Gay video Twink guy Jacob Daniels is his recent meal corded up and

Gay video Twink guy Jacob Daniels is his recent meal  corded up and
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This is the true story of my discovery that my wife is an exhibitionist slut. It all began quite innocently. My wife, Anna, and I have been married for 3 years.

She is 26, and a petite 5'2" with a very cute ass and nice round 36C tits with nipples that point to the sky. Anna is from Indonesia, and all the time I've known her until recently she has always been shy and quiet, dressing in a very conservative manner so as to hide her incredible body. She has beautiful mocha skin and long black hair. Our sex life has always been good, but consisted of pretty much straight sex in our bedroom, with some occasional anal thrown in for good measure. Anytime I suggested something more adventurous she would blush and turn away.

A couple of months ago Anna and I were on vacation in Florida and had gone to a theme park for the day. Right after lunch, we went on this river rafting ride which ended up soaking both of us. I got pretty wet, but Anna was sitting on the opposite side of the raft and got completely drenched. It was a windy and cloudy day and she was getting so chilly in her wet clothes that she decided to buy something dry to change into.

I waited outside one of the shops while she bought something and changed in their dressing room. She came out carrying a bag with her wet clothes and dressed in a fairly tight white T-shirt and a little khaki skirt with the park's logo on it.

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As she walked toward me, her jiggling tits and pointy nipples told me that she was not wearing a bra. As I stared at them and smiled, she explained that her bra and panties were soaked so she had to put them in the bag with her other clothes. I said "so you're not wearing anything under that little skirt either??" She blushed and said that she looked for some pants or shorts, but the short skirt was the only thing they had small enough to fit her petite waist.

As a special treat for me on the day we left for vacation she had shaved her snatch completely bald, and I started to get excited thinking about her smooth little cunt only inches out of view under that skirt. As we walked around the park, all the guys were ogling her beautiful bouncing tits. Some of them glanced nervously, while others brazenly stared and even nudged their buddies saying "check that out".

Anna was obviously noticing all the attention and seemed a little embarassed. Although, I knew she must have been getting some kind of thrill out of it because at one point while we were walking I snuck my hand under her skirt and found her snatch sopping wet before she pulled away and told me to stop.

Then we got on a ride that had circular cars where everyone sat inside facing each other. As the ride started, our car began to spin around and wobble which caused Anna's tits to sway and jiggle very nicely. As I was trying to hold on to my seat bar, I noticed a couple of 18ish guys directly across from us staring right between Anna's legs. I looked down and saw that all the wobbling and spinning had caused Anna's legs to slide apart and the boys were no doubt getting a great view of her bald gaping cunt.

I leaned over and whispered in her ear "I think those guys are about to shoot off in their jeans". She looked up quickly, saw them staring, closed her legs tightly and buried her face in my shoulder in shame. After a moment, she looked up at me and stammered "I'm sorry." when I quickly cut her off. I smiled and said that it didn't bother me, and in fact I was getting hot thinking about those guys fantasizing about my sweet little wife.

She looked shocked but somehow curious, and turned away. That afternoon, we went back to our hotel and had the best sex ever.

As I licked and fingered her pussy, I kept telling her what an incredibly sexy body she has and how she should show it off more often.

She was getting very hot to hear me say that. As I buried my cock in her pussy I grabbed her tits and told her that every guy in the park had been thinking about what her nice big tits looked like and how they would taste. After hearing that she started going completely fucking wild, moaning loudly and bucking her hips. Then I told her that those two boys from the ride were probably somewhere jerking off right now dreaming about fucking her wet little cunt.

At that, she let out a scream and had a tremendous orgasm. The thought of how turned on she was about other guys seeing her tits and pussy was too much for me, I pulled out and shot stream after stream of hot cum over her tits, face, and belly. After that, I collapsed on the bed and laid for a while with my eyes closed when I felt her warm soft mouth nursing my cock back to life.

She was ready to go again! But this time, the look on her face told me she was going to turn the tables. As she sucked and licked the pussy juice and cum off my cock, she began telling me how wet it made her pussy to have all those strange men staring at her perky tits.


My cock throbbed to full erection. She sucked some more, then told me that she really wanted to spread her legs and her pussy lips wide open for those boys on the ride, and she wanted them to take turns lapping at her soaking cunt while everyone in the car, including me, watched. That was too much -- I threw her back on the bed and rammed my swollen hard-on into her sloppy cunt. As I fucked away, she asked if I would like to watch those boys lick her pussy. I said I would love it.

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Then she asked if I would let her suck their cocks. I almost blew my load right there, but slowed down and restrained myself. Panting nervously, I asked if she would like to fuck them in front of me. She giggled and said "no . my pussy is reserved for only your cock". Thinking for a moment, I said "would you let them fuck your tight little ass?" To my surprise, she replied "my fantasy is to have no less than 10 guys lined up, waiting for their turn to fuck my sweet little asshole .

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and every one of them would have to shoot their load in my bowels!" Before I knew it I was releasing another huge semen deposit -- this time deep in her pussy. While I was still shooting the last of my load she mashed her cunt against my groin and had another wild, convulsing orgasm. These days, when we go out to dinner Anna usually wears a little black lowcut dress with no underwear. If we're out during the day, she wears one of her sheer sundresses which tend to blow up when the right breeze comes along, exposing her sweet little ass and pussy which she now keeps completely bald at all times.

She delights in the looks and comments she gets, and never misses an opportunity to bend over, spread her legs, or carelessly let one of her tits bobble out at the right moment for both strange men and women to see. The exhibitionist that was always inside of her has been released fully. And while so far it's mostly just fantasy and showing herself, the little slut that I know she is deep inside is starting to come out as well.

Last week she crossed the first line between fantasy and reality. We had a guy from the cable company in our house installing an outlet in a guest room. Taking full advantage of the opportunity, Anna was parading around pretending to supervise him wearing only a silk bathrobe loosely tied in the front.

I knew what she was up to, and settled down in a chair to watch her walk around, sit down, stand up, and casually let the robe undo itself. The cable guy, who was an athletic-looking 30-something, was stealing glances as more and more of my wife was being revealed. As she stood and watched him drill into the wall, I could see her nipples were now poking out the open front of her robe and her little bald snatch was in full view. She asked him some question which caused him to look up and get an eyeful.

He looked nervously at me, then back down at his work. When he stood up, there was a huge bulge in his blue work pants with a wet spot at the end of it. Upon seeing this, Anna said "oh what happened to you?" and started wiping at the wet spot with her hand.

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Once she felt the outline of his bulge, she said "oh I see what happened, we had better get that out before you hurt yourself or really make a mess of your pants!" At that point, the cable guy looked at me and started backing away. When he did that, Anna looked back at me and said in a sweet, pouting voice "do you want me to help him?" I looked at her, then the cable guy and said "yeah, I think you should help him we can't have him walking around the house like that." With my approval, Anna immediately went to work undoing his pants and within seconds an enormous boner popped out and hit her in the nose.

Anna sat back and stared in awe.

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The only words she could utter at the sight of it were "oh my… that's incredible". She was right the guy's cock must have been 10 inches and thick as my wife's forearm. Also, when she pulled his pants the rest of the way down to his knees, we both saw that his nut sack was the size of a softball! Anna instinctively tried to cup his balls in one of her little hands while she stroked the monster prick with her other hand.

She could not get her petite fingers around the shaft and was clearly having a little trouble keeping it in her grasp as it throbbed and strained. What an incredible sight my sweet little wife on her knees in front of a total stranger jerking off his cock with her lovely tits peeking up at him. Apparently, the cable guy thought it was incredible, too, because after only a few moments of her stroking he started shooting long streams of hot gizz across her tits, face, hair, robe, everything!

I had never seen such volume. She was completely coated with the stuff. After he finally finished, she used the end of her robe to wipe off the last bit oozing out of his cock and put it back in his pants.

He uttered a nervous "thank you", collected his tools and was out the door.

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I wasted no time in mounting Anna right there on the sofa and pounded her soaking little pussy while she smeared the stranger's cum around her face, hair, and tits. She then told me that she was going to try to get that monster cock in her mouth but he came too soon!

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Then she scooped some of his cum onto her lips and looked at me with her pouty face and asked if I would have let her suck his cock.

With that, I pulled out and shot my own load across her tits and face, my cum mixing in with the stranger's.


When I was finished, she said "I'll take that as a yes." This is going to be the start of some good stuff. I'm already trying to figure out how to setup that 10 guy anal gangbang she has been fantasizing about… Give me a reply if you like this and I'll keep everyone posted on Anna's new adventures.