Pleasant teen cutie with sexy body gets nailed

Pleasant teen cutie with sexy body gets nailed
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Daniel was quiet as he sneaked through his little sisters' bedroom; not too quiet, of course; he wanted there to be a chance he'd be heard, and even discovered. His heart crept up into his throat at the thought of little Connie, peering around the doorframe, watching him do his deed. The bulge in his boxer shorts twitched.

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When he got to the smallish bathroom, he switched on the light. He also pushed the door mostly closed. He left it open enough, though, so that if a pair of eyes were to blink open and look in from the bed, they could watch him through the reflection of the mirror.

He glanced into the looking glass, seeing no form of motion in the dark room behind him. There was virtually no chance of Rachel waking up; she was the soundest sleeper on the planet. But as for Connie… Oh, Connie. He hooked his fingers into the waistband of his boxer shorts, pulling them down far enough to let his erectness pop out. He strolked it, moaning soflty, but not too softly.

"Mmm…ah…yeah…" Connie.


Strawberry blonde, sassy-mouthed, bathing suited Connie. Connie dressed up for church. Connie all muddy at the knees from playing outside. Connie in her P.J.'s, getting ready to go to bed…He felt himself get harder with these thoughts, a drop of precum drooling from the tip of his cock.


"Unh…" Connie was eleven. Daniel was fifteen. And it had been only a few months ago when it had dawned on him that he wanted his little sister.

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Of course, he'd been terribly confused and ashamed when, after a sketchy dream filled with Connie's hazel eyes and blonde hair and thin little legs, he'd woken up completely erect and covered in his own semen. He felt even worse when, night after night as he jerked off, images of the little girl filled his mind.

At first he tried to ward them off out of fear and repulsion. But he finally realized that he wasn't repulsed at all, and he went with it, letting pictures of his little sister playing ball and eating fruit drive him to teeth-clenching orgasm. He began taking all the chances he got to touch Connie: giving her piggy back rides was exciting; her crotch ground against his lower back when he ran, and her legs were wrapped tight around his waist.

They played ball, and he got to see her roll around in the dirt and give him tiny glimpses of her underwear. It was perverted, yes, but who was he hurting as long as he kept it to himself? And then he started waking up from the dreams restless. He realized that he wanted more than a glimpse up Connie's skirt, or the feel of her rump on his crotch. He wanted to see her naked. He wanted to touch her like a big brother couldn't.

He wanted to put his fingers between her legs and make her moan… But that was wrong; wrong wrong wrong. Looking at the merchandise was one thing; playing with it was another. If he broke it, he was fucked, he knew.

And he loved Connie; he could damage her horribly if he tried anything, and of course he didn't want that.

So the idea came to him; he'd masturbate in front of her. Oh, he'd make it seem casual, like he was surprised that she'd walked in on him.

Then he would gauge her reaction: If she was scared and embarrassed by seeing her brother playing with himself, he'd let it go. But if she wasn't…if she was curious… "Unh…Unh…ah--!" The last thought sent him over the edge.


He pressed one hand to the countertop to steady himself as two thick ropes of cum spurted from the head of his cock. He wiped himself off a little with a bit of toilet paper and replaced his member, limp, back into his boxers. Listening for a sound of movement from the bedroom, he heard none.

As he snuck back out, he caught a glimpse of Connie. She was on her belly, splayed out on top of her covers, her legs parted wide. The hem of her nightgown had ridden up over her hips, exposing her taut little rump in its pink panties.

Daniel was hard again instantly. Back in his bedroom, he found himself jerking off again to the image of his little sister, legs open, bathed in the moonlight.

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And so it went for another week: Daniel would play with his sisters during the day like a good big brother, then sneak into their bathroom and beat off, groaning quietly but audibly, hoping Connie would wake up and see.

But no such luck.

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she remained asleep. Until one night, when he was particularly horny. They'd gone to the beach that day. Connie had been flouncing around in her little blue bikini, forcing Daniel up to the parking lot several times to hide in the bathrooms and relieve himself.

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Hard, his head full of fantasies and hope, he walked through their bedroom naked and shut the bathroom door, leaving it open slightly. He bit his lip, fingers curling around his teenage boy-cock, strolking up adnd down.

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"Unh…Connie…" Connie putting on sunblock, Connie backtalking their mother; Connie suckling on a cherry popsickle, the red juice dribbling down her lip…"Uh…oh, God…unh…ah…oh, God, Connie—" "What, Danny?" He froze, whirled around—and there she was, in all her bed-tousled glory. Her night-shirt was askew, showing one of her shoulders. Excitement exploded in Daniel's chest as her hazel eyes darted down, registered the fact that he was holding his penis and that it was hard.

She looked at him, down at his cock, up at him again. She stared at him for a heart-stopping minute. Then, her expression unreadable, she turned around and walked back into the bedroom. Daniel bubbled with happiness.

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She'd seen him. Connie had seen him beating off! Without a word, he switched off the light and went back to his own bedroom.