Legal age teenagers porn tubes

Legal age teenagers porn tubes
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"Thanks for choosing my story. This story has some serious hardcore parts as well as rather gross parts to it. Not the main storyline but I wanted to warn you of it.

Please comment if you like the story. It does go on for several chapters. If the replies are favorable I will be happy to post more. Some of this is actually true and some fantasy. " Jack, a confident, successful, self-made guy opens the door to the local eating establishment and immediately is greeted by the cute blonde girl working as the hostess. He pointes to a booth in the rear of the building. The girl gives him a puzzling look. "Pam is my wife and I want to surprise her".

The girl smiles and escorts him to the booth. He sits patiently as his server comes by. "Hi can I start you off with a drink? He smiles "just waiting for Pam to come over she's my wife" the girl stated that the booth is not her station and all of her seats are taken.

"Damn" he thinks to himself. "Ok let me get a large coke and a dozen wings'. The server walks off with his order as he watches his beautiful wife working. He is mesmerized just like every other guy they're watching her in her skintight orange shorts and tight white almost see thru shirt. Her c-cup tits pressing out for everyone with eyeballs to notice. He thinks to himself how much he would love to bend her over the table right there and fuck his adorable wife.

Minutes later his drink arrives and a little later his food. He thinks to himself he should make his presence known to his wife but she is so busy he doesn't want to distract her from her work. As he continues to chow on his food he ends up ordering a couple beers in the process. Now with a little buzz his lustful thoughts about his wife increase not to mention all the other girls in the building don't help out the situation. He thinks how lucky he was to find such a hot wife and goes back in his head two years earlier when he met her in this same building.

How the used to run out during her breaks and fuck in the back of the building sometimes right next to the smelly dumpsters. They didn't care they wanted each other all the time.

Still do although they n longer run out on breaks. They keep it in check till she gets off work. They've almost been caught twice and she doesn't want to loose her job after all, she makes pretty good money here.

Just around the time he finished his food he notices 3 obviously well buzzed guys take the booth positioned next to him but elevated around 3 feet. So they are out of view but can definitely be heard. Their conversation is loud and obnoxious.

After a few minutes listening to them make conversation he finished off his beer and rises to leave. Just ad he tilts forward to leave he hears one of the guys say "holy shit dudes; there's 7-11." he stands and notices the guy pointing in the direction of his wife. One of the other guys says" no way dude she moved to another state". "No way dude that's her watch" on this cue jack sits back down to see where this goes.

"Hey you come here," the guy says a little loud. Not a holler but loud enough to get the attention of someone with in 20 feet. "Huh here she comes" and sure enough he hears his wife "oh my god how are you guys. What are you doing up here?" Its obvious that jacks wife knows these guys.

He decides to sit tight order a beer and listen in although he has mixed thoughts about ease dropping on her conversation. "So what have you been up to 7-11" she giggles, "stop that shit. I haven't been called that in 3 years. For your information imp married to a great guy and doing pretty good so what brings you guys up here? The guys all say I unison "bachelor party!!" they all laugh "you know Pam we could definitely use a little entertainment if you know what I mean" Pam gives a tisk "I told you I'm married and don't play anymore.

Look I have to get to work what can I get you guys?" the guys order some beers and wings. She took their order and walks to the kitchen. "Yo dude. That's the girl I told you about that one time at Dave's party. She's the one that fucks anyone with a cock. That's why we call her 7-11. Her legs are always open". The guys all start laughing and one of the guys says "dude there is no way that hottie is as big a whore as you say, she is married after all" the guys smirk "look dude she wasn't always married.

She fucks anyone anywhere anytime. Dozens at a time. I heard she even fucked 100 guys in a night. There is a rumor she's been fucked by over a thousand different guys". The obvious new guy in the group laughs, "Dude you are so full of shit its incredible".

"Dude, i'm serious, shit I fucked her a couple dozen times and most of the time I was like the tenth to fifteenth guy in line. I'm telling you she is the biggest slut in this state probably the Midwest region". Jack if floored by what he is hearing about his wife. He sits pale faced and in shock at what he has just overheard.

Thinking "is it possible? Nahhh they are just drunk being assholes. She probably shot down that guy and he's making up shit. Yeah. That's it, he's just an ass". Jack sips his beer as he listens to these guys talk shit. How his wife would like to fuck by garbage cans and how she would fuck for days at a time. How her cunt was so used that it would hang open for days. How after a couple years her pussy was so loose that you needed a monster 10-inch cock just to feel anything.

Jack laughed at that since he knows that her pussy is nothing like they say. She's not tight but definitely not what they are talking about. The guys are into a story of Pam supposedly being in the kitchen of a hall where a bachelor party is being held taking all the guys in all holes over and over by dozens of guys.

How she was covered head to toe in cum and how they had to wash her up several times cause she was too covered in cum that no one would fuck her and so on. Just as the guys finish the part where she drank cum from her own ass the guys quickly shut up as they see her approach.

This calms jack thinking, "If it was true why hide what you're talking about. If it was her she would obviously know". Pam places the food on the table with out saying much. The loud mouth guy finally breaks the silence "so, 7-11 what you think about meeting us after work for a little playtime?" jack listens intently for her answer "i'm married I told you". She stated with a hint of irritation in her voice.

"Well, we don't care. We're not trying to marry you we just want to fuck you. Tell me you wouldn't like a few cocks in you?" jack hearing this clenches his fist thinking about getting up and whacking that guy right in the chops. "Look I don't fuck around anymore. You have me all wrong now please drop it or I'm gonna have to ask you to leave". Jack unclenches his fists now knowing that she can fend for herself.

"Look 7-11 I mean. Pam. you need to think about it and come and sit down for a break. We need to talk otherwise we could make things bad".

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Pam gives a stern "fine give me a few" and goes to her tables. The guys continue their talk about all kinds of seemingly impossible sexual fetes when she returns some 15 minutes later. She sits in the free space in the booth "ok I only have a couple minutes so what do you want?" the guys look at each other "well darling we all know what your capable of so lets not be coy.

There is allotting of people who would love to know where you are. They all (he emphasizes all) want to see you again. Not to mention what would your dear old husband say if we were to have a conversation about his dear wiffey and what she did before they married". Pam freaks out with "please don't. What have I done to deserve this? I've never been bad to you. Why r you tormenting me?" he smirks "honey all we want is some of that primo ass again.

Tell you what you meet us tomorrow here in the lot at 8pm. we'll discuss everything then. Make sure you dress slutty and be nice so hubby doesn't find out our lil secret, got it?" Pam gives a grinned look and nods her head in agreement. Pam goes to leave when one of the guys reaches for her hand and places her hand on the bulge in his pants.

She squints as he uses her hand to rub himself under the table. Pam snaps her hand back and hurriedly gets up and leaves the table. Jack sits with his mouth gaping "I wonder is she is actually going to meet these guys tomorrow and what is this secret he is talking about. Surely it can't be that what he is saying about her is true". Jack sits tight and notices the guys rise to leave. He watches them leave then makes his way to the side entrance not wanting to see his wife at this moment.

He needs to process what has just happened. He'll ask her about it later. A few hours later just after 11pm Pam arrives home in a happier mood than when he last saw her. "Hi honey what ya doin? Jack lifts his head "just watchin some tube waiting for my sexy wife to come home. How was your day?" Pam begins to tell him how her day went leaving out the part about her old "friends".

"Well babe I stopped by the restaurant earlier and you were so busy I didn't think it was a good idea to bother you. I did see you sitting with some of the customers. 3 guys, were they regulars?" Pam's heart drops and her brain goes into overdrive trying to figure out a way to explain what he saw. "oh.

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Them. Well their old friend from high school. They were in town and were just as surprised as me when we saw each other. We chatted a bit and they invited me out for a couple drinks tomorrow. Don't think I'll go though." jack sat there listening to her thinking "at least she didn't lie to me about them". The extent of the conversation was left out but he didn't want to let on that he was snooping around listening to her conversation so he went along with it. "So are you going to go out with them?

You haven't been out I a while you should go and catch up. I can go with if you like I wouldn't mind meeting some of your friends". Pam quickly back peddles the suggestion "I don't know. I'm not sure i'm gonna go. Those guys drink allot and can be obnoxious. I don't want to deal with that shit". Jack presses on wanting to gauge her a little.

"Well babe you deal with intoxicated jerks all day long so it should be a breeze for you. I just think that you could use a little time out on your own. We always go out together or just me n my friends.

Why don't you go? Ill find something to do. Ill call the guys or something". Now Pam finds herself in a bind. Her thoughts go to the guys and what they asked. "If jack knew what these guys wanted he would never let me go with those guys much less push me to go out with them." quickly Pam thinks she'll tell jack she's going out with them and go somewhere else instead. After all those guys were drunk and they are leaving town so she figured all she had to do was stall them and jack wont find out anything.

Pam goes to shower and get her pajamas on when she hears jack talking down the hall. "Who are you talking to at this hour?" she makes her way down the hall " its Samantha, she has your buddies on the phone. Says she met them at the sports bar next to the hotel.

Here its your friend tom he wants to talk to you." Pam freaks" oh no what the fuck" flashes through her head "I'm gonna kill her" she takes the phone "hello?" sure enough its tom " your friend wouldn't give me your number but this is just as good. Don'tforget about our meeting tomorrow. Don't be late or I'll call Jacky boy and let him know what a fucking whore of a wife he has.

Got it? Oh and you friend is a dumb bitch. She gave me the phone and walked away to talk so now I have your cell number and I see she has your house number in here also. Oh look what we have here, your address. Not that is helpful. Don't forget dress slutty see ya tomorrow. Bye bye honey". With that he hangs up. Pam internally freaks out but needs to play it off so she fakes loosing signal on her phone.

"Lost them, must be a bad signal in the bar". Pam gets little to no sleep that night. Jack is at work as she rises for her day. She does chores to keep her mind off the inevitable end of her day. The day flys faster than she wants. Before she knows it its 6pm. "shit I have to get ready. I'm supposed to wear something slutty?

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I don't have anything like that." she then looks at her skirts none of which would be considered slutty. Sexy yes but not slutty. So for lack of options she grabs a reds spaghetti dress and lays it out on the bed.

Reached to the end table and reaches in the drawer for a pair of scissors.

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With out any real measuring she marks off about 3 inched and starts to cut a straight line across. "There that should be slutty enough". She throws the scrap in the garbage and makes her way to the shower.

After letting the water run down her body and washing she returns to the bed reaching for the dress. She glances to the clock 7:15 "shit I wasted too much time in the shower". She quickly grabs a white thong and begins to slide the dress over her self. Pam made a great measuring error. She looks in the mirror and realizes she cut off more that she thought.

The bottom of her dress barely covers the front of her thong standing still. There is no way she could take a step and not give anyone within 50 ft of her a good look at her panty covered pussy. "Damn it its too late to fix this or do something else". Glancing at the clock it reads 7:24. Pam grabs her purse settling in on her fate, runs out the door to get over there not wanting to piss them off by being late. Maybe they're just messing with her and its joke.


She wouldn't want anything to change the possibility that it might be a joke. Pam shows up in the lot seeing the guys waiting on her. She puts the car in park and glances down seeing her panties in full view as in the sitting position there is no chance of covering her panties.

She looks around for people seeing no one and quickly gets out of her suv. In doing so her dress rides all the way up to her waistline. Quickly she pulls down what little fabric she has and makes her way over to the guys "woo hoo" is the howl she hears from the guys from across the lot. As she walks up the tom tells the other guys," told you she'd come. Dressed like a whore more than slutty.


Honey your panties are on plain view for everyone to see. Told you guys once a ho always a ho". There is a bit of small chat as the guys reminisce about high school and the years right after. Pam shows no interest and wants nothing more than to go home but she fakes interest to keep things cool. Tom chimes in about what he wants from her "listen Pam, I don't want to keep you against your will.

I want to apologies about out behavior yesterday and although I did want to fuck your brains out I wouldn't do it against your will. i'm glad you showed up and I still want to fuck you but i'm not going to rape you to do it. However i will say that im going to leave a decision up to you.

You can agree to come back to town for a couple days and let us have a good old time with you or we could have a conversation with hubby." he pauses for a bit.

"You have 5 minutes to answer. If you decide to do it, you need not say a thing just go over to that picnic bench over by the front door of your job, remove those useless panties, sit on the table top, spread your legs and then spread open that wet pussy of yours very wide so I can get a couple nice pics. If you do that you'll have 2 weeks to come down or we tell hubby. Decision is yours. I'm not forcing you into anything.

Not really" Pam thinks intently not sure what she should do. She doesn't want to cheat on her husband buy she want to protect him from a shameful truth that she used to be a slut of epic proportions.

She truly believes that either way he would leave her. She ponders her decision and decides to go down there and keep if from her husband. She rationalizes that she could possibly keep him from ever finding out about either choice.

If they tell him she is most definitely divorced. If she goes to be a slut one more time she could in all likeliness keep it from him and everything will turn out ok. "4 minutes. 1 minute left". Pam looks around the lot, inspecting very intently looking for onlookers. Convinced there aren't any people around she drops her thong while standing between 2 cars.

Reaching down to grab her thong it is then she really grasp how short the skirt is. She feels the cool air on her now wet pussy and thinks, "anyone who is behind me is getting a great show". She rises looking around again scanning for people. A group of patrons walk out the door just as she decides its time. Quickly she makes it back between the cars watching the patrons and the door closely. With the patrons out of site she quickly makes her way to the bench sitting quickly on the top of the table facing the guys.

Again she scans for patrons entering or leaving as well as co-workers. "Now or never. Her it goes" with that thought she quickly spreads her legs as wide as they'll go actually resting both her heals on the table. Leaning back resting on one hand and with the other she spreads her lips wide as they'll go. She then sees tom walking closer snapping off tons of pics. Tom shrieks out a command "lay back and with both hands take 2 fingers from each hand and pull your cunt open.

Hurry whore hurry". Pam goes to move so fast she falls back on the table and has herself gaping open quicker than tom can get himself composed. Pam cries out with urgency "hurry please before anyone sees me and I get fired or worse".

Tom snaps off a few more pics then extends his hand to her to lift her just as a group of people exits the establishment. Pam hops off the table and scatters away towards tom's friends. "Holy shit that was crazy!" she exclaims. Tom makes his way back "good job there 7-11 oh I mean Pam. glad to see you are going to come by.

Ill is sure to tell EVERYONE your coming down. My advice for you is lots of pussy stretching in the coming weeks lil lady. Your going to get your brains fucked out. Hope your hubby likes a big pussy but then he must considering he married you." tom reaches down to pam's exposed pussy and slides his finger along her slit causing Pam to expel an involuntary moan. "ohhh don't" is her halfhearted protest.


Tom pulls his fingers to his lips and licks them "sweet". Pam continues to talk to the guys for a couple more minutes then makes her way to her car where she pauses reflecting on her actions and decisions in the last few minutes. She looks at her mirror then back to the guys. She does this several times thinking "shit!

How did this happen? I thought I could get away from this". Memories of her past flood her thoughts. The things she's done and the people who have simply used her for their pleasure. Pam shakes her head and starts the car putting it in gear slowly pulling off to the street. From not too far away jack sits in his car amazed at what he has just witnessed. Furious at the actions of his wife but not so furious that he doesn't notice the rock hard boner in his pants. Confused at his arousal he starts his car to follow his wife.

Jack goes over the events "well she hasn't exactly cheated on me but showing her pussy like that in public is not cool although I do have a raging hard on. huh." Pam drives in a catatonic state almost on autopilot.

Her husband could be driving right next to her and she wouldn't notice. She has wetness between her legs that she hasn't had in years. "I can't go home like this". Pam surveys the area and notices an Asian restaurant that is part of a strip plaza.

Abruptly she turns hard right into the lot making her way around to the rear of the building. Jack in tow proceeds to the next entrance turning in to follow "where the hell is she going?" jack looses site of her for a couple minutes before making his way around the rear of the building.

He finds pam's car parked next to the restaurant's dumpster. She is still in it sitting in the reclined position he notices that she has the drivers window open witch is weird considering it is within inches of the dumpster.

"It has to smell bad. Why would she have her window open?" While jack ponders what Pam is doing, Pam sits in her car with one leg on the door and the other spread as wide as possible. She is frantically shoving 3 fingers in and out of her pussy looking for a powerful release.

"God I need to cum. i'm such a whore." she tried to shove her fingers in further "oh pleeeeease I need to cummmm". She leans her head towards the window inhaling the retched stench coming from the dumpster.

Then POW!! She cums. She does have a nice orgasm but not the earth shaking kind she was so hoping for. Slightly disappointed she simply closes her less puts the car in ear and precedes to drive off. Jack on the other hand delays a bit not sure what he saw. "Why would she just stop there? Was she crying? On the phone? What an odd place to stop." he then puts his car in gear to follow.

They make their way towards their house. Jack assuming their going home when Pam turns left onto the expressway. Jack of course follows suite.

"Where the hell is she doing now?" jack ask himself paying close attention to what she is doing. About 3 miles down she takes the off ramp to a road that leads only to industrial areas. This action intrigues jack. He follow left then right. Right again and a left. He finds her parked by a fence with cars parked scarcely along the fence. Quickly jack turns off his lights and stops. He watches his adorable, petite wife squat down to go thru a hole in the fence. This puzzles jack as the fence is surrounding the garbage dump company.

"What the fuck is she up to"? Jack pulls his car in a parking spot off to his left making sure to be out of site of his wife. With out trying to stand out he makes his way to the hole on the fence and goes thru.

Looking around, the facility is very dark as the workers are gone. The smell is overpowering him though. It's a putrid smell of decaying food and general trash. "Why is she over here, fuck it smells horrible".

After looking around for Pam for a few minutes he comes across the main trash storage facility where fresh trash is dumped by the trucks. He sees 3 massive mounds of trash smelling even stronger as he approaches.

He makes his way down the long drive looking in the building windows for his then from behind him he hears moans. Quickly he snaps his head looking back and what he sees makes his mouth gape open and a mix of rage, erotisizm, disbilief and wonder all at once. Ducking behind some crates he sees Pam laying on the trash piles. He sneaks his way as close as he dares to get a closer look to see her by herself?

"What the." Pam his longhaired brunette with her next door looks and hot petite body lying on top of garbage masturbating. As he looks closer hr realizes that she is rubbing her pussy with a rotted banana peal. She pinches her nipple with one hand and uses the other to shove the rotted banana peal into her pussy with 3 fingers.

She doesn't stop fingering herself with the peal until the peal is all the way in her pussy. Jack is beside himself at what he is viewing. Surprised stiff. He cant move or even come up with a rational thought as he watches his wife reach to her side into a pool of disgusting slime and scoop it then rubbing it all over her beautiful pussy. She rubs it all over her inner thighs and pussy.she scoops again and again occasionally sticking 3 or 4 fingers in her pussy using the slime like a lube.

Jacks mouth dries up and he gets the urge to gag. He holds off trying not to make noise when he notices that within the slime she is using to masturbate with is maggots. "Maggots!!! How the . what the." he turns to vomit but is able to control it.

Unable to comprehend what he is witnessing he just watches. She continues for another 15-20 minutes repeatedly scooping the vile scum onto her pussy while fingering herself. Several times during this he sea's her actually scooping the scum into her pussy maggot and all. Then out of nowhere she lets out a howl as she convulses violently to an orgasm.

It takes Pam a couple minutes to come down from her orgasm. When she does she appears to have a look of shame on her face as she tried to wipe the slimy garbage slime from her pussy and thighs. Pam reaches for a shirt from the pile to help her wipe up. After a quick wipe down jack watches as Pam sticks 2 fingers back in her pussy and pulls out the rotted banana peal. As she pulls it out some of the scum she shoveled into her pussy falls out with a swashing sound.

The amount that comes out surprises jack. "She really shoved allot in there" is all he could think at this moment. After discarding the peal Pam wife's her pussy with the shirt again. He watches as she carefully picks the maggots off her and from inside her pussy. Seemingly satisfied with the quick clean up job she quickly gets up to leave.

Jack scoots out of site as Pam walks right by him in a quick pace almost a run. She ducks to get out of the fence and jumps in the car. Jack starts his walk to his car as he watches Pam pull off.

Jack struggles with what he has just witnessed and with what he should do. He loves her; although she hasn't cheated on him he is thrown off by her hidden perversion. "I wonder if she was always doing this all along?" jack makes his way to his car and decides to give her time while he figures out how he is going to handle this. Pam drives down the road towards home satisfied by her earth shattering orgasm. Disgusted with herself as she always is right after reveling in her perversions but she is also aware she'll be over it as soon as she gets a shower.

During the drive Pam feels her pussy itching. She reaches down to scratch when she notices a maggot crawling on her pussy. Seemingly comfortable with that fact she simply grabs the maggot and tosses it out the window. She feels more itching and notices a few more actually coming out of her pussy. "Damn these things get everywhere".

She flicks out about 5 more maggots out the window. Pam slowly rolls down her street looking for jack's car in the drive "no car good". She sped up and pulls in the drive. She quickly exits the car and sneaks into the garage hoping none of the neighbors see her in her skirt. "Made it".

Pam rushes up the stairs, reaches for some shorts and a t-shirt. She places her clothing on the sink while reaching for her red water bottle to begin her all too familiar cleansing ritual.

Pam continues to douche several times each time more maggots fall out of her. Pam realizes this should repulse her but it actually is making her horny again. She has a quick thought of returning to the dump but realizes it wise not to push it. After what is about 35 minutes of flushing out her pussy with cleansers and gallons of water she hears jack come thru the door.

She grabs the showerhead turning it in various positions to wash away the maggots that are still on the tub floor. With the tub clean and herself she turns off the water and dries herself getting herself back to normal appearance. Couple minutes and she's right as rain.

She walks down stairs to greet her husband. Walking into the living room and looking at her husband she can easily tell he has been drinking since he hardly ever drinks so he's a lightweight. "Hey babe" as she walks in the room. "Oh hi Pam how was your night?" jack playing off like he knows nothing.

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Ah it was all right just talked with the guys for a bit. As you can see I'm home early." her voice trails off as she enters the kitchen to get herself a drink. Jack responds to her "honey when your done in there I have a question for you". Pam returns moments later with a rum and coke. "What's up?" jack sits up "take a seat babe. Take a look at these" jack hands her his cell phone.

On the cell phone is pics of her thru-out the evening from her spreading herself on the picnic table at her work to her masturbating in the garbage dump. Pam sits stunned, pale and begins to studded "llllet mme eexplain".

Jack gently takes his phone back "how could you possibly explain something like this. There is no rationale explanation". Pam was in the process of coming up for an excuse for her pending unfaithfulness but never counted on being caught at the dump. Pam cries into her hands for a couple minutes while jack sits patiently waiting for an explanation.

Once Pam composes herself she comes out with " i'm so sorry babe. The guys are sort of blackmailing me and as for the garbage dump thing. Well. I can't explain my behavior on that. I used to have sex next to a dumpster so I guess I associate the smell with sex. The stronger the smell the harder I cum. i'm ashamed and embarrassed but its the truth. I can't help it and if i'm hones with myself and you I don't want to.

I'm not hurting anyone, im not cheating on you. I know its nasty but it is part of me and I like it. I hope you can at least understand that. I don't expect you to agree with me but I do hope you understand. Jack sits intently listening "ok I'll pass on the trash thing for now. We'll get back to that later but what the fuck were you doing spreading your pussy for those guys anyway?

Pam ponders with a response when she asks, "Hey wait a minute you were following me? How could you follow me? How long have you followed me? Have you been following me all along?" jack snaps back " wait a fucking minute!

I only followed you cause I went to your work the other day to surprise you at lunch. I sat in a booth near your station cause all your tables were busy when I overheard those guys talking about this whore they used to fuck and next thing I know you are sitting at their table talking about fucking and whets with the 7-11 nick name? Did you go by that name? Is what they said true? Did you fuck guys by the dozen?" his voice starting to rise into anger "don't fucking lie to me, tell me!!

Pam frozen in fear cries lowers her head, defeated, now accepting her fate and hoping jack will still accept her afterwards calmly says, "If you calm down I'll tell you everything". Jack rises and makes his way to the kitchen "I need a beer for this". Pam patiently waits as jack makes his way to the recliner with a cooking pan filled with ice and about 5 beers. "Ok so lets hear it," jack commands. Pam sips her drink "I want you to know I never cheated on you at all.

Never! As for what the guys said, I don't know what they actually said but from what you said." she pauses for a minute and with great reservation she blurts out "yes its true, I used to be a slut. I was a slut for anyone who wanted me. Anytime anywhere which usually was next to some dumpster for some odd reason". Pam pauses to gauge his response. "So you fucked anyone?" jack asks. Pam looks down into her glass "well. Yeah sort of.

I just went with the flow, which usually involved well. Are you sure you want to hear this?" jack swallows a bi swig of his beer "well not really but lets get it out in the open and see where we land." Pam takes a deep breath "well, it usually involved lots of guys. It started out just me, my boyfriend at the time then he asked me to help his buddy out. Then it was another buddy, then another and next thing I know i'm spending most of my time going from one group of guys to another.

Sometimes several groups of guys in the same day. It was fun, I was young and it just got a little out of control so I left 3yrs ago. I didn't date for a year till I met you. I fell in love with you and well you know the rest." Jack just looked at her and stared at her listening to her tell him shat the woman he married is a whore.

He absorbs what she said "at least she didn't sell herself" he thinks to himself when he blurts out "ever get paid to fuck someone" quickly Pam replies "no, no,no never. I was a slut not a paid whore" with that statement for what ever reason they both start to laugh. After the laughter subsides jack looks to Pam "i'm not sure what to think here.

Do you even know how many guys you've fucked?" Pam thinks for a minute "uh I actually do. It was a thing of mine. I had to keep track" it was an answer but not the one jack was looking for "well how many damnit".

Pam sits back "i'm not goin to tell you right now. Just to say it was allot and i'm not ashamed, I did it and I no longer do it. I'm yours and that should be all that matters as for tonight, now that you know about me the guys wont be able to blackmail me into doing shit like that anymore so you have no more worries." Pam looks to jack to see if she has crossed the line.

He sits drinking his beer obviously in deep thought when Pam notices a rather large bulge in his pants." I can see that some parts of you don't mind" as she points to his cock. "That's not the point, what's with the trash? You put maggots in your pussy for Christ sakes. What the fuck is that?" Pam snaps back to her panic mode as she realizes she's not out of the woods "uhmm, that's my thing.

It has nothing to do with what I did before. Having sex with that smell makes me feel real dirty and I guess I like that. I never have sex that way only masturbate. It kinda sick but that's what makes it so intense. The maggots, I just got used to them after all you can't play with garbage and not expect to deal with maggots.

After a while it started to turn me on having them inside me and on me while I play. I always make sure I'm squeaky clean afterwards for you.

I would never, ever, do anything with you with filth on me." jack can't fully grasp the situation so he just tells her "look I believe you that you never cheated on me but this conversation is not over. For tonight it is but not for a long shot. I just can't take anymore right now. We'll talk tomorrow.

For tonight I want you to sleep in the guest room. Just do that for me." Pam shakes her head in understanding "um ok, if that's what you want. Please don't be too mad at me. I wanted to tell you but I was afraid you'd leave me. Ill give you space. I understand it is a shock and I can only hope you still love and accept me. Jack gets up and heads towards the be room turning back to her "we'll see" and goes up the stairs leaving Pam sitting in the chair with her head in her hands.