Russian cutie sucks big dick before getting it in her snatch

Russian cutie sucks big dick before getting it in her snatch
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* * * * * Blacked and Betrayed by rat_race * * * * * CHAPTER 7 - The Linda Factor * * * * * Linda called Sally that Wednesday at around 11:00 AM. Sally hadn't heard from her best friend, Linda, since her bad experience in the hotel room, a little over a month before.

And Sally understood why. She had kind of blown off her best friend, towards the end of the night, in favor of Rico and his passionate Latin lovemaking. Here's a quick recap of what took place that fateful night in the hotel room: Henry had fucked Linda, and then Sally had "fucked" Linda, by putting on a lesbian "tribbing show" for all three of us guys in the hotel room, which included Henry, Rico, and me, at that point.

By the way, for those of you who have skipped to this chapter, without having read the previous ones, my name is Carl, and I'm Sally's husband. And just for the record, Sally and I are both white. And so is Sally's older sister, Cindy. Henry and Linda are both black, and they met each other that night in the hotel room. Rico is a Hispanic man of Mexican origin, and his best friend was Henry. Okay, so back to the quick recap. During the impromptu lesbian "tribbing show," Rico had pushed my wife, Sally, off the top of Linda.

And while he was "getting it on" with Sally, Linda had just stayed there on top of the bed for a little while, right beside the amorous couple, not knowing exactly what was going to happen next, but assuming all along that I was going to be fucking her, for the second time that same day.

At my wife's insistence, I had already fertilized Linda's black pussy several hours earlier, and had done it right in front of Sally. It was an intentional attempt on my part and Sally's to help Linda get pregnant, so that she could later have a mulatto baby, and pass it off as being her white husband's child.

But then Jerry had unexpectedly arrived, with his niece, Cindy, in-tow. And instead of me fucking Linda again, like she had been hoping and waiting for, I had decided to make the ginger Cindy my sex partner for the rest of the night. And that meant that there was no one left in the hotel room that was wanting to--or offering to--have sex with Linda.

Naturally, that made her feel like a 5th wheel, even though technically she was a 7th wheel, in this particular situation. Linda was still feeling so horny at the time, that she had even been willing to let a much older man, like Jerry, have sex with her.

But unfortunately for her, Jerry had been all wrapped up in his quest to have gay sex with Henry, from the moment that he had walked into that hotel room, and caught his first glimpse of Henry's large, fully-erect, dark-skinned penis. And so Linda had finally gotten up out of the bed, and put her clothes back on, trying not to disturb any of us coupling couples. And then she had left the hotel room, without even saying goodbye to anyone. But that didn't really matter, because we were all too "preoccupied" to even pay attention to Linda's departure.

And now, here was Linda on the phone with Sally, after she hadn't heard from Linda in over a month. And at this point, our story trudges onward (in third-person narrative, since I wasn't actually present, when the following events took place): "What's up stranger?" Sally asked Linda.

"I'm sorry I haven't exactly kept in touch. But that night really traumatized me. I guess, I just wasn't ready for what happened." "Neither was I. But you gotta admit, it was one hell of a night!" "That it was!" Linda whole-heartedly agreed with Sally, thinking about how wonderful it had felt to her, when she was having sexual intercourse with Henry that night in the hotel room.

"So what do you need, Girlfriend? I know there's gotta be a reason why you called me, after bein' away for so long." "There is," Linda confessed. "I'm in a lot of trouble. With Pete, of course. And I really need to talk to you, as soon as possible." "Oh, it can't be that bad," Sally said, trying to calm Linda down a little bit.

"Oh, yes it can. Tell ya what. Can you meet me for lunch tomorrow at the Olive Garden down the street? I'm buying. Let's meet there sometime around 11:00, right after the restaurant opens, so we can beat the lunch crowd, and get a booth back in the corner somewhere, away from all the people?" "Sure, Sweetie," Sally said.

"I'll see you there tomorrow." "Good!" Linda said, "I'll see you there." And Sally could hear the relief in Linda's voice. Then Linda mentioned to Sally, "By the way, I'm gonna be wearing that pretty dress you like." "With, or without panties?" Sally asked, being coy. "Guess," Linda remarked, right as she hung up the phone, before Sally had time to answer her. The next day Sally met Linda at the Olive Garden restaurant at the appointed time, and the hostess sat them in a booth at the very rear of the restaurant, sitting across from each other.

Linda had indeed worn her white cotton sun dress, with the colorful embroidered flowers all over it. Sally was in her standard tank top, shorts and deck shoes summer outfit.

After the waitress took their drink orders, Linda told Sally, "It's great seeing you again." "It's great seeing you too," Sally replied, as she secretly dropped one of her deck shoes off her right foot, and then straightened her right leg out to stuck her bare foot up under the table, and up underneath Linda's above-the-knee-length dress.

When Linda felt Sally bare foot coming up between her thighs, she let out a little gasp of surprise. But then she automatically spread her thighs apart for Sally, so that she could press her toes and the ball of her foot right up against Linda's camel toe.

This "footsie under the table" stuff was something that Sally had done to Linda many times in the past, and always when they were at public places together, most often at restaurants. "Panties it is, then," Sally remarked. "Yes. Believe it or not, I'm not here to try to make love to you after lunch, or else I would've gone the 'no panties' route," Linda admitted.

"So then, what's up, Sweetie?" Sally asked, removing her foot from Linda's panty-covered pudendum. At that point, the waitress brought the two women their drinks, and took their lunch orders. And after the waitress left, the conversation continued. "I really screwed up this time!" Linda said.

"And you won't believe what I did. Heck, I don't even believe it. But it's too late now." "Come on, Girl. Spill the beans.

I'm always here for you. And you know I won't judge you," Sally assured Linda. "Pete and I were making love the night before last. And while he was humping away at me, I was fantasizing about Carl fertilizing me right in front of you, that afternoon in the hotel room.

And by the way, thinking about that always gets me really turned-on. I can't help it. Anyways, right before Pete started cumming inside me, I accidentally called him 'Carl,' while was whispering in his ear, and cheering him on." "Oh, shit! That's bad!" "You're tellin' me?

Pete flipped right out, and he immediately asked me who Carl was. And I don't know what came over me, but like a big dummy, I told him the whole truth. I told him that Carl was your husband, and that I had secretly let him fuck me in a hotel room, in my effort to try to get pregnant. And I told him that you were there, and that you watched the whole thing take place.


I even told him that is was your idea, and not mine." "Gee. Thanks a lot! With friends like you, who needs enemies?" "Of course, that didn't stop Pete from cumming inside me. In fact, it only seemed to get him more excited. "But afterwards, he got furious with me. And I thought he might even hit me, or slap me. But he didn't. "Instead, he calmed back down, and asked me if I could ask you to let him 'do it' with you, in front of me and your husband.

Pete went on to confess to me that he had always had the hots for you. But that he had never made a move on you, because he was married--and so were you, for that matter--and he was trying to stay faithful to me.

"But now that he knows that I wasn't faithful to him, and that you don't have any problem with letting your husband 'do the dirty deed' with another woman, right in front of you, Pete wants in on 'the action.' He want us to try the 'swinger thing' with you and Carl. And frankly, I support him on this. I'd love to watch my husband 'do you.' And I wouldn't mind having another go at your husband's package, either.

So what do you think? Are you game?" "Sweetie," Sally answered, "You know I'm always game for just about anything." "What about Carl?" Linda asked. "Do you think he'll go along with it?" "Oh, please. My husband would be thrilled to watch me 'do it' with a different man. That's exactly what he gets off on. Did you tell Pete about us too?" "No.

I was very careful not to bring up the whole bisexual, lesbian-style love affair thing. Pete might have blown a gasket, if I had." "Or he might have gotten totally turned-on, to find out that you 'swing both ways.' Who knows?" Sally asked. "Yeah. Who knows?" Linda parroted. "Okay. So when and where do you wanna do it? I'd suggest our house, 'cuz we don't have any kids." "Good idea!

How about Saturday night at around 8:00?" "That'd be great!" "You know Pete's a very good-looking guy. Boy, I can't wait to have your husband inside me." "He can't wait, either," Linda added, and both women laughed, just as their endless salad and bread sticks were being served. "By the way, you didn't tell Pete I was pregnant, did you?" Sally asked.

"You're pregnant?" Linda replied. "Congratulations! When did that happen?" "That night in the hotel room, when I was with Rico. I'm carrying his baby, as a matter of fact." "Wow! That must be cool!" "Oh yeah, it's 'cool' alright. If you call puking your guts out, just about every morning 'cool.'" "Well, be that as it may, I still wish I were pregnant, just like you." "Well, what's important is that you don't tell Pete that I'm pregnant, until sometime after he 'does it' with me.

That way he'll think that he could possibly fertilize me, and get me pregnant--especially when I tell him, right before we start, that I'm not using any birth control--and that type of thing really seems to turn men on a lot.

Yeah, I know he's shootin' blanks, from what you told me. But that won't matter at all, in the heat of the passion. You do want me to actually make love to your husband, right? I mean, you don't just want me to lie there, and let him 'do me,' do you?" "No. I definitely want you to treat Pete in bed as if he were your own husband, because I intend to be do the same thing with Carl. That is, if that's okay with you." "I'm not the one you need to convince, my dear.

Carl is. He's the one who decided to be so 'clinical' with you the last time. I thought it was quite amusing, to be totally honest with you. 'Cuz that's just not Carl's style at all. He tends to be very passionate about everything.

But I think he was feeling embarrassed about 'doing you' in front of me. And so he was holding back his emotions." "Would you please talk with him about that, and let him know that it's okay with you, if he gets passionate with me." "Sure, Sweetie. Anything for my favorite black girl." After both women had finished their lunches, and were walking back to their respective cars in the restaurant parking lot, Linda stopped Sally for a moment to say, "There's one last thing I've gotta warn you about.

Pete's nowhere near as big as Carl is 'down there,' if you know what I mean." "That's perfectly okay. I'm sure I can live with it.

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I'll just have to make do, as best as I can." "Yeah. That's exactly what I've been doin' for the last 12 1/2 years," Linda sarcastically replied. "Oh, it can't be that bad, can it?" "Oh yeah? See ya Saturday night, Girlfriend," Linda said. "And I'll make sure not to wear any panties that night.

In fact, why don't we both put on our old high school cheerleading outfits--sans panties, of course--and give the guys a real thrill?" "Wow, that's an awesome idea! I can't wait!" Sally said, as both women exchanged Hollywood-style fake kisses, one on each cheek, and then headed for their cars to leave. As she was driving back to her house, Sally was wondering if she could still fit into her old cheerleader outfit.

So she rummaged through the boxes in her closet, found the outfit, and put it on, just to see if it still fit her. And it fit like a glove. A tight glove, to be sure. But a glove, nevertheless. * * * * * Sally and I arrived at Pete and Linda's home just a few minutes after 8:00 PM on Saturday, as planned. As we were pulling up to the house, to park the car out at the front curb, Sally had made me promise not to let Pete know that she was pregnant.

She said that she wanted him to get maximum pleasure from their first-ever intercourse together. And she said that, for a guy, that meant letting him think that there was a chance that he could impregnate her that night. She also admitted to me that she was going to tell Pete that she wasn't using any birth control, just to "spice things up a little more for him." I immediately thought to myself, You're assuming that Pete having his dick inside of a foreign pussy for the first time ever isn't enough to automatically make him orgasm his ass off!

I would imagine that he'd still do that, even if you told him that your were already pregnant. I know I would. But hey. I'll play it however you want me to, Sweetie." Pete met us at the front door, and ushered me into the living room. Meanwhile, Linda took Sally by the hand, and led her to the upstairs bedroom, so that both women could secretly change into their high school cheerleader outfits.

Of course, I didn't find that part out until later. "So, Carl," Pete said to me, as we were sitting down on the sofa in the living room. "Before we get started here, are you sure you're okay with me fucking your wife, while you watch?" "Sure.

Just as long as you're okay with me fucking your wife, while you watch," I answered bluntly. "Be my guest. I can't seem to get her pregnant, anyway," Pete admitted to me. "And we've been trying for a long time to start a family." "Yeah, I know.

That's what Sally told me." "So how was it? You know? That very first time with my wife?" "Very clinical, actually.

I pretty much slipped my penis up into Linda's vagina, moved it in and out a few times, and then fertilized her. And Sally was there the whole time, watching everything take place. So I didn't actually 'make love' to Linda, per se. I mean, there wasn't any kissing, or hugging, or anything like that going on between us. Like I said, it was all very clinical." "But would you like to passionately 'make love' to Linda tonight?

You know? With all the kissing, and stuff?" "Oh hell yes! That is, if you don't mind." "Of course, I don't mind. Just as long as you don't mind me making love to Sally tonight, right there in the same room with you." "I don't know if Linda told you, but I'm actually a cuckold. I thoroughly enjoy watching my wife have sex with other men," I confessed. "Well, after tonight, who knows?

I just might become a cuckold, too," Pete admitted. At that moment, the two women came bounding down the staircase, from the upstairs bedroom, and energetically ran into the living room, jumping up and down in front of Pete and me. We were seated on opposite ends of the large sofa. And the unexpected, middle-age 'cheerleaders' were waving their pompoms in the air, and performing high kicks every so often, just to tease us men, and let us see that they didn't have any panties on, underneath their extremely-short, pleated cheerleader skirts.

Sally and Linda immediately went right into one of their old high school cheer routines. And at the very end of the routine, they both turned around, bent over at the waist, and flipped the rear of their skirts up over their backs, to show Pet and me their bare pussies and butts for just a few moments, before they turned back around, facing us, and launched right into another cheer routine.

It seemed to me that Pete was uncomfortable with the situation. More specifically, about me getting an eyeful of his wife's bare, kinky-haired pussy, and her butt. So I tried to break the ice, by unzipping my pants, pulling my dick out, and fondling it, right in front of Pete. Even though he seemed intimidated by what I was doing, Pete went ahead and unzipped his pants too.

But instead of pulling his dick out, like I had done, he reached down inside the front of his underwear waistband, and began fondling himself. It was like he was ashamed to show me his penis, once he was looking at mine. And that seemed very strange to me, at the time. Then the two 'girls' quit cheering.

And Pete and I both clapped for them, and wolf whistled at them, as they were teasingly and very slowly removing their cheerleader outfits to eventually get naked in front of us. At that point, both women began fondling their own bare breasts, as well as reaching down in their crotches, and teasingly finger-tweaking their own pussies from time to time, indicating that they were both ready for the "games" to begin.

I stood up, removed all my clothing, and then sat back down on the sofa, with my rock-hard penis jutting out from my crotch. Linda moved over to stand in front of me, with her pussy right in my face. Then she leaned over, grabbed hold of my dick-shaft, and began squeezing it and feeling it, while she was hungrily licking her lips, and staring into my eyes, with that "come fuck me" look.

I looked over at Pete to see what his reaction was to his wife now fondling my bare dick. And he wasn't even paying any attention to me at all. Instead, Pete had his eyes locked on Sally's shaved, baby-bare pussy mound, as she was standing right in front of him, with her legs spread apart, and her pelvis tilted forward. And she was teasingly pulling her pussy crack wide-open for him, so that he could get a good look at it. And then Sally said to him, "Well, come on, Big Boy. Is this the pussy you've been wantin' to fuck for so long?" "You bet it is!" Pete said to Sally, and then stood up and began taking off his clothes, starting with his shirt.

When Pete, took off his shirt that night, I was truly impressed. I found out later that Pete was a fireman by profession. And his only real hobby was going to the gym religiously. Consequently, he had a rock-hard, overly-muscular body, that no heterosexual woman in her right mind would ever find unattractive. Add to that his 6' 1" height, and his large powder blue eyes, framed by his dark brown hair, and you've pretty much got "God's gift to womankind." A true GQ kind of guy, who could have easily been a Chippendales dancer.

At least, that was my initial impression of Pete. On the other hand, I realized that I was nothing to write home about, as far as physical appearance went.

Sure, I guess I was cute, in my own way. At least, that's what Sally was always telling me. But I wasn't even in Pete's league, looks-wise. However, that still didn't stop Sally from loving me deeply. At least, I assumed that she still did, despite all the shit that had recently gone down between her, and her previous Latin lover, Rico. I mean Sally and I were living together in the same house again. And I was willing to let bygones be bygones, in order to help Sally get through her pregnancy, so that she could hopefully go on to deliver a healthy half-Anglo/half-Hispanic baby.

Of course, Sally was still pretty mean to me, and loved to mentally torture me, every chance she got. After all, she did have a sadistic streak in her. But let's face it. I was no angel, either. To be totally honest with you, I derived great pleasure and satisfaction from mentally torturing and teasing my wife, too. And so for Sally and me, things tended to work out most of the time, because it was usually tit for tat, and it was truly one of those matches made in hell.

Let's just say that we were the perfect candidates for the the wife-swapping lifestyle.

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And we both knew it. And now Sally found herself on the verge of "getting it on" with her best friend's husband, who just happened to be a true Adonis of a man. And I'm sure she was tingling all over with anticipation--that is, until Pete finally took his pants off, and removed his jockey shorts, to finally expose his package to all of us. Pete's package turned out to be extremely unimpressive, to say the least.

He had what looked like a small dick-head--and nothing but the head of a penis--poking out from his thick patch of surrounding pubic hair. Actually his fully-erect penis was about two and a half inches long, from base to tip. However, the head of his penis made up nearly two thirds of that length, and the thick patch of dark pubic hair, effectively hid his short shaft from view. And now I understood why Pete wasn't on board with letting me see his non-erect penis, when he had begun fondling it inside his underwear.

And although I was able to see a small, puffed-out skin-pouch underneath where Pete's dick-head was poking out, I couldn't tell (just by looking) if there were actually any testicles inside that underdeveloped scrotum.

Of course, my logical mind told me that there had to be two balls--albeit very small ones--somewhere inside that little ball-sack of Pete's. So basically, except for the thick patch of pubic hair immediately above and surrounding his penis, Pete's genitals looked like they could have easily belonged to a 7 or 8-year-old, prepubescent boy. I immediately thought to myself, I was dead wrong. This guy's really 'God's sick joke to womankind.' No wonder this poor mother fucker's shootin' blanks.

You gotta have balls first, before you can make sperm! And this guy's just barely got a dick on him! And then I thought about how disappointed and shocked that Linda had to have been years ago, when she and Pete were petting heavily for the first time ever, and she had finally taken things to the next level, as she had bravely reached down into his crotch to discover his diminuative package. And I knew that Linda had to have already been madly in love with Pete. And looks-wise, he had to have already been the man of her dreams, too.

But for Linda, there was just one small problem: 1 very small penis + 2 tiny testicles = 1 long-term male lover that no heterosexual woman in her right mind would ever desire. My next thought was, Linda, you've gotta be a real saint, to put up with this for so many years. I would have left Pete years ago, if I were you.

Thank God, I've got a nice, big dick on me! I mean big, for a white guy of course. Mine doesn't hold a candle to Henry's. And when I thought about Henry's penis, I remembered how Linda had acted, while he had it shoved deep inside her vagina, and was fucking her that night in the hotel room. Considering how small her husband's dick was, it was no wonder that Linda was so excited about finally having a super-long dick like Henry's inside her pussy.

A dick that could easily fill her up, and then some. And now I knew why Linda also found my dick to be so exciting and attractive to her.

And that was because I could do something with my dick during intercourse, that Pete would never be able to do with his. You see, my erect penis was long enough, so that I could firmly press the tip of my dick-head right up against Linda's cervix, and then ejaculate all over it, which is something that Sally claims is always a big turn-on for women.

Well I've got news for you, Sally. It's a big turn-on for men, too. At least, is for me. Pete put his arms around Sally, and they began French-kissing in a standing position, in front of the sofa.

His hands were busy, as he was playing with her small tits and her pert nipples, and also reaching down to grab her boyish-looking butt-cheeks every so often. And she was massaging his bare chest, and grabbing handfuls of his muscular butt-cheeks, as well. But most importantly, there was no space between their pressed-together pelvises.

And that told me that Sally was very comfortable with the idea of letting Pete have sex with her. Meanwhile, Linda knelt down in front of the sofa, and began giving me a superb blowjob, while she kept squeezing and massaging her huge breasts with her own hands.

Finally, I said to her, "If you keep sucking my dick like that, you're gonna make me cum. And I don't wanna do that right now. Tell ya what. Why don't you let me play with your pussy for a little while?" Linda lifted her mouth up of my dick, and said, "Sure, if that's what you want." She stood back up in front of me, and spread her legs apart, to give me access to her pussy.

I stuck my finger right up into her pussy crack, pulled my finger back out, and then teasingly licked it in front of her. "My God! You're already sopping-wet," I remarked to her. "Have you been orgasming this whole time?" "Yes. Ever since I started feeling out your wonderful cock," Linda admitted. And I continued to finger her pussy for an extended period of time, as I was watching Sally and Pete "go at it." By this point, Sally and Pete were still standing-up in a bear hug, and French-kissing like crazy.

But now, they each had their right hands stuck down into each other's crotches, and were feeling out each other's bare genitals, while they were passionately kissing. The next thing I knew, Sally laid down on her back on the rug in front of the sofa, and spread her legs apart. And Pete quickly laid down on top of her, as they kept on kissing, like two lovers.

And I knew that Pete was maneuvering this small dick into the innermost folds of Sally's pussy, and was attempting to insert his penis up into her vagina.

And from the way that Sally was reacting, I could tell that Pete had actually managed to penetrate her. But he still wasn't thrusting away at her vagina yet. Then Pete all of the sudden cried out, "Oh shit! Shit! Shit! God damn it! Fuck! I'm so sorry, Sally. I didn't mean to do that." And I instantly knew exactly what had happened. It was obvious that Pete had become so mentally excited, that he had spontaneously shot his wad into Sally's pussy, just moments after he had entered her. Can you say "premature ejaculation"?

And at this point, I really felt sorry for the guy. That's a humiliating and very humbling experience, to say the least. I know. Because I had done it before, myself. And ironically, it happened to me the very first time that I ever attempted to have sexual intercourse with Sally. And it all happened just like it did with Pete. I carefully eased the head of my penis up in Sally's baby-making hole, and just started ejaculating, from the sheer mental excitement of the whole situation.

But unlike Pete, I was a virgin, back when that took place.

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And that was how I lost my virginity to Sally. The good thing is that Sally can be very understanding in these types of embarrassing situations. She may be sadistic and cruel, but she can also be very kind and empathetic, whenever she wants to be. So she comforted Pete as best as she could, considering the circumstances, as she softly and soothingly said to him, "That's okay, Tiger.

I understand perfectly. I just excited you a little bit too much. That's all. Why don't you just relax, and let me give you a nice back and neck massage. And don't worry about anything. Everything's gonna turn out just fine.

You'll see." "Come on, Baby," Linda quietly told me. "I'm definitely wet enough now. It's our turn." And she turned her butt towards me, and carefully sat down on my hard-on, while holding the shaft of it in her hand, to guide it into her own vaginal entrance. And then she began eagerly humping away at my dick, like a woman on mission to pump my sperm out into her womb, as quickly as she possibly could. It was as if she were reacting to the fact that since Sally already had Pete's sperm in her pussy, now Linda was wanting my sperm in her own pussy.

And all that hard humping worked. It didn't take long before I was just about ready to shoot my wad, when I heard Sally say to Pete, "Oh look, Sweetie, my husband's just about to fertilize your wife' pussy.

Do you wanna watch?" "Sure," I heard Pete's voice answer her, as I closed my eyes, orgasmed my ass off, and ejaculated deep inside of Linda's pussy, while she was intentionally grinding her butt down against my pelvis, to get the head of my pulsating penis as deep inside her fuck-hole as possible. "God, that is so sexy!" Sally remarked, as she was seeing all the excess sperm that was oozing out from around the base of my dick-shaft, and running down my balls, to land on the sofa cushion, between my legs.

"Do you think he just got her pregnant?" Pete asked Sally. "Who knows?" Sally replied. "But I think it's time for you to put another load of your sexy sperm inside my little pussy. Don't you?" Sally took Pete's hand and placed it on her pussy mound, as she added, "Maybe you can get me pregnant tonight. I'm not using any birth control. And I'm pretty sure I'm fertile right now." "Is your husband okay with all this?" Pete asked Sally, while he was busy feeling out her freshly-spermed pussy.

"Of course he is," Sally said, reaching down between Pete's legs, to begin fondling his little dick and his equally-small balls. "My God, Carl just got done fucking your wife a few minutes ago.


And she's not on any birth control. Is she? And you know he wasn't using a rubber. So go ahead and fuck me already. And don't worry about it. But I wanna be on top, this time." Sally maneuvered out from underneath Pete's body, and got him to roll over onto his back, so that she could mount him cowgirl-style, and control all the humping, just like she always preferred to do, whenever she was tribbing with Linda.

Pete still didn't have a full-blown hard-on yet, but that didn't really matter, considering the diminutive size of his penis. Basically, Sally began actively "tribbing" against Pete's little dick, just like she would have done against Linda's clit and pussy mound. It was quite an erotic thing to watch. And I could tell that Pete was really enjoying what Sally was doing to his penis. And it was easy to tell that Sally was really enjoying herself too, now that she was the one in control of their intercourse.

Because within about 30 seconds or so, she began squirting out in little spurts of her sexual fluid all over Pete's genitals, similar to what I had seen her do to Linda's pussy, while they were tribbing with each other in the hotel room.

"Does that turn you on? When I'm 'peeing' on you, like that?" Sally asked Pete. "Hell, yes! God, I wish Linda would do that," Pete replied, so wrapped up in Sally's "magical pissing pussy," that he forgot for a moment that Linda was right there, in the same room with him.

"Well, why don't you ask her yourself? She's right here," Sally suggested. "Baby," Pete turned his attention to Linda, "I wish you would do what Sally's doing to me right now." "No problem. I just never thought that you would ever want me on top?

Or want me to piss on you, like that. So I guess I've learned something new about you tonight." Linda looked over at Sally and said, "Thank you, Sally.

With your help, Pete and I might just be able to keep our marriage together yet." "And with your help," Sally said to Pete, "I might just be able to get pregnant tonight. So come on, Tiger. What are you waitin' for? I want you to fertilize me, right in front of Linda. I need your sperm inside me right now, God damn it! Come on, Fucker! Fuck me! Yeah, that's it. Let it all out, Baby. "Do it for you wife!" Sally added, as she looked over at Linda, and caught her fingering the heck out of her own clit, while she was staring at Sally's expert "tribbing" of her husband's tiny penis.

Sally had managed to get Pete's little dick up inside of her vaginal entrance, right before he had begun to ejaculate. And Sally was grinding her pelvis down on his, just to make sure that his dick stayed inserted, throughout his entire sperm release.

"Now that was much better, wasn't it?" Sally asked Pete afterwards. "Yes, ma'am," Pete said. "Tell ya what," Sally suggested, "Why don't we both watch my husband fertilize your wife again? Carl? Linda? Are you guys up to it?" "Sure," I said. "Are you kidding me?" Linda said to Sally, lying down on the rug in front of the sofa, and then shifted her attention over to me, "Carl, come here, and fuck my little black pussy again! Make me a fucking baby this time, God damn it!" And she spread her legs apart, and waited for me to mount her.

I thought myself, Boy, Linda can get real demanding, once she has a few orgasms under her belt. I wonder if Pete ever even tries to make her orgasm. Or if he just rolls over on top of her all the time, and does a 'wham, bam, thank you ma'am' on her. I got down on the floor, between Linda's spread thighs, as if I were going to mount her in a missionary position. But I was still in my refractory phase, and my penis was limp as a wet noodle.

So I lay my torso on top of hers, and we just passionately French-kissed for several minutes, while she reached down between our two pelvic areas, and fondled my penis, until it finally became erect enough, so that she could insert it up into her own vagina.

And then Linda and I fucked out brains out, in front of our respective spouses. And we were doing it passionately too. We were kissing and grabbing each other's butts and boobs, and everything else. And this time, our intercourse actually lasted about 10 minutes or so, before I finally built up enough excitement, so that I could orgasm and ejaculate inside Linda for the second time that evening.

"Bravo!" Sally said, in response to my orgasm. "That was a wonderful show! Didn't you think so, Tiger?" "Yeah, fucking wonderful!" Pete said sarcastically to Carl and Linda, before turning to say to Sally, "I just can't believe that I watched your husband fuck my wife for the second time tonight." "Don't be that way, Sweetie," Sally said to Pete.

"You knew what was gonna happen. And you agreed to it. Besides, you should always look on the bright side. You just got finished fucking me for the second time tonight. Now, wasn't that worth it?" "Yes. Of course it was. I didn't mean it like that," Pete admitted. "Well then, let's do it again sometime. How about next Saturday night? What do ya say?" Sally asked, looking right at Pete. "How about tomorrow night?" Pete suggested.


"Sure," Sally said, "Is that okay with you, Linda?" "I'll defer to Carl on that one. Carl, would you like to 'do me' again tomorrow night?" "I'd love to, Linda. Really I would. But I can't. I've already got plans," I said, alluding to the fact that Sally's Uncle Jerry was expecting me to join him tomorrow night at his apartment for our weekly threesome with Sally's older sister, Cindy.

"But I know someone who would be happy to take my place tomorrow night. His name's Henry. And he's a wonderful, well-mannered, young black college student from Ethiopia, I believe. Would that be okay with you, Pete?" "Sure. If Linda's okay with it," Pete answered. "Is he good-looking?" Linda asked me, pretending not to know who Henry was.

"You bet!" I replied. "And I'm sure he'll find you attractive, as well. And he's got a delightful British accent." "Okay then. I mean, you only live once.

So I guess I'll give it a shot," Linda said, trying not to sound too enthusiastic in front of her husband. "That a girl!" Sally said to Linda. "Try it. You just might like it." "I also might get impregnated by it," Linda said sarcastically. "Pete, are you okay with Linda getting fertilized by a black guy?" Sally bluntly asked Pete. "At this point, the truth is I'm okay with her getting fertilized by any guy," Pete admitted. "I just want us to start a family.

That's all. And since I can't seem to get Linda pregnant, no matter how hard I try, someone else is going to have to do that part for me. And if that 'someone else' turns out to be a black guy, then so be it!" "I love you, Honey!" Linda said, throwing her arms around Pete, and giving him a big hug, before adding, "Even if you did just fuck my best friend. Twice!" And they both laughed at Linda's witty comment.

"Well, I'm outta here," I said as I was getting dressed, so that I could leave. "Do you wanna try for three times?" Sally asked Pete, as she group-hugged with him and his wife. "I'm only kidding, of course.

Come on, Carl. Let's go home, so you can roll over on top of me later tonight, and rape me in my sleep." "If that's what you wish, Dear," I automatically replied, as I was waiting for Sally to get dressed, so that we could leave Pete and Linda's house. It struck me strange that Sally had put her cheerleading uniform back on, and was now carrying the clothes that she had originally worn on our way over to Linda's house. When Sally and I finally got back into our car, and were fixing to leave, Sally remarked to me, "That poor man.

I'll swear Linda's clit is nearly as big as that super-tiny dick of his." "Yeah, I noticed that too," I said, agreeing with Sally, by stating the obvious. "But I think I feel more sorry for Linda." "I do too," Sally admitted. "By the way, I was serious about the 'raping me in my sleep' part. But this time, why don't you see if you can do it without waking me up, so that I can leave my eyes closed, and fantasize that you're Henry.

You have my permission to fantasize that I'm Cindy, while you're 'doing it with me' tonight. Deal?" "I've got a better idea.

Why don't you fantasize that I'm Rico, instead?" I asked, just to stir up the hornet's nest a little bit. "You just had to bring that up. Didn't you? Go fuck yourself, you piece of shit! You're sleepin' on the couch tonight," Sally cussed me back, with the back of her raised fist towards me, and her middle finger stuck straight up in the air. "Hey, I didn't mean for you to overreact like that," I explained, lying through my teeth. "I was just saying that you sure fell head over heals for that scumbag." "Yeah?

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Well, I fell head over heals for you, back when we were both young. And you were a bad boy too, just like Rico," Sally said. "Maybe I was. But unlike Rico, at least my heart was in the right place." "Where? In the head of your dick? 'Cuz that's where your heart was at, as far as I could tell back then. And I loved that about you, believe it or not.

You used to be so exciting and dangerous. Just like Rico. "Now you're nothing but middle-age, and boring. Just like me. And that's why we both feel that we have to resort to all these sexual shenanigans, just to try to get our rocks off better, and bring some excitement back into our marriage again. It's a crying shame, if you ask me.

And it's why we've got such a fucked up relationship right now!" "You may not like the fact that I'm no longer the bad boy that I used to be," I said to Sally. "But you sure don't seem to mind all the money I give you, thanks to my nice, boring, and lucrative job. "And I don't think our relationship is 'fucked up,' as you just put it. To me, it's the best it's ever been. We've never been more open and honest with each other. And we've never reveled in our sexuality, like we've done, ever since our first night in that hotel room with Henry.

"And just think about what we just finished doing. I just got done fucking your best friend. And not just once, but twice. And you just got done letting your best friend's husband fuck you.

And we did every bit of that right in front of each other. How many couples ever get to experience something as special and unique as that?" "You're absolutely right. I've just been pulling your chain.

That's all," Sally finally confessed. "The truth is I like you much better as a middle-age, cuckold husband, than I ever did as a bad boy. And by the way, I lied to you when I told you I didn't want you to wake me up tonight, while you're raping me." "Just for that, I'm not gonna cum inside you," I threatened her. "I'll believe that when I see it," Sally said, as she flipped the front of her cheerleader skirt up to show me that she didn't have any panties on, spread her legs apart, reached down into her crotch, and began teasing me, by openly massaging and fingering her pussy mound.

"Damn it, Sally! What are you tryin' to do? Give me a hard-on? I really do need to start this car up sometime." "I've got a better idea. Why don't you and I go behind the bushes over there, and have a doggie-style quickie, with our clothes on?" Sally suggested, as she was gesturing towards the large bush at the front left corner of Pete and Linda's house.

"You are one horny little bitch! Aren't you?" I said in a forced whisper, as Sally and I were getting out of the car. "That's what I keep tellin' you," Sally whispered back, as she took me by the hand, and led me back behind the large bush, while she kept nervously looking up and down the neighborhood street, to make sure that no one was watching us. Then Sally squatted down in front of me, pulled down the zipper at the front of my pants, pulled my dick out of my underwear, and gave me a very-quick-but-effective blowjob, that made my penis rapidly become erect.

While she was doing that I heard a soft, splashing noise. And I immediately suspected that Sally was peeing on the lawn, between her two spread-apart feet, while she was sucking my dick. "Are you peeing right now?" I asked in a whisper, just to confirm my suspicions. And Sally just nodded her head, as she kept on sucking away on the head of my dick, and pumping up and down on my shaft with her hand. She also kept on pissing, until she had finally managed to empty her bladder.

"Be careful. Don't step in the puddle!" Sally warned me, as she stood up, took a couple steps away from her own urine puddle, and turned around to face the wall of the house. Then she spread her legs apart, and bent over at the waist, with both of her arms straightened-out, and the palms of her hands pressed up against the brick siding of the house for support. I took a wide step back from where I thought Sally's urine puddle was--it was so dark outside, that I could barely make it out--and I moved in to stand behind her.

Then I pressed the tip of my dick up against the middle of her baby-bare vulva, and her wet slit naturally gave way, to allow my dick to slide up inside her baby-making hole. And I began humping away at Sally's already-pregnant pussy, like a madman, as I was intentionally trying to make myself cum inside her pussy as quickly as I possibly could.

After all, Sally herself had asked for a "quickie." And so that was exactly what I was attempting to give her. I was on the verge of orgasming, when I heard a strange female voice call out from the sidewalk, in front of the house, "Hey! What're you two kids doin' other there?" My vaginal thrusting came to an abrupt halt, and I looked over towards the street, to see who was talking to us.

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It was an older lady, who was out walking her small dog, late at night. "Nothing, Ma'am. My boyfriend and I are just havin' a little harmless fun. That's all," Sally called back, intentionally using a variation of her "little girl" voice. At the same time that Sally was talking to the stranger on the sidewalk, I could feel her repeatedly clamping down the muscles surrounding her vaginal entrance, to try to squeeze the sperm out of my now-stationary penis.

She had also tilted her pelvis farther back, and was gently rocking her hips from side-to-side, as she was bearing down on her lower abdominal muscles in such a way, so as to repeatedly rub the firm, protruding neck of her uterus across the blood-engorged head of my dick. And Sally's efforts worked. My dick began pulsating deep inside her, giving her cervix a liberal coating of my sperm, as I heard the older lady say, "Well don't do anything I wouldn't do." "Don't worry.

We won't. You have a wonderful evening, Ma'am," Sally called back, still using that higher-pitched "young girl" voice of hers, as the dog-walking lady continued on her merry way down the sidewalk. "Same to you," the dog-walking lady called back, over her shoulder. While we were still coupled-up doggie-style, with my sperm-release finally coming to an end, Sally and I both started giggling away uncontrollably, like two small kids, who had just gotten caught with their hands in the cookie jar.

Then, all of the sudden, Sally began to spontaneously orgasm her ass off, flooding my still-inserted penis with her warm orgasmic juices, in the process. And while she was doing that, she cried out in a very long, high-pitched, nasally-sounding squeal.

It was an orgasmic vocalization that I had never heard come out of Sally's mouth before, and one that I thought was going to eventually wake up the whole neighborhood. Afterwards, Sally looked around at me, and said in a forced whisper, "Now tell me that wasn't fucking awesome! Did I sound like a cat that was gettin' fucked out in the bushes?" "Oh hell yes!

You scared me to death. I thought something was wrong with you. But now that you mention it, you did sound exactly like a female cat does, when she's letting a male cat make babies with her," I whispered back, as I was finally pulling my dick out of her fuck-hole, and pulling my pants back up.

"And I'll tell you something right now, Sweetie," said Sally, standing up to face me, and then straightening out the large pleats on her short skirt with her hands. "I don't care how good-looking Pete is, he doesn't hold a candle to you, when it comes to sex." And as I was walking back to the car, with Sally's hand in mine, I thought to myself, Yeah.

And I don't hold a candle to Henry. Or to your Uncle Jerry. But at least, I know where I stand with you. I just have to be careful not to step in the puddle.

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That's all. And that's when a big smile broke out on my face. And, at that very moment, as far as I was concerned, life was as good as it gets. "I've gotta pee like a racehorse," I told Sally, as I was pulling the car away from the curb, and getting ready to drive off down the street. "It's a little late for that now, isn't it?" Sally remarked. "You should've gone ahead and done it, back behind the bushes, like I did." "I couldn't. You had your mouth wrapped around my dick.

Remember?" "So? That shouldn't have stopped you." "But I've never pissed in your mouth before." "No, you haven't. Have you," Sally agreed, and then asked me point blank, "But would you like to sometime? 'Cuz, just in case you're wondering, the taste of urine doesn't really bother me at all.

In fact, it kind of turns me on. At least, Linda's urine does." "God, you are one kinky little bitch! Aren't you?" "No more kinky than you are, Sweetheart. And that's 'cuz it's impossible to eat out a girl's pussy, without tasting her urine.

And just think about how many times you've eaten my little pussy out, over the last decade. It's mind-boggling, isn't it? So yes.

You have my explicit permission to go ahead and pee in my mouth next time. All I ask is that you warn me first, before you start peeing. Deal?" "Deal," I automatically replied, thought about it for a moment, and then asked Sally, "Would you like to pee in my mouth sometime?" "I thought you'd never ask," Sally chirped right back enthusiastically. And then Sally quickly switched over to using her "little girl" voice, as she went on to confess to me, "I used to tinkle in my daddy's mouth.

He really liked that a lot. And so did my Uncle Jerry. I've been such a naughty little girl. Maybe you ought to spank me, when we get home." "Maybe I should." * * * * *