Straight guys in sauna get hot

Straight guys in sauna get hot
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As I sit here on my porch on this lovely Sunday afternoon, I reflected on my life.

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A life gone by, so quick and filled with many sweet memories; you see I'm an average town man who lived an average life. A life that doesn't concern many, but a life that have had some secrets no one had ever knew; only her and I are the ones who shares this secret.

Back then when I was younger, back in my elementary years, a girl moved next door to me. Growing up as kids we've played alongside with each other and soon grew to be best friends.

Her name was Annie, a sweet girl she was, and I always enjoyed her company. Even before I knew what love was, I always felt this magnetic attraction towards Annie.


So here we were, two young children who grew up in a charming little suburban neighborhood. My wife Christine would also later join us in our little peaceful town. A few years would have passed by before she does so.

I've always wanted a tree house, a sanctuary where I could call my own, I wanted it for such a long time.


To have a swinging tire tied to the tree; that was a dream of mine as a kid. So my dad built a tree house in our backyard on our oak tree.

I remembering peering up and looking at that tree, I thought the tree could have reached into the sky. We finished the ladder to the tree house and that soon became our second home.

A place where no one could bother us and a place where you could only be let in by my discretion. I remember Annie clear and vivid. Her long straight black hair that just shimmered in the sunlight as she ran, the ways her eyes twinkled as though the stars have been put into them and how her radiant white skin glowed in the moonlit night. Her complexion matched mine, I was light skinned myself and my black hair didn't seem too shabby when I compared it with her. We look gorgeous together and I knew as the years flew by, I would one day fall in love with this girl.

To me, she was like an angel; one I never knew I'd lust for one day. So as the flow of life traveled on, Annie and I soon began to grow up. I realized one day, she was not the same Annie I knew before. She was timid and shy now, sometimes not even looking directly at me in the eyes anymore when we talked to each other.

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I think it was because of how her body was changing, she wasn't sure if she was beautiful; I told myself I'd be the one to change her mind. I knew that girls went through changes as they grow older, but for Annie to grow so distant, I was quite dumbfounded. I was 17 now, and Annie just had turned 17 also. One day, it just hit me that Annie grew up to be such a beautiful young lady, the day was perfect; the skies were clear, and it was absolutely gorgeous.

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Noon had turned to evening, and the skies echoed the colors of the fall. Orange and red filled up the skies and I thought it would be a great idea to call Annie over to talk and hang out in our tree house, the place where we lived most of our lives as kids. I wanted to watch the sunset with Annie, spend some time with her, the things I never really did so intimately before.

I sat there on top at the door of my tree house and saw Annie walking closer and closer. It's been a weird journey, but now every time I saw Annie I just wanted to grab her, to hold her, to kiss her, to make love to her.

Somewhere along the line, my body has enraptured the fantasy of holding someone like her next to me, and make love to her under the stars.

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As she came closer, I saw the shape of her body was different. It was even evident through the dress that she was wearing. Curves and curves, they never seemed to end, she had the perfect body. I didn't notice. Ripe developing breasts and curves like an hour glass, her stomach flat as a bed pan; her legs were long, white and slender, then an urge just came over me; I wanted to just rip apart that blouse of hers, massage her breasts, and slowly work up on her legs and French kiss her like she has never been kissed before.

I shuddered to myself, "What are you thinking John, she's your best friend, you can't imagine her in this way". It was too late, I knew I had the burning desire to be the boy who'd make her aching and wanting for more! I knew it, I felt it, and it felt good… As she climbed up the ladders, her breasts were revealing themselves, bouncing and jiggling, every teenage boy's dream.

I knew it wasn't right to look, I would have never done it, but something else just came over me as I peered my eyes down her blouse as she was climbing up.

I saw her white clear beautiful skin and I felt this sudden rush of ecstasy, as I knew my cock had hardened. It was a magnificent view I tell you, a view I should have never had but one I did not regret taking. Her laced bra was white made out of silk and it contoured her breasts so nicely! How I just wanted to tear apart that bra and feel upon those breasts.

I wanted to rub her tits, lick them, and put them in my mouth so I can suck on them. I thought to myself, "John, get control over yourself". Then I calmed down a little, but it didn't last very long. So we sat there talking and it was a fun evening.

The more we talked, the more I felt the urge just to lean over and make love to her. The way she sat next besides me, I just wanted to run my hands up between her blouse and between her legs and feel her soft luscious pussy. Oh how I longed for it so much, my cock is rock solid now, not even a sledgehammer could put a dent through my little guy. I leaned over and I kissed her, and surprisingly she kissed back. I felt her tongue in my mouth and I was sucking and licking her tongue with my own.

Our tongues intertwined and were groping each other in our mouths. She was licking my tongue furiously with hers, and I was sucking right back. It was pure lust; I loved how the animal within me was being released. As a few minutes passed by, we continued making out and I someone found my hand upon her breasts. Underneath her blouse and under her bra, I massaged those tits that I wanted to feel for so long. At first, I only massaged the areas around her nipple to tease her.

I could tell her nipples were just aching for the touch of my manly hands on them.

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She was moaning, "Oh John, we shouldn't do this, this is wrong, stop John." I ignored what she said and I continued.

Now I was twisting and playing with her nipples and now they have became rock hard. Her skin was so soft and radiant; it felt so right and so good. Then I took my tongued and flickered it softly across her nipple.

Her nipple instantly got harder and she was moaning in anticipation. The wetness from my tongue caused her nipple to ached, because of the cool gratifying feeling she got from the cold air around us. Her nipple stood out now, like a little gumdrop; I felt my cock hardened even more as she moaned and I knew she wanted me so badly!

Then as one hand of mine was still rubbing her tits as I moved the other hand further down. I was across her stomach, rubbing it gently working my way down to her pussy, which probably is throbbing for my cock by now. I moved down lower and lower until I felt her panty lines. I knew what kind of panty she wore; I saw her changing a few times accidentally before when we were growing up as kids.

It happened mostly when I ran by her room window, which she sometimes forgets to close when she was changing. She wore white silk cotton panties, and that was such a turn on for me. Underneath that cotton panty is a sweet little virgin pussy just waiting to be fucked hard and long. I made my way down to her thighs and rubbed and gently teased her inner thigh, the area so close to the pussy I love. I knew she wanted me just to rub her pussy and to finger her to all she's worth!

I teased her though. I couldn't give her what she wants so early now can I. I edged closer and closer, I pulled up her blouse and I saw through her white cotton panties, there was a wet spot. My cock was a full blown erection now, nothing turned me more on, then seeing her cunt wet through her panties, it was such a tease! Something so good waiting there for you, and it's a surprise when you come and get it. I lowered myself to her waistline whiling still massaging her luscious breasts with my hands; I could never take my hands off them!

I lowered my head towards her knees, and began kissing on her knees and slowly worked my ways up to her inner thigh. Her thigh was so white, it was so sexy! I licked and kissed softly and her hips began to move in sync with my tongue. She bucked gently and was dashing her hips in all directions in anticipation.

"Oh John, you shouldn't be doing that down there, you know we're good friends, we can't do this, JOHN, please stop", she moaned. I ignored her and took no notice of what she said, that was her mind speaking but her body was begging to be fucked here and NOW! Her white panties became more damp and wet, I could see through them now, revealing a little hidden glimpse of the pussy I wanted so badly. Then I gently took one finger and placed it over her cotton panties, I could feel her soft moist lips underneath.

I just wanted to part her pussy lips and finger her and make her she come. That was what I wanted, but she was a special girl to me, so I wanted to take it slow and to make it a memorable night. Pretty soon, my whole hand made it onto her pussy; it felt like a little mound of nothing there between her legs, all I felt was her dripping wetness.

My hand just laid there motionless for a few seconds as I was in awe. I was feeling her dampness through her panties. As the minutes passed by, I felt more wetness seep through her white cotton panties. Her outer lips were so soft and majestic; I felt I was born for her, and her alone, and for the only sole purpose of pleasuring this angel whom I care so much for.


Her hips were bucking now, and she pressed her pelvic region against my hand, she was grinding her hips in a circular motion towards now, rubbing her wet slit against my hand even harder and faster.

She moaned and started to feel my thighs with her hands. She moved up to my boxers and stuck her hand in there. She felt my cock and took it by one hand. She fiddled with it softly, arousing me even further; she gently stroked my cock up and down.

Up and down in a rhythmic pattern. She rubbed the head of my cock with her finger tips and she got her fingers wet from my pre-cum. She soon started to stroke my lubricated cock again. "Don't' you everrrrrrrr STOP Annie, jerk me off babe!", I yelled in ecstasy!

"Oooh John, I'm so sorry, I never meant to touch you there, I'm sorry," she whimpered out, as I was still rubbing her young damp pussy. "Shut up Annie, you know you want this, give IN! I wanna fuck you as much as you do, I can't wait to slide my cock into your virgin wetness! I want to fuck you ANNIE", I yelled.

A surprise came though, as I began to move her lips a little apart through her panties, she suddenly slapped my hands away. I jerked my hand away for a second but jerked it forward to get a touch of her sex before she had stopped me completely. She yelled, "John!

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That is enough, you know we can't be doing this, this is WRONG! You know that as well as I do, I think I should go home". As fast as she said that, she pulled her blouse up and tightened up her bra again, and she ran down the ladder and headed towards her home.

I never even got a chance to see her pussy, all I saw was the little wet spot her panties made, I never saw those pussy lips I longed for. My cock was throbbing now, my fingers still lingered the scent of her wetness, and I could taste her on my fingertips.

I never knew pussy tasted so good, I had to have her, I wanted, I lusted for her now… to be continued in part 2 ;D