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Rico cache con pasivo culon aguantador estrecho que gime como mujer
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To all of my loyal readers: I have absolutely no idea where this saga is taking me or even when it will end. I had thought when I began writing that I would be able to tell my tale in a couple of chapters and be done with it.

Then I could get back to spending my time with Susan, Faith, and Cyn and the grandchildren, but that doesn't seem to be the case does it. It appears that there is at least one more chapter to go before I am able to conclude this damned thing. Full Circle Chapter Five Making love to Susan can be favorably compared to either a hurricane or a deep, slow moving river depending on many factors including her mood. Tonight her mood was a cross between that of a playful mature tigress in heat and a raccoon kit wanting to explore everywhere and getting its nose into everything.

After discussing the possibility of her leaving Baltimore with her family she was much more at ease than she had been earlier when we had come home from Annapolis. We had arrived back to find that the local gang-bangers had unsuccessfully tried to burn her out. All they really accomplished was to identify eleven of the gangs members, thereby insuring that their numbers would be further reduced. We did a lot of kissing, touching, fondling, and groping as we explored each other's bodies to find out what we liked, where and how.

Fingers and toes, lips and tongues, hands and feet, cock and pussy, and just about every other part of our bodies were used by us in bringing each other pleasure. I found, for example that if I crooked two fingers and inserted them in and out of her pussy it would cause her to have a mini-orgasm. If those two fingers also caressed her G-spot as they moved in and out of her pussy the orgasm was more intense. If while doing the above I also used my thumb to rub and mash on her clit her orgasm was explosive and I discovered that if I used my fingers to stroke her pussy caressing her G-spot and my thumb to excite her clit and then sucked on one breast and nipple while rolling and tweaking the other nipple with my free hand her orgasm was earth shattering and she didn't just cum she squirted.

The other way I found to accomplish the same results was to do almost everything as before except instead of rolling and tweaking her nipple with my free hand I used two fingers of that hand to stroke in and out of her beautiful asshole. I am really glad that there was one hell of a storm going on outside or her neighbors would have thought that an ax murderer was killing her. We also discovered that even slight variations in speed, force, and angle of attack when fucking her with my cock could raise her to new levels of pleasure or leave her flat.

We discovered that I could cause her to have an orgasm simply by licking and probing her asshole with my tongue as did many other variations on that theme. Of course she discovered many wonderful things about me that brought me pleasure as well.

Who would have though that a talented tongue could bring a person to the edge of orgasm simply by sucking on his big toe I know I wouldn't have, but I am a believer now! When lightly kissed the backs of my knees sent shivers up my spine and light licking of the inside of my elbows did the same thing as did the licking of the palms of my hands.

Having my earlobes nibbled on and lightly tugged on with her teeth brought a stirring to my groin and my nipples, My God my nipples. Her sucking on one while pinching and twisting the other caused me to cum what felt like buckets without a finger one touching my cock!

We didn't follow a script as if we were turning pages of the Kama Sutra and trying out the position shown there, No we wrote our own book or guide, if you will, that was specific to each of us alone and was for our private and exclusive use We played for hours and then in the wee hours of the morning fell into an exhausted yet satisfying sleep and for one of the few times in my adult life I didn't automatically awake at 0530!

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When we finally did awake it was because my phone was constantly ringing. Finally I couldn't take it anymore and answered the damned thing. "Hey Plug" boomed out a voice that could only belong to Colonel Marty Jackson, USMC(Ret) the former XO of the regiment I had commanded shortly before I retired.

"How they hanging buddy" I mumbled something in response and he started cackling "I told you that you wouldn't get much sleep last night." "What do you want Marty" I said in a surly tone of voice. "Don't get pissy with me Plug, you're the one that sent me the email last night saying you had to talk with me about something important." He said "So what's up fearless leader." Coming to my senses quickly I asked "Marty, how soon can you and the SgtMaj get here?" "I'm deep in to something and I need your advice and help." "By god I knew that you couldn't handle all three of them" he quipped.

"Marty" I started to say when he interrupted. "I know skipper" he said "This is serious." "If we leave within the hour we can catch the noon ferry and be there by mid afternoon." "That's great" I said, "I'll have rooms at the Hilton for the two of you and tell Mary she is welcome to come along as your chaperone if she wants to." "Besides I would like her to meet my future wife." There was a moment of stunned silence at the other end of the phone before Marty quietly asked "Your future wife?" "Have you completely lost your mind Plug?" and I could hear Mary in the background asking "What's this about a wife." I then heard her take the phone away from Marty an in a moment I heard her deep southern drawl.

"Now CT what did you say to my husband about a wife because he has this strange and confused look on his face" she sweetly asked of me.

"Well Mary, I would say that is his normal look, but I am sure you already know this" and as she laughed I said "the tale is far too long to relate over the telephone, but if you will quickly pack a bag for you and one for Marty I'll tell the entire story and introduce you to my future wife when you get here." "I really need to talk to Marty and to SgtMaj Christian as soon as possible so would you please light a fire under him." "I sure will CT, I'm giving the phone back to Marty and by the time you're finished talking we'll be ready to go" said Mary.

"Plug, you shouldn't play jokes on an old man like me I don't know if my heart can stand it" he said. "Marty, all kidding aside, I need you and the SgtMaj here yesterday" I said "We're on our way and will see you this afternoon" he said "should we come loaded for bear?" "Nothing more than what you and the SgtMaj normally carry," I replied "Call me after you get checked in and we will get together." "Aye-Aye Skipper" he said and hung up.

I looked at my watch and saw that it was only 0700. Three and a half hours I mumbled as I crawled to the edge of that monstrous bed. Swinging my legs over I stood and went to my gear bad and pulled out my running shoes and from my clothing bag I extracted a pair of socks, gym shorts and a t-shirt and set them aside for when we got back from the police station.

After a quick pit stop in the bathroom I got dressed and was just about to wake Susan when Susan woke up all on her own. It never ceases to amaze me how some women could undertake the strenuous activities as we had this earlier this morning and last night and still wake up looking as good as she did. "Morning sleepyhead, I am surprised that you got up on your own." "I tried to sleep in and get my beauty rest, but some man's loud voice kept intruding so I just woke up" Susan said as she first rubbed her face and then stretched.

"Where are you off to" she asked of me. "I was just getting ready to wake you so we can get to the police station and file those complaints" I said. "We" she said "have to start acting like a pair of mature lovers and stop acting like a pair of love struck horny teenagers who have just discovered the pleasure in sex!" "I couldn't agree more" I said "now shake a leg and let's get a move on.

Susan quickly dressed and we stopped briefly to tell Faith and Cyn where we were off to and then it was back on the elevator, a quick trip down one level and into the garage.

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We climbed into my truck, fired the beast up, got turned around, and with Susan's finger on the remote opened the garage door and we were off. Ten minutes later we were at the precinct and within fifteen minutes being ushered into the presence of Detective Jones.

Detective Jones pulled out the complaint forms, already filled out and Susan signed them one by one until the entire stack of eleven was done. "Ms Marshall I cannot thank you enough for doing this," he said. "If more citizens would stand up the way you have we could eliminate this gang once and for all." We chatted for a few more minutes and after saying our good-byes took our leave.

We got back in my truck and in less than twenty minutes were once again, safe in Susan's garage. Once we got upstairs I stripped out of my street clothes and into my running ones.

Susan looked at me as if I had sprouted a third horn and said "just where do you think you're going buster." "Out for my morning run" I replied. "No, no, no you are not CT, it's far too dangerous out on the streets to go running so forget it!" she said. "Susan," I began "I have been running ten miles every morning, with damned few exceptions, for over forty years and I am not stopping now." "I didn't ask you to stop, now did I" she said "and normally I would join you, but I have a date with a nice, long, hot, bubble bath planned for this morning, but let me show you this before you take off." With that she slipped out of bed and donned her short silk robe before heading toward the elevator flipping up the back hem of her robe, and showing me her beautiful, naked ass.

"You had better watch that young lady. You might start something you can't finish" I said to her as I swatted her perfectly formed ass cheek. We stepped into the elevator and Susan pushed the button for the basement.


We played a little grab-ass as we proceeded down and when we arrived Susan led the way toward the front of the building. We passed all sorts of exercise equipment including what looked to be a twenty foot long lap pool. Susan walked to a door leading further toward the front and we stepped into a very clean room with three somewhat oversized treadmills facing the front of the building. "It's not complete VR" she said "a computer genius that Cynthia is seeing put this together for us" as she flicked a couple of switched and the room was suddenly transformed into a perfect representation of the street scene right outside.

"He created it from scratch and just finished getting the bugs out a month or so ago." "I don't pretend to know how it works, but if you get on the treadmill you can set it to your running speed and the scene in front of you and on both sides is a mirror image of what you would actually see if you were running on the street." Susan said "Now here is the really neat part" as she brought up a map of the entire city on the monitor attached to the front of the machine.

"Watch this" she said as she picked up what looked for all the world like a Bic pen without its point and began drawing on the map leaving a medium width blue line behind it on the map. "Using this pen" said Susan, "you can design the course you want to run and its length and the treadmill will follow the elevations and contours perfectly. "If you are running up a hill the front of the machine will raise up to match the angle of rise and if you are heading downhill the back of the machine will do the same thing." In one corner of the screen it showed how long the blue line was in increments of one tenth of a mile, in a second how far you had run and your elevation, the third corner was a monitor for heart rate, respiration, and oxygen levels, and the fourth contained the touch controls.

Susan fiddled for a bit more and laid out a ten mile course for me, as that is the distance I normally run, and showed me how to increase my speed in tenths of a mile per hour increments and said "There you go lover, I will see you later as I have a mound of bubbles calling my name" and she was off. I did some stretching and loosening up exercises then started off slow setting a four mile per hour pace and within half a mile had increased it to my normal, steady, seven miles per.

I was proud of my body and although I had my compliment of dings and scratches it still functioned like a well oiled machine. I did forty-five minutes of Tai Chi four mornings a week and weight trained twice a week.

I tried to eat right and I made it a conscious effort to keep in shape and it had paid off in more ways than one.

Sure I was sixty three, but I had the stamina and endurance of a man half of my age. It was really nice to be able to run in the city and not worry about either vehicle or pedestrian traffic or red lights and in the back of my mind I saw some real commercial potential for this device.

I made a mental note to contact this genius after things were in hand here. When I hit the nine and a half mile mark I slowed to a walk for the last half mile and by the time I finished I was right back where I had started and completely cooled down. I took the elevator back to the fourth floor and walked back into the bathroom. I saw Susan lying in the tub, nearly completely concealed by mounds and mounds of fragrant bubble, with some sort of a flotation collar around her neck to keep her head above water, and she was sound asleep.

I briefly though of dumping cold water on her in revenge for her actions of yesterday, but upon reconsideration decided that I didn't want to risk an escalation in hostilities just then. It would be better if I were to just bide my time. It turned out to be a fortuitous decision on my part.

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I stripped off my clothes and shoes and socks and slowly climbed into the tub with her, being very careful not to make waves or some other disturbance.

As I gently lowered myself on to the bench next to her I happen to glance in her direction and saw her staring back at me with a mischievous little grin on her face. "I'm really so glad that you decided not to throw cold water on me" she said still smiling "Because I would have hated to have had to use this on you" and she raised her left arm that had been laying along the top of the tub with everything from the elbow down obscured by bubbles.

In her hand she held a Taser that had the ability to deliver 50,000 volts into its intended target within a split second. I simply looked at her, not saying a word. I grabbed a scrubby and a bar of Ivory and scrubbed the sweat from my run off and then standing I turned on one of the separate handheld shower units and rinsed off before stepping out and drying myself off. I couldn't determine if I was angry because she had, in effect, outsmarted me or because had she discharged that Taser when I was in the water both of us could have easily been seriously hurt as the current passing through me would have passed through her as well.

Wrapping my towel around my middle I was walking toward the bedroom when Susan said "Are you angry with me CT?" I said nothing and continued walking. Entering the bedroom I pulled on a pair of light brown semi-dress pants and a light blue short-sleeved button down. I added a pair of loafers and transferred everything from yesterdays pockets.

Susan came up wrapped in a robe and asked what was bothering me and if I was angry with her. I was still upset, but realized that I either had to talk with her about it or I packed my trash and left never to return.

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I asked her to sit down and sitting at an angle beside her I had to restrain my impulse to take her in my arms. "Susan" I said I am extremely unhappy with you right now because you came very close to causing a great deal of harm to both of us." "I appreciate the fact that you outwitted me yet at the same time I am extremely pissed that you didn't think before bringing something as dangerous as that Taser is not only into the bathroom, but into the bathtub with you." As I looked at Susan I could see the hurt in her beautiful jade green eyes that my words and tone of voice were causing, but I felt that the reason behind what I was saying was important enough for me to continue.

"I love you with every fiber of my being and in the past two days you have brought me more love and happiness than any man has a right to expect and that almost came to a tragic end a little bit ago." Now I wasn't sure of this, but I went on anyway. "If you had fired that Taser at me when I was in the tub there is an excellent probability that we both would have been seriously affected by the electrical discharge and more than likely drowned!" "Now do you see why I am so angry Susan, You almost killed the two of us!" "I'm sorry" Susan said in a very small little girl's voice (I had this fantasy flash of her in a white blouse, plaid skirt, and black and white saddle oxfords, with her hair in pigtails twisting one toe into the carpet or floor in embarrassment after having been caught something she knew she shouldn't have been doing) with her eyes lowered.

"I've been a bad girl" she said looking up at me through lowered lashes "and I deserve to be put across your lap and spanked for being a bad girl" and when I looked in her eyes this time I could see a little bit of fear and a whole lot of the glint of anticipation.

I took her right hand and dragged her body across my lap. She resisted for a moment so I swatted her ass with a nice stinging open handed blow and after giving a little squeal she settled right down. "That's five more for resisting" I said and when she started to protest I asked, rather sweetly I thought, whether she wanted five more for insubordination and she shook her head No! I raised the hem of her robe, uncovering her beautiful and firm ass cheeks, and paused momentarily in appreciation.

Then I lowered the boom, so to speak. Taking my right hand I raised it and smacked her off side cheek and then repeated myself on the one nearest me. I alternated back and forth for a total of ten strokes and then stopped for a minute to observe my handiwork (yes I did). Both cheeks had a nice red glow to them and I knew that they were both a bit tender. Susan was quietly sobbing and when I stood her up to switch sides around I saw tears streaming down her cheeks.

Once I had her laying across my lap facing in the opposite direction I again lifted the lower hem of her robe and once again paused in admiration.

Using my left hand this time I slowly started smacking her ass once again. Instead of sobbing Susan let out a long, low moan and said so quietly that I almost missed it "Harder, smack my bad little girl ass harder" as she squirmed in my lap.

Now I am the last person to ever deny a woman's request for pleasure so I obliged by smacking her cheeks even harder. Something a lot of people don't realize is that spanking someone's ass with your hand is not only physically difficult it is painful as hell for the person doing the spanking as well.

This is one instance where the saying 'This is going to hurt me as much as it is going to hurt you' is dead on the money. Susan's ass cheeks were a deep, fiery red and very sensitive to the touch. I slid my hand down between her legs and cupped her pussy. This spanking must have been a major turn on for her because her pussy was simply dripping wet with her juices. Susan turned her head and looking over her left shoulder she said in a pleading yet demanding voice "Fuck Me" "I want you to fuck me hard and fast from the rear and I want you to spank me as you do!" I raised her up off my lap and positioning her on her hands and knees at the edge of the bed and stripped the robe off her body.

I grabbed a pillow to put under her chest and after peeling out of my clothes I took my cock in hand and dragged the tip between her pussy's lips several times coating it with her juices. I then plunged straight in with one hard stroke, not stopping until I was completely lodged within her and she let out this "ooooohhhhhh FUCK!!!! that feels soooo good. Driving in I could feel how tight she was and then magically, as she had done before the super tight walls of her pussy immediately loosened until they were just firmly grasping my cock all along its length and around its thick circumference.

I began slowing withdrawing, as she pleaded with me not to leave her, until the head of my monster was resting between her pussy's lips. I then slammed back in and when I hit bottom I reversed my course picking up speed with every stroke. Susan was shaking her head wildly from side to side and in between loud moans would grunt out "Fuck Me," " Fuck Me," "Fuck Meeeeeeeeeeee!" as another orgasm would sweep through her body.

I could feel my body starting to tense and my ball sack start to tighten up and then, just like the crisp break of a high precision rifle trigger, something tripped within my body / mind and I started to cum. Susan had felt that I was near and slammed her pussy back against my cock before she joined me in orgasmic bliss. I withdrew my rapidly deflating cock from her clasping pussy and then collapsed on the bed beside her.

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Susan laid on my chest and every now and again would shiver as another mini-orgasm would flash through her body and we were both gasping for air. "CT" Susan asked after she caught her breath "are you still angry with me." "No Sweetie" "I couldn't stay mad at you, but I think that we need to call a truce on paybacks when we are in the bathroom area" I said "We're just lucky that both of us made wise decisions because it really could have turned out bad for the both of us." "Alright" I said "What's done is done, it's in the past and forgotten OK?" "That's fine with me" said Susan.

"It's now mid-morning and since today is Sunday and your store isn't open today what would you like to do." I asked Susan. "Well" she began "it has become a tradition in this household for at least the past thirty years that we have a Sunday brunch from 11 am until 1 pm that's from 1100 hrs to 1300 hrs for those that can't think in anything but military time" " We rotate the cooking and cleanup chores on a weekly basis so that no one gets burned out and we don't end up eating the same things over and over" and she started drawing circles with her fingernail around one of my nipples.

"This week" she continued "it is Cynthia's turn to cook and Faith's turn to clean up afterwards." "My turn to cook is next week with Cynthia cleaning and so on." "After eating we spend the day doing basically what we want, reading, weaving, swimming, exercising, shooting, or just going for a ride in the country" "then we all get together and prepare the evening meal and usually watch a movie or two." "Shooting?" I asked "where do you go shooting around here." "Oh" Susan replied "we have a twenty-five meter range in the basement under the garage for pistols and air rifles.

"We also have a full reloading station, a couple of pretty good simulators and the range is completely automatic." She said looking at me and smiling. "What are your plans?" "Marty and his wife Mary and the SgtMaj are coming down from New Jersey to meet up with me and discuss your situation here and I thought that you and the girls might enjoy going out to dinner with all of us" They should get here around 1530 hrs and I figure to give then at least an hour to wind down from the trip" "Meanwhile what say you to being escorted to Sunday brunch where we can talk to the girls about possibly moving and then a bit of target practice and maybe a bit more of that fooling around stuff." I said with a leer on my face.

"I have never been with a man as insatiable as you are, are you sure that you aren't popping little blue pills when I'm not looking" Susan asked.

"No Sweetie, that's just me when I get around a woman I care as much about as I care about you" I said. Flattery will get you anywhere you want with this old woman, but I am beginning to think that it might not be a bad idea to toss you to Faith and Cynthia and let them take the edge off before you come to me.

"Well darling you know the old saying 'That which doesn't kill you makes you stronger" "Are you really sure that you want me getting my 'steel' strengthened and sharpened before coming to you" I said trying to keep a straight face.

To tell you the truth I was getting a bit intimidated. If Faith and Cyn (I had started calling her that last night and since she didn't object I figured that I would go on doing so) liked fucking as much as their mother/grandmother did I was liable to either die of exhaustion or waste away to a shell of my current self, but then I couldn't think of a better way to go.

For the second time in less than two hours we found ourselves in the shower. We didn't fool around, well we didn't fool around that much and after scrubbing each other we rinsed and got dressed before heading down to the second floor. Brunch this Sunday morning consisted of a selection of sweet and fresh fruit topped pastries; seafood omelets with choice of crab, crawfish, clam, lobster, oyster and scallop meats individually or together; or Belgium Waffles with a choice of fresh fruit toppings, whipped cream, real butter, and full strength maple syrup.

All this was washed down with large pots of fresh roasted coffee, pitchers of Bloody Mary's, and Mimosa's made to order. What astonished me the most was that everything but the alcohol, butter, and maple syrup was made from scratch in their kitchen by Cyn without any assistance from either her mother or grandmother.

The guy who gets her is going to be getting one hell of a prize that was for damned sure. When I had finished gorging myself I got up from the table and started gathering up the dirty dishes prior to carrying them into the kitchen to be washed when I was accosted by a very irate Faith.

"Just what in the holy blazing fires of hell do you think you are doing," she asked me as she got right up in my face. "Well" I slowly replied, "I thought that I was helping someone out by carrying some of the dirty dishes into the kitchen for them." "That's not your job so sit down or go into the living room" she said standing there nose to nose (of course I had to bend over slightly since I did have at least seven inches in height on her).

"Ok" I said and I put a hand on each side of her face and kissed her hard on the lips. Then I ducked and ran for the safety of her mother's skirts so she couldn't hurt me. Susan asked what was going on so I explained what I had done, what Faith had done and then what I had done in response to Faith's actions and attitude.

Susan called me a coward for not standing my ground, but she did allow that Faith more than likely would have hurt me for what I had done. "Besides," she said "you know how she feels about you and that was just mean.

I said that I didn't think it was mean, as I was responding to her actions of the previous evening. I continued by saying "Susan, I am not actively looking to bed your daughter, however should the opportunity present itself I would not hesitate to do so provided it didn't hurt either her or you or Cyn. "Cynthia you don't have to worry about hurting," said Susan "She is an extremely strong willed young woman who gets what she wants when she wants it and she has a very healthy outlook on life that I attribute more to me than her mother." "I really wish that her mother was as strong willed and I also attribute more to me as I didn't have the time to spend with her that I did Cynthia." "Well" I said "I think that you have done a hell of a job with both of them given the circumstances." Now what do you say to going down to this range of yours and busting some caps." Susan went into the kitchen and told Cyn and Faith that we would be down at the range and that they were both welcome to join us if they wanted to and we took the elevator to the basement.

Instead of turning right as we had the last time Susan led me to the left past another sauna, a steam room, and shower facilities to a heavy steel door with a number pad lock. She gave me the code, which was different than those on the other doors in the building, and opened it. As we stepped into the room the overhead lights automatically came on and I stopped in complete and total amazement.

The room was a shooters, re-loaders, gunsmiths' wet dream to end all wet dreams. As I tried to keep from drooling all over the tiled floor Susan gave me the guided tour. There were several work stations for cleaning weapons, each was solidly made of wood and plywood measuring eight feet wide by four feet deep, that featured an automatic parts washer, carbon fiber cleaning rods of different bore size in varying lengths, drawers full of patches, bins full of bore brushes, and a shelf containing various lubricants.

Each station also had two adjustable stools to sit on and each table had a state-of-the-art multi-positional pistol/rifle gun vise mounted to it. There were separate re-loading stations for pistols, rifles, and shotguns, each build to the same dimensions as the cleaning stations and each with their own auto reloading press and everything necessary for case preparation. There was a shelf full of the latest reloading manuals and under that a storage cabinet that contained reloading and case prep dies for every single caliber in existence.

Standing next to the table was a large heavy built double door cabinet that contained box after box of new brass cases, primers, powder and shot for every caliber imaginable. There were two gunsmithing tables side by side with more tools than I had ever seen in one place outside of a Brownells catalog. It looked like if someone wanted to they could build or repair any type of weapon they wanted.

There were lathes, both long and short bed milling machines and grinders of different sort, drill presses and a small fifty ton hydraulic press. There was even an area to use a torch or other form of intense heat. It was simply amazing, but what really blew my mind were the gun safes.

Standing against the back wall and down each side wall were eleven, top of the line, custom built, double door, Homeland Gun Safes made by the Homeland Security Safe Company. Each was a monster at six foot wide by six foot tall by three foot deep and rated at 2,300 degrees for sixty minutes, but it was what was inside that made their custom cost negligible.


Susan explained that Mike, her former fiancé who was killed in Iraq by a suicide bomber, had been a serious gun collector for years, as had his father before him, and had said that between he and his father they had probably one of the top hundred collections in the country, and since he didn't have any relatives he had left this pointing to the entire room and his vehicle collection to her and Faith, and Cynthia along with quite a bit of other stuff as well.

The first safe Susan opened contained weapons from the 17th and18th Centuries, the second featured weapons of the 19th Century. Each of the weapons in those two safes were unique in some way or fashion and each reflected the state of the gun makers art from around the world during that time period.

The third safe had pistols and rifles that were made in America during the 18th and early 19th Centuries prior to the US Civil War. The fourth safe was devoted exclusively to pistols of the second half of the 19th Century. There were first generation Colts and Smith & Wesson's, early Browning design automatics and a C93 Borchardt, the first semi-automatic pistol that was ever made having been designed in 1893.

Although all of them showed signs of use they were all in remarkably excellent condition. And so it went from one safe to the next. The fifth safe contained rifles and shotguns of the same time frame as those in the fourth safe. The sixth safe was devoted to that time period from 1901 to about 1937 and featured both civilian and military issue pistols, automatics, rifles and shotguns. The sense I got from looking at all these weapons was that Mile had not attempted to collect everything, instead he selected only those weapons that were the best of that time period.

The seventh safe was devoted to the weapons of WWII including several that were fully automatic that had been produced by both sides of the conflict. There were also some really fine examples of both Garand's and Mauser's in different configurations. The eighth safe was almost exclusively sporting weapons although I was pleased to see several M-14's among those in the racks as well as several of the ubiquitous "black rifles" built on the M-16 platform from several of the early manufacturers and a collection of .22's and shotguns in every gauge from ten to twenty-eight and .410.

The ninth through the eleventh safes were filled to capacity with ammunition for the weapons in the other safes. The sense I got of Mike's collection was that it was eclectic. There wasn't just one area of focus but several and I wondered where he would have taken it had he lived. Susan said that every weapon had been thoroughly checked out and every one that was capable of being fired was taken out on a regular basis and had several rounds put through it.

Then she grabbed several boxes of ammunition from the last safe and she showed me to the range. The range was designed in such a way that any round fired downrange would not ricochet back toward the firing line and the back was sloped so that all the rounds were deflected into a huge sand trap at its base. She took me to one of the shooting benches and handed me both hearing protectors and shooting glasses. She showed me how when someone was in shooting the door was secured and a light flashed on the outside to let everyone know that the range was in use and that there was a light at each bench that someone outside could use to signal the shooter that they wanted in.

She also said that no one was allowed to shoot until everyone had hearing protection on. She then grabbed a couple of targets and after clipping them to the auto-track sent them down range about seven meters.

I took out my .40 and my public defender and Susan pulled out a nice Smith and Wesson M&P 9mm. After making sure we were both ready we opened fire and when our clips were empty Susan pulled the targets back in we were evenly matched with both of our groups within the ten ring. We fired a second clip at fifteen meters and another at twenty-five with approximately the same results.

The groups weren't as tight and more than a few were outside the ten ring, but I was pleased. As we were reloading Susan pointed out the light signaling that someone outside wanted in. We turned around and there in the observation window were Faith and Cyn with Cyn making faces at us.

As we walked to the door to let them in Susan said that whatever I do I should not bet with Cyn because she could really shoot.

I should have listened. We opened the door and I held it wide as Cyn pushed in a card with a dozen or so pistols and revolvers on it. Cyn went over to where we had laid our targets and after looking them over said "Not bad for a couple of old folks" "Anyone want to set up a friendly wager," she said looking me in the eyes.

Both Faith and Susan said "Don't Do It" nearly simultaneously, but it was too late for I had already agreed. "What are your terms, you minx" I said. "What do you say to shooting ten rounds each and say $5.00 for every round not touching and $10.00 for every one outside the ten ring," she said.

Susan and Faith were just standing there shaking their heads when I said "Sure, let's do it." Cyn went over to where the targets were stored and after selecting two of them came back and hung them up. That was the first inkling that I had been had. The targets she had chosen had ten rings that were half the diameter Susan and I had been shooting, but, I figured, it wouldn't be so bad at seven meters.

Then she sent the targets down range and she didn't stop until she had reached the twenty-five meter mark. That's when I knew I had been suckered. Before she put her hearing protector on she said "You're using the FNH .40 aren't you" and when I nodded yes she said "Well it's not the one I normally use but, to be fair, that's the pistol I'll use as well" and she went over to the cart and pulled one from those she had racked there, dropped the clip and using a speed loader quickly slipped ten rounds into it.

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I took one of my empty clips and thumbed ten rounds into it as well. "Do you want to warm up any before we begin," I asked her. "Nope, I'm good," she replied. We lined up side by side and Susan gave the signal to begin. Now I had fired hundreds of rounds through the piece I had and several thousand from its predecessor and I felt I was real damned good with it, but my Christ could that damned girl shoot. I was taking my time trying to make every shot count but by the time I had five rounds dawn range she had already finished and laid her pistol and empty clip on the bench in front of her.

I finished my clip and when the slide locked back dropped the clip and set both on the bench as well. She brought my target up first and I could see that I had done fairly well with only four just a lines width outside the ten ring and three not touching inside, then she brought her target up and there wasn't a ten ring just a hole where it had once been.

Cyn was standing there with this big grin on her face as she added up the total "I figure you owe me $75.00," she said with a straight face she was doing her damnedest to hold in place.

"Well, you scalped me fair and square," I said as I pulled out my wallet and handed her a $100 bill.

When she said she would get me change I said "Don't worry about it, that's the price I pay for the lesson I just learned." "What lesson was that," she asked? "To never take a bet with a certain red headed minx after her own grandmother tells me not to" I replied looking at Susan. Susan came over and said proudly "Cyn was the State Champ in her age bracket six years running before her college courses started demanding too much time." "She even went to the Nationals and placed every year except the last, that was when she won the title." "Grandma!" Cynsaid "Why did you tell him all that, I won't be able to win any more money off him now that you have spoiled it." "Faith are you any good," I asked of her.


"No, not really, I don't like pistols or revolvers all that much" she said in a somewhat shy voice. "Don't let her fool you for a second" Susan said "She may not like handguns, but put a rifle or a shotgun in her hands and watch out!" she said with obvious pride in her daughter "Faith used to participate in a number of local, state, and regional matches and even went to Camp Perry three years in a row competing in the National Smallbore Rifle Three Position and National Smallbore Rifle Prone Championships." "She finished in the top five each year and the last time missed taking the title by two points and would have gone back for a fourth time, but she broke her arm three weeks before the match." "Remind me not to get on your bad side" I told her.

We all shot for another 30 minutes or so and after policing up our brass and cleaning the range we retired to the other room to clean our weapons.

While we were doing that and since the cleaning stations were back to back Susan brought up the topic of them moving. Obviously the main question was where to and I solved that one by saying in with me since Susan and I were planning on getting married at some point. The next bone of contention was what they would do once they got there.

"Well there are several possibilities for you Faith" I said then continued "I have spoken with the County Medical Board and they are just about falling over backwards at the chance of getting an OB/GYN to move into the county." "There hasn't been one since old Doc Michaels retired a decade ago, of course he was eighty-seven at the time and when he passed away a couple of years later they shut down the entire county so that everyone could attend his funeral" "Seems he delivered nearly everyone in the county that was sixty-two or younger and the remaining handful were friends." "Another possibility is either setting up your own practice or joining an established practice in Huntsville" I said as I continued on with more.

"Huntsville is about thirty miles by river or crow and about forty-five by road, the County Seat and the Hospital are less than ten miles from the Farm." "Ok" said Cyn "that takes care of mom and I already know that grandma wants to retire, but what about me?" "I'm getting ready to start my second year in med school and I don't know about transferring schools." "I mean I know it has been done" she said, "but it has to be a difficult thing to do." "Well Cyn" I replied "you actually have a couple of choices as I see it." "Your first choice is to stay in the State and we'll move you to a secure apartment in or near College Park and you can finish your program here." "The second option is that you transfer to another medical school." "Of course" I went on "we can more than likely get you into just about any school in the country with a couple of exceptions" "or you can transfer to one of the two medical schools fairly close to the Farm" "What two schools are they" she asked of me.

"Let's see" I said "The first school is UAB that's the University of Alabama-Birmingham, it's an excellent school with strong credentials and Birmingham isn't a bad place in which to live, of course it's on the other side of the river from the house, but I hear you're a strong swimmer so you shouldn't have any problems in that regard." I paused for a moment smiling at the look on her face and then went on "The second school is VU that's Vanderbilt University and it is located in Nashville, TN and fortunately it's on the house side of the river so you shouldn't have to swim." "Now I know folks at both schools so it shouldn't be a problem getting you in to either one, but I have to know soon, real soon, since the fall term is about to get started." "Can I let you know in the morning CT?" she said "I really need to think hard about this." "Tomorrow morning is fine sweet one" I said "and now we all need to get cleaned up for while Marty, his wife Mary, and the SgtMaj wouldn't have the slightest problem with us stinking of gunpowder I'm afraid it might offend the tender sensibilities of the folks at that fine steakhouse we are going to this evening." We quickly cleaned up our messes and stowed the extra ammo and guns back in their safes, made sure everything was locked, and headed for the door.

I watched as the last woman left and just before the door fully closed I saw the lights go out in the room. Now I know that the elevator was built to hold six, but with just four of us on it and three of those four being women standing no taller than five foot seven and not a one weighing more than maybe one hundred and five pounds, it sure did seem damned crowded.

Maybe it had something to do with the fact that Faith and Cyn were doing everything short of climbing all over me while my lover watched with a smile on her face, but I could be mistaken.

"Ladies" I said, "this is neither the time nor the place to play around, perhaps after we get back from dinner and Marty, his wife, and the SgtMaj leave, and I'm not too tired we can play for a little while, but only if you are good." They stopped groping me while they mulled the offer over and by that pint the elevator reached the third floor where their bedrooms were and they got off.

"Do you know what you are doing CT" Susan asked. "You know that they are going to hold you to it when we get back home" she said as the elevator reached the fourth floor and we stepped off.

"I think I do Susan" I replied as we walked back to the bedroom area. "I think if I can relieve some of the sexual tension it will make life easier all around at least that is my most devout wish." "I am sure that you realize that this could just as easily, perhaps even more so, backfire on you completely and once they get a taste of that monster between your legs they are going to want more and more" she said back to me. "I only regret that I have but one life to give in service to my country and if I have to go I cannot think of a better way" I said to her and she punched me.

"What was it those paragons of ancient history, those that claimed they knew any and every thing worth knowing and then demonstrated their knowledge by making movies about it said about the Roman gladiatorial salute that was supposedly given before they started mortal combat in the Arena." I believe it went something like this I said "Ave Caesar, morituri te salutant" or "Hail Caesar, they who are about to die salute you" or something along those lines and Susan hit me again.

While Susan got the shower ready I checked my email and there were two messages from Roger Jenkins. The first, dated yesterday morning read "Made pickup, those damned things are heavy." And the second said "Arrived safely despite Billy's driving @Best Western in Glen Burnie Room # 251 back corner call in am frm disp followed by a telephone number." which meant, since I knew they only stayed on the first floor, they were in room 125 on the corner and wanted me to call them from a disposable phone later that evening.

I stripped and padded into the bathroom where I joined Susan in the shower. I put my arms around her from the back and cupped both of her beautiful breasts and gently massaged her nipples. Susan gave a soft moan as she leaned back against me and turning her head toward mine presented her lips for a kiss so I obliged her. Our tongues caressed each other for a moment and then she pulled away. "We don't have time to play properly so stop, besides you have an assignation planned for later this evening and need to save your strength" she said with a sly, mischievous smirk on her face as if she knew something I didn't and she knew that I knew that she certainly wasn't about to tell me what it was she knew.

Damned frustrating is what it is! We quickly finished scrubbing each other, rinsed, and got out. When we finished drying one another I headed to the bedroom while she stopped in the walkthrough closet. I had just finished placing my small Public Defender in its holster in the small of my back when she walked out. My jaw dropped and my tongue flopped out of my mouth as drool started to collect at the corners of my mouth.

She was wearing a sleeveless, dark green, silk sheath dress that clung to her body like a second skin. It showed substantial cleavage in front and the back was scooped out to just above her firm ass and its length stopped about four inches below her pussy. She had on a pair of color matched three inch heels with straps that wound their way up her calves and it sure didn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that she wasn't wearing anything else underneath.

Around her neck she wore a dark green emerald pendant of about forty carets with matching five caret earrings, on her left wrist was a Breitling Women's 'Cockpit Lady' 18k Rose Gold Emerald Watch and in her right hand she held a small clutch purse with an emerald clasp.

She was absolutely stunning and Marty was in for the shock of his life. I slipped on a lightweight linen blazer over my shoulder holster and we took the elevator to the third floor to meet up with Faith and Cyn. When I stepped off the elevator I was in for another shock for the wenches had done it to me again.

All three were dressed identically and it was very easy to discern that neither Faith nor Cyn were wearing anything under their dresses either. Susan handed me the keys to the Suburban once again and we took the elevator down to the ground floor and worked our way to the garage. Once we were all settled in the truck I asked if they had followed my advice and were each carrying a weapon.

Like three puppets in the hands of a master puppeteer as one they opened their clutch purses and each withdrew a very nice .32 automatic and a second clip for it. "Are you happy now daddy" the three said with the same voice. I mumbled something under my breath, started the truck and backed it out of its slot so that when I stopped I was facing the garage door.

Susan pushed the button on the dash that opened the door and as soon as it was high enough we were off. Once the rear bumper cleared the doorway down the door came at twice the speed it went up. I made a right when I exited the alleyway, went up two blocks and made a left heading for the Inner Harbor and the Baltimore Hilton.

I called Marty and told him we were on our way and should be there within 15 minutes or so.

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Traffic was very light for a late Sunday afternoon and I seemed to catch every light perfectly. It was then that I noticed we were being followed. Now I believe I mentioned earlier that these jokers weren't the sharpest tacks in the box, well let me rephrase that.

These boys were the dumbest rock in a box of dumb rocks. They were driving one of the same cars we had identified as being at the scene of the firebomb attack and while things had certainly changed in the city of my birth I cannot imagine that there are that many lowriders cruising the city's streets. Pulled out my phone and hit the speed dial button and the number for Detectives Smith and Jones. "Smith" he said when he answered the phone "What can I do for you" I identified myself to him and told him where I was and that I was being followed by one of the vehicles from last night that appeared to be filled to capacity.

I told him that they were just hanging back about two hundred meters and that if he could I would really appreciate some assistance. "OK Colonel" he replied "Let me see what I can do and stay on this line." We covered another five blocks and suddenly the street was full of police cruisers and in a matter of seconds the lowrider had been surrounded and forced to stop.

"Are you still there Colonel" asked Detective Smith. "Yes Detective" I responded "that was mighty fast work on your part." "I would like to claim that we are just that efficient" said Detective Smith, "but the truth of the matter is that it's shift change and there were twice as many cars out as there normally are." "Now Detective what you say may well be true" I replied "however it takes quick thinking and even quicker action, which speaks very well of your training, for your communications people to get the word out and the men in the vehicles to respond that rapidly" I said "You and your men are to be commended." "Thank you Colonel" Detective Smith replied "Is there anything else I can do for you this afternoon?" I told him again that I was grateful for his assistance, said our goodbyes and hung up.

"Well Ladies, there's nothing like a bit of adventure to sharpen the appetite" I remarked "we should be at our destination within the next couple of minutes.

There appears to be a lot more to this than I originally thought so let me know what you think if I am boring you tell me and I'll stop - THX Fix'm