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Behaarte Bigtits Milf Cleo Gomes
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Bridget is a successful LA criminal lawyer and political activist and political junkie. I meet her three months ago in LA at ABA convention. We decided to meet in Chicago at a political fund raising dinner, our own secret rendezvous. We arrived on separate planes within minutes of each other.

We hold each other tight and then relax enough so we can step back to see each other. " You are beautiful Bridget!" We pull each other close again kissing gently, just trying to take in the experience of being together again. Her lips are soft. Minutes pass in what seems like a few seconds.

We separate and begin to walk out of the airport, holding hands. Bridget tries hard not to let me see the simplicity of my kiss has left her weak in the knees. I notice and laugh. She laughs with me. We begin to an attempt to catch up on what we have missed out on being apart. The effort is futile. The limousine takes us to the hotel; a five star one in Chicago. We sit in the back holding hands facing each other, staring at each other, smiling at each other.

We can not believe we are together again. I softly trace the lines along the left side of her face with the backs of two fingers of my right hand. I can not take my eyes off her. I feel, she knows everything I think, everything about me, and everything I want her to know.

I slowly lean in to kiss her. more forcefully this time. My fingers trail down the delicate skin on her neck as I push her over backwards in the seat. I lay my body on top of her and smile at her while I gaze into her eyes. You are so warm. She lifts her head to me and her lips slowly part and our tongues meet. " I will meet you in the bar." I said. I know Bridget is looking for her new mark, the next big donation, I know she is the woman that I will send to heaven with my huge cock, and reap the benefits of her desires and need.

Finding her took time and patience.

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I know what to look for. There certain elements that let you know they are available and ready to play, even if they didn't know it themselves. I drew it out of Bridget three months ago in LA. Before she knows what is happening, I will be between her thighs thrusting my huge prick into her creaming cunt.

Taking her to places she never imagined a man could take her, and she will be mine this weekend. As I place my drink down on the bar, I see her, her walk, the way she enters a room, the tilt of her head, and the gleam in her eye made it obvious that she is on the hunt and I'm her prey. Well, I'm just the kind of man to help her with her need. She is forty four, divorced with one child.

She is 5'9" and very attractive with dark hair, green eyes and a very nice figure. Her black tailored suit spoke of money, confidence, and style. While her suit is totally professional in appearance, it is very sexy and did little to conceal a pair of C-cup breasts, a flat stomach and killer legs. I observed her in LA, I could tell she wasn't waiting for anyone at the convention. She was by herself, and looking for an interesting time. Not sex, but someone to keep her company and entertained for the evening.

Someone attractive and interesting. She might have sex with them, but she would decide that later. She asked me if I was interested in politics and possibly making a large donation. I told her maybe but I would have to be convinced. Bridget invited me to join her in Chicago at a political fund raiser and she would try to convince me into donating.

Bridget walks up to the bar a few seats down from me, and orders a dirty Martini. As she waited for her drink, she looks around and notices me sitting at the bar. She flashes me a brief smile, and turns away. When her drink arrives, she charges it to her room, and moves to table in the far corner of the bar. As she sat down crossing her beautiful long legs, her skirt rose up showing off her taut thighs.

Okay, so she is teasing, but I had to work for it and come to her. She holds the power for now, because I had to go to her table to speak to her. I can tell she is going to play cat and mouse, having control, having the power, and being in charge.

I knew Bridget was the kind of woman I liked to break the most when I meet her in LA. The superior ones, the ones with the attitude, the ones with the feelings of power and control. Well, after I have stuck my big cock in her uptight and probably unused pussy, she will realize I'm in control, have the power and in charge. She will experience orgasms like never before, she will crawl through broken glass to get next to me again. It happens every time. I ordered a Martini for myself.

When it arrived, I cross toward her table and sit down. Bridget had watched my approach the entire way. She knew I was playing the game with her. After few minutes of small talk I asked if I could join her, she nods yes. " So John, your a corporate lawyer, a business mogul, divorced six times and a billionaire?" " Yes, I'm also life-style consultant, in the area of recreational pursuits." " What is that?" " I figure out what people want and need, and then I get it for them.

Sometimes, they don't even know they need it, but I convince them." " So who are your clients?" she asks suspiciously. " My clients are beautiful women." " Really," she said skeptically, "and what do you think I need?" " Hmmmmmm, I will have to think about that for a moment.

So Bridget, what are you doing in Chicago? Business or pleasure?" " I came for a political fund raising dinner. I am here for the weekend. So it is business, but tonight is for pleasure. This fund raiser has been a lot of hard work." " So what about you?

Business or pleasure?" " Pleasure, but then my business is pleasure." " Oh, I see." She took a sip of her Martini as she looks at me. She is appraising a donation amount. " How much do you charge for this service." " How do you mean?" " Well, it is obvious that you are a womanizer, so what do you require to make a donation?" I sit back for a moment. I had not expected to get to this point so soon.

As I contemplated my answer, she stares directly at me challenging me to answer her question. " She is a very demanding woman," I thought, " I am going to enjoy taking her down a couple of pegs." " Well, I don't have set requirements. I usually work on a barter type arrangement." " How does that work?" " I provide my service, and at the end you determine what it is worth." " That is a very unusual way to do business, John." " Let me ask a question if you don't mind?" She nods yes.

" What do you do for a living?" Bridget took another sip of her drink. " I am a criminal lawyer. I am very successful and very wealthy, so your fee is not a problem." Bridget has done this many times.

She is a successful lawyer and didn't have time to sit in bars chatting up car salesmen, or fat losers at the country club. When she wants sex, she wants it then and is willing to seek out a wealthy donor to get it. Change it to two adults having fun. I had to lead her there. " Look, why don't you and I have dinner and skip the fund raiser. No obligation, no hassle." Bridget considers my offer for a moment, and then nods yes. We decide to have dinner at the hotel.

As we left the bar moving toward the restaurant, I give her the once over. She is really is sexy and in wonderful shape. She has a very sexy walk as her ass sways provocatively under her tight business skirt. I'm going to enjoy fucking this beautiful lawyer. No doubt.

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For the next two hours over a dinner of lobster and salad, two bottles of excellent California Chardonnay, and coffee and dessert, we talk about everything. I found out that she has one child, a son 13. Her husband had divorced her early in their marriage. She had gone back to school and gotten a degree in law. She had started with the LA DA's office and 15 years later, she is a multi-millionaire. She works hard managing her law firm, plays harder, and is never going to get married again.

She asks about my life and I told her probably already knew about my life since she invited here. She probably knew about the rumors and my reputation as a womanizer. She wanted to know more about the sex. Why six divorces; None of my six ex-wives could satisfy my sexual appetite. When did I become a womanizer; I have always been a womanizer. I love being surrounded by beautiful women.

How many women have I been with? To many to keep track of, only special women make it into my black book. I knew I had her. It intrigued her, not many men are honest about their failed marriages and sex. In spite of her confident demeanor, she is nervous and has a little too much to drink.


I never pushed anything. I let her wonder and wait. When the bill came, she grabs it and charges it to her room. We walk out to the lobby, and a moment of silence fell between us. She wanted me to start the conversation, but I waited for her. Finally, she asks, " Would you like to come up?" " Are you sure?" " Yes, I would like to get to know you and try that service," she smiles deviously.

" Lead the way." Bridget turns and crosses toward the elevators. She looks back over her shoulder to make sure that I'm following. While we waited for the elevator, I feel the sexual tension mounting. I stood close to her just barely caressing her hand, and she shudders with excitement.

I know her pussy is already leaking like a dripping faucet. I'm going to enjoy stretching her cunt to the limit with my massively thick cock. We are the only ones in the elevator as it rode up to the 31st floor. When the doors closed, I pull her to me kissing her gently on the lips. She threw her arms around my neck kissing me back hard. As our tongues duel passionately, I let my hands slide down her back to her ass. With a hand on each cheek of her butt, I pull her tight against him. Bridget spreads her legs slightly as I pull her pussy against my rock hard dick.

As the elevator rose, we continue to kiss passionately. I reach up and undid the buttons on her suit coat, slipping my hands inside to squeeze her breasts.

Her breasts are full and firm and I feel her nipples poking out against her bra. When we reach her floor, she grabs my hand dragging me down the hallway to her suite. Once the door closes we were inside, I push her up against the wall and begin to kiss her hard, thrusting my tongue deep into her mouth. After several minutes of heavy kissing, I start to kiss and lick down her neck. At the same time, I pull her blouse from her skirt and begin to undo the buttons.

When the buttons are all undone, I push her blouse and suit coat off her shoulders exposing her black lacy bra. Her bra is one size too small and her breasts overflow the top. As I continue to kiss her neck, I reach behind her and undid her bra. Her tits came spilling out and they are a sight to behold. They are full and round with no sag. They are tipped with half-inch red nipples that stood erect.

I slowly kiss my way to her jutting tits and begin sucking and licking her hard pointy nipples. I took her right nipple between my teeth, as she groans, " Oh fuck that feels so good." As I work on her breasts, I undid the zipper to her skirt pushing it off her hips and dropping it to the floor.

Bridget is naked except for a tiny, white lace thong. I admire the older woman's perfect body. She has a flat stomach and narrow hips, and obviously is in great shape.

I return my mouth to her right tit and begin to suck her entire succulent tit into my mouth. While I'm feeding my oral appetite, I slip my hand into her lace thong locating her excited clit hidden in a patch of dark pubic hair. I trace my fingers over her bare, wet pussy lips, then slowly push two fingers into her soaking, tight hole. As I drive my fingers in and out of her swollen pussy, I clamp my lips over her excited nipple and bite down with my teeth.

She grabs the back of my head, holding me tight to her tit and begin to thrust her hips on to my fingers trying to get them deeper into her burning hole. " Don't stop. Oh. Oh. Fuck!!!" I move my mouth from nipple to nipple biting, licking and sucking her aching nipples, driving her mad with my teasing, but her focus is on the two fingers that are sliding in and out of her cunt at a furious pace.

My fingers are slick with the juice pouring out of her as my fingers continue to ream her pussy. Her hips are humping my hand trying to drive my fingers deeper into her hungry cunt. She starts to shake as I continue driving my fingers into her gushing cunt, when I feel she is just on the edge; I slip my thumb up her tight asshole.

Bridget's vibrating pussy went off like a roman candle as she explodes on my thrusting fingers. She screams as I drive her through her climax. " OOOOOHHHHH.YYYYYEEEESSSS!!!!!!!" As her orgasm crests, I pull my fingers out of her hot cunt, and kneel down in front of her. I pull her thong down her trembling thighs revealing a dark landing strip and wet swollen lips of her leaking pussy.

I start kissing and licking my way from her belly button down between her legs. The smell of her hot pussy is delicious as it fills the air around me. I kiss her inner thighs slowly working my way up toward her pussy. Her pussy is red, juicy and puffy. I begin to lick the wet lips of her cunt. Slowly, I part her cunt lips with my tongue.

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Her taste is deep and earthy. As I push my tongue deeper into her cunt, she spreads her legs slightly and holds my head tight against her burning snatch. " OOOHHH, God. Fuck yes.Fuck yes.ohhhh, eat me," she moans again and again. I use my hands to caress her legs and thighs as I lick deep into her cunt. I bring my hands up to her ass and holding a cheek in each hand; I pull her cunt to my mouth and begin sucking her clit. She raises one leg wrapping it around my neck pulling me tighter to her creaming pussy.

I work her clit with my lips and tongue. I move my hands from her ass sliding two fingers into her tight pussy and begin to stroke her g-spot. "" Bridget groans as she thrust her juicing pussy against my fingers and mouth. When I slide a finger from my other hand up her asshole, she explodes into another mind-blowing orgasm.

" OOOOOOOHHHHHHHH!!!! FFFFUUUCCCKKK!!! OOOHHH GODDDD!!!" Bridget staggers backwards against the wall dazed from her over-powering climax. She slowly slides down the wall to the floor. Her breathing is shallow and labored as she tries to catch her breathe. She is in another world as she sat there with her eyes closed. I stood up slowly taking off my clothes and tossing them on the floor. I unbuckled my belt, popping the button on my pants, and using my thumbs I push my pants and briefs down.

When my clothes clear my crotch, my huge cock sprang out of hiding bouncing in front of me. " Bridget," I whisper. She opens her eyes and sees my massive cock swinging in front of her face. She can't believe how huge it is.

It is 9 inches of wrist-thick cock and the giant mushroom head is pointed right at her face. " Oh my God," she mumbles. " You're so fucking big." I smile down at the stunned Bridget.

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She is clearly nervous as I reach for her pulling her to her feet. My giant cock jutting out in front of me like a flagpole. She is scared of the thick veined column of flesh that is swaying in front of her. " Turn around and lean against the wall," I commanded. Bridget stood frozen in front of me, eyes wide and stuck on my massive manhood.

Her hands nervously covering her mouth. " Turn around and lean against the wall," I commanded again. She slowly turns and leans against the wall. She spreads her legs and looks over her shoulder as I step up behind her. She is breathing slowly with her eyes closed as I line my cock up to her juicy cunt. Taking my huge cock in hand, I slide the giant head along her slick cunt lips then nudge against her rock hard clit.

" Oh Jesus," she squeals as I push the head against the mouth of her steaming cunt.

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" Please go slow." I lean against her harder and the mouth of her cunt starts to open under the pressure of my hard rod of cock. Slowly, the giant head eases past the tight muscles of her cunt and pops inside. " OOOOOOOOOHHHHHH!" she whimpers. With just the head lodged in her over-whelmed cunt, I start to slowly fuck her. Moving slowly, I manage to work in the first three inches of my cock into her tight, throbbing cunt. She feels like a tree trunk is being crammed up her pussy.

She has never had anything this big inside of her ever. The sides of her pussy feels like that they are being stretched beyond its limits. I continue to slowly shove cock deep into her wet burning cunt. " OH.MY.GOD." she cries again and again as I push deeper and deeper. I met my first resistance at six inches, but that isn't going to stop me. I'm going to get all 9 inches crammed up her hot tight cunt if it takes all night. " Rub your clit for me baby," I ordered.

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Bridget slides her hand down between her thighs and slowly begins to rub her clit. As she works herself toward an orgasm, her pussy begins to relax and I'm able to push deeper into her tight snatch.

The pressure is building both on her clit and pussy as she rubs it furiously and deep inside her burning, aching cunt as I continue stretching her defenseless pussy. She starts to have small orgasms with every thrust as the large head nudges forward deeper inside her stretched channel.

Some are small, others mind-numbing. Her body is shaking from the strain, after twenty minutes, I'm buried to the hilt. All 9 inches is buried in her hot wet snatch and the fun is about to begin. " OH.MY.GOD." she cries again and again. I grab her hips pulling slowly all the way out. I watch as the lips of her pussy stretched tight like a seal around my cock. Then suddenly, I ram my fat, hard cock back inside her wet sleeve and the head bounces off her cervix.

"UUUUUUUUGGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHH!!" she cries in surprise. I thrust hard driving my cock deep into her pussy. I hold on to her waist driving 9 inches of iron hard cock deep into her cunt again and again. She starts to cum on the second thrust, and her orgasms continue non-stop for thirty minutes.

I'm hitting her in places that no cock has ever been before, and she has fucked a few guys since her husband divorced her. I'm like a machine, in and out, as I relentlessly drive my cock up her flaming cunt sending her from one orgasm to another in a continued stream of orgasms that never end. " OH GOD. FUCK ME WITH YOUR GIANT COCK.OH GOD!!!!!!!!" Bridget screaming as her tight cunt is stretched.

She is cursing me as her pussy clamps down on my cock like a vise. I feel her pussy sheathing and unsheathing my shaft as it burrows deeper scraping the tender walls of her inner core. She begs me to stop, I'm plunging my cock up her creaming pussy. When she begs me to fuck her harder, I grab her hair and thrust faster and harder into her hot exploding pussy. " OH GOD. FUCK.ME.HARD.FUCK ME .GIANT COCK.OH GOD!!!!!!!!" As we fuck, I reach under her to grab her swinging tits.

Taking one in each hand I use them like handles pulling her onto my cock as I thrust deeper into her molten center. I pinch and twist her hard swollen nipples. She explodes around my cock, her cunt rippling and clutching at my hard invading member. Then I stick two fingers into her cunt, wetting them with her flowing juices and thrust them into her tight virgin ass and begin to time my finger thrusts with my plunging cock.

Again her creaming slit explodes from the dual stimulation, sending shock waves out from her cunt to every part of her body. She is exhausted from end to end orgasms, and the relentless pounding of my savage thrusts as I drive my plunging thick monster deep into her seething, churning cunt. She can't stop cumming, somehow I manage to keep her on the edge when her pussy is creaming and flowing like a faucet.

Streams of juice run down her thighs to her ankles. My big thrusting cock and large swinging balls are covered with her juice. I continue to nail her with my endless thrusts. Underneath all the electric currents flowing through and around her, she feels something deep inside building, and with every thrust of my massive cock that drives up her overworked cunt that pressure builds.

It is going to be massive. It is going to rock her world. She feels that she might not survive what is cumming, but she can't stop it and she didn't want too. I continue to slam her hard sending my cock deeper into her juicy pussy as I bottom out with each thrust. I'm impaling her on my spear with each thrust into her tight, clutching cunt. " OH PLEASE. OH PLEASE. LET ME CUM. FUCK ME.OH GOD .!!!" Suddenly, the pressure explodes throughout her body in a giant blast of color and light.

Her pussy clamps down on my plunging cock like a vise. The entire length of her rippling cunt grabs my thrusting cock trying to milk all the sperm from it. Her sleeve tightens on my iron hard tool as I push in and pull out, demanding my cum.

She hears a far off scream of orgasmic ecstasy and slowly realizes it is herself crying out in final release. " OOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHH. MMMMMMMYYYYYYYYY. FFFUUUUCCCCKKKKKKK.MMMMMMEEEEEEEEE. UUUUUUUUNNNNNNNNNNNHHHHHHHHHH!!!!" She bucks, thrusts and rocks underneath me in a screaming, thundering climax that seems to go on for ever. I plunge deep into her exploding cunt one final time and begin to fire rope after rope of burning hot cum into her climaxing womb. It is like a geyser going off in her cunt.

My cum pouring out of me in eruption after eruption coating the inside of her burning pussy and then squeezing out around the base of my rampaging cock as I continue to thrust into her pussy again and again. Our co-mingling juices flowing down her legs in rivers of white sticky strands and pooling on the floor at her feet.

Finally, I stop thrusting into her battered sore cunt. She slumps in my arms passing out from the exertion and the endless climaxes. I gently lower her to the floor with trembling arms and staggered to the nearby couch and collapsed. I woke up and the lights in the room are still on. I had no idea how long I had been asleep.

The couch underneath me is covered with dried cum that had leaked off my cock. I look for Bridget and she is not where I left her. I got up and went into the bedroom. She is sprawled out on the bed face up and her legs wide apart. She is asleep her breathing is deep and slow.

Just looking at her wondrous body, a surge of blood runs to my cock and it begins to expand and grow.


She makes me horny and I see no reason not to follow through with my lust. I cross to the bed and kneel between her wide spread thighs. Cum is still drooling slowly out of her dilated cunt.

Carefully, raising her legs over my shoulders I line my cock up and entered her with one piercing thrust. " UUUUUNNNNNNHHHHHHH," the sleeping woman groans at the sudden intrusion into her warm tender sore cunt.

I look down into the sleepy and surprised face of my newest conquest. Bridget who is impaled on my hard cock again, is now my total slave. " Are you ready to be fucked?" I ask Bridget. " Oh.God.No," She moans as she throws her hands against my chest. " Please no more.I'm sore." I pull my long fat cock out of her trembling vagina then slide back in.

I start a slow deep fuck as I pull and gently push back in. God, she is so fucking tight. I suck a nipple into my mouth working her full, round tits as I fuck her. I had cum earlier so I'm going to be able to last for a while with my hot new lover. Slowly, the pace picks up and the thrusting becomes harder as I become more excited.

As I thrust deeper and deeper her cunt becomes wetter and wetter, I take hold of her ankles bending her over so that her feet are on either side of her head. She is spread completely open to my assault and I'm slamming her with long strokes that use the full length of my 9 inch cock.

Driving in and out of her. Slamming deep into her juicing cunt. Sending her over the top with every thrust, I fuck her like a machine for over 45 minutes. She is delirious from the endless climaxes, and insane with the intense pleasure that I have brought to her.

Intense pleasure that seems to have no end. " PLEASE.PLEASE.PLEASE.JUST CUM.OH GOD.No more!!!" " Here it cums now, baby." I pull my rod from her drooling, battered sore cunt with a loud slurping sound. I move round her and got on my knees before her upside-down face. My huge cum covered cock is waving above her face, as she looks at my swinging cock with dismay and awe.

I hold her head as I push the large head against her lips. " Here it comes," I said as I force the head of my cock between her lips. She tries to pull away, but I hold her tight by her hair. " Open your mouth, Goddamn you." I yell at her. " I want you to suck my cock, Bridget." Bridget opens her mouth as commanded and I thrust the head of my cock into her mouth.

She strains to wrap her lips around the head of my cock, and she stares wide eyed as I pull back shoving six inches of steel hard cock into her throat. She breathes in loudly through her nose as my long hard cock fills her hot mouth. I quickly pull my big, thick cock back until just the head is left in her mouth. She is gasping for air, but I don't care. Giving her no time to catch her breath, I thrust again sending half my huge cock crashing into her throat again.

She tries to push against me, to keep my cock out of her mouth so she can breathe, but I'm too strong. I back out again and thrust down into her throat sending all but an inch into her mouth. Bridget is scared. She is gagging and can't breathe as my thick cock fills her airway.

" Take it all, Bridget." I thrust down again and this time I feel her lips wrap around the base of my cock. I thrust into her mouth again and again forcing her mouth up and down my cock.

She is choking and gagging on my cock, but it is that sensation that kept me thrusting deep into her throat again and again. The tight, rippling, feel of her gagging throat is simply too incredible too believe. I feel the tingling in my balls. Here it comes, baby. Drink my cum." I bellow as I slide down her throat a final time and my cock explodes in a flood of thick, hot cum.

I shoot a huge blast after blast of hot jizz deep into her throat. It went straight into her stomach as her gagging reflex forces my load down her throat. She is blacking out from lack of oxygen. Sperm and saliva are spilling out of the corners of her mouth and running down her face. Just before she passes out, I back my cock out of her throat freeing her airway.

As she gulps in much needed air, she also gulps down the rest of my load as it pours from the head of my cock. When I'm through cumming, I pull my cock from her mouth and use my deflating cock to smear my spunk over her cheeks and face.

When I'm done, I got up off her bed looking down at the exhausted and brutalized Bridget. Her face and hair are covered in her saliva and cum that had spilled out of her mouth.

Her mouth is red and swollen from where my cock had thrust down her throat. Her tits are rapidly rising and falling as she tries to take air into her lungs, and she stares up at me with a look mixed with total fear and burning desire. " When I get back, we are going to do this again. Jesus, you are a hot cunt, and I am going to fuck your tight ass next. Be ready, Bridget." She whimpers at my words as if I had slapped her. As I walk out into the living room, my cock swinging between my legs.

My cum and her spit dripping off with each step of the way. Picking up my coat I pull a cigar out of my pocket and lit it. I thought about my plans for tomorrow. I'm going to fuck her all day and night. She is going to be sore after I got through driving his cock into her pussy and ass. I'm going to fill her up with so much of my cum.

Then I'm going to write her a two million dollar check for the privilage of revashing her. She is going to be my new sex toy in LA, and I may propose merging her law firm with mine making her a full partner.