Blonde Latina beauty drilled hard in stockings

Blonde Latina beauty drilled hard in stockings
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Disclaimer Yes, I already know this story will offend some people. Please exit now if you feel like a small amount of racial slurs, references to slavery, etc. will offend you. This is for pure entertainment purposes, so please don't take it seriously. If this story offends you or upsets you, please don't leave hateful comments; I've already warned you about it.


I hope the people who DO read this will enjoy it. Either way, you need to decide NOW; leave or stay. Don't say I didn't warn you!

James gazed over his cultivated cotton fields. The smell of fresh morning dew filled his nostrils as he watched the morning fire red sun come up over the horizon. He quickly scanned the horizon again and decided to prepare himself for breakfast. As he walked through the door of his large, two story, wooden house he smelled fresh eggs being fried. "Oh Massa! Goodmo'nin!" Ethel May called from the kitchen. Ethel May was the head of housekeeping and cleaning at the plantation.

She was large black woman with skin the color tar but her heart was bigger than anyone else he knew. Ethel May had been working for James for over twenty years; s he's about forty five now. James headed straight upstairs to the master suite and washed his rough hands. His wife was combing through her long blonde locks in a small wall mirror across the room. James watched her as she ran the comb through her delicate hair. James wished his wife could revert back to the times when her body was still young and tight.

These days, nothing was attractive to him about her except her pretty face. After producing six children over the past fifteen years, her body was covered in stretch marks and loose skin. "Breakfast 'bout ready Sue," James said roughly.

"Okay, I'll be right down.


Let me finish combin' my hair and get the children up." James walked out of the small bathroom and went directly downstairs. He arrived to the dining table just as Ethel May and her daughters were putting out the fresh breakfast. James quickly ate his breakfast and put on his work clothes. Around seven a.m. he went down to the slaves' quarters to check on things. When he made it about half way down the path he noticed a young girl walking towards the fields. Of course she belonged to him but this was the first time he even noticed her.

She looked to be about fourteen or fifteen, nice and young. Ripe. Something about her was different though. She wasn't dark complected at all. She almost looked white. If he didn't notice her dark brown hair and dark eyes, he probably would have mistaken her for a young white girl. James looked her up and down; he was intrigued by her sheer beauty.

As she walked farther from him towards one of the fields he noticed her full womanly figure. James guessed her to be a little over five feet tall. He noticed she had a nice set of large perky breasts; just like a woman. If she didn't have such a baby face, he would have mistaken her for a grown woman.

Her hair was very pretty to him. It was longer than most negro women's hair; it touched the middle of her back and was slightly curly. James knew she had to be mixed with white. "Aye, Girl!" James yelled at her. "Sir." she replied in a weak voice. James smiled at her sweet voice. She sounded like a little angel to him.

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"Come'ere." he yelled. She walked slowly towards him almost as if she was scared of him. "Yessa, Massa." "What's yo' name pretty thang?" She looked down at the ground and stared at her feet pale feet. "Marie, sir." "You shole is pretty Marie." James snickered. "Well thank ya, Massa. I's think it be best if I get back to work in the fields." "Naw now. You'se be better working in the house. I need a helper anyway. Oh, Ethel May gettin' old.

I's let ya mammy know you going to be my personal maid now." Marie didn't know exactly what he meant by personal maid but she knew it couldn't have been good when she told her mother about it. Her mother paced back and forth in their small worn-out cabin for more than ten minutes. Marie's mother knew exactly what Massa wanted her dear child for.

She knew first hand what his so called "personal maid" was; she had this same job many years ago on another plantation in Louisiana. That was exactly how Marie came into this world; she never told Marie about this though.

One day, she would find out that indeed her father was a white man. "Go'n now girl. Go wash up and put on your best dress. You's be livin' in the big house now. You's not gone be workin' in the fields no more. It's gone be better for you in there." she said shakily. Marie did exactly what she was told and waited for Massa to come and retrieve her from the cabin.

By noon, he came in and explained to her mother the new job that Marie had acquired. Her mother shed a few tears as Massa and Marie left together.

Marie walked silently ahead of Massa James back to the big house. James noticed Marie had on a nice cotton dress and her hair was braided into two long pigtails running down her back. He smiled to himself at the thought of taking her to bed with him. His dick jumped in his jeans while he imagined laying on top of her. To him, nothing was better than sweet negro pussy. When they made it back to the house, he introduced her to all the help and told them to show her to her living quarters as well as make the rules known to her.

Marie looked around in amazement as she walked throughout the house with Ethel May. Sweet smells drifted from the kitchen as she passed by. The walked up the grand staircase and down a long hall. Marie had never seen such things in her life. Ethel stopped at the very end of the hall in front of a large oak door. "This here be your room Marie." she frowned Marie jumped because that was the first time Ethel spoke to her the whole time they had been walking together.

"Yes, ma'am." Ethel opened the door and Marie jumped in excitement. Her bedroom was tiny but it was a palace in Marie's eyes. There weren't many decorations or much furniture but Marie didn't care. It was beyond nice compared to her cabin she used to share with six people. She walked toward the small twin bed and ran her hands across the hand-made quilt.

Marie closed her eyes and inhaled the smell of the fresh flowers that were sitting on one of the shelves. "I guess those be from Massa," Ethel May said in angry tone. It was clear to Ethel what he was trying to do.

It was obvious he didn't even think of his wife much anymore. Marie was going to be his new whore. "Thank ya, ma'am." Marie smiled. "You's be welcome. Wash up and come downstairs so you can help me with dinner." Marie nodded her head and put down her belongings on the small bed. She opened the armoire and placed her few possessions inside of it. She walked down to the small wash room at the other end of the hall and washed her face as well as her hands. ****** Marie felt like her first day in the house went well.

She walked silently to her room after cleaning up and cooking dinner. It had just turned nightfall, so she lit some candles in her room and closed the door. She laughed to herself as she recalled one of the butlers named Mason. Marie had already developed a crush on him. She laughed and danced in circles around the room. Marie began to sew together an apron that Ethel told her to make. Before she began, she took off her good dress and hung it up. She put on a ragged night gown and got into bed.

She heard heavy footsteps coming down the hall towards her end of the hall. She dismissed the sounds and continued to sew herself an apron. James stood behind Marie's closed door and imagined what his night would be like.

He smiled continuously thinking about his new bitch. He grabbed the doorknob and opened the door slowly. "Yessa, Massa?" Marie said slightly above a whisper. "How's you be doing. Marie?" She smiled sligtly and nodded her head. He opened the door fully and closed it behind himself as he walked in. Marie sat up in the bed and looked at him as he locked the door.

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In her mind, she wondered what he was doing that for. She figured he was just coming to say goodnight and be on his way. James walked towards her small bed and sat at the foot of it. He looked at her and admired her beauty. "You's shole be pretty gal.

Every since I saw you this mo'nin I been admiring you." "Well thank ya!" "Come here gal. Sit by me." He patted the spot beside him and beckoned her to sit beside him. She quickly put away her sewing things and moved beside him. She wondered what he had asked her to do that for, but she didn't want to be disobedient and make him angry. James reached out and stroked her hair.

He smiled at her and tried to make her feel comfortable. "I's love yo hair gal." She nodded her head and looked at him. He moved sligtly closer to her and began to rub her thigh through her long night gown. She flinched. It was obvious to him that no one had ever touched her in such a way. "Pull off that gown gal." "Why, Massa?" "Do what I say gal, 'fore I have to whip you." Just the mention of a whip made her cringe.

She did just as he said and pulled her gown off. Marie was so embaressed. She had always been self conscious of her large breasts and now they were out for Massa to see. James licked his lips at the sight of her large breasts. They were larger than any he had ever seen naked. Her nipples were slightly erect. "Massa, what's this fo? I's not like being exposed like this." "Just relax gal. You's be safe with me. I's gonna make you a woman." James laughed to himself.

She decided to quit asking questions and just do what he said. Her mind flashed back to earlier that day when her mother told her, "No matter what, do what Massa says." Marie jumped as Massa ran his fingers across her neck. James moved closer to her and asked, "You ever been kissed girl?" She quietly said, "No, sir." James's heart was beating quickly because he knew he was dealing with a virgin. He looked at her face and held her cheek.

Her lips were thin like a white girl's. Small, pink, and firm. Marie's eyes were a dark hazel with green specks all over them. She had thick eyelashes and high cheekbones.

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James had never saw a negro girl so pretty. He placed his lips on hers. She was extremely tense as he parted her lips with his tongue. His thick tongue probed her mouth tender. He rubbed his hands up and down her back while he kissed her. Marie sat there and let him do as he wanted to. He pulled his mouth away from hers and said, "Do it back to me, gal." James began to kiss her again.

This time, she hesitantly ran her tongue across his. She flinched and began to sweat slightly. An unfamiliar feeling began to form between her legs. She relaxed a bit and closed her eyes. They continued to kiss for more than five minutes. James pulled away and stood up. Marie almost fainted, she wanted more. "Don't go Massa!" she pleaded. He didn't say anything back. James grinned and his dick jumped when he heard her say that.

He unbuckled his coveralls and pulled off his dingy white shirt. James sat back down beside her and told her to lay down on her back. Then he played with her melon-sized breasts.

He held one in each hand and squeezed them. James was amazed by their firmness. Marie squirmed underneath his touch. The pleasure she was feeling was overwhelming and very unfamiliar. Marie felt like she was about to die when he moved his mouth to her large brown nipples.

He played with her fully erect nipples with his tongue. She let out a small moan when he began to suck one of her nipples. He used his free hand to try to remove her bloomers. When he figured he couldn't do it with one hand, he moved his hands back up to her breasts and squeezed them as he sucked.

The stubble on his chin tickled her and made her shiver. James hardness was almost hurting him. He stopped sucking her nipples and told her to pull off her bloomers.

He watched as she pulled them over her tight ass and down her perfect legs. His nostrils began to fill with the irresistible smell of a woman.

James told her to lie down again. He pulled off his underwear. His erection sprang to life as it was freed. Marie jumped back as if she was scared of it. Her muscles tensed up. "Don't be scared now baby. I's gonna take good care of you. This here gone make you feel good." He said in a soothing voice. She relaxed a bit and took long deep breaths.

James got between her legs and nudged them open with both of his hands. Usually, he didn't care about the woman receiving pleasure, but he did otherwise that night. He traced her hairy pussy lips with his index finger. James had never saw a pussy so fat in his life. He couldn't wait to get inside of her. She moaned extremely loud when he touched her clit with his finger.

Her clit was well defined and large. He couldn't help himself; he moved his mouth closer to it. Just his hot breath on her pussy was making Marie's breathing shallow.

Pleasure coursed through Marie's veins. She grabbed the bed sheets and moved her legs back and forth. She bit her bottom lip and moaned. James licked her pussy up and down. He ran his lips across her erect clit and made her shiver. Marie snapped out of her bursts of pleasure when he inserted a finger into her pussy. She almost screamed in pain. James smiled in satisfaction; it was true, she was a virgin.

Her walls clenched tightly around his finger. He laughed to himself when he felt her hymen at his fingertips. Marie's juices covered his finger and seeped out of her pussy. James couldn't wait any longer to fuck her. He got up from between her legs and held his dick.

"Spread them legs, gal." he groaned roughly. She obeyed him and spread her thighs open. He positioned himself between them and put the head at the entrance of her pussy. He moved his body down; he lay on top of her and held himself up with his arms. "This hea' gone hurt but you gone love it afterwards." She didn't reply. James pushed his hips forward but his dick didn't move one bit. He tried twice again but it didn't work. James grabbed her hips and held them tightly.

Marie's juices steadily flowed from her pussy. She had never heard of any such things that had been happening. She silently prayed that Massa wouldn't hurt her. Marie closed her eyes tightly while Massa lay on top her breathing heavily. He groped her hips and violently pushed his hips forward. He flinched as he felt her hymen breaking. Marie yelled in pain and cried while he pushed his dick into her. He only had the head in and it hurt her more than anything she had ever experienced.

James forced himself not to bust his nutt. His head was swimming. Her pussy clenched his dick; it held him in a vice grip. He forced himself deeper into her tightness and closed his eyes. Marie's tears continued to flow steadily down her face. She held onto the bed tightly as he pushed himself deeper into her. The pain was easing away slowly though. James kissed her neck and was relieved when he had entered her fully. He took a deep breath. "See there gal, you got all Massa's big dick in there." he smiled.

She nodded her head and closed her eyes again as he pulled himself all the way out of her and went back in again. James stroked her pussy slowly and methodically.


He let go of her hips and stroked her hair while he fucked her. Marie opened her legs wider and wrapped them around his back. The pain was starting to turn into pleasure; she stopped crying and tried to concentrate on the pleasurable side of it. Massa's breath felt good beside her ear. Her chest rose and fell underneath him. Marie surprised herself when she let out a low moan. James picked up his pace and worked himself faster into her.

It took everything he had not to climax.

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Her pussy was so wet and tight. It hugged his dick like it was made especially for him. James reached between them and rubbed her wetness over her entire pussy. Marie began to get sore from the continuous stroking. Her pussy grasped James and held his dick in a vice grip. "Sweet Je." James trembled and shook as pleasure took his body hostage. His lower body totally froze in place. Marie had no idea what was happening. She felt a liquid being squirted deep into her pussy.

He had never felt such pleasure. Bits of drool came from his mouth as he bust his nutt. Time seemed to go in slow motion.

Thirty seconds felt like thirty minutes of pure pleasure.

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"Massa? You 'kay?" James ignored her question and fucked her until his dick was limp inside of her. He forced himself to pull out of her. He picked up his shirt off the floor and wiped the sweat from his forehead. Marie lay there totally speechless. She was scared to death. Her mother had never told her anything like this would happen. "You see therr' gal. That waddn't bad at all. Sweet pussy." James quickly put back on his clothes and smiled at her as she lay there naked. He kissed her on her forehead and left out of her room without a word.

She stood up but quickly sat back down. Her legs trembled and her loins ached. She touched where she had never touched before.

Her pussy burned from her touch. She began to cry as she saw blood on her fingers. She put her night gown back on and lay back down. Marie cried more and hoped that the bleeding would stop by daylight. *********** Marie was awakened by the sound of the rooster crowing just before sunrise. She attempted to walk to the washroom but her groin ached badly. She tried to conceal her limp as much as she could. Marie didn't want anyone to know what had happened the night before.

She used the little strength she had to heat water and bathe in a wash basin. The warm water relaxed her tense body and eased her mind. She kept thinking about how good Massa made her feel when he put his head between her legs. Her thoughts turned negative when she recalled how much he hurt her when he put himself inside of her. Marie prayed that he would never come and do this again to her.

After the water became cool, she put back on her dress and started her days work. After cleaning the entire living area, washing greens, sweeping the porch, cleaning the silverware, and bathing the children Marie was extremely tired and it was only a little after four. James went throughout his day with an extra pep in his step.

He smiled every time he had a chance and didn't stop until his facial muscles began to hurt. He continuously recalled Marie's sweet virgin pussy. He was hooked. After he had fucked her good the night before, he quietly got into bed with his wife and slept like a newborn baby.

James dreamed of fucking her over and over again throughout the night. All of the next day, he fought the urge not to take her away into the woods and have her again. He counted the hours until his wife fell asleep.

Every time he saw Marie, he smiled at her and undressed her with his eyes. She noticed that no one really talked to her or paid her any attention, except Massa. Even Ethel May ignored her throughout the day. Marie couldn't stop thinking about the events that happened the night before. Every time she passed Massa, she would politely smile and keep walking.

She could feel his eyes on her. After cleaning up after Massa and his family at dinner, she prepared herself for bed. She hoped and prayed that he wouldn't return again that night.

She put on her night gown again and fell asleep before midnight came. "Marie, baby girl." James whispered in her ear. Marie was so deep into her sleep she didn't even hear him. James pulled back the covers on top of her and gently raised up her nightgown above her hips. He smiled at the sight of her creamy tan colored thighs. They were thick and flawless. He couldn't fight the urge any longer; he pulled down her bloomers in one quick motion.

Marie stirred a little but she had not waken up. James could tell that she had to have been extremely tired. He didn't care. Nothing was going to stop him from getting inside of her that night. After pulling her bloomers off fully, he spread her thighs slightly. He stared at the beautiful sight.

She only had a slight amount of kinky pubic hair that covered her fat pussy lips.

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He rubbed her lips with his thumb. James looked at Marie's face again to see that she was still sleep. He stood up and pulled of his pants and underwear. After he flung his clothes across the room, he sat back down and toyed with her lips a little longer. Her juices began to slowly flow from her pussy. She was definitely becoming aroused. Her clit began to protrude as it became erect. James always had a weakness for large clits. He leaned closer to her pussy and rubbed his fingers around it in circular motions.

Marie squirmed underneath his touch as pleasure was taking over her body. She knew it had to be Massa making her feel this way. She didn't want to spoil it so she kept her eyes closed. James pushed up her gown farther to expose her large breasts. He licked his lips and instantly latched onto her nipples. He savored their taste and sucked on them gently. He pulled on them with his lips and gently bit on it.

He switched to the other nipple and repeated himself. Then her pushed both of her titties together and sucked on both nipples simultaneously. Marie felt her pussy contract involuntarily.

It scared her at first, because she had never experienced it before. She began to moan and shake as she experienced her first orgasm. Her juices ran like a river down her slit. Sweat covered her body. Massa knew she was awake then. "Oh yes, Massa." Marie moaned. He smiled in satisfaction and continued to play with her nipples. She bit down hard on her bottom lip and let the unfamiliar sensation take over her body.

Fire rose from her feet, slowly up her thighs, all the way up to her head. She moaned his name over and over again. "This here be the time to fuck you, gal." Marie instantly came down from her orgasm when she heard him say that. "No, Massa." "Please, DON'T!" "It will hurt." she pleaded.

James laughed at her and told her to open her legs again. She didn't obey him but when he cocked back his hand to slap her, she obeyed. She opened her legs as much as she could. He climbed on top of her just like the night before. He stroked his dick with hand for a couple minutes until he was fully hard. "Oh yeah, baby. Get ready for Massa." Marie braced herself for the horrible pain. She closed her eyes tight and took deep breaths.

Again she prayed that he wouldn't hurt her. James didn't waste anytime getting inside of her. In one swift motion he was fully inside of her. He pulled his dick out slowly and pushed it back in. Continuously, he did this until he felt like she could take him. He kissed her lips briefly and went to work in her pussy.

He fucked her with quick long strokes. Her pussy held him tightly. His dick went in and out easily; she was very wet. Her wetness covered the entire length of his dick as he fucked her. He began to slam his hips forward as he lost control. James pulled his dick all the way out of her and slammed himself deep inside of her. He inhaled the scents of Marie's wet pussy. James motioned for her to wrap her legs around him so he could go deeper.

She obeyed and tightened her thighs. James began to feel light headed. He had never experienced pleasure like this in his life. Marie breathed slowly and steadily. She was surprised that it didn't hurt her at all, unlike the previous night.

She felt a slight amount of pleasure from his dick going in and out of her. She smiled and moaned while he pistoned his dick in and out of her pussy.

Marie moaned his name a few times and couldn't help but to scratch his back while he fucked her. James didn't even try to control himself. He let go. James grabbed her hips and held them as tight as he could. "Fuck yes." he groaned. James held himself inside of her and bust his nutt.

He groaned in her ear again and let his climax take over his body. His hot breath on Marie's neck made her shiver. James bit down on her left ear and massaged it with his rough tongue. Marie's pussy contracted around his dick and milked his dick. James lifted his head enough to kiss her quickly on her lips.

Marie's heart sank when he pulled his limp dick out of her and proceeded to get dressed. She started to feel guilty knowing that he was about to go back to his wife and leave her all alone. She sighed and said, "goo'night massa." James smiled at her and left her room quietly. She lay there in the wet spot he had created. Marie stared into the darkness and ran her hands across her sweaty naked body.

She imagined Massa was still there with her. Before she knew it, she had drifted off to sleep. It was Friday morning. The rooster crowed before daylight and woke up Marie.

She quickly put on her clothes for the day and combed through her wavy hair. As she stared in the small dingy mirror, she imagined Massa's hands holding her hips. She quickly snapped out of her daydream and finished grooming.

Her first job of the day was to help Ethel May prepare breakfast. After she finished that, she had to get the children ready for their tutor that came twice a week. Her day seemed to go by quickly. Ethel may stopped Marie in the hall sometime between one and five. "Massa say come to his office. He's need you to clean." As soon as Marie's back was turned, she smiled to herself. She hoped that Massa would touch her again. She walked to his office and knocked on the door softly. "Come on." he said roughly.

"Yessa Massa?" James stood up and walked over to the door and locked it. He gently grabbed Marie's hand and lead her to the other side of his desk. "I's got somethin I want you to do." Marie smiled at him and waited for him to finish. He sat back down in his big leather chair and relaxed.

He reached up and put one hand on each of Marie's shoulders. He pushed them down slightly and said, "On them knees Marie." "You's wanna make Masssa happy don't you?" he questioned Marie nodded her head and smiled again. James's dick was growing in his pants. Just the thought of her sweet young lips wrapped around him made him harder. Marie got down on her knees in front of Massa and waited for his instructions. She didn't know what was going on, but if it felt good, she didn't care.

"Unbuckle my britches, gal." Marie fiddled with his belt until it was unbuckled. She had an even harder time undoing the fly. Marie could feel his hardness underneath her wrists. James stared down at her in anticipation. After a few more attempts, she got his pants undone. James stood up and pushed his pants and underwear down to his ankles. Marie's panties were starting to get wet. She had never seen his dick in full light. It reminded her of a glass bottle, except for the head of it.

"Look hea'" "Listen good., gal. I aint gone tell ya twice." "You mess up and I's gone beat you." "Ya hea?" Marie nodded. James instructed her on how to suck his dick. He told her how to stroke it while she held him in her mouth. He also told her to lick his nutts. Marie was a little disgusted but she obeyed him. She would never want to upset Massa. Marie's hands shook as she moved them toward his dick. She touched his dick quickly and yanked her hand back. Massa looked down at her with a frown on his face.

Marie reached over to him and held his dick with her right hand. She was amazed by how warm it was. "Do what I tell ya." She moved herself closer to him and moved her hand up and down his length at a steady pace. His dick grew harder in her hand. James put his hand on the back of head and nudged her lips closer to his dick. Marie prayed that his dick wouldn't taste bad. She swallowed hard and opened her mouth.

She opened her mouth as wide as possible. She covered her teeth with her lips just like he told her. Her body shivered when the head of his dick touched her lips. James looked down at her and smiled uncontrollably. He pushed his dick deeper into her mouth. When he could feel her tonsils he told her to suck on it. She did exactly what he said.

Her breathing was getting harder. She sucked it in the best way she could. The more she gagged on it, the more turned on he became. James groped her hair and pushed himself deeper into her mouth. Marie looked up at him and stared into his deep blue eyes. He tried to stay as quiet as possible. His legs trembled while she hesitantly licked his nutts.

Marie stroked his dick while she sucked the head. James pushed her down on it as far as her mouth would allow. His blood was boiling. His dick was on fire. He held her hair tightly and used his hips to pump his dick in and out of her lips. His body shook and his lips quivered. Orgasmic pleasure rolled over his tense body. Marie knew he was going to empty himself. She was scared of what it was going to be like.

She almost panicked when she felt his hot seed touch the back of her throat. Her chest heaved up and down and she almost choked while he continued to bust his nutt. She coughed and gagged until he finished. He let go of her hair.

"You excused now." Massa groaned while he pulled his pants back up.