My horny bitch having fun with stranger at beach

My horny bitch having fun with stranger at beach
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The colored lights flashed over anything they could as I walked around. Go-go dancers swayed around in their cages, putting on a show for the club. I made my way over to the bar and smiled at my best friend Liam. "Hey, how it's going?" He said. "Great! I can just barely hear you," I replied. "I know! Look," Liam jerked his head to the right, "trouble's here." I looked over and saw Heath and his buddies at the entrance.

Heath was a regular at our club and he always started shit with others. One thing about Heath I hated was he had the cockiness of a fucking&hellip. I don't know but it was annoying. The WORST thing was that I'm a female and cocky people love females! I wonder if he learned something in prison.

Or got raped. That'd be funny. Or he got… "Victoria," Liam exclaimed, catching my attention. "Sorry, I'll tell Jim not to let them in," I smiled.

Liam smiled at me then I walked toward the front entrance. Jim was one of our security guards and he's had to throw them out a number of times. I tapped Jim's shoulder and waved.

"Don't let Heath and his buddies in, too much trouble," I said to him. Jim gave me a swift nod and I turned around. My hand was grabbed by one of our dancers. (Just to be clear, no, it's not a strip club.

Go-go dancers are pure entertainment.) "Hey! I just wanted to tell you I'm leaving," Delia said. "Okay. Thanks for coming tonight and happy birthday," I smiled. "Thank you. Always like to make some cash for the Glo day…" Delia pulled a few 20's out of her shorts. I laughed at her and she left out the back. I went back to Liam then got behind the bar. "Oh, so you're trying to help?" he asked. "Hell no, but I will watch," I giggled.

"Ha ha." Liam got back to cleaning glasses while I continued to look around our club. The club was run by me and Liam, besties since high school. Strobe lights threw different colors out, the DJ played songs, go-go dancers put on a show in their cages, people danced and made out, guys hit on chicks, girls walked around like sluts and drinks were ordered. So, typical club. Our club name was LA.VA. because of our names. Liam; Victoria.

The bass of R&B flitted my ears. I scanned the room while clubbers grinded with each other. I felt Liam push against my back. "Go have fun," he whispered. "I got it down here." "You sure?" I asked. "Of course, go." He patted my ass then I walked off. The rest of the night continued and I had a usual work night. ------ I was sitting in the office, sorting through some bills and stuff when Liam walked in.

"Hey," I smiled. "Blah," Liam groaned. He plopped down in one of the swivel chairs while he laid his head on the table. "May I ask why you're groaning and looked like a drunk piece of shit?" I laughed. "Not funny," Liam said, "I'm just tired of this girl. Ya know, like, Sasha or something?" "Oh yeah!

She's a regular!" "Yeah. But I ain't feeling that." "Well," I threw a bouncy ball at him, "suck it up and say no to the hoe." "It's not that easy.


She's like crazy." Liam threw the ball back and we started playing catch. "Boo-fucking-hoo. If she tries to bother you, ban her from the club." "Read my lips," Liam slowly said. "Crazzzzzy." "Ugh. You're no fun. I'll do it for you," I grinned.

"Hell no! I'm not letting you do it 'cause you're gonna say some crazy shit." "Like what?" "You're gonna be like 'uhm, no bitch. He don't want yo ass. So get to stepping, hoe.' I don't wanna deal with that." "How'd you know I was gonna say that?!" I laughed.

"Because. I've known you over ten years and you're still the same crazy bitch." "Oh, thank you." "Anytime," Liam smiled. We talked for a bit more then Liam checked his cellphone. He got of of the swivel chair and kissed my cheek. "Love you, I'm gonna head home to sleep," he said. "Bye," I wrapped Liam up in a hug.

"I'll leave soon, don't worry." Liam looked down at me and I smiled. He's about 6'3, light brown hair, blue eyes, thick arms and a perfectly-muscular body. Now me, I'm 5'8, black hair, brown eyes, toned body, C cup breasts and nice hips. My hips are kinda wide but it still matches my body. Liam and I were holding on a bit longer than necessary. "Should we let go?" he chuckled. "Oh!" I pulled back from him and laughed. "I'm sorry." "Uh, fine. See ya later." I waved to Liam as he walked out of the office.

Ugh, what is life? I need sleep. I did need sleep. I grabbed my purse then turned out the office lights. A few of our co-janitors were cleaning up, giving me silent goodbyes. I stepped out of the club and the chilly air hit me. Picking up my feet, I hurried over to my BMW M4 convertible then drove home. Once I stepped inside of my house, my dogs went crazy. Dallas, my Labrador Retriever and Biscuit, my Corgi came to the door and ran around my legs. "I know, honey. Who's hungry?

Yeah?" I cooed. Dallas led the way to the back room where I kept their food bowls. I fed them and went upstairs. The sight of my king-size bed made me happy as hell. I pulled off my stilettos, kicked off my jeans and threw my top to the hamper. I laid back on the pillows then drifted off. ------ It was 8:45am when I woke up. My alarm was set to go off in 15 minutes so I got up and took a shower. Today was the day I like to call "To-Do-Shit Day." Now, I'm no expert but I think I get a fairly good amount of shit done on days like this.

I went downstairs, made some coffee, turned on the news and looked at my list. To-Do-Shit Day -Shopping--see list -Nails -Clean out pantry -Liam on club Pretty fun day. Sorta.

I went to the back closet to grab my coat then stepped into my black combat boots. Waving goodbye to Dallas and Biscuit, I went to my car. The only thing that bothers me about the grocery store is that overwhelming feeling when I don't know which brand is better. Right? Shit, I don't know. I grew up with crazy anxiety and stuff still freaks me out today. Anywho. I made it to the Giant Eagle Market District in about 10 minutes then got out. Another thing that's really weird to me are the super-extra-too much perky people.

That or the super-extra-too much irritated people. Some are like "Hi! How are you today," while others are like "I don't wanna be here so hurry the fuck up." It's fine with me if you wanna get bitch-slapped. Okie-dokie! So, I flew through the store, dropped my bags off at home then drove to my sister's salon.

Vanessa was pretty much everyone's older sister; mean to me but if anyone fucked with me, it's going down. "Vanessa!" I called out. My sister looked up from the stack of papers and smiled. "Victoria!" We shared a long hug then she ruffled my hair. "How are you, missy?" she asked.

"Just fine. My nails need your assistance." I wiggled my fingers at her then she nodded. "I'll let Eynon hook ya up. She'll be back in like, five minutes. Go." I walked over to Eynon's chair then relaxed. My nails were the second most important thing in my life--other than myself. Over an hour passed and I was walking out of the salon with fresh nails. "Thanks, Nessa!" I smiled. "Anytime, Toria!" she replied.

I got into my car then drove home.

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------ The pantry was cleaned in a short period of time then there was a knock on my front door. Liam. I walked into the foyer and opened the double doors. "Hey, Loser-Liam!" "Hi, Victoria," Liam laughed. I closed the doors after he stepped in then we walked to the kitchen.

"So," Liam commenced, "what did you need me to bring?" "Nothing. I just needed to talk to you about next Monday before we open for the week. We have to fix up that sound system Delia was talking about." "That's why it's helpful to have go-go dancers in cages high of the ground.


They can tell us what's up," Liam laughed. I shook my head at him while he laughed. "Well, still. And we have to make sure Heath doesn't come next week." "Easy. Amp up security." "Liam" I sighed, "they're not gonna listen to more big men in their way. Hell, if they don't listen to Jim that's already a bad thing." "Okay.

I'll do something. Just don't know what." "Whatever.

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Tomorrow, I think Cherry and Easy are going to be gone. So we have to call in Henna and Mali." We had ten different dancers. Delia, Cherry, Henna, Mali, Easy, Neon, Jessica, Baby Doll, Lady and Star. It's like dealing with 10 year-olds. They're all fun, don't get me wrong but they switch off days because they also strip every once in a while.

It's pretty hectic on weekends but we make it work. "Alright, and did you tell Delia happy birthday?" "Yep. 24 and counting," I smiled. "And how old are you? 69?" Liam chuckled. I picked up my towel then hit him in the face. Liam grabbed the end of the towel and gave me a look.

We played tug-a-war until I started ringing the towel. I hit Liam over and over then he pushed me against the counter. "Stop," he laughed. "Okay," I smirked, "after this one" I hit him one last time and he shoved me. We played our shove game for a bit then Liam brought his face closer to mine. I'm not saying I was attracted to him, but this was a different story. Liam had the same look in his eyes, we wanted each other.

His hand pushed some of my hair back then shit got real. Liam picked me up and sat me on the counter. Our lips locked while our hands touched each other. My left leg wrapped around his waist while he held my right up against his body. Liam's lips felt so fucking good, like, like, almost too good. We almost knocked over the cup on the counter but I caught it.

"Hm. Good reflexes," Liam whispered. "I'm just too good for you," I smiled.

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"Since when?" Liam moved his kisses down to my neck and I felt his warmth breath hit my skin. Liam put his hands on my waist then pulled me closer.

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I wrapped my arms around his neck and kissed him deeper. We continued to make out while his phone rang on the table. I had an idea who it was and I pulled back. "Liam!" I exclaimed. "What, why did you--" He realized what I meant and put his hand on his mouth. What we were remembering was that Liam had a girlfriend back home who hated my guts--for obvious reasons--and we just made out while she called him.

Liam picked up his phone then saw he had four missed calls. "I… I'm sorry…I…" "It's fine," Liam let out a small groan, "shit!

I'm sorry… That was wrong." "No. We should just&hellip.I just think you should get home," I said. I placed a kiss on his forehead then got off the counter.

We walked to the front door and I opened the door for him. Liam turned around then gave me his warm smile. "I'll call you later," he said. "Okay. G'night," I replied. I reached out for a hug but he thought otherwise. Liam gave me another kiss and I jumped into his arms.

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He used his shoulder to close the door and took me over to the couch. We sat on the couch facing each other while our mouths explored each other.

After ten minutes, Liam had his hand under my shirt, feeling around my stomach. I pushed him back and got on his lap.

We laid together like this before but never for this reason. Liam pushed my shirt up to the curve of my breast then kissed me some more. I didn't think we should take this any further, he never labelled himself as a cheater. Liam gave me one last kiss then pulled away. "Agh," I moaned, "I think you really need to leave now." "Yeah," he laughed. Liam gently raised me off of his lap and smoothed his clothes.

I fixed my shirt then walked him back to the door. "I'll call you later. Bye, love you," Liam smiled. "Bye," I said. And with that, Liam was gone. I never thought I'd say this but, I want to have sex with him. Oh god, this is gonna be a looooong night. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------