Gay emos guys having sex Hot southern guy Tyler is definitely one of

Gay emos guys having sex Hot southern guy Tyler is definitely one of
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My Friend Linda Just as I got out of the shower I heard the phone ring. Mom hollered to me, "Linda needs your help with something." "Tell her I'm just getting out of the shower and will be over in a few." Linda and her family moved in next door when we were in first grade.

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We are now Juniors and best friends or maybe more brother and sister. I have watched Linda grow from a little girl to a beautiful, big titted slut. I get in a lot of fights because guys keep kidding me that I'm probably the only one in our high school that hasn't fucked her. Not to say I wouldn't like to but I have never even kissed her more than a peck on the cheek. I, like most teenage boys am horny all the time and jack off at least once a day.

So far it has seemed to satisfy my needs but I also have thoughts of really trying to make out with a girl. I went in the backdoor without knocking, as usual, thru the porch and into the kitchen. There was Linda doing something at the counter but what knocked me over was that the only things she had on was a t-shirt that was barely covering her ass.

"What's up?" I asked. "I want to talk," she replied, "Want a banana or something?" "Yeah, that would be good," I replied as I took a seat at the table. She came over to me with a banana, glass of milk and piece of toast.

Then she sat at the counter a little away from me and a little higher. She took a bite and then turned to me. The way she was seated the t-shirt didn't cover anything. Her legs were slightly spread and I could see her bare pussy. "OK," she started, "You've gotten into several fights over me and last night I got into a fight over you. I was at a sleep over at Pam's house with a couple other girls and they started talking about you.

They think you are cute and smart and polite but weird." "What do you mean, weird?" "Well first off, you don't go out on many dates and second when you do you seem so distant. Like you never try to kiss or anything.


This tells the girls you don't really like them. So this morning we are going to start a series of training sessions. I'm going to teach you how to treat a girl if you expect a girl to treat you." Linda took my hand and led me into the living room. She told me to pick out a movie and start it playing while she got dressed. I did and she did and soon she was back, dressed in a short skirt, blouse and flip-flops.

The blouse buttoned down the front and was so tight they were about to tear open. She sat down next to me on a little couch and the lesson started. "OK, you are at the movies with a date. The first thing after you both are comfortable is you put your arm around her on the back of her seat. If there is no objection in a few minutes let your hand drop down on her shoulder.

If this is ok, sort of pull her over towards you.


If the girl has no objections, just be cool and don't rush. You should be about 20 minutes or so into the movie by now and if she hasn't looked up at you, kind of give her a little kiss on the side of her face. If she has looked up at you, you should have already pressed your lips on hers.

All this time I was doing as I was instructed and she looked up at me so I kissed her. Then she said, "OK, first kiss; leave your lips on hers until she reacts. She will either pull away or stay there or maybe even push her tongue in your mouth.

If she just stays there, you wait a bit and then push your tongue into hers." Linda and I kissed again and she didn't do anything so I pushed my tongue between her lips. Her tongue touched mine and I about exploded.

Her hand went up behind my head and our kiss lasted a long time and was more than just for instruction. She didn't break it off so neither did I.

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"And next," she said after we separated, "Put your free hand on her shoulder as you kiss again. During the kiss move it around on her shoulder and then down a little towards her breast. She will know what you are trying to do and may or may not let you.

If she doesn't resist keep slowly moving your hand down until it is on her breast. Then gently squeeze it and rub it and if you can tweak her nipple." I did as I was instructed and started moving my hand down but she grabbed it and held it.

I was confused but didn't do anything and our kiss continued. Then she said, "If she stops you, leave your hand where ever she stops it and continue kissing her.

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Then after a bit, sort of move it around and start back towards her boob. If she hasn't already stopped kissing you and moved away from you she really wants to let you but knows she shouldn't. Her hand will probably be on yours when yours is covering her breast." Oh I so liked the feeling of Linda's big breast in my hand.

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She told me about playing and tweaking both breasts and I was a quick learner. Then she said, "The next thing she will probably put her arm back around you and leave you free reign on her boobs. Depending on the situation you can unbutton her blouse or run your hand up under it and try to find some bare tit. After a little while of this tit play you might be thinking about her pussy. Some girls will allow tit play but absolutely no pussy action. Others will expect it and others will allow it if they are really into you and want to eventually fuck." So we are kissing and playing and my hand is down on her thigh and her hand is on mine and I know unless she stops me I should keep trying so I do and soon my finger is at her pussy.

I really don't know what to do so I just rub until she stops the kiss and starts talking again. She said as she spread her legs, "If a girl has let you go this far she probably wants a little finger fucking so what you have to do is get inside her panties. Slip the ends of a couple fingers under and feel around." I did and found her hole and pushed my finger in. It was so wet and the aroma of sex was so strong I was about to cum in my pants.

Her tongue was buried in my mouth again so I figured I must be doing it right. I had such a hard on which Linda discovered as she started rubbing my crotch. I couldn't believe it when she took over, got down on her knees between my legs and undid my pants. I know my cock is bigger than most of the guys my age at school and she had difficulty getting it out. Finally I lifted up a bit and pushed my pants down. "I can't believe this," she exclaimed.

"I've been living next door to this beautiful cock and didn't know it." And I couldn't believe it.

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She pressed my cock into my stomach and started with licking and sucking my balls. The she slowly licked up and down the shaft and tickled the tender underside of my cock head before taking the shaft slowly into her mouth and as far down her throat as she could. I told her I was about to cum and she just kept on sucking and stroking.

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And then I did, the most intense climax I have ever had. I held her head as my juice filled her mouth.

She was moaning in enjoyment and then backed off to show me that her mouth was full. She squished it around in her mouth and swallowed. Then she quickly moved up and planted her cummy mouth on mine. While we were kissing she straddled my lap and started rubbing her pussy on my very soft cock. "We aren't done with this lesson," she whispered. "I'm going to get you ready again and then teach you how a girl likes her cunny licked." At that very moment the thought of my tongue in her pussy didn't really turn me on but this girl rubbing her tits in my face and my cock with her pussy was beginning to change my mind.

She dropped down between my legs again and started playing with my meat. And it came back to life and soon was harder than before. She took my hands and pulled me up so we could trade places. Her legs were spread wide and she began by teaching me everything I needed to know about a girls love zone. Clit, lips, rosebud everything. And then she flicked her clit and said, "Start licking here and then just move around and up and down but don't forget to fuck me with your tongue." The aroma of her hot sex was like a magnet.

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As my face approached her cunt I was drawn in and without further thought had my tongue busy. She kept pushing her pelvis into my face so hard and tight she almost smothered me. But I loved every minute of it. After 15 or 20 minutes of me devouring her love nest I decided I wanted to find out how it felt to have my cock up her canal.

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I got to my knees, placed the head of my cock at her hole and pushed. She screamed in pleasure and dug her fingernails into my back as I started fucking her hard and fast. "OH I can't believe the years I have missed out on your big cock. We will have to get caught up," she whispered between moans.

It didn't take long before I was ready to shoot another load. "Where do you want my cum?" "Right where it is," she replied, and that's where she got it. "OK, now on with the lesson. If you are fucking a girl in the back seat and fill her with your seed you will need to help her clean up. So get your face back down there and start." I couldn't believe she expected me to suck my own cum out of her cunt but she did and she insisted. "If you don't hurry up it will start dripping out onto the seat and we don't want that do we?" I moved down between her legs and could see my cum starting to ooze out.

I started licking and she started moaning again. I couldn't believe it but I was already getting hard again. I was just about to move up and start fucking her again when we heard the garage door open. "Oh Oh," she muttered. Without further word she got up and headed for the bathroom. I got my pants back on and made sure everything was tidy just as her Mom came in. "Well hello, what are you guys up to?" her Mom asked. I mumbled, "Nothing much." From the look I got I think her Mom thought that a bit of a curious answer.

Linda appeared in shorts and t-shirt and gave her Mom a hug. I decided Linda didn't need my help anymore so headed back home. I was wondering when my next lesson would be. Chapter 2 will cover all the positions that Linda introduced me to.