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NOTE: This story is a sequel to Sharing Sue While it can be read as a stand alone story, the readier may enjoy it more if the other story is read first. Sue trembled. There was someone on top of her, inside of her, having sex with her. Who was it? Who was using her? Her vision was cloudy. She couldn't see clearly.

The face above hers was a blur, but somehow still familiar. She felt as if she should know this person, recognize him. She felt him moving on top of her, felt him moving in and out of her with long, hard strokes.

She whimpered. He shouldn't be doing this. She didn't want him doing this. Oh God, stop it! Oh God, please stop it! And then, she heard him groan in her ear as she felt him squirting long streams of hot, thick cum into her body. She felt the warmth of his fluids spreading through her.

She felt revulsion spreading through her as well. Sue jerked and her eyes came open. She was trembling and her breathing was shallow and rapid. She could feel the perspiration on her body. She heard Tom snoring softly as he lay next to her. Another dream. Just another bad dream. Sue slipped quietly out of bed and pulled a light silk robe on over her short white nightgown.

Padding down the hall to the kitchen, she took the orange juice from the refrigerator and poured a glass. The dreams were coming more often lately. Twice, sometimes three times a week. They weren't always the same, but they were … similar. It was always the same person, she was sure of that, and always just beyond recognition.

The dreams were always sexual in nature. And the acts being performed were always against her will. Why this sudden spate of dreams in which she was always being raped or abused? The dreams were disturbing. Frightening. There was something about them that was just too … real. She could feel the weight of the person pressing down on her. Feel his hands moving over her.


Feel the heat spreading through her body when he would cum. She didn't feel these things clearly and completely, but rather in bits and pieces. Almost like half remembered memories. She shivered despite the fact that it was a warm night. Come on, come on! Get a grip on yourself. It's only a dream, for heavens sake. You're not a little girl anymore. You're thirty years old! Next thing you'll be wanting a night light! Sue rinsed her glass and put it in the sink.

She turned off the kitchen light and went back to the bedroom. Slipping into bed, she snuggled up next to Tom and, eventually, drifted off to sleep. ******************** Sue was an attractive young lady. She stood slightly over five foot five inches tall and weighed 125 pounds.

She had a good figure with firm breasts, nicely rounded hips and long, beautifully shaped legs. She had large brown eyes and full lips. Her pretty face was framed by thick brown hair that she wore just past shoulder length. Today, she was dressed for the office in a pale yellow blouse with matching high heels and a dark brown skirt.

It was now nine thirty in the morning and Sue was at her desk in the engineering offices of McDermott Electronics. She had been the engineering secretary there for nearly five years and liked her job and her coworkers. Tom also worked at McDermott as a test engineer, and it was at work that they had originally met. She was typing up a report for one of the design engineers when the door to the office opened and Dan walked in.

Dan was also a test engineer, and he walked straight over to Sue's desk. "Morning, Sue. How's everything going today?" he asked with a smile. "Okay, Dan.

Typical Monday morning." Dan was a good friend of Tom's, and Sue had always kind of liked him. Lately, though, he made her feel uneasy whenever he was around. "Here's the test data for the M970 project. It will have to be appended to the Engineering Qualification Report." He laid a thick sheaf of papers on Sue's desk. "Not a problem. I'll take care of it as soon as I finish this." she said as she indicated the report on her computer screen.

"Perfect. By the way, a group of us are stopping down at Jerry's Place after work for a couple of beers. If you and Tom don't have any plans, why don't you stop in?" "I'll … mention it to him. We may… stop in." "Great. See you later." Dan said with a smile as he turned and left the office. Sue felt a slight shiver travel up her spine. What was the matter with her? Why this sudden feeling of … of … revulsion, yes, that was it … revulsion, whenever Dan came around her?

He hadn't done anything to make her feel that way, and she couldn't explain the change in her attitude towards him. She just knew that he made her feel … dirty. Why would she feel that way? Sue shook her head to clear her thoughts and returned to the report she was working on.

******************** It was five thirty and several McDermott employees were laughing and talking over beers at Jerry's Place. Others were playing pinball. Sue was sitting at the bar talking with Cheryl, one of the sales secretaries, while Tom shot pool with Dan.

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Sue was once again feeling uneasy in Dan's presence, and was troubled because she had no idea why. "Sue? Did you hear me?" Cheryl asked. "What? Oh. Sorry, Cheryl. My mind was … wandering." "It sure was.

Is something bothering you?" Sue and Cheryl had been friends for years, and Sue felt comfortable confiding in her. She glanced around to make sure no one was close enough to hear, then lowered her voice as an added precaution. "It's just that … I've been having … dreams … lately. Bad dreams. I keep dreaming that I'm being … raped. It's not always the same dream, but it's always the same person. I'm not sure who it is, but I feel that I should know him.

And sometimes it feels like there's someone else there, too, just watching. It all seems so … so real, like it's more than a dream. When I wake up, I feel sick, and dirty, like … like …" "… like you would feel if you had been raped." Cheryl finished the sentence for her. "Look, Sue, I've had dreams like that, too. They seem so real that I wake up in a cold sweat, and I can almost feel what was happening in the dream.

That happens to everybody once in a while." "Maybe. But I never had dreams like this before. I've only been having them for maybe four or five weeks, and they come two or three times a week. It all started so … so suddenly, and it won't quit." "Okay, did anything … happen around four or five weeks ago?

Anything that could have triggered the dreams?" "If you're asking me if I was raped, the answer is no. And I've wracked my brain trying to remember if anything else happened, anything that might have bothered me or scared me badly enough to start the dreams up.

Nothing. Things have just been normal." "Anything else? I mean, besides the dreams, is there anything else bothering you? Anything that might be related?" "No, nothing. Except …" Sue hesitated. "Except what?" "Well, for the last few weeks, I've felt … nervous, uncomfortable … whenever Dan is around me.

I always liked Dan, and I don't know why I feel the way I do." Cheryl thought for a moment. "Hmmm. I wonder? You said the person who was raping you in your dreams seemed familiar. Like you should know him. Any similarity between your dream rapist and Dan?" Sue considered this for several seconds.

"I guess … maybe … maybe it could be Dan in my dreams. Or at least someone very … similar." "So maybe that's why you feel uncomfortable around him. The dreams are bothering you, and Dan reminds you of the person in your dreams.


That would make sense, wouldn't it?" "Yeah," Sue replied "I guess it would. Well, at least now I know why I feel nervous around Dan. Now if I could just understand why I'm having these terrible dreams." ****************** Sue felt someone on top of her, sitting on her chest. Hands were in her hair, lifting her head. She felt something rubbing against her lips, slowly sliding into her mouth, moving back into her throat. The hands in her hair began slowly moving her head forward and back, moving her mouth up and down the long, hard shaft.

She whimpered as she realized it was a penis in he r mouth. Her eyes opened part way. She could see the blurred figure above her.

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He seemed familiar. Seemed as if she should know him. He was thrusting with his hips now as well as moving her head forward and back. He was fucking her mouth, driving into her throat. She wanted him to stop, but she couldn't do anything. For some reason she couldn't move. He was jamming himself into her throat now, fucking her mouth faster and harder. She could feel the swollen meat twitching and throbbing. She felt him pull her face up tight against his stomach and hold her there while he kept thrusting with his hips.

And then she felt the long stream of hot, sickening cum spray her throat. She choked as he pumped more and more cum into her, filling her mouth. Helpless to do anything else, Sue swallowed the thick, milky liquid. And with a start, she was awake.

Trembling, sweating, feeling nauseous. It had seemed so real. So awfully real. She swore she could actually taste the cum in her mouth.

Feel it coating her tongue. Slipping out of bed, Sue went to the bathroom to brush her teeth. After brushing her teeth, she sat on the edge of the bathtub and hugged herself tightly. Why was this happening? Was she losing her mind? This was two nights in a row she'd had nightmares. Last night she had dreamed the blurred figure she couldn't quite recognize, along with the unknown watcher, were walking her down a hallway.

In her dream, she wore only a bra, panties, garter belt, nylons and high heels.

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As they reached a door, two more figures entered the hallway. Strangers, people she didn't know. Words were spoken, and then Sue was lead outside into the night. Nearly naked, she was walked across the parking lot, the click-click-click of her heels on concrete the only sound she recognized. She had once more woken up in a cold sweat. It had seemed so real. So terribly, terribly real. She could almost see the faces of the two strangers who had entered the building to stare at her. She even thought one of them was named Jerry, although she didn't know why she thought so.

She could feel the cool night air on her skin as they crossed the parking lot. Sue hung her head as a tear traced a path down her cheek. What was happening to her? Dear God, what was happening to her? ******************** The week dragged by. Three times she'd had nightmares. Three times she'd woken in abject fear, trembling in the night. It was now Saturday, and Tom was working overtime on a rush project.

Sue had the day to herself, and decided to go to Central City Mall to do some shopping. There were some things she needed to buy, and just maybe it would take her mind off of things. She had been at the mall nearly three hours and had finished most of her shopping when she noticed two young men coming towards her. They seemed somehow familiar, and were paying more than a normal amount of attention to her.

Then it hit her. They looked like the two strangers in her dream. As they drew abreast, one stepped in front of her, blocking her way. "Hey, party girl! I thought it was you. How have you been?" he said with a big grin on his face. "Excuse me." she said icily and moved to step around him. The second one blocked her way. "Don't you remember us, party girl?" the second one asked. "We saw you in the hallway outside Danny's place about a month ago. Right after the … party." He chuckled as he said it.

Sue came to a dead stop. They looked like the two strangers in her dream, and now they were telling her they saw her in a hallway about a month ago. A hallway outside Danny's place. Her mind raced. She and Tom had stopped at Dan's apartment one night about a month ago. They had stopped after being out to bars and clubs. She remembered going there, but didn't remember leaving. For that matter, she didn't really remember being there.

Only arriving. "Are one of you named … Jerry?" she asked hesitantly. "Bingo, sweetheart! That's me." the first one said. "And this is my buddy, Arnie. Maybe you'd like to party with us sometime." Sue squeezed her eyes shut. She had to know. "You said you saw me in … in the hallway. What … what was I … wearing?" The two looked at each other. "Are you kidding me, party girl?" "Please.

It's important. What … what was I wearing?" "Shit, sweetheart, that's easy. I'll never forget that outfit, girl. You were traipsing down the hall in nothing but a bra, panties, garter belt, nylons and high heels. I mean that was sexy as hell!" Jerry told her. "Yeah." added Arnie. "The bra, panties and garter belt were black, and each one had a little red bow right at the center.

The high heels were like sandals, with a strap around the ankles. Too fucking sexy, party girl." Fighting down the urge to vomit, Sue turned and hurried away from the two young men. She didn't even hear them call after her. She hurried to her car and sat behind the steering wheel, trembling and hugging herself. The outfit the two young men so accurately described was the one she had worn under her dress the night she and Tom had stopped at Dan's apartment.

The night when she couldn't remember anything that happened.

The night when she remembered arriving at Dan's, and remembered nothing else until she woke up in her own bed the next morning. Her mind screamed. The dreams. They weren't dreams at all. They were memories! Half buried memories! It had really happened! Tom had taken her to Dan's apartment and let him use her while she was passed out. Passed out? She hadn't drank that much. She was sure of it. Drugs. Tom must have drugged her, and then he had let Dan RAPE her! In both the vagina and the mouth.

And he watched! She knew it, was sure of it! She broke down, tears of shame and betrayal streaming down her cheeks. The bastards! The dirty bastards! Slowly, her shame was replaced by anger. How could they have done that to her? How could they? Especially Tom. He lived with her.

He was suppose to care about her. How could he have let Dan … let Dan DO that? Her anger grew, slowly turning into rage. She would leave Tom, there was no doubt about that. But not yet. Not yet. Not until she got even with him. With BOTH of them. She would make them pay, and pay dearly. But how? How to make them pay in a way that would stay with them forever?

Sue began thinking, and her thoughts were dark. ******************** Sue sat in the recliner in the living room of the house she shared with Tom and thought while she sipped on a screwdriver, made with a double shot of vodka and a small amount of orange juice. Slowly, deliberately, her plans formed in her mind. It would be chancey, and require an element of risk on her part. She was fairly sure that she would be able to control the situation, but there was always the slim chance that it might go wrong.

Still, if her plan worked, if it just worked, it would be more than worth the risk. When Tom got home from work, she would have to act as if nothing was wrong. She would have to act as if she still cared for him rather than hating his guts. That would be the hard part. But she could do it. She had to. Time to put things in motion. She picked up the phone and dialed a number. She heard the phone ringing across the wires.

"Hello?" The voice was soft and melodious. "Stevie? It's Sue." "Susie! Oh, it's good to hear from you, girlfriend! How's everything going?" "Not too well, Stevie. I … I need a favor.

A really big one." "For you? Anything, love. You know that." For the next ten minutes, Stevie listened quietly while Sue explained her plans. When she finished, there was silence on the other end of the phone for what seemed like forever. "Susie, this just doesn't sound like you. You've never been … vicious. You've always been one of the kindest, gentlest persons I've ever known. What did they do to you to make you … hate them so much." Sue took a deep breath and closed her eyes.

"My … loving boyfriend … drugged me, Stevie. He drugged me, and then, while I was unconscious, he … he let one of his friends … rape me. Vaginally and … orally." The last was said in nearly a whisper. "Oh, God, Susie! I'm sorry! I'm so terriblyterribly sorry! Of course I'll help you. We'll make them regret they ever thought of doing such a thing to you.

We'll make them regret it for the rest of their miserable lives!" ******************** Tom got home at 4:15 and found Sue waiting with a drink ready for him. She kissed him lightly on the lips as she handed him the glass. "Here you go, dear. I thought you might be ready for a drink after working all day." "I am, babe.

Thanks." Tom sipped the drink and sighed. "Tastes good." Tom sat down on the couch and Sue sat next to him. "Can I talk to you about something … ummm … delicate?" she said in a soft voice. "Sure, hon. Anything." "Well, it's … it's just that … I'm not sure how to say this. I've had a … a fantasy, a sexual fantasy, for a long time. I never mentioned it because I didn't know how … how you would … react to it. You know?" "I can understand that, babe.

But I think you should know by now that my sexual concepts are somewhat … liberal." I know that better than you realize, she thought to herself. Softly, her eyes cast down, she said "I know, but this is really … different … than what you might be thinking. See, my fantasy is to … to … ummm … have two men … at the same time." Tom's jaw dropped and he stared at Sue. Had he heard her correctly? Did she say what he thought she said?

"Do you mean you … you want to have sex with two guys at once?" Sue nodded her head 'yes', her eyes still looking at the floor.

"I fantasize that the … three … of us go out partying. We go to several bars or clubs and … and have a few drinks and … dance and stuff. Then, later, we come home and go … to bed and then they both … take me … one after the other." "Okay." he said. "I assume that I'm one of the two. Did you have any thoughts about who else should … participate?" "I thought maybe … Dan.

I mean, he's our friend, we both like him, and he would keep it to himself." Damn! If I had only known this a month ago, Tom thought to himself. He never suspected that Sue would be this kinky. He visualized Sue stretched out naked on the bed, sandwiched between him and Dan, both of them working on her.

He felt himself getting hard just thinking about it. Sue watched as he took a deep pull at the drink in his hand. She could tell that he was getting aroused. So he would go for this. He was more than willing to share her with another guy. Or maybe two others? Or three? Why not four? Would there be any limit to the number of guys he would allow to use her? Would he stand by and watch while fifty lined up to take turns on her?

A hundred? Dirty, miserable, rotten piece of shit! "So when … when did you plan on … doing this?" he asked. "I thought maybe tonight. I mean, if Dan's available and … willing." Oh, he's willing, Tom thought.

Dan had hinted a couple of times that he wouldn't mind supplying the GHB if Tom would allow him to screw Sue again. They had actually been laying plans for a repeat performance. But this, this was a thousand times better than having her unconscious.


"Dan stopped down at 'Rudy's' to shoot pool after work. You know Dan and pool. He'll be there for hours. We can go down and … check with him if you want." "Okay. Lets go." Sue felt the butterflies in her stomach. She was afraid. God, she hoped she knew what she was doing! "In a minute. There's something I want to do first." Tom left Sue sitting on the couch and disappeared into the bedroom.

After a few minutes he called for her to come in. When Sue got to the bedroom, she noticed an outfit laying on the bed. A skimpy outfit. There was a red satin bra and matching panties, a red satin cincher with garters, and dark tan nylons. Sitting on the floor were red high heels with straps to fasten around the ankles.

"As long as we're getting kinky, let's get really kinky. Just wear this, without a dress or anything, underneath your white raincoat. Guaranteed you'll have Dan and I so turned on that you will really be taken care of later." Sue hesitated. She didn't want to go out dressed as Tom had suggested, but how could she avoid it? How could she say she was kinky enough to want to have two guys use her and then say that she would be embarrassed to wear this outfit under a raincoat?

"Okay." she said with a false smile on her face. "Give me a few minutes to change." Tom left the bedroom as Sue started undressing. In less than ten minutes, she was in the outfit he had laid out for her. She took her white raincoat out of the closet, slipped it on over her lingerie, buttoned it and fastened the belt around her waist.

She looked at her reflection in the full length mirror. She was sure that Tom and Dan would think the outfit was really sexy. Sue, however, thought she looked like a slut. The raincoat was short, stopping three inches above her knees. The collar and lapels formed a deep "V" on her chest that left no doubt that she wasn't wearing a blouse.

Due to the white color, she noticed the red bra and cincher, garters included, could just be discerned through the material of the coat. She turned out the bedroom light and checked again. Now she couldn't see what was underneath the coat. If they went into a dark bar, she would be okay. However, if they went into a well lit place, anyone who looked closely enough would be able to tell exactly what she was wearing under the coat.

She squeezed her eyes shut and took a deep breath. Courage, girl, courage! It was only for one night. ******************** Tom pulled into the parking lot of Rudy's Bar and switched off the ignition. Climbing out of the car, he walked around to the passenger door and opened it for Sue. As she swung her legs out of the car, the bottom of the raincoat separated slightly, letting him just see the tops of her nylons.

Damn, he thought, was this ever sexy! They walked across the parking lot and Tom held the door open for her. Stepping into the bar, Sue looked around. It was a typical working man's hangout. The bar ran the length of one side of the room with perhaps twenty stools lined up in front of it. Eight or nine were in use by men who had obviously come here straight from work.

Booths lined the other wall, all empty. There was a pinball machine against the back wall and in the middle of the floor sat a pool table. Dan was bent over the table, lining up a shot. "Hey! What's going on, guys?" he called when he saw Tom and Sue. "Rudy! Get those two whatever they want, and put it on my tab." They sat at the bar and ordered a screwdriver for Sue and a beer for Tom.

They sipped their drinks while Dan continued shooting his game. Sue noticed that the lighting was a little brighter than she had hoped for. She glanced down and noticed the reddish tint of the garter that ran down her leg. If she just stayed at the bar, maybe no one would notice.

Dan finished his game and hung up his cue. He picked his beer up from the rail of the pool table and walked over to where they sat. "Good to see you two. So what brings you down here?" "I've got to talk to you Dan.

In private." "Okay. Step into my office." Dan said with a nod towards the men's room. "Back in a minute, kid." Tom said to Sue as he and Dan walked away. Sue rotated her stool so that she was facing the bar. In the mirror behind the bar she could see reflections of men looking her up and down. She squeezed her glass tightly. They knew. They knew what she was wearing. They could see it through her white coat. Her face flushed with embarrassment and shame. Tom and Dan were gone nearly five minutes.

When they returned, Dan had an almost shocked look on his face.


He looked Sue up and down and actually licked his lips. "Tom … Tom says that … uhhh … that you want to … want to …" "… have sex with both of you." Sue said softly so as not to be overheard. "That's right, I do. But first I want to do a little bar hopping, spend the night partying and getting into the mood.

How's that sound to you? Are you interested?" "God yes!" Dan said without hesitation. His eyes were nearly bulging from their sockets. "Good." Sue replied. "Then let's start right here. We'll have two or three drinks, then go someplace else. Rudy, another round, please." ******************** Tom and Dan were faster drinkers than Sue, and ended up having four beers each to her two screwdrivers.

That was fine with Sue. Part of her plan was to get them just drunk enough that they would not be as observant as normally. That was key to her plan. "Well," she said "are you guys ready to hit another place?" "Sure.

Why not?" Tom said.

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He and Dan picked up their change from the bar, left tips for Rudy, and escorted Sue into the parking lot and to Tom's car. The sun had gone down while they were inside and it was now dark. "Before we go any further," Tom grinned "why don't you let Dan see your little surprise? I didn't tell him anything about that." Sue knew what he meant, and had been expecting it.

Glancing around to make sure no one else was near, she loosened her belt, unbuttoned her coat, and held it wide open so Dan could see her outfit. "Oh my God!" Dan muttered. "I don't believe …" "Think you'll be ready by the time we get over to our place?" Tom asked with a big smile on his face. "Oh my God." was all Dan could say. Sue rebuttoned the coat and once more fastened the belt. Tom opened the car door for her and she slid into the car, moving to the center of the seat so Dan could get in next to her.

Tom got in on the driver's side so that she was sitting between them. Turning her face to him, Tom kissed her on the lips while his hand drifted down to one of her breasts. She felt Dan's lips on her neck and his hand rubbing her thigh underneath the raincoat. She had expected this, too, and had steeled herself for it. She had known that if she were going to play her part successfully, she would have to allow them to fondle her to a certain extent.

Tom was now nibbling her neck and Dan's tongue darted in and out of her mouth. She estimated they had been playing with her for perhaps five minutes when she broke her mouth free, and in a breathless voice said "Okay. That's enough for now. Let's head on down the road. I want to go to 'Gastown' and listen to some music." "Good idea." Dan said to Tom with a smirk on his face.

"You can drive while we neck." Putting his arms around her and pulling her close, Dan locked his lips to Sue's as Tom started the car. She willed herself to not push Dan away as his tongue intertwined with hers and his hands roamed over her body. His right hand was rubbing and squeezing her left breast as he continued kissing her. She felt his hand slowly travel down across her stomach and down her leg. His hand was now on her right knee, and he started rubbing the inside of her thigh.

Slowly, his hand moved up under her coat, higher on her leg until he moved above the top of her nylon stocking and found bare skin. Sue trembled as Dan began rubbing her crotch. Dan was now nibbling on her neck as Tom guided the car through traffic. Sue moaned as Dan pushed the crotch of her panties aside and rubbed his finger between the lips of her vagina. Sue's body tensed and her trembling increased as he found her clit and slowly massaged it.

She hated Dan for what he was doing to her. She hated Tom for allowing him to do it. And she hated herself for not stopping him.

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She was revolted by Dan's touch, but she knew she had to play along, for just a little while longer. Then, she would have her revenge. Revenge for what they had done to her. Revenge for what they were doing to her now. They would pay, and pay dearly.

"Nnnnnuuuhhhhh." Sue moaned as Dan's massaging of her clit proceeded. She had always been sensitive there, and her body was beginning to respond in spite of her emotions. "St-stop. Enough, Dan. Enough." "No it isn't. It won't be enough until I make you cum." Oh, God she thought. I can't do that. I can't let him make me cum. "Please, Dan. Please stop it. Oooohhhhh. I … I don't want … don't want … oooohhhhh &hellip." Sue was trembling even more.

Her legs were twitching and jerking as her body's response to the stimulation of her clit increased. She didn't want this to happen.

She didn't want to respond like this. She tried taking her mind away from what was happening. Tried thinking about something else. She couldn't stop it, though. Couldn't stop the feeling that was flooding her body. Tom was dividing his attention between the road and watching what was happening to Sue. He saw her twitching and trembling as Dan continued working on her. He heard her moaning softly and heard her breathing become rapid.

Her eyes were closed and her head was slowly rolling from side to side. He could tell she was approaching orgasm. "P-please … Dan … please st-stop … uuhhh … uuhhh … oh God … please stop … I don't … I don't … uuhhh … uuhhh … no … no … don't … uuhhh … uuhhh … oh Jesus … oh Jesus … don't … please don't … no … no … uuhhh … uuhhh…" Sue's body was trembling and jerking uncontrollably.

Her legs were kicking and twitching while her head snapped from side to side. She was breathing rapidly and raggedly through her open mouth. "No … oh please no … stop … it … stop … it … I don't … I don't … want … uuhhh … uuhhh … oh God!

… oh God! … nnnnuuuuuhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!" Sue's body snapped taut as the orgasm raged through her. Her hips were bouncing and jerking against Dan's hand. She grabbed his wrist with both hands and tried to push him away as she jerked and twisted in the seat.

Still he gently massaged her clit. Over and over she felt the orgasm tear through her. She was nearly squealing as she screamed out. Finally, after what seemed like ages, she stiffened, shivered, and then went limp as the orgasm passed. "Oh God. Oh God." she panted as she tried to catch her breath. As much as she hated Dan, she leaned against his shoulder for support as he rubbed her thigh. She was still trembling as Tom pulled into the parking lot of the Gastown. "Had a good one, didn't you?" she heard Tom ask.

She felt sick. She felt disgusted with herself. How could she have done that? How could she have responded like that? She felt ashamed of herself. She felt dirty. She felt like crying. Get a grip! she thought. Pull yourself together. You're supposed to want this. You're supposed to enjoy this. Get into character. Act like you enjoyed it before you blow the whole plan!

Leaning over, Sue kissed Dan lightly on the lips. "That was … really good. I'll make sure that you … feel just as good … later on. Now, let's go in and check out the band." The Gastown was a larger club. The front room had a long bar with thirty stools, two pool tables, a bowling machine, and four pinball machines.

The backroom was twice the size of the front room with booths lining the walls. Numerous tables took up one half of the available floor space. The rest of the floor space was devoted to a dance floor and a small stage.

The booths along the walls were U shaped, so that people could sit 180 degrees around the tables. The seats were padded in red velvet.

Tom, Sue and Dan slid into one of these booths with Sue between the two men. Almost immediately, their hands were on her legs, rubbing the insides of her thighs, pushing the hem of her raincoat up to her crotch. She tried not to think about it. The waitress came, and they ordered two beers and a screwdriver. The band was decent and played a mix of music. Whenever they played a slow song, which was quite often, either Tom or Dan would have Sue on the dance floor.

She would close her eyes and lay her head on their shoulders and try to ignore the rubbing and fondling. It wasn't any better during fast songs, when they would sit on either side of her, running their hands up under her raincoat, squeezing her thighs and rubbing her crotch. After a couple of hours of this abuse, Sue decided that Tom and Dan had drank enough to put her plan into operation. "I think I've had enough of this place." She said matter of factly.

"And there's a new place I want to try that Cheryl told me about. It's called the Stumble Inn over on Hanson Road." "If that's what you want, my love, then that's what you'll get." Tom grinned and slid out of the booth. Oh, yes, Sue thought. That's exactly wha t I want. ******************** Tom pulled into the parking lot of the Stumble Inn and guided the car to the back of the lot.

Dan had his left arm around Sue's shoulders and his right arm around her waist. His lips were pressed to hers and his tongue darted in and out of her mouth. He had been abusing her all the way from the Gastown. Shutting off the engine, Tom leaned over and, cupping her right breast with his left hand, started nibbling her neck. Breaking her mouth free of Dan's, Sue breathlessly said "Okay, enough for now.

Let's go in and get a drink." "What's the hurry?" Tom asked with his mouth still pressed to her neck. "We've got all night." His hand dropped to the belt of her raincoat and started unfastening it while Dan fumbled with the buttons. "But I … I was planning on … on doing this later. Party first and then … then go home and … and have you take me … in bed. That was … my plan." Sue murmured as they pulled open her raincoat, exposing the skimpy outfit she wore underneath.

"So what's wrong with now and later?" Dan whispered in her ear. "Double your pleasure." They were pulling the raincoat off of her shoulders now, slipping her arms out of the sleeves. She didn't want to do this. She didn't want them using her.

But if she protested too much that she wanted to wait until they got home, they might decide to call it a night and go there. What would she do then?

Her plan would be ruined, and they would insist on taking her to bed. Would she be able to stop them if that happened? Tom pulled the raincoat out from under her and tossed it onto the back seat. Dan's and Tom's hands were all over her, rubbing, squeezing. Each of them were nibbling on opposite sides of her neck. As long as she and Tom had lived together, he knew all of her "hot buttons" and she felt herself becoming wet in spite of her feelings.

"Please … can't we … can't we … wait? It will be … better … later on.

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I promise … it will. I'll make sure it's better if we … if we wait." "Pass a chance, you're always one behind." Tom muttered as he pulled his rock hard dick into view. Sue noticed that Dan had also exposed himself. Turning so that he could lean against the car door, Tom pulled Sue around so that her back was pressed against his chest. Reaching under her arms and around, he cupped her right breast with his left hand while his right hand rubbed her stomach through the satiny material of her cincher.

Sue felt her heart racing as Dan lifted her legs and spread them apart. Dan was kneeling on the seat with her knees draped over his elbows, holding her legs in the air, and Sue and Tom could both watch as he guided his cock to her opening.

She felt the butterflies dancing in her stomach as he pushed aside the crotch of her panties. This couldn't be happening. It just couldn't be. "Please, don't. Not … not here. Please … PLEASE not here. Somebody … somebody will … will see us. Oh, no. Oh, please no!" Dan ignored her pleas.

He was pressing against her as Tom held her in place. She felt Dan's cock forcing her open, penetrating into her. "Nnnnnnnnuuuuuhhhhhh." Sue moaned and closed her eyes as Dan buried himself inside her with a single thrust of his hips.

She felt Tom's hands roaming over her while Dan slowly fucked her, and she felt sick. Slowly, taking his time, Dan moved in and out of her with long, steady strokes. She hadn't wanted this to happen. She hadn't wanted them to use her. She had thought she would be able to control the situation and avoid this. She had said "no", she had begged them, but they didn't listen. She had overestimated her ability to keep things under control, and now she was being raped in the parking lot of a bar.

Dan was now rubbing his hands over her nylon encased thighs while Tom kneaded her breasts. Her high heeled feet were slowly bouncing in the air in time with Dan's movements. She could see street lights and stars through the windshield of the car as the rape continued. Over and over he shoved his meat deep into her body, and Sue moaned with each penetration.

Oh, God! How long was he going to keep this up? Please, please hurry and finish, she thought to herself. She could watch the minutes crawl by on the dashboard clock. Ten minutes. Fifteen minutes. Twenty minutes. Please cum already! She heard Dan moaning deep in his throat as his pace steadily increased. He was driving into her faster and harder now and she could see his brow furrow as he squeezed his eyes shut. Her feet continued bouncing in time with the assault, and Tom continued kneading her breasts as he watched Dan's cock sliding rapidly in and out of Sue.

"Oh God!" Dan groaned. "Oh God! Uhhh … uhhh … uuuhhhhooooooooooooo!" Sue's stomach constricted and she whimpered as she felt Dan's cock shoot a long stream of cum into her. Each time he drove into her, he shot another stream of cum. She felt the warmth spreading through her as he pounded into her over and over until finally, with a shiver and a sigh, he quit moving. "God, Sue! You are so good! You are just so fucking good!" Dan moaned as he allowed himself to gradually soften inside of her.

She didn't say what she was thinking at that moment, but just lay still until Dan finally withdrew from her. Lifting her right leg and passing it in front of him, Dan let both her feet return to the floor of the car. Tom then pushed her away from him and towards Dan, who turned her and pulled her back towards him. Lifting her feet from the floor, Tom spread her legs and knelt between them, his elbows under her knees.

Dan's arms were wrapped around her and her breasts were in his hands. Sue was in the exact same position she had been only moments before, but facing the other direction with Tom getting ready to enter her. "Oooohhhhhhhhh." escaped from Sue's throat as Tom pushed his length up inside her. She heard him sigh as he slowly stroked his meat into her. Slowly withdrawing and just as slowly reentering her, over and over.

Sue was revolted by the very thought of having two men inside her, one after the other. She had never been promiscuous. Never been loose. It would have never even crossed her mind to let two men use her. She had no choice, though. If she had fought, if she had done everything in her power to try and stop them, it would have done nothing but ruin her plan.

They still would have raped her, and then gone home. She was sure of that. The evening would have ended with Sue raped and her plan unrealized. He continued using her, slowly and deliberately, stretching it out as long as possible. Sue opened her eyes and glanced at the clock. The minute hand crept ever so slowly around the dial. She just wished he would hurry and finish. She never wanted to have him inside her again.

He was putting his weight on the back of her legs, forcing her knees towards her chest. The toes of her high heeled feet were touching the roof of the car. He could penetrate her deeply in this position, nearly hitting her cervix as he drove into her. Sue cried out with each thrust of his hips. Tom's breathing was coming more rapidly now, and his hips were thrusting faster and harder. Sue squeezed her eyes shut and ground her teeth together.

She wanted him to finish. She wanted him to get out of her. She heard him muttering "Oh, God!" over and over. She felt his cock inside her, twitching and throbbing. And then he groaned and she felt him shooting his warm, thick fluids into her.

Felt them mixing with Dan's fluids inside of her. He pumped more and more cum into her as he continued his relentless thrusting. Finally, mercifully, he gradually slowed his pace until he stopped moving. Sue heard him panting as he softened inside of her. Tom and Dan had both used her, so Sue was allowed to return to a sitting position between them.

Taking some tissue from her purse, she cleaned herself as best she could. She felt miserable. She felt dirty. She wanted to scream and cry. She wanted to be as far away from these two as she could get, but that would destroy her plan. Now came the time when she would have to muster all of her resolve, all of her determination, all of her courage. Griev e later. For now, get into character! Play the role!

"Well," she asked with a forced smile on her face "now that I've taken care of the two of you, and your sexual tensions have been released, are you ready to go in for a drink?" "You sure you still feel up to it, babe?" Tom asked.

Feel up to it? God, no! She didn't feel up to anything but laying down and bawling her head off. Screwing up her courage, though, she said "Sure. We came out to party, didn't we? So let's party. Dan, could you be a sweetheart and hand me my coat, please?" Dan reached into the back seat and brought Sue's raincoat forward. The two men climbed out of the car and Sue, after a quick look around to make sure no one was close by, stepped out with the coat still in her hands.

Standing next to the car, she slipped into the raincoat, buttoned it and fastened her belt tightly around her trim waist. Retrieving her purse from the car, she stepped between the two of them, put her arms through theirs, and said "Let's go! I'm definitely ready for a drink." Dan held the door for Tom and Sue and they entered the Stumble Inn.

It was a medium sized establishment with a long bar along the right wall, booths along the left, and two pool tables in the middle.

There were perhaps twenty or twenty five men drinking, talking and shooting pool. Sue lead the way to the bar and took an empty seat. Tom and Dan sat on either side of her. "What can I do for you?" the bartender asked.

"We've got something to celebrate." Sue replied before Tom or Dan could say anything. "I'll have a shot of Peach Schnapps, and my special guys here will each have a shot of scotch." "Coming right up." "You're doing a shot to celebrate?" Tom asked. "You must have really enjoyed what we just did to you out there.

You really like having two guy's bang you, don't you." Sue fought her feelings to keep a smile on her face. "I told you, it was a fantasy of mine. I thought it was just great having the two of you climbing all over me like that. I can hardly wait until we get back to the house so you guys can do it again." The bartender brought the shots and collected the money. Sue lifted her glass and said "To many more nights of great sex with my favorite guys!" Tom and Dan smiled broadly as they downed the scotch.

Dan signaled the bartender for another round. This was great! He and Tom were really into something great with Sue. He wondered if she was into oral and anal sex? God, would he love to put it up that shapely ass of hers!

Tom and Dan downed their shots and Tom ordered a third round. They were celebrating, all right. Celebrating their mistaken belief that Sue was going to be some kind of sex toy for the two of them. Fat chance. Sue noticed their eyes were sagging, only part way open. It was nearly time. They had been in the Stumble Inn barely fifteen minutes when Tom and Dan passed out on the bar.

A group of men immediately came over and pulled Tom and Dan off their stools and dragged them to the pool tables. The bartender came up and laid his hand over Sue's. "Are you okay, Susie?" he asked softly. "I … I'm not sure, Stevie." She heard Tom scream behind her as a dick was forcefully buried in his ass.

Dan was gagging. He was unaccustomed to having things jammed into his throat. "Did you have any trouble setting things up?" "No. When I explained to my friends what those two did to you, and what you had done for me, they were more than happy to help." Stevie and Sue grew up on the same street and had been friends since childhood.

When Stevie had realize at 16 that he was gay, he came very near to committing suicide. It had been Sue who had stood with him and helped him through those difficult times. "I put just enough GHB in those first shots to put them partially out. They won't be able to resist, and they won't have any clear memories, but they know what's going on and they will remember bits and pieces of what's being done to them." "Good. I want them to remember just enough to torture them, like my memories tortured me.

I want them to have nightmares, but to know the nightmares are real. I want them to know what it feels like to be raped and betrayed." Sue noticed the flash of light behind her. One of the men had a Polaroid camera and was taking pictures of Tom and Dan as the rapes continued.

She would take those pictures and tape them to 8 ½ by 11 inch sheets of paper, six photos to a sheet. She would then Xerox those pages, making dozens and dozens of copies. Those copies would then be circulated around town. The photos wouldn't clearly indicate that the two were being raped. Only that they had been involved in homosexual activities. And Tom and Dan would receive copies, too, so they would know everything that had been done to them.

"Did you have any trouble getting them here?" Stevie asked. "Not really. I just had to get them drunk enough that they wouldn't realize that this is a gay bar as soon as we walked in.

That meant going to some other bars first and … and …" Sue hesitated for nearly a minute. "… I had to … play along and let them … let them … touch me. You know?" "That must have been hard for you, Susie." Stevie put his hand under her chin and lifted her face so he could look into her eyes. Something was wrong. "Let's go back into the office, Susie. You don't have to stay here for … this." He indicated the pool tables where Tom and Dan were being simultaneously anally and orally raped.

Sue stood up and followed Stevie into the back office. Stevie closed the door, shutting out the sounds from the barroom. "Something's wrong, isn't it, Susie? I can tell." Sue felt the tears welling up in her eyes. She was trembling and a whimper escaped from her. "I … I thought that … that I could … control the s-situation. I … I knew I would … have to … have to let them … touch me … and … and k-kiss me.

But I thought … I thought … I could k-keep them from … doing … doing anything … else." Stevie saw the tears rolling freely down Sue's cheeks and put a hand gently on her shoulder. She looked into his eyes. "I was … I was … wrong, Stevie. I was … so wrong.

They … they r-raped me. B-both of them. In … in the … in the … parking lot … right … right … outside! They … they … raped me … one … after the … other! Oh, God, Stevie! Oh, God!" Sue broke down at that point and collapsed against Stevie. He took her in his arms and comforted her as best he could.

All of the emotions that she had been forced to keep bottled up through the long night, the anger, the fear, the frustration, the revulsion, all of it came pouring out. Her body was wracked by deep sobs as she cried long and loud. Stevie pulled her down onto the couch and sat there holding her while she cried. The tears came for a long, long time. ******************** The photos of Tom and Dan made the rounds.

The people they worked with, the bars they frequented, even their relatives saw the dozens and dozens of pictures. They couldn't take it and finally left town. Dan went to California while Tom went to Colorado. Dan was plagued with nightmares of what had happened. He woke screaming nearly every night.

The half remembered visions and feelings were more than he could take. He lasted six months before committing suicide. Tom tried to chase the memories away with a bottle. He drank hard and heavy. One night, after a particularly heavy drinking session, Tom missed a curve at high speed and plunged over an embankment.

He outlived Dan by just nine months. Sue sought counseling and, with Stevie's help and support, slowly recovered from her ordeal. Three years later, she met Larry Davis, who would prove to be the most loving, considerate husband any woman could ask for. In a break with tradition, Stevie served as Sue's Maid of Honor.