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Amateur nerdy on hidden cam
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Daniel is the first to wake up. He is almost blinded by the shafts of light that are penetrating the curtains, he shifts slightly and realizes he is holding what feels like Jake's arm so he gives him a reassuring squeeze. He notices it pulsate and that it was much thinner than his arm, suddenly it dawns on him, it wasn't his arm.

He feels up the length of Jake's erection and determines it to be about 7.5. He also realizes they are both in their underwear. Jesus! How much do I not remember of last night? Jake rolls onto his back, pitching a tent through the blanket. Daniel craves it but stops himself and creeps out of the bed.

Gently he feels a hand grab his arm. "Where are you going?" Daniel picked up his shirt and put it on. "I'm going to go make us some breakfast, go back to sleep." Jake nods wearily and rolls back over.

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Daniel slips his pants on and goes to the kitchen, he looks for something he can make, not being a very good cook, and finally settles on eggs. He cracks the first egg into the hot pan of oil and the room fills with the sound of sizzling egg followed by another four eggs.

After they are done he scoops them onto a plate and carries them out to the living room to discover Jake wasn't there any longer. He looked around for a minute then heard the thumping of footsteps coming down the stairs. In the time it took Daniel to make the eggs he had gone upstairs and showered and changed, he now wore a black t-shirt that conformed to the shape of his chest and jeans that were baggier as well as a belt of leather with random carvings etched into it and a coppery clasp.

He smiles as soon as he sees the food. They sat together without much of a word between them as they ate, but Daniel acts first. "So about last night.?" Daniel just lets the question float through the air. Jake pretends not to have heard, or not to be paying attention but the same things are whirling in his own mind. "Well you know how we have been best friends for the longest time, right?" Daniel nods, his hopes dwindling with every word.

"Well, that's because I have always cared about you." Now Daniel begins to shake in anticipation. Jake turns his head towards Daniel, looking for an anchor in his forest eyes. "I never would have thought that you felt like I do about you." The last phrase rang through the air. Daniel was almost afraid to act.

What if this is just because of his grief, he is looking for comfort. After a few more seconds of thought he decides he will indulge and milk this as much as he can.

"I have for awhile, like a long while, but I-" Daniel is cut off by Jake's lips on his own. It is a deep passionate kiss, the kind that holds millenniums inside of seconds. when he finally breaks away, Daniel can see the serene waters of his blues eyes once more.

No more of that desolate wasteland. This time it was Daniel who leaned in for it, he slowly cupped Jake's jaw in his hand and slid the other hand along his side, feeling the muscles underneath twitch. Jake notions for the bed across from them. together they stand, their hands entwined as Jake sits down and scooted back on the bed. Daniel climbs on top of him, his kisses begin lining his jaw and his hand caressing his back and chest.

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He finds a nipple through Jake's shirt and begins to rub it lightly, Jake lets off an airy moan. Slowly Daniel trails his kisses along Jake's jaw and down his neck and starts to suck on his neck, after a few seconds it leaves a mark, but neither notice. Jake lets his hands dance all over Daniels body as they continue to kiss, slowly he slides Daniel's shirt off and tosses it aside.

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They can both feel their crotches tightening, and running out of room, but both are too hesitant not to go to fast for the other.

Finally Daniels arm gives out not allowing him to hold his weight up any longer, he collapses on Jake, they feel there dicks press together and both give a slight but sharp inhale of pleasure.

Daniel goes to apologize but instead Jake fills his mouth with there tongue and Jake presses them together harder. Jake runs his hand across Daniels ass and lightly presses their hardness together causing Daniel to moan. They roll over onto their sides and continue kissing. Jake moves his head down to suck on one of Daniels nipples, Daniel runs his hand through Jake's hair which is still slightly wet from the shower.

Daniel kisses the top of Jake's head and shudders with pleasure when Jake's hand runs across his erection. They both stopped for a moment and looked into each others eyes. Daniel could still smell the soap that Jake used on his skin.

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he wanted to taste it so badly because it smelled like raspberries in spring. Finally they gave into their hormones that were screaming for them to tear each others clothes off and fuck. Daniel yanks off Jake's shirt to see a beautiful tanned chest and semi-cut abs. Daniel had seen this many times before when swimming, or on a hot day, but never in this light, with little droplets of sweat forming.

Daniel and Jake both took each others ass in hand and pressed each other together crushing their dicks between them, each time sending a new wave of agonizing pleasure rippling through their bodies. Daniel can feel Jake's corded muscles in his back as they hump each other. Jake is the first one to take the daring move, he slides his hand down Daniels chest and abs, causing him to shudder. Jake timidly slides the tips of his fingers under Daniel's jeans and underwear, but stops before he feels it.

Daniel can feel Jake's other hand shaking, either nervous or in anticipation he couldn't tell, but he slid his own hand down and unzipped his pants, revealing his 6.5 bulge through his boxer-briefs.

He slides his hand onto Jake's and slowly urges Jake's hand down with his own, finally he can feel Jake's hand reach his own shaft. He closes his hand around Jake's and Jake's around Daniels shaft. Just the bare touch of flesh on his dick sends a whole new level of pleasure coursing through him, he cant help but shift a little bit and tilt his head up. Jake slowly begins to stroke while sucking on Daniels neck, quickly leaving a mark of his own. With each stroke, he feels Daniels dick pulsate and get harder and harder.

His own feels like its going to pop right out of his pants. Jake shudders as Daniel slides one hand down his back and down under his clothes to his ass, slowly teasing him and sliding a finger deeper and deeper, each time getting closer to the prize.

Daniel can feel he is about to cum, through the strokes and the hot man in front of him how couldn't he? But he doesn't want to, he wants this moment to last as long as possible. He grabs Jake's hand off of his dick and leads a trail of kisses from his lips across his jaw, down his chest and abs down to the button of his pants.

Daniel looks up at Jake and Jake bends over to kiss him as Daniel undoes his pants and slides them and his underwear off of Jake, freeing Jake's manhood to flop in front of him. Daniel looks greedily upon the cut 7.5" cock in front of him, wanting to down it immediately, instead he decides to tease Jake. He lightly runs a finger up the the underside and watches as his breathing becomes more shallow. He becomes entranced by the rising and falling of Jake's chest as he breathes.

Jake moans a little louder with the light stroking. Daniel replaces his finger with his tongue, feeling the heat emanating from Jake's shaft just turns him on more. Finally unable to resist he fills his mouth with Jake's cock going down as far as he can go which is three quarters of the way. Jake runs his hand through Daniels soft hair again as waves of ecstasy wash over him, his muscles tense and flex as the pleasure becomes unbearable, He knows he is about to cum, but he doesn't want to yet.

He, like Daniel, wants this moment to last forever so he lifts Daniels head up from him and kisses him more, sliding his tongue in and tasting the precum.

They press themselves together once more and roll over so that Jake is on top Jake slides his hand down Daniels body following the curvature of his pecs and abs with his mouth and tongue. When he reaches Daniels erection, he pulls the rest of Daniels clothes off and takes Daniels dick fully in hand.


He doesn't tease like Daniel did, but he slowly enveloped his cock all the way down, with his other hand on Daniel's chest he can feel the shallow breathing and the convulsing muscles as pleasure Daniel had never known overcame him and he was loving every bit of it.

Daniel reaches down and takes a hold of Jakes erection and strokes, still moist from the blowjob, and the amount of precum, his hand glides across his dick and they both moan in ecstasy to the point where it is almost echoing through the house.

Jake stops right as he feels that Daniel was going to blow, he wanted to save that for somewhere special.

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Jake stands up and begins to walk away. "Where are you going?" Jake turns his head and smiles a warm smile that told everything Daniel needed to know. Daniel watched Jake's taut ass as he walked towards a drawer, he opens it and pulls out a small bottle and walks back over. They continue kissing for a minute while Jake holds the bottle in his hand to warm the lube inside.

He squirts some into the palm of his hand and gently strokes Daniels cock, layering it with a slick coat, then he does the same with his hole.

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Daniel works himself so he is on top of Jake, Jake wraps his legs around Daniel as Daniel eases his dick into Jake. Jake winces as it enters but as soon as he feels Daniels sack against his ass the pain subsides and gives way to pleasure, a pleasure so intense it feels like he is being stroked. Jake reaches down to stroke himself when Daniel beats him to it, now with the guy he has been craving for months about, inside of him and and stroking him, he is in blissful ecstasy, its almost unbearable.

The thrusts and strokes become in tune and with everyone his moans get louder and more passionate, he wants to kiss Daniel but the pleasure wracking his body won't let him. They both feel like their dicks are going to explode if they got any harder but it just urges Daniel on faster, sweat beads along his chest and the heat is almost unbearable.

Suddenly Jake can't take it any longer, he fires his load across his chest and over his shoulder, into his face. It just keeps coming in eight large volleys, going everywhere because of the way he is being jerked, He can feel that Daniel is about to cum. "Cum on me." Daniel barely gets a chance to pull it out as he practically screams in ecstasy and explodes all over Jake's chest and dick.


After Daniel finishes he collapses next to Jake both of their breathing is laborious and slow. Jake gives him one more passionate kiss, then gets up and grabs a towel to clean himself off with.


Jake calls out from the bathroom. "Ahg, its in my hair!" They both laugh heartily. They both put on their underwear, Jake goes to put on his pants but Daniel stops him by putting his hand on Jake's. He weaves his fingers between Jake's. "Can we just watch T.V. like this?" Jake gives a soft smile and grabs the blanket off the floor and they hold each other as close as they can, with Daniel stroking Jake's chest and taking in the sweet aroma of raspberry dew.

The taste of each other still lingering on the tip of their tongues. After a half hour the phone rings and their bubble pops. Jake looks at Daniel in despair.

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"It's probably about your brother recovering." Daniel tried to be hopeful, but Jake didn't seem to notice, or maybe not care. Daniel squeezes Jake's hand as he gets up to answer the phone. "Hello?" "Is this Jake smith?" His heart is thumping in his ears. "This is Saint Ma-" Jake cuts her off. "I know who this is. Is my brother alright?" There is a long pause. "I'm sorry, the-" Jake throws the phone across the room screaming, it lands on a couch and rolls to the floor.

He crumples to the floor sobbing, Daniel tries to comfort him but he is inconsolable. "Go up to your room, i'll be there in a few minutes, let me take care of what has to happen." He nods and manages to get up and heads upstairs. Daniel walks over to the phone and begins making the arrangements needed. Jake's head is swimming, he can't cry anymore, he can't be pissed, he can't scream, he can't do anything. His mind whirls as he rifles through his closet looking for the box that belonged to his grandfather.

He takes it over to the bed and opens it. The first thing he sees is the case of medals that he had won in WWII. The one that draws his eye is the one that is a skull and crossbones with a number thirteen attached that was made in honor of the thirteen SS-Totenkopfverbände that he shot during the war. Under that is the uniform he wore for formal events, neatly folded and a perfect fit. Finally beneath that was a German Luger with a small box of 21mm rounds next to it.

His grandfather believed he needed to know how to use a gun, to respect them. He knew this gun as intimately as he knew the guy that had his heart in the other room. He picked up the gun and took out the clip to check.

He always kept it loaded just in case. He slide the clip back into the gun and loaded a round into the chamber. Now his mind was clear, but his hand was shaky. He held the Luger under his chin and closed his eyes, he could feel the cold metal brush against his chin as tears streamed down his eyes.

He pulls back the hammer with a resounding click. "Forgive me Daniel." He says as he slowly squeezes the trigger.