke apart when they heard a suppressed giggle from the direction of the kitchen. Frank turned and saw both Vanessa and Jean standing in the threshold of the kitchen, Jean with a playful smile on her face, and Vanessa smirking.

Tasha grinned and laid her head on Frank's chest, her face flushing. Frank rolled his eyes and sighed into his mother's hair. "How long were you two watching?" Vanessa just shrugged and leaned against the wall. Jean put her hands at the small of her back and pushed her belly out as she spoke. "Since mom first moaned. We just wanted to see you in action objectively." Frank made a noncommittal noise, pretending to be mad.

He planted a kiss on his moms head, and left her arms, making for his sisters, a smile creeping over his composure. "You're a pair of naughty girls," Frank said as he stopped in front of them, "as punishment, both of you will suck my cock until I cum." "Oh no, please, not that." Vanessa said wryly, making Jean giggle.

Frank pointed with one finger to the floor between his feet. Without hesitation, Jean knelt on the carpet and expertly undid his fly. His nine inch cock, mostly hard from stimulating their mother, flopped out as Jean pulled his pants down, and smacked Jean in the face. She gasped and then laughed, blinking at the white monster staring her in the face. Vanessa joined her sister on the floor as Jean grasped the rigid muscle in her hand and began to stroke it; her tender fingers making sparks dance in Frank's nerve endings.

As Jean opened her mouth and took his cock head into her mouth, Tasha's arms snaked around Frank's ribs from behind. "I'll help too." Frank turned his head and smiled at his mother as he was sucked off by Jean. "Join your daughters on the floor then, mom." He turned back and watched as Jean's brown hair waved while she bobbed up and down on his cock, only able to take a few inches into her mouth, else she would gag.

She always tried to take more, but she always drew back with a gag, like now; a line of her spit connecting his dick with her lips.

Frank found it very cute how she tried so hard. Vanessa reached past her and took the slick dick from Jean and licked it, she squeezed the head and collected the bead of pre-cum with her tongue. She swallowed, and then dove on his cock with ardor, not able to take much more than Jean, but she lacked no energy in the effort. Every few strokes she would lift her eyes to stare into Frank's before returning to her work.

Meanwhile, Jean peeled her shirt off and tossed it to the side, along with the bra she had been wearing. Her breasts had gotten larger in the past few months, at least a cup size more than regular now, and Frank loved how they swayed with every movement. Jean reached over and lightly rubbed Vanessa's baby-filled belly while her sister sucked and licked Frank's cock.

Tasha came around the group, and knelt down behind her sisters, who made room in the middle for her. She gladly accepted Frank's now slick member from Vanessa, and admired it for a moment. "I'm so lucky to have a son with such a nice dick." she said, staring at the muscle in her hand.

Then she looked around her at her girls and then up at Frank. "I've made such beautiful children!" Vanessa blushed while Jean leaned in and kissed her mom on the cheek. "Go ahead mom. I'll bet you're going to be the one to get him off." Tasha looked back at Frank with a thoughtful noise. "First," she said, letting go of Frank's penis and gripping the hem of her shirt, "I've got to free my girls." she tore her shirt off, baring her titties, which were very similar to her daughter Jean's in both size and shape.

She squeezed them together and pinched her nipples, making her composure flicker for a split second. Vanessa surreptitiously slipped out of her own shirt and crept up to take his cock in her mouth again. Tasha looked at his balls, which hung loosely in the warm room.

Ever so gently she used her left hand to play with them, rolling them between her fingers. Her touch was fiery to Frank, who was enjoying every second of this dual exchange, more so every minute. He gasped when Tasha sucked one of his balls into her mouth and rolled it around with her tongue, while Vanessa flicked her tongue on the bottom of his cock head.

Not wanting to be left out, Jean slunk up Frank's left side and began to bite at his neck, making him close his eyes and roll his head to give her better access. This triple stimulation was getting to him; he could feel the myriad of feelings coming from his mother and sisters through their link.

Smoldering affection emanated from Jean in the crook of his neck; primal concentration emitted from Vanessa on his cock, and fiery lust radiated up from his mother attending to his balls. It was quite a lot to handle, and Frank began to breathe deeper as his orgasm began to build. "I'm getting close," Frank said, his hand going to Jean's shoulder to nudge her back to her knees, "show me your bellies, i want to cum on them." The women sat up straight on their heels, drawing back from their ministrations and looking up at him.

Frank took himself in his right hand and jacked his cock to the view in front of him: two late teenagers and a middle-aged woman, all pregnant, all three of them carrying his child in their bulging midsection. His floodgates opened and his breathing quickened as did his strokes with his hand until finally he squeezed key muscles and squirted a thick burst of semen in and arc at the women.

It splashed onto Vanessa's belly and his mother's left arm, making them gasp at the warmth and suddenness of his seed. He jerked and shot a second glob out onto his mother's belly, leaving a puddle that slowly trickled down into her belly button. His third shot left him and fell upon Jean's left tit, and slowly dripped off her nipple and onto her belly.

He sighed as the fourth spasm left him and landed on his mother's leg, and stepped backward to sink into the chair behind him. He watched as the girls scooped up what he had left on them and feed it to one another, smacking and sucking each other's fingers until their was no more of his cum remaining. Frank smiled at his family in front of him, "Oh man.


You three are so hot." Vanessa had scooped up the largest deposit of sperm on her belly and dropped it on her tongue; rolling it around in her mouth with her eyes half closed, savoring the heady taste of her brother before swallowing it. Tasha and Jean had scraped off what had been left in them and fed it to one another, giggling as they tried to lick every bit of cum off their fingers, and then they leaned in for a make-out session, sharing their spit and Frank's cum between them as their tongues wrestled.

It was such a hot display that Frank's cock didn't shrink down to storage size; despite being slightly sore from ejaculating twice that day, it still stood at attention with his sisters' and mother's spit still slick on it. Vanessa noticed first that her brother was still hard, sitting in the chair watching them devour his semen. She struggled to her feet and stalked over to Frank, her pregnant belly pointing the way, while Tasha and Jean embraced still; their arms about one another and their faces close, lost in the mixing of their feelings and senses shared via their link.

Looking up as his sable haired sister walked up next to him, running a fingernail lightly up his leg, Frank cocked an eyebrow. "Want a ride, my angel?" She pursed her lips, suppressing a smile, "Aren't you too sore?" He shrugged, "It's not so bad.

I don't think I'll be cumming anytime soon, so you could probably get off as much as you want on me." Her eyes flashed at the thought, staring at Frank's cock glistening with her spit. She glanced at him and threw a leg over his hips, her ass facing him, positioning her entrance to receive his probe, and sat down on him when he lined himself up with her.

She breathed irregularly as he for the second time that day stimulated her depths and they shared fiery impulses between them. Frank watched as ripples went through her skinny butt cheeks every time she slammed down on his cock, using her extra pregnancy weight to her advantage. He could feel every time she bottomed out his cock filled every centimeter of her canal, seemingly rearranging her guts to accommodate his invading member.

Jean and Tasha finally broke apart and laughed at what had transpired while they were busy with each other. Jean took her hand from her mother's tit and shuffled forward on her knees to watch Vanessa's swollen form take her brother's huge cock up inside her.

She opened her mouth with arousal as she watched Vanessa work herself towards an orgasm, which finally washed over her and Frank with a bitten off groan. Frank felt his angel's pleasure like the surf swirling around his knees and then receding back into the ocean. He sighed and reached down and grabbed her ass cheeks and massaged them as she sat upon him, catching her breath.

"I call next!" Jean said, framing her head to the side to catch Frank's eyes. He smirked and nodded. "I'm not done yet," Vanessa said with determination written on her face. She leaned forward, her belly now hanging down from her, and put her hands on Frank's knees. She slid back and forth on his cock, working it within her so that it stimulated first the bottom of her vaginal canal, and then the top. More and more rapidly she did this, in tune with her steadily rising level of pleasure, until she peaked again with a squeak and a jerk of her black-haired head.

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She shivered while she endured the current of pleasure that flowed through her body and into Frank's via their bond, which he leaned back and closed his eyes to enjoy. He did not, however, cum, as his reservoirs were still recharging. As Vanessa's knees quit quivering, Jean struggled to her feet and came around to the side of them, "Okay.

Now it's my turn." Vanessa glanced at her and nodded, lifting her bottom up off of Frank's very slick lap. His cock head slowly slipped from her folds with a slick sound, and slapped back against his lower stomach. Her vagina was still pulsing, with a gaping hole where his cock had once occupied.

She sighed shakily as she stood up straight, her pussy hiding between her legs once again, and she stumbled over to the couch and sat down, sexually satisfied and spent. Tasha went over and joined her on the couch and Vanessa leaned against her, savoring her mother's touch as Tasha ran her fingers through her daughter's ebony hair. Frank touched Jean's baby belly as she struggled out of her panties.

The tendril of unformed impressions leaked through their bond to Frank. He shook his head with a smile as he felt their unborn child. "Do you feel this all the time? Our child's unformed presence?" Jean nodded with an unconscious smile and put her hand over his on her belly.

"Yes. We all do. After six months of growing it, I've become accustomed to its presence. It's… unlike anything I've ever felt before." With a nod, Frank agreed with her. With eyes locked, Jean mounted him and took him into her vagina, settling down on his hips with a satisfied sigh.

Frank reached up and caressed Jean's cheek and jaw, which she leaned into with affection. As she began to gyrate her hips on him, he let his hand slide down her neck and shoulder, grasping her breast and massaging it.

She hunched her shoulders and blinked slowly as she slowly stimulated herself to orgasm on his dick. Everywhere they touched each other a tingling sensation reached their brain; the entire length of Jean's vagina was whelmed by sensory input. Frank slowly moved his hips to compliment her movements, causing a rhythmic stimulation of Jean's clitoris every time they came together. It was only a matter of time until her passion built high enough to explode and suffuse both of them in the glow of Jean's orgasm.

She arched her back as she came, her mouth opening wide and her brow furrowing deeply as she concentrated on the pleasure, little noises coming from her as she breathed. Her juices flooded the space around Frank's dick, mixing with Vanessa's lubrication left there from minutes before.

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Frank revelled in the specific energies that Jean's apex filled him with, smiling in pleasure while it bridged the link between them. She began to come down from her cloud, and slowly bent over her belly to kiss her brother on the lips. "That's enough for me I think." then she continued in a whisper, "I think it's mom's turn now." Frank nodded, "I agree." Jean French-kissed him as she raised her hips, allowing his cock to slip free of her and draw a wet line down the bottom of her belly on its way to lay throbbing against Frank's stomach.

They drew apart and Jean stood up next to him and blew her breath out through her mouth and ordered her hair as best she could. Tasha and Vanessa had watched Frank and Jean as they worked together to satisfy her need.

After Jean had gotten off, Frank got to his feet with a groan and stretched his back; his hard cock pointing outward as he stretched. All three girls looked and sighed as he did this. He looked over at the couch, where Jean had sat on the other side of their mother. "Okay mom, you're next." Tasha waved her hand dismissively, "Oh, you don't have to Frank, I'm sure you're exhausted!" Frank clasped his hands above his head and stretched upwards before replying.

"I'm not tired. They've been doing all the work for themselves." "Yeah mom," Jean said, "Frank is ready to go. Lean back and let him fuck you until you cum again." Tasha gave in and slid down so that her ass was on the edge of the couch and opened her legs for her son. Since she was already lubricated, Frank stepped between her legs and slid his cock head up and down her slit, scooping some of her life onto his shaft. All three girls had contributed now to his lubrication.

He slipped into his mother, feeling his skin slide along his mother's until his thighs came up fast against hers, and his balls swung against her butt. Tasha hummed with appreciation as her crotch swallowed every inch of his member. Frank pressed himself against her when he was completely buried and laid his hands on her belly to feel the individual growing within her.

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He hadn't stopped to concentrate on his child that his mother was growing in many a day, and he kicked himself for that. But now that he did, he was able to feel it more distinctly, and came to a sudden realization. "Mom!" He said, sliding his hands around on her belly as he spoke with wonder in his voice, "You're carrying twins!" Jean and Vanessa gasped and clapped their hands to their mouth.

Tasha smiled and nodded. "Yes I am.

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I realized it a while ago, but I wanted you to feel it for yourself." She reached down with her own hands and put them on her belly; feeling her gestating young within her, she closed her eyes and smiled with pure joy. When she opened her eyes, she looked into Frank's eyes. "I'm so proud of you, my big boy.

You're all grown up." Frank had felt this feeling constantly when he touched his mother, but now it coursed through him like a hurricane; via his buried dick and his hands he felt how strongly the emotion swelled within his mother. Given new passion, he pulled partway out of her and thrust back in, jostling her on the couch.

He began to fuck her with abandon, which she absolutely loved; their flesh slapping together was the best that drove their music. Tasha moaned and Frank grunted as they fucked, each of them lost in their lust for one another.

Jean and Vanessa backed away to the edges of the couch to give them room. Their brother was fucking their mother with such zest they couldn't help but finger themselves again, and soon there were moans coming from each person in the room.

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Vanessa surged first, her whole body clenching as she watched her brother ravage their mother with his cock. As Vanessa came on her fingers, she reached out blindly with one hand, grasping her mother by the shoulder. First Tasha and then Frank gasped as a bolt of pleasure rushed through them from Vanessa's orgasm. Before it could subside, Jean reacted similarly, jerking as though shocked as her fingers persuaded her to cum hard. She leaned over against Tasha as her levy broke and pleasure washed from her through everyone in the chain of links.

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It was too much for Tasha, who was being stimulated physically by her boy and just had both her girls in contact with her while they climaxed; now it was her turn. With each rapid breath her moans rose in pitch until she orgasmed hard, her belly flexing as her emotions exploded. Frank felt as though he was in a windstorm of pleasure, being buffeted over and over again by waves of pleasure from many sources.

That combined with just having found out that he had given his mother twins was enough to stir his loins enough for an orgasm of his own. He took full strokes; the full length of him pounded his mother a half dozen more times before he erupted inside her vagina, filling every corner and crevice of her canal with his hot rich seed.

His orgasm pulsed through everybody present; an echo of their own pleasure returning to them. Even after everybody had finished orgasming, they lay beside one another on the couch as though dazed; each one consumed by the pleasure they had brought each other. Frank had slumped down between Vanessa and his mother, and was absently suckling on her left tit, while Jean was attached to Tasha's right tit.

Vanessa had busied herself with cleaning Frank's cock with her mouth and tongue, being careful as to his sensitivity.

With an arm around Jean and Frank, holding them to her breast, Tasha could not keep from smiling. That night, they barely had enough energy to each stumble through the shower and into their respective bedrooms.

Not one of them had trouble sleeping that night.