Stepmom Aaliyah teaches Sloan fuck her bfs cock

Stepmom Aaliyah teaches Sloan fuck her bfs cock
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'Waiting isn't an easy thing to do' I think to myself as I sit across the table from my date. I look at him and inspect his features.

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Strong shoulders, newly shaven face, and a wonderful sexy smile, like a little boy just wanting to be spanked. My eyes slowly travel down his arm, to look at the table where our hands are joined together. I very lightly begin to trace my finger across the palm of his hand, and I write out three words explaining what is going on in my head 'I want you' I think back to how we met and how long it has taken us to get to this moment. I'm kind of a geek and I played games online and found him in one of those games, we met and chatted for a while and became good friends but eventually we realized that we had strong feelings for each other.

From the moment we confessed this attraction I have wanted to meet him and after he got off time from work and me from school we finally have made it happen. At that moment he looks up and smiles at me, so sweetly but with that hint of naughtiness that has been radiating from him all night. As I get lost looking at him the waitress brings our dinner out.

We eat our fabulous dinner and chit-chat for the rest of the night as I watch the clock. Every once in a while I let my foot trail a little up his leg and he looks up and smiles.

He reaches across the table for my hand and I give it to him and I feel him trace his fingertip along my palm. It takes me a moment to realize that he is writing something on my palm 'me too'.

I look up at him with curiosity in my eyes and he points to his palm, the one I wrote my little message on and I blush. We finish dinner and he pays the bill as we leave the restaurant. Outside we walk over to his car and he goes to open the door for me but changes his mind as he lightly yet forcefully pushes my back against the door.

He hesitantly kisses my lips and relaxes as I begin to kiss him back. He gently kisses my neck before moving up to whisper in my ear "Our waiting isn't quite over yet love" as he reaches behind me to unlock the door. As he opens the door I trail my hand along his arm.

We make our way to his apartment with some idle talking, about nothing in particular but enough to keep my mind from straying to what the rest of the night brings. When we get there we walk to the door hand in hand and he unlocks the door for me and ushers me in. I take a moment to glance around the apartment, surprised at how neat and tidy it is.

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He takes my attention away from the apartment and back to him by closing the door and once again pushing me against a door. He gets himself very close to me and I can feel that he is getting a bit excited.

I smile and push against his chest a bit to get away from the door. I lightly place a kiss on his lips and tell him to wait on the couch as I go into the bathroom with my bag.

I bought something special just for tonight, knowing how much he likes lingerie. As I slip into the bathroom, I start to take things out of my bag. I have a purple and black corset and thigh highs along with a little makeup and body spray. Taking my time just to make him wait I slowly get into the corset and thigh highs and put some of my makeup on my eyes. When I am finished I put my regular clothes back on and walk out to the living room. His eyes are questioning me on why I took so long, but he doesn't say anything as he pulls me down to the couch for a kiss.

I kiss him back letting him have some fun but also knowing that he isn't going to be disappointed when I finally let him have his way. He gently begins to pull my shirt up a bit just enough so he can get his hands underneath and I get some satisfaction from the surprise on his face when he feels the other fabric under my shirt. As soon as I see that look I pull his hands away from me and slide mine under his shirt to take it off. He whines a bit but eventually reluctantly complies and pulls it up and over his head.

Next I move to undo his pants and take them off of him, leaving him in just his boxers.

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He raises his eyebrows and says "Ok, I'm almost completely undressed and you still have all of your clothes on, doesn't seem quite fair does it?" as he gives me that smile again. "I suppose not but it's well worth the wait love", I kiss him once more before getting up and standing in front of him. "Now no touching till I'm all done ok?" He narrows his eyes but agrees. As I stand in front of him I decide to take my pants off first because my shirt is a little long.

So I unbutton them and he realizes that I'm going to strip for him and sits back and relaxes enjoying the little show.


I very slowly pull my pants down to my ankles, leaning way forward to block myself for the longest time possible. He smiles at the thigh highs, not yet knowing what else I am wearing. I very slowly take off my shirt, and see the joy in his face as he realizes that I have a corset on. He absentmindedly begins to stroke himself over his boxers as I stand in front of him and slowly move my hips side to side. I smile at him, and look down at myself, happy with my choice.

I climb up on top of him straddling his lap and leaning down and kissing him, as he places his hands on my butt slowly beginning to rub me into him. I smile in the kiss and let him rock me against him for a bit.

I get up from him making him groan out loud. Smiling at him again I hook my fingers around the waistband of his boxers telling him to lift up so I can take them off. He complies with my request, wanting me to touch him. Placing one hand on his leg and the other on his cock I smile. Slowly, teasingly, I begin to stroke him as he grows in my hand.

He lightly begins to moan as I lean down to kiss the tip of it. He moans again as I gently suck the head into my mouth and run my tongue all around the head.

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I tease the soft skin around his head with my teeth and he places his hand on the back of my head. He runs his hand through my hair as I begin to take more of him into my mouth, slowly taking more and more until I can't take anymore.

I slowly begin to bob up and down on his cock, on the upstroke I run my tongue along the bottom of him. I run my hands along the inside of his legs as I continue to pleasure him with my hot mouth.

"God that feels so good baby, if you don't stop I may not be able to hold back much longer" he moans. I smile and go a little bit longer before stopping and climbing back up to his lap. He wraps his strong arms around me for a moment before picking me up and laying me on my back on the couch.

He leans down and kisses my neck, leaving little love marks before kissing down my chest to my corset. Once again he smiles down at me and gets down between my legs, kissing my pussy through my panties. I moan in anticipation as he starts to remove my panties with his teeth. He teasingly runs his tongue along the length of my lips and kisses the top of it.

Suddenly he begins to lick my clit and I moan loudly as I feel the cool metal of his tongue ring. I start to feel the pressure of an orgasm working up inside me when he places a finger inside me and begins to move it in and out. I moan again and he continues to lick and finger me, he then places another finger in and moves it in and out along with the other one, bringing me closer and closer.

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He very gently nibbles on my clit and sends me over the edge. I feel the heat spread through my body and I shudder as the orgasm consumes me. As I wind down from the peak I watch him suck on one of his fingers that were in me, a look of pure hunger on his face. He looks at the other and smiles at me, he then places the one he didn't lick at my mouth and tells me to lick it off of him. I gently suck it into my mouth, and suck on it, running my tongue all along it like I did his cock.

He watches me intently and smiles as I do this. He pulls it out of my mouth and leans down and kisses me deeply.


Placing himself at the opening of my pussy, he whispers that he will be gentle, and that he loves me so much. He leans down and begins to kiss my neck again as he enters me, inching deeper and deeper and as he reaches as deep as he can go he bites my neck and makes me moan loudly. He looks down at me and watches my face as he pulls back slowly going in again and again, gradually picking up the pace.

It hurt a bit at first but I get used to it and he goes faster and harder and begins moaning himself. I feel so full and he keeps moaning and telling me how tight I am and how much he loves me. I start to feel another orgasm building and hold it back for a while until I can feel him tense up. Whispering to him in-between moans I tell him that I want him to cum inside of me, and with the urging he begins to move faster and harder. Soon enough I feel him thrust forward and release himself and I let myself go and my orgasm take over me.

When he is finished, he rolls off of me and onto his back. I go over to him and lay down on his chest cuddling with him in our afterglow. I lean up and kiss him lightly "I love you and I never want you to let me go" and I feel you smile and kiss the top of my head. "I never will darling" We cuddle for a while and for the rest of the night we sleep and kiss and make love until the sun comes up.

As I wake up in the morning I realize he isn't in bed and I can smell bacon cooking on the stove. I get out of bed still in my lingerie and walk out to the kitchen. Coming up behind him I kiss his neck and he turns around and kisses me passionately. "Well I was going to serve you in bed but this works" he smiles. We eat our breakfast and he says "Hey babe I think I'm going to take a shower, care to join me?" I reply with a yes and we go to the shower, his gentle hands caressing me and cleaning me.

We clean each other and dry each other off. He kisses me again and we spend the day together and eventually reluctantly he has to leave. I lightly kiss his lips as he leaves and he pulls me close and hugs me, "Until tomorrow my lady". "Goodbye sweet knight". Thinking back to our late night chats this just seems the perfect goodbye. I love this man so much, and hope this is the start of many nights and days.


Playing the waiting game was well worth it.