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Gozada na buceta da esposa casal levado
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Twin Sister Delights (An Incestuous Harem Story) Chapter Six: Twins' Wanton Mother By mypenname3000 Copyright 2018 Note: Thanks to wrc264 for beta reading this! I wiggled my finger in my twin sister's asshole as I stared through the slats of the closet door. Kimiko trembled beside me, feeling the tension as we waited to see what our mother would do. Would she suck Clint's cock soaked in my pussy juices?

She wouldn't know it was my cream on him. That Clint had just fucked my cunt. His jizz ran out of me, leaking down my thighs as I hid naked. This was the moment that my twin sister's desires finally were realized. When we moved to California, Kimiko wanted to seduce myself and our mother into incest. She wanted to revel in passion with all of us. She had thoroughly corrupted me, dominating me and showing me the submissive, little sister lurking inside of my soul.

I wanted what she wanted. I wanted to make love to our mother. She was beautiful. A mature, Japanese woman, her black hair falling about her delicate, and mature face.

I could see the similarities to Kimiko and me. The shape of her nose. The roundness of her ears. The plumpness of those lips. She ran her tongue across her lips. She leaned closer and closer to Clint's cock.

The young man, only nineteen, a year older than Kimiko and myself, stood so strong and powerful over her. I could feel that sexy domination rippling off of him. I yearned to go out there and submit to him. I pressed my dress, clutched in my left hand, against my breasts, rubbing them on the nipple as her mouth drifted closer and closer to Clint's cock.

She let out such a wanton moan, something full of unleashed desire. She hadn't been with any man since our father passed. Her passions were bottled for a decade. Clint uncorked them. "Yes," whispered Kimiko in our native Japanese as our mother engulfed the tip of Clint's cock. She tasted my incestuous pussy juices. My cunt clenched, forcing out more of the cum filling my snatch.

It ran down my thighs, making me tremble. I fingered Kimiko's asshole faster and faster. I pumped my fingers in and out of her velvety asshole. My twin whimpered, wiggling her hips. Thanks to the stand mirror, I could see both sides of our mother's face. Her cheeks hollowed. She moaned out loud, her eyes squeezing shut. Her hands grasped Clint's muscular thighs as she bobbed her mouth faster and faster, her head twisting.

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"Damn, you like the taste of pussy, don't you?" he growled. Our mother's mouth popped off his dick. "I. I've never tasted another woman." Her accent was thicker than usual when speaking English. "It. it tastes good on you. Who is it?

Your girlfriend, Pam? Her mother?" "It's my sister-slut's," hissed Kimiko in Japanese, her words so soft. "Isn't it hotter not knowing?" Clint asked, grabbing a fistful of Mother's hair.

He pulled her to his cock, her lips nuzzling the end. She didn't answer him, instead she engulfed his cock. She sucked more of my pussy juices off his dick. A dizzy wave of heat washed through me. It was so wicked to witness. To know she tasted my naughty cunt and loved it. Clint groaned. He ripped off his shirt, exposing that muscular body. My lusts surged at the sexy sight as I stared at his back and side.

His forearm bulged as he seized Mother's hair, his fingers sliding through her silky hair. She moaned about his cock, sucking, slurping, making so many wanton sounds. Drool ran down her chin as he groaned. Pleasure crossed his face.

Our mother pleased our adopted big brother. She worshiped him with the same enthusiasm that my sister and I did. I trembled, pumping my fingers into my twin's asshole over and over.

I jammed my digits so deep into her bowels, wiggling them, stimulating her. "Isn't this so hot, onee-chan?" Kimiko whispered. "Yes, onee-sama. Minako can't look away." I couldn't. It was so hot watching Mother please Clint. My pussy grew hotter and hotter, begging to be touched. I squeezed my discarded dress tight to my small breasts. My sensitive nipples drank in the feel of the cloth. The tingles raced down to my cunt, swelling the passion brewing in my depths.

My butt-cheeks clenched. I wanted to be with them. I wanted to join Mother. I wanted to be on my knees worshiping Clint's cock with her. I pressed my face against the louvered slats, watching her please him. Her breasts swayed beneath her dress. Her fingers dug into his thighs. "That's it," Clint groaned.

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"Let that slut out of you. It's been simmering in you for so long, just waiting to burst from you." She groaned, her eyes squeezed shut. She whimpered about his cock. Her head twisted. She had skill at sucking cock.

It was clear Mother had done this before. That she must have loved our father's dick with that mouth. And now she pleasured Clint. Our big brother. "Fuck," he groaned. "Suck off all those pussy juices. You just love it. You're going to suck all the cum out of my balls.

I'm going to flood your mouth." She sucked so hard. "You want that. You want my cum." She let out a purring moan. "Just keep doing it. You're going to guzzle it down. Your slut-mouth hungers for it." His face twisted.

His back muscles tightening. "Fuck!" His back arched. Mother's cheeks bulged. Cum spilled out of the corners of her mouth, running pearly down her face. It was so obscene. I jammed my fingers deep into my sister's assholes. I made my twin whimper as we witnessed my mother guzzling down so much spunk. She gulped down as he growled.

He gripped her hair tight as he pumped her mouth full of cum. A dizzy wave washed through me. I pressed my face against the closet, my heart pounding so hard as Clint let out a final growl. "Damn, you are a cum-guzzling slut," Clint growled.

"Do your daughters have any idea that you have such skill?" Color tinged our mother's cheeks. She slid her mouth off his dick.

Her slanted eyes were glassy and dazed. She licked at the cum leaking out of her and then moaned, "No, no. They have no idea the things I did with their father." "You worshiped his cock. You were his whore, weren't you?" Mother nodded her head. "And you miss it. You miss being a man's object. To just be used by him." She whimpered. "So much. He. He." Her words choked off. "I miss him." "Then strip, slut," he growled. "Take off the rest of my clothes then yours." "Yes," she moaned and then attacked his shoes.

I pumped my fingers in my twin sister's asshole again. We watched as she pulled off his shoes and then his socks. Then she drew off his jeans the rest of the way, tugging the denim down his legs while his cock bobbed hard before her.

She looked so subservient. "She looks like you, onee-chan," Kimiko whispered. "Okaasan looks so eager to serve, doesn't she?" "Like you with Clint, onee-sama," I answered.

"I am a submissive slut with him." Her asshole clenched on my fingers, increasing that hot, velvety grip. "But he's our big brother. A little sister should be submissive with her big brother." "Minako agrees." Then I sucked in a deep breath as our mother rose, her salmon-pink dress rustling. "Okaasan is doing it." Our mother undid the built in belt of her dress, uncinching it. Her dress no longer hugged her waist. She dressed to show off her body, attracted to Clint. Then she undid the square buttons of her bodice.

She trembled as she revealed the bra she wore beneath, dark, cupping her round breasts. I licked my lips, so eager to see our mother naked. Her dress fell down her body. She looked so beautiful. So sensual. So mature. Her panties were sexier than I imagined she owned. Black and tight, cut to ride high on her hips and show off some of the cheeks of her ass.

Clint looked her up and down as she trembled. "I see where your daughters get their beauty," he said. "Show it all to me. Don't be shy, slut." "Yes," she whimpered and reached behind her. She unhooked her bra with such ease, such skill. This wasn't the first time she'd stripped for a man.

She bared her breasts, so round, her nipples thrusting from wide areolas. They were darker nubs than my twin or I possessed. They looked fatter and begged to be sucked on. Clint seized one, tweaking it and making her shudder. Her fingers hooked her panties' waistband. She shoved them off her hips and down her legs, her black bush adorning her pale-olive flesh. She whimpered as he kept fingering her nipple, rolling it between his thumb and forefinger as she stepped out of her panties, her toned thighs flexing.

She kept on her white heels, her black hair sweeping about her naked shoulders. "Lovely," Clint groaned. "It is a crime that no one has worshiped this body in so many years." "T-that changes tonight, Clint. sama." "Sama." He smiled. "I like that, slut." "I love seeing okaasan naked," whimpered Kimiko.

"Minako thinks she is gorgeous," I whispered back, slowing the speed of my pumping fingers in her asshole. I wanted to savor this as Mother touched herself. She stroked her body while Clint drank it in, his cock throbbing and twitching before him. "There is a blindfold on the nightstand," Clint said, his voice so strong.

"Put it on." "Yes. Clint-sama," she said, her voice a sultry purr. She sauntered with such confidence away from Clint, passing before the closet door. Her breasts swayed before her, her hips rolling. She knew she was a beautiful woman. That she was naked before a man who appreciated her beauty.

She wasn't bashful like a maiden. Like I was. She picked up the sleeping mask and drew the black cloth over her face, the edges lined with a dark-red lace. She adjusted the straps behind her head. She couldn't see anything now. She licked her lips, her breath quickening. Kimiko's asshole squeezed down on my fingers. "Look at her pussy, onee-chan. She's so wet." My eyes flicked down to our mother's bush. Juices sparkled on her silky strands. I wanted to lick her.

To eat her. I wanted to devour her. I wanted feast on her. Just make her cum on my face. I would love her so much. "Now lie down on the bed," Clint ordered as he approached, his right hand lightly stroking his cock. She obeyed with a sensuous grace, stretching out her naked body on the bed.

The springs creaked as she adjusted herself, her black hair spread out across the bed. She ran her hands up her body to her breasts, squeezing them, jiggling them. Offering them to Clint. Clint stroked his hand up her thigh as he walked along the side of the bed, passing our hiding spot. He glanced at the closet while our mother whimpered from his touch.

He had such a hungry smile on his face as he stared at us. I trembled and my pussy burned, my juices flowing. His hand stroked up from Mother's thigh, past her hip, to cross her stomach.

He gripped her round breast. He squeezed her, groped her. His thumb swiped over her nipple. She gasped and squirmed on the bed. Then his hand continued stroking upward, crossing her collarbone to her shoulder. He swiped down to her right arm, his finger lightly touching down to her elbow, to her wrist. He seized her and pulled her arm over her head to the restraints attached to the bed frame. Our mother squirmed but didn't fight even when he wrapped the cuff about her wrist and tightened it.

"Clint-sama," she moaned. He grabbed her other wrist and pulled it to the other corner of the bed. I shivered at how pliant our mother was. She trembled on the bed, her breasts rising and falling, pillowed into two soft mounds. Her flat stomach tensed and squirmed as she writhed on the bed. He bound her in place then his hand moved down her body, slipping past her breast this time. She moaned with such wanton delight, shuddering at his touch.

"Minako is getting so wet, onee-sama," I whimpered as Clint ran his hand down our mother's left thigh, pulling it open. "Okaasan is so pliant." "She is," my sister whispered back. "It's as hot as your fingers reaming my asshole, onee-chan." I agreed, fighting the rising moan as Clint bound first our mother's left leg then her right. She was bound spread-eagle to the bed, helpless.

She looked so delicious. I licked my lips, plunging my fingers so deep into my twin's asshole. Clint knelt between our mother's thighs.

He stroked his hands up both her thighs. She groaned and whimpered, pulling on her restraints as her body shuddered. Her breasts quivered. She licked her lips as he came closer and closer to touching her snatch. "It's been ten years since someone has worshiped this cunt," Clint said when his fingers reached her wet, curly bush. "What a crime." "Yes, Clint-sama," she moaned. "We'll worship it all the time, okaasan," my sister whispered. I gave a soft moan of agreement. "Clint-sama!" Mother moaned as he nuzzled his face into her pussy.

He ate her. Mother gasped and quivered, pulling on the restraints as he feasted on her. He pressed his face into her dark curls. His hands reached up her body and groped her breasts. He squeezed and kneaded them as he devoured her.

I knew how passionate Clint was. He ate pussy with such gusto. He loved making a woman gasp and moan for his pleasure. I shuddered beside my sister, my cunt growing hotter and hotter.

My heart pounded. My breath quickened, pressing my tits against my dress. "Clint-sama!" she groaned, her blindfolded head tossing back and forth. She humped her pussy against his mouth, the bed creaking, her bonds groaning as she pulled against him.

She couldn't do anything but lie there and receive ecstasy. Her breasts heaved as her back arched. As he licked her, he made her body move more and more. Her stomach flexed. Her thigh muscles bunched as she spasmed. Her toes curled. The sounds she made sent trembles rippling through my body. My fingers plunged faster and faster into my twin sister's asshole.

I gave Kimiko as much pleasure as I could, reveling in the velvety feel of her. I couldn't stop pleasing her. I wanted to make my sister come.

I wanted to hear her gasping and moaning in delight. To hear her passion sing through the closet. But we had to stay hidden. Clint hadn't told us to come out. "Clint-sama," Mother moaned over and over, her face contorting in pleasure. "Oh, yes! I. I." "Don't fight it, slut," Clint growled. "You deserve this pleasure. No fumbling fingers.

No using substitute toys. Tonight, a man is making you cum." "Yes!" she gasped, humping against him. "Please, cum, okaasan," I whispered. "Minako believes you deserve it." "Yes," groaned my sister as she trembled beside me.

I couldn't look away from our mother's rising pleasure. She shuddered on the bed, her boobs jiggling in his grip. The pleasure mounted as Clint feasted on her. His hands squeezed her tits. He massaged those round mounds, his fingers digging into her flesh. He slid up her breasts and found her nipples. He tugged on her nubs, making her squeal. He stretched those nipples, making my own throb in envy.

I shivered beside my sister, the heat building and building in me. Juices trickled down my thighs, my bush thoroughly soaked. "Oh, Clint-sama!" she groaned, her body heaving. "Yes, yes, yes!" "She's cumming," my sister groaned.

"Okaasan is cumming, onee-chan!" I gasped in realization that she was. She thrashed on the bed, her arms pulling on her bonds. The frame creaked.

She humped against Clint's face. He kept licking her, kept her cumming. I stared transfixed as the rapture heaved through her body over and over. He gave her such pleasure. Her orgasms bled one into the other. I whimpered, my fingers frozen in my sister's asshole. I couldn't focus on anything but our mother's pleasure. Her gasps and moans screamed through the room. She must be drowning Clint in her pussy juices.

Lucky him. I licked my lips, wondering what Mother tasted like. I breathed in, but I could only smell the tangy musk of my twin sister's and my own pussy. It filled the closet with our passion. Kimiko must have rivulets of cream running down her thighs, too. "Clint-sama! I. I need you! I need your. your. cock!" Mother's accent was so thick. "Please, please. Fuck me. Be in me." Clint rose, his chiseled chin soaked by her juices. The cream ran down his neck.

He mounted her, seized his dick, and guided it to her wanton pussy. My cunt clenched as I sucked in a breath. I held it, my body trembling, waiting for that moment of penetration. He slammed his dick into our mother's twat.

She gasped, her back arching. She let out a moan of such throaty lust. Her face twisted with pleasure. Her head tossed back and forth as he fucked her hard. He pounded our mother, his muscular ass flexing as he thrust into her over and over. He was such a handsome man. I was so glad he was our adopted older brother. "Clint-sama! Yes! Yes! Fuck my pussy! Pound me! Ooh, yes! A cock! Such a wonderful cock! Stirring me up!" "Just enjoy it!" he growled, thrusting so hard. He fucked her with such passion.

I heard his balls slapping into her taint. "This is your night to be a woman. A slut! You're going to do things you never thought you could." "Yes!" hissed my sister. "Pound her, onii-sama!" I nodded my head in agreement. I rubbed my thighs together, my clit throbbing. I couldn't look away, transfixed by his muscular body pounding her.

He was such a stud. And he gave her so much pleasure. He made our mother cry out in rapture. "I'm cumming again!" Mother screamed, her voice almost shrill from the pleasure crashing through her. "Your cock. So long since. This bliss. Oh, yes. Clint-sama!" He grunted, pumping away at her snatch. It must be spasming so hard about his dick, pleasing him. His face twisted with ecstasy. His chiseled features broadcast his strength. He fucked her with all his masculine prowess.

She gasped and groaned, her body heaving beneath him. Her pussy was pleasing him. He would cum in her. He would fire his spunk into the pussy that birthed my twin and me. Another dizzy wave beset me. It was such sweet torture watching this. I wanted to join in. But couldn't. Not yet. I had to submit to Clint and stay in the closet.

"Beg for my cum, slut," Clint groaned. "I know you want it spurting into your cunt." She whimpered. "Do it. Be my slut wholly! Don't pretend it doesn't make your cunt hotter. That your pussy isn't spasming wildly about my dick." "I. I." Mother tossed her head from side to side. Her black hair flew about her face. "Clint-sama. Please. In me." "In you what?" he demanded, the bed creaking. "Please. Your. your seed. Fill me." "You can do better," Clint growled and slammed into her.

He stopped fucking her and instead stayed buried in her orgasming cunt. "Make me believe your whore-cunt wants to be filled with my seed." Her face contorted.

"P-please, Clint-sama. Fill my pussy with. with your cum! Fill my. my whore-cunt with every drop of your spunk! I need it! I'm your slut! Just spurt in me." "Okaasan." I whimpered, smiling at the rapture crossing her face. Clint drew back his hips, and slammed into her hard. He filled her over and over, pumping away even harder while she screamed out in rapture, begging him over and over to cum in her.

To spurt his seed into her pussy. Would he breed her like he wanted to breed my twin and me? His back arched. He growled. His face twisted in rapture.

I knew his seed pumped into Mother's pussy. He filled her whore-cunt with his spunk just like he did mine. I felt more of his jizz leak out of me. It stained my thighs. It was such a deliciously naughty delight. He leaned over Mother, panting. She mewled, the pair coming down from their orgasmic high. I licked my lips, my heart thudding in my chest. I rubbed my cum-slicked and pussy-stained thighs together as my pussy grew so hot. Then Clint pulled out of her and climbed off the bed.

"Clint-sama," she whimpered. "I'm sure you're wondering whose pussy was on my cock," he said as he marched towards the closet. "Uh-huh," she whimpered. "She's been in here this entire time, watching as I fucked you. Her pussy's been getting hotter and hotter as she's waited for the chance to lick your cunt clean of my seed." "Is it Asuka?" asked Mother.

Asuka Hiragawa was Pam's mother. Pam was Clint's half-sister and one of his two girlfriends. The one he could be open with since no one suspected the Japanese girl was the daughter of Clint's dead father. "Or is it Pam. Was that your girlfriend's pussy? Do you share women with her, Clint-sama?" "Yes, I do," Clint answered as he opened the closet door. He stared at my sister and me. "Enjoy. " "I will," Mother moaned, not realizing Clint spoke to my sister and me.

I pulled my fingers out of my sister's asshole and took her hand. My twin led me to the bed. I licked my lips, so excited for this. Mother squirmed, her head looking around, eyes still covered by the blindfold. She has no idea her daughters are about to eat her creampie. As we came closer to the bed, I could see Clint's white cum matting Mother's black bush.

The pearly stains stood out against her dark hairs. I licked my lips, eager to devour the cunt that birthed us. To feast on her the way I feasted on my twin's snatch. She gasped as we climbed onto the bed. She whimpered and groaned as Kimiko and I moved into position. The bonds creaked as Mother pulled on them. I knelt on my twin's left our shoulders and arms rubbing together as we leaned down.

My cheek kissed my twin's as we came closer and closer to the pussy that birthed us. I breathed in, a heady mix of salty cum and a spicy musk. A scent different from my own pussy. From Kimiko's. A dizzy wave washed through me as my twin and I lowered our faces the last few inches. Cum-stained silk caressed my face as I nuzzled into my mother's bush. My tongue flicked out with Kimiko's. We lapped up our mother's slit. Mother moaned as I tasted salty cum seasoned with her delicious spice. A naughty thrill ran through me as I licked again and again.

My twin and I feasted on this incestuous snatch. I wiggled my hips, bumping into Kimiko's side. We moaned, our tongues brushing each other as we explored our mother's folds. "Two?" gasped mother. "Clint-sama, two women?" "Did you think I could contain myself to just one?" Clint asked. I felt his eyes watching. She let out a purring moan. "I knew you were fucking both Asuka and her daughter.

But. but. At the same time?" She shook her head. "No, no, it can't be that. Is it Asuka and Stefani?" "Interesting idea," Clint said. "Stefani is a delicious fuck." I pictured the redheaded girlfriend of Clint's older sister, Zoey, riding his dick, her breasts bouncing. "But, no, it's not those two." "Pam and Stefani?" whimpered Mother as my tongue dove into her pussy, scooping out her cream and Clint's delicious cum. The two flavors melted in my mouth.

"Nope," Clint said, amusement in his voice. He loved this game. So did I. Mother had no idea her daughters feasted on her.

It was so wicked. I fought my moans, not wanting to give away it was us as my tongue swirled through her folds.


Kimiko lapped and fluttered and at her clit, the pair of us making our mother buck and gasp. "Is it. Ooh, it's so hard to think. Their tongues. I've never had a woman lick my pussy. It's so different. And two of them." Mother groaned. "Please, please, Clint-sama. Tell me." "You need to keep guessing," he said, moving up the bed to stand on the side. I saw his cock out of the corner of my eye. My tongue licked up Mother's slit, joining Kimiko's at her clit.

It was so naughty for both our tongues to play with her. To make her gasp and moan. The bedsprings groaned as she shuddered beneath our twin assault. Her musk filled my nose. "Then. then. Is it Pam and Melody?" gasped mother.

"Oh, so you know I date my cousin?" Clint said. To the outside world, his half-sisters Melody and Lee were simply his cousins, no one knowing that his mother and aunt were both his father's lovers before he passed away a few years ago. "Asuka showed me the pictures of your daughters," groaned Mother. "Or. or. is one of them Lee. I know you fuck her, too.

She's pregnant with your child." "She's not the only one," Clint said. "But it's not Melody or Pam. Nor is it Lee." "Then who.

The only other women in I met are. are. Your sisters. Your mother. Your aunt. Surely not." Clint didn't answer her. "That's incest!" she groaned. "It has to be someone I haven't met. Some other sluts that you fuck! I can only imagine! There must be some happy housewives on this street with you here." My tongue fluttered against Mother's clit. Her pussy juices flowing faster and faster. I whimpered as Kimiko moved lower. Mother gasped as my twin jammed her tongue deep into the pussy that birthed us.

I latched my lips onto her clit and sucked. Mother gasped and moaned. Her breasts jiggled before me. Her head tossed back and forth. Her moans filled the air. They flowed around me, ringing with all her passion. Her stomach flexed as she gasped louder and louder. "Are you about to cum?" Clint asked, leaning over the bed. "Yes!" Mother moaned. A hot surge ran through me. I sucked so hard on her clit, my cheeks hollowing.

My twin sister let out a wanton moan. My body shook, my body rubbing against my sister's side. I nipped mother's bud. She gasped. Came. "Clint-sama! Your sluts! Your sluts are amazing!" she screamed. Her juices gushed out of her. She bathed my face. My twin's face. She covered us in her spicy passion as she thrashed on the bed. Her tits heaved as she moaned. Her mouth opened wide.

It was so naughty. So wonderful. My twin and I made our mother cum. Clint's hand shot out and ripped off her blindfold. Mother blinked as she stared down her body at us. Her daughters.

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Our tongues lapped at her pussy as her orgasm rippled through her. Her eyes widened. "No, no, no!" she gasped, bucking from her climax. "Why are my daughters.?" Then she switched into Japanese. "What are you two doing?


I am your mother! Why are you.? This is. This is incest! Stop this! Stop this right now!" Shock hit me. I thought Mother would be consumed with rapture. That she would embrace this. I suddenly shrank, pulling my face away from her pussy.

Kimiko rose up, her arms hugging her tits, like she was trying to hide them. "Okaasan, we—" "How could you do this to your mother?" she demanded. Then she glared at Clint, switching back to English to snarl, "What depravity is this.? Was that my daughter's.? Did I taste.?" "Yes, that was Minako's cream on my dick," Clint grinned. "She's a delicious, little slut.

So is Kimiko. They take after you. They have that same hot blood." "No!" hissed Mother. "I would never do something so filthy." Clint grinned at her. "Of course you would. Even now, I can see through that anger. You're scared at how hard your orgasm grew when you saw it was your daughter.


The breadth of your lust terrifies you. You don't understand how you can crave something so taboo as enjoying your daughters. Look at you, trembling. You crave more of their incestuous touch." "I do not! Untie me!" She fixed him a hard glare. "Right now!" "I'll untie you when I'm ready, slut," he growled, looming over her.

"You are mine now, you understand? You gave yourself to me the same way your daughters did." "We did, okaasan," Kimiko said. "Minako and I both are his. And. and. Minako is mine." She put her arm possessively around my shoulder. "Don't be afraid of this." Mother shook her head. "This is filthy. I do not want this." Clint's grin was so knowing. "Yes, you do. I'll prove it." He marched to the bedroom door and opened it.

Melody and Pam stood naked on the other side, both so different, one a blonde, American girlstanding a few inches taller, her breasts round, nipples thick and dusky. Pam looked more like my twin and I, her body slender, her breasts a little smaller than Melody's. She had dusky skin and slanted eyes. But. in their faces they had traces of their father.

It was subtle. You would never think they were sisters unless you already knew. "Mmm, we love our mothers," Melody said, standing on Clint's right. "Mrs. Mihara, our mothers are all Clint's sex slaves." "They are, Mihara-san," Pam said in accented Japanese. "Our mothers gave themselves to Clint. Our brother is just that dominating." "Brother?" gasped mother.

Clint frowned. Then barked, "Get in here, slaves." His mother, his aunt, and Mrs. Hiragawa all entered next. His mother and aunt were clearly sisters, though his mother had her hair dyed blonde. Their faces were similar, the shape of their large breasts so close.

They moved with a willowy grace, identical tattoos over both hearts, a triangle around three letters. Beside them, Mrs.

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Hiragawa looked so much like her daughter only mature and ripened. "Mmm, Kaori, we just love serving our children," Mrs. Hiragawa said as she knelt before Pam. "You have no idea the joys of incest.

How amazing it is to indulge in them." "It's just a wonderful treat," Clint's aunt moaned as the dark-haired woman knelt before her daughter, Melody. "I love being my son's slut," his mother purred. She knelt before him, grasping his dick still wet with our mother's pussy. "So much that he even bred me.

His child grows in my belly. I hope it's a son to dominate his other daughters. But if it's a girl, I know she'll be a submissive slut like me." Our mother let out a whimpering sound as she watched the incest unfolding. I shivered as all three mothers leaned forward, two licking pussies, the third sucking on a hard cock. Clint, Melody, and Pam all let out wanton moans as they received the pleasure. For a moment, I was transfixed by the sight, watching the incestuous passion unfolding.

Clint gripped his mother's bleached-blonde hair, his cock thrusting, fucking into her mouth. Pleasure crossed his face as he loved his mother's mouth. Pam's and Melody's round tits both jiggled and swayed as they undulated their hips and ground their hot pussies on their mothers' mouths. "How can you call that disgusting, okaasan?" Kimiko asked.

"It's beautiful. Look at them loving each other. That's what Minako and I want with you." "Minako wants that very much, okaasan," I added, following my sister's lead. I always obeyed her. "Minako wants to love you, okaasan.

With Minako's mouth. Minako's tongue. You tasted so delicious. Minako loved the flavor of your pussy." "This is." Mother shuddered, her eyes locked on Clint and his half-sisters using their mothers for their pleasure. "I. I." "I know, it's exciting," Kimiko said. She reached up and undid the restraints on our mother's right wrist. I blinked at that. Then I realized our mother needed to accept incest on her own. She couldn't do that bound.

If she could ever claim that we forced her, then she wouldn't believe that she truly enjoyed it. We had to remove that possibility from her. I undid her left restraint. "Don't you want to share that same love with Kimiko and Minako?" I asked her as she brought her hands to her tits, her mouth half-open, her eyes glassy.

"We can have so much fun as a family, okaasan," Kimiko added as our hands stroked down our mother's thighs to her knee. We kept going to the cuffs on her ankles. Mother still didn't answer us. She just closed her legs tight, rubbing her thighs together. Her breasts jiggled as she half-sat up. She licked her lips, staring at Clint as he used his mother's mouth. Then her eyes flicked to Pam grinding her cunt on her mother's lips, the Japanese girl's tits jiggling.

Pleasure crossed Pam's face. "Oh, yes, Mom," she groaned. "Oh, you know what my pussy needs. You always do. You're wonderful, Mom." "God, yes, our Mommy-sluts are so good at that," Melody groaned. "Ooh, yes, watch me, Mrs. Mihara.

Watch my Mommy-slave devour my cunt. I know you want to feast on your daughters' snatches. I tasted Minako's. She's delicious." My cheeks warmed.

Kimiko pressed against our mother's left side, cuddling into her and stroking her stomach. I moved in on the other side, loving the feel of her body. My small breasts quivered as they touched her flesh, my nipples drinking in the feel of her snatch.

"You can eat Minako's pussy, okaasan," I whispered, my hand joining Kimiko's at rubbing at our mother's belly. "It's full of Clint-sama's cum." "Doesn't that sound yummy?" Kimiko whispered. My twin sister snuggled closer, her lips moving to our mother's ear. "I'll eat your cunt to another orgasm while you clean Minako's juicy snatch." "I. I.

This is. This is wrong," moaned mother. "So wrong," Kimiko answered, her hand sliding lower, brushing through our mother's bush. "We've already made you cum once. Didn't we give you such pleasure? Didn't we do such a good job loving your pussy, okaasan?" "Didn't Minako give you such pleasure?" I asked, my hand sliding up to cup Mother's breast. I squeezed the tit I used to nurse from as a child.

Kimiko and I each would suckle from a nipple at the same time. "Didn't Minako do good?" "Minako-chan," Mother whimpered, her head turning to stare at me. "I. I." Her eyes widened. She sucked in a breath. "Mmm, you're still so wet, okaasan," Kimiko purred, her hand working between our mother's thighs. "Just surrender to this. Clint wants you to. You want to obey him. You're like us. Just a slut for his dick. Like his mother." Our mother whimpered. Her eyes fluttered.

"Be a slut with Minako and Kimiko," I whispered, my finger playing with her nipple. "Just lie back and let Minako straddle your face. Then you can lick all of Clint-sama's cum out of Minako's pussy." "This is so wrong," she gasped, her body shuddering.

He eyes fluttered. "I. I." Her face contorted. I pushed her back. She didn't fight it. She just whimpered as Kimiko fingered her juicy pussy. My twin sister moved down our mother's body. My twin licked her lips, eager to eat our mother out again. She had craved enjoying this pussy for so long. "Just enjoy Minako's sloppy cunt," I groaned as I moved, straddling my mother.

"Be like Hiragawa-san and the other mothers. Pleasure Minako's pussy." I couldn't believe how dominating I was with our mother. Just like Kimiko could be dominating with me and submissive with Clint, I was finding the same thing with my mother, switching roles. I pressed my black-furred muff onto my mother's face. I smeared my cum-stained bush against her lips, trembling, waiting for her to please me. My pussy was on fire. It was so hot watching Clint please our mother.

Then I had the joy of feasting on her cunt. I wanted more. "Eat Minako's pussy, okaasan!" I cried out as Kimiko buried her face into our mother's bush. Mother groaned. Her back arched. Her hands grasped my thighs, squeezing me. Fingernails bit into my flesh. I felt her warm breath fluttering through my pubic hair to caress my pussy lips.

My heart thudded beneath my breasts. A tongue fluttered against my pussy. Mother surrendered to incest. "Yes, yes, lick Minako's pussy, okaasan!" I cried out, trembling atop my mother.

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Clint stared at me as he fucked his mother's mouth. He grinned at me. I shuddered, feeling this incestuous connection to him. We both enjoyed forbidden pleasure from the women who brought us into the world. I whimpered, trembling atop Mother as her tongue lapped over and over through my juicy slit. Then she jammed her tongue into my cunt. I stiffened atop her, my small breasts jiggling. I whimpered as the heat washed through me. Her tongue stirred through my snatch, caressing my silky pussy walls.

My clit throbbed, bumping into her chin as she moved her head beneath me. "Yes, okaasan, eat my sister-slut's pussy," moaned my twin. "Feast on her, and I'll make you cum so hard." "Y-yes," Mother moaned. "Minako-chan. You. You taste so good. Even better than you did on Clint's cock." "Minako is so glad!" My heart fluttered as Mother's tongue flailed through my pussy. She loved me.

She reveled in the incestuous delight of my snatch. Pleasure rippled through me. My orgasm grew so fast. I trembled atop her, squirming and grinding my cunt on her while I stared down at my sister's mouth pressed into our mother's thick bush.

Kimiko loved her. I could see the joy in her eyes. We stared into each other's eyes, both of us reveling in incestuous passion. It was incredible to enjoy our mother. I whimpered, grinding my hot cunt on Mother's hungry tongue. "Eat my sister-slut's cunt so hard, okaasan," ordered Kimiko, still dominant. It went Clint, her, me, then our mother. "Make her explode! I want her cream showering your face." "Yes, you heard Kimiko-sama!

Make Minako cum, okaasan!" I ground my pussy so hard on Mother's mouth. My clit rubbed across her lips and chin. My little bud and my sensitive labia drank in the kiss of her lips and tongue. She groaned, her fingernails digging into my thighs as she loved me. She gave me such pleasure. She stirred me to a hot froth. My orgasm built and built in me. It swelled so fast. It was so incredible. Mother ate her first pussy in her life. My pussy. A head rush washed through me, besetting me with dizzy euphoria.

The room spun around me as my cunt grew hotter and hotter. Everyone was moaning. Pam and Melody as their mothers ate their cunts. Clint grunted as he spurted his cum into his mother's mouth. My mother purred into my snatch as Kimiko feasted on her cunt. That made me whimper, my hands seizing Mother's tits and squeezing them so hard. "Minako is going to cum!" I moaned. "Do it, onee-chan!" ordered my twin.

"Drench okaasan's face! Right now!" "Yes, onee-sama!" I came. As Mother's tongue whipped through my pussy lips, my orgasm detonated in my core. I gasped, my pussy spasming. My juices flooded out of me, pouring into my mother's mouth. She groaned beneath me, drinking in the flood. "You taste so delicious, Minako-chan!" she gasped, her hips undulating, grinding her cunt against my twin's face.

"Now you can cum, okaasan, for pleasing Minako's pussy!" I screamed as the waves of rapture washed through her. "Yes, yes, give me your juices, okaasan!" Kimiko moaned. "What a pair of wicked daughters I raised!" Mother moaned into my cunt. Then she bucked and howled into my snatch. She joined me in rapture.

Her moans hummed through my convulsing snatch. My juices gushed out of me as wave after wave of ecstasy washed through my body. My mind melted beneath the incestuous delight my mother churned in my pussy as she kept licking me. I stared into Kimiko's eyes as she drank down Mother's pussy cream.

The three of us were united in forbidden passion for each other. Everything had changed for us. Our home life would be so different with all of us as lesbian lovers.

Such joy buzzed through my body as my orgasm peaked. "Minako is so happy!" I screamed. My twin sister rose and threw her arms around my neck.

"Good." She kissed me hard, her mouth stained with Mother's spicy juices. I closed my eyes, my body melting against my twin. Mother licked at my pussy, sending fluttering rapture spilling through my body as I savored this moment. Clint and his wicked family had changed us forever. They had given us such wondrous joy. I was so glad for it. I never wanted to go back to what we were before. We were lovers. We were Clint's sluts. We were a family who shared everything. What a wonderful thing.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Just over nine months after that wondrous night our family united in lesbian incest, I walked into the hospital room to find my mother looking disheveled and tired, but also so happy.

She held my new sister, Hanako, cradled in her arms, the little infant swaddled in pink. Clint stood nearby, looking proud at his newest child. "Everything is looking good, Kaori," Dr. Wilson said. The beautiful, older woman smiled. "And I see your daughters are here." Her smile turned naughty. She understood incest. She had her own son's child.

"Oh, our new sister looks so beautiful," Kimiko said in English. I nodded my head. I approached the bed, holding my daughter, Chiyoko, in my arms. Clint had bred all the women in our family within days of each other. My twin and I gave birth only two days earlier. We went in labor at almost the same time. "That's your aunt, Chiyoko-chan," I whispered to my daughter, holding her in my arms as I leaned over Mother's bed.

"You're going to get to know her so well." "Uh-huh," Kimiko said, moving around the other side of the bed holding her son, Junichiro (named after our father) in her arms. "Though Hanako is your aunt, she's going to be more like your little sister. Good thing you beat Chiyoko, huh. You have two little sisters to love and protect." I shuddered, picturing our children grown, my daughter and Hanako loving their big brother with their mouths.

Their pussies. Their assholes. Just the way every little sister should love her older brother. Unlike Kimiko and myself, my daughter wouldn't have to adopt her own big brother. "You're going to have such a happy life," I cooed to my daughter. "Yes, she will," Mother said, beaming at her family. The END